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16. Survival Keys for Revelation's End-Time!

Lowell Hargreaves Michael Hargreaves


In this lecture you will learn about some simple keys, often overlooked, that will strengthen you to survive the end time



  • February 22, 2015
    7:00 PM
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Our topic for tonight is survival keys for revelations. And we have been studying in the prophecies of the whole program from two great prophetic books in the Bible. Daniel and Revelation Babylonian diet over a ten day period. So here is this experiment recorded in the Book of Daniel Daniel Chapter one. Let's give you the overview of Daniel what do you see back in those days Nebeker as of the king of Babylon was conquering the then known world. And he would bring the most promising the brightest young man back from the lands he kept he conquered to Babylon and there he would retrain them reeducate to make them servants of the Babylonian Empire and when he conquered Palestine among those brought captive were men that we know by name. Some of you know them by name Daniel Hanna Michel and Azariah. And when they arrived in Babylon Daniel and his friends they discovered that part of the program was that they were going to eat food at the King's cafeteria. You think the food being served at the Babylonian cafeteria was healthy food must not have been. Because in the end your one verse eight we read and your purposes heart that he would not defile him self with the portion of the king's meat nor with the wine which he drank. When did no one is friends looked over the menu of the king's cafeteria they said we can eat this food and stay healthy. They knew that whatever would affect their health of body would affect their mind God communicates to us through our minds. So whatever weakens the body weakens the mind weakens our connection with heaven. And so Daniel purpose now they were at least three reasons that Daniel would not eat from the Royal Pavel Loney and cafeteria. Number one was that much of the food had been offered to idols and so if they do work here was to eat of that food it would be considered an act of idolatry partaking of idol worship. Number two much of the food was precipitated by Scripture and then number three a lot of the food was plain unhealthy for body and mind and that's why he wouldn't eat of it. So what was Daniel and his friends to do. Well Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not to file in the self with a portion of the king's meat or with the wine which he drinks and so they proposed a ten day trial let's go read it from chapter one verses eleven to fourteen Daniel one verses eleven to fourteen I want to read or write of the Bible here the Bible says in verse eleven. Then said Daniel to Mel's are whom the prince of the Unix has said over DANIEL HANNAN I AM I STILL an AS are I I was twelve prove that I servants I besiege the ten days and let them give us poles to eat and water to drink a more modern translation of that would say yes your servants for ten days and let us be given life at red symbols to eat and water to drink. There asking for what kind of diet a vegetarian diet for ten days just to see the effects and then as you read on verse thirteen then let our countenances be looked upon before the and the countenance of the children that eat of the portion of the king's meat and as thou C.S. deal with I servants he consented and to them in this matter and prove them in days. Or what do you think after ten days of only eating vegetables. What happened they probably lost weight they probably got weak and maybe second way you think. Let's see what the Bible says as we read on verse fifteen and at the end of the ten days their countenances appeared fairer and fatter in flesh that all the children would sit eat the portion of the king's meat and a more modern translations at the end of the ten days they looked healthier and better nourished and all the young man who ate of the royal food. So as a result of this careful diet this special strict diet they had physical health they were physically healthier let's read on verse so we can send it to them in the matter and prove them ten days they were fair and fatter. Verse sixteen the smells are took away the portion of their meat in the wind that they should drink and gave them poles or vegetables verse seventy and verse seventeen as for these four children God gave them knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom and Daniel had understanding in all these and so not only were they physically healthier they were mentally superior. How much. Oh well let's continue reading in verses eighteen through twenty one. Daniel one eighteen says now at the end of the day is that the king of the said he should bring them in. Then the prince of the UNIX brought them in before now because he knows and I should clarify. They went. Through a three year educational program during the three years they follow this diet. They tried it for ten days and so they were allowed to follow that same diet for three years and then after three years they were brought in before the king and immersed one nine hundred thirty S. in the King commune with them and among them was found like Daniel Hannah nine Michelle and as the riot there forced a day before the king. Verse twenty and in all matters of wisdom an understanding that the king inquired of them he found them pinned times better than all the magicians and astrologers that were in all his