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27. Revelation's "Time No Longer!"

Lowell Hargreaves


This lecture is about Revelation 10 and the historical experience of the SDA church. A must hear lecture on the historical foundations of our faith!


Lowell Hargreaves

Lowell Hargreaves is a full time itinerant evangelist for Amazing Facts. He and his wife, Sandra, along with their two children, Teresa and Michael, have traveled all around the world with Amazing Facts. Pastor Lowell is also an ordained minister of the SDA church. Recently, his seminars have an added facet with his son Michael joining him in preaching prophecy to the public.



  • May 1, 2009
    7:00 PM
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Our topic for tonight revelations time no longer from disappointment to a divine appointment. Our ages in Age of questioning an age of uncertainty. It seems you can't be sure of anything these days and if you think you are certain about something how much is going to come along and challenged you of that. I remember one time years ago after I preached a sermon somebody after the sermon said Pastor how do you know for sure that what you're presenting the truth. Well that's a good question and that's a question each of you should be asking how do you know that what I'm presenting your night by night to truth. How do you know you have to test it in God's word. Many people have pulled up the anchor of God's word and as a result they're on a shore this ocean of uncertainty heading through life rushing through life many of the hardly knowing where they're going reminds me I heard the story of the biologist Thomas Oxley. He was late for a speaking appointment many years ago he had come in by train to this particular city the training gotten delayed so when he arrived he was late to jump off the train you rushed to a taxi which back in those days that we are horse drawn carriage he jumped in the carriage he said catch the driver top speed and light the driver he cracked the whip and they set out to the town of a wild pace of Cox we finally sat back in the seats they can I'm finally moving again. Let me start it up and wait. Driver do you know where I want to go. Driver said no but i'm driving top speed. And it seems like many people are going through life that way they're rushing for life hardly knowing where they're headed. Are you certain friend of where you're headed. Are you certain of your faith that you're certain of your beliefs. Jesus tells us we can have certainty in fact he says in John eight thirty two you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free Truth is absolute. Whether we accept it or not whether I believe it or not. Truth is absolute and Jesus tells us we can know the truth. Luke writing has the apple as he says in Luke one verse four that now mightest know though what the certainty of those things were in that has been instructed. Are you certain of the things wherein you had been instructed. Are you certain of your faith of your beliefs. We ought to be. I've had people say Pastor I don't agree with what you're presenting but I don't know the Bible like you do. I can disprove you. Well we are to be able to defend our faith from the Bible certainly the Bible tells us in verse Peter three fifteen but sanctify the Lord God in your hearts and be ready. How often. Always to give an answer to every man that ask of you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear and people today they want Bible answers when they challenge you they want you to be and what you believe. By God's word. Second Timothy two fifteen first study to show yourself approved and to God a workman that need us not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth and I challenge people study God's word base your faith on the Bible you will find as you study God's Word you have more and more certain and one of the things we discover from the Word of God especially the last book of the Bible is that we can have certainty in these uncertain days and one of the things we can be certain of in the Book of Revelation is that in the fine marks of God's true George we look at that already in our some of our Revelation twelve we look at the true church in the fine pictures of her we found aided in the fine marks for God's end time church from the Bible. Number one it would be teaching the truth we can expect that number two it would not appear until after seven hundred ninety eight we got that from Revelation twelve and then number three it would be like the original Bible call it the remnant. And so we went back and looked at the original church we saw the original church was looking for Christ. Return crisis advents of God's in time church would be looking for Christ's return and then the Appearing we saw the arrangements are to be advised by immersion so does last a church was baptized by immersion. The original church kept the Sabbath holy seventh day in the weeks of gods in time church would also keep the Sabbath holy seventh day of the week we saw the original church taught that death was like a sleep god last a church would take that death is like a sleep to be like the original And we saw them before God's True Church keeps his commandments. How many of them how many are there in the Ten Commandments. There are ten commandments. Virtually every church and I think you ought to keep nine but there are ten. Number five gun sure to true church would have the Spirit of Prophecy we look at that it would be a worldwide church number six carrying the gospel to every nation and then number seven would be carrying the three angles the message is which is called the everlasting gospel. Revelation fourteen to the whole world and then never any would be teaching people to take care of their health and we saw there's only one church that it meets all eight of those points and that the Seventh Day Adventist Church and as I mentioned when we look at this earlier the chaplain today for the United States Senate is a Seventh Day Adventists very black though this is not some cult. Otherwise the Senate would not have chosen a Seventh Day Adventist chaplain. Sometimes when I present the Bible identifying marks for God's creatures sometimes