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More than Meets the Eye: Take it or Leave It

Richard O'Ffill



  • December 21, 2007
    10:45 AM
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I have well this is the kind of a historic meeting rounding ways to cruise allows for now will have to take a few moments of silence for crying care is tearful farewell my right-hand man here waiting when iron on after debris is been here all the time if I should drop dead during this presentation he'll stand right up and take on what I wouldn't he's got a project not get off the subject is held because because I wanted to share with you more women the right we wanted to get the big and I got it like a way maybe I told the story of churches we've got a visit of this guy was greater at all out of order showing a greater or I stated his house it got he's got a nice wife and children and his kids in the coming willingness on Wednesday baseball and all is so sweet but is a financial list organizer church I don't know how there was this happened way back in the days of this is in Africa and before Land Rover or Zen airplanes in all this this is when they are the missionaries when they had to go someplace and walked there and by the way there is I think is the financial guy of this convention his name is Tom and he is from Malik from McCain and so and so when I heard he had a little accident and this is what I'll do something that fires alight with a little accent of think one of the language you speak is minimized polite way of smoking around and see will send us one way and I send out this jumbled me anything you said hello I'm a affluent and so anyway are you ever heard or Safari not you think of Safari this Tarzan you know that's a Tarzan movie Safari just how much anything Safari is a Swahili worthiness trip and so when I was eliminated pastoral theology or Safari and you think I'd have bearers on the label strip answer anyway this this missionary when he would die one Safari Vietnam visiting mission stations and all he had to walk their and he would walk on his pastor this tallgrass elephant grass or whatever they call it and he always carried this date hunting the big rifle is just in case he would come one day face-to-face with a nanny nothing it happened all those years until today is walking along and he made a little then you know in the past and came face-to-face with a nanny the second that the line saw Amy went down for a spring in the same second the man brought his gun up in the second of July and job pulled the trigger unfortunately he missed a lot fortunately the lioness gaged and jumped over his head in that moment you can send a list try that again he took off running the sweat was pouring office throughout his knees were knocking together and he got back to the mission station he said I've been a fool he said all these years I'm sure in this is rifle for today at that line him over me I then this is not happening anymore he said tomorrow I may get a box of shells and a target and I'm going over here in a advantage of the mission property but that target all not on a tree and on the practice swords some of the next day Michael is over there he puts that that target on that tree he goes back in order some meters or yards whatever they are just enough to make it kind realistic and so he and he starts shooting and that he wasn't hitting anything but he just got started we heard a strange sound coming from the jungle off his wonder what I'll never lie and so he keeps practicing some more and I begins to be better and he 's feeling kind of proud of himself and present sounding it was functional never mind and then it hit the bull's-eye and boy does he feel good decent man that's not been happened to me anymore any years of sound again and this time his curiosity overcame it he laid his gun down he went home back to jungle and would you believe that there was that same line practicing shorter jolts in the text for that your enemy the devil like a lot but since this is what we've got to be aware of the devil is continually updating so infected in Texas is be careful when you think you made it taking when you think you've made it less you mess up and so the Christian life is not something you arrive at this something is going on in the life on the growth and development will have arrived practicing shorter jobs and I had to tell you that story didn't like going on a day now you know is not true don't you don't tell anybody that I really happen so wasn't talking about the fruit of the spirit and less turn enough I was just curious as week before I start the last one and and and I saw a Galatians five interest twenty two and twenty five twenty three is rated together just like denim like where donors can all enjoy doing together that's an ominous start with but stay with me now let's go but the fruit of the spirit is love joy peace long-suffering gentleness goodness faith meekness and paragraph these all go together I suggested on the first day that when you get home go to your computer put these on a card take a bag and put them on the fridge because these are not an option this is what the Christian life 's about if you wonder what it's like to live like Jesus has been since they and another thing that I said in this little course that that you don't need Jesus to do the other stuff but you got a have the Holy Spirit to visit in other words and I doesn't benefit anyone who is allowed to say I