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18. Revelation Exposes the AntiChrist and 666!

Lowell Hargreaves Michael Hargreaves


Who exactly is the antichrist and how is it revealed in Bible prophecy? What is 666 and where did it originate? Listen to this fascinating prophetic study to learn more!



  • February 24, 2015
    7:00 PM
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Our topic for tonight is the end of crime and sick sick sick. Tonight we're going to start with a warning. Warning what you're about to hear tonight may be very disturbing tonight we're going to identify who is the anti-Christ Beast of Revelation thirteen years and for some of you this topic is going to be shocking for some of you this topic may be disturbing for some of you here this is going to be the most fascinating prophetic presentation you've ever heard in your whole life. And for some of you this topic is simply got a firm what you had already known or suspected or whatever the case may be. I want to assure you tonight that what we're going to present is the truth. And Jesus tells us we can know the truth is this as you shall know the truth and the truth will lie will make you free. However sometimes the truth hurts but God does not send the truth to hurt us. He sends the truth to enlighten us and to save us. We don't end up worshipping the beast that in time and that is one of the reasons why God warns us about this. Let's go notice that warning again Revelation thirteen one one through three. The description of this Anti-Christ beast. Let's notice the description here again. Revelation thirteen one through three relation thirteen one and I stood upon the sand of the sea and saw beast rise up out of the sea having seven heads and ten horns and upon its horns ten crowns and upon its head the name of blasphemy. Verse two and The Beast which I saw was like unto a leopard and his feet were as the feet of a bear and his mouth of the mouth of a lion and a dragon gave him his power and his seat in great authority. And I saw one of his head as it were wounded to death and his deadly wound was healed and all the world wondered after the B.S.. Is this a literal animal. Have you ever seen a phantom of the zoo. No what is who or what is this beast. Well we know that this beast is a symbol of the anti-christ version of the bible scholars of all churches agree that this is a symbol of the anti-Christ. However we saw that the beast represent thought King being them. Daniel seven verse twenty three again he said the fourth be so be the fourth what the fourth kingdom so appeased represents a kingdom or a nation that means that the anti-Christ based around the nation thirteen has to be seven kingdom not just an evil man it in time but it also is the kingdom because of the shepherds and seeking them. Let's review those four beasts from Daniel seven. This is a bit of review from part one of the anti-Christ. The lion beast with the Eagles wings representing what kingdom Babylon about the bear raised up on one side or symbol of Mena Persia this is all review if you miss that well you'll want to get the recording or the lesson. How about the leper that had four heads and four wings representing what kingdom Greece and the Dragon Beast with ten horns symbolized. So we saw that that fourth beast had it had ten horns and we knew we saw that those ten horns where the ten divisions that spring out of the Roman Empire. Here's a map of those original ten divisions and we have seven of those kingdoms with us today and three have become extinct the hairy ally the vandals and the on true God they are now extinct. Prophecy told us why they became extinct. We saw last time a little horn a rose to power uprooted three others. Let's read that again in review from seven very state. Daniel seven very safe says and I considered the whole war and so what you're looking at is looking at the horns with the horns where where they are. Western Europe so he's looking over there in Western Europe. I considered the horns and behold there came up among them another little hole or in our little kingdom before him there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots and behold in this horn were eyes like the eyes of a man and a mouse speaking great things. So as Daniel looks over the area of western Europe where the tin were located he sees coming up among them. Can this other little hole or that had eyes of it. And when this little horn arises to power three other horns kingdoms go there uproot it and your seven verse they the question for us tonight is who is this little horn that's the question we want to ask. The night we found out in part one of the anti-Christ that the Little Horn of Daniel seven and the piece of Revelation thirteen but both symbolize the same thing. Both are symbols of the anti-Christ and Daniel wanted to know who this little horn was. Let's read that again from seven verses nineteen and twenty. Then I would know the truth. Then you know of the fourth beast which was diverse from all the others exceeding dreadful whose P's were of iron and his nails of brass which devoured break in pieces and stamped the residue with his feet. He wanted to know the truth the truth will do what it will make you free and of