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14. The Three Steps to Heaven

Lowell Hargreaves Michael Hargreaves


What three simple steps will guarentee you salvation? Is it possible to be victorious over sin even here in this life and if so, how?  Don't miss this critically important, very practical lecture!



  • February 21, 2015
    11:30 AM
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Our topic for this morning is the reason Steps to Heaven. If I told you you could jump from here to the moon you would think I was crazy. It takes an awful lot of power to get a man or a few man off of planet Earth into space. And yet we know far beyond the sun the stars as gods in the universe called Heaven and there's no spacecraft that will ever be designed that can fly there. And yet you and I we can get there by taking just the reason that reason Steps to Heaven before we look at the Three Steps to Heaven Let's ask ourselves what God will not allowed to enter heaven and we're going to read it from Revelation twenty one twenty seven Revelation twenty one twenty seven our first text this morning and there's no one is entering into it that's heaven. Anything that defiles neither whatever works abomination or makes a lie but they which are written in the Lamb's book of life who will in turn heaven. Let us read Revelation twenty two fourteen. Mark it down. Revelation twenty two fourteen says blessid are they that what do his commandments that they may have a right to the tree of life and may enter in through the gates into the city and the Bible told us in Revelation twenty one twenty seven there should no wise entering into it anything that defiles. Now if we could sum up what defiles the world defiles our lives in a three letter word what would that word be. That would be thin thin defile the world in the file of us and the Bible says in Isaiah fifty nine verse two. You're taking notes but your iniquities have separated between you and your god. And your sins have hid his face from you that he will not hear. Separated from God separated from life we die so to live in the presence of a holy God we must have the separation created by sin removed. We must experience the atonement we must have number one step number one to heaven we must have our sins forgiven. Now many people want to know how can they have their sins forgiven. Well we want to see there are three ways to have our sins forgiven. This is actually not a complicated process this is simple enough even a child could understand. There are three conditions to having your sins forgiven which you like to have your sins forgiven. Here is how first of all we must repent. Secondly we must confess and then restore our repentance confession and restitution. Three conditions to have a your sins forgiven and must look at these each one individually will take the first one their repentance. What are we to repent of said the son. What is sin. Well the Bible tells us that sin. First John three Verse four Satan is the breaking the transgression of the law and how many people have sinned. Bible tells us Romans three twenty three all have sinned and what's the result was the penalty for sins on penalty present Romans six twenty three for the wages of sin is death. This is not just an ordinary death this is eternal death. We've all seen and we've all broken God's law and the penalty for breaking God's law is about death. But instead of giving us what we deserve the penalty the wages of sin which is death. God offers us. If this salvation is a free gift cannot be purchased. Bible says it visions two eight and nine. Mark it down to eight and nine For by grace are you save through faith and that not of yourselves it is what if it is the gift of God Not of works lest any man should post what do we deserve death because we've all sinned but instead of giving us what we deserve God offers us the gift of eternal life for the wages of sin is death. If we earn something that that we earned but they give God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord how can he offer us a life when we deserve death. He does it through Jesus Christ. When we see God's goodness in offering us a life when we really deserve death God's goodness God's mercy God's love toward us and leads us to want to repent. That's the first condition to have your sins forgiven repentance and it is God's goodness that leads us to want to repent. Let's notice that for Romans two verse four the Bible says. ROMANS to verse four or despise that all the riches of His goodness and forbearance and long suffering not knowing that the goodness of God leads you to repentance so it is God's goodness that leads us to want to repent. He paid our penalty on Calvary scrawls but not only did Jesus pay our penalty and take our place by dying our death. The Bible actually reveals to us that our sin. Kill them. Let's read that from Acts two verse twenty three. Hear the apostle Peter is preaching is Pentecost Thurman and he says to the multitude of him that Jesus being delivered by the determinant Council. Before knowledge of God You have taken in by wicked hands crucified and flame the Peter says to the multitude you crucified the war now and they began to realize that a reading on first of all he continues to save their parole at all the house of Israel know assuredly that God has made that same Jesus whom you crucified both Lord and cried. What cause Christ death on the cross in sin whose sin my sin so who killed Jesus. I did you did and when they began to