will my dad is gone now and he was in when I was a minister for all my life but I got to tell you about my dad I sent one time he said that the message of this church is not so much the same law you can just say that Baptist Church in what I'm saying you give your heart diseases wherever you're at so discharge is not so much to save the lost as it is to keep us safe from being all because the information that our brothers and sisters in Christ have this law you know what one of the biggest false doctrines that's come on and it came as some of your lifetime if you were born in nineteen milliard we would most of you were even from the seventies when my lens good night I can't get that you are from the other century origin everybody here is from the other from the other millennium and that's right come from so I put you know one of the biggest terraces that's come into Christendom came in around nineteen seventy and if there was a book written call the late great planet Earth by Hal Lindsay and it and basically it brought alive what we called the the document of secret rapture and then you know it established itself Michael then and then this left behind series put it in concrete because when I was young every body believed that Jesus was going to come in the following one time and every eye was Baptist believe that that is worrying that I'm telling you they did but how when the secret rapture came along it was fatal to prove because it teaches that two copies of these him the first one you can test the second one and you understand I don't and it also teaches that the drums the Catholic Church on a picture because antichrist is somebody in Europe sometime so you can see why everybody loves it gives you ten chances to be saved the Catholics they think it's the greatest thing that ever good validation and by the way if anybody ever asks you what you believe are or who you believe the Antichrist is just say this I believe what the reformers believed that take care that we believe what the reformatory performance every one of them believe that it was okay with you this is important but we need to do is link ourselves we can start out of a vacuum in our founding fathers and mothers were Methodist and you know that Methodist and Baptist and also they were parking Sunday procedure you are that the little girl who was in the vision pork eating Sunday as I tell you anything at the judge of the gods got people all over the place don't you think it would only one Elijah thought that the long golden in the and God said I got in a number of people like so that's delicious understand that that our church were not the only true Christian but that our message is a life and death issue for this time because and why does the word intelligence I don't mean IQ if we do have the right intelligence on 9/11 we never happen in about a year ago the regrettable things upcoming from Britain they found out about it are so our brothers and sisters in Christ having that information Jesus said there would be deception so well-crafted that we perceive who the area let so God and man and another thing as this that you heard people say what other denominations that we use the Bible in the Bible only but don't forget this any of us is the Bible in the Bible only as as interpreted by some for the simple reason that those who wrote the Bible are here now what's the point the point is this that through the generations the Bible has been interpreted by lots of people and things got pretty well twist so that Mrs. White now is not more Bible better than the Bible Mrs. White is a messenger that God fit in the last days to get the correct interpretation of the she's not another Bible better than the Bible or instead of the five she herself to the messenger of the Bible so at the end of the day this is where we go in other words we don't go out to her she sends it back to their because there are people that actually but this is what about the Bible and my runner payday to read the Bible they read this is quite and so let's don't get messed up Christian government that where you're coming from and my right or wrong and economic now this is the satellite rank heresy we've got to be careful that Mrs. White's shopping list and Joseph know get me him potatoes celery and carrots hot that wasn't a diver notice a nomination in the ring that's what this inspiring thing out of potatoes and carrots and celery you're coming from in other words and here's what I want to say to I think this is heresy before you read any of the other books by Mrs. White read the conflict of the ages serious they haven't been fully worked now I know that this is the awful icing I worked with the general conference for seven year and at my office was right next door to the literature people who don't want the general covers literature and one day I'm I'm talking with the head of the General conference that you think and listen to what he said he said no we just ask a man to do this is wife's writing on stewardship and with it so far on stewardship and he said but the person who did it he did the book to fit too many great so we got somebody else to do when I heard that Apple because once the book comes out it becomes God 's word for storage and done and then I realized that that subjectivism in other words if I'm there to pick everything is said and immediately two hundred pages depicted it it becomes very subject it doesn't mean it's not so but it means that I have broken it down