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10. The Bible's Longest, Most Amazing Prophecy!

Lowell Hargreaves Michael Hargreaves


Listen to this lecture to find out about the longest and most important prophecy in the entire Bible. A prophecy that effects your destiny and mine!  



  • February 16, 2015
    7:00 PM
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Our topic for tonight is the Bible's longest most amazing prophecy. Tonight I begin by bringing to you a court summons. You have a case pending in court. Did You Know That. Let me read it for you with you from the Bible. You can mark this in your notes. Second Corinthians five and that is for we must all appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ that everyone may receive the things done in his body according to that he has done whether it be good or bad. You have a case pending before the highest court of the universe the judgment bar of Christ. How many of us have a case. Why was as all another tax or Romans fourteen twelve put that in your notes tonight. If so then how many. Every one of us shall give an account of himself to God You're going to have to give an account of what you've done what you set in your life and the one you must give an account to is God or the time is come says Peter for the time is come that the judgment must begin at the house of God and if it first began it us what shall be the end of them that obey not the gospel of God So the Bible says The time is come and we're going to find out when the time came tonight. As we study the longest prophecy in the Bible or that act of your taking those was first Peter for seventeen the Bible reveals sue us that some day God is going to hand down an ear revokable sentence upon every person. Let's read that from Revelation chapter twenty two verse eleven. Revelation Q two verse one one it says He that is unjust let him be unjust still and he which is filthy let him be filthy still. He that is a right just let him be righteous still and he that is holy let him be holy still God passes sentence upon everyone and after that verdict has been brought out then what. Then verse twelve the very next verse Jesus says and behold I come quickly and my reward is with me to give every man according as his work shall be. When Jesus comes back he brings the reward for every person based on that person the works. Therefore there must be a judgment before he comes back to determine what rewards to bring every person and that is why in Revelation you read about a message that goes with the world that we're living in the time of the judgment let's read that message from Revelation fourteen six and seven put it in your notes tonight it says. John says I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach under them that dwell on the earth and to every nation and kindred and tongue and people saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship Him that made heaven and earth and the sea in the fountains of waters. So the message that goes to the whole world before Christ comes back is that the hour of God's judgment is come not something that will come but it is it has arrived. The questions we want to answer tonight are when the judgment begin and where is the judgment taking place. Well it's a late answer that sun we need to leave the Book of Revelation and go to another great prophetic book what book The Book of Daniel in the Book of Daniel we see where the judgments happening and we will also learn where it began. As we study the longest prophecy in the Bible. Well let's begin here in seven verses nine and ten. The Bible says Daniel seven verses nine and ten I beheld Daniel says I beheld till the thrones were cast down. More correctly it would say they were set down like you would set a seat for a dignitary and the Ancient of Days did sit that's God the Father whose garment was white as snow and the hair of his head like the pure wool his throne was like a fiery flame and his wheels as a burning fire a fiery stream is shooting came forth from be void. Thousand thousand as a minister to him and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him the judgment was set and the books were opened. So again you know he looked up and they haven't he sees God the Father seated there inflaming Majesty. He sees all these thousands of times ten thousands of angels. And he says the judge about was set and the books were opened. What are those books that are open. Son The Bible tells us an ecclesiastical twelve fourteen for God shall bring every work into judgment with every secret thing whether it be good or whether it be evil though God has an accurate record of all our works in heaven whether they are good or evil that must be the books you might be hiding something from your husband or from your wife or from your boss but you cannot hide from God you better heard the story of they were having a movie and cinema like this. The lights were off. There was a full hall for the movie and halfway through the movie they turned on the lights they shut off the movie and they made this announcement over the intercom they said if anybody is here with another man's wife. Yes please leave immediately out the back door because her husband just came in the front door he says with a gun. He says really he's going to kill you both. Seven came couples got up and ran out the back door. Well the Bible says God is going to bring every work into judgment you cannot hide anything from God there's someone else there in this heavenly scene and we want to notice him. This is from did seven verse thirteen add that to you noted says annual seven thirteen says I thought in the night visions and behold one like under the son of man. Bapi that's just as easy as one like into