realize back then when Peter said you killed us. When they began to realize the enormity of their guilt they said now when they heard this they were pricked in their heart they were convicted and they said under Peter and to the rest of the apostles Men are brother and what shall we do. Notice what Saint Peter says. First words out of his mouth then Peter said into them Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. So the apostle Peter says repent what is your pendant father. Repentance is the first condition to having our sins forgiven and repentance involves two things It involves number one sorrow for sin and number two turning away from sin or forsaking sin. There are many today who are sorry not that they sinned they're sorry they got caught. That's like when I was driving way in America one time I was driving too fast and I got stopped by the police for speeding and they didn't give me any mercy I had a big fat ticket to pay a fine and after the policeman and given me my ticket my fine he let me go and I was dry. Having down the highway slower now. And I was feeling sorry as the Holy Spirit began to talk to me lol Why do you feel sorry are you feeling sorry for breaking the speed limit. No I was sorry that I got caught. And the Holy Spirit said that's not true sorrow there are many that are sorry for getting caught they're not sorry for their sin and the only way we can really experience this truth sorrow for sin is when we go to the cross of Christ in when we by faith we hold Christ suffering far in this bleeding for our BEEN DYING that AIG And I mean death for us then his goodness in love to us leads us to want to turn away from sin to Jesus who can save us from sin. That's repentant sorrow for sin for thinking sin but it's not enough just to feel sorry for sin. There is a second condition to having our sins forgiven what that confession. Let's read about this one from first John one verse nine. You may have heard of this verse. St John says First John one nine if we what can pass our sins he that is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Confession means what. Two things number one confession means to acknowledge to admit wrong and number two to ask for forgiveness. That's what confession involves. To acknowledge sin and ask for forgiveness. But how can I know that I've been forgiven. What if I don't actually feel that when I confess my sins that been forgiven. Did that ever happen to you. You need no doubt you confess your sins but somehow you just don't feel forgiven or what. This Feeling have to do with a process of forgiveness. Let's read a text from the new you feeling a version of the Bible I don't know if you've ever heard of this Bible if Asian is two verses eight and nine says For by grace are you saved through feeling and that not of yourselves it is the gift of God. Doesn't sound right. No that's not what the Bible actually says here is what it actually says For by grace are you say through faith. Some people have the idea if I don't feel some wonderful feeling while there must be something wrong with my religious experience or there's something wrong with the church or there's something wrong with the music because I don't know anything. If you're going by your feelings you're on a dangerous road because our feelings are sort of like a roller coaster. Sometimes they're up here and sometimes they're down here. Don't trust your feelings. Are we supposed to walk by feelings not supposed to walk by feeling the Bible says in Romans one seventeen but the just shall live by faith don't trust your feelings when you confess. How can you know that you've been forgiven. How do you know by feeling by faith. You know you're forgiven because God promised it. He promised that when we confess what would he do with it he will forgive did God lie. No our partners to confess we confess to Jesus is the one that paid the penalty for is it. And when we confess our sins to Jesus or to God What does God do. He will forgive us. I might not use me I might not feel forgiven but the promise is I am forgiven if I have confessed my sins to Jesus. Now the good news is feelings you see will come as a result of our faith. The Bible says in Romans five one therefore being justified by faith first of all faith. Then we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ is peace a feeling that's all that's a wonderful feeling but which comes first the feeling or the faith faith then Cadmus feeling. But why do I have to confess my sins to God he really knows them why do I have to tell him about my specific sins. Confession is not intended to change God confession is intended to change to to change us. Let me illustrate. There's a picture of my sweetheart some years ago when we were working in the former Soviet Union. Let's imagine that one day I get up and I get up sort of grouchy and I say some unkind words to my wife and I see the hurt look at her face and I think oh I wished I hadn't said that. Did you ever say something and you wish the next moment you hadn't said it. And so as I head off to work that day I'm feeling guilty for my own unkind words and I finally I sent up a prayer to God I say dear God forgive me for those unkind words. And I decided as soon as I get home I'm going to make confession. Who else who else ladies. To my wife. Now why do I need to confess to my wife. Two things that confession accomplices first of all confession frees me from the condemnation of guilt. The burden of sin when I said those unkind words. But