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Exonerating God, Part 3

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed



  • December 20, 2007
    2:30 PM
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follow you study this afternoon about the solution to this problem yes father that God will bless us you will give us your divine wisdom so that we might understand on the way in which you have solved this problem and that it will be solved once and for all without a new sense I ask whether you will help us to be able to concentrate is difficult after eating lunch I asked whether you will keep us awake and alert and we might be able to understand when you have for us this afternoon and we thank you father for hearing and answering our prayerfully ask in Jesus name in all right I'd like to begin by saying that the same problem involves several individuals or groups the first individual as we noticed this morning was involved is gone God is definitely involved in the great controversy I think I'm talking about the father the son and Holy Spirit in Omaha of course the holy agents are involved the Angels nursing their questions in their minds doubts you know that need to be clarified then when the beams from other worlds the unfallen worlds that are also involved they are also observing very carefully on the way that God handles the same situation so we have to be in heaven God the holy angels and the inhabitants of the unfolding world 's van we have another category which are Satan and his agents and Satanism and his angels also must be persuaded that God has been right you dealing with the same deliberate pharmacy then finally we are human beings divided into two groups we have had the centers that is repentant sinners and we have a impenitent sinners that his centers that do not repair in all these groups need to be persuaded that God has been right in the way that he deals with the situation of sin not once loyal Amalie beings need to be persuaded on earth the righteous and the wicked need to be persuaded and even the devil and his angels need to be persuaded and were starting this afternoon that God persuades or convinces every one of these groups by performing a threefold working just settle down this view sees the judgment divided into three stages the first stage of course is the preeminent investigative judgment which we believe began in eighteen forty four the second stage of the judgment is the millennial judgment the judgment that takes place during the thousand years in the final phase of the document is the post- millennial judgment which has the intention of showing the weekend and the devil and his angels are the reason why they haven't condemned due to be destroyed so basically the pre- Advent judgment persuades the heavenly beings the millennial judgment persuades the righteous people in the possibility of judgment persuades the devil and his angels and the wicked so the in the invention of proving God right among these three groups the heavenly beings are the righteous and eventually Satan and his angels now I'd like to start take a look at the sanctuary service to discuss the solutions and on and amazingly in the sanctuary there were four key places in the site going we usually think of three but there were actually four key places the first of those was the sanctuary and can act the part we usually don't consider part of the sanctuary but obviously they counted of Israel was part of the sanctuary there are sinners who need in the sanctuary lived and saw a sanctuary encampment is part of the was entering those who live around the sanctuary they were the ones needed the work of the sanctuary and the second part of the sanctuary is of course the court the court that was not covered and was surrounded by a fence but it wasn't covered like the sanctuary proper in the course you have the holy place in the text itself and then you have the most holy place of the sanctuary and so you have four key locations in the century that illustrate actually form specific steps that God calls in solving the problem of same now what you do is think it's one of those portions of the sanctuary step-by-step and show how each one of those is a snack and got dates in the solution onto the sin problem and so I invite you to go with me to John chapter one verse as for him this is a new site in the first the sanctuary of encampment John chapter one and verse fourteen we all know this verse it says here and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us by the way that worked well is from the Greek words in all which means to build a church that could be translated tabernacle among us something did Jesus come to live with us in the camp yes or no yes they are the environment we live in the encampment we need the services of the sanctuary we can offer righteousness we cannot offer holiness world to so what does Jesus do Jesus comes any cash with us in other words he comes and lives with us in the sanctuary box differently than us in this sanctuary in Canada we send all sinned and come short of the glory of God but Jesus lives with us in the sanctuary in Canada any necessary units in particular because of the enormous that he is going to take the place of everyone who lives in the account now what we talk about the sanctorum we usually begin our focus at the altar of sacrifice is always a Jesus died for sins but there's something before