people people take offense. I remember one time I presented the following marks of God's true church and there was this Baptist lady she came out after the meeting she was furious she said how dare you say the seven the administrators the true church. She's in the Baptist church could do just what you do and they can find all the Bible proof that the Baptist Church is the true church. I said Well Sister why don't you do that. She went to studying. Six months later she became a Seventh Day Adventist he was at least honest with herself as he studied God's word as well. I guess there is a church the lines of a vibe. But let's answer this question tonight can we be certain that the Seventh Day Adventist Church is the true church. The Book of Revelation is given that we might have a certainty in the Book of Revelation we find in Revelation fourteen the message of God Street Church it in time and Revelation twelve we find the identifying marks of God's truth church it in time and then a revelation can we see the historical experience of God's truth church it in time. We have looked already in our seminar at the message of the trajectory relation fourteen we study that we have considered the end of the five marks of God's true church Revelation twelve we look at that. So tonight we're going to focus on the historical experience of Gods church or revelation Capitaine turn their plates How many did your homework for tonight with your hands. All right looks like most of you did just post the read Revelation tin for tonight we're going to study this entire chapter one by sea to put a marker here it be equitable over something we're going to spend much of our evening here in this place of the Bible Revelation Chapter ten. But a marker here. Revelation ten verses one and two John says I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven clothe the cloud is describing what he's seeing here and a rainbow is upon his head and his face was as it were the sun and his feet as pillars of fire and he had in his hand a little book wide open to keep that in mind. He had in his hand a little book open and he set his right foot upon the sea and his left foot upon the earth. So John is describing what he's saying. Joe's caught with a cloud based like the sun and he's got a little book open in his hand. Keep that in mind we're going to discover that that little book is The Thing of Revelation ten but he's got one foot on the earth and one put on the sea. What is C. represent in the Bible I will probably see represent peoples nations and languages we saw that from Revelations Devante. Fifty if you get one foot on the sea the populated areas of the world. But it got the other foot on the earth what earth represented probably sparsely populated areas though he he has a message for those sparsely populated areas also evidently this angel has a message for the whole world the populated areas of the world in the unpopulated areas of the world. A message that goes to the whole world and a bit evidently the message must have something to do with the little book that open in the insoles hand. Well let's read on the picture that's given here. Revelation ten verses three and four and cried this is being John cried with a loud voice as when a lion roar than when he cried seven thunders under their voices and when the seventh enters it under their voices I was about to write and I heard a voice from heaven saying in the ME seal up those things with the seventh honors uttered and write them not question when in those seventh understand we can spend the rest of our evening speculating about what the seven thunders said and when we got all that was there when Evidently whatever those seven thunders said was not to be known until after the events of Revelation Jan had been fulfilled. But we're certainly not going to speculate on what those seven vendors must of said that's not the key point here. In our study let's read on though verse five says these are words I saw stand upon the seal upon the earth lifted up his hand to heaven this is sort of be like you think you know or swearing. Notice verse six and swear by him that live it forever and ever who created the heaven and the things that they're in are and the earth and the things that vary in R. and the C. in the things which are there in that there should be time no longer. So the Angel under solemn oath he pronounces the message that there would be what time no longer and evidently this message goes to the whole world is pronounced under solemn oath. Time no longer and a. Apparently the masses must have something to do with a little book and open in the angel to handle the Bible clearly a little book that opened the message then the ghost of the whole world is that there would be time no longer the mystery of God would be finished as the next verse verse seven but in the days of the voice of the seventh angel when he shall begin to sound the mystery of God to be finished as he has declared to his servants the prophets. Well of course the question for us tonight is what does this method should be time no longer. What does this message mean and what time period is referred is this referring to when the angel proclaims there will be time no longer. And what's a little book that's opened it must relate to this and that is that there would be time no longer We're going to study all that in our presentation tonight let's read the next verse that over say Revelation ten very safe as in the voice which I heard from the Heavens speak and to me again and said Go and take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel which the end of the pond to see in upon the earth. Let's mark down some of the features of this book first of all it's a little book. Secondly it's an open book that implies it have one foot now it's open a little book an open book and it must have something to do with time probably because they don't proclaim to understand another there would be time no longer. Well the question of course for us is what book is this a little book an open book and a book that deals with time prophecy. We know that there are certain books in the Bible that deal with Time prophecy revelation is one of those. But John is receiving