the ten horns that were in his head and of the other which. Came up and before moon three fell even of that horn that had died and a mouth that spake very great things to look with more doubt than his fellows. So again I want to know the truth about all these things but especially about that little horn. Would you like to know the truth of the Little Horn who is that little horn. Well there is the thing that people say sometimes what I don't know can't hurt me. Is that true. No that's not true at all. Suppose for example that my arteries are getting all clogged up with cholesterol and I don't know what can it hurt me. You could kill me. And suppose I go to the doctor and he gives me an exam he says low you have elevated cholesterol levels you better churn change your lifestyle or you may have a stroke or a heart attack. Is that good news bad news so what should I do. I should get mad at the doctor or tell me such unpleasant information right. But I should be well I should be glad that the doctor told me the truth even though the truth hurts. Well folks tonight this may hurt. Did you ever go to the hospital the nurse pulls out that syringe and says this may hurt. This may hurt right this topic as we expose the anti-Christ is maybe I should ask you how many of you want the truth even if it hurts. Would you like us to continue how many how many would like us to continue this presentation let me see your hands. Are you sure. We were planning to continue anyway where way. But now we know that you want us to you're not going to get up and go storming out of here just because you hear something that maybe you had never thought of before. Does not name this little Orton but it gives us enough clues that it becomes obvious what the little horn represents and will be amazed at all the clues that we discover we have discovered ten clues already. Yes this is a review from part one let's go through these clues. Number one among the ten rises among the ten which would of course be in Western Europe Daniel seven versus eight the ten were there in Western Europe. That's number one number two it would come up after that in Daniel seven verse twenty four told us. Or sometime after four seventy six because that's when the Tim appeared and then number three would be a little more or a little came down. Daniel seven verse eight this is all review you got this in the notes of number one and a Christ number one and then our fourth put up roots three. Daniel seven verse eight in those three we know from history they were the hairy Allied the vandals on the Ostrogoths and then number five. It would have a human leader and we got that from Daniel seven verse A because verse eight said that this horn had eyes like the eyes of a man of a man and then number six it would be different are diverse from all the other horns or all the other kingdoms we got that from Daniel seven verse twenty four and then number seven it would be helpful as the mean power of Daniel seven verse twenty five and we already saw one definition of blasphemy last time we had our study on man it cried we thought it blasphemy according to John. Man is what a man makes himself God on Earth. That's one definition of blasphemy. Let's add a second definition of blasphemy tonight from the Bible and this one we're going to get from Luke Chapter five twenty and twenty one. You can add that now to your notes. Luke five twenty into. Two what the Bible tells us. And when he that Jesus saw their faith he said under him man life then are forgiven. This is the story of when they open up the roof and they let this paralyzed man down in Jesus' presence because it was so crowded. And Jesus says to this man your sins are forgiven you. Wouldn't you like to hear those words from Jesus yourself man or woman. Your sins are forgiven you. Would you love to hear those words but you can when you can fashion your sin to fit Jesus those words are for you it's just as if he says to you man or lady your sins are forgiven but somebody took offense. Let's read on verse twenty one says I'm the scribes and Pharisees began to reason saying Who is this who would speak against what blasphemies who can forgive sins but God alone. So the second Bible definition of blasphemy is when a man claims to have the power to forgive us of was that blasphemy for Jesus. Now he's God He can forgive us of sin but if any man would claim to have power to forgive the man according to the Bible that would be pilaster me. So number seven this power blasphemes God claiming to be God on Earth and claiming the right to forgive sin. Let's go to number eight. Number eight. Persecuting we got that from Daniel seven twenty one and twenty five where that little horn and make war with the Saints and overcome them and then Number nine the Little Horn would shake a lot change God's law we got that from Daniel seven verse twenty five and then number two in that we saw that the Little Horn would rule for twelve hundred sixty years and we also got that from Daniel seven verse twenty five. Time times and happen time how long is that. Well the time that one year time that's two years have a time would be happy year. That's three and a half years and in the Bible there were thirty days to a month reading half years would