and what I feel is important about the advanced lot that's what I think is really critical that that we ground ourselves in what Mrs. Wang wrote from the beginning to the Iran coming from read the book that she did from the beginning to the Avenue get ride not that we don't respect thanks let's don't lock them up here around where I'm coming from this we can push the bounds of the just and this is what I said in the fulfillment don't make on your spiritual path to this day is bigger than any piece the whole is the fellow that was the sum of its parts no part of the whole and this is that the big danger I think any of us run and spiritual life will squeeze it down don't anyways so my bad outcome and that is to write me letters this was before you know on the e-mail there these days the community committee gave each other speed of light it on and how is it anyway zero letters in his handwriting was on and bless his heart and you don't get a letter in it was sick always certainly was sermons encouraged in a letter to know he was there Howard Neuhauser whether I find hard to do a certain if you don't mind adding on loving memory he had one thing in his life and that was to win so one day and you talk about the weather of ballgame he don't talk about that he's talking about his love for the Lord and when so that's why he'd write a letter to his lucerne built so that time he wrote me that letter I sent in a high mission is when I start you said the I don't think we ought to talk about the gifts of the Spirit can we talk about the food in the run nation 's first day you can get the gifts of the Spirit in the black market on these Pentecostals can have the gift of tongues in the fooling around constitutional start and so on anyway I thought about it that way and so and so this kind I think how her attention to the first good eye when the list I go down and I have the bottom line and it ended itself control temperance we color and I thought you know I pray for all the love for the spirit but I don't think I've done self-control on women trying to and so I started praying for self-control now I'm the type a person if you notice that and I think when I was thirty seven years old I lost half my blood to a duodenal ulcer thirty seven ninety ago and be a bag of nerves to get e-mails when in thirty seven years after blood sauce type a personalities we do things that fashion and and it brings on lots of complications and so I started training for self-control and and and us nervous people in those like me I come home from work Man I take online suit not thrown on the bed you know you know do and and my wife never complained she didn't say anything of pursuit she hang out form which is great when you get where you want to check it out that's not bad anyway but I was praying for one self-control one day I come home from work and I'm still in my code on the bed my significant one hundred and one things and so on and so I just hung my synagogue the next day I hung it up in the and him and I wasn't taken a course in how to hang up students and RCR psychology course all that you don't hang up his suits you got problems with your daddy or some like that so Zoloft however self-control I started hanging out my food I think when you're really out of control in your life here's using my closet on on my wife's closet it was needed to be clean enough in her shoes were logged on last season I saw the closet you issue a result pigeon toed and that stuff this guy hanging on their and so one day I went in there to hang out my suit and I look in my closet is it oh yeah this is a and so I put all the trousers again will clean and I put the jackets in one place you know and the fruits in the dollars and taken a course and you know the better housekeeping or anything like that at home beautiful it was I was drank a lot self-control and because of that can live in an is using my garage a state without a control in our garages are really that you can get the car is wanted banished him to be an out-of-control though is that you've got more to everybody because you lose them all the time they're in their ages can find so you know you can find a screwdriver one anywhere anyway I I I just figure this is ugly and I took it to the table and I fixed it up and pegboard you know that all the things that a place for everything and was the rest of that everything in life I left out a story I was in Queens New York in the spring and it was back in the days when we had the health bands they take blood pressure you may remember that in the wind event Florida in those words so I went to compare service personnel we had about twelve of them that I flashed to New York City and maybe really popularly be if I was in Queens and young woman came on and uncover blood pressure taken it and it was it was conical she had her she had her overcoat on and we started talking and she said I used to a two hundred forty pound and you know I is not as unlimited I thought she lost a hundred and so I said to her you know me respecting I said how do you use in my plan I thought we know I've heard the way lost him and Hillary in oh so now whenever they present you know even longer in cereal boxes and thought Jerry O wait until they discovered all over the place but when I heard is a prayer I never heard that before how do you do it she said I thought this was far enough of leaves in to my whole experience with self I started praying that I thought well in all pray for self-control