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22. Modern Prophets Visions and Dreams

Lowell Hargreaves Michael Hargreaves


Did the gift of prophecy go extinct with the death of the last apostles or is God's last day church to have a modern prophet in its midst? Listen to this lecture to find out more!



  • February 28, 2015
    7:00 PM
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Our topic for tonight is modern profit divisions and there are an estimated eight thousand people in America alone who claim to be a prophet but are all prophets genuine are their counterfeit visions injury the Bible. Matthew seven verse fifteen Be ware of false prophet which comes to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly they are ravening Have you ever seen a sign that said Be ware of dog has now been to watch out to be careful that the you don't get injured. The Bible says Be where a false prophet. Since we are to be aware of Balts prophets might there be any genuine Prophets I have here in my Bible a hundred dollar bill. Is that a genuine hundred dollar bill. No what's wrong. It's you know blown up photocopy. But they are counterfeit hundred dollar bill. Why they're genuine on. That's right have you ever heard of a counterfeit thirteen peso bill. The reason why there's no counterfeit is because there is no there's no genuine since there are false prophets. That means there has to be what has to be some true and because if there were no true prophet there could be no false prophet since Jesus warns us to be aware of false prophets should we reject all prophets and all prophesies. Notice what Paul says here in verse. That's a love used by sixteen and seventeen or one nine hundred twenty one rather. First US alone Ingham's five nineteen through twenty one quench not the spirit despised not profit. So I prove all things hold fast that which is good. So Paul says to test everything and then hold on to what is good. Here's another text verse John for one. Beloved believe not every theory is but try the spirits whether they are of God because many false prophets are gone out into the world that we're not to believe every prophet we are to test every prophet and if the prophet matches the test of the Bible and we are to believe them in Unfortunately most prophets don't match the test of the Bible of Bible gives us the tests of a true prophet. We were studying the other day the identifying marks of God in time for church and one of those number five was that it would have the Spirit of Prophecy. Where do we get that from that we got that from Revelation twelve or seven. He let's read it again Revelation two of seventeen The Bible says and the dragon was wroth are angry with a woman who is the woman through church. When to make war with the remnant of her seed which keep the commandments of God and have the what. Testimony of Jesus Christ what is the testimony of Jesus Christ. Well the Bible tells us very clearly what it is in Revelation nineteen I fell it is to be to worship him and he said and to me see that I do it not by fellow servant and of thy brother and that have the testimony of Caesar worship God for the testimony of Jesus is The Spirit of Prophecy. The testimony of the the Spirit of Prophecy. God's church has the testimony of Jesus so it has a lot of props. It has the Spirit of Prophecy the Spirit of Prophecy is also referred to in the Bible as the gift of prophecy. You may have heard of the gifts of the Spirit given to the church. Probably the most well known gift. As the gift of tongues. But there were other gifts given and one of them was the gift of prophecy and this gift the gift of prophecy was to remain in the church and Kayleigh Jesus returns if you like a text or that you can put down first Corinthians one five three seven in the New Testament you find several places where the gifts of the Spirit are lifted and here's one from appeases chapter four we have a partial list of the gifts of the Spirit. We're going to begin reading in verse eight or verse where Paul needs that when He ascended up on high. He led captivity captive and gave IF and demand what did he give the people. Let's read on now verse eleven. And he gave some apostle and some prophets and some evangelists and some pastors and teachers. Why were these gifts given. Well at three the next birth or the perfecting of the thing or the work of the ministry for the edifying of the Body of Christ that these were given for the edifying building up of the Body of Christ and perfecting the character of the thing. How long were these gifts to remain in the church that's written X. verse two. We all come in the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God until a perfect man. On to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. So these gifts were to day in the church and Jesus comes back. Well let's consider do most churches have these gifts listed here. We'll go back to the list. First of all teachers at the last one listed there to do most churches that teachers are happy here. How about pastors to most churches have that give in. What about. Evangelise or least this church has them. What about Apostle. What's apostle. Well a possible that the Greek word which means to send out the band on a Mason then the way and for we would call that person today a lot