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23. Mystery Babylon, Revelation's Scarlet Harlot!

Lowell Hargreaves Michael Hargreaves


Find out more about the mysterious harlot woman of Revelation 17 seated on the beast with 7 heads and ten horns. Could it be that you are part of this system of Babylon that the Bible condemns? How can you come out of this system? Find out more in this important lecture.



  • March 1, 2015
    7:00 PM
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One thing is obvious the devil is working hard to confuse people creating all this religious confusion with forty thousand different churches. You see the devil's most effective way to deceive Christians is by mixing truth and error together. He doesn't care if you're following ninety percent for keeping nine commandments. Ultimately he will destroy you with that. The devil's most effective way of the saving Christians is mixing truth and error together but that brings us to this question. Son of the forty thousand different churches how many can be right one. Are you sure. I'm sure because the Bible says there is one body the body is the church the last and the one eighteen one body and one spirit even as we are called in one hope of your calling one Lord one faith one baptism. There is only one who pays the Bible. How do you find that. How do you here's how you look for the Bible a dignified marks for the true church and look around for what church meets those marks. And what book of the Bible gives us the best identifying marks for God them times or it is revelation lattices Oh yes in the Book of Revelation you had two women pictured Revelation twelve you have a pure woman symbolizing a pure church of pure faith. When a church is faithful to her husband who is the husband. Jesus then she's pictured as a pure virtuous woman we found out a woman represents a church pure woman pure jerks but when a woman is not faithful to her husband. Adopts worldly traditions worldly practices goes to bed with the world so to speak that church is pictured as a harlot in prophecy a heart of the Bible Prophecy always symbolizes an apostate Christian church a church more interested in being popular being fashionable than being biblical. Are there churches like that today. Oh yes there's a bunch of churches like that and God symbolizes that in Revelation seventeen by contrast that that woman that serves them there is another woman Revelation twelve this is the mirror woman that here church of Revelation and the foundation of the divine system is the authority of God the Word of God the love of God The Law of God and the teaching of God In contrast to the pier church the pure religion we have this other woman the other woman called Babylon the foundation of the Babylonian system is the authority of Bayan the word of May in the works of man the laws of man and the traditions of man. But this is a woman which symbolizes her a check. Here we have a church that's not based on the Word of God but based upon man man's authority man's tradition is their worship God but their worship is in me. Jesus says this in Mark seven seven he says how be it in vain do they worship me teaching for doctrines the commandments of man. There were shipping visas but their worship is in vain they're wasting their time because they're following the commandments of man the traditions of man instead of the Word of God There are many churches doing that. Verse nine now Mark seven verse nine says and he's. Set into them full well you reject the commandment of God that you may keep your own tradition. Are there churches that are doing that today. Yes And God symbolizes those churches in Revelation as this other woman the harlot woman that's Go read about her Revelation seventeen where I'm going to do your homework for tonight I see something. What was the homework read Revelation seventeen. Looks like some of you didn't do your homework. We're not going to go through the whole chapter. We're going to look at the first part of the Revelation seventeen tonight. Let's begin with verse one Revelation seventeen birth one says and there came one at that they have an angel to Tad the seven vials and talk with me thing and to me come either. I was still in fear the judgment of the Great or the great prostitute that upon many water she sits on what the water rose to earth booth as with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication. What this woman doing committing fornication she is not faithful to her husband who is the husband. Jesus but this woman has gone after the kings of the air is committing fornication. Verse three now says. So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast full of names of blasphemy having seven heads and ten whores and the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of upon occasion and upon her for. We had was a name written what was her name. Very Babylon the Great mother of harlots of abominations of the earth and I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the thing and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus and when I saw her I wondered with admiration what a picture woman represents what a jerk. But this woman is called a whore a harlot wobble. Not only is she a harlot she's a drunken harlot. There's only one thing more embarrassing than a drunk man that's a drunk woman we've had drunk women come to our seminars that can be very embarrassing. And what she drunk with blood whose blood of the thing blood of the saints blood of the martyrs What a picture. But the question for us tonight is which church does this woman symbolize a woman represent the church. Which church this is symbolized. We're going to find out tonight. Let's begin with the first clue from Earth One the Bible woman sit