and anyway I fixed up my garage and it is diminishing I and I lost twenty pounds not bad not bad in Iraq his people my age is you know what I mean is in fact some of these young guys like this guy looks really good but I can seen for years from the know and I know I've been in the life but remember I was praying for one self-control they him every area of my life and I cannot now one of the things I think that that weekend to do and I mention this is probably mad at me is that to us health is all about died when health bigger than that it's bigger than that you know you can be so proud I in my pocket I got it shows you to love them I feel so prior you can see I can't believe this is what I'm here to know this is some notes on this disc Oscar is not even I think this is akin to that was summoned to the south unless not it is approximately that's the cause grossly you want to send out a card-carrying member of values health club him so now you know it I know you want to give me a standing ovation after that is relevant not sure you should be on the longer that all last year and encourage economy but I never went him a hard or nearly one dollars down the drain but I'm not going to give up I joined again nominated him to an unknown a few times I really have I like to go in and I'm not all I think I've been bouncing away Fiona on him and by the way my youngest son as it is a bulk of God and he is right that's what got in trouble he was in his lessons on life as soon as regular as he one day one day he came home from school and went off four straight Academy and I haven't said a waste hundred print on the back porch they were from Sears Harrison 's Sears ways their narratives plastic things go to the concrete and everything on him saying it has really changed at and I saw Van pickup those waves and put them in their you never done that before and has no watch this because I saw them do it I had some mirrors on the back porch is no ornamental mirrors Marilyn and I saw him look at himself in the mirror said but I later learned that weightlifting is not for muscles distributed to every vendor health club solid there are those that tell you anything so those weightlifters get in there your mission is and they don't ever get all pumped up sharing the arms and taking up it can be really very it can be really me anyway he was working on the campus of Academy and and his supervisor was another young guy that was like this in the end I said you could accelerate that if you take steroids and that was the beginning of and from your vendor that they ratcheted up this is why when I see big musclemen either wanting him will will want to cry my daughters are beautiful when beauty and muscles this caused me a lot of grief and by the way that has failed to this girl now the society says if you want to really do something six and have you ever noticed that the person you don't know you'll describe the way they look the person you do know you describe the kind of person they are and and and and and we were talking about a breakfast of following Doctor Natalie and half the day this is often subject to self-control but you know I talk a lot about lots of stuff but limited amount of cement were dirty old man on his community and and we can't excuse that but I can't for the licensing I don't not talking to you girls I can't for the life of me figure out why women as a genre heart are given and taken a close the first the first of all consequence of sin was adamantly lost her clothes the first act of redemption was not put them back on but since then the women insist on taking an unlimited can I get X-rated icon on talking to the choir so I know you girls are all right but you got to watch out to but there's a thing now this one down in front of you noticed that that's new this new for art for the closed out this going down in front to notice that in coming up in the back I don't understand an argument I don't read sermons about Anna and I don't think I should mention it is a man and that is is that how does a girl want to be perceived as a in person and when I mentioned this like I'm doing now I never say more than this is that the text let it not be the outward adorning is the women's Lib text of all because God is saying honey I love you as a person and I can think of I've asked euros what do you want to be seen as sexy or person every one of them say I was using birth within so many of them dress like you know what I think it's time I'm talking to the choir I think it's time for us dirty old man to get together and talk about purity and I think it's time for the daughters of God to do the same I really do because women can be solution that got rid that in description the other is a solution in because women can have the ultimate power over me and take Leah your error month or so girls you live in an environment that's filthy it's filthy and that's the way it was in the way it was always there that Roman days of Pompeii it's always been that way but not like it was this is new it's come back in a vicious circle and at an end this is why as sons and daughters of God if we just go with the flow were going ahead with the same time we're in the world but was a say in the world but not of the world the separate piece that anyway what was I praying for self-control and you know what I like your job along the valve is everything in your economy origin and that's not bad for you know what you're like I is that I'm doing good but but