be twelve hundred and sixty Prophetic days. That was from Revelation twelve verse fourteen and verse six for those of you taking no other and sixty Prophetic days time one year times two years after time half a year three and a half years. Twelve hundred sixty Prophetic days. But we already learned that in prophecy a day represents a year a year that's in the prophetic parts of the Bible. Any other time a day is how long twenty four hours. But when you're studying prophecy where you have symbols a day in prophecy represents symbolizes a year. We got that from easy cure for six numbers fourteen thirty four in Bible prophecy one prophetic day equals one literal year. So we have twelve hundred sixty Prophetic days how many literal years. Out of the twelve hundred sixty literal years that this power would rule I got that I was number ten. Now we're going to add him eleven who tonight in this is that who that will be so obvious for everyone but before we add this eleven to clue we want to make a couple of important points the first point comes from the Bible. First Timothy two verses four and five. First Timothy two four and five. Bible says who will have all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. What truth does God want us all to know. Well let's reverse the five for there is one God and one mediator between God and man the main in Jesus Christ. How many mediators between God and man one on one Mediator between God and man and what is his name is Jesus Christ the anti-Christ system or about to identify puts many mediators between God and man. The second point we want to make before we go any farther is it true this is not against in the seer people truth is against error no doubt in an audience this big there may be people here that are affiliated or connected in some way with the system we're about to identify and we want to make it very clear that we're going to identify a kingdom not sincere people that might be in some way connected to that kingdom and perhaps like it illustrated this way we spent some years working in the country of Ukraine after the fall of communism and we found Ukrainian people are some of the most warm friendly hospitable people of any people group in the world. They're almost as friendly as Filipinos. However the Ukrainian government is the most backward disorganized corrupt government of any government we've ever seen. Most Ukrainians would agree with that. So can you see there's a difference between the kingdom and the people. Do you see that. Maybe I could also add in another way. During World War two Hitler led the German people in a war with the world. If you had been a German living back then would that mean that you were a bad person because you were German. No My in-laws are both German immigrated to America. My wife was born in America but she is hundred percent sure been sweetest German in the world. My wife can you see the difference between the people in the Kingdom is that clear if you can clearly see the difference let me see or am I want to make sure this is clear. All right so we're identifying a king now. Since fear people that might be in some way connected to this kingdom that was our second point so let's go on now to number eleven at our eleventh occlude and this is a clue. We will actually see we saw that the bees the Revelation thirteen and the Little Horn of Daniel seven both symbolize the anti-Christ. Both of these symbols represent the Ena cried power and so we're going to go to Revelation thirteen to get our next clue. Revelation thirteen verse to the Draken gave him his power and his seat and great authority. Now we know that the dragon symbolizes Satan but it also secondarily represents Rome in Daniel seven the dragon like be symbolized which a kingdom role Rome and so the Bible says the dragon Rome gave him the anti-Christ beast his power and his seat and great authority every government has a seat the seat of the Philippine government is aware right here in Manila. Where is the seat of the Indonesian government. Jakarta where is the seat of the American government was in Washington D.C. where was the seat of the ancient Roman Empire or king though the seat of Rome was the city of Rome and the Bible said watch this Revelation thirteen to the Dragon Room gave him on a Christ beast his power and his seat or capital city and great authority so our eleventh colluded to get it. Number eleven this would have to be a kingdom based in the city of Rome. When you put Number three a little kingdom together with number eleven based in. It becomes pretty clear what God is a den of prophecy. Who can tell us what little kingdom based in Rome fits these eleven clues. If the Vatican King. Now I'm going to stop right here this is not an attack on Catholics. There had been and there still are today many wonderful saints within the system like Mother Teresa. I believe that many Roman Catholics in heaven in fact I believe they'll be people in heaven from every church. I think they'll be people in the other place the hot place from every church too. So we're not talking about churches here we're talking about a kingdom and it's also true that many Roman Catholics don't necessarily agree with all the traditions and all the dog knows and all the