of missionary most churches have missionaries. Yes Miss Mary there's one more gift listed there what is it off. Do most churches have prophets and there is a few churches that claim to have profits. But why why why do most great churches not even claim to have the gift of prophecy. The early church had had prophets had the gift of prophecy. So God the last A church to be like the original church would also have to have the gift of prophecy. Let's go back and notice that the early church had this gift. Acts thirteen one market in your notes. The Bible says now there were in the church that was it. Antioch certain what drop in profits then teachers are to the gifts of the Spirit given they had it there at the church and the Bible tells of the next twenty one nine and him and the same man that supreme to Philip he had four daughters Virgin which it prophesied and as we carried there many days there came down from a third and prophet name that I don't know if you've ever heard of a prophet a give us but keep him in mind that will come back to him later but noted that there were four birds into its proper time. God gave the prophecy people men and women in the Bible. Yes you could probably think of a fair roll ladies in the Bible that had the gift of prophecy in the New Testament when Jesus was brought as a baby to the temple there was an elderly woman there that was a prophetess. What was it. Or name and there are at least nine women in the Bible that had the gift of prophecy. You probably realize that in the church as in the whole God is given certain roles to ban certain roles to women. The husband is supposed to be the head of the whole That doesn't mean that women are inferior supposed to be a man as the leader of the church but prophets they speak for God and God is use both man and women to speak for here and you can see that in the Bible. Now the chance of prophecy is actually manifested in the way Earth of all is what it's called the written revelation. These would be men like tyramine I say heals all and many other prophets who though they died a long time ago we can still read their writing today in our Bible and then the other manifestation of the gift of prophecy is what we call oral revelation. Men like Elijah John the Baptist and Agabus. If I told you to turn in your Bible to the book of Agabus could you find that book. No I didn't write any part of the Bible he had the oral manifestation of the gift of prophecy written revelations oral revelations but let's get back to our question why is it that most churches do not have the gift of prophecy today. Here's the answer the reason why most churches today do not have the gift of prophecy is because they are not keeping God's law or at least they're not keeping the whole law. Did you know that God has two requirements for his people his church. They had to obey the law and they had to obey the prophet and whenever God's people turned away from one they always lost the other if you like attacks to show the. You can put in your notes Jeremiah twenty six versus four through six. When God's people turned away from the law they were really turning away from God then the prophets received no vision from God and when God's people wouldn't listen or obey the prophets It wasn't long before they were also breaking the law and we see this even today when people turn away from the gift of prophecy. It's not long until they also turn away from God's Law Can you guess which commandment they used to give up first or the fourth commandment. Me back up here for a moment. The fourth commandment or the seventh commandment. The law and the prophets always go together. Let's look at a Texas show there. Here's a pic that shows that lemon petion to nine gates are sunk into the ground it is destroyed and broken her bars her King and her princes are among the Gentiles the lot is no more their proper time no vision from the Lord for the law and the prophets go together whenever God's people turn away from one always lose the other. So the reason why most churches today do not have the gift of prophecy is because they are not keeping God's law but is there a reason for us to Ken who's been dead when God Church begins to keep all ten commandments because of their love for Jesus. Restore the law to its rightful place that God would restore to his church the guiding gift of prophecy. Might we come to that conclusion. Well let's see what the Bible says. What this Revelation twelve seventeen again was wroth with the woman who was the woman. True Church went to make war with the remnant of her seed which do what. Keep the commandments of God as a result they have what the testimony of Jesus which is which is the Spirit of Prophecy the law and the prophets get back together again in God and time stricture. That's why on our list of identifying marks of God who charts number or it would be the commandment and as a result number five it has the spirit of prophecy before we look at this gift manifested God's in time church. We want to be identifying marks of a true prophet we're going to give you or if you're taking notes there are probably more but these are poor of the most important markers of a true prophet if you have the war in your mind you will not be to be by a false prophet. Yes Number one a true prophet of God always