probably one of the biggest things and I'm not in the I bought I feel that one of the biggest things in hell is the exercise you can say I've been on a celery diet now for six years and I have nothing but the accelerate and fried celery boiled celery and raw celery and values outside my friend the other day and he said Bishop Baker for either you have it only raw song in the raw celery as you know what I'm doing I am ridiculing that and I don't hurting my feelings but but health this is big to insisting and I think that especially as you get older exercises the one we fall out of a bag I tell the joke I said are great grandpa 's art are not go away back in a phase to eat dinner every morning for breakfast porkchops you know Friday large company pictures and but now they survived because they won't continue all day and not rightly that it will not exercise hides a multitude of other and I'm not saying that we shall we have which would surely have before going to be broad and would motivate it we don't have to want to put it all in one and put it all in an and not exercising is a big one for me it's a big one now down in Florida I'm not normally make you really cry Wednesday the open when I go home on Sunday I got flowers bloomed in my backyard the regulators burst into tears and while I talk to my wife yesterday it's in the seventy the limits of his break your heart and I have a garden drawing this company or growing the letters and I'm going to kind letters was broccoli cauliflower if the cooler kind of stuff that I just love growing stuff like I don't have ten acres eight two eight five but if there was a frail and gross stuff to think a little see that they are not aware more than some miracle I just I just thrilled this whole thing of nature is evidence of his just glory under the favorite heavens declare the glory of God is firmly I was in Africa one time I saw something I'd never seen before the over here when we see the stars life is blocking out a lot of but when you get to a place that's completely dark you know stars go clear the bottom I woke up one night in the middle night and I was at my breath away there at the bottom in a worse guy joins earth the stars started right in and went to her closet it's just scored its and I anyway the God we serve out his name isn't it incredible money is and when I thought of Jesus because what does the on Johnson all things were made by him everything and without him there's nothing made that was me and I thought who is this who is he walked amongst us I retreated and so bad and I didn't pay the start equipment like talking about self-control the jargon of the potential that I I was over in India and I was in Delhi I think Anne and I had back in those days the train they published about a month that a first-class compartment now it is not what you think about this page is set numbers of the three people here in three people here and out and went to bed with false lockdown even sleep all night anyway so I'm there I got a missionary 's daughter about twelve setting here beside me the father and mother were here and there was a lot like their son was here and were saying there at this side was the window on the other trained and there were bars on it by the way and most of the countries earlier your houses got bars on when and in fact you know and this happens many times they good guys are behind bars and the bad guys are free but any anyway and I think you get rough in Orlando I got a call from my granddaughter of the other nations that grandpa don't go down to where we buy groceries or rob a bank and they were anyways London but Sun Sentinel set on a train and the trains just beginning to roll and suddenly I feel something cold and wet on policy and I thought it was water dripping on and so I looked up thinking it was dripping like an air conditioner Margaret and I looked up and was just a fan going L back and forth and then I did this with my fingers I look at my fingers in a little red like blood but it wasn't blood it was spent by somebody who was chewing beetle and item availability of is is guided by chewing tobacco but is rare it's a slight narcotic effect I guess I can buzz from letters like that and so apparently what happened is this guy sauces foreigners a thought or warlord Abdul and spit on you him him just a training program instead growing up top we never saw anything but doing okay the story is because when I was still in a day I thought of you I thought they are undeservedly spittle I don't provide that you know that you probably just divides the world but Jesus didn't deserve the space despised and rejected of men a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief and I've been reading about judiciously in knowing John 's cry I literally cried like we treat you audibly he is our Creator is the one that made everything was good on some and I'm so sorry for you knowingly conduct but he's going to prepare a place for and he said the outcome again and receive you we know when you're going to come over anyway oh and I bet not your heart be troubled and don't be afraid things look on that in the aggregate work they're going to get worse this is the tip of the iceberg in which it will no you know is this the within of the time of troubles Monica is already here as I said in the very beginning the devil is going for online keys change in the way we think that including the good guys and you can even notice this in the fellowship of the church