the vision of Revelation jeopardy and he hasn't yet read or written the book of Revelation. It's not been written yet. What other little book in the Bible deals with time the prophecy is the Book of Daniel and Revelation said that this little book would be open and then implies it must end. One point had been closer the question was Daniel at one point a close. Let's go back to being a leave a marker here in Revelation P. and we're going to go back to Daniel Chapter twelve and we're going to discover that there was only one little prophetic book in the Bible that was at one point closed that's the Book of Daniel Daniel Chapter twelve and will reverse for if you're taking notes put down verse four and verse nine will read both of them. Daniel ten to twelve verse and verse four the old tells the old Daniel shut up the words and seal the book because then to even go down to verse nine to twelve verse nine and he said go by way Daniel for the words are what closed up and sealed until when Tilman time with and the idea was at one point a closed book. Consider the parallels between Daniel twelve and Revelation Chapter ten I want to give you this particular slide in the handout tonight you have all this in Daniel twelve we have Daniel a sealed book in verse nine they're not well versed nine Revelation ten verse two we have an unsealed book. Daniel twelve verse five by a body of water revelation Danvers to buy a body of water see the parallels all sorts of parallels between Daniel twelve and Revelation and Daniel twelve or seven a solemn oath. Revelation tender six a solemn oath. Daniel twelve verses seven eleven and twelve we have prophecies Revelation ten verse six we have time prophet Daniel twelve verse nine time of the end revelation Denver six time no longer the contenders eleven we haven't a point what do you know is a closed book. You're going to get this slide in your hand out and I handed the angel a little girl so evidently they're not a SEAL because I'm going to be opened and beans or said that Daniel would be opened with I'm going to read verses eight through ten I will be left a marker in Revelation Revelation. Then the verses and the voice which I heard from you have been speaking to me again and said Go and take the little book or book is this book of Daniel. Go take the little book which is to me the little book or book let me take it it for me and I took the little book were bogus because I took the little book out of the symbolism showing and figured it will to be opened when time in the end he was showing the experience of God's people and in time as they studied the book of Daniel it would be sweet in the mouth but would turn to bitterness in the belly. I mean ask you did you eat something that was really sweet that made you sick. Years ago I was doing a mission project incented of Ingo Dominican Republic rather went down as a on a building project myself another young man I had had been married too long. We had a little baby girl back then. Many years ago I went down with his other fella for a building project we were going to build a house on a mission come down down there and Dominican Republicans we spent a month there building on this project and after we had spent our time there we were getting ready to go back home and we'd come to Santa Domingo the capital to fly out the next day of the brother there they want to thank us for our hard work and so they took us out that evening to a restaurant and they ordered us proprietor milkshakes and I had heard about I had tasted heard about the pie and I tasted them and I knew how good they were until I ordered the biggest check that you could order and my buddy. He did the same that you know it's hot down in Dominican Republic and so this is very refreshing in a great big papaya milkshake. So I ordered one my buddy ordered years and we enjoyed every step but I don't know if you've ever had to buy a milkshake. They are delicious and I enjoyed every sip of that cool. Also buy a milk shake on that hot evening there and a Domingo but it wasn't too long after I'd been to pub. Something began to feel funny down here in the midsection and by the time we got back to our hotel our motel room that night my buddy and I we were both sick really sick we were vomiting diarrhea. I don't think we slept at all that night between the toilet and the sink all night long we were taking turns it was an awful night I didn't know how to make it out of the lingo to come back home the next day I was never been so sick it was sweet in the mouth but it sure made me sick when it hit the ballet and so here is a prophecy predicts that this little book a little bit it would be sweet in the mouth what would turn to bitterness in the belly No let me ask you did you what does it mean to eat up a book. John was going to eat this little book that we know the little book that Daniel was a baby. Did you ever devour a book. Well what's going to cross-reference come with me to Jeremiah leave I think you're in Revelation Let's go back to Jeremiah fifteen sixty. I'm here at some point you devoured a book but not with your teeth. Course Jeremiah fifteen verse sixteen the Bible says the words were found and I did what I ate them and I word was until me the joy and rejoicing of my heart for I am called by the name of the Lord God of hosts eating our feeling upon the Word of God What is this I am Matthew for poor man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceed down the mouth of God So we're supposed to feed upon the Word of God evidently then to eat a little book means that you would be studying diligently. Now of course John is and John is symbolizing all this din you would be open at one time time and so John is symbolically showing in this experience the experience of God's people at the time of the end as we knew it would be sweet in the mouth. But would turn to bitterness in the Velo know when Stannis is talking about the time prophecies of Daniel the stories of Daniel have never been closed or the time passes again it would be closed up until weigh in and tell the time of the end and then as God's people my time in the end as they said in the time process is again you know they would have great jawing at first