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25. Haunted House! Satan's Deadly Trojan Horses!

Lowell Hargreaves Michael Hargreaves


Could it be that Satan has entered your life through some of the activities you do on a daily basis? How can you keep Satan out of your life and what specific methods does he use to get into your life? Find out more in this amazing lecture!



  • February 28, 2015
    7:00 PM
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Our topic for this Sabbath morning is haunted house faith and Trojan Horses is the devil in your house. Is he trying to get in. You may have heard the story of the city of Detroit. Legend has that when the Greeks were unsuccessful in conquering the city of Detroit they result is resorted to a clever trick they pretended to sail away from Troy and they left behind on the beach a large wooden or a spy Greek's by living in Detroit. So the Trojan is they oughta bring this horse into their city as a victory symbol of their victory over the greats and they did avenge they drag that big wooden horse into the city what they didn't know was that inside this horse were some of the Grecians choices soldiers while everybody was sleeping. The great spy opened the door in the side of the horse. It's great to be in the Greek army that was really hiding outside rushed in they conquered the city of joy they burned the city so it's frozen north has come to represent any trick whereby the enemy can secretly get inside a protected place to destroy. Does the devil have progeny horses whereby he is seeking to bring our enemies the world into our law. Well yes he does. We're going to see that this morning. Let's go to first John Cougar fifteen this morning. It was our scripture reading first John two verse sixteen the Bible says Love not the world neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world the love of the Father is not in you. I have a question for you this morning. Do you love Jesus ordeal of the world. You can have poor Jesus said no man can serve two masters but if you love Jesus Jesus says if you love me what you like Ma'am keep my commandments but that brings us to the question why do we love Jesus son. Well the Bible tells us why in first John Ford nineteen first John four nine hundred said we love him that Jesus because He first loved us. We love Jesus because He first loved us. And the demonstration of His love for us was on the cross. When we see Jesus suffering for us dying for us taking our penalty on himself he is infinite love for us unworthy creatures of his care awakens love with in our hearts for him love awaken love Jesus gave everything for our salvation. He didn't give of any bad things sometimes he asked us to give up bad things to follow him but everything he gave up was good. The glory of the celestial world the throne with his father the worship of the angels. He gave it all up to save us. What should we be willing to give up for Jesus well enough. We know it's going to cost you something if you want to follow Jesus. Jesus says in Luke nine verse twenty three put that in your note. If you're taking notes today Luke nine verse twenty three and he said unto them all if any man will come after me let him what time did I himself and take up his cross and follow me. Do you want to follow Jesus. Then what must you do. You have to deny yourself and take up your cross to follow Jesus that cross. It is not something we wear around our neck. Rather it's the cross of self-denial to do that saying I don't want to do with God God's word tells me or to give up that thing that I like but God's word for a bit let me illustrate that suppose that my like my desires are that I like camel me. Now this is an illustration I'm a vegetarian but just for the sake of illustration let's say I like camel meat and so I'm going to jolly the ordering camel steaks and I'm enjoying my camel me that's my wheel going this way but as I study the Bible I discover that God says the camel isn't really my will God's will we have a conflict and I have to decide what to do I'm going to deny myself my camel meat in order to do God's will or am I going to continue doing what I like and I don't know too many people that have a cross the giving up camel B. maybe some other unclean food or some other issue. And what most people today are looking for is a styrofoam cross that's padded across that doesn't hurt to carry. But Jesus says if you want to follow me you have to what. Deny yourself to Jesus denying himself. Well yes he did Jesus gave up everything for us and Jesus gave up no bad things for us to give up the worship and adoration of the jaws the glory the beauty of heaven to come down to our world. Sometimes he asked us to give up things that are bad for us but what Jesus gave up was all good things. I will says in Luke fourteen thirty three so likewise whosoever he be of you that for Think of not all that he hath he cannot be My disciple. How much will it cost the polity. If it will cost everything it will cost. All the policies of whatever stands between you whether it's your job your family your friends whatever it is we must be willing to give it up to follow Jesus. Ask yourself Is there anything that I'm unwilling to give up her G.'s or you see what many people today are looking for is a cheap religion a religion that has no restrictions that would be like a marriage with no restrictions. Is there such a thing. No that's not called Mary that's called living together. Livid. No no commitments. Marriage is the most restrictive commitment any two people can get involved with if restrictions take away happiness and marriage out to be the most miserable thing in the world. But have you ever been to a wedding when that couple are going through