that which is crucially important and that is what the lamb was brought to the sanctuary before sacrifice the priest who by the way had no defect according to validity legislation for me without defect of course physically there's no way they could know if you have cancer anything like that physically the priest have to be without any defect and when a broccoli I am for the sacrifice the lamb also have to be without any defect you have to be a perfectly this illustrates the fact that after Jesus lived in the impairment for thirty plus years thirty three years he came and presented himself as the Lamb who was perfect when not committed even once it now why is it important to understand that Jesus not only was Jesus a perfect race to you separately to see in the sites are seriously need to sentence the sanitary service you need a priest and you needed a sacrifice but in the fulfillment of Jesus is both the Bible says that he offered himself as Jesus appreciated his old sacrifice see the priesthood not the priest would kill the victim and then the priest would be alive to offer the blood in the sanctuary well Jesus is the priest of our victories he officiates is on sacrifice he's a living priest niggles into design turned with his blood now most first Peter chapter one and versus eighteen through twenty the perfect life of Jesus is in the courtyard the examination of the Lamb and the land had to be perfect without defect once again first Peter chapter one and verse eighteen just knowing that you were not redeemed with corruptible things like silver or gold from your aimless conduct received by tradition from your mothers but your rate him precious blood of Jesus as well allow him without blemish and without spot that represents a perfect life in Jesus now let's know it's one or two other verses that were made to the book of Hebrews were talking about the first work in the car which was to determine if the land was without leaving even before the sacrifice the lamb had to be perfect not us Hebrews chapter two and versus seventeen and eighteen two seventeen and eighteen therefore in all things he had to be made like his brethren that he might be a merciful and faithful high Priest in things pertaining to God to make propitiation for the sins of the people for in that he himself has suffered being tempted he is able to hack angels who are tempted to Minnesota chapter four in verses fifteen and sixteen says for we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses so that even when not in the encampment with this opinion is that our weaknesses course you lived in our next and successful we do not have a high Priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses but was in all points tempted as we are yet what yet without sin select the plan was Jesus perfectly does the law on the demand perfection what happens if you don't offer the law perfection the wages of sin is death it wasn't sufficient for Jesus to die for us his life has to stand in place of our life see the lot when the law sees our lives the law says Senator him him so Jesus came and you have a life that we should live he lived a perfect life and when I received Jesus James S presents a topic on the other and he presents starting line in place of my and therefore the law no longer convinced me there is no longer any condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus having been justified by faith we have what peace with God through Jesus Christ our Lord so it was vital that Jesus lived a perfect life so that you hand my life could be looked upon as perfect as it is in him so that he could impede his life to me if you please is somewhat of a minefield image directed to credit his life to my account so that's the first work in the court was to make sure that the lamb was a perfect life then you have the second aspect now Jesus is in the court he's been examined in the Lamb and now he's going to be executed forcing the process takes place on the altar of what the altar of sacrifice your movement is now in the sanctuary on the Leviticus chapter five Leviticus chapter five and will only read a few verses here Leviticus five and verse one and there many examples of the first isolated Leviticus is only one example if a person sins inheriting the utterance of an old and is a witness whether he has seen our knowledge of the matter if he does not tell it he bears the worth of a person touches any him whether his carcass of unclean beasts in the carcass of unclean livestock on the carcass of unclean creeping things and is unaware of it he also shall be unclean and guilty orthodoxy is human uncleanness whatever uncleanness with which a man may be defiled and he is unaware of it when he realizes it then he shall be guilty or if a person swears speaking thoughtlessly with his absolutely want to do good whatever it is he you that the man-made house I called and he is unaware of it when he realizes it then he shall be guilty in any of these matters and seventy one he is guilty in any of these matters that he so confessed that he has sand in the bank and then he brings an animal and what does he do he confesses to send on behalf of the owner and then what happens is beyond the animal is slang that's right those verse six he shall bring his trespass offering to the Lord for his sin which he estimated a female from the flocculant will get are the goals of the sin offering so the priest