the Son of Man came with the clouds of heaven and came to the instant of days and they brought him near before him. Son what is function there in this heavenly judgment. Well he has several functions Jesus is number one our lawyer. But he's also our Judge John five twenty two said all judgment is committed under the sun and then Jesus is also our. Well he should be our friend and he's also our Savior. Now if you think about it this way if you have to go to court for a crime and your lawyer is also your judge he's also your best friend and he are ready paid for your crime. Do you have to fear the judgment. You can look forward to the judgment because you know you will be justified. That's Jesus so you see where the judge was happening right. That judgement is taking place in heaven. God the Father is the priest siding judge. Jesus is the acting judge and our lawyer. We also have all the angels the witnesses they've seen everything we've done they've heard everything we've said so we see the judgment is taking place in heaven. We don't. Go there in person Jesus represents us there. That's where it's happening. So he answered the first question where the judgment is happening. Let's go now to the second question and that is when does the judgment begin and that is the question that relates to the Bible's longest most amazing prophecy for any answer to this question we're going to go to Daniel eight verse fourteen if you're taking notes. Daniel Chapter eight verse fourteen where the Bible says and he said and to me and to two thousand and three hundred days. Then shall the same Churi become land you say well what does the cleansing of the saints who are a have to do with the judgment. Well son to answer that we need to get an overview of the sanctuary and its services in this is only going to be a brief overview. We don't have time in our study tonight to look at all the aspects of the sanctuary its symbols symbolisms. This will just be a brief overview. The Bible reveals to us that there was an earthly sanctuary and there is a right now. Heavenly Saints you are a you can read about the Saints are raised in Hebrews eight in Hebrews nine when God brought his people out of Egyptian bondage he said let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them. You can read that it actually this twenty five verse eight and then God told Moses that they were to make this sanctuary according to the pattern that God had shown Moses in the mountain you can read that in Exodus twenty five verse nine and verse forty. The earthly sanctuary was a miniature type or replica of the vast glorious heavenly sanctuary. Now there is an important point about the Saints you are a weed like if you could remember tonight this is one of the most important points about the same to Eric. The Saints jury and its services were God's illustration. The plan of salvation. If I say let me illustrate something. You know that I will use something you are familiar with to explain something you are not familiar with the same jury and its services are God's illustration of the plan of salvation. Every symbol in the same way all the furniture the services everything pointed forward to Jesus and how God would deal with the problem of sin in the earthly sanctuary the sanctuary was a tent like structure you can see in the painting here enclosed in a courtyard. Here we have a diagram of that sanctuary and you notice that outside the sanctuary in the courtyard we have first of all what was called the altar of sacrifice. This is where the animals died for sin symbolizing how Jesus came and died outside of heaven. The animals died outside of the sanctuary. Then the next piece is the laver this is where the priest would wash before going into the sanctuary building the sanctuary itself had two rooms the first room was called the Holy Place the second room called the most holy place and you'll see that in the first room there were three pieces of furniture the seven brands candlestick the table of showbread the altar of incense and then separating the two rooms was this very old that here brew tradition tells us was about ten centimetres thick. Do they all the tremendous glory of God which was in the most holy place in the most holy place there was one piece of furniture that's the Ark of the Covenant. Here you have a cutaway drawing of the Saints where you can see there the holy place and then the veil. And then there was the most holy place and of course in the holy place you have those three pieces of furniture which represent all of those things. I present the bread of life. John chapter six. He is the light of the world. John Chapter eight and the instance of his perfect life of righteousness. Send before God making our prayers acceptable before God and then in the most holy place you have the Ark of the Covenant. It was a golden box covered with a solid gold lid called the mercy seat on that lid were two angels the Cherubim symbolic of the end of July coast in heaven that are looking on the plan of salvation. In between the two angels you can see the shake kind of glory this is the visible manifestation of God's presence on Earth. The ark was a symbol of God's throne in heaven and inside the ark you can see in the cut away here what is inside this gold box. The Ten Commandments God's law course God's laws the foundation of his government in heaven and on earth in the earth the same way there were two services. There was the daily service which took place every day in the courtyard and then in the holy place. And then there was the yearly service which took place once a year in the most holy place there. So there was a two phase ministry in there they think surely that means there will be a two phase ministry in the heavenly thing to