the vows and they're giving away all their freedoms. What are they doing. They're smiling. How could they be happy and give up all their freedom. Why all the love I don't miss this. There's nothing more miserable than two people married together who no longer love each other. That's a misery and it's the same spirit celing. There's nothing more miserable than a Christian that's trying to follow all the requirements of the Bible that doesn't love Jesus with all their heart and all they can see are the dues and the don'ts. I can eat my camel no more caffeine I gotta stop smoking I've got to pay tithes I gotta go to church on this Saturday. All these restrictions. The problem is not the restrictions of the Bible. The problem is they don't love Jesus supreme. True Christians are not asking what how little they can give up for Jesus the true Christian wants to know what is most pleasing to see that not what he wants to do he wants to do the will of Jesus that the brain interest of the Christian. Jesus said in John fourteen verse they have seen if you love me keep my commandments. If you don't love Jesus don't even try to keep his commandments. You'll make yourself miserable and you'll make everyone around you miserable. When we love Jesus we actually go way beyond just the mere letter of the Ten Commandments. Let's read that from first John three twenty two mark that in your notes first John three twenty two says and whatsoever we ask we receive here because we we keep His commandments but more than that we also do those things that are pleasing in his sight. For the true Christian that loves Jesus is not just the Ten Commandments. They study the Bible to find out what pleases Jesus I want to please Jesus. You see the big problem today with many Christians is that many Christians are trying to love the world and they're trying to love Jesus at the same time worldliness love of the world is the greatest problem in the church today. People have one foot in the church one foot in the world trying to serve Jesus in the world. Jesus said in Matthew six twenty four you cannot serve two masters you will either hate the one and love the other or old to the one and despise the other. Let's not is what the Bible says in verse John two fifteen to seventy is there a scripture reading Love not the world neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world love the Father is not in him or all that is. When the world lots of the flesh in the last of the eyes and the pride of life is not of the Father but is of the world and the world passes away in the last. There are believe it due is the will of God abideth forever. When we talk about the world we're talking about the various vices and sins of the world that we as Christians realize we really shouldn't be involved with the things the world does for entertainment for pleasure or fun. In fact the Bible tells us in James four verse four mark that one down James four verse four you adulterers and adulteresses speaking spiritually know you not that the friendship is enmity with God Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is what I mean. Now tell me how many do you want to overcome the world in and Syrians and be the friend of God me as your hands. What are the things in the world that we must overcome in order to be the friend of God our enemy that's the world. What are the Trojan horses of the devil uses to bring the world into our lives. Well you see my friend he has three primary throws in North is they're all in first onto verse sixteen for all that is in the world the lust of the flesh that's number one ember to the lust of the eyes and number three the pride a life that's not of the Father but is of the world. That's how the devil gets into our whole or into our lives or into our hearts through the last of the flesh the lust of the eye and the pride of life. There you have the three Trojan horses and we're going to look at these three. One by one. First of all the last of the. Flash. And we want to look at one specific area today that relates to the lust of the flesh and that's the area of the music of the world. Does the music of the world lead people to the sins of the flesh. Well yes it does but read a statement from John notes from the old Paula notes the rock band. He said rock N roll is ninety nine percent that that is what the pledge has to write in when you talk about the world's music that's a pretty broad area. We have classic rock we have rock N roll we have heavy metal hard rock rap. Now we have a devil rap. All sorts of stuff that. But there's also Western and country western. I walked into a a fuel station in America some time ago and they were playing this country western music and the singer was thinking he makes my truck sexy. I thought that sounds like the lust of the flesh. And when you hear the rhythms of that type of music that actually did create a desire for lust of the flesh. Here's what one doctor said Dr Neal Natalie he said rock music listeners are more prone to use drugs and engage in extramarital sex. Heavy metal listeners are much more likely to consider suicide. What if you put good words to the music. A choir singing religious rock was asked what effect this type of music had on them. They use notice these are the youth the youth responded. It turns on sexually just like any other type Iraq. So it's not the words it's the rhythm of the music that creates the law. Last of the flags here is what the Beatles. Then out of Beatles a course that was a long time ago. They said Our music is capable of causing emotional instability this organized year rebellion and even revolution that Beatle music. Sometimes we hear music in church today that's worse than Beatle music it has a stronger beat than the Beatles. Here's