upon many water what the water represent in prophecy people and language is Revelation seventeen verse fifteen he said and to me the waters without thought where the horse that is our people then multitude the nations and the number one he said she said it on many waters so this would have to be a universal church because it seated on many waters many people. Number one a universal church and it's interesting the word catholic actually means universal. Those interesting or General let's get our next clue not only is the seated upon many waters the seated upon a of these. What's obese represent a prophecy. The shepherds of the kingdom. If we can identify the kingdom it will help us to understand who the woman is let's get a clue from verse directly in seventeen verse nine says in here is the mind which has wisdom the seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sits the New International Version says the seven heads are seven hills on which the woman's sin. Who can tell us what place on earth is built on seven hills. That's Rove the ancient empire overall was based had its headquarters in the city of Rome Rome is a city of seven hero. So number two this would have to be a church that got it see or read to me from Rowe Well son was there a church that got it see from Rome. Well yes that was here's a statement from the La Bianca a professor of history in the University of Rome. He said to the succession of the Caesars in the succession of the pontiff in role when Constantine left Rome he gave his seat to the pontiff. Here's another one of those that statement from history Stanley's history there's one thing as the pope filled the void of the vacant emperor the Rome meeting here at the in their purse the titles from paganism. Constantine left all to the bishop of Rome. The Papacy is but the Goethe of the decree through the Roman Empire getting crowned upon it. Gray You have the picture the Bible says this woman is sitting on a sitting on a beast and history says this church is based upon the ruins of the ancient Roman Empire. So number two this would be a church that received it from Rome. But there's more. More to the picture the Bible says in Revelation seventeen that the seven heads are seven sealed on which the woman says. Now the word is that past tense present tense or future thin at present. Pants though would have to be a church that presently they would be seated in the city of seven hills or base in a row number three eight shirts in a row. But there's more to the picture we have in Revelation seventeen a woman riding on to be a woman represents a church to be server that day in Kingdoms of what do you have you have a church state union where the church is riding the state she is the one in control to give the writer that is the one guiding the animal. But she's being carried by She's being supported by the state church state unions a number for this would be a union of church and state based in the city of seven hills. Pretty obvious when you begin putting the clues together what God is that in applying this woman she's getting her power her support from the state. Else where sort of church get its power and support from the state. Well certainly not from the state but from the Lord. But whenever a church turns away from the Lord in from the word of the Lord and the truth of the Lord they are often they lose the power of the Lord and they often turn to the state for power and support. What's the result of that the result of that is persecution for those who don't go along with that of this religion of the state. That's why the viable thing is Revelation seventeen six and I saw the woman what drunken with what with the blood of the face and with the blood of the martyrs. So number five this is a persecuted church drunken with a lot of the saints the Church of Rome itself put says it put fifty million people to death during the Dark Ages. That's their own figure. Well based on that we want to come back to those red shoes of the Red Shoes Benedix red shoes. Take a look at this picture. Notice this is when he came to America and he's stepping down on American soil with those blood red shoes. Why did Benedict Why does Benedict he's still alive today. Why does he wear blood red shoes. Can you answer that. Well I'm not going to answer it but we're going to answer it from the church bell. Time magazine said virtually every article of clothing worn by the pope carries meaning in history. So he doesn't just wear something to wear it but it carries meanings. What those red shoes mean them. This is from N.P.R. News. April seventeenth two thousand eight hundred Lawrence Cunningham Professor of Theology at the University of Notre Dame at the mass or a Catholic he offers more insights on why the pontiff favors the caller in the conversation with Michele Norris the color red commemorates the blot of martyrdom the shedding of blood. That's what this Catholic professor said the blood red shoes symbolize the shedding of blood blood of martyrdom. Well now we got the current Pope Francis when he was elected to Mail Online as of the U.K. to the new pope's outfit will consist of a skirt of ivory wool a white caustic whistling. These and thirty three buttons that symbolize Christ's age he will also wear the white skull cap and a pair of red leather shoes and a Mozart or was that which is worn over his over the shoulders six pairs. Maybe we could get somebody to adjust our projector lobert could you just that little bit where running off screen here six pairs of The Red Shoes the color why the color to represent the blood of martyrs famously worn by retired Pope Benedict the sixteenth you were also crafted in advance. So now you know why Benedict wears red shoes. Stumble of martyrdom is the shedding of blood of