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20. Revelation's Woman on the Moon!

Lowell Hargreaves Michael Hargreaves


Find out more about the mysterious woman on the moon in Revelation 12 and the identifying marks of God's remnant church. Don't miss this amazing prophetic episode!



  • February 27, 2015
    7:00 PM
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Our topic for tonight is revelations the woman on the moon. There is a statement from the book The End of religious controversy that provides us with a good introduction for this particular topic. And the statement reads like this there is one inquiry but one inquiry to be made namely which is the true church by solving that one question you will at once solve every question of religious controversy that has ever been or that ever can be agitated. That's from the book The End of religious Conover's the page ninety five. What's the question which is the true church. What a hot question if we were to ask Richard Simmons that question what would they each say we are we are. There are today an estimated forty thousand different Christian churches groups or denominations globally. Of the forty thousand different churches how many can be right. One. Are you sure only one. I'm here because we can read it in the Bible. Let's go read it from a fees in this chapter four verses four and five. If Eason's four four and five says for there is one body the body is the church across in the one eighteen but there is one body and one spirit even as we are called in one hope of your calling one Lord forty thousand faith and one that will assess one baby and one baptism so there is only one true faith out of the forty thousand different churches. The Bible says they're going to only be one true one. Most people today simply inherit their religion and if you ask them why they belong to a particular church as they well I grew up in this church mom and dad belong to this church. Grandpa and Grandma belong to this church. So I guess that's why I belong to this church. Is that a good reason to belong to a church. Because mom and dad belong to that church. Well for example. Well let's just say for example that my relatives were Buddhists. I said well all my relatives are Buddhists my grandparents are Buddhists my parents are Buddhists my friends they're Buddhists they're all Buddhists and so that was good enough for them it's good enough for me. Will I ever learn the truth of God If I have that attitude. I don't think so. We must be willing to examine our faith in the light of Bible truth. And if we discover that our faith is not in harmony with the Bible then we must be willing to make changes. Other people they belong to a church because it's the big church the popular church people like to belong to a big movement a big church a Palapa popular church. But if I belong to the big church the one that everybody else goes to what is Jesus have to say about that. Well Jesus says in Matthew seven verse thirteen interior in at the strait gate for wide is the gate broad is the way that leads to destruction and many there be which go in there at the if I'm going the Broadway the way everybody else is going what road in my on the road to destruction owed to destruction you know. Write the next verse says Because strait is the gate narrow is the way which leads to life and how many Few there be that find it so one thing is obvious the true church is not going to be the world's biggest church because Jesus is the way to life is a narrow way and if you find it and I've often said I'd rather belong to a little tiny church that teaching the truth then be a part of a big churches following tradition. We want to follow the truth. But how. Father can I find the truth for what I suppose what I should do is look for a perfect church. If I could buy the perfect church and I joined it it would no longer be perfect because I would spoil it. I'm not perfect you just ask my wife she'll tell you if you're looking for a perfect church you won't find one because churches are made up of people and people are not perfect but we should be able to find a church that has a perfect doctrine. So how do you find the true church. Here's how you open your Bible and look for the identifying marks for God's truth church and then you look around to see what church meets those marks and that's what we're going to do in our study this evening. Let's start with this question son does Christ have a true church on earth today. Well he does let's go read it from First Timothy three verse fifteen. First Timothy three fifteen. The Bible says. But if I tarry long that down me a snow how about us to be a that I felt in the house of God which is the Church of the living God the pillar and ground of the truth. So God doesn't have a church and it is to be the pillar the foundation the defender of the truth. Fact is the church is to be the defender of the truth. Maybe we should clarify the true church is to be the defender of the truth. There are many churches today that are defending tradition but the true church is going to be defending the truth that's our first identifying feature of the true church. Number one it teaches the truth. It's defending the truth. It's based upon the truth. Well that leads to the question of what is true what is the truth. Well we found three definition the truth truth is Jesus truth is the word truth is the law. The true church will be fine. All owing Jesus cried not Mick not anti-Christ not man. You'll be teaching the Bible not the traditions of man and it will be keeping God's commandments instead of man's commandment because a true church is defending the truth. Libel told us that. So how can I find the true church. I look for the Bible identifying marks for the church urge and then I look to see what church made those remarks. Sunday is where in the Bible do you suppose we could find the best