what another rock star said rock star David boo Iraq has always been the devil's music. I have a question for you who consider yourselves Christians. How many of you think that Christians should listen to the devil's music. What about exercising to the devil's music. I might get in trouble here. Now one thing I had rock music is the strongest drug in the world. That's from Aerosmith singer player Steven Tyler. That was before my son came along but I used to listen to Aerosmith when I was in the world before I became a Christian. Here is from a book entitled The Power of sound and they had a section entitled stress and addiction. It says quote. They also have shown that driving drum rhythms in excess of three to four beats per second will put the brain into a state of threat and when that happens. Notice what it says regardless if the listener likes or dislikes the music it doesn't matter whether you like the music or if you dislike the music. Here's what happens when the brain is in a stressful state it will relieve O.B.O.. That's a group of hormones that function like morphine to help return itself to normal. That's what happens in your parade whether you like the music or not. And in reading these opiates when experienced often enough can be addicting and the listener speaks for the high again this is why listeners tend to move from a less to harder music these steady drum rhythm is a relief in the body is a good note for open sex hormones which enhances sexual arousal. What's that called in the Bible a lot less. Can you see why we have so much immorality in society or the music itself is leading people of that sort of stuff. Indeed three you find the bag and led the worship and then more and more churches today the bay and is leading the worship. Now we're not speaking against music now music can be a great power for good even David play the harp and the evil spirit was given away. We didn't we're not speaking against music good music is the power for good. But we should leave all those rock'n'roll rhythms out of our music leave the drum beat out of your music and you actually have a brain enhancing experience that's why classical music has now been shown scientifically to improve your intelligence or areas of the world music acts they will decrease your I.Q. that's been scientifically proven. Well what about being seen on. I have ladies say well it's good to exercise. Well it might be good exercise but it isn't good for your brain. And if you're going down to the disco lady you might go for the exercise but that's not what the men go to the disco wore. I know it was a before I was a Christian I went to the disco and we went for. Well you know the men wanted to take somebody home after the disco. That's why studies show that adultery happens ask after the day not a not a good place for a Christian. Here is the principle that we can use when considering any kind of activity this is a good Bible principle to utilize Blippy in support of earth they make this text your motto this is a good tech. Finally Brother and whatever things are true whatever things are honest whatever things are just whatever things are who you are whatever things are lovely whatever things are of good report if there be any virtue and if there be any praise think on these things. Ask this question. Would I be comfortable going to this place of entertainment if I were taking Jesus with me as my date. If not you better not go either. Ask this question Would I be comfortable listening to this music if Jesus came and listen to my music. If not you better change channels or turn it off. Ask this question Would I be comfortable watching this movie if Jesus were to come in and sit down and watch it with me. Brings us to our second throats in order number two the second way that the Devil very effectively enters our lives so often is through the lust of the odds those things that we watched with our Earth John pick the last of the eyes is not of the Father but is of the world. So let's consider the lust of the eyes in the area of those things that we watch that we behold with our eyes. There is a law of the Bible. All that says by beholding we become. Change this is also a lot of the mind. You can read that in second seen by beholding violence by the holding immorality. I will become like what I watch by beholding Jesus by beholding holy things hear things. I will be changed into what I be whole. Consider in this aspect of what we behold the issue of pornography. There are over forty two million pornographic sites on the Internet and that the last time I checked on that was some years ago there's probably a lot more now. Did you know that ninety percent of eight to sixteen year olds view pornography on the Internet. Most of them while they're doing their homework. Here's what one doctor said. The negative effects of pornography have been more consistently proven than the links between smoking and lung cancer. Fifty years ago almost all valedictorians and all schools were men. Today almost all valedictorians and all schools are women. Not because the women are getting smarter it's because the men are getting dumber. And you can begin to see one of the reasons for this in fact I read a study that says that the current trend by the year twenty sixty eight will have the last man graduate from college. After that it'll all be women. That's the direction we're going into largely because of this issue on the Internet with pornography. Take for example the issue of violence. Lots of violence is being fed to us today by the age of sixteen two hundred thousand acts of violence have been seen by the average teenager. Here I had elevation watches television then by the age of eighteen. Fifty thousand murders or attempted