realm. Ten times smarter than anybody else. Would you like to be ten times smarter than anybody in the Philippines. Here they were ten times better than anybody else in the Babylonian Empire and it wasn't that wasn't only that. See they were physically healthier mentally they were disappearing year. What else are they had long Gemini You can read in Daniel Daniel one twenty one and Daniel continued even into the first year of teaching Siberians Daniel lived in late eighty's or early ninety's. These are the benefits that Daniel received from following that strict diet. Now let's not forget that as a result of Daniel's purpose in his heart Daniel one day as a result of that we have Daniel's prophecy. If we had not had Daniel's purpose we would not have been healed prophecies with us in our Bible today. And for us also if we will follow Daniel's example we will have a better understanding is specially about Bible prophecy. If Daniel had not purposed to take care of his health we would not have the Book of Daniel in our Bibles because of Daniel's purpose. God blessed him to be one of the greatest prophets of the Old Testament. Again you are simply following me. Instructions it got it given his people centuries before for their health. Let's go back to Exodus fifteen verse twenty six you can mark that in your notes tonight. Exodus fifteen verse twenty six The Bible says God says if you will diligently listen hearken to the voice of the Lord your God will do that which is right in his sight it will give ear to his commandments and keep all his statutes. I will put none of these diseases upon you which I have brought upon the Egyptians for I am the Lord that heals you. What are some of those diseases that were brought upon the Egyptians. Well they've done studies on the Egyptian mummies and they discovered that the Egyptians had similar diseases to what we have today at heart disease cancer and arthritis hepatitis and they even had tetanus strike at those essential cavities. Diabetes and obesity. Do we have those same diseases today. Those are the same diseases that a plague our society the Egyptians had those diseases and those are lifestyle diseases. Those are diseases that we bring upon ourselves by our poor lifestyle or by our poor choices. What's interesting even though God wants us to be healthy. The World Health Organization estimates that one third of the world is sick. Imagine one third of the world. The bad news is we bring a lot of the disease upon ourselves by our poor choices. There's a saying that you are what you eat and that's more true then it may seem like it. That is true. And for that reason God tells us to put the text in your notes first Corinthians ten thirty one whether therefore you eat or drink or whatsoever you do do all to the glory of God Why should we eat and drink to God's glory. Well you see one reason is because you are what you eat. You want to be healthy. Then it depends upon what you choose to eat. What happens if a person doesn't take care of their health. They might get sick. Of course there's an even more serious issue. Let's go read about it from first Corinthians three sixteen and seventeen earth Grampian three sixteen and seventeen Know you not that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you getting on. If any man defiled the temple of God Himself God destroyed for the temple of God is holy which temple you are what happens to those who defile this body will be destroyed. We talked about that already. We don't want to experience that. That brings us to the question What are some ways the Bible says of any man defile the temple of God here Michel God destroy what are some ways that people are death by laying their body was this guy in the picture doing smoking to smoking defile our body temple. Yes Yes Dr Lynne a spalling Nobel Prize winning scientist said every cigarette a person smokes takes fourteen and a half minutes off his life. That's slow suicide. Killing yourself slowly and cigarette smoking Connor beats through a lot of diseases to heart disease to strokes various forms of cancer and emphysema to premature births to poor circulation shortness of breath and that's by no means the end of the list. In fact they estimate that tobacco use causes six million deaths a year. That's C.B.S. News twenty ten. Six million people die. That's as much as the Holocaust. Every year six million. When people die because of tobacco. And you know it's not just the people who smoke secondhand smoke is also deadly. What just what does smoking contain that so deadly. Well it has nicotine which is of course a deadly poison. One of the most deadly poison is known to man and a smoker will increase his risk something like one thousand percent for lung cancer and over a non-smoker and one hundred plus percent risk higher chance the risk for heart disease. Here is what science shows us tobacco smoke contains seventy different cancer causing substances. That's why you don't want to breathe it. There's a picture of the smokers along. Does it look like he has defiled his body temple. I would say so. Oh I think so. Not only is it bad for your health tobacco smoking but it's also expensive on your wallet. It's almost the equivalent of taking your pain pills rolling them up and burning them. It would be better to do that than smokers at least you'd have your health. If you smoke kick the habit. Save the money. And in a year where you might buy a new computer or go on a cruise go visit Malaysia or some other place. I had a man tell me he