shall make atonement for him concerning his sin so the sacrifices spoken of as atonement and the notice verse ten 's of initial offer the second as a burnt offering according to the prescribed manner so the priest shall make atonement on his behalf for his sin which he estimated and it shall be one and hit Shelby forgiven him so you notice deal sacrifice forgiveness is a process person sees these guilty as sin is placed on the victim the victim is slain and then the person is one for you now the daily service of the sanctuary which took place in the court and the holy place this will care with respect to the individual and the daily service benefit not a sanctuary benefit of the individual election on this a few verses here are all of me to first John first John chapter one and verse nine first John chapter one and verse nine if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness what is cleansed when we when we repent and when we confess our sins what was we are twins nothing about the sanctuary itself that we are twins what does it mean they were cleansed it simply means that we are forgiving our sin is remitted in other words yes yes in the holy place yes what will come to that and then on the day of atonement and was the blood was used to cleanse all of the all of the different pieces of furniture the holy and in the court but will deal with that specific aspect little bit later now I notice several taxi are not likely to Hebrews chapter seven and versus twenty five and twenty six Hebrews seven twenty five and twenty six on this idea of the perfect reason it offer himself as a sacrifice with that therefore he is also able to say to the uttermost those who come to God through him since he always lives to make intercession for them for such a high priest was fitting for us who is whole and harness on the file separate from sinners and has become higher than the happen it's something is converting lab offers himself and as a result sin is what sin is forgiven how many sins are forgiven when Jesus died on the cross and asking for how many people did Jesus die is about as far or not the same arrows and every human being on planet Earth absolutely saw several money going to say that Jesus paid for the sins of the whole world law if you take the sensible world and everyone can be saved right on all usage cards at the altar the other sacrifice and that sacrifice pays for the sins of the whole world but that doesn't mean that everybody is in benefit from them from that act of God yes I be getting a let me give you a test which is the most famous effects of the Bible you know which one it is John three sixteen a.m. I did between the goalposts at the football games even for God so loved what the world that he gave his only begotten son that I thought everyone about some of our even die for our sins only but for the sins of all world Chris John Duberstein attended births the second part of the verse restricts the benefit because the second part of verses that whosoever believes in him should not perish the everlasting life in other words Jesus and for all the sins that have been committed that are committed or will be committed UK for all of you but only those who claim the payment of Jesus will benefit from what he did that's when most that's when the holy place ministry comes in it is a holy place ministry this comes after the sacrifice in the car last year this example know Christmas is coming up and the say that you buy your wife Christmas and get the cost two hundred dollars at a cost you two hundred dollars right how much does it cost her nothing so it costs to get her but it's free for the receiver and so it is that Jesus did and in the payment for sin Cos Jesus but for us it's not its rate of NSU when my wife have the option of rejecting the gift that I paid for goods you say and get glass if she did she really refuses to resume again while the gift benefit her in any way absolutely SLG transfer the sensible world but we must accept the gift that Jesus made a payment that evening to give significant young Tara like I just look a like to use this illustration supposing that there was a multi- quadrillion here who has all the resources of the world enough money to pay for all of the dance of all of the human beings on planet Earth all of his money is there the bank he sends out a notice and he says you know I have used for trillions of dollars in the bank and I the money they are deposited today every person that's in the walleye were one of the credit card mortgage automobile educational multiunit money is only one correct yet to come here and make them doesn't do anyone any money to have all of the money sitting in the bank endlessly and make the withdrawal of course see this is the tragedy of people being lost nobody lost the price for this is listening for an executive they don't make the withdrawal evenings in the blood needs to be claimed is not enough of the blood they shed the blood has to be claimed when a major statement here one of the statements in our material it would be on page ten if the second paragraph Noah says could well sin have been found in Christ happy in one particular yielded to Satan to escape the terrible torture the enemy of God and man what a client Christ bowed his head and I but he held fast his faith and his submission to God and I are a loud voice saying in heaven now is come salvation and strengthen the kingdom of Aragon empowered with Christ for the accuser of our brethren is cast down which accused them before our God day and night Satan solid is disguised as far away his administration was laid open before the end fallen Angels and before that the universe he has revealed himself as a murder that is by setting the love somebody and operated himself from the sympathies of handling the henceforth this work was restricted whatever attitude he might assume he could no longer wait the Angels of the game from the heavily cards and before an innocuous Christ's brethren of being clothed with garments of blackness and the defilement of sin so you will see that Jesus offered a perfect sacrifice because Jesus had no sin by the tabloids and that God was a respecter of persons and all your family Jesus above above everybody else if I consolidated Democrats revealed that God is not a respecter of persons Romans chapter eight it says he would did not spare his own son but so is not a respect for precedent spare his own son that he might save us was the honorable law upheld cavalry on this Jesus have to die bearing the guilt of the human rights to uphold the sanctity of the law was a penalty of the law pay for begin the process you can't say the center because he is otherwise a citizen but now Jesus face the penalty box out some justice of God is satisfied the holiness of God is out of the mercy of God is satisfied he is not respect persons assignability and the law is upheld that away with but it is upheld could be done away with RL 's Jesus when the Pentagon saw at the cross of Calvary all of the arguments in St. Helena Hansen now that's what the next page we visited the encampment that's more needy sinners live Jesus lived a perfect life there is as the court is examined using is a perfect land without the effect and very officiate his own sacrifice he pays for the debt of the whole human race for four hours the base for all cents of all time but actually notice in order for individuals to benefit we must claim what Jesus did and this leads us into the holy place ministry to slap him on the day of Pentecost you know most people focus on what happens on earth all that was a mighty rushing wind and there were times of fire there's a big earthquake that took place and everybody started speaking of jobs and performing miracles no also judges out there emphasize what happened under but really what happened on earth was an announcement Helena taken place in heaven that Jesus had now become what had become the high priest for his people now this is voluminously this is important now individuals could claim the gift that Jesus had made by shedding his blood count is rising the holidays ministry Jesus is where we claim the gift that he may on the officer 's the sacrifice was for the whole world but when I come to Jesus repented and I confess my sin at that moment I am claiming Jesus intercessor I'm in others I'm quite enough offense if you please of what he did when he him us as I was driving the money the money that he has been a receiving the gift personally the only assembled texts let's talk to Leviticus ten on this particular aspect of the sanctuary service by the way what was introduced into the sanctuary the blood moving the resentment he could not enter without what with Outlook what is the bloodhound had in or on it if you please this is the hand was placed on men of the victim and the single steadfast you can read of their Leviticus four for example what was happening with the center did he was transferring his sins from himself to the victim the perfect victim and then the perfect victim was what sleigh Mexico the sinner go home and jumping for joy because this is been forgiven so he did that's all you know what I was forgiven he had assured suffragans he had the assurance of salvation includes as long as he repent and confess the same he could go home and know that now the problem was lots because I'm glad to have the record of the sin was introduced where into the sanctuary and as a result the sanctuary was one before you know there's this big question that came up in nineteen eighty invasion of you when the Desmond Ford think the place of the Adventist church and that is a lot of classes are does not defile good question right back as for the service when the center of the viral sanctuary the blood of Jesus Christ is a small segment of Internet with it cleanses us from all sin but in a certain angle is sorry from all sin the day so must the focus is upon whom I as individuals us as individuals Leviticus chapter ten and verses seventeen and eighteen on the idea of the transfer of sin Leviticus seventeen and eighteen there were two ways of transferring the same one at the price that eat the flesh of the animal in the holy place or even introduce the blood into the holy place but sin was introduced it says there are seventy speaking about Moses why have you not eat the sin offering in a holy place since it is most holy and God has given it to you to bear the guilt of the congregation to make a comment for them before the Lord you see that eating the flesh made an atonement for the sins of the people in the verse eight the city it was not brought inside the holy place which was the normal way of introducing it indeed use event in a holy place is like a man all you need to transfer it back to the flesh are vibrating in life or by bringing in the blood of the sin