identifying marks for God's in time church. Well of course it would be in the Book of Revelation. Last day book that prophetic book let's go to Revelation and in Revelation we find two women symbolize what does the woman represent in prophecy. Well it represents the church let's go read a text to confirm that this is from Second Corinthians eleven verse two. Second Corinthians eleven two for I am till it's over you with godly jealousy for I have a spouse due to one husband that I me present to you as a chaste virgin to Christ that Jesus is the husband the church is the bride the church is the wife of Jesus. In prophecy when a church is faithful to her husband who is a husband was Jesus when she is obedient to her husband follows the teachings of her husband. That church is pictured in prophecy as a pure virtuous woman. When a church is not faithful to her husband when she adopts a worldly traditions where only practices worldly customs that church is pictured as an unfaithful wife a harlot and prophesy a harlot and Bible prophecy always symbolizes an apostate Christian church talking about pagan religion here or talking about it. Just in religion the woman is supposed to be married to Jesus but she is pictured as a hard it and you can read about this woman a revelation she's called Babylon. And what does God have to say about this. BABYLON Let's go read is the message from Revelation Chapter fourteen verse eight Revelation fourteen birth date says There followed another angel saying Babylon is fallen is fallen that great city because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath report to Cajun. So the Bible says Babylon is fallen fallen provide would first notice it says all nations have drunk of the wine of her the wrath of a four occasion wine makes people drunk and when they're drunk they are confused. BABYLON literally means confusion when you have forty thousand different Christian churches what's S.L.I. like confusion. Sounds confusing right. Reminds me when we were in Eastern Europe right after the fall of communism. We would do these prophecies of hope seminars and we had we call them a different name there because we were in Russian and Russian speaking country and we had primarily two different groups of people attending. We would often have over a thousand people sometimes two thousand people coming and half the audio about half the audience would be the atheists. The former communists and the other part of the audience would be the Christians from all the different churches. It was always interesting to me to hear their reactions as we would present the truth of the Bible. The Communists and the atheists they would greet me at the door and they say all this is so amazing this is so clear. This is so logical and the Christians from all the churches they would come by and I saw this is so confusing. We've never heard it. It's this way you're preaching different than what we've been told and they had been drinking the wine of Babylon all that religious confusion. God has a message about this woman called Babylon. Let's go read his message from Revelation eighteen verses or revelation eighteen verse four God says come out of her my people they be not partakers of earth in the NE you receive not of her play come out of religious confusion God says some of you as you've been coming to the prophecies of hope program you may be thinking. I recognize that the church I've been attending is not teaching really everything in the Bible not keeping all the commandments of God and I've been wondering if maybe I'm in the right church but if I were to leave my church where would I go. Well there's another woman in Revelation and that is the woman of Revelation twelve this is the pure woman the chaste a virgin Let's go read from Revelation twelve we're going to read verses one through five will start in verse one and there appeared a great wonder in heaven a woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet and upon her head a crown of twelve stars. This is the pier woman the symbol symbolic of a peer peer church she has on her head a crown of twelve stars one of the twelve stars represent one no doubt those twelve stars symbolize the twelve tribes of Israel when the Hebrews were God's chosen people. But when the Jews rejected Jesus then eventually God rejected them and he established the Christian church with how many Apostles twelve apostles one thing we know. When Christ established the First Christian Church with those twelve apostles that was the true church. If we want to join the true church. Back then we would have joined that group of man following Jesus around. If we can trace the history of the true church from the days of the Apostles all the way down to our day then we will know which is the church today. Revelation twelve actually does that. It traces the history of the true church from the days of the Apostles all the way down to the end of time. Let's go back to Revelation twelve now. Let's go on with verses two through five where the Bible says in the she being with child cried travailing in birth in pain to be delivered and then verse three says that there appeared another wonder in heaven and behold a great red dragon having seven heads and an orange in the seven crowns upon his head is just a literal dragon as symbolic of something will come back to that in a moment and his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven and did cast them to the earth and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered for to devour her child as soon as it was born. And then verse five and she brought forth a man child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron and her child was caught up in the God into his throne. Let's define some of the symbols here first of all the man child who is that I would be Jesus but we have in the picture this great red dragon who's the great Red Dragon. Well that