said I've smoked enough in twenty five years to buy a brand new car. Oh wow that's pretty bad burned it up. Now I was suffering from poor health. Well there are other ways you can get tobacco you can chew your way to the grave. Well there is good news you can quit the five steps to victory. We talked about this Sabbath morning victory is a gift. Ask for victory. Believe that God gives you victory. Make no provision to. Say Oh and watch and pray you can go through these five steps and you can claim victory and claim deliverance. I know a man that had been smoking for fifty eight years ever since he was seven years old. He went through these five steps. God gave him victory after fifty eight years of smoking. God can give you victory go through those five steps. God will deliver you. What's the Bible say. Read with us it is a man whom I have all of us God here Michel God just draw it first or at the three seventy. Well one way that people dish defiled their body is tobacco. Are there other ways son. Well yes the Bible says Whether therefore you eat or drink. Do all of the glory of God Are there things that people drink that defile their body temple. Yeah things like alcohol alcohol is the number one drug problem in society. In fact a doctor will tell you that alcohol damages every cell in the body that it touches. What the Bible say the Bible says If any man defile the temple of God him so that the strong that's one way that you can divide your body by using alcohol. But what about Jesus. Didn't he turn water into wine. Have you heard that story. The question is what kind of wine was it did you know there are two types of wine in the Bible. There is the alcoholic kind of wine and a week today we call it wine. And then there's a non-alcoholic kind of wine which today we call grape juice but in the Bible They're both called wine so you have to look at the context you know where they're socking about the alcoholic kind of a non-alcoholic kind in back in Bible times. This is been documented archaeologically if you were living in Bible times and you were to ask. Or a glass of wine. Do you know what they would give you a glass a grape juice in viable times when they thought why they automatically thought grape juice today. We think wine we think alcohol but now archaeology has verified that they had some cerebral different ways of preserving grape juice for up to a year without any fermentation they knew how to do that back in Bible times the word wine has changed in meaning the words change in meaning. Well yes they do. Take for example this word day fifty years ago if I said I'm gay today what would I mean I'm happy today if I say I'm gay. People will look at what that guy is a homosexual. I want to clarify I'm not a homosexual. But you can see how the word gay has completely changed in meaning. So has the word why. That's right the Bible talks about new wine. Sixty five eight that is found in the cluster. And one says destroy it not for a blessing isn't it. What kind of wine is found in the cluster of fresh grapes. That would be unfair amended wine we call it grape juice. Even today we have the wine press what kind of wine comes out of the wine press. It's wine but non-alcoholic fresh grape juice at the service the Last Supper. What kind of why do you suppose Jesus then is the bible of the use of Bibles as it was the fruit of the vi it was the non-alcoholic kind because the alcohol the fermentation was the symbol of sin and Jesus did no sin. So what kind of wine should we use for communion for the Lord's Supper today. We should use unformatted wine grape juice. There are certain preachers that. Recent have a problem with alcohol. I wonder if maybe it's because they're used in the wrong kind of wine for the communion for the Lord's Supper they ought to be using that on alcoholic and the Bible says it did no one VERY say did purposed in his art that he would not defile himself with a portion of the king's meat nor with the wine which you drink what kind of wine do you think they served in Babylon. The line of Babylon. It was probably alcoholic line in the end you made a commitment he would not drink that. What does the Bible say about alcoholic wine. Let's look at a couple examples you can mark these if you're taking notes. Here's one from Proverbs Proverbs twenty verse one wine is a mocker strong drink is a raging and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise. Jesus why. Yeah so what can a why did he make an alcoholic if I want to be wise like did you know ten times wiser then should I use alcohol like wine. The Bible says wine is a mockery we know that's the alcoholic kind of wine. In fact he can cordon says this about new wine news sweet wine or or what is great juice of grapes. Now what about the apostles instruction to Timothy use a little wine for thy stomach they can for light often infirmities. What kind of wine do you suppose he was recommending. Grape juice is there a benefit from grape juice. You may have heard of the studies that have been done on the benefits to your heart from drinking a glass of red wine every at least once a week. Have you heard those studies. What they don't tell you is the benefit comes from the grape you see. Great contains what we call the seven OIDs. These are very powerful anti-oxidants good for the heart good for digestion their anti-cancer but you get those have a noise from the grape not from the alcohol. There's no benefit from the alcohol. So if you want to benefit from the grape that drink grape juice or