which would turn to bitter sorrow sweet in the mouth bitter in the valley. Now we know that Daniel and Revelation both have time prophecies revelation had not been written when we're studying revelation and John hadn't written the book yet that we know were looked locally a little look at the time prices of the studies over them that well but in sixty years you find out and then you'll also find it in Revelation. But there is another problem getting back the longest time crossing the Bible is found in the Book of Daniel eight fourteen and to two thousand three hundred days then each of the sites right be claimed we look at that already in our seminar we calculated that we saw that it started corporatist seven and ended in eight hundred forty four and Revelation ten says there would be time no longer the mystery of God would be finished. We understand it from the end of the longest time prophecy brings us down to eight hundred forty four and then the angle said there would be no time no longer bring us down to the time of the end as it were and I think that in this longest prophecy in the end it would first be sweet in the mouth that would turn to bitterness in the Bella What was that about the time prophet fourteen led first to great joy that ended in bitter sorrow. Well let's go back and consider what was happening in the early eight hundred we understand it in seven hundred ninety eight the twelve hundred sixty years of papal rule came to an end the pope was taken into exile died in exile freedom largely speaking came to the world the Bible Societies were established Bibles became available to them. How many people and as people around the world began studying the Bible many of them concluded that Christ coming was near largely from the time propositional Book of Daniel specially the one about the two thousand three hundred days or years. And we're studying again you know it was open out time in the end and as they study that they thought they saw Christ coming was near I was of course a sweet experience for them. Sir Isaac Newton sixteen forty two to seven hundred twenty seven he said this quote about the time of the end when when with dental floss to be opened time in the end that's we're being told in about the time of the end the body of men will be raised up who won't turn their attention to the prophecies. So Newton predicted that the time of the end people would focus in upon the preface of the Book of Daniel. Well question when is the time of the end time of the end began after seven hundred ninety eight from seven hundred ninety eight until Christ return is the time period referred to in the Bible as the time of the year and now you say Well after seven hundred ninety eight there was a long time ago. Well actually not so long ago depends on your perspective. Let me show you this great clock of time I got this from a scholar and by the way we're going to give you this particular slide also in your handout you get this so you have this for your reference. We have the clock twelve hours six thousand equaling six thousand years are going to be on the stand has gone on about six thousand years upon this world. Each hour is five hundred years each minute is a hundred years it will start over here at the zenith of Earth history creation. You come down to two o'clock and we've just passed the death of Adam three hundred nine hundred thirty years. You come down to three o'clock and we're at the time of Noah here we are fifteen hundred years after creation you come down to two thousand years after creation where the time of Abraham you come down two thousand five hundred years after creation we come to the Exodus three thousand years after creation where at the time of day but here we are six o'clock. On our clock. Half way through the six thousand years we're only at the time a day when you come to seven o'clock at the time of the annual eight o'clock four thousand years after creation we've come to the time of Christ and by the way if you have a great desire ages you can read on page thirty two about the great clock of time looking at it. You come down to nine o'clock and we're at the time of the papal system five hundred eighty come to ten o'clock are the Dark Ages one thousand eighty you come to eleven o'clock where the time of the Reformation fifteen hundred eighty where we are we come all the way down to eleven o'clock. Now you come to seven hundred ninety eight you see where that is right there. That's the time of the end can you see when you look at it from the entire perspective of the six thousand years on this planet how indeed it is the time of the end from seven hundred ninety eight until Christ returns. Just a short period when you look at in the entire span of time and then eight hundred forty four is when judgment began shortly after that. And where are we today. Well we are just seconds if you place before Christ's return we know that we're very near the area and I'll give you this particular slide so you have this so about the time of the end or after seventy nine because that's when the time of the end started that when Daniel was open people began to understand the past as it is about the time of the answer I think Newton said a body of men will be raised up who will turn their attention to the prophecies and that is exactly what happened after seventy nine people began. Then the Book of Daniel in America in eight hundred eighteen William Miller a recent convert to Christianity came to the shocking conclusion that Jesus Christ would personally and visibly return to Earth to set up His eternal Kingdom in about twenty five years or eight hundred forty three that was his first calculation. That conclusion filled William Miller with both joy and uneasiness. Or how did he come to that conclusion from studying what book the. Look I'm gay you know. Go Die way go by way Daniel for the words are closed up and sealed until when and come a time in the end when the damn time of the end begin. Seven hundred ninety eight after seven hundred ninety eight now people began focusing their attention and time passes again and as they study Daniel they said Jesus is coming back. Especially as they consider that prophecy of the two thousand