would be the devil that the Bible tells us in Revelation twelve seventy nine that represents the devil but the devil always works through agencies he works third nations he works through people. What kingdom was ruling this world when Jesus was born. And you may remember that Indian seven the dragon based symbolize what kingdom symbolized. When something else that's interesting. The Romans had a red dragon painted on their shields. So primarily the red dragon represents the devil but secondarily it represents a pagan row because a devil was working through Pagan Rome to kill Jesus and the dragon the Bible says that before the woman for to devour her child Athena's it was born. You remember the story. It was Herod King Herod who was working for the Roman government who heard that a boy king a baby king had been born in Bethlehem and he said I don't want any arrivals. So he sent soldiers to Bethlehem to kill all the babies. God warned Joseph in a dream and so Joseph got up in the middle of the night and he sat over there for like a Toyota and they left Bethlehem for Egypt and they were spared from that slaughter. Later they returned back to Nazareth. Jesus grew up in Nazareth and when he became an adult at the age of thirty he began to preach what did you preach. Well he reads the truth. But the Jewish leaders back then they were preaching tradition and so they didn't like Jesus they didn't like the true that he taught they didn't like the life that he lived and all they could endure was three and one half years of his holy life. Then the devil did put it into the heart of the Romans to put Jesus to death. Christ was condemned by a Roman governor. He was abused by Roman soldiers. He was crucified on a Roman cross Roman soldiers divided his clothes. Roman soldiers guarded his to see it was the devil working through a row to put Jesus to death. But they couldn't keep Jesus in the two at the right he came forth from the grave Sunday morning triumphant and Revelation twelve five that he was. Got up and we got into his throat. He ascended back to heaven just like the Bible said. And when the devil saw that Jesus had gone back to heaven then he turned his anger on the woman who was the woman church the church that's read this Revelation twelve verse thirteen and when the dragon saw that he was cast under the earth he persecuted the woman which brought forth a man child who is a woman. Sure this is the church the church is the bride of us Jesus says in as much as you do it to the least of these my brother and you do it to me. The devil knows that and so the Devils as I can no longer hurt Jesus he went back to heaven so I'm going to attack his wife. The church has been. If somebody attacks your wife is that an attack on you. I would say so and so the devil he could no longer hurt Jesus he turned his rage on the woman of the church and you know perhaps the history back in the early days of Christianity Christianity was not a lawful religion if they found you were a Christian they would drag you before the theaters to be torn to pieces by wild animals or burned alive. They killed the Christians by the thousands by the millions back then but the more the Christians they killed the more Christianity spread. Even Paul went up into Caesar's household and won converts right there in the royal household and so Satan realized he would never be able to conquer Christianity by fighting it though he said if I can't fight them I'll join them. I'll corrupt them and working through Constantine. The devil sought to corrupt Christianity you may remember that Constantine became a Christian sort of Christian half Christian have pagan. There were some church leaders. That we're willing to allow They want to have Constantine. Imagine having the Emperor of the Roman Empire as your church member. Wouldn't that be great. Well they must of thought so. But when Constantine came in the church he brought with him many pagan traditions and the church became corrupted it became compromised. But you know what happened Constantine eventually left Rome he gave Rome to the bishop of Rome and the bishop of Rome anxious to extend his power his influence his control. He continued to compromise with pagan rulers and gradually the Holy Roman Empire was born. The church in Rome became the Church of Rome and those Christians who wanted to follow the Bible. They wanted to follow the teachings of the pure teaching that the Word of God. They found themselves persecuted this time not by pagan Rome but by a holy Roman you could lose your life back then just for having a copy of the Bible in your house you can see why the Bible so clearly exposed all those pagan teachings all those pagan traditions that it come into the church to the woman. Will you do the woman fled into the wilderness. Let's read it from Revelation twelve fourteen to sixteen as into the woman who were given two wings of a great eagle that she might fly into the wilderness into a place where she is nourished through a time and times and half a time from the presence from the face of the serpent. Remember that time times and half a time. Who is the woman or this of the church. Engineering and reason on in the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood. What's water symbolize in prophecy. Or peoples nations languages everywhere those true Christians when they were persecuted almost every country persecuted them and sold the church the woman fled into the wilderness the Bible said it was high up in the mountains of northern Italy southern France where the Christians found refuge there in the Alps and you had a wild and sees if you have got the free book great Conover's of the audio book you will listen to a chapter on the wild and seas high up in the mountains the wild and seas they preserve the truths of God's word. Some of them preserve the Sabbath. They copied the Bible they sent missionaries out of the great