secondly a confession restores the broken relationship. When I said those unkind words to my wife that strained our marriage when I confessed to my wife that. Ours is the love again and I should clarify I'm not making up an imaginary story. I've had to confess to my wife several times and my wife is a real sweetheart. She's always willing to forgive me. I often said when I got a perfect wife and she didn't get a perfect husband but I got a perfect life. Why do I need a confession or is it to change her. No it's a change to what happens when we see and what is sin do between us and God. What's a confession then do restores the relationship. That's why the Bible says in James five seventeen confess your faults one to another and pray for one another so the you may be healed or to confess to the one that we've wronged. What we did to them were to confess our fault that doesn't mean that we're to confess other people's faults to other people. That's called gossip bore to confess our faults to the one that we were wrong. We must confess our sins directly to God He alone can forgive us but if we have a wrong with someone like what I wronged my wife then I must also confess to the one that I hurt and they should be willing if they're Christians to forgive. Well that's the second we look at the first condition. Repentance or a person or say kings in and then we looked at number two confession to it and acknowledged it wrong and asked for forgiveness. Let's go now to the condition to having our sins forgiven. Number three is restitution. What does that mean. I means to restore. Let's read about that from the thirty three verses fifteen if that we could restore the pledge. Give again that he had a rock. Walk in the statute of life without committing iniquity. He shows surely live he shall not die though the Bible says we are to restore what we took Let me illustrate this thing. Let's say father that I had stolen from you a hundred thousand pesos which you do that I wouldn't do that or using this as an illustration. The let's let's imagine that I stole from him a hundred thousand pesos and I come to a seminar like this in the Holy Spirit begins to convict me. You are a sinner one of the commandments says Thou shalt not steal and I become convicted that what I did was wrong and so I come to my father one day and I say father I've got a confession to make to you on the one that stole the hundred thousand pesos. Really it was you. Yeah. And I've come to ask if you'll forgive me. Well where's my hundred thousand pesos. Well that's your problem I already spent the money that way supposed to do both to restore supposed to give back. Let me illustrate something from my own life before I was a Christian I was a thief. I went to this particular college you see in the picture here and there at the college I became a Christian I was converted. But before I was converted I was a thief and one of the places I was stealing from was the cafeteria stealing food. Many students were doing it and I was one of them and I when I became a Christian when I was converted I was convicted ought not to steal so I stopped stealing food from the cafeteria and then the Holy Spirit began to convict me convict me you should pay a back to the cafeteria for the food you stole I was thinking oh that's payback. They charge too much for the food anyway. Through it all the students thought and the devil came along with a long list the reasons why. Why didn't the to make restitution as they seem like a logical reasons. But I had no peace. I was being convicted by God that I should pay for what I stole did I feel like paying no. Well finally one day I put some money in my pocket it was more than what I had actually stolen but I wanted to make sure I'd covered my bill and I set my feet to go to the cafeteria. I didn't feel like going but I knew it was right. So I bought my way. When I got to the director's office of the cafeteria I thought maybe they kicked me out of college. I put the money on her desk. I told her something to the effect that I had become a Christian and that I'd been stealing food from the cafeteria and I wanted to pay back what I had stolen. She looked at me. She said young man since I've been the director here I think you're the first young man that's ever done this. God is going to bless you for your commitment for your honesty. How do you think I felt when I walked out of her office that day. When I went into her office my stomach was full of butterflies I had a knot in my throat my heart was pounding. The Devils tell me I don't do this this is too hard. I did it anyway. When I went out of her office how did I feel. I felt like I've just grown another metre taller but like I was walking on air. Great burden rolled off my shoulders. I had done right. And so now I'm not under the condemnation of the law anymore I'm not in the long under grace. You've heard that text not in the long run or great. So since I'm not under the law under grace I went back out to the cafeteria and I stole more food. You think. Don't let anybody tell you that if you're under grace you can break God's law. That's a lie. I'm not a thief today thanks to God's grace. It was God's grace that changed my life. I told you one story. There were many things I had to go back in and make a right because I had been doing so many wrong things and God help to me. I should clarify. You probably can't go back in your past and make restitution for everything you ever did wrong but where you can and where God conviction you