speaks to a true prophet through visions and dreams. Number one through visions in dreams our text is from numbers twelve verse six put it in your notes. Numbers twelve verse six says he said and and he said God speaking here now my words if there be a prophet among you I the Lord will make myself known to him how in a vision it will speak and then how in a dream. Well I should clarify that does not mean that if you have a lots of dreams that you're a prophet of God is speaking to you. If you have a lot of dreams at night it might be because you're eating too much too much what too much sticky rice or whatever you eat before you go to bed. The doctor would tell you if you eat a big supper you go to bed your digestion interferes with your sleep patterns and so you have these vivid dreams if you want to avoid those dreams then. It avoids temper or lighten up on the supper but God says if if there be a prophet of you I will reveal myself to them in a vision or in a dream. Don't forget that God does not speak out of the crystal ball. God does not speak out of the horoscope or the astrology chart or those that would react or I read Alma G.R. reflexology or bio energy fields or any all that stuff in fact did you know the Bible says astrologers will burn in hell. You probably want the text to prove that market in your note Isaiah forty seven twelve to fourteen. The Bible makes it clear astrologer will burn in hell. You know the difference between astrology and astronomy right. Straw to me that's a true science. Astrology is predicting the future based on the movements of the stars. That's an occult science. God says a true prophet I speak through visions and dreams that was number one. Let's go on now to number two number two a true prophet would have to be one hundred percent accurate. Let's get a check for that from Jeremiah twenty nine where the Bible said the Prophet which prophesied of P.V. when the word of the prophets will come to pass then still the prophet be known that the Lord had truly sent him those tests numbered to a true prophet must be one hundred percent accurate why. Well how accurate is God not a one hundred percent. If the two properties. Speaking for God A true prophet would have to be one hundred percent accurate and that's of course where most modern product utterly fail for example not Saddam. Not really that modern but he was quite famous. His average accuracy rating was less than eleven per cent. Now I think we could come close to guessing the future that was God wrong eighty nine percent of the time. No no not Saddam and did not speak for God He was a very great a thrall it's or by the way and we thought what the Bible said would happen to Miss Prall it or the test number two. A true prophet would have to be one hundred percent accurate. However there is one exception and that is conditional prophecy and a good example is the prophet Jonah God sent Jonah to none of them with a message in forty days I'll overthrow the city and you remember that Jonah went to none of us he began to preach and then then the vice repented and so God turned aside his judgment. That means Jonah was a false prophet writes No it was a conditional proposition. In fact if you study the Bible you discover that the promises and the punishments of God are alike conditional if you like at facts to show that putting your notes Jeremiah eighty seven for Tim God's promises God's punishments are alike conditional but I will test them or to one hundred percent accurate besides those conditional prophecy. Let's go now to test number three a true prophet must agree one hundred percent with the Bible. When you agree to that. Let me show you a text to prove that you can market your notes. Isaiah eight verse twenty which says to the law and to the testimony of two witnesses. If they speak not according to this word the word of God It is because. As there is there is no light in them so a true prophet would have to agree with the Bible or with all passion through prophets. That brings us to the question will there be prophets through prophets that come out in time that will be the Bible indicates that if you like some tax you can put in your notes Joel tubers twenty eight X. two seventy. But any in time through prophet would have to agree one hundred percent with a viable. That's why we read to the law Ten Commandments and the testimony as a rest of the Bible. If they speak not according to this word it is because there is no lie in them. We test them by the Bible. The true prophet number three must be one hundred percent in agreement with the Bible. Let's go on now to test number or this number for a true prophet what can best in the divinity and humanity see that right. That simply means that it's true prophet will be pointing people by his life in ministry. It's either there are a lot of profits these days that are in it for money or the of the story I heard about a man who called up a psychic. First question the psychic asked what your credit card number and then said Well you're the psychic you tell me what my credit card number is like it come up on him a lot of people are in it for the money. A lot of profit. But through profits are not going to be in the work or the money but point people to Jesus and for those of you taking notes our text for that is first or verses