was transferred where into the site in all of the sermon of Peter was on the day of Pentecost Peter actually working alongside another reusable versus Peter 's message was left Jesus is the perfect Lamb Cape May all this is the world is always looking for clients you can come here the laundry is open the wireless office for my value can personally come to bring your garments including an essential and you can receive remission forgiveness is the youngest on Wednesday as the holy place ministry but that's those who repent and confess our sin in the car provision is made for everyone now let's read several verses in an unflattering these verses are very very important to talk about a little bit later though even after twenty six explain what is everything okay while South Africa that everybody understands against the all right Matthew twenty six verse twenty one tickets these babies are very important versus it says are inversely just like talking on a sacrifice for this is my blood of the new covenant which is shed for many for the blotting out of sins OSS is a similar remission downward remission is a Greek word offices which means to cancel the guilt of sin Mesa canceled the guilt of sin not some a record of sin and makes it canceled the deal was a bizarre difference remember that even this one out this is because when you come back to the little bit later in the book of acts no real will twenty four twenty four versus forty five forty seven twenty four forty five forty seven was after Jesus resurrects Eagles back to the upper room and yelled at the understanding of the disciples it doesn't help in their understanding of the Mike Opry in the Scriptures any such nothing is written and thus it was necessary for the price is suffered to rise from eleven thirty and at what rate is remission of sin it's should be preached in his name while nations beginning at Jerusalem what was it that the disciples are supposed to preach repentance and what the remission of sins not plotting out remission of sins and remission means not the canceled again what happened when the center transfer is sent to the head of the the deal was transferred but was canceled with regard to the first right he was now not guilty because the actual had taken to get the lost another takes time and again asked to verse thirty eight acts chapter two in verse thirty eight thirty two thirty risk breaching on the day of Pentecost when he finished his sermon they say while watching we know in the light of what you preach what we need to do verse thirty eight then Peter said to them repent and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit was in one of the idea while they receive now this is what they need in order for the sins of the rebellion they need to revamp and they need to contest the amount now let's talk to another murderous acts five verse thirty one acts chapter five verse thirty one time and again using this speaking about Jesus Peter speaking can God is exalted to his right hand to be friends and saying here took him three times to Israel and was an important necessary what is contemplated by the work of Christ in heaven in the heavenly sanctuary when he ascends to have what is a specific world isn't blotting out soon so that or is it for gaming sense of those who come to him but forgiveness of sins of the UW what are the people were coming to him claiming their claim and working in the his perfect life and he is as a possible since we are accepted in the abilities righteousness is imputed to us is crafted to our is reckoned to last its place on my letter that's what the Bible calls just well justification that's righteousness is not our righteousness is his righteous righteousness community now how can something that is was was Jesus holy and how the world pastor can you believe this country and in such as holiday place has assigned Hopkins and holiness exist together well that you have to ask how can send in holiness the link to Jesus Satan when Jesus sent his begin to Jesus it is recommended as his eye this is assigned short articles sins though they belong to God now there is a God right and yet they are American citizens were placed upon Jesus Hall Jesus had sent to record the holy sanctuary in Pakistan which could double as I enjoy reckoned to be are you now how is this quotation from element early writings page two sixty Cielo industry they ever get it get involved with a big debate on where the atonement was made in cities across Monticello I said that Jesus Lindsay forty four went to make a little if there's not really no need to argue about this because the atonement is not an event the atonement is a process and the whole process is based on what Jesus did account amid a mass one of the claims of the sanctuary the blood right what is it that cleanses the center deadline right so you service on whether you service one is is and I thought both will have to become not listen to what I want to say this very important you're all aware of the fact that there is something that is called present truth do you want to know what present to others very simple find out where Jesus is doing where Jesus is and what he is doing in the present is fabulous we cannot be preaching the message of the court and the holy place because Jesus isn't there where is the reasonable holy place so I is primarily is not although it includes that is not primarily that Jesus for sin hold us