grapes or raisins you'll get the same benefit without the side effects of the alcohol. Any level of alcohol consumption resulted in a decline in brain volume according to C.N.N. news. The headline was what does drinking alcohol shrink your brain. You want to shrink your brain. Are you going to be smart like Daniel of your shrink your brain and the level how much you level. So whether it's mild be or all are but any level. I had a doctor show me a picture of a woman's brain one time and you could actually see where the brain had shrunk and he told me the lady had told him she drank a glass of wine each just one glass of wine a week and you could see the brain shrinkage shrinkage as a result. Do you know what part of the brain is first affected by alcohol. A low low frontal lobe. It takes two weeks for your frontal lobe to return to normal after getting drunk. You think you're sober the next day well maybe you can drive a car or you can you can act like you're sober but it takes two weeks for the frontal lobe to recover from alcohol. That's why we ought not to drink it. Well the Bible says Whether therefore you eat or drink. Are there other things people drink that could defile their body temple or. Yeah. What about this in the pics or what. Oh that coffee. What is coffee havenot that's unhealthy. F E Have you ever noticed how Kathy and make it sound similar or poison. That's right. Caffeine is found in coffee and it's found in regular tealeaf. I see green and not talking about Arabs. That's OK but when you read the label of it says tea and then lemon flavoring. That's the real tea which contains caffeine and not only can you find it and he can find it in the colored rings help us call us. That's the COLA BOWDEN To Dr Pepper. And what else. And the energy to ratings full of caffeine what caffeine do caffeine is a highly addictive you don't believe that try quitting you find out it isn't easy it over stimulates the nervous system on a beaut soulful or raises blood sugar irritates the kidneys contributes to cancer of the year an airy tract and that's not all. It even contributes to heart disease. Bladder cancer. You're a logical disorder it increases blood pressure that's why the doctor will tell you if you have a high blood pressure stop drinking coffee so the doctor will tell you and the disease associated with caffeine called caffein is here's what one doctor said Dr Harold Shire rock caffeine the drug contained in coffee is classed in textbooks as both a stimulant and the poison. I have a question for you. Should we put poison in our bodies. What's the Bible say. Let's read all together and if I own the temple of God here Michel God distraught. Coffey according to one study won the five cups of coffee a day increases the risk of heart attack by sixty percent six or more increases it by a one hundred twenty percent. That's a huge stress on your heart. Here's another study just two hundred fifty milligrams that's two to two and a half cups of coffee cause a thirty percent decrease in brain blood flow. The latest study that I heard within ten minutes of drinking a cup of coffee. The blood flow in the frontal lobe decreases by forty percent. That's why you're not able to refrain from gossiping after drinking coffee. It loosens your tongue. Here's what one study showed May for two thousand nine hundred six of alcohol cigarettes and even caffeine on the mind. Here was the picture that they showed in the article this is a U.K. News Mail Online. And there you see a normal brain here compared to that you have a brain that's been affected by the nicotine. Do you see the difference in the brains you know. Is that what you want in your brain. Yeah that's why you really ought to kick the coffee habit. That's right one study said moderate caffeine consumption makes that person react like he or she is having a very stressful day. Lane said if you combine the effects of real stress with the artificial boost in stress hormones that comes from caffeine then you have compounded the effects of stress considerably. So a cup of coffee in the morning means a cup of tea rather like drinking the stress or your stress. Well if you're stressed then you want to add to your stress by drinking a cup full of stressed morning coffee boosts blood pressure stress hormones throughout the day. So when you drink your cup of coffee in the morning you're boosting your stress for the whole day. So what the doctor as a guide said about decaf coffee. We really don't recommend decaf coffee and I'll tell you why they can't get all the caffeine out and the decaffeinated in process is actually more unhealthy than the caffeine. So what we recommend instead of a cup of decaf coffee get an herbal tea or you can get these coffee substitutes that are based on like so way or something like that there is no caffeine at all in them. We don't recommend the decaf coffee is it good news you can quit whatever the drink that binds you except a victory is a gift to ask for victory believe God gives you the victory. Make no provision to fail and watch and pray. Claim victory under number four. Make no provision to fail. What must I do with my coffee. Rid of it. I gotta get rid of it don't leave it in the cupboard Otherwise the next morning when you wake up a soul needs servitor G. and so you're going to reach for that. That compass are asked when it's not in the house that is easier to say no the Bible says Whether therefore you eat or drink or whatever you do do all to the glory of God Are there things that we that