one through three and review. Just Number one a true prophet receives visions and dreams. That's number two. They would be a hundred percent accurate number three one hundred percent. What the Bible and number of poor they would confess right. Let's review what we've learned tonight. First of all the gift of prophecy who was one of the gifts given to the church. And number two God has two requirements for two people they must obey the law and obey the prophet. Number three we also saw God's Church keep the commandments and as a result God restores to his church the guiding you have to property and then number four God who carried the day to be like the original must have the property and number five we must beware of false prophets and test all prophets by the Bible. With that background let's go back and review the identifying marks of God shirts restudy that last night over at the cinema for let's review. Number one God Church teaches through. We thought it through Jesus the word in the Law God who cured speeches that Secondly God's truth church could not appear until after seven hundred ninety eight we got that from Revelation twelve. And then number three it would be like the original would be had been baptized by immersion it would eat the seventy seven and it would be to death is like a leap because it is the remnant and the remnant is like the original number for it would keep the commandments. How many commandments. How many are there. Every church to Manila think you ought to keep nine but how many are there. God's True Church keeps all tend not to earn salvation but because they love Jesus the law giver Jesus says if you love me keep my commandments. And then number five it has the spirit of prophecy will come back to that a little bit. It would be a worldwide church because Christ commissioned his church to take the Gospel to the world. Seven it would carry the screens of messages to the world. Revelation fourteen six through twelve and then it would be caring i health message to the world number eight and we saw there's only one church on earth today that meets all eight of these points these bible identifying mark and that is the Seventh Day Adventists shirts. You might like to know some of the history of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. We're going to go back to seven hundred ninety eight shortly after that date the Bible Societies were established eighteen old for the British Bible Society eight hundred sixteen The American Bible Society and as a result of the Bible Society's Bibles became available to the common people around the world. And as they read the Bible what did they come to the conclusion of. Well they decided they concluded that Jesus was about the year largely because of Daniel birth or teen where the Bible said under two thousand three hundred days then still to think you are a B. clam and they thought that the saints who really represented the earth and that Christ would come to cleanse the earth by fire when he came the second time. At that they originally believed they thought Christ would come back in eight hundred forty four based on Daniel. In America there was a man by the name of William Miller that went all over America preaching that Jesus would come back in eight hundred forty four and I should tell you that these were not Seventh Day Adventists. There were no sevens they had been as an eight hundred forty four. These were Baptist Lutherans these were Methodists these were Catholic people from all different churches. When they studied the Bible they believed that. Pryce coming was a mere William Miller by the way was a Baptist a Baptist preacher and at first as they presented this message to the churches of the world they accepted the message Christ coming was near but then gradually the churches began to resist the message and finally they rejected it all together and those people that want to follow what they believe they were forced to leave their church is still happens today many times to follow truth you end up having to leave your church and that's what happened back in the eight hundred eight hundred forty people left their churches because they were being forced out. These were not Seventh Day Adventists. Sometimes people say oh well we know the Seventh Day Adventist Church cannot be the true church because your church set the date for Christ to come back eight hundred forty four and it didn't happen as they no wait a minute there were no seven. They haven't as an eight hundred forty four the day eight hundred forty four was sent by a Baptist preacher William Miller was a Baptist so if you want to blame some church for eight hundred forty four go blame the Baptists. There were no seven there had been as an eight hundred forty four These were people from all different churches that believe Christ coming was near where did Jesus come any to forty four as they thought he didn't come in eight hundred forty four. And so what those early Advent believers did is they went back to the property they couldn't see anything wrong with the date under two thousand three hundred days or years and so the thing to a be cleansed they could find nothing wrong with their prophetic calculation. So then they began to examine the subject at the same too wary. What is the thing tour is the thing to