requirements that come from Vatican. So this is not in a word looking at a Kingdom tonight don't forget that. But question is about akin to Kingdom. Well yes it is did you know that more than one hundred and seventy four nations have diplomatic relations with the Vatican Kingdom including the Philippines you have an ambassador to the Vatican so it is America we have an ambassador to the Vatican because of ATIC it is a kingdom. Let's go back through those eleven clues and see if they all fit the Vatican. Number one it would come up among the ten or over there in Western Europe does that fit. Yes Vatican is over there in Western Europe in Italy in the heart of Rome. So number one fits. How about number two after four seventy six. Well let's read it. What history thing is it actually rose to power in five thirty eight. Let's read a quote from history. Eighty five. I've thirty eight was the year when the Ostrogoths collapsed. It was out of the smoking ruins of the Western Roman Empire and after the overthrow of the Bears under the term Vatican that it can city and independent state under the absolute authority of the pope of the Roman Catholic Church. It is an enclave within Rome Italy with an area of forty four Hector's the smallest independent country in the world that it can a city was established in one nine hundred twenty nine out of the terms of the latter and treaty you say why I thought it was five thirty eight. Well it was it was later abolished and then it was reestablished in one nine hundred twenty nine we'll see that later tonight. But please notice this is the world's smallest independent state. The Bible calls it a little or Nor a little kingdom. Well let's go on now to number three. Our number four rather it would up Route three. We know from history those three were the hairy ally the vandals and the on through Gods and they were primarily uprooted because they refused to acknowledge the supremacy of the bishop of Rome. The number four and it's interesting the Ostrogoths the last of those three was overthrown in the Five Thirty Eight. Let's go to number five a huge mine leader who is that. That's the pope. And what's interesting there is a very unique situation right now at the Vatican there's actually two popes you know that there's the retired Pope Benedict and then there's the acting Pope Francis to folks living together apparently in peace far as we can tell there in the Vatican. Very unique situation so yes does have a human leader. Number five let's go on now to number six diverse or different. And what does history reveal here that quote out of the ruins of the Roman Empire there gradually arose a new order of states whose central point was the papal be therefore inevitably resulted to position not only new but very different from the former. So history says very different and probably said it would be diverse it would be different. And of course it's different because all the other kingdoms in Europe are civil powers whereas the Vatican is a church in a state united where the church controls the state so it's very different. So the number six fits Let's go on to number seven. Blasphemy blasphemy is when a man claims to be God on Earth or when a man claims the power to forgive sin. We saw that from John thirty three and Luke five twenty one as a pope claim to be God on Earth. Here is a statement from Pope Leo the thirteenth who said we hold up. One this or the place of God Almighty. End of quote. Here is the statement from the book Eucharistic meditation speaking of the pope It says that all art a priest for ever says they are dating bishop. He is no longer a man a sinful child of Adam but an altar Crystal's another Christ for ever a priest of the most high with power over the Almighty. At the quote Please notice he's called another Christ. Did you know that in the original Greek the word and to me means another a substitute anti christ another Christ that's what it literally means in the Bible. Interesting and here is another statement the Catholic National July two hundred ninety five. The pope is not only the representative of Jesus Christ but he is Jesus Christ himself hidden under the veil of flesh. The Bible calls that were asinine. Here's another one this is from The New York catechism taken from Roman Catholicism page one twenty seven. He says the Pope is the infallible ruler the supreme judge of heaven on earth the Judge of all being judged by no one God himself on earth. The Bible calls that blasphemy. We also found out that blasphemy is when a man claims the power to forgive sin. This is a very interesting picture you see there the automatic confession machine they now have these websites where you can go and you can type in your sin and it will tell you what you have to do to be absolved of your sin how many Hail Marys or our fathers you gotta say or whatever and you can get a head start on the confessional process. Still have to go and confess at least once a year but I guess now that we have the Internet it's making it easy. If you have a smartphone. Here's a statement from the book The Catholic priest paid seventy eight. See where you will through heaven on earth and you will find one created being who can forgive the sinner who can free him from the chains