this is splitting Mister other words is a side now that's line up with were this doesn't mean they were better than they are process taking when you thank the staff pleasure in other words were still everything that they are and we could be that far if it wasn't for the Holy Spirit and this is why it's critical that we have the devotional life is critical that we have the fullness because you can know one day to go to church but that's not anything the big one that says anything is going to separate the way it was it doesn't do anything it just shows the shows which side you're on annually there before that and so and so you know speaking of the Holy Spirit I was a Sabbath school class Monday and indigenous we need to pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and I raise my hand as it is being out for prey that you get in on and is true and what is his wife said that that the Holy Spirit was outdoor of the ones that weren't getting it won't even know was there so were waiting for an earthquake or hurricane it it's on now it's on and this is why as I've said before let's make it wide and deep and don't shrink and it's about hard issues and Bryson in which you don't need to be born again to go to church on Saturday people to kill Jesus were the best seven affairs but they hated so in my way of thinking you know it I was raised as a young person by the way you know when I was a child already for the Sabbath we honor the Sabbath on Friday we leave we polished our share is backed by the way he won't know about this but back in those days we only had two pairs of shoes not to hunt we had one for Sabbath and one for school we had to assess a close one for school of which we reportedly didn't know it is everybody would like but anyway before Sabbath they clean the house and fix your clothes cook the food and it is a reusable Julie moves as much of it here all over the place these days actually but that's not going honoring the Sabbath visit the and don't let them push around at work I will like to do God 's will because we have the Holy Spirit in our heart like I said to my wife the other day I said I want to push down on the Sabbath lupus it's hard to get home at five thirty from work and now everybody were and be ready for the set and this is why it wasn't enough I like it is worth keeping in a learning you can guess yesterday that honor is a bit honored about it when I tell this story my wife was raised in Orlando and she and I hate to think about it but she had other boyfriend before I do I just pain think about that I thought I was the only one but God so we moved back to Orlando and influencer while her old boyfriend would come over and over to help him time and because because they were friends you know with her folks and their folks were I was unaware was so their folks were friends in Michigan they would have learned that their boyfriends and rovers anyway I forgot about an executive is outdated and has something of glory anyway I did find that you know one one thing I never did and that is unsafe then you know next week is our anniversary once you get your old boyfriends not get my old girlfriends were going to know it all more Fresno girlfriend anytime but on anniversary and another in the Cato stories of what they decide to go home it is not just law would be put on the Sabbath is a Sabbath Sabbath is really special because it's an anniversary this between us and God and in and we all come together because we all the same family because you noticed people are saying there's a well you know you know God wants us to keep the Sabbath so this go to Olive Garden provisional to stay home you have dwarfed condition but you know going it all in going on Sabbath is like lavender warfarin or anywhere you know I'm talking to require that the Sabbath is at risk and selecting and images that I don't think I hope that we wake up and say I don't think I want to do this it just happened back in the old days and I even in the last two sabbaths I remembered back in the old days in the minute details of their ligaments back in the old days we would just talk about anything outside I know I was talking somebody other day I said which was sure you know we'll will go to church and blah blah blah but we'll talk about anything on will go on the job just find a megamillion dollar than we can only say my car broke down on a MRI on and not insist some way some way we've got it right you know Lord this is a special day there remains a rest for the people but I think we have to we had to break the shackles to the world is his closing in on his life know somebody said that we heard about the Python that wrap themselves around here and in and they just every time you breathe one of those big spaces on it when you let out there is cut because of it until finally the cat ran up anyone by the way had a friend who is doing thanks I was kind of his hobby and he was telling me about the pythons he said the city figure one wrapped around getting a feeling close and not on your is reestablished up his day as he uses his Taylor's point leverage social good that they undoubtedly is it is reasonable to his tail he loses his hold on and I thought you know we need to do that with the with the world is closing in on us just looked up and it sounds great we don't do that intentionally because it is not without even knowing it it closes in on and wipe us out the status is at risk and so but the question is will is not a Republican