raise the earth and they discover that the saints who are is not the earth there is a thing to worry in heaven. In fact as they looked up into heaven they saw there the temple and. At the temple they saw the art you can read in Revelation eleven verse nineteen the temple of God in the temple is the art and what is inside the ark and man the ten commandments and so as these believers from all different churches as they study God's Word they saw the sanctuary in the heaven they saw the ark they saw the Ten Commandments they began studying for the ten commandments and they said we're not keeping all the Ten Commandments. There's that commandment we forgot the fourth commandment. That's the one where God says Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God And so this group of people that come out from all the different churches they began observing the seventh day the Sabbath because it's one of the Ten Commandments and as this group of people that had come out from all the different churches as they began to obey God's word God's Law God restored to that group of people the guiding gift of prophecy and we believe that was manifest in the life in ministry of L. and see why. Let me ask how many of you have heard of L N Y. Oh look like most of you. If they were how do you know that this is the given. Well never we had some TS and I might mention Ellen White was a Seventh Day Adventists. First it was a Methodist but then she joined this movement looking for Christ to come and when the church was organized in eight hundred sixty three she was a part of it. Let's go through those four tests. First of all number one visions in dreams did Ellen White fits that test meet that test. During her life she received over two thousand visions and dreams. Some of them just a few moments long some of them were several hours in length show seamy test number one. How about them. Two one hundred percent accurate or conditional probably never been shown to be inaccurate. He predicted the great San Francisco earthquake of the one nine hundred sixty a number of years before it happened. And she also predicted about spiritual ism spiritualism would make inroads and would creep into the church back in her days. Kristen wanted nothing to do with beards or them but today we will see on Wednesday how that her prophecy was literally fulfilled. She also had a lot to say about health and nutrition proper diet and her statements have been verified by some of the world's leading doctors a nutritionist so she meets test number two. Let's go to number three hundred percent in agreement with the Bible and what I like about her writings is they continually point people back to the Bible. I have never found anything that Ellen White wrote to be out of harmony with the Bible you have a question about that I'd be happy to discuss it with you but I've never found anything that she wrote to be disagreeing with the Bible she is one hundred percent in agreement with God's Word and number four she would confess in the divinity and humanity of right. In other words you would point people to Jesus and she did that in a wonderful way. In numerous books about Jesus Christ object lessons the parables of Jesus thoughts in the mount of molesting Jesus Thurman on the mouth steps to cry at the wonderful book about how to know Jesus better. Fact is that one book Christ object lessons if you like to buy one of them you look for one of these blue shirt people and ask them because they're selling those books that book Christ object lesson and then. Book desire of ages which is a wonderful book if you haven't read that book I would encourage you to read it. This is a book about the life of Jesus considered the best treatment of the life of Christ in the Library of Congress. Today there are more than ten thousand books on the life of Christ in the Library of Congress and for a while part of this book was put into a small book called The Passion and was told in one of the largest retail stores in America. Paterson alone or some months it was the fifth best selling book in the world's largest retail store. The passion of love Ellen White only received a third grade education that she didn't even complete third grade. And yet during her lifetime she wrote over fifty books she is the most published woman author in human history. Elegy white he wrote over one hundred thousand pages when he died the New York Independent newspaper said this about her. She should know spiritual pride and she thought no filthy lucre or money. She lived a life and did the work of a worthy prophet is the most admirable of the American person who even the news called her a proposition as you might expect. Ellen White House or critic profits have never been popular. Go look at the Bible prophets many of them they were martyred they were they were scandalized people hated them and now you can find today all sorts of books against Delano like you can find Internet sites attacking Ellen White but I tell people before reading what her critics say against her read her work yourself and see for yourself. The Bible says in Second Chronicles twenty twenty believe in the Lord. Our God though so you'd be established believe his prophet. Those tell you prosper was adding to the Bible tonight. We're not adding to the Bible the Bible is our canon of