of hell that extraordinary being is the priest. The Roman Catholic priest and of quote. Well son do we need a priest to approach God yet. Do we have a grace to approach God. Yes we do. What's his name Jesus Christ. What the Bible say viable. As for there is one God and one mediator between God and man the man Christ Jesus. We don't need any earthly mediators we don't need a Pope or a priest or a saint we can go to Jesus directly in prayer. He is our mediator and the Bible tells us Saint John tells us in first John urse John one nine if we confess our sins he that's Jesus is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. You can go directly to Jesus and confess your sins. That's the best confessional and I might mention if you are a Roman Catholic there are many Catholics today that confess their sins directly to Jesus I've had Catholics tell me that they say I don't like to go to confessional especially the way the priests are now some of them drinking too much alcohol or having affairs with these boys. All the scandals that some of the priests are involved with and so many Catholics they're now confessing directly to Jesus which the Bible allows for. First John one verse nine there's only one time when you should confess to a person. Matthew six verses twelve to fifteen. We should confess do occur. Then if we wrong B. If we hurt the individual. Matthew six twelve to fifteen. So if you hurt somebody don't go to the priest and confess to him unless you hurt the priest. Go to the person that you did wrong to and confess to them. And then of course you still have to confess ultimately to God because he's the one that forgives us of sin so number seven fits. Let's go on now to number eight number eight persecutory. Let's see if this one will read a statement from history here from the British historian historian William Edward Leckie he said that the Church of Rome has shed more innocent blood than any other institution that has ever existed among mankind will be questioned by no Protestant who has a competent knowledge of history. That's what history tells us. The Church of Rome itself estimated that it put fifty million plus people to death during the Dark Ages. It was in the year two thousand when Pope John Paul publicly apologized to the world for what happened during the Dark Ages. So the church actually admits to this persecuting. Let's go now to number nine change gods a lot is that of that the Vatican also. Let's find out. Here is a decree till from Rome which says the pope has power to change times to abrogate that means to abolish laws and to dispense with all things even the precepts of Christ as we have that kind of power. Well he claims to. And yes they do claim to have shade is God's law let's notice that from the Catechism. This is from page forty nine Question What is the second commandment. Answer the second commandment is that Assad not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain Tell me son is that the Second Commandment. What is the second commandment. There's a second commandment from the Bible x's twenty four and five not Maken to be any graven image not bow down myself to them nor serve them that commandment is not in the catechism it's been taken out the one about bowing down before graven images and you can understand why they would want to take that out. It's also left out of the Lutheran catechism. Are those of you who may be Lutheran. They also left that commandment out of their catechism. That's not the only change to God's law Here's another one page fifty of the same book. Question Which is the Sabbath Day answers. Saturdays the Sabbath day. QUESTION This is in the catechism Why do we have reserve Sunday instead of Saturday. Answer Because the Catholic Church transferred solemnity from Saturday into Sunday so it is if the church says yes we change God's law. We did it just like the prophet predicted. Here is a statement from a Catholic priest in the St Catherine Catholic Church Sentinel magazine one nine hundred ninety five. He said perhaps the boldest thing the most revolutionary changes the church Church of Rome ever did happened in the first century. The holy day the Sabbath was Che not from any direction is noted in the Scriptures but from the churches sense of its own power. People who think that the scriptures should be the sole authority are the only authority that is should logically be the Seventh Day Adventists and keep Saturday holy and of quote. So this Catholic priest says look if you want to make the Bible your guide then go join those Adventists and keep Saturday. That comes from a Catholic priest. Notice God's law was changed the second commandment was removed for a scared man. What was changed. Or that left nine commandments. And so what happened they divided the tenth commandment into two commandments so there would still be ten commandments. If you don't believe me you can get at your own catechism and see for yourself the catechism verifies this God's law has been changed to the number nine hit. Let's go on now to number ten rules for twelve hundred sixty years and let's see if that also fits. We know that period started in five thirty eight and you count off twelve hundred sixty years. Five Thirty Eight plus twelve hundred