three hundred years or brings a hundred forty four. Well that was America let's go to England now. This is Edward Irving an Englishman came to the conclusion that the prophecies of a little book but no pointed to the time of the end so Christ's return was preached in America was freakin England three hundred ministers in the Church of England and six hundred nonconformist ministers began preaching the second coming. Thomas B. McElroy the famous a story and a member of parliament parliament recorded in eight hundred forty four that the number of those who believed in an eminent return of Christ including men distinguished by rank wealth and of an ability nobleman he added and members of parliament have written in defense of it. That was England So Christ's return aspiration America was preached in England. Let's go to Germany. Johann Bengal and Germany almost simultaneously came to the same conclusion and became a preacher of the second coming from studying one little book The Little Book at the end it was opened now in these early eighteen hundred people all over the world was studying the law go to South America. Daniel dealer comes a Roman Catholic priest in South America wrote of the pen name of one hosted by Ben as rough as this godly man began this that in the prophecies what prophecies the prophecies of Daniel point in the time of the end he came to believe that Jesus was coming very very soon. That was preached in America which Britain England which Britain Germany was preached all through South America over in the scan and. Even countries Sweden Denmark Norway the public preaching of the Word of God was outlawed in these countries just after eight hundred. So what are you gonna do. He inspired child preachers by the hundreds who proclaim the soon coming of Jesus. They want to get up and begin to prepare these children and you can tell them they were pretty out of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit as they preach the message of Christ's return. That was in the Scandinavian countries. Let's go to Asia now. Dr Joseph was a Jewish convert to wrest to Christianity believe that Christ was coming in the early eighteen hundreds. He became a missionary to the world traveling throughout Asia proclaiming the second coming of Jesus. So all of the world that was preached to Christ coming was a new year in summary at the end of the twelve hundred sixty years of Daniel twelve seven a renewed interest in the second coming of Christ swept America and Europe and was felt in the farthest missionary outpost in Asia and Africa. Many of these fervent people believe that two thousand three hundred day year prophecy of what little book The Book of Daniel predicted the return of Jesus. See now Daniel was open as they studied they found Jesus is coming soon. That was what we think Christ's coming is near It was a sweet experience for them as they anticipated that until two thousand three hundred days then John The Thanks Roby Calandra eight fourteen. They thought Christians back then but not the thank you it was the earth and so they thought prices going to come back and cleanse the earth by fire and eight hundred forty four and by the way let me just mention these were not them and they had us there were no seven thousand eight hundred forty four These were Baptists Methodists Lutherans Presbyterians Biskup a people from virtually every church as they studied want to look a little look again it was open pointing to eight hundred forty four and they thought an eight hundred forty four Christ would come back here in America. As I mentioned when Miller was one William Miller was at first a deist a deist believes that God sort of wound up the world like a clock and then let it go do its own thing. He was a deist first but then he was converted became a Christian and he was challenged by his D.S. friends to prove his faith and so when he did he began systematically studying the Bible he put aside all the commentaries he got the Bible and the can court and he would study no farther than it became clear in his mind very slowly studying through the Bible started in Genesis went right down to the bio when he got to the Book of Daniel he was amazed at how clearly and how accurately the president had been fulfilled. He saw the prophecies about the Messiah the time when the decree went out to rebuild Jerusalem he saw that corporatism and we see trace down the four hundred and eighty three years to the Messiah's baptism he saw that these are Christ's death in the middle that last week and thirty already saw all that he saw had been fulfilled and so he concluded that the last date eight hundred forty four would also be fulfilled under two thousand three hundred days and then sell the thing for a week when he thought that I was there and when he discovered that he was impressed. Go tell the world. Well of course what you Miller he was a farmer wasn't a preacher and that was intimidating to him to think about getting up in front of a group of people and preaching. Scared him so for months in fact for years he resisted the conviction. Then he ought to go and tell what he had discovered. And finally we couldn't get rid of the conviction finally made a bargain with God He said Alright Lord if you send somebody to my door to invite me to farm or to preach I'll go. Course he knew that was a pretty good bargain because nobody was going to come ask a farmer preach it was within the hour somebody came knocking at his door. I was a youth from a neighbouring farm and they said that there was a whole group of people that they gathered over this neighbouring farm and they won. It him to come to share what he had been discovering from his study Little Willie Miller got mad at God for answering his prayers and quickly he went out into the grove of trees behind his house and he struggled with God over that issue. Finally said all right Lord. You've answered my prayer sent me the invitation I'll go. At his first serve thirteen entire families minus two people were converted and except the advent accepted the advent message he began a ministry William Miller that spanned from eight hundred thirty one eight hundred forty four he traveled all over America preaching that Christ coming was Mir from the prophecy of Daniel eight fourteen. So he thought this world was a sanctuary which would be cleansed by fire. In eight hundred forty four when Christ came back that was his conclusion. And of course people all over America agreed with him. This is from the book tell it to the world by C.M. Maxwell says quote. Hearts were filled with joy and holy excitement as thousands took their stand for Jesus through the preaching of one of the Advent preachers William Miller the Methodist churches gain forty thousand new members in the Baptist forty five thousand Can you imagine winning eighty five thousand people to the Lord. That was one preacher William Miller by the way when you know I was a Baptist. He was actually ordained as a Baptist ministers. Don't blame the administering thousand balik war was used long before had been IS came into being. They called them Adventists because they were teaching the end and they also called the miller eyes because they were borrowing William Miller was a Baptist minister. Somebody wrote in a resignation along about this time this era said Dear Sir Enclosed is my commission as justice of the peace which I have no further use for believing as I do beyond a doubt that the Lord is coming on the tenth day at the October twenty two of the seventh Jewish sacred month eight hundred forty four. I believe the Lord will come on the seventh month of the sacred year therefore I do not wish to remain justice of the peace any longer and of course that was from William S. Hershey. He resigned because he believed Christ was coming. The admin Herald which is a magazine published back then shortly before eight hundred forty four they they said this quote has the date of the present number of the Herald Herald is our last date of publication before the tenth day of the seventh a month that would be October twenty two. We shall make no provision for issuing a paper for the week following. And of course why not. They didn't think they'd be here when the Lord is coming back so we're going to be out of here. We don't need to plan for a paper next week. All right here's another statement as is from a new burry port shop owner who said quote believing as I most sincerely do that the Lord Jesus will come in a few days well in the few days come in the clouds of heaven. I retire from this shop as I am determined God being my helper that my works show correspond with my faith and of course I'm closing my business because a lord's coming in just a few days I'm going to prepare for that event. Somebody took out a front page advertisement in the province Providence Journal says this quote If I owe anybody any money as a result of my business dealings and if I have not been faithful in paying it please let me know so I can pay my debts because Jesus is coming on October twentieth doing hundred forty four and I want to ascend in the clouds and go with him and of quote These are believers from every church all of the world that saw Christ coming was eight hundred forty four October twenty two eight hundred forty four as a result of their study of Daniel's prophecy these people believe that Christ will return on out there were twenty two eight hundred forty four the end of the twenty three hundred year prophecy of Daniel eight fourteen and after the end of the thirteen thirty five year prophecy of Daniel twelve twelve. By the way I want to give you a hand out with that prophecy as well. How sweet the message of Christ's return was to these sincere people. Thousands had accepted Christ and given up all of follow him. Some farmers left their crops in the field they believe Christ was coming back. They gave up everything for that was not a sweet experience for them. Oh yes as they came up to it is this if you were separated from somebody that you love would be sweet to anticipate their return they're coming to meet you course and these people they were in love with Jesus. And so as they anticipated Christ coming that was they soon experience the moment but what they experience must have been like for those people they had no one can best Sian's remaining in their lives. Every thought every action they carefully examine to make sure they were completely committed to Jesus there was no jealousy between them there was no animosity between believers they put away all pride all selfishness. Every day they would begin the day by searching their heart to make sure they were surrendered in every thought every area completely to Jesus and so they came up to the experience they came up to that day that was a sweet experience none of us will understand how sweet it was because we didn't go through the experience they went through putting away every sin in our lives of us that was a sweet experience but the prediction from the end a revelation ten was it would turn to one turn to bitterness sweet in the mouth it would become bitter in the belly of that is exactly what happened. Jesus did not come back as they thought he would in eight hundred forty four and when Jesus didn't come back how bitter Was it a very bitter turn to bitterness All right we look at the sweet partner's turn of the better part bitter disappointment this is one of the Advent believers in re Emmons He said quote I waited all Tuesday October twenty two and dear Jesus did not come. I waited all the for noon of Wednesday but after twelve o'clock I began to feel faint. My natural strength. We be me very fast and I lay prostrate for two days without any pain. Sick with disappointment. And it was a bitter disappointment for those believers. Here's another one this is from Hiram Ensign the mother one of the believers. He said quote our fondest hopes and expectations were blasted and such a spirit of weeping came over us as I had never experienced before. It's seen that the loss of all earthly friends could have been no comparison. We wept and wept until the day dog we want on a stand how bitter that disappointment was because we didn't go through the experience that they went through but it was a very bitter disappointment. I had the Bible predicted it. Oh yes Revelation ten predicted as they would feed upon a little book of Daniel would be sweet in the mouth at first the president