scripture and we want to clarify there are no doctrines of the Seventh Day Adventist Church called Third teaches that are based only on and on like all of our doctrines are based on the Bible. However the Bible itself failed and the dragon was wrought with the woman and went to make war with the remnant of her feet which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. What's the testimony of Jesus' spirit of property. So God's the word predicts that his church would have just skipped if the testimony of Jesus. Shall we accept his testimony. Let me share with you what the testimony of Jesus has done in my life. You've been waiting for this. I grew up in a very strict Christian world but I did not see religion in the lives of my parents specially my father he had a hard time controlling his anger. It seems that quite often he would get angry with me or with my sister or with my mother and he would yell and when I became a teenager I finally concluded if this is a religion I don't need it I hate it. And I became a rebel. In fact I got so rebellious. My parents called the police to come Council their teenage son. And I remember sitting at the table across from the policeman and he asked me Son don't you love your parents. I said no. My mother cried but I didn't care I was a rebel. It finally got so bad my parents gave me two choices I could either go to a home. All rebellious teenagers are like a prison for teenagers. Or I could go away to a boarding school where my uncle was one of the staff and so I ended up at the boarding school and I I was a rebel so I did everything I'd been taught was wrong if I've been taught it was wrong to eat it I ate it. If I'd been told it was wrong to drink I drank it. And I'm not going to tell you all the evil I got into but I was a kid. I became a rebel I grew my hair a lot of this show my rebellious added to. I got through high school might like to see a picture of me back when I was in high school. Let me show you a picture. This was our this is a small private high school. My uncle was working at this particular high school cademy. So that's why I went to the school. Do you see your preacher there in the picture. He is right there. And that's not the longest my hair was either a little bit of the short version there you can see he doesn't look too happy does eighth. I was I was so unhappy and I was doing everything that you young people do for fun but I was not in my heart I knew I was not happy. I looked so mean I actually had people would ask me if I was a boxer and I'd never get taken boxing and ever did any boxing but I would I look so mean people thought I was a boxer. When we finished when I finished high school my cousin there is my cousin right there that's a guy actually. He had longer hair than I did. My cousin went down to Texas and he got involved in the construction business which was very successful in one nine hundred. We graduated in one nine hundred eighty. And right after that construction was booming in Texas and he went down he got a good job he was making a lot of money that big low come down here you can work with me will make a lot of money when I have a lot of fun. My parents were urging me to go to a Christian college that was closer to where they were living. They offered to help pay part of my tuition and then someone told me that at this particular college there's a picture of the college. There were three women for every man. I thought that's where I want to go to college. I was not of course understand I was a rebel. So I went to this particular It was a Christian college I had some friends that have gone there and I arrived a month before classes were to begin. I got a good job in fact I had two jobs I worked all day and partied half the night found bad company I think at this Christian college you know bad people bad company they can't congregate together so we would go out. We would sneak out and go partying every evening. Well after a month of this wild living it came time for classes to start. And I wasn't yet sure what I wanted to be. I wanted to be either a doctor or lawyer or a businessman as I wanted to make a lot of money I thought money was the the key to happiness. And I grew up in a poor home. So I thought I want to be rich but I wasn't sure whether I was going to be a doctor lawyer or a businessman so I thought first year I want to get all my required classes out of the way. And then second year all specialized. So as I was going through the registration process they are registering for the required classes. One of the counselors looked over my list of classes these are low you haven't yet signed up for a Bible class. I said No I don't plan to. Study Bible they said this is a Christian college you're required to take at least one Bible class. First of master I said not me. I've had enough religion to last me the rest of my life I wanted nothing more to do with a religion I said but it's required. I said You mean to tell me I have to take a Bible class. I said well you don't have to go to school here and I was really in a dilemma. I had a good job. I had my friends bad company but they were my friends and I had to sign up for a Bible class no choice if I'm going to go to college there. So very reluctantly I signed up for a Bible class. There were fifty students in that