sixty is seventy nine. What happened in seventy ninety eight. Well here is what history tells us. The encyclopedia in seventy nine birth that's the polling in general. He made his influence in the realm abolish the people government and established a secular one. What year was that seven hundred ninety seven hundred ninety eight exactly according to the prophecy. Twelve hundred sixty years probably to the day far as we can tell from history to the very day the Vatican the papal government was abolished. So number ten fits how about number of eleven based in Rome it is active Vatican. Well of course the Vatican is based in Rome. The Bible says the dragon gave him his power and his feet and great authority. Here's what a historian said Professor law beyond. From the University of Rome professor of history he said to the succession of the Caesars came the succession of the pontiffs in robe when Constantine left Rome he gave his is what his seat to the pontiff. End of quote the Bible said that we get his seat. From the dragon. So we can see tonight that all eleven of these clues very clearly fit the Vatican Kingdom. And again we're not talking about Catholic people we're identifying a Kingdom tonight and the Bible told us that. I saw one of his head as it were wounded to death. Revelation thirteen verse three that happened in seven hundred ninety eight when Pope Pius the I think it was the eleventh or the sixth Pope Pius was taken away and died in exile in Vallance France and the friend said there'd never be another pope. But the Bible said and his deadly wound was healed. When did it. Nineteen twenty nine a Headline News San Francisco Chronicle muscly and Bari sign historic Roman pact and in the newspaper it said this. The Roman question tonight was a thing of the past and the Vatican was at peace with Italy because Italy was giving back the property to the Vatican in affixing the autographs to the memorable document doing what hearing lewd and extreme cordiality was displayed on both sides. The Bible said and his deadly wound was healed. What year nineteen twenty nine that's why the encyclopedia says Vatican was established in one nine hundred twenty nine as an independent nation and today world leaders from many different kingdoms the nations go to the Vatican for counsel and for guidance or advice that brings us to something very interesting when you look at prophecy in Revelation thirteen you discover there actually to be the first piece that we've been discussing the anti-Christ beast that comes up out of the sea. We have identified as a Vatican kingdom but there's a second. In Revelation thirteen that comes up out of the earth and there are many Bible scholars that believe that the second base is actually a symbol of the United States of America. There are two peas in Revelation thirteen symbolizing the two most powerful nations at in time that it can and the United States. Which one you think is more powerful than that I can take a look at this picture please notice who is bowing to whom. That's our former president bowing to the former pope. And here's a picture of our current president. Again bowing to the retired pope there. So you can get an idea of which Kingdom really has more power in the world. Vatican and that's no doubt why God has symbolized this kingdom and prophecy this kingdom has so much influence and in time we found out of these represents a kingdom or a nation. And we've identified what kingdom that is tonight. But that brings us to another point. What about Dick Vick. We're going to add that as our twelfth clue. If you are listing these and we read about this from Revelation thirteen verse eight let's read it. Elation thirteen here is with the millennium that has understanding to count the number of the beast of the beast for it is the number of a man and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. What's that. Six. Please notice tonight the mark of the beast is not sick sick sick sick sick sick is what number is the number of the beast was the mark of the beast or you gotta come back tomorrow we're going to study that tomorrow. But six six six is the number of the beast. Let's prove that from Revelation thirteen seventeen which says. And no man my buyers male savy that had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name. So do you see those are three separate issues. There is the mark there is the name and there is the number but the number six six six What's the mark will come back tomorrow we're going to study that. But notice this is his number and if you like another tech showing at the mark and the number are two separate things. Put down revelation fifteen verse to know the text. Here is a very interesting history of thick thick thick. You're looking at a picture of a tomb of the grave of one of the pope to name himself. Sixtus there were five pope who called themselves because this which was a Latin accord or six and on this crown of the grave hearing of the pope you can see there is a cultic pyramid and underneath the cultic pyramid are six been Twining serpents. Now why would you have six intertwining serpents on the crown of a pope who named himself sick. Well I'll tell you why son six was a sacred number in the ancient world relating to