but then it would turn to great sorrow it would be a bitter disappointment and that is exactly what happened to those that those believers how did those people who were from many different denominations many different churches. How did they respond when Jesus did not return as they expected. Well several ways there were several responses to the bitter disappointment some gave up religion entirely. They became atheists or skeptics others sent new dates for the advent of course date that it has accomplished nothing. Most churches gave up the study of prophecy you can see why many churches are they want to study prophecy. Every church that was in existence Batman that exists today went through the experience of the disappointment they all went through that those churches that exist today that were existed back then they went through the disappoint. There's a well we just don't understand prophecy so we're no longer going to study. Obviously we missed something and eight hundred forty four small numbers will begin searching their Bibles again some of those that believe are there began searching their Bibles again to find out why where was our misunderstanding. As these disappointed people search their Bibles What did they discover. Two things first of all they discovered that there was nothing wrong the very gate they can find no miscalculation in all their calculations. They also discovered that the disciples had been disappointed in fact with only twenty four. Luke twenty four verse twenty one you could just hear the disappointment in the voices of the disciples in Luke twenty twenty one. Luke twenty four twenty one Luke twenty four verse twenty one says that we trusted that it had been he would should have regained Israel and beside all this today is the third day since these things were there and you hear the disappointment in their voices. We thought that Jesus was the Messiah and then we die. How disappointing. Well think about this when Jesus died on the cross was people killing prophecy. Oh yes but this very rapidly was for his disciples a lot of bitter disappointment the very inventive of them probably was for the disciples a bitter disappointment. Amazing. In thirty one A.D. when Christ died on the cross prophecy was being fulfilled. But for Christ's followers it was a bitter disappointment. In eight hundred forty four I give him prophecy was being fulfilled but for Christ's followers it was a bitter disappointment to the parallel. Amazing the parallels here. What really happened in eight hundred forty four. First we know Jesus did not come back. What happened in eight hundred forty four Daniel eight fourteen and to two thousand three hundred days we calculated this it does in an eight hundred forty four then show the sanctuary be cleansed see they thought the sanctuary was the arrest what is it. There is no evidence in the why of the same phrase as if that is the same story they discovered that the sanctuary actually is where they thought the sanctuary and. Let me just tell you what happened this is the day after October twenty two the next morning Hiram as that and some other believers they went out to the bar and there are a barn to pray to seek the Lord for some consolation some comfort some direction and as they were in prayer this small group of Advent believers with higher rents in there they felt impressed that somehow God was going to explain their misunderstanding. They felt a sense of peace. So Hiram Ensign another brother they set out across the cornfield to visit believers other Advent believers in a neighbouring farm. They went by the way of the cornfield rather than by the way of the road. Can you guess why. They didn't want to meet anybody that whole I thought you were going up yesterday. Looks like you're still here. All so they didn't want to meet anyway so they cut across the cornfield to avoid meeting anybody and as they were walking across the cornfield these two brothers hire him as any kind of began lagging behind he was in deep thought and he said later it was just as if a hand was laid upon his shoulder and was just as if he heard a voice from heaven saying the sanctuary to be cleanses in heaven and as he began thinking about it it was just as if he could look up and they have and realize that Jesus was begin the work of cleansing the heavenly sanctuary well when his friend the other brother got to the end of the cornfield they realize it Hiram has and wasn't with him so he turned around said higher. What's happened are you having a harem called back to the brother he said God is answering our prayer of this morning. And when higher rents and caught up with the other brother this is what he said quote My mind is carried to the tenth and eleventh chapters a revelation just in looking at the tenth revelation in the tenth and eleventh chapters of revelation where John was told to take a little book from the in Joe's hand and eat it. It tasted like honey in his mouth but when he had eaten it it was as bitter as a growl. That is our experience brother was it not sweet to believe that Jesus was coming yesterday. But now it is a bitter very bitter. The sanctuary I saw it in heaven and Jesus and Jesus entered yesterday upon his work of cleansing and of course so they began to realize that things were to be kinds of not this earth by fire but rather it was the heavenly sanctuary that would be clams. We saw that there was an earthly things right which is a miniature type of the heavenly things where we saw all the earthly things where I had a two phase ministry a daily service and a yearly service. That means there's a two phase ministry in one of the things who are the heavenly because the earthly was a copy of the heavenly two phase ministry in the heavenly things right now I just mention right here. When Jesus was officiating in the holy place first apartment in the have we thank you Ray He was still in God's presence. If you want some text to prove that put a revelation or wonder by revelation eight verse three that sort of a theological question or issue. But there is evidence in the Bible that when Jesus was in the first apartment of the heavenly sanctuary he was still in God's presence we can see that from the