persecuting church. Let's get another clue from Revelation seventeen birth it or or rather and the woman was the radiant purple and scarlet color her color and scarlet color. There you have purple and there you have garlic and there you have purple and scarlet in the same picture. Those are the official colors that the Church of Rome. The number six the official colors purple and scarlet are just getting together the clues that we're discovering in Revelation seventeen. But there's more. The Bible says in verse four this woman is decked with what precious stones and pearls that we're going to put down Number Seven Seas decked with jewels. What does that symbolize. Well a couple things first of all it symbolizes this is a very wealthy church. Low wealth of Rome is beyond computation. Rome owns more gold than any other. Take them on the face of the globe. Rome owns more realistic than any other kingdom on the face of the globe it is a wealthy empire that's why it's pictured no doubt decked with all these jewels but something else we should talk about for just a moment. Wheeler that should a Christian woman wear jewelry or you hear when we talked about that Saturday morning. Is this woman then in a harmony with the teachings of the Bible. Let's notice the texture of the Bible it is not in like manner also that women adorn themselves in modest apparel with the same basic knits and sobriety not with bright hair or gold or pearls or costly array. So you see in obedience with a viable notice that's why it was tradition not Scripture is the rock on which the Church of Jesus Christ at the Church of Rome. Bill what did Jesus say. Mark seven verse nine. Well you reject the commandment of God that you may keep your own traditions. And here they say we do that. Here's an interesting picture you have a woman typically in religious art work a woman represent to us her church. She's connecting to man out of heaven who are those men the leader and notice in the corner of the picture we have a little angel with the book tearing pages out of a book. Here's a close up what book is that that the Bible as a deliberate symbol this is by the way in Vatican this statue. Notice what Benedict said back in one nine hundred ninety two the Roman Church Roman Catholic Church. It is a wiser than the Bible the Word of God and is capable of contradicting it. And even the architecture of the artwork shows that here we have the angel tearing pages out of the Bible to show we don't follow the Bible we follow tradition. Let's get another clue now from Revelation seventeen for Again having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication though our next clue our last clue who number eight has the wine cup of Babylon. Now we're going to show you a picture of the literal wine cup of Babylon. There is a literal wine cup of Babylon. You can see at the pretty elaborate. Here are some coins. The Vatican is an independent state that's why it has its own money. The detail about a condo that it can vary and you can see there there's a woman and the woman has a cup in her hand and what's inside the cup. It's not very interesting. Symbol is another coin. We can see think Peter Peter on the background of there's a big pot and what's inside the cup again this isn't interesting symbolism but he has a golden cup full of abominations and filthiness of our fornication what could that symbolize. Well this would represent a confusing mixture of truth and error. That's the BOM integral to the Lord's good air or good traditions coming into the Christian church in the early centuries at the did. Let me read a statement from Catholic Cardinal John Henry noble he said we are told by used to be. Here's that Konstantin in order to recommend a new religion to the heathen this is this Christian ice paganism transferred into it all the outward ornaments to which they had been accustomed in their own religion. The use of temples to those dedicated to particular saints in the since Kendall's holy water processions the ring in marriage turning to the east images at a later date all of pagan origin and sanctified by their adoption into the church. This is what a Catholic cardinal said all this stuff came into the church from paganism. Here is another interesting statement from the book church with three says Christianity became an established religion in the Roman Empire and took the place of paganism Christianity as it existed in the dark ages might be termed baptised paganism is all it really was a different form of paganism baptised paganism. So much paganism in the church. Here's an example here is a depiction of a priest for the god day gone he was a fish God atthis ask Manda God they gone you can read about him in the Bible there are places judges sixteen twenty three first then five seven Earth Chronicle and verse and this breeze is a god a god he's sprinkling holy water as the picture depicts and the also has a very interesting hat with a fierce and its open mouth at the open fish's mouth the fish mitre the fish Act Now let's look at the path. There's something fishy about the fact that it may have anything to do with the disciples being fisherman exclaimed. Great from paganism. Open fish's mouth doesn't come from the Bible. Comes from pig it is and we can show you a lot more like that. Examples. So this woman she has a cup full of abominations and go up in a suburb one occasion for all of this can be confusing mixture of truth and error and that's what's more dangerous when you mix truth in error together. She has a couple of doctrines. What are some of the false doctrines in that cup. Well we know some of them. Those of you who have been coming to our seminar we know some of them one of those would be sprinkling people instead of using the proper Bible method