or my timekeeper she really does now dwindling I think we go for all that is in a no she sleeps until the contentment I tell her alarm clock rang and it should start worrying that her hands and all that notion remains but God by the way you know I don't know why it is but sleeping is one big occupational hazards of going to church and so are the same problem I can do this for the version go to church and him and you can have it in hand what is it insomnia in an interview when doing this on the go to church I cannot take care of it and so I have these revivals and so I'll start right after the public I don't know who gave it that made her way in the way you say we don't call we call that the Fellowship me all that's the kind vegetarian cuisine and him does not sound better as high class at anyway so sometimes I start the meetings at two o'clock after the vegetarian cuisine and him and a paper sleepy and so one day in remembrance I watch people real clown watching me a close I can tell when you put your head down isolated now I was unaware you are praying to what you're doing but I was worried for a little bit you want okay this stopped so so so I never she was setting over here on the left of the speakers left and it was just after is about two o'clock and she went to sleep and it wasn't just a graceful little sleep it was like this at dramatic and ISR is sleeping over there I wouldn't over there and I said the congregation logo and him and him and when they all turn and look she woke up and guess what she did go to him now by the way that sleeping in church that I've gotten out the subject is self-control have not been with you that you and speaking of him for over over in the Philippines no mother a person must possess seventy and you know sometimes don't talk to things and I don't think that's a good thing personally and so they were talking visiting in a center do you ever go to church and he said I go to church and I said what do you do I think people go to sleep that means they'll will split hoof told the truth for the first time I visit us on the network to the devil wasn't choking but was a tech say with this the devil he'll flee from the window resisted this day resisted this and also I think it's critical to know that we all fall short of the glory but they know that it will confess that were wrong he is faithful and just to forgive I got faith is what you don't check me out there with his last one I'll I'll I'll I mentioned this before one time I was going to speak at the penitentiary and in space two hours south of where I live in Orlando I've been there before but like I forgot how to get there I I have a simultaneous attacks of amnesia and déjà vu so on and I just drive all and when you have your wife really don't afterwards she tells your return anyway but I was alone and I had been done before I was going to speak at the picnic the penitentiary in Okeechobee and so a lot I wasn't worried about it for an hour and know that I got two hours and hours a half I thought it's coming on but I wasn't seeing a Okeechobee him a sugarcane field I thought this doesn't look like a bunch of so I stopped at the first convenience store and I went and I said the guy reminded of the Job he said never he said you're going to Miami on Wonderland good Okeechobee now he said Christian new domain I would never energize a man but you don't believe in you mess around my self-esteem no other talk about his day I come on the parking lot and so when I tell a story I say what I had been what is repent in nature role I was advised there got for myself I've never think of the children and I wanted to let it to all of us here that we make mistakes we fall short of the glory of God repentance is something that keeps on the track sure doing it and we can't work under the number is repentance is an guilt I used to have a I don't know what was afford and I forgot what year was it had idiot like you fellas know what it they don't have no anymore in other words if the engine was hot day like they wanted to you you are hated because when I like him on it was argued Verna saying and know that the oil and that when that red thing to thought it'd already that's why they call it life and so and so I burned the engine through time and I was really into time I am not then I put gauges on an engaged and told you how hot it will okay draw within I think in the Christian life is not about that however they were pressing on toward the mark of the high calling it doesn't yet appear what we will be but we know that when he appears with and be like the other father were going hungry enough they are so gone home back to what it is we pray that this time here won't be a fantasy or in any way that Lord that we will have grown to you will have seen it clearer and will go back your God and not only determined but but no having euphoric by your Spirit in our hearts and we want our folks to know about that not because the glut of talent because it is going to know in our brothers and sisters students and we're with enough everybody that you don't know that we've been working in his name we pray and this media was produced by audio birds and hope medium ministries utilizing generation will praise you would like to listen to more great music and doesn't or if you would like to learn more about you see the WW GUI see the Web or also find great seeing you all you verse board and had videos .com


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