murders have been witnessed and then we wonder why children and youth go into schools the last guns and start shooting people there seen it all the time on television on television eighty percent of the sexual relations are outside of the marriage. Is it any wonder we have all these teen pregnancy by beholding who we become. See let's read a text from the Bible Psalm one hundred one verses two and three I will walk with in my house with a perfect heart I will say no we can think before mine eyes. What wicked thing could we set before our eyes in our very own house in our very own living room or sickle. Here's an interesting Bateman This is from anthem of a founder of the state panic shirts who wrote the say tannic Bible. Here's what he thinks of television television is a major mainstream infiltration for the news they panic. Religion reading on the T.V. set forth a tannic family altar has grown more elaborate since the fifty's sometimes the screens the huge interest payments centers covering entire walls with several T.V. monitor what as they call the television because of the state's Haneke family altar. Do you have a haunted house with the alter to fit. Well this is what the author of the Bible. Not only is it bad for your moral health. Very bad but it's also very bad for your physical health. Here is that statement. Well we can finish the statement is this bill from anthem of a what started as an innocent rest bite. Every day life has become in itself a replacement for real life for millions. A major religion of the masses. I thought that was pretty interesting from Anton Levey. Now here's a statement from the Bible. Psalms one nineteen seventeen and eighteen and you see if you can spot the T.V. in the Bible watch turn away my eyes from beholding vanity and quick and me and I way stablished I word until I servant who is devoted to it I fear. Do you see the T.V. in the Bible. Turn there's a key turn away mine eyes from beholding vanity there is the very You didn't know the T.V. was in the Bible God says turn away our eyes from beholding vanity here that we're talking about earlier it's not only bad for your moral health it's bad for your physical health. One study that every hour spent in front of the television per day brings with it an eleven percent greater risk of premature death from all causes and an eighteen percent greater risk of dying from cardiovascular disease a new study finds that it can be very dangerous. Article help. The reason for that the T.V. shuts off your frontal lobe which is the master brain which controls you. And as a result now science is even saying it's bad for your health. For those people that are addicted to the T.V. they now have invented a tool to break the habit. You know people are addicted all sorts of things. If you're addicted to the television they have a tool to help you quit. It's called a hammer. It works wonderfully. My father in law actually solved his T.V. problem. Way this is years ago bought a television. This is probably forty years ago and he began to see the effects of the television on his family he had four daughters and so one day he unplugged the television he took it out civilly outbuilding he said no more T.V. and then he began thinking if I leave that T.V. out there in the outbuilding someday somehow it's going to migrate back into the house and so he said I'm going to fix the T.V. is a construction worker. My father built houses built houses so he got himself a hammer. One blow with all it took. He went on to raise four wonderful daughters and I got the best one. Though he talked about the LOTS of the flesh in the area of the music that we listened to we talked about the lust of the eyes the area the movies in the areas that television and you could even say in the area of the video games that people the whole what do video games do. I also found the mine shut off the frontal lobe. That's why now science is telling you if you want to be smart don't play video games. Now we're going to move on to the third throws in whole or that's the pride of life. The Bible says lust of the flesh we looked at that the lust of the eyes we talked about that the pride of a lie. Very little is being said about pride today but pride is actually the mother of all problems. Pride is what caused the road to fall from heaven and Jesus. That's a different example than private Bible says in the Libyans to birth by. Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus. Jesus humbled himself he went down. I'm to the very lowest depths that save us and we will never overcome pride. You know we behold the life of Jesus until we love Jesus and preparing his honor and glory. This is what we're going to meet this morning is what every church used to teach. But now you know hardly hear about it anymore. What are we going to talk about well we're going to talk about the pride of life in a specific area and that's the area of colorful cosmetics and if you'll raise somebody actually wrote in a question I saved it for today. Is it wrong for a Christian woman to wear jewelry. Well we're going to take a few minutes to answer that question. Here is a statement from the book fuels passion and pride back in two thousand nine hundred. Is this just an issue for women on not me more because more and more men are wearing Suri as well today. They are but it is going to be picture. If we came to you to do the prophecies of hope seminar and we each had a bar in our nose or a ring in our ear what would you think about us as preachers. People do notice what we wear. I heard one preacher say there's nothing wrong with the ring in the ear what's wrong with the bar in the know and I thought he had a good point. We're not here to pick on anybody if you happen to be wearing jewelry