are also unhealthy as we affect our health. Well apparently so. And that's why more and more people are recognizing that the effect of what we eat upon the body are going. Back to the original guy. Let's go read about that from Genesis one verse twenty nine says one twenty nine and God said Behold I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth and every tree in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding C.P.U. It shall be for food. So God's original diet he gave to mankind to stop of was a plant based diet and that was actually Daniel died. That's the diet for the best mental performance the original diet. Following that diet they lived before the flood almost a thousand years but after the flood you notice from the picture there is a drastic drop off in long Jevon lifespan. Why when they came out of the ark in Noah's day was there any is save more to shop that they have just diverse Soria. There was no place to go buy fruits and vegetables because the earth had been destroyed by the flood there were Nope no papayas growing yet. No but then I was and so to meet this emergency what to do. Well he gave me and for the first time permission to have flesh food then immediately the longevity of man began to decline but he couldn't just eat anything there were certain restrictions let's read about it from Genesis seven one and two and the Lord said in the Noah come down all by house into the ark for the of I seen right before me in this generation of every queen bees that was taken to the by sevens male and his female and of bees that are not cleaned by two male and his female clean and unclean I thought that was Jewish. Jews were living in Noah's day. This is long before the Jews came along. How many of the clean animals. Why seven. Why seven have something to say. Sacrifice and something to eat. How many of the unclean suppose no one of his family decided they wanted to eat one of the unclean admirable. How many were there. So they wanted what would happen. We would not have that species today. If you know our respect and one of those unclean animals will be extinct. What are they clean and what are those unclean animals. Let's find out we're going to go to do it or on me or two or three through eight. If you're taking notes you can read the same thing in Leviticus eleven but we will read it from Deuteronomy fourteen three through eight verse three God says that our shalt not eat any abominable thing. And then God says if you choose to eat meat These are the animals you have permission to eat and we have them listed here these are the beast which usually the ox the sheep the goat the heart that's a deer at the roadblock and the fallow deer and the wild goat and the pie Garg. That's an extra I paddle and the wild ox and the Shabbos that's a mountain sheep. How do we know whether they're clean or on plane. Well the guideline is found in the next verse verse six and every beast that parts of number one and who leaves the cleft into two claws number two and choose who actually this is number two and choose the cat among the beasts that eat the one example of a clean animal would be eight. How is considered a clean animal beef is considered clean as long as it doesn't come from somewhere. Oh for of England have you heard about mad cow disease. We get it America is a well it's spreading all around the world. In fact some people now recognizing the dangers of even eating that clean meats are going back to that original diet that you fight it. Daniels diet that you find back in the beginning but what are the animals that were forbidden to eat. There were certain animals that were not to be. And let's notice that from Deuteronomy fourteen seven and eight. Nevertheless these he shall not be then to the door of them that divide the cloven hoofed as the camel and the hare and the Coney for they chew the cut but divide not the hoofs. Therefore they are unclean and so the first animal on our list is the camel. Well the camel is actually unclean we can't eat any more camels bake that Dolly be the camel is unclean no more camel burgers. We're serious you've got to give it up it's to lead. How many of you willing to give up camel meat me I see your hands. OK you say we're preachers we don't eat camel too often. So we're doing OK but notice it says also and the hare that's the rabbit. No more Bunny burgers the rabbits unclean and the Coney That's a rock Badger so we gotta stop putting rock badger in our soup because it's unclean too are you willing to give up rock badger. How many willing to give up. Badger you say I don't eat that very often either. Well we're doing pretty good. See what else were they. It's one thing and the fact that the PA boy or girl. And this song I say operators we were doing OK with verse seven that was alright but verse eight. All that can damage in my freezer and thus why because it divides the earth yet to not because it is unclean and you eat will not eat of their flesh nor touch their dead carcass. What's amazing the very thing they got is for a bit an S. to eat the devil has created an appetite for that thing. The pig God says don't eat the pot. God said don't eat it. But we sell whole pig is flesh his skin his internal organs his fat his feet pickled pigs' feet his brain. Look at this port brains in milk gravy Does that sound delicious. There's only one part of the pig that we don't eat that is going one on one on one that's the only part of the pig we don't eat the pig is the scavenger pig to love pill that not only