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11. The Mysteries of the Mummies

Lowell Hargreaves Michael Hargreaves


Why were the Egyptians so concerned with mummifying their dead? What is death and what happens when someone dies? Listen to this amazing lecture to find out more!



  • February 17, 2015
    7:00 PM
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Are nothing like is three of them only thing first night twenty three Coltrane King. That's right us right here or there are those are the guys that are we hearing that picture his church a preserve is still here he is very often goal here is a picture of a jetpack go to get back into your time you were closed higher you want to talk about a guy on Iran in the afterlife. KING That was the president's agenda in fact is news apparently by boat. Perry there's no because there's a little bit strange story broke his wife happy. Yeah. If you were asked to exist here. This is only several hours. There's no they have mastered the art of preserving. Oh God there is a body part of stolen callable car and I think that lives are happening at me but I think that the afterlife. That's right. You know we don't know. Well I think that this is the right to wonder what we are going to war or our party higher or lower a lot of or. Or can we go anywhere I go anywhere in everything right after death. No that's why it works OK Mr preserving outside. Yeah definitely that question like that in the Bible itself. Earth that is working for me or the wild man in the end that we're still you know that. First time we're going to look at the rate hike to be a one man me after all of the I mean what happened right after I did mine. My advice of the arrival only Earth years look at the final question is when talking about the resurrect itself. Do you get with my advice of the arrived or not happening here. And no I don't think that it really works. Then another I think that we can actually hear all of the questions. The whole question of the question isn't it. What time is near the man that is man boy or girl want to know or little that time subject. Yeah if this is not yet. Well are we more or more moral or immoral part of man that has gone out there and that will die. Why not get was the key they believe that all my life. Well that's really very differently. It's been great to be corrected. What the article and you want to hurt him and he does not guarantee anything a king or that lawyers only sort of I don't know why I'm not here from Pretoria. Well so paper left that worry you more violent than more. Well that even with all these you find it extremely be more nobody not moral the morons all you know that every time that we see more market their sole surviving at the start of the Father. So all of us. So it's mine. And so yeah it's not a model because of the soul was you want to. Oh I don't know the process. Most of all of our life begins all we had to morrow night we were told there were King James Bible is now over sixteen times. Right and I'm so excited by one of the players will be three times the word immortal. He only use one time of the Bible like the Reverend spirit. One verse that me and driving cars. Well you know I found that when you come back to haunt the what happens when you let me with a lifelong dance for every other person and can you please the happening right here. It will provide life that it was a living but no no I'm not maintain these are having anymore ever war or that memory of the actress forgotten about birthday party and then all there is even better stuff they were living on some more all that are now. Yes And time for the and less of it I can find do with I find there is nowhere. Well I don't know Arvai don't really know how much do you know there's a really long after and sometimes not anything lot of cars out there. I have not been allowed to know what happened yet. All right well let's go back and look at it now. Thankfully phrased it reversed. Going to go back to Jack to the first seven and you read it that if you have children that and the Lord got out of the ground and breathe it was not close. I also called spirited and a lot. Oh is it all. Not at all how I got very lucky. The ask who are going to be forgotten or at least not here. Well they are out of this possible for God to do. Well some years and did not want to happen when I have die when I die if you heard him or her for that God did everything raise your hands free and clear that we're going to go down that is going to love that you haven't heard that. Well I don't know what the word her spirit. You know if there were three God is that your body heat from posting or what and then it goes back to God and yet. Well the question is what came more from God I have to be hearing because the man can become a living soul. What was actually the Lord God or number one. And we read the right moving the whole landscape or from God a lot of alive today. You know this expression is also referred to here is a place. One is demonstrating one and all I did not read the thing here and I agree that a lot but good luck life returns nowhere. One that words to read an interesting word translate courage original language the Bible was written off as it were true up one hundred times and when there are thirty three times and read it you hundred forty seven times and words alone grew up around with that it wasn't really there is no better they are asked to move all heard the rumors were there and we were or whatever you got your partner right. I think you know your mission on everything you are already there are already there when we have all of your heart right. Would that hard drive believe you or and if you die hard. Far as the regular know God preserve our record of us. Yes restart you tell it what it really is that spirit that grew up in is not being practiced. I don't know that look at them after year one person or rather direct in red or vertigo gotta go off hears. That's what the Bible or spirit is conscious on the part of I was like oh yeah. And let's go back and read me the glory on of am blind ole now. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. That he has returned here. After that there are rather than you know what happened or what happened. Everywhere was dead. This is body still waiting around for a body put it to live by bread. Oh I told a live look at her little old me. Line it back to the line of legal analysts will you like the gesture that is really ethically oh why the fact that it's mine. Well it still is blood spirit ego the living soul or in other words you're one of the radical right back to the whole absolutely sure that we have to let go. Well as a light will represent the body and the life a life the spirit gives life. When you put the two together you get a call like three days. We have electricity a light body exterior grab and there's no question what happens when you connect the air like light bulb the light die you know we hear it is not like a liar or we're the life you know. Immediately goes out and saying what he did yesterday. Those are the it is you know now read it you know that right here. Oh yeah. Did you know where I'm going to Crown Prince Abdullah that our hearts are to do. So just you know Barack got this as a two way their children to rest. That raises questions on where our decision by twenty one L R that we are a lot of this is really our time with all there is a different direction for work on the Great the resurrection of life. Well look at the direction that he is alive and I am in purgatory. But apparently they don't even know it is a grave of gray yet is the life in plans. Some of you might be thinking though I will talk about our wristband lateral restore the original letter writing. It's like for those of you that I like most of you you can read that story. Sixteen nineteen through thirty four speak the story to keep it clean. That man is an abomination. The rest is a classic example. Aha I don't get any Jackson is an abomination to God that I was convinced that it particleboard better and better. We get there making noise not where it has said it is not called narrow because it citing there can be brought out a lot about a lot of us get robbed. And they gotta have aged sixty five. This is all right Suzanne only apparently got rid of the Bible. They don't resist. But the question there are clear Obama is all right. Well the reason why your First of all going to store it. But they are carrying a very little don't see it we have to have apparently all the right. I'll also be Heaven knows I don't. There's a lot will be even though I don't want to be there in the rotation. What happened three times. Tom I don't mind body. You know that there are body parts but if you believe that this story is a literal picture what happened yesterday you have to believe that Obama there although I didn't know that of the story. Number four drama lawyer and person are truly one drop of water here very well I very much believe I tell you I was that first one drop of water with all those lines of health of the rich people that are is not relevant. It looked parabolic store. Point is first every last birth. Thirty one. And here is not over the long run if you're not there will they be persuaded. Well in his name the parents. The regulars of the day. Here is not a New York prophet the Word of God If you don't believe a word of God or the writers of that there. So does he have any day. That's what the Scriptures. So yeah just like a quiet riot. Fall asleep in the way three times. We'll look at our local song third verse three. And it's clear in my mind I think that's likely dad costly. Like when you're sleeping you're not accountable what's happening around you. Yeah you're not conscious of what's happening around you and I think you're tired and you possibly. And that was you know sort of what happens when you kiss me for a long time. And then for some time whether our few thousand years now it seems. Yeah that was arrested right. And they you know I've been next it might be a thousand years now jurors who knows if the resurrection they're not conscious of happening. When you really were not likely. You know we're glad though and why now. I mean yeah. Or they don't go away nor be great as they really are right now. The thought we weren't me are an opulent background here. Three special were are arrogant their brother alas hasn't got sick and some are our other than that one story. MARGARET But I really don't do well in my better human beings. I think we can play going and good we know our progress has just begun and they need a place. Yet the right considers getting the right lot like it's going to be marking her twenty one that. More here. And the guy right down to the first twenty or so left first one or two years or one market you know who I got pregnant. The girls young girl who died in Iraq. You know that you are lacking in that you can articulate that you know when you write that far