you may have never thought about this before. What we want to answer is what pleases Jesus or what would be most pleasing for a geezer. Here are the facts about the wearing of jewelry from the Bible. Genesis thirty five. Four Exodus thirty three or the thick or they add to verse thirteen. Isaiah three six hundred twenty one earth Timothy two nine and first Peter three three and four we're not going to look up all of these We're going to look at Genesis thirty five or and I might mention all these scriptures make it clear that God does not like us to wear jewelry. But here's one. Let's see what the Bible says in Genesis thirty five two to four. Then take that into his household and to all that were with him put away this strange god that are among you and be clean and change your garment that these were strange gods. What were these strange god let's read on theirs and let us the rising go to baffle and I will make fair and all through and the God who answered me in the day of my distress and was with me in the way in which I went though he was going to rededicate himself to the Lord. Now verse four says and they gave into Jacob all the strange gods which were in their hand that those things we wear in our hand and all their ear rings which were in their ears and Jacob hid them under the oak which was by shackle. So before re dedicating their lives to God they were going to go back to Bethel to rededicate their family to God. Jacob said let's put away this strange gods that are among us and among those things that were listed in strange gods were the things they wear in their head and the ear rings. The Bible calls them strange God You can also read from Isaiah three verses sixteen to twenty one there is a long list there of jewelry and on the list is the nose jewel. As you notice our noses yours are becoming more popular. When we were in India I thought I when I was a. I saw a lot of no's fuels very popular in India but now it's becoming more popular in society all over. People wearing those jewels and back there putting your ring in all sorts of places. God has a word for this war versus war he calls it all and I'd like this better. Simple the way he made us. Apparently God knew how many holes you need in your body and he doesn't want us to be poking more holes in our bodies. God calls all this stuff. Phil if you'd like to know what the Bible has to say about the wearing of cosmetic then put it in your notes. Second King is a nine verse thirty and your discovery cosmetics does not have a very good heritage. Now there are some people say well if I don't wear all that stuff I feel sort of ugly. Well my question is should our beauty come from what we put on. Or should our beauty rather come from within and from Christ in the heart. Here's the principle. Suppose a master painter were to paint this beautiful picture and bring it to me and say Lowell What do you think about it it's all right but I'll improve it. So I get us some red paint I put a splash a red paint here and some blue pre-pay there. I poke a hole in the picture I hang a jewel off the hole I say now it's really beautiful. What have I done. I've simply told the painter I don't like your painting I got in through bought it you understand the principle right. Who made you god did. God likes you best the way he made you. I kill ladies you don't need all that stuff on to make yourself more beautiful. That just hides the Rio you. You're beautiful just the way God. Made you. Let's see what the New Testament says about this. First Committee to verse nine says in like manner also that women adorn themselves in modest apparel with shamefaced innocent sobriety not with bright hair that's when they used to weave gold in the hair or gold or pearls or costlier Amy though God is not with this goal. How much have nots would be OK with God. Maybe one small ring. What do you think. How much of a knot is OK. They've gotten very quiet son do you think we're stepping on their toes while we're talking about not wearing gold. We should take a moment to answer a question about a certain gold ring on a certain finger. What about the wearing of the wedding ring. Somebody actually wrote in the question and I saved it for now. Question I notice you don't wear a wedding ring. Why is this a personal choice or religious command. I know I might offend somebody in answering the question but since somebody is asked the question I want to take the liberty to answer the question. But first let me ask you. Will a wedding ring keep two people faithful to each other. Obviously not otherwise we wouldn't have all these broken Whoa. What will keep people faithful is their commitment first of all they've gotten and their commitment to one another. My wife and I when we got married we had a ring last wedding and we've been happily married for the last twenty seven years without a ring. I know some people say well will others know that you're married if you don't wear a ring. I say it's easy just talk about your home. When talk about your wife. I don't have any problem talking about my wife I got the best wife in the world. I think every man out of the All That way our department is probably our best protection. Listen a wife in a sigh Hi Mini miniskirts who has her bosoms half exposed. That's friendly with a man is going to get in trouble regardless of how big her wedding ring might be. She'll get in trouble with some man but a wife who dresses modestly who is modest in her actions she's going to avoid many problems even if she doesn't wear a ring. I've had men say well I want my wife to wear a ring for protection. Husband if you want to protect your wife don't buy her a wedding ring. Buy her a Doberman or a Rottweiler or a German Shepherd. Our wedding ring is not