to do that. That's one of the steps for having your sins forgiven. So we've seen the three ways three conditions to having our sins forgiven. Number one repentance which means sorrow for C.N.N. for staking SIN number two confession to acknowledge wrong and ask for forgiveness. And number three restitution to give back to restore what we took and that was just the first step in our three Steps to Heaven. Let's move on now to Step number two if you're taking notes and I hope you are. Step number two is the new birth. Jesus outlines the steps on the reverse. Three If you're taking notes on three verses three to five this is the new power. Jesus answered seven to him. He's talking in Bemis who was the leader of the Jews. Verily verily I say unto you except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God. Job We want to see have an answer Haven't we had to be born again how are we born again. Earth five tells us how do you think answered Verily verily I say and do you accept a man be born of water and of the Spirit he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. Here are the two steps to be born again we must be born of water. What's that. That is baptism and we must be born of the Spirit. What's that. That's conversion and conversion must take place before baptism How does a person experience conversion and how are we to be born of the Spirit. Well the Bible tells us how in John one twelve and thirteen but as many as received Him That's Jesus to them gave he power to become the sons of God even to them that believe on his name which were born is the birth which were born not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man but of God. So if I want to be born of the Spirit what must I do must receive Jesus as many as received here they were born of God Well son how do we receive Jesus tells us how in Revelation three Verse twenty Behold I stand at the door Jesus theirs and knock if any man hear my voice and open the door I will come in to him and will sup with him and he with me. The door is your choice where you need no doubt and say Dear Jesus I invite you to come into my life to be my Lord and my Savior then you are receiving is not my will but desire will be done oh lord when I surrender my life to the Lord and invite him to be my Lord and Savior then I have been born of the Spirit. But is that the only part of being born again is another part and that is to be born of water which represents baptism and of course Baptism is the demonstration of the conversion that has taken place in our hearts. That's why the Bible says in Mark sixteen sixteen he that believe in him as the conversion and is baptized number two shall be saved. And we're going to look at baptism in a future topic. That's a new birth. So when a person receives Jesus as their savior their personal savior and take the step of water baptism then they have been born again. Second step to heaven. Let's move on to Step number three the three steps to have a number three. We must follow Jesus in loving obedience. What kind of a beating loving obedience. So why should we obey during our salvation. We can earn our salvation. We saw the only thing we can earn is death the Bible tells us for the wages of sin that's what we earn is death. But they give God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord Valve ation is a gift we can earn a gift. If your employer hands you your paycheck and says here's a gift that a gift. No that's not a gift because you had to earn it. Now basin is a gift that cannot be earned. That's why you read in a vision is to wait in line for by grace are you saved through faith and that not of yourselves it is what the gift of God Not of works lest any man should boast. Well as I can earn salvation by obeying the Lord then why should I bother trying to obey him. Well that's a good question and Jesus himself answered that question in John fourteen verses fifteen were familiar with this verse. John fourteen fifteen if you love me keep my commandments. You see Jesus is to be for us not only our Saviour but also our Lord. Do you know the difference. The Savior is somebody who saves me from sin the Lord is somebody I obey. There are many they want Jesus as savior but they don't want him as a lord. If he's not your Lord he's not your savior either. We obey Jesus why we love him because we love him. Think about this how were adamant to demonstrate their love and loyalty to God How son will by obedience by obeying God one commandment not to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Why then were Adam and Eve sent out of the Garden of Eden What for. For disobeying. Well now think about this since God did not allow disobedience to stay and Eden is going to let it into heaven. That's why the Bible tells us Revelation twenty one twenty seven there shall in no wise into into it that Heaven. Anything that defile it. That's why we read in Revelation twenty two fourteen blasted are today that what do his commandments that they had may have a right to the tree of life and may enter through the gates into the city. You cannot earn your salvation but if you're not willing to obey God then you can't be saved either. We show our love and loyalty to God by obedience who are saved by grace. But we demonstrate our love for the Lord by obeying even if we're not willing to obey. We can say I love you like a little girl that told her mother I love you and then the mother asked you to do something she should know. I thought if she really loved her mother the