the worship of the Sun In fact this is a picture of some solar coins ancient coins and you notice there if you look carefully at the top coin you can see the sun above the individual in the bottom corner you'll see the sun and the moon it's a soulless and lewd these were commemorating the heavenly bodies the sun and the moon and on the back of these coins is a set of mystic numbers we have them out here on the right so you can read them and if you add these numbers up in any direction they add up to a hundred and eleven add them up. At up to one hundred eleven and them horizontally they add up to one hundred eleven. Add them diagonally. They add up to a hundred and eleven and there are six columns six columns each adding up to a hundred and eleven gives you a total of what exists of six six six and if you look carefully you can see six six six are right on this one coin there at the bottom. That was a sacred number that was always associated with the worship of the sub six six six. Remember that and the Bible said here is the wisdom let him that hasn't a standing to count the number of the beast for it is the number of a barcode and it is the number of a man not a credit card. No not an implant. It is the number of a man and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. But it's also the number of the beast what else. And verse seventeen says it's the number of his name the number of three things number of his name it's the number of a man is the number the vist. And if you put all that together you get the number of the name of the man at the head of the beast power because it's the number of a man. It's a number of his name and it's the number the Wii's number of the name of the man at the head of the beast power well is there a man at the head of the V's powers or is that the pope does he have a name. Yes he has an official title in Latin. Here is from our Sunday visitor. That's a Catholic magazine back in one nine hundred fifty we read the letters of the pope's mitre are in the news. Vicarious Billy I day which is Latin for the vicar of the Son of God. This was on the pope's mitre. So many people were adding up the value of that name. I'm in finding out what it added up to. They took that name off the Mitre but every time a new pope is coronated he's called the vicarious philia day that's his operational title or one of his official titles and that title means vicar of the Son of God What's a vicar mean. Substitute substitute. Now let me show you right from the Couldn't cordons the word N.T. you heard of anti christ the word N.T. in Greek means a substitution or substitute. So even his name identifies him for who he is vicarious Philly idea is Latin for vicar of the Son of God But you say Well that was all way back in one nine hundred fifty. Do we have any modern proof yes dear is all the way in two thousand and thirteen almost one hundred years later same publication our Sunday visitor our Sunday Visitor two thousand and thirteen. This is Father island here and he was asked what are the words inscribed on the pope's Mitre and what do they signify. And then he answers the words our view carries through each day Latin for the pope's title vicar of the Son of God The Pope's what the pope's title the title attests to the fact that the pope has inherited the role of St Peter's as Christ's earthly head of the Catholic Church since the time of Pope Gregory the Great he with parted from five ninety to six o four the pope's favorite title for themselves have been there was a rural day servant of the servants of God So this Catholic priest admits that vicarious. That's one of the pope's official title. Now that we know what his title is The Bible says you have to count the numbers not that you have six. Expects written out somewhere you have to count the number to arrive at six six six. And they had an ancient method of doing this they would add up the numerical value of the letters in a person's name and that was the number of their name. Do you know that this is Latin Roman numerals and you know that in Roman numerals certain letters have certain value right. For example here's a clock A does not have numbers on it it has Latin letters on it but you know what those latter Latin letters signify right there eyes how much about the ve. How about let's back up for just a moment please notice that's how they spelled museum in Italy and you are the same and I tell you I'm that's are in Latin that's five and what does X. stand for man. Let's try a little farther. How about a well how about be smart and be Ivan you remember this from school right when they would give you the date in Latin and you had to translate that into numbers. So we're familiar with Latin letters we know that in Latin letters certain letters have certain value. Now that we know that. Let's look at his title errors is the title of the Kerry Philippe let's add it up. B. is five miles one the of the hundred a is nothing are nothing out back up and are some letters have no value in A and I have no value. I is one. Five minutes is nothing. That's one hundred and twelve and the next word feely feely easier Oh dear oh I is one L. is fifty as one eye is one that's fifty three and then the last word P D is five hundred is nothing. I