much protection anymore in fact it's now society is telling us the wedding ring is working just the opposite. Watch this this is the very interesting Web site wedding wedding bands for women and it says why is the wedding ring more of a deterrent for women than men. And it says when a man sees a wedding band on a woman's finger it is like a magnet. In other words for men seen that ring does not mean a thing. If anything it makes the woman more appealing. So that's the trick. Now you wear a ring you're going to be more appealing to somebody than if you don't wear a ring that's on the side of the man. Now the lady's house and news Beware the husband hunter. Why some women go for guys who are taken a sparkly engagement ring used to be the symbol of ultimate security for a single girl however dangerous ilk or trend of women is on the rise. Those who don't consider a wedding band a deterrent. While searching for Mr Right. So now society itself is saying look the wedding ring doesn't work. You wear reading wing people are going to go after you even more with the ring than without a ring. Well let's come back to the question why don't I wear a wedding ring. But I answer that because I'm the married one. Here's why. Number one rings are among the items listed as just pleasing to God they're actually called strange gods in Genesis and they are on the list of displeasing things in Isaiah three. Secondly God tells us not to wear gold. And thirdly my example to others if I were wearing a wedding ring I wouldn't even talk about jewelry. It would be too inconsistent. You know I do want to clarify we're not here to condemn anybody who is wearing a wedding ring I'm simply telling you why I don't wear one that has to be a decision that you make between you your spouse and Jesus. But I would encourage you to ask this question what would be most pleasing to Jesus. Well we're going to hurry away from that sensitive topic onto another scented sensitive topic right to the Wearing a modest the pale First Timothy two nine in like manner also that women adorn themselves in modest apparel with shamefaced business and sobriety not with Broyard hair gold or pearls or costly array. Now it's pretty clear when you look around the world that the world is not. With modesty every Thilo nudity is manifest. But why should a woman dress modestly. Well one of the reasons is quite obvious you may remember Jesus said in Matthew five twenty eight that if a man looks upon a woman to lust after her. What's happened while he's committed adultery with her in his heart. You see God made man and woman differently. When a man looks upon a woman that doesn't have enough clothes on. Maybe I should clarify in a miniskirt he's tempted. You see in this here's the guy the young man standing outside of the street corner and a longish trots a young lady in a mini skirt or a pair of shorts. What do those young men do. What are they thinking. They're not thinking about Bible prophecy. They're thinking lustful thoughts. Certainly no woman is going to want to dress herself in such a way that every man that looks at her want to take a second look and is tempted to whistle. I've heard ladies they all want to just the man to have dirty minds or the fact is every unconverted man has a dirty mind and even converted men can be tempted right man. You don't dare enter that question with your wife sitting beside you. I know I remember we were doing I was doing a seminar by myself in the Dominican Republic and the Dominican Republic is a tropical part of the world it's sorta hot like it is in the Philippines but the people who live there they don't have the same modesty as the Asians. Most of the women they don't wear a bra. It's too hot just a tight T. shirt and a lot of them it's a low necked T. shirt too so they can stay cool. What I don't know whatever so I get up to preach and as I look out on the audience I look somewhere in here is a pair of half clad bosoms looking back at me I say Lord I can't look there. A look on the other side of there's another pair beaming about they can't look their lord look back there there's another but I say Lord where am I supposed to look. They probably wondered why I spent so much time preaching at the ceiling I'm preaching over their head. I heard one man black man he said to me said LOL If I had my way I'd take all the women off the front row and I'm thinking what is the mean. He said Pastor I watch these Christian broadcasting the women are sitting up there on the stage in their mini skirts and he says they're always trying to stretch their mini skirt down over their decency. He says there's only so much you can do is to stretch those skirts they only stretch so far and he says when I look at those women I'm tempted do you think God will forgive me. I said well I understand that's the way God made man. They're tempted. Now you know all the ladies ladies a few years ago member the miniskirt went out of fashion and the long skirts came in with a long skirts and the devil he saw those long skirts he said he got some scissors. He snuck up behind those women he cut a great big slit all the way up those skirts and some of the slits never stop now I'm not against having a slit in your skirt ladies but if the slit goes by I and be on. I heard one lady preaching to the ladies. He said lately when you take a step if they can see from east to west or if when you bend over they can see from north to south then your skirt is not modest. Now please. We're not talking about dressing yourself up to your chin like the nuns are putting a veil on your head like the Islamic women. But ladies well what is modesty first of all let's what is modesty Well here's what the dictionary says this is the dictionary New Oxford American Dictionary