filthy on the outside they're also filthy on the inside. That's right three kind of larvae are inside them. One doctor found a doctor make not found that one of every four pork specimens had living three kind of larvae in it. When you eat pork when you eat bubble away then those little or get inside of you when they can go to any part of the body they use they settled in the muscles. But sometimes they go to places you really don't want them to be. Here's Fox News two thousand and eight. It's not a tumor. Doctors just find it were in a woman's brain instead. She went to the hospital she was dizzy she was having these seizures they did a scan on her brow. When they saw what looked like a worm. They did they open up her skull and they found out we were eating in her brain. Can I ever hope to be ten times wiser like Daniel if I got a war eating my brain. Can you see why God says don't eat it. That's why in America the American health department tells the American people if you're going to eat pork then make sure you cook it. So morally So the idea you know if you cook the pork long enough then you kill all the worms. Problem is you're just eating dead worms there. Who wants the dead were is and the fact is cooking it may not kill all the worms out of twenty four kind of cases documented cases twenty two came from cooked pork cooking it doesn't guarantee you're going to kill all those words. Also pork is the highest cholesterol source of all meat and pork has the highest fat content of all meat. That's why you're having any health problems the first thing the doctor will tell you to quit eating is pork because it's so unhealthy. Now someone says well now in the New Testament can we eat the flesh of Pigs. People say that Jesus cleanse the pig it's OK to eat it now. Well I say Well New Testament Christians can still get tricked in Gnosis you can still get worms in your brain if you eat that stuff. But let me give you a New Testament proof that the pork the pig is clean. And John you can mark these text in John six eleven to thirteen we find Jesus feeding five thousand men with five loaves and two fishes. They gathered twelve Basque. It's of leftovers. Nothing wasted. But then in Mark five eleven through thirteen you find two thousand they go to waste. Jesus would never have allowed two thousand pigs to be wasted if he considered the pig to be good food. So evidently in the New Testament the pig is also unclean air is a very size sixty six fifteen to seventeen. That indicates that the pig is still on clean when Jesus comes let's read it for behold the Lord will come with fire and with his chariots like a whirlwind to render his anger with theory and his rebuke with blame to the fires of this is evidently the Lord returning and when he comes to beating on her by fired by authorities of the Lord plead with all flesh in the slain of the Lord shall be many who will be slain son. Well the Bible says they that think that by themselves and purify themselves in the garden behind one tree and the myths that spring to idolatry. Also eating swines flesh and the abomination and the mouth shall be consumed together is there the Lord. So God says those that are still eating clean food when Christ comes back they're going to be slayed with the wicked. That's what the Bible says. That's why we read Let's read it all together. If any man defile the temple of God here Michel the goddess sure God doesn't want were eating our brains so he says don't eat those things. What about the marine animals are there certain restrictions for them as well. Yes let's read that from cuter on me fourteen is better in the waters all that have scenes in the scales eat at verse nine and versed in and whatsoever has not been there. So he may not eat it is unclean and to do so it must have what is in his scales and if it doesn't have that God says don't eat it. That would eliminate the shrimp the crabs the oysters the lobsters all those shellfish doesn't have been zoos gales. You may not eat God said I notice there's two requirements for the land animals to acquirements for the land animals they have to chew the cat and they have to divide the hook. What about for a fish they have to have Theon than scales. So if you're going to eat what comes out of all waters out of the sea it has to have been the pins in the scales and what about that fish the catfish. Well I don't see any scale it has phases but no scales. So that's an unclean fish and those spears are the scavengers of the water the largest catfish are those that live where the sewage comes out of the city. They like to eat garbage. God says it's got to have faith in the scales. What about birds. Leviticus eleven verses thirteen to nineteen is the text about birds and it seems that a chicken would be considered as a clean bird. Do you want to read the list of clean and clean birds it's recorded there live it has thirteen eleven and Leviticus eleven rather verses thirty to ninety one other prohibition God gave His people of it because three seventeen God told his people not to eat fat and not to eat blood we know that the fat in the meat the cogs are arteries with cholesterol that is the blood that contains they can serve viruses the cancer bacteria is in all those other things that are harmful to health so God told his people not to eat that. You say well what's left to eat if I can eat my camel. And I can eat my crab. What's left. Lots of good things. Laughs. Some people say well you could eat too many carrots and that would be unhealthy. That's