Bible says I will says Hebrews five nine he Jesus became the author of eternal salvation on to all those who obey who obey him. Jesus saves those who obey Him by His death on the cross. Think of this Christ provided us with two things first of all he provides us with forgiveness for sin cleansing for said he paid the penalty by his death. But secondly number two. Provide this with victory over sea power over sin where there's a Christian song there is our wonder working power in the in the blood of the lab. Is there really is there power in the blood of the Lamb. Yes And so today we want to consider how to be a victorious Christian. Probably everybody has at some point or another tried to gain the victory over a bad habit over some addiction or some something they're in slave to we're going to take for example smoking and we're not here to pick on you if you're a smoker or using this as an illustration you can put your particular addiction in here whatever it is whether it's out the hall or tobacco or lust or video games or whatever your addiction is and some people try to stop smoking but they can't quit. Why because the devil is stronger than we are if you try you find out very quickly if you don't have the strength. That's right other people say well I'm going to smoke just a little bit less today and a little bit less tomorrow and a little bit less next month until finally I quit. That's a sure way to keep smoking. That's like cutting off the dog's tail a little bit at a time to make it easy on the dog and make it easy on the dog and it will make it easy on you either. The Bible never talks about tapering off on the sand. You may have heard of the woman that was brought to Jesus that had been caught in the act of adultery. What did Jesus say to that woman. Did he say now go taper off on your sin and commit adultery a little bit less and a little bit will last until finally you quit. Isn't what he said what did he say. Oh and sin no more. And in the power of Jesus. Yes That woman began a new life a victorious life and so can each one of you my friends. So today we're not going to look at the trying method that doesn't work. We're not going to look at the tapering off method that doesn't work. We're going to look at the trusting method five steps to victory. And right here we want you to take out your five step card. Did you get a five step card when you came in a low. OK pull out the card now you don't have to take notes because you already have it in the card you can see we have a screen shot of that card that's a card you want to pull out the five steps to victory. And we're going to go through these five steps you haven't there this card is for you to keep if you want to claim victory today or you could put your name on the bottom of that card put the today's date put it in your Bible or in your wallet or in your purse. This was the day you claim victory. Let's go through these five steps together. Step number one is exempt to victory as a gift. Let's read about that from first Corinthians fifteen fifty seven where the Bible tells us but thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Can anybody receive a gift. Yeah anybody that's going to take a gift so can anyone be victorious. Yes because it's a gift from God doesn't depend on your willpower it's not your string. It's a gift. God offers you victory as a gift. All you have to do is take it. That's number one. And you have it there in your card with the text. But to receive this gift you have to ask for to ask for victory and are taxed this Matthew seven verse eleven it's there on your card. Matthew seven verse eleven which says Jesus says if you then being evil. The victory we have to receive it by faith and accept that we are victorious by his strength. Now let us clarify something here it's not a sin to be tempted. Temptation is not thin it's when we yield to the temptation. It's when we cherish the thought think about it dwell upon it with pleasure and when the smoker lights the cigarette and puts it in his mouth that's when the sin begin to see him I have a craving if he's a smoker he might have a craving for a smoke. That's a sip that's a temptation when he pulls out the cigarette and that's when he's calling because he's going to light it voting as well. So the key here is faith and that brings us to Step number three. Step Three believe that God has given you the victory. Number three I believe God has given you the victory Romans six eleven. Likewise reckon he also yourselves translate in the modern English. Likewise believe yourselves to be dead indeed on the scene in the line even to God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So I believe out victorious when I ask God for victory then I bully I tell my friends I ask God to give me victory over tobacco I'm not a smoker anymore. I'm showing my face. I believe God gave me what I asked for now when God gives you something what do you say you say. Robbing the llama right. Thank you very much as the saying is with a God when I boot when I ask God for victory I believe he gives it to me. Then I didn't pray or say thank you say what. Thank you Lord thank you for giving me the victory over debacle or whatever your bad habit is that showing your faith. Sure you believe let's go to Step number four number for me. No provision to say all are checked is Romans thirteen verse fourteen it's there on your card where the Bible says but put you on the Lord Jesus Christ and make not provision for the flesh to fulfil the law. That