of baptism the Bible method of baptism represents death and resurrection in immersion and then a compromise. That's how all churches used to baptize in a compromised team in many great churches have drunk the wine of Babylon and today they think old people instead of baptized in the Bible Way Church Biskup alien church. Several other great churches that ties by sprinkling because they've been drinking out of the wine cup of Babylon. Another false doctrine and that cup of doctrine is it means you worship the ancient world was full of image worship they had all their gods and goddesses or example here you have a picture of the Greek god of Ashtar awe or call in the New Testament Diana the Queen of Heaven. She was brought into the church and given a new name Mary Queen of Heaven. And here is an interesting statue of the god Jupiter. You can see the nym esque above his head associated with the sun. Here is this. I view of the statue of Jupiter he's got his body figures showing his power over heaven and earth. Does anybody know where the statue of Jupiter fits today. It fits in St Peter's Cathedral and Jupiter has a new name St Peter. Anybody who knows the origins of this statue knows that the original statue of Jupiter brought in to St Peter's given the name Peter St Peter and millions of people have gone by and kissed the toe of Jupiter thinking they're kissing St Peter's in fact Peter's toe has been kissed so much he lost his toe from too much kissing. You could see there's a he missing is toe worn away by all the kisses that are placed upon. I think that might be funny if it weren't so tragic if it weren't so sad. If only those dear people know they don't have to kiss the toe of Jupiter or test the toe of Peter anybody. The Bible says kiss the sun. S. O. him that Jesus sums to verse twelve Roman has turned millions of people away from Jesus to statues of Jupiter renamed Peter and other states and it is our job as Christians to turn people back to back to Jesus if you are a Roman Catholic I want to turn your back and see that your high priest you don't have to kiss the toe of some statue. In fact bowing to statues isn't that breaking one of the commandments breaking one of the Ten Commandments the second commandment thou shalt thou shalt not make and any graven image ourselves not bow down myself to them nor third. Then back to Mammon is gone and the Catechism you can see why. Why did they take it out images. Because all the images that are used in worship. There's another false doctrine in that cup that's the false doctrine of Sunday's sacredness Sunday being a holy day. Did Jesus ever kept sending keep Sunday holy that never kept on they whole point out of the Apostles kept Sunday holy. They didn't know anything about the whoring of the Sunday in the New Testament where they come from. Here's a statement the son was a foremost God with even them and the church Church of Rome with seem to as that he settled pagan name Sunday of the sun it Sunday so remain consecrated think defied and thus the pagan Sunday dedicated to Paul other new with the Sun God became the Christian Sunday. Where did it come from a in is I'm not from the Bible came out of paganism here is a statement from the Catholic correct or eight hundred ninety three. Sunday is founded not on scripture but on what its on tradition and is distinctly a Catholic institution and many churches they've drunk out of that wine cup of Babylon and they also are keeping Sunday as a holy day. Here is the statement of course the Catholic Church claims the change that the change from Sabbath that are day to Sunday was her act in the act is a mark of very quickly the ethical power and authority in religious matters. There you have the mark of the beast. We saw that nobody has the market to be intelligent or thigh law. Nobody has it yet but the day we're choosing to keep holy is preparing us for one Mark or the other. God has a mark. It's the Sabbath that's read Exodus twenty verse eight God. Then remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy the seventh day as the Sabbath of the Lord thy God we have bowed out the Sabbath this god feel it has the three elements of a seal. Name of the law giver Lord thy God idol of the law giver Creator and his territory heaven and earth the Sabbath is God feels where it is they want to put the seal or he wants us to make a decision to keep the Sabbath holy So we have learned that the Sabbath is a memorial of creation. When you do away with the more memorial of creation what happens. Well here is what happened. Time magazine November for nine hundred ninety six. The pope says we made to send from monkeys and the current Pope is echoed that that we probably were evolved. You heard that. That was news. I politely disagree with the pope. I trace my origins back to creation not back to the monkeys. We did not evolve but did you know that evolution has been taught in Catholic schools for decades and you can see why when you set aside the Sabbath then you forget where your origins came from. You think well maybe we have all though that was one false doctrine and they figured as let's go on now to another one. Here's another big one in that cup of all those doctrines and that is that the soul is immortal. Here is a statement from the watchman magazine one nine hundred forty. The pagan doctrine of the immortality of the human soul crept into the back door of the church Church of Rome in the early century. End of quote the Bible says easy kill eighteen for the soul that fit is what it shall die and may also read from Ecclesiastes it is nine five. What's it say. Living all together the living know that they shall die but that did no not anything. That's what the Bible said. We learn the Bible teaches the dead are asleep Psalms