a daily service yearly service in the daily service when someone says they had to bring a sacrifice use the a lamb they would bring it there to the courtyard into the courtyard. They would confess their sins on the head of that lamb and then they had to kill the lamb the lamb represented who was a symbol of Jesus who would one day die for our sins it was our sins that caused his death cost his life and then. He would pour out most of the blood right there at the altar of burnt offerings but he would take a little bit of blood in to the saints who are into the holy place and he would sprinkle it there right before the veil. And what was right beyond the veil the Ark The Ark in the ark contain the Ten Commandments the Bible says in first John three for sin is the transgression of the law and this sprinkling of blood there before the veil was to signify that because of the shed blood kin could be forgiven. Bible says without the shedding of blood is no emission of sins. This happen every day in the Daily Service little record of sin forgiven a sin was carried into the saying strange sprinkled there before the veil. The sinner had been forgiven but a record of that forgiveness that forgiven see and was put into the sanctuary in the sprinkled blood. Now remember this is all symbolizing how God is dealing with the problem of sin how God is working out our salvation every day in the Old Testament. Animals died because of two facts about sin. Number one C.N. brings the Bible tells us in Romans six twenty three for the wages of sin is death but they give God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord brings us to number two. The second fact symbolize the every day in the Old Testament thanks very service. Number two no sinner had to die because a substitute had been provided. The substitute was what was the animal all the lamb which symbolized Jesus John one twenty nine John the Baptist said referring to Jesus. Behold the Lamb of God. Which takes away the sin of the world so do those lambs symbolize Jesus who would one day come and die spill his blood to save us now every day the record of this forgiven sin was going in to see it the same to wary and so you could see that there had to be eventually a call in the of the sane to wary and that place in the yearly service once a year the cleansing of the saints raid took place. What was it that was cleansed from the Saints. Well son it was the record of that forgiven the sin that they got all year long into the same story that record was cleansed out on the day of atonement the cleansing of the sanctuary on that day the high priest would go into the most holy place once a year and only the hope high priest could do this he would go into the most holy place into the presence of God. Course he wanted he had to have make sure that he had no sin in his life it was only after careful examination of himself that before he would go in there because if we had sinned in his life what would happen he would die there in the presence of God so he would go into the most holy place with the blood of a sacrifice and he would sprinkle the blood right on the mercy seat. What was beneath the mercy seat. All the Ten Commandments God's law which had been broken all year by the sins of Israel. This was to make a tone meant for the sins of Israel that have been carried in the record of that sin been carried it all year and sprinkled there in the blood. The services of that day were called the cleansing of the saint to wary. Also the Day of Atonement and also the day of judgment. So now we can see how the cleansing of the saints. He is been honest with the day of judgment. Ten days before the day of judgment they would blow silver trumpets to announce to Israel that the day of judgment was approaching. What do you think the Hebrews did during that ten day period. If you know you had ten days left to live how would you spend the next ten days. I think we would search our hearts we would want to make sure that everything was right between us and one another and us and God. And that's exactly what they did during that ten day period leading up to the day of atonement. Because you see when the sun went down on the day of atonement the Day of Judgment for the Hebrews then the destiny of every Jew was fixed for the coming year. Any Jew that had unconfessed sin in his life he was cut off from the camp of Israel cut off from salvation. And of course this was to symbolize the fact that in time there would be a great day of judgment in which those who were ready they would be saved in those who weren't ready they would be cut off from God's people. Every person has a case pending. The last day of the Hebrew calendar is the Day of Atonement day of judgment. Yom Kippur are still the most solemn day in the Jewish year symbolizing the Great Day of Judgment at the end of time when the destiny of every person will be fixed not for the coming year but for all eternity. So there's the record that's cleansed out what was cleansed on the day of atonement. The record of those forgiven the sins that had gone into the sanctuary all year long that was in the earthly sanctuary Nelson is very recorded in the heavenly sanctuary. Well yes there is a father let's go read that from Danny. All seven verse stand where it says the judgment was set and the books were opened and we read also from Ecclesiastes it is twelve fourteen for God shall bring every work into into judgment with every secret thing whether it be good or whether it be will. Yes we are saved by grace but we will be judged by our works heaven's going to view our life to see if indeed God's grace has been working in our lives. You like to read about these services on the day of atonement the day of judgment. Then put in