class there were a thousand over a thousand students in this particular private college but there were fifty in the class that I signed up when I was the only student that got in trouble the first day of class the teacher and I didn't get along. We hear we had an offer on the first day of class so I hated the teacher I hated the class but the teacher said that the textbook for this particular class was this book called The desire of ages written by Ellen White and he told the class if you will read this book and mark it up to show you read the book. He said I'll pass you through the class while I can do that anybody I can anybody can read a book. Well I want to get my so you can't get into medical school unless you get good grades. So I'm reading this I read just so I can get my grade get my score. The book was boring because it's spiritual and I'm I was not spiritual but I was reading and marking up what I thought was him. Portland and as I continue reading the book desire of ages I became more fascinated with the story it's the story of Jesus. I knew all about religion but I did not know Jesus Christ and so as I'm reading this book of how he went around healing people changing the lives I was getting interested in long haired rebel reading about Jesus. I remember when I read the chapter about this woman that had been caught in the act of adultery and how they brought her to Jesus and Jesus forgave her and I thought well if he would forgive her maybe he would forgive me and I was living a rotten life. I knew if I died I was lost. I knew that much and sometimes I would lay awake at night thinking of my future. I was not happy. I mean I was doing what young men do for fun but I was not happy and my life was empty. So I kept reading I remember I got down to the chapter on guests have many the most part during chapter in the book desire of ages. And as I'm reading the chapter get seventy I started to cry about what's happening to me I hadn't cried since I was a boy. The Holy Spirit was convicting my heart and I have a hard heart and then I read the chapter of Christ's sacrifice on the cross and I began to realize he died for me my sin. And so one morning I mean it was the Holy Spirit had to work up my heart for quite a long time I had a hard heart and I was resisting. I knew that if I said yes to Jesus I knew what would have to change in my life. My party habits would have to chase my muse. Would have to change. My friends would have to change and I wasn't sure I wanted that change. Somewhere you you're thinking yeah I've learned all these truths in the sum of our But if I do if I do it my life is going to be changing. It's worth it. Make the change make this surrender. I knelt down at my college bedroom one morning. I still had my long hair. I said dear God if there's hope for a rebel I'm out remember exactly what I said because I hadn't prayed for a long time I said Lord if there is still hope for somebody like me please come end of my life forgive me of my sin and I'm not going to tell you I became a saint that day because I had a lot of bad habits. God had a lot of changing to do in my life. But that day that morning my life took a different direction. If you had told me that morning that Sunday I would be a pastor I would us go off to you because I had the worst case of glasnost phobia you know a glass of phobia is a fear of public speaking. You could not get me in front of a even a small group. I was petrified. You never know where God will guide you. What changed my life. It was the testimony of Jesus. That's what changed my life. If it were not for the writings of Ellen White the book desire of ages I would probably not be here today preaching to you and he wouldn't be here either because I wouldn't had him as my son. It was the testimony of Jesus that changed my life and the testimony of Jesus is still changing lives even today as the money Jesus is changing my life has changed my life. I don't have quite the same story as my father has but as I've been reading the testimony of Jesus day by day I've been growing to know more about who Jesus is and how I can be like him having more knowledge of the Scriptures. That's one of the best expose of hers of the Bible if you want to understand the Word of God better and have a closer walk with Christ. I challenge you to read the spirit of prophecy in your life will also be transformed in your spiritual walk with the Lord strengthen one of our favorite sets of books written by Alan why it is this that called the conflict set starts with patriarchs in profits the creation brings you down to the time of David the next book is called prophets and kings the time of Solomon all the way down to the entered Testament period and then the book that changed my life the middle one there the desire of ages that the story of Jesus. Next you have X. the Apostles the events that happen in the book of Acts like a commentary and then the book that we've been offering for free as an audio book the great controversy which starts with the destruction of Jerusalem and takes you all the way down to the end of time when the sin is eradicated. The testimony of Jesus thing has been changing for decades helping people with their spiritual walk helping people with their families helping people with their education with their marriages