right that's why there's a word called temperance. One of the fruits of the Spirit is self-control or temperance which means to abstain from what is bad for our health and to use with moderation what is good for our health. God said First Corinthians ten thirty thirty one whether therefore you eat or drink or whatsoever you do do all to the glory of God Did you know purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with a portion of the king's meat nor with the wine which he drank. Daniel set a good example for we are living it in time. You want to survive. Revelation then time then follow the example of Daniel. Now God never asked us to give up what it is for our best good to keep. I had a lady tell me one time son she said all you took away all my good things doesn't God didn't take away anything good for us he took away what's bad for us than Lady for eleventh is no good thing will he with all and those who follow him. Father does the Bible require us to be vegetarian. Well there are actually three diets in the Bible. There is the ideal diet. The Daniel diet that will give you the longest lifespan and the brightest mind. Then there is the primitive diet. God says all right if you want to eat this I give you permission you're going to have to. You might get sick you'll have the effects of it but you can eat these particular animals I give you permission to. And then there is the prohibited diet where God says don't eat it it's not entirely. So there you have the three different diets. We recommend the first. One Think of all the benefits you will reap by following God's health principle the good Hale you'll reap superior intellect you'll feel better you'll be able to think better you'll have a better life. Get sick less often. For those of you some of you if you're thinking about the vegetarian alternative we recommend that you make the change gradually maybe a one meal a week you could have as your vegetarian meal and you can experiment with a recipe. Dr bluff he's been sharing some ideas and then maybe one day you can make it later one day a week is a vegetarian day that you could make the change gradually Of course the unclean foods we need to get rid of them right away. But if you want to consider being a vegetarian we recommend if you want to try that eating your beings and your nuts to get your protein. It was about thirty five years ago when I thought I'm going to try this vegetarian thing and I've been a vegetarian ever since. I was amazed how much more energy I had how much more in durance I had and how much brighter I could think when I became a vegetarian I was about twenty twenty one years old and for me I've been a vegetarian all my life so I never had meat in my twenty two years. So if you want to try that then make sure you eat your B. and your not so you get your protein. You might want to make the changes more gradually. The unclean food we should get rid of. The motto is always something better. If you quit smoking get up buy a pocket New Testament and then when you reach in your pocket for the pack of cigarettes you're pulling out the Word of God If you give up alcohol you should do. Buy yourself some of Welch's one hundred percent great news when you give up the Bubble Boy are you sure. Didn't then get yourself a vegetarian cookbook or buy some tofu doors so i Products something better really ought to be our goal. But what if you're hooked by a bad habit. What can you do. Well many of us are hooked with bad habits. And Jesus said that without me you can do nothing. But Paul says Mark it down in your notes to Libyans for thirteen I can do how much they are things through which strengthened me. You see Christ wants us not only to be with Him in heaven for all eternity. He wants us here on this earth to experience the Bund and life and good health. While right here on this there are. And so tonight we want to challenge you to go home and clean out the freezer are all that camel meat and anything else we have discovered tonight that is unhealthy. And let's live the abundant happy healthy life. Amen. Many of you would like to ask Jesus for help to make the changes in your life you know you need to make messier hands. Yes God will help us to make those changes. There is hope for you but remember you are what you eat. There is hope for you. Caffeine and tobacco you can defeat. There is hope for you. No pig there are were that treat. But there is hope in Christ for you. There is hope for you. Seafood must have been in the scales. There is hope for you. No more shrimp and also whales there is hope for you all shellfish to by God's word failed. Yes but there is hope in Christ for you. There is hope for you sickness and disease come by Still there is hope for you God wants you to have good health. There is hope for you. Well this is worth more than well and there is hope in Christ. Are you a man. We're going to end our study tonight with this. Take my life and let it be consecrated Lord. You know let's pray Our Dear Heavenly Father we think you tonight for giving us in the Bible the ideal for our hill. We do pray that as we seek to follow these principles that we will learn tonight. You would blast the health of each one here. We do want to take care of these body temples that you've granted to us and so grant us a victory over those bad habits. Give us the strength to make the changes we know we need to make that we might have good health and long life. We ask it in Jesus' name amen.


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