cities of Europe the walled in seas and then the Bible says to the woman who were given to ngs of a great eagle that she might fly into the wilderness into her place where she is nourished for a time and times and have a time from the faith of the serpent. How long is that let's read verse six going back to verse six if you're taking notes Revelation twelve six and the woman fled into the wilderness where she has a place prepared of God that they should feed her there how long those than two hundred threescore days so apparently a time times and have a time that would be twelve hundred and sixty days or looking at a prophecy here and we saw that in Bible prophecy one prophetic days symbolizes a year one literal years the twelve hundred sixty Prophetic days would be twelve hundred sixty literal years or twelve hundred sixty years a God Sure church was hidden in the wilderness. Let's review. Verse six says and the woman who is at her church church fled into the world on us why did she flee to the world of this too. Right. To hide from what persecution the flood or persecution. How long would she be hiding where she has a place prepared of God that they should feed her there. How long. Well hundred sixty days. Have we seen that. Twelve hundred and sixty year period anywhere before. Yes we saw this in Daniel when we studied Daniel about the end of Christ. This is the time when the Church of Rome was dominating. Five thirty seven hundred ninety eight. So one thing is clear the woman of Revelation twelve is who not the Church of Rome as that church was not hiding for twelve it is a years that church was controlling the world. Or twelve hundred sixty years. God sure Church was not visible to the world. It was hidden hidden in the wilderness. But when it comes out of hiding what's it going to look like. Well let's mark down some identifying marks of the true church. Five thirty eight to seven hundred ninety eight God's church church would be hidden not apparently visible to the world but the list of those identifying marks. We already got number one. No way ever wanted teaches the truth. Truth is truth is the word and the law. So it's following Jesus Christ like right following the Word of God not the traditions of man even the commandments of God not the commandments of man. Number one it teaches the truth. Number two it could not appear until after seventeen ninety eight. Why. Because the Bible says that this woman the true church would be hidden for twelve hundred sixty years and we know that period begin in five thirty eight and it it in the seven hundred ninety eight. So when it comes out of hiding at the end of the twelve hundred sixty years. I'm after the twelve hundred sixty years. What will it look like a see what the Bible says. Revelation Chapter twelve verse seventeen and the dragon that the devil he was the rock he was angry with the woman at church and he went to make war with the remnant of hers to keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. What's this is a remnant remnant of her seed What's a remnant ladies. What's a remnant to Iran and is that which remains in is like the original. If you make a lady's If you make a dress you have some left over cloth. That's the remnant. Same color same pattern same texture same cloth but it use the smaller the word remnant means that which remains and is like the original. So our third identifying mark of God The Last Day Church would be that it would be like the original. Well that leads us to the question What was the original church like. To understand what God should charge it in time would look like. We need to go back and look at the original church church when Jesus was here on Earth. He said I will come again John fourteen one through three. Paul said in Titus two thirteen that he was looking for the blasted hope and the glorious appearing of Jesus Christ the bride wants her husband to come back right. So the true church is going to be looking for the appearing of Jesus the advent of Jesus the word Advent means the appearing so to be like the original god in time church would have to be looking for the Advent Adventist. There are many churches looking for the advent of the appearing of Jesus. So that might not help us too much. Let's go back again to the original church and ask ourselves the question when Jesus was here on Earth. How was Jesus baptized. Was he baptized by the sprinkling of holy water. No no he was baptized by immersion. And so in order for God Well the disciple they also baptized by immersion they always practice baptism by immersion in the early church. So in order for God's last a remnant church to be like the original They must also baptized by immersion to be like the originals the number two baptism by immersion. Let's go back to the original church and consider this question What day did Jesus keep holy as a holy day a day he kept the Sabbath holy You can read that Luke four verse sixteen. He commanded his followers to keep the Sabbath after the cross. Matthew twenty four verse twenty. What day did the New Testament Church keep holding up the Sabbath holy. All through the book of Acts. Would you like them to X. X. X. one twelve X. thirteen fourteen thirteen twenty seven thirteen forty two to forty four fifteen twenty one sixteen thirteen didn't do anything for us just the Book of Acts. All through the book of Acts you find God's people God's church keeping the Sabbath day holy wine or Sabbath. Why did they keep the Sabbath. Oh well because God said so. Jesus said God said Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God does the bride love her husband enough to keep his commandments. Yes So question what day will Christ your church be keeping holy at in time. At any seventh day of the week to be like the original. It would have to keep the seventh day sabbath. That eliminates almost all of the forty thousand different churches out there