ahead of her the worst job by twenty years boys show more. Arthur was expecting to meet your brother interest rates right. Came back a second time. But Jesus said something special is buying that story out of her story first thirty three Lazarus's period you think there was a stout covering the entrance and then verse thirty nine take you away. So our news this morning. Even the cable him down there. The problem with last night. And so already bought a globe. We're not going to be and what people had to play well and I don't mind getting away from where there's no right away. Well a little tight and that is going to yeah yeah a belief in arrogance like an energetic spirit. Well you know what they were really. Whatever they saw light or whatever it was we don't know anything about last laugh. He really did you know that reported that you know he cried Latin more what happened. Or rather not say. If latitude I got to have it solved or a new form of any confidence or even a surrender. I'm sorry if I die I will go with you know day progresses a writer living in the room where this all morning. No regrets. All right all right now I told her we are going back to life and you heard stories of people to know that you know down here we're looking at it was dark and that grave. You know there are some people who have already eaten up in him that you do not have a very cheery Eliza. So you know. Both of them. Actually I don't mean it was an interesting about clothes is when we can follow that right away. Here is a moment or so you know erased or you may remember that man Transfiguration. Re that will either to be read to man who witnessed it right. And why do you represent all. I went back when we die and all those right back right. And my sleeping with a very viable writers likely expert of all the did and raise the whole or wrong one like me if they were. Then it wasn't thirty or sixty and not remember that parent or. Yeah yeah. I hope these are pretty interesting question. And he was crucified and he remembered. No I came to me in paradise. Preachers now like that same everything was just that you know that they will get even bigger problem. I have explained been a great day and every day. Well I don't read what happened during the day. I don't cry a lot easier than her and Perry attacked me right either. My father your father. Yes. Oh what a. But others are wrong it's just a plane. So I'm not going on right now. Period I have not yet. God is my father. We know you're not completely opposite and we are here twenty three. A little more than words of the original read and reply. Well I didn't have anything with the word. There was no calculation of your statement when the word was what happened that Earth when you call them up there OK. Just out. He said I asked and not just for now. The Cross today with my father and people every day. I tell her that way they can be frightening and being very anti Monday. If you can call it was the right place. You think it's a liar. Next up here is a very word person three or All right Jeanne. Today. Yeah all the time all the answers are being right. Well and then you can completely calm a lot easier than twenty three terrorist frankly. The right time but it became the rightly our there. But we know we're looking at a rally around the only good times by you to tell a lie. Yeah there was no threat to lead or sixteen. Well I don't know just wanted you to resurrect the right and started out. That's why we don't need a restaurant right. We are live with the Lord years ago. I can tell me what you are currently when you come to the more I gather. You know already more or less yeah yeah I will just sit quiet. Friends that helis mother was three little girls. Every little girl can understand why come home work and they understand why. Yet it is always trying. Now I know dancing girls and preacher said it was a little girl and three others. A little girl's mother. Their eyes are closed. Answer. Sex. It looks like mother's living and my partner and Christmas is not hurting and old little girl. He chooses to work by taking away their mother articles little girls planned route. I had a way to particulars of years ago he said preacher beautiful love story that my brother died but we really appreciate it and I'm here. My father mother earlier lifelessly and for a thirty minute period only one person can wake up and that she may well come back and you know now a little girl that's all working their way into different angles and she's looking like really make you happy because of that there was another girl and I was looking down and well you get a plucky little girl girl you know seeing all this much better than a quiet rag. My mother taught her raised drive. These were left by the rats in the last word to be even greater or less than human and I believe in the resurrection going to come a highly writing about Monday morning meeting my mother and son. There is hope and pray. I want to be ready for right having those you already. Bother my partner and I love the rest of you. They're here for a pretty old bathtub every day. There is only just the sleep. There is more. There is hope for you. There is no crime. There is hope for you right there in the A block. But there is no product. Are you tired or anything like thing happened. No idea of Regarding the rest. Why are we waiting for the resurrection. All we look for the big. I said Right but there are we right. Me.


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