one that's by. Hundred one. What do you suppose all of that would add up to the US It does add up to six six six and you don't have the write this down you're going to get it as a handout at an office tonight or tomorrow night but you'll get this documentation that we have our twelve who's number twelve six six six. Now if your name added up to six thick thick would that make you than a Christ. No you have to fit all the other eleven points. It's interesting that the pope's just like the emperor's chosen names that would add up to six six six. The ancient pagan emperors that considered themselves the representative of the Sun God on earth chose names it added up to six six six why. Because that was the sacred number and so when the pope came along following the Emperor's They also chose names that added up to that same sacred number six six six. So our last clue is sick sick sick. Sorta like going looking for a house. Somebody shows you the color of the house they tell you what the house looks like they tell you what the street it's on and then they give you the number of the house. Now you know you can find the right place and it's just as if God guesses the number of this kingdom so that we can know we have correctly identified the system. One more thing we should note tonight this is a statement from the retired Pope Benedict who said The Roman Catholic Church is wiser than the Bible the Word of God and is capable of contradicting it. I kindly disagree with Pope Benedict on that. I don't believe any church is wiser than the Bible. We must use the Bible as our test of truth. But I want you to notice here as you look at the picture this is of the retired pope before. Francis was elected if you look carefully at what he's wearing on his feet. What color are his shoes. Blood red Why why did Benedict choose to wear red shoes. We'll come back and answer that on Sunday night. Again we I think we had it scheduled for Saturday night we're going to do it actually on Sunday night. We'll explain what show you even I think is from a professor at Notre Dame University he tells of why Benedict chose to wear red shoes. But as a church have power did it to change or contradict the word of God What's God say. Well God's word says in Psalm one one nine hundred verse one sixty Your word is true from the beginning and the Bible says God can never change. So we know that no church can contradict the word of God tonight as you have heard this perhaps shocking study you might be a little bit hurt. The Bible actually tells us in Job five seventeen and eighteen Behold a happy is the man whom God corrects therefore despise not without the chastening or the punishment that is of the Almighty for he God makes for some of you think you know that was a painful topic tonight. He God makes sure and binds up he was using his hands to make whole. I presented this topic some time ago in Devil and there was a lady attending who was the leader of the women's Catholic League there in Mindanao. Very high ranking Catholic official she was coming to my seminar and when we presented this topic that you've just heard tonight. At the door as I was greeting people after the meeting I met a lady I knew who she was we had talked before I said Sister I said was that a shocking topic tonight. Oh yeah she said that hurt me so much. She said the pastor it's the truth. It's a truth pastor I know it's the truth. Yes friends it might be painful but it is the truth and if you find that your heart is hurting tonight you can go to Jesus and you can say oh lord the truth was painful tonight but thank you for the truth. He's my hurting heart and help me to follow truth you can say that right. I want to tell the truth don't you. How many want to follow the truth Maziar hands. There is over all sex one more text on eight thirty two. Know the Truth and the truth shall make you free. At is if you follow the truth there is hope for you. But the beast's number is six six six. There is hope for you. Truth and tradition he tries to mix. There is hope for you. He takes Christ place. The Bible predicts but there is hope in Christ for you. There is hope for you who confessed years been to God alone. There is hope for you for your sins did Christ's blood atonement. There is hope for you just kneel in prayer before His throne. There is hope in Christ for you tonight we're going to end our steady with this classic. My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and right just as I dare not trust readers for A but wholly lean on Jesus' name but stand as other. Things right and thinking and instead of going to write about being a writer let's write. Or do you have a me father. Thank you tonight. The truth though it may have been painful perhaps shocking. We want to follow Jesus whether we be Protestants or whether we be Catholic. We pray you to help us to make Jesus our priest to confess our sins directly to him that we might have the assurance of forgiveness. Bless each one here as we leave. May it be with a sweet sense of your presence. We ask in Jesus' name. Tomorrow night the seal of God and the mark of the beast. What is the mark of the beast. Come back tomorrow. Good night and God bless you.


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