your notes Leviticus sixteen that describes all that happened on that special day and something we might also review tonight is how the sin is transferred. First the sinner would bring his sacrifice to the sanctuary. He would confess his sin on the substitute the substitute died in his place the blood of the substitute was carried into the sanctuary so first notice starts with the sinner that is transferred to the substitute that is transferred into the sanctuary on the day of atonement it's brought back out and put on the scapegoat. You may know some of you who have studied the sanctuary that they were to go to use on the day of atonement there was the Lord's goat. That's the one who died its blood was spilled to make the Atonement. And then there was the scapegoat the scapegoat did not die. The Scapegoat eventually were saved all that sin the high priest would come back out after making the Atonement he'd put all the sins of Israel on the head of the scapegoat and the scapegoat would be let out to die alone. The Scapegoat represents the one that's true. Sponsible for a C.M. who paid the penalty for sin Jesus but is Jesus responsible for tempting you to sin. Not at all. Who is responsible for sin. It's the devil the home domus is the scapegoat is not the one who dies there's no blood shed. The Lord Jesus pays the penalty for our sins but he's not responsible for our sins. So in the sanctuary we see that God is some day going to hold the devil responsible for all the sins that he's tempted us to commit. Don't you think that's fair. That was symbolized on the day of atonement. Now that was just a brief overview. There's a lot more we can learn from the sanctuary but we don't have time for tonight. However we have learned this we learned that the koan of the same is the same thing as the day of judgment. So when we read in Daniel eight fourteen and he said and to me and to two thousand three hundred days then shall the sanctuary because that simply means that then shall the judgment take place then shall the judgement begin. Well that brings us to two more questions. When when does this two thousand three hundred day period when does it begin when does it end in the second question is which sanctuary is this referring to the earthly or the heavenly. Well God revealed all of these things to Daniel in a dream. But Daniel is not able to understand the dream. Let's notice that from Daniel eight verses sixteen and seventeen and I heard a man's voice between the banks of the U.I. Woods called and said Gabriel make this man to understand the vision. Aber was the angel in reading on so he came near where I stood and when he came I was afraid and fell upon my face. But he said unto me understand those Son of man for at that time. The end shall be the vision. So son did God want Daniel to understand Liz and Lee So does he want us to understand. And yes let's begin marking down facts about this vision. Fact number one this vision applies to the time of the end brings you all the way down to the time of the end. That's our first fact. Since that is true with Saints you were a would it be referring to earthly or heavenly to be the hell I couldn't refer to the earthly thing to a because the earthly Sainsbury was destroyed in eighty seventy by the Romans. It never was rebuilt and it probably never will be rebuilt so it would have to apply. Number two to the heavenly saint. That's Fact number two about this two thousand three hundred day vision since the earthly sanctuary is no more and since this vision brings us all the way down to the time of the end this would have to apply to the heavenly sanctuary and in fact Number three time is symbolic. Any set entering into two thousand three hundred days then sell the same to a be cleansed. If that was the literal time that would be a little bit more than sixty years about six point three years with six point three years bring us from Daniel's day all the way to the end of time. Not at all. No So we know that just like with the beast and other things. Time is symbolic. We already learned that a day in prophecy represents what a day represents a year we saw that numbers fourteen thirty four easy kill for six God says I've given you each day for a year. Genesis twenty nine twenty seven. When you're studying prophecy and prophecy one prophetic day equals one literal year so what do we have suddenly have two thousand three hundred. Days that would be two thousand three hundred years. There is the Bible's longest most amazing prophecy. Now about this time was getting confused. In fact the Bible tells us in the eight twenty seven and idea in your sainted Daniel was trying so hard to understand everything he fainted. Some of you you think this is kind of a complicated topic tonight. I'm not sure I understand everything or don't feel bad Daniel didn't either. And Daniel was trying so hard to understand. He fainted. Look around see if anybody's fainted here tonight. I know some of you fall asleep but these you know I know these chairs are so comfortable it's easy to fall asleep when we might think you fainted but you're probably just sleeping. Daniel says he fainted idea you know fainted and was sick certain days afterward I rose up and did the king's business and I was astonished at the vision but none understood it. Daniel eight and Daniel getting sick and fainting annual nine begins with Daniel's earnest prayer to understand the vision and that really is a lesson for us. Bible prophecy can only be rightly understood by much earnest prayer. And so we're going to do something unique tonight. We're going to stop right in the middle of our presentation and we're going to have a prayer that God help us to understand this longest prophecy just like he helped Daniel to