through Jesus Ferguson today still by the way still performing his holy place ministry and the most holy placement of an event on the holidays ministry is not as until the sanctuary was closed in order to really see he has offered something for personal because it got going with him so that he takes any as you can claim individually that's only place ministry at the beginning in eighteen forty four he begins to cleanse the records of the center also with his blood as so why doesn't a car is indispensable for lonely place and what doesn't only place is indispensable for the Holy Ghost because you cannot take the sites are what is not moaning and not let me read you a statement from early writings to sixty hello Mike does this the crates him on hold although Ms. is going the great sacrifice had been offered and had been accepted speak about what happened at Pentecost and all have been accepted as the Holy Spirit descended on the day of Pentecost carry the minds of the disciples from the earthly sanctuary to heavenly where Jesus had entered buying his own blood to shatter upon his disciples the bad effects of his abdomen and the Senate but Jesus knew when he began his living room basement for anyone for what the effects are visible so is there a certain sense in which the installment continues in the holy place through the blood sure because you're introducing us slow through the blood of Jesus he is a sci-fi feeling is Islam and his mother was in the offering of is not one of the atonement in a statement of faith on it by page two oh one kilobytes of the Holy Spirit descended on the day of Pentecost carry the minds of the disciples from the earthly sanctuary to the heavenly work Jesus had entered by his own blood is shed upon his disciples the benefit of his atonement so what is a holy place ministry the holidays ministry is introducing the sins of the people who look back into the sanctuary will also reap and also confess our sins appropriating what Jesus did on the following is the mayor is still out there for a long know what happens as a result Morgan Jesus into losing all those sins into the sanctuary phenol problem is God 's communication to minister us to our questions and sanctuary that is not managed to say he went missing on the assurance of forgiveness because you are in his sins will bear says that Glover wins because I went in the sanctuary such as arson incident in the sanctuary because only the sins that entered the sanctuary through came out and were placed on his walls and did not have been censored by the blood they had to suffer there will and will come back to the later salsa enters the sanctuary through the blood and the sanctuary is full of sand therefore at a certain point in history what needs to happen is that sin aliens are gone so it's not all that is just like the sins that Jesus Barnacle for alien to that point when both sessions have to be there to be painted from the sanctuary got some essential but I cannot only be likely to earn by the way that presently if you're not crazy in the most holy place message and we can present the him you need Jesus is doing at any given moment John the Baptist did not sink we all know I'm a boffo box office in Zamora New Orleans for college placement exams this is the perfect Lamb of God the disciples after Jesus died and understood privacy David Jesus as my videos the Old Testament was fun there is no and yes he got been mounted messengers you can bring it into the end beginning in eighteen forty one the message is now is not only an Nazi and begins with he begins with those first first person in the job was at Ellington is beginning with also forcibly upon the earth couples with version nine was first lit up on here he begins with my wife you want a little more on this process of the judgment are an audio version .org there is a presentation that I did call three inseparable doctrines or saw a doctor in the judgment estate in the event day and the second coming are inseparably linked Islamic Christian world does not understand the idea of adjustment is because they do not understand the baby unattended that is because they don't understand the idea of just zero ninety forty four got called out before you embark we must follow before the judgment seat of Christ the process we must all verify just as so have appeared in eighteen forty five he was the fact is enough the very person he as for the other media by exact transit will see more and is missing every thought every word every action every feeling is written that God has an exact transcript of me in heaven and each day he's adding to the transcript right now regretting everything in sight of the transcript probably my words are my thoughts you say it's got a really great guy and I could be thinking allows you on the rights that were and are not the will but not only right side of the unrighteous what I thought that's like in the ending to an inventory presented in prayer before the Lord and astronauts are to overcome sin I'm always yeah because sometimes you have a good motivation things turn out that sometimes and that motivation is a certain of the Madonna evaluates on the basis of hormones so what happens if so what happens in eighteen forty four when God calls out before you see us as he is is a living exact transcript of man's life runway it's it's not the Bible speaks of books that the record-keeping of .net Illinois news