today. Get find to many churches that are having services on Saturday not very many. Let's go back to your original church when Jesus was here on Earth. John eleven eleven through fourteen he said Lazarus was sleeping and then he said a little bit later that Lazarus was dead. The Jesus considered death to be like what if he likes sleeping so God last a remnant church to be like the original must also teach that death is like sleeping and that what that is our next point. Number four teaches that death is like sleep and we could probably add what have you been coming to our seminar you see in the Bible choose these are what the the true is that God's original church believed and taught. Looking for Christ's return or baptizing by immersion keeping the Sabbath taught that death was asleep at into God's church would be like the original. Now I can answer this question son how can I find a true church today. I take the Bible identifying marks and then I look around to see what church meets those marks. Notice the true church today would have to be the church that teaches them practices the same doctrines that Jesus taught when he was here on Earth. How many of you agree with that me I see your hands. All right we're all together so far let's go on to get another clue. Revelation twelve seventeen The dragon was angry with the woman and went to make war with the remnant of her seed which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ the Evidently God. Two church gods remanent will keep is a commandment. How many other mammals are there in the tank of Mammon. Can every church virtually every church of Mandela I think you ought to keep an eye. But how many are there and there are two in the Bible says who so ever shall keep the whole law and yet offend in one point he is guilty of all. So God's future Church keeps his commandments on all ten of them now based on number four. We're going to make a very bold statement tonight. No Sunday keeping church can be God's truth church. God Himself says that my church God says is going to be keeping my commandments and we all know there are ten commandments in the Ten Commandments. Jesus said If you love me eat my commandment does the bride the true bride the church true church love her husband and to keep his commandments. Oh yes not earn salvation but because she loves the true bride loves her husband. That's why she keeps them. Let's get another clue from Revelation twelve the dragon was angry with the woman and went to make war with the remnant of her see which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus what is the testimony of Jesus. Let's read the answer. This is from Revelation nineteen can put it in your notes. Revelation one nine hundred ten John says I and I fell at his feet to worship Him This is an angel and he said unto me see that I would do it not. You can see the Bible tells us it's wrong to worship angels see them do it not by fellow servant of my brother and then have the testimony of Jesus there it is worship God for the testimony of Jesus is what the Spirit of. Spirit of Prophecy. So now we know what the testimony of Jesus is that the Spirit of Prophecy was that. Well we'll find out tomorrow night. We'll look at that more in detail tomorrow night but one thing we can make clear on God Sure church is going to teach and preach prophecy. I've had people tell me you know the reason why we came to your seminars we want to learn prophecy our church won't study prophecy. You can see why it's hard to study prophecy without seeing all these false doctrines and traditions that so many churches have but God Your church is going to understand teach and preach prophecy. Now let's get another clue from Jesus' Great Commission. Matthew twenty eight verses nineteen and twenty. Jesus commanded his followers no you therefore and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you. There are six. Identify Mark. God Q church would have to be a worldwide church because they're obeying the commandment of Jesus to carry the gospel into all the world. What gospel message will Christ's Church carried to all the world. Will it be the dreams of the messages of Revelation fourteen six to twelve. So we know that God Sure church is going to be carrying those three Angels' messages what was number one where living in the judgement hour number two I want to follow will study that Sunday night and then the third one is marked with a warning about the beast on the mark of the race we study that. So number seven God's church church would be carrying the three Angels' messages because that's called the everlasting Gospel carrying that to all the world one more point. This one comes from regular. Fourteen seven that's the first angel message. Fear God and give glory by the hour of his judgment is come. How do you give glory to God. Well one way that we do that is found in First Corinthians ten thirty one where it says Whether therefore you eat or drink or whatsoever you to do all to the glory of God. So we're supposed to eat and drink to God's glory. Apparently then one of the ways we glorify God is taking care of our health. Number eight God last a church would be teaching people to live a healthy lifestyle carrying a health message. Now question did we make up those eight points or did they all come out of the Bible. I'm going to agree they came from the Bible vs your hands. All right let's go to number six a worldwide church. We do know of one worldwide church that's the Church of Rome you can find the Church of Rome and all most every country of the globe. But there is another church that's working at all most every country of the Golden Globe it's not a big church but it is working worldwide and this is from the Catholic Church St Catherine Catholic Church Sentinel May twenty one thousand nine hundred ninety five. People who think that the scriptures should be the sole authority should