understand. Don't you think that would be good to do so we're going to pray and I'm going to invite you to stand for prayer if you felt like falling asleep this might revive you a little bit and we're going to pray that God help us to understand just like he helped Daniel understand lets our heads as we stand for prayer. Heavenly Father. There we pause right in the middle of our study to ask that you help us to understand this longest prophecy of the Bible. Just as you made Did you understand we pray you would make us understand that when we ask as presenter to presenters or special wisdom to present this clearly we pray it in Jesus' name amen. Be seated please. In answer to Daniel's prayer God sent the Angel Gabriel back down to Daniel to explain to him this longest prophecy the two thousand three hundred day vision and the Angel began by explaining to Daniel that this is two thousand three hundred years would be divided into two parts the first part four hundred and ninety for the Jews and the last part eight hundred ten for the gentiles four hundred ninety was eight hundred ten is the total two thousand three hundred years. Let's begin with this first part. The part is for the Jews the four hundred ninety years. We're going to read from Daniel not verse twenty four this is a bit of review of what we studied only talked about the Omega nine twenty four Son what to say seventy weeks are determined upon by people and paan by holy city to finish the transgression to make an end of sins to make reconciliation for iniquity to bring in everlasting righteousness to seal up the vision in prophecy and to annoy the most holy. So the Bible says seventy weeks are determined for a your people who are Daniel's people that would be the Jews Hebrews the Jews the seventy weeks are determined. What does the word determined there mean determine actually means cut off of or separated off from. What could we cut off the seventy weeks from. The only prophecy in the context here that we could cut them off would be the two thousand three hundred year prophecy. So seventy weeks or four hundred ninety years for the Jews would be cut off for Daniel's people forty four hundred ninety years that's the seventy weeks. Let's do the math. You didn't know you came to math class tonight seventy times seven is or ninety four hundred ninety four hundred and ninety days it appears to me back up here four hundred ninety days or year four hundred ninety years for Daniel's people which were the Jews and that of course leaves us with the question when does the four hundred and ninety years when the two thousand three hundred years start. What would be the starting date for the prophecy. Well let's get an answer from Daniel nine. Verse twenty five and twenty five tells us no therefore and understand that from this is when it would start from the going forth of the commandment or the decree to restore and to build Drusilla on to the Messiah the Prince there should be seven weeks and threescore and two weeks the streets of the building again in the wall even in trouble if times from the commandment to restore and rebuild Jerusalem what happened to Jerusalem. It had been destroyed by the Babylonians and so now Daniel is a captive in a foreign country and tells Daniel when the decree goes out that you can restore and rebuild your city. That's the starting date. Can you tell us Son What was that date. Well that day was four fifty seven B.C. toward the last part of the year and you can read an actual decree the actual decree from as there are seven eleven to twenty six. This is confirmed also in the encyclopedia. Under the year for fifty seven B.C. you read this artist sees one decrees that the city government of juris them shall be reestablished see as are seven Daniel nine and Nehemiah one in the Old Testament so we have we have our starting date for fifty seven B.C. and from that we would count to four hundred ninety years for the Jews and during that time Messiah would count let's read again. Verse twenty five it says From the going for the commandment or the decree. What was that date or fifty seven B.C. a lot of part of the year from that decree to restore and build Jerusalem until the Messiah shall be seven weeks and threescore and two weeks. His score is twenty three score would be sixty three score and two sixty two seven plus sixty two years and two easy sixty nine weeks sixty nine weeks is four hundred eighty three days or more studying prophecy four hundred eighty three years would bring us down on to them aside. You remember this prophecy we studied about this and we talked about the omega the other night. Here we have four hundred fifty seven that would be our starting date four hundred eighty three years sixty nine weeks brings you to the Messiah and that would leave us with one more week or seven years in this prophecy for the Jews and you can see where it fits right in there. Four hundred eighty three years after the decree what happened. You come down to size twenty seven A.D. Messiah was baptized. Yes in review we saw that mathematically you'd go from minus one. One is zero. The plus one. Did they have a zero year in history. No they went from one B.C. to a D. one No zero year you have to remember that a full four hundred eighty three years brings you from four fifty seven to twenty seven A.D. that's when the Messiah was baptized. Notice what the Bible says. I will says now in the fifteenth year of the reign of these are we saw he began to rule in twelve eighteen his fifteenth year would be fifteen plus twelve twenty seven. What was happening at that time. Well let's read three verses one and three now in the fifteenth year the reign of Caesar John the Baptist's scheme and all the country about Jordan preaching the