photography is online Sunday and regulated by the essay comparators as he plans the median items like this brought will basically they review his whole life method in your life they see the sin they committed losing out on those sales were reported they were confessing entered through the into the sanctuary and then Jesus asked before the heavenly beings is just what should we do with that you see or think of everlasting life to Christ as Lord and heavenly beings having seen the light of his repentance is confession is dramatically as a sense from the sanctuary and so they get off his record but I before Jesus comes all of our bad deeds will be erased from the record during the millennium all of the good deeds will be erased from your thirty thousand year judgment that's right so far so good and what does Jesus do when he comes he comes with his reward for Synod churches and that's all because the governor not understand the lesson is usually the first one the guy to go to heaven while the college community for important to I I is in the person went to hell when they die what is the argument is so in a sleep over when God begins to do with all of those who died in Christ he examines the record and the purpose is not to condemn the purpose is to him in the Senate before the goddess out the DNS about K 's and an indicator got been doing this very remained on scene other than newbies a pretty nasty people in heaven neither were nasty before going to be nasty never possible consult this who he was enacted killed while in prison it blasphemed the name of Jesus it says in the book 's even his enemies I is as I know they usually given a crown of righteousness and to everyone below is the original is immediately before his size when we say someone as well the record companies will be shown to others why not save some and why you convince others that he is not respecter of persons that he gave everyone the same opportunity to be say that the purpose of the judgment and most holy place as Emily in the most holy Place are contained the distinctive doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist church the real reason why the Christian world has rejected that the principal doctrines of the honest churches because they really have refused to enter the most holy place is along the most holy place is the Sabbath of the most Olympics is a state of event and the most full and wanting on to talk about Aaron 's rod that but it just dead wrong it's probably life represented Christ that run represented the priesthood with Erin Drive Finland furthermore the same and that is that because of the judgment begins at a certain point in history many people do not have an element I suspended that is involved in the most holy place also I think his health reform there was on NPR and God sought to teach Israel among other lessons each socket based on the sanctity of a song and also the importance of helpfully numbered map was reviewed in math as a holy and delicious food that we had back there gone life is going to write a simple life there was upon the most holy place while the doctrines of the Christian world rejects the law Sabbath the state of the van the judgment was the spirit of prophecy which points to this judgment is rejected the idea of healthful living the distinction between clean and unclean they reject them because they're fast as they fail to follow Jesus into the most holy place of the century now let's go so far so good the process of God is following all cents yes go if you already write some ability to desolate service on a theory that says a lot right now but you know there is an exchange one extreme is when he isn't here in this frame is a presumption securing and you have to be careful to not go to university Norway Utah I Martin Luther is expressing seen Williams doesn't seem about how noisy at the same time righteous and the thing I'm missing that piece of the reason why new kidney single users and see movement out of is because your seat Lieutenant Nancy was at the same time to hear that your center in your penitent sinner and therefore your righteous in Christ as long as you focus on Christ you know that the Christian world and preach his grace on all long for me to worry secure once saved always saved I can never be lost and really is a presumptuous security and so I know the fact is that when the grace of God 's embrace I live in beauty like he does not belong as long as the Christian world is breaking the law but you know how leveraging the long that the government has to impose upon the is the same thing is this a person about God sources people to follow his will so the Christian world is going to reflect the principles of Satan by imposing something by law and by imposing morality since the bylaw is not always mean to ask three or interesting difference word here acts chapter three talk about the most holy place for a few moments both vertebrae the hours up with a fifteen minute break three thirty less come back at the three forty five and that will deal with will this error in the name of this media list is by volume verse and hope media ministry Mountain View I see a generation of Christ I would like to listen to more great music is present or if you would like to learn more about what you see is that the UIC web or also find great with you on your verse got bored and had all videos 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