logically become the seventh day adventists and keep that are they holy. There is the other church you can find an almost every country of the globe working. Not a big church but a working church carrying the Gospel to the whole world is there is a picture of a little church in India when I was in India back in one nine hundred ninety nine travelling around I saw primarily two churches I saw the large Catholic girls and I saw all these little Adventists chapels. You might be wondering what a Seventh Day Adventist. Me seventh day means we believe in keeping the seventh day holy because that's God's holy day the sabbath Adventist means looking for longing for hastening the appearing of Christ wanting Jesus to come back. That's what the name Seventh Day Adventist means and if you look carefully there one of your speakers is in the picture. When I was in India I Could they don't have a barometer in India. You wear a suit but it's hot. So I didn't have my suit on there. India has three seasons hot hotter and hotter. And I was there not seasons. So they don't have barong So you had to try to stay cool. Here's an amazing statement from a Catholic website says the challenge issued by Rome over a one hundred years ago remains either the Catholic Church is right or the Seventh-Day Adventists are right. There can be no other choice. I thought that was a pretty amazing statement coming from the world's largest church. They say look you don't have forty thousand options either the Catholic Church is right or the Seventh Day Adventists are right and they issued that challenge a hundred years ago and it still stands. They said this was a more this was I think back in the late ninety's they said this on their Web site you have two choices. Either the seven day evidence or right or the Catholic Church is right you don't have to choose between forty thousand to churches Seventh Day Adventist and church a role of one church teaching people to keep the Sabbath not to earn salvation but because we love Jesus. The other church has changed the Sabbath and commands the world to keep Sunday holy and Jesus says that if you love me keep my commandments. There is only one church today that me. It's all eight of these are bible points and that is the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Well Father you telling us that only seven evidence will be saved in everyone else's law. No I believe they'll be people in heaven from almost every church and I also believe that many Seventh Day Adventists will be lost. There's a lot more to being saved than just belonging to the church church. You have to have a personal experience with Jesus Christ and if you don't have that you can go to church every week and still be lost. You may remember it with Sabbath keepers that crucified Jesus the Jews. So it's not enough just to belong to the right church. We have to have a personal experience with Jesus. But having said that let me hasten to add. God does have a true church that meets all eight of the Bible identifying marks. And we your speakers are Seventh Day Adventists. I am a Seventh Day Adventists. So is my son. This is a picture of my ordination service there in California at Doug bashers church he'll be here next Friday. This year in Manila and we believe that this is the church that lines up with the Bible I've always felt there had to be some church that lines up with God's Word. Now somebody might be saying well isn't the Seventh Day Adventist Church a sect. Probably the reason why people say that is because the seventh Avenue is church is different. All other churches are keeping Sunday holy but here you have one church that is keeping Sabbath holy. And because it's different it was a oh that's a sect that's a cult. That's a strange group. Well you can know that following God is not strange. And what's interesting. A Seventh Day Adventist Church is one of the fastest growing churches in the world. This is from USA Today about religion Adventists back to basics faith is the fastest growing US church. And what's amazing the Seventh Day Adventist Church is growing twice as fast. Outside of the U.S. as it is in the U.S. It's the fastest growing church in America. But a growing faster outside of America. The Bible told us the dragon was the romp with a woman and went to make war with the remnant of her speech which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. We could expect that any church that seeking to obey God and obey God's Word. The devil's got to be mad at you had to find a church that the devil is fighting. And the Bible tells us that this dragon is fighting the true woman. We could expect that God calls us people to come out of Babylon come out of religious confusion. And when you come out of Babylon God points you to a place a church is church. His bride on earth the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Not a perfect church but a church with the perfect doctrine that lines up with the Bible. We thought our eight identifying marks number one teaches the truth and we believe that every evening. Number two after seven hundred ninety eight it was the year eight hundred sixty three when the Seventh Avenues church was officially organized and then number three like the original Adventist baptizes by immersion keeps the seventh day sabbath and teaches that death is like a sleep that is what we do like the original for keeps the commandment not earned salvation but because we love Jesus Jesus says if you love me keep my commandments. And then number five. As the Spirit of Prophecy will be looking at that tomorrow night teaches preaches prophecy. Number six a worldwide church you can find some of the evidence on almost every country here in Metro Manila. I understand there's about a hundred and forty seventh Day Adventist Church here in the greater metropolitan area of Metro Manila. We're going to be going to a church called Manila center