thirteen verse three fourteen verse twelve John eleven eleven first read fifty three verses are not in heaven not in the hand not in purgatory there in the grave John five twenty eight and twenty nine. The Bible says the dead know not anything. Where was attacked. Ecclesiastes nine five and the dead do not return to their home seven nine and ten. That's what the Bible teaches. But that false doctrine that the soul is immortal leads to another false doctrine what is it son. Well it's a false doctrine of eternal torment in Hell Fire where the wicked are tortured through all this. See those they do their eternity never fully destroyed eternally tortured which gives people a picture of God is worse than Saddam Hussein or any other evil person because they tortured people. Those people eventually die and people think God will put the lost in hell fire to torture them for all eternity. That's not the picture of God The Bible Malakai four three says a nice old thread down the way kids are they still be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I should do this that the LORD of hosts God's going to turn the wake it into as is and they will not exist again. God is never promised eternal life to the wicked turn alive with only promises a thing. John T. read it all together for God so loved the world that it is all that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but. Everlasting life. Either we believe in Jesus out of the life or Paris. That was one false doctrine Colonel torment. So you can begin to see all these false doctrines in that cup of Paul's doctrine and if you've been attending our properties in the hope that was all review we descended all those things already in our seminar and now you can see they are included in that cup of false doctrine that the world has been drinking out of there is only one church today on Earth that meets all eight of these points. Number one a universal church numbered everything from Rule number three a church based in Rio a group or a union of church and state. Number five a persecuted church member thick that the colors are purple and Garland. Number seven deck with jewels and number eight it has a line of Babylon. There is only one church that meets those eight points and that is the Church of Rome. Now we want to say something in favor of Roman Catholics tonight. I appreciate Roman Catholics because Roman Catholics believe in obedience. They believe in obeying the church Protestants. They will not obey the church they will not obey the Bible and they will not obey God. Shame on the Protestant at least Catholics believe in obedience and when they see the truth of God's word when they see the Ten Commandments they say well I want to obey God products is all I don't have to obey God shame on the brothers but this woman has a man. Her name is Babylon the word Babylon means confuse in and when you have forty thousand different churches that is can use in confusion about baptism. Use it. What they to worship God. Confusion about what happens when you die. Confusion and tell there is a big problem today in the Christian world on the issue of Chung speaking in terms you need to be here Wednesday night we're going to give you a hand out relating to that very issue. I believe in the gifted journalist but I also know there's a huge counterfeit to that. BABYLON Babylon began as a tower a brave will when their languages were confused. Interesting but this name Babylon is a family day. The woman is a what. She is a mother the mother of a harness to be a mother you have to have a lot of children and her children are what are the Harlettes what the harlot symbolize on A and a platter make sure you have the picture we have a mother church she has a daughter churches but the daughters are also harlots they're also not faithful to the husband. Geezer Well son are there churches that who are these churches that are daughters. Well first of all we have to ask ourselves is there another church who claims to be the mother. The answer to that is definitely yes. Here's a statement from the book the faith of millions Roman Catholic book. But since Saturday not Sunday is specified in the Bible is an experience that non Catholics who profess to take their religion directly from the Bible and not from the church observe Sunday instead of Saturday. Yes of course it is inconsistent. But this change was made about fifteen centuries before Protestantism was born. And by that time the custom of universally observed day at the non catholic day. We have continued the custom even though it rests upon the authority of the Catholic Church and not upon an explicit text in the Bible that observe what is that and Sunday observance remains as a reminder of what the mother church from which the non Catholic sex broke away like a boy running away from her but still carrying in his pocket a picture of his mother or a lock of her hair. So this book says those churches that left Rome they are the runaway sects but they took with them a reminder of mother what the reminder of Sunday observance. Notice any church that observes Sunday is a daughter of Roe the mother church of Revelation seventeen that we've identified tonight. She claims to be the mother church. We could show you a number of statements where Rome says we are the mother church or our daughter would have to be those churches that came out of the Mother Church in Rome but retain them everything. False doctrine or churches that have appeared more recently but it followed the same false doctrine of the mother carrier as a host of harlots How many around forty thousand. What does God think of this family of harlots all these adulterous women. Got a message about them Revelation fourteen and their father another angel thing. Babylon is fallen is