means I must not make provision to fail. Whatever my bad habit is I have to close the doors of temptation. Person is problem with pornography what should he do what should he do with his internet connection disconnect his Internet is better to have no Facebook and no email than lose your soul. What about a person has a problem with video game. Well then delete them off your folder off your computer or stay away from the video arcade. That's actually addicting. Science has proven that video games are addicting you try to quit you'll find it's not easy. Another addiction. What about a person that's got a problem with tobacco he should get rid of his cigarettes get him out of the house. You see what a lot of people do they say I'm going to I'm going to try to quit and they take their packet cigarettes and they take it over and they put it in the cabinet and they say I quit. But just in case. What have they done. They've made provision to fail and the next morning they wake up and now they've got the nicotine withdrawal. Well where's those cigarettes. Oh yes I remember where I left them. I've seen this happen many times. People they say I'm going to go through those five steps and they tell me I tried it it didn't work I said did you get ready your cigarettes or moon No I left a pack in the car if you want victory how to get rid of those things get rid of the cigarettes don't burn them up in your mouth. Give them to some relative that doesn't smoke and ask them to destroy them for you. What about a person that's got a problem with alcohol pour out is alcohol flushed the devil down the toilet. I heard of one young man after this lecture. He went home. He poured out forty bottles that expensive European champagne. He wanted victory over our call. So we went home and there it went. I know another man I let me back up and mention the text. Make no provision to say oh omen thirteen fourteen. If I got alcohol in my home and I want victory What must I do with a beer that's in my refrigerator. I gotta get rid of it. I had a man come to me one time and we've done this with scores of people we'd be happy to do it with you if you'd like. We set up an appointment where we will go through with somebody the five steps and this man to set up an appointment with us to go through the five steps and so we were visiting with him I found out he was a church elder elder of a church and then I found out he was the elder of a Sabbath keeping church. Seventh Day Adventist Church but this man had a vineyard. He was growing grapes and he was making his own why and he had a problem with alcohol creating his own wine. So he came he wanted to go through the five steps and claim victory. And when we got down to number four. Make no provision to fail I asked that brother I said Now will you be willing to go home and pour out all of your wine your homemade why his head went down. He would not look at me for the rest of the visit. He refused to make a commitment to go home and get rid of is his wife. My and you think he ever gain the victory. Probably not if I want victory over those things I had to get rid of them get rid of the alcohol. Reminds me of the story of Little Jimmy he got in trouble when his mother told him to not to go swimming he went swimming anyway and when he came home with wet hair. Mother said Jimmy why did you just obey me I told you not to go swimming today. Well mama I got tempted and Jimmy's mother said Well I saw you when you left the house today you took your swimsuit with you. Well mama I was expecting to get him. He was doing but making provision for the flags. Planning to fail. You'll never gain the victory if you're planning to fail number four. Make no provision to fail let's go to number five. Number five this is the power step this is where we really get the power. In the five steps to victory. Number five watch and pray. Matthew twenty six verse forty one let's read that. Jesus says here watch and pray that you enter not into temptation the spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak though you want to do what's right the spirit is willing but what's the problem. We have a week for the lashes we can only solution to that is that connection with the Lord by watching in prayer that means to watch for those areas where the devil comes in and tempt you by studying the Bible by praying by doing those spiritual exercises. Study of the Bible and prayer would close many doors of temptation. That's why the Bible says in the one thousand nine hundred eleven your word I hate in my heart that I might not sin against you and Matthew for poor man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from God's mouth. How did Jesus overcome temptation. He said What did he say it is. There's a power spent time with God's word and you'll have strength to say no to temptation. We have looked at the three simple steps to have a step number one having our sins forgiven by repentance confession and restitution. Step number two experienced the new birth being born of the Spirit being converted being born of water baptize and Step number three loving obedience and we have today looked at the five steps the five keys to victory. That's number one. Victory is the gift. Number two we must ask for the victory. Three Ask for the gift of victory. Number three believe God gives you the victory. Number four make no provision to fail. And number five watch and pray. Suppose as I go through these five steps and I hope you do you get some bad habits some addiction in your