baptism of repentance for the remission of sin the fifteenth year of the reign of Tyre. Here's what year seventy of the fifteenth year but what year was that. That was twenty seven A.D. John the Baptist was baptizing in who came to be baptized Jesus when he saw that Messiah in Hebrew means anointed one Christ in Greek means anointed one X. ten thirty eight said they got annoying to Jesus with the Holy Spirit. When did he do that. At his baptism in Luke three twenty one and twenty two The Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus in the form of a dove and the voice from heaven said this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. What year twenty seven A.D. Jesus began to preach. As soon as he was baptized and began his public ministry he preached saying that high is fulfilled. What time was fulfilled. The time prophecy of Daniel nine he came right on time. Here we have our diagram you have this in your hands tonight if you've been if you're registered participants we have the four hundred ninety years that's for the Jews Daniels people the seventy weeks. Then we have the fortitude in eighty three years that the sixty nine weeks which brings us down to Messiah Messiah's baptism. Then there is one more week here seven years in the middle of that period and Jesus died on the cross in the early part of thirty one A.D. That was actually foretold in the Bible. Nine twenty seven is says and he who is the he Jesus he uses Christ shall confirm the covenant with many for one week one week is seven days or seven years and in the middle of the week the midst of the week the middle of seven would be really a half he shall cause the sacrifice in the old place and to see what happened when Jesus died on the cross. When Christ died on the cross the mysterious hand ripped the veil of the temple from top to bottom. Mark fifteen verse thirty eight showing that the earthly thing to worry and IT services no longer was significant because now our attention is focused on the heavenly thing to worry. Jesus had fulfilled all the types in the symbols he was the Lamb that died for our sins. That's why the Bible said Daniel nine twenty seven he would confirm a covenant with many for one week and in the middle of the week middle of seven three and a half years after he was anointed that is he so cause the sacrifice in the opal Asian to see. That brings us to thirty one A.D. Then if you add another three and a half years member that was right in the middle of the seven years you come down to three. At a half more years we come to thirty four a. What was happening in thirty four A.D. Stephen was stoned to death and thirty for a gospel went to the gentiles and the encyclopedia confirms this under the date thirty four. What do we have all in the same part of a star preaching the gospel to the Gentiles and Stephen the first martyr of Christianity was stoned to death by the Jewish leaders for preaching Jesus was the Christ. What year before they're ready for a thirty four a cording to the prophecies of Daniel God's covenant with the Jews came to an end. God rejected the Jewish nation because they had rejected Jesus as the Messiah. Jews can still be saved individually by accepting Jesus but as a nation God has rejected them because they rejected Jesus. So here we have our four hundred ninety year prophecy and in thirty four A.D. That was when the probation for the Jews came to an end and that is why the Bible tells us single ations three twenty nine and if you be Christ then are you Abraham a seed and heirs according to the promise. All the promises made to Abraham in ancient Israel are for you if you are Christ's. If we add we have our final date thirty four A.D. And if we add eighteen hundred ten years to thirty four A.D. we come up with eight hundred forty four in eight hundred forty four. The judgment began in heaven. How do you know that's where we have our anchor points our dates for fifty seven that's the starting date. That's an accurate date. Twenty seven a be it. Baptised that's also accurate. Thirty one A.D. when Christ was crucified is an accurate date and thirty four A B. When Stephen was stoned is also an accurate date. So we can know that just as those four dates were accurate just so the last date eight hundred forty four is accurate. That's why the Bible tells us it will be back of your for just a moment. Anyone who discredits eight hundred forty four as the date for the judgment is really DID NOT Jesus as the Messiah. The whole prophecy there stand the sea gather it all falls apart. If eight hundred forty four is not correct then these dates must also be wrong as a whole prophecy of the nine for the Messiah. Falls apart in eight hundred forty four we have the fulfillment of did all eight fourteen and fourteen and two thousand three hundred days. Then sell the same to be cleansed then till the judgment began in heaven and we saw that if you take the starting date for fifty seven B.C. you add two thousand three hundred years after getting that there is no zero year you will come to eight hundred forty four and eight hundred forty four the judgment began in heaven that's why the message is sounding today. Revelation fourteen seven fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is started back in eight hundred forty four beginning back then probably with Adam the first man who ever lived. God has been coming down through time examining the lives of his professed people. Some day he has to read someday he'll come to your name if you profess to be a Christian a follower of Christ he has to because when. Jesus comes back he brings rewards for how many people every person. So he's going to bring your reward as well there has to be a judgment then before he comes back and ten days