fallen all in print through fallen from Bible through that great city because he made all meat and drink of the wine of the wrath of purported caisson as another method that you can read in Revelation eighteen verses. Two and three and he cried mightily with a strong voice saying Babylon the Great is fallen is fallen and is become the habitation of devils and the hold of every foul spirit and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird or all nations many all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of one occasion notice she's become the home of devils. You will see how that is actually true on Wednesday night demons are working in some churches today. Don't miss Wednesday night study and God has a message for his people in religious confusion in Babylon. Revelation eighteen or come out of her mind people be not partakers of Earth eons in that you are not of her place this is evidently God Himself speaking and God has come out of her my people. Yes people in the Mother Church here to grow. Yes people in the daughter churches all these other churches the Sunday and he says come out of her my people why that you be not partakers of her said what is said and done three four sin is breaking the law our church is teaching people to break the law. Well they are unfortunately one church teaches it finds about Idol worship idols that breaking the second commandment and then there are other churches most churches believe that the Sabbath was changed to Sunday that breaking the fourth commandment. So churches are teaching people to break God's Law So what's God's got to come out of her my people that you be not her take is everything and that you receive not of her play. Don't miss this. Some day God is going to pour out the plagues on all these apostate churches that are breaking His Law every week and teaching people it's OK. But before he does God has people in these churches and so God says to his people come out of her my people come out of the Mother Church the Church or oh come out of the daughter churches any other church that breaking God's law. We have people sometimes that ask questions like this. They say Pastor I've been coming to your seminar and I see all these teachers. Would it be OK if I come to your church on Saturday and I go to my church on Sunday. OK here is the answer from God himself. God does not say stay in Babylon try to clean up Sablon try to reform Babylon try to educate Babylon what's God say to his people out of her. He says come out of Babylon to remain in Babylon is to eventually partake of her sins and also mentally receive of her play. God calls his people today to come out of Babylon and when we're going to go and make about any point through his commandment keeping the people is a remnant. He pulled his shirts on earth and we were so happy for those of you made your decision to be part of God through church. No accident that you came here to the seminar and learned the truth of God's word. A church that teaches the truth number one came up after seventeen ninety eight. Number three like the original believing in Christ's return the advent baptizing by immersion keep in the seventh day sabbath eating the death as a sleep eating the commandments. Got all ten of them. Number five has the spirit of prophecy study that and never think the world wives are three angels message number seven it's caring and number eight a health message. There's only one church that meets all eight of those points. That's a Seventh Day Adventist Church. It's no accident. Fran you are here. God has brought the truth to you. There is an interesting story relating to this rock if you look at this rock it was discovered in the ruins of Rome some years ago by the archaeologists around flat rock. Nobody knows exactly what it was used for but what's interesting is the face that's carved in the rock. It's as if those eyes are looking right at you. But if you look at the face what's most impressive is the mouth. It's as if he's speaking to you. And according to the story of this rock this rock symbolizes they say the man of Truth and according to the story every person if you are sincere at some point in your life between your birth and your death the old man of truth will come walking into your life one day and they say when truth comes Joe let anything turn you from him friend. Truth has come to you in the seminar and Jesus wants you to follow through. Is a thing as insanity. Verse thirty two let's read it all together tonight. You know those are true and make you free. Would you like to ask Jesus for His help to follow the news that you have learned. It's your desire that he appear in the night to help when there is hope for you flew from Babylon come out. There is hope for you. Obeying the truth is the saving route. There is hope for you. Believe God's word without a doubt there is hope in Christ for you. There is also for you to drink no more of babble on why there is hope for you. It's not your doctrine you find there is hope for you come out of her is the command divine though there is hope in cry or you tonight we're going to end our study by singing this classic him give me the Bible and we invite you to stand with us as we sing this song together. You know the hammer sing with us is a. Good night. Very our dear father in heaven we thank you for the Bible and for the precious truth in your word. You have been revealing to us night by night we thank you for your call to come out of Babylon. The part of your one through faith and we pray for your strength and help to follow the truth. We have learn with each person here that in tonight we pray and bring us back again tomorrow. Study again from your word we pray in Jesus' name amen.


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