life. Go through these five steps and claim victory. But suppose as I go through these five steps and I claim victory. What if I slip afterward. What if I fail. Should I quit now. Well it's sorta like I don't know this ever happened to get in the shower the in your home and you are half soaked up and suddenly the soap slips out of your hands it falls to the floor. What do you do. Do you throw back the shower curtain you say forget it I can't even hold the soap I'm giving up I'm quitting it's no use and you get out of the shower half soaped up. Is that what you do know you bend over you pick up the soap and you go right back to washing. So if you fail don't give up. That's when you really fail when you give up. Bend over on your knees say dear Lord I'm sorry. Please help me go back through those. Say five steps like a seven verse date the Bible tells us to rejoice not against me or mine enemy though I fall I shall arrive. You can be a victorious Christian trusting in the power of Jesus would you like to have victory. Today we're going to pass you another card. This first card the five step card is for you to keep. But this next one prophecy the hope the street three Steps to Heaven car this is one that we're going to pass to let's pass those cards now please. And we're going to collect these because it says here please pray that God will give me a victory over you might like to have somebody praying for you that you can be strong enough to say no to temptation that you can be victorious and we do have a prayer team that's working with us in our prophecies of hope program. So take one of these cards today and we're going to go through this if you need to pan our helpers I believe have extra pads in their baskets. Just wave your hand. They have asked them for a pen if you need a pen and we'll go through these lines to gather number one the first line says Please pray that God will give me victory over number one you could list bacco or alcohol or if you want to write something you can do that or you can check unspoken if you like you have are pretty impressed that you have a victory that you can check that first box and then if you do check that one of those sub oxes So we know what we are praying for or you to says Please pray that I will give my heart fully to Jesus and be baptized. We saw today that baptism is actually part of the new birth. We haven't really spent a lot of time talking about. But if that's something you're considering the step of baptism then you can shack that second box and then the last boxes I would like a personal visit to claim victory over a bad habit. He like us or one of our team to meet with you go through the five steps. Claim victory over some bad habit that you can check that box to be sure and give us your phone number so that we can contact you and set up a time and a place for a visit. We did that just in our last meeting. We did a meeting like this recently at U.B. we had a lawyer doing his review. His boards and he was a smoker who wanted victory and so he came to us who had brought his cigarettes Rawhi everything that you know that he wanted the victory over. We went through those five steps together. He claimed victory we prayed for him and he went away victorious over to vaca and I called him every day for the next week how you doing well God has given me a victory. You can be victorious as well put your name and your address there if you like if you are a church member you can check yes if not check no. If you are a church member that you can list what church you attend. Currently we have people here from many different churches and we're going to collect these cards because we do want to pray for whatever you have checked but before we do that you might need a little more time to finish your card will sing one stanza of this here all to Jesus I surrender. If you have finished your card you can sing with us. If not then finish your card while we sing the first stanza. We like the cards. And. Real and worth it I'm going to ask our helpers to bring those cards up so we could pray for them as we sing. There is hope for you. God offers you a victory there. There's hope for you. It is his gift completely free. There is hope for you. Just ask in faith. That is the key. There is hope in Christ for you. There is hope for you. Do not remain in captivity. There is hope for you in Christ. You can walk at liberty. There is hope for you. Just watch and pray most fervently. So there is hope in Christ for you. Let's pray as we end our meeting today. Our Dear Heavenly Father we thank you for these simple steps to heaven that we can have our sins forgiven to repentance and confession and restitution and then we can begin a new life as we receive Jesus and take this step of water baptism. We thank you that in Christ we can be victorious. Thank you for these five simple steps to victory. We believe the victory is a gift you offer. And just now in silent prayer we ask that you would grant us a victory over whatever sin whatever addiction has plagued us. We pray your blessing on the decisions marked on these cards that each one might truly find in Jesus victory over sin and the flash. Help us to make no provision to fail. We pray that you would help us every day to watch and pray that we enter not into temptation as we leave this place. May it be with your power your presence and your gift a victory. Thank you for giving us victory because we have asked it in Jesus name Amen.


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