over the evidence church tomorrow and then they would teach the three main goals messages a Revelation fourteen six to twelve and carry a health message teaching people to take care of their health. There's only one church that meets all eight of those points. And Jesus invites us to be part of his church. This is from Revelation twenty two verse seventeen the final appeal in the Bible and the spirit and the bride say Come. Who's the spirit that's the Holy Spirit the bride is the church. They come and let him that here is they come and let Him That is the thirst to come in who thought her will let him take the water of life really and we're going to invite you to be a part of God's family God's a bride on earth as God has been guiding you step by step in your life teaching you these pictures. He wants you to belong to his body his bride. And tonight we're going to put a card in your hands and invite you to join in God's truth Church on earth. This card is called Revelations woman on the moon like you have our helpers pass the card please. And there's something on the card for everybody. You're a servant they haven't a stake a card you can check something. If you're sitting at the edge of an aisle they may pass a stack of cards to you you can just take one and pass the rest on. And we invite you to put your name on your card. If you're waiting for the others to get theirs if you need a pin just ask one of our helpers or a pin line number one is ox one I choose to take the Bible ONLY as my guide to truth. That's your commitment your decision put a check in that first box. Whatever your faith is I hope that your commitment and then Box number two thing I choose to come out of Babylon and all fall through worship and into the one faith of Jesus found out the Bible says there is one true faith and there's a lot of confusion out there. It's your decision to come out of all that confusion and be a part of that one faith of Jesus put a check in that second box and then Box Number three says I would like to become part of Gods remnant church. You're not a Seventh Day Adventist but you know God has been leading you to that step. That decision and put a check in that third box you'd like to be a part belong to God is a remnant church and then the last box I would like to follow Jesus in baptism or baptism. We are planning a baptism. Actually we have a baptism on March seventh and March fourteen you're thinking about baptism or a baptism you can check that box and then off to the side you notice there's an extra. I have some questions if you have questions that you feel are hindering you from making the decision and check that box and be sure and put your phone number there so that we can contact you and clarify any questions that you may have that you may need answer. Good but your name on your card if you haven't done so yet and your address if you're a church member you can mark yes. If not you can mark know if you belong to a church that lists the church you currently attend. And you'll notice there's one other thing on the card the baptism all day. If you're thinking about baptism then we're going to invite you to consider either March seventh or March fourteenth you can mark down whichever date is most convenient for you. You don't think you're ready for either the seventh or the fourteenth and you could just put their future. God will guide you where to take that step. We want to give you enough time to finish your cards so we will sing one stanza of this him. I will follow the my savior. You need some more time to finish your card. Take the time while we sing the first stanza. If you have finished then the sing along with us tonight tonight tonight. Oh. Mastercard to one of our helpers. We want to pray for your decisions. We have plenty of helpers here so just bash Ricard out to one of them. As we continue saying Bush has a mind and for the rest of this that I want to mention for those of you who checked on your car you'd like to be a part of Gods remnant sure or you'd like to be baptized are rebaptized that as we continue saying I'm going to invite you to come down here to the front as our helpers bring those cards you can join them I want to break for you. Those of you Jack you'd like to be a part of God's rep or you'd like to be baptized rebaptized you just come down and join us here in the front as we continue singing. What he can get my debt ceiling jobs for concerts my lady. Linus as well and they will. There is hope for you. God has a church on earth today. There is hope for you. His church will keep the seventh day. There is hope for you. A remnant will his word obey and there is hope in Christ for you. There is hope for you who to Christ's church belong. There is hope for you that the bride for the Advent long there is hope for you. We then will sing a victory song. So there is hope in Christ for you. After our prayer this evening those of you came forward. We like to just speak of a few words to you after the prayer. So if you came for it if you can just find a seat here on the side near the front just for a couple minutes we'll share a couple things with you. If you didn't come forward but you feel like God a scholar you know that you're welcome to come down and join us after prayer. If are a little short after meeting let's pray Our Dear Heavenly Father we are thankful to know that you do have a bride on earth. A church today that lines up with the teachings of your word. We have sense your Spirit is guiding us to be a part of that movement that church it in time. We pray your blessing on these who have responded to your call of come forward to be a part of your remnant church or to take the step of baptism a real baptism. Bless them in that commitment into you to guide their lives keep us faithful until that Advent day when Jesus comes back. We pray in Jesus' name amen.


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