Bible. You may remember when we started about the sanctuary all year long the record of the forgiven sins had gone into the earthly thank you right were sprinkled there before the veil or record of the forgiven sins was recorded in the things you write in the sprinkled blood once a year they had a cleansing of the sanctuary when they would cleanse that record it was called the yearly service or the day of judgment or the day of atonement of course. What was claims out on that day. The record of the forgiven stanzas removed course symbolizing what God dess in the heavenly things rate in time fourteen and to two thousand three hundred days in Japan. Then tell the thanks for the clans or in other words then shall be. Judgment be here when I date. Eighteen forty four with sanctuary. Heavenly thank you for the beginner recognizes these Advent believers are they study the sanctuary they study they saw their day to a correct the end bit believers begin to realize it is eight hundred forty four Jesus move from the holy place into the most holy place to begin the work of judgment the second phase of his ministry in the heavenly sanctuary you see when Jesus comes back Revelation twenty two burst Well says he brings rewards for how many people every person in order for Christ to bring a reward for every person there has to be a judgment first to determine what rewards to bring everybody there has to be a pre Advent judgement there determine the reward and that judgment we have discovered already began in eight hundred forty four have been gone down now several quite a few years. Some point it will cross over to the living because when Christ comes back it brings our rewards as well. So from his ascension to eight hundred forty four Jesus appreciated in the holy place of the heavenly sanctuary from eight hundred forty four to the close of probation Christ of this most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary to face ministry in the heavenly sanctuary as well so now we know what happened in eight hundred forty four what happened. The judgment began at eight hundred forty four Jesus course we know Jesus didn't come back in the general beginning eight hundred forty four and that is why Revelation fourteen seventh as fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is we found out that began then in eight hundred forty four was amazing in thirty one A.D. when Christ died on the cross that was for Christ's followers a bitter disappointment but in God's plan that was a divine appointment in a temple. More for Christ followers again it was a bitter disappointment but in God's plan that was another divine appointment from disappointment to divine appointment. I want to know if the parallels between the New Testament church and God's truth church it in time New Testament Church in thirty one A.D. the disciples thought Christ would establish his kingdom on Earth. They were bitterly disappointed after his crucifixion Jesus went to heaven to begin his work as high priest. The attention of the disciples was directed to Christ's work in heaven now parallel that with the remnant church. God's projected in time in eight hundred forty four Christ followers thought Christ would establish His kingdom. They were bitterly disappointed. Their attention again was directed to the heavenly things where work right could begin his work of cleansing the sanctuary the work of judgment see the parallel between the New Testament church and God through a church that in time New Testament church was born out of a disappointment at the beginning of Christ's work of ministry in the happening place in the holy place. Compare that with the remnant church God St George and in time Christ remnant churches ever they are going to church was born again out of a discipline at the beginning of the most work of judgment in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary to the parallel both churches were born out of a disappointment. The New Testament church and God's truths are going to end on the Seventh Day Adventist Church both born out of a disappointment. One of the beginning of Christ's work in the first apartment. The other at the beginning of Christ's work in the second apartment. Let's go back now to revoice and ten burst in and we'll read this with new understanding revelation conversed here. John says I took the little book or book as this book at the end I took the little book out of the angel's hand and ate it up. He's symbolizing the spring. It's of God's people that in time as they will eat up the Book of Daniel and it was in my mouth sweet as honey and as soon as I had eaten it my belly was bitter. And now we can see that is exactly what happened first a sweet experience which turned to bitterness great joy that ended in bitter sorrow. That's what happen to those that didn't believe yours was this movement based on the process of getting would just die out when Christ did it come back was it just going to fizzle when Jesus didn't return. Let's reverse eleven now. Same chapter Revelation ten verse eleven and he said and to me that was prophesied again before many peoples and nations and turns in Kings course Jonna symbolizing the experience of God's people God's people were to profess I again not to die out they would have prophesied again before many peoples and nations and tongues and King. Compare that with the next verse the very next verse in your Bible Revelation eleven verse one says and it was given to me a read likened to a rod in the head stood saying rise and measure the temple of God and the altar and then that worship bury him rise. Get your focus off this world today. Most Christians or many Christians are looking for a rebuilt temple where over interest alone and these other things arise. Get your focus off this world. The Temple in this world has no significance. It was destroyed by the Romans. The intention now is to both be fixed on which temple the heavenly example rises says Get your focus on the heavenly temple Christ's work in the heavenly sanctuary. Mark this is the Seventh Day Adventist Church is the only church that knows what Jesus is doing in heaven today. You ask most Christians what she says to you in heaven. It's like well I don