says of a woman dressing or behaving so as to avoid impropriety or indecency especially to avoid attracting sexual attention. That's what the dictionary said. Here's more from the dictionary going on of clothing what I consider modest clothing not revealing or emphasizing the figure modest dress means Himalayans must be below the knee. All the dictionary says the world's definition let's see how our modest are you today. Well we won't look around specially the men don't look around you might be tempted ladies let them. Our clothes are to be high enough on the top and long enough on the bottom and loose enough in certain other places to cover those parts of our body that tempt men to sin. Somebody famous out there. Gentleman Do you agree with me here do you hear that ladies. Now I know some people are saying you just been talking about the make the ladies what about the man. Here's a new trend two thousand. Well man in minister not the right thing and said Al Sadr modestly. That's where we're headed in society that's not modest either. So yes there is a place for modesty for men too. Now what we just shared with you every church used its share and seats but a compromise spread thin and you'll hardly hear these things anymore I think you can see why they're not popular. Let me ask let us ask you Are we still your friends after this topic is not necessarily our favorite topic but as preachers are we required to share with you all the counsel of God here. Now we look at the three Trojan horses number one the last of the players. Those things that we listen to the music of the world. Number two the loss of the eyes those things that we play those things that we watch number three the pride of life those things that we wear the Bible tells us put this in your notes today first Peter to deliver is nine but you are a chosen generation a royal priesthood and a holy nation a lot of peculiar people that doesn't mean we should be strange but we should be different. A Christian ought to look different from the world that you may show forth the praises of him who has called you out of darkness into his marvelous light. Some years ago we were driving across America as a family going from one seminar to another seminar and in America they have these public see arms and so we needed to visit the C.R. We stopped our car and I my wife and daughter they went into the C.R. my son and I we got out we were stretching and we've been driving for a long time and this very distinguished gentleman came walking over. Two my son and I he said Do you mind me asking are you crypto Christians this is a stranger I had never seen him before I said well yes why do you ask. He said I thought when I saw your family get out of the car I thought to myself that's got to be a Christian family just the way they are direct. I found out the man was a Baptist pastor had an opportunity to witness. We should be different we ought to look different from the world when we are following Jesus our highest delight is to please him. When he followed Jesus we don't ask for the lowest standard we ask for the highest standard what is most pleasing to Jesus as you think about what we've studied this morning considered viz that what he was willing to give up what he'd stacker by Hebrews well verse two says looking into Jesus the author and finisher of our faith who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross despising the shame and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God that joy set before him was the joy of seeing you say it. I can imagine as he hung on the cross He looked down through time he saw you sitting here today and he knew that you would be willing to give up whatever it was that was displeasing to Jesus. So he said for that man or that woman I laid down my life that was the joy that was set before Jesus. Since Jesus was willing to lay aside his royal crown to save us and shouldn't we be willing to give up anything that stands in the way between us and him. And if you already are anything of the world. So our challenge to you today is this. Take up your craw and follow Jesus. For some of you what we've studied this morning might be no frost at all. You have a different cross different cross for different people or some of you that is they might be a cross. We invite you to take up your cross and follow Jesus. Let me ask you today is it your desire to do what is pleasing to Jesus is that your desire would you just raise your hand if that's your desire. God sees your hand there is hope for you but the world is your mortal Fuego. There is hope for you do not. It's a place years seek to know there is hope for you. Take up your cross and your Lord follow. There is hope in Christ for you. There is hope for you. Rock N Roll reject there is hope for you the T.V. to death are full effect there is hope for you. You re as well we must be Jack. But there is hope in Christ for you today we're going to end our worship by singing this classic here. Nothing between my soul and the Savior. Those. We do invite you to join us tonight six thirty will be our question time. And then our topic modern prophets visions and dreams will follow and I'll share my conversion story in that study. And we do invite you if you're considering baptism or read at his M to sign up on your way out. We have our sheets out there at the table. Let's pray Our Dear Heavenly Father our desire today is to do what is pleasing to us. We ask you to grant each of us a victory over the last of the flash the victory over the last of the eyes. We are in a sleep for a good grant us the victory over the pride of life. Help us to take up our cross daily and follow Jesus. We pray in Jesus' name amen.


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