with their hell the spirit of prophecy has been transforming the lives for many years. You like to buy one of her books. We do have them for sale some of you got this book health and peace. Some of you bought the book written by Ellen White one of my favorites health and pain and if you like that by the great controversy. We have that you can ask one of these bleached blue shirts here they're still like that that's part of their class project. And that book Christ object lesson they're also selling that one. So you can ask one of the blue shirts if you want to buy one of those. Now there's also an exciting feature that's been made available for free. For those of you who have an electronic device like an Apple device or an Android device you can download the Ellen White after free no cost whatsoever and you can read all the Ellen White books that she ever wrote free of charge if you just download the Ellen why you have a smartphone at my father and my favorite application we both have it on our phone and then whenever you you can even replace your games with B.L. and why it happened when you pull out your phone to start gaming you can read the Word of God. One of the best thing to do in years out there time that testimony of seasons. So all the books you can have for free if you've got a smart phone you want to go to the Internet here is the official site. There are some sites that actually attacked Dell and why but this is the official one the Isle of Wight a state Web site and if you like to go there it's Ellen White dot org Or you know they have a new interface and you notice the books here you can read many of these books if you want to go online and the good news is for those of you who don't read English too well they do have a number of the books and take dollars where you can go there you can download the books or you can read them online here is one I can't read this but some of you probably can. What we recommend most of all is the complex set. Which you can download into your smart phone and read when you're stuck in traffic waiting for the traffic to start moving. And if you want books on other things there is a book or everything there in the Alan Light writing book for families a book or raising children a book for education a book on health there's a book about everything. If you would like to read it for young people there's a book called messages to young people. So that's an important book for family people there's a book called add that as well. Almost every topic you can imagine you can find a book with good counsel. Here's something amazing. This year's Smithsonian magazine which is the most prestigious museum in America Smithsonian Museum Institute they publish the magazine of the one hundred most significant Americans of all time in those two hundred people they picked here in religious people the most influential Americans of all time. Ten of them were religious figures. And of those ten religious figures one of them was Ellen De Wine Smith the precedes yours Mr O'Neill and magazine listed her as one of the most out of the hundred. One of the most influential Americans to live. Yes God has a church that has all the identifying marks of the Bible including number five it has the Spirit of Prophecy. The writings of Ellen see why some Seventh Day Adventists do not like yellow and white. I hate to say that but it's true. You know why because profits they rebuke us they call for revival and reformation. And when a person is a worldly person like it becomes painful reading some of the council. But personally I love reading the writings of Eleanor why it always draws me closer to Jesus challenges me and my spiritual walk. So we encourage you to read for yourself. Idol says in Revelation twelve seventeen and that Reagan was romp with a woman and went to make war with the remnant of her which keep the commandments of God and I have the testimony of Jesus Christ and we have seen the testimony of Jesus Christ the night. It's his testimony are you thankful for it. Some of you might not know a lot about it but would you like to thank Jesus for giving us this testimony how much you want to say thank you Lord for giving us this testimony because there is hope for you. Who true prophet see that there is hope for a new day speak the truth indeed there is hope for you but you must their testimony is read because there is hope in Christ for you. There is hope for you all prophets must pass the test. There is hope for you upon the Bible our foundation. Rest there is hope for you the Spirit of Prophecy manifesto there is hope and cry for you tonight we're going to end our study by singing this song. We started with this just one stanza. Oh yeah for a divine Alan Vika to stand with us as we think we're going to go then. He gave. Let's bring your Father in heaven. We thank you tonight for the truth from your word regarding prophecy. Spirit of Prophecy. We thank you New for giving us the testimony of Jesus the Spirit of Prophecy. Now as we read this testimony and heed it we pray that our lives will be transformed and that we can develop both a relationship with Jesus. Let's each person hear that and we pray bring it back again tomorrow night. Study from your word. We ask in Jesus' name a man.


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