before the Day of Atonement Israel's time trumpet sounded to warn the people to get ready and that it really ought to be a lesson for us we live in a solemn hour a verse history. The judgment is happening and you don't know I don't know when our name will be called in heaven and the universe will begin examining the record of our lives. Now we do want to give you some encouragement tonight as you think about the judgment you do have a case pending in court the highest court of the universe. But there's good news as a lawyer who offers to take your case. You can read about him in first John two verse one my little children these things write to you that you said not and if any man sin we have an advocate what's an advocate. That's a lawyer an attorney we have a lawyer with a father who is it is a scribe the right this is a lawyer that's never lost the case if you will commit your case to Jesus. He's well able to present you how when we present you. Well let's read the answer from Jude one verse twenty four. I will tells us here now and to him that is able to keep you from falling and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy. He presents us how fall last fall led anybody here follows the night. Well how can he presented faultless when we are so full of faults. House and Jesus paid the penalty of our faults because he paid the price he can forgive us of our mistakes our sins but there is a certain order of things here that we would do well to notice. The Bible says that is able to keep you from falling number one and then number two to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy. Keep you from falling keep you from falling into sin. Can God blot out the record of our sins in heaven while we still continue to practice them on Earth. Not at all. He's got a first class in this earthly temple there's a body temple of since before you can call ends my record there. How can he brought off the sins off the record books there if I'm still practicing those centers here in my life. So before he presents us faultless he does what keeps us from falling. Can he do that. Does he have enough power. Or you don't have the power you already know that you try to resist sin and you have no strength. But does he have a string God all things are possible. There is enough power in God to enable me to keep you from falling. He has the power you don't but if you'll commit your life to him he can keep you from falling and as he does that then they present you how all this last. I'd like to illustrate this tonight. Let's imagine a name sounds in heaven and I'll just use myself for the example tonight. So the name sounds out lol Hargraves and the universe turns its attention to the records of Lowell Hargraves there is the law. Catalogue of my sims. I wouldn't want you to see it but it's there. The records are there and I can imagine maybe there's a moment of silence I can excuse myself I'm committed those things but then I can imagine that Jesus stands up and he says I am here today to represent lolo Hargraves Yes he said but he has confessed of those sins to me and as the universe looks at the record it's seized by E.C.N. confessed pardoned confessed parted confessed part of it and Jesus says I have been at work in his life I have been changing his life I've been transforming him in the universe can see that and I can imagine that Jesus says my blood father I plead my blood on behalf of lolo Hargraves if Jesus stands for me there I will I do my record all that is forgiven a sin is erased and in its place is put the perfect character of Jesus if Jesus stands for me. I remember years ago I was presenting this topic and I said if Jesus stands for me there how will I do in the judgment. And there was this elderly woman sitting in the back and she called back out she called out to me right in front everybody. She said You'll do all right you'll do all right. Well how about you friend. Will you do all right if Jesus stands for you. You'll do all right. I want Jesus to stand for me don't you. Tonight who would you like to ask. She's to be your lawyer to take your case. How many want to ask. If you take your case mess in your hands. I want to take it one step farther. Would you like to ask us to blot those sins out of your life here to give you power to stop practicing those sins that you know you need to give up so that he can present you there for last. How many want to ask him to give you power to stop those says master your hands tonight. Yes he will give you power. There is hope for you that judgment began in eight hundred forty four. There is hope for you you your K.'s God and angels will explore. There is hope for you in will be blotted out forevermore. There is hope in Christ for you. There is hope for you on the Son of God and there is hope for you. He is your lawyer judge and friend. There is hope for you in judgment he will your case defend. So there is hope in Christ for you. Yes Fred for you are going to end our meeting tonight by saying a Christian classic Here is my name written there on the page right in fair let's stand together as we did you know the song sing with me. Right let's pray. I do your Heavenly Father we thank you that through Jesus We do have a hope hope of heaven. We asked Jesus you would take our case. We know that without you are all of our righteousness is as filthy rags. So we ask that you would represent us in heaven as our lawyer and our judge our friend and our savior or we pray that here in this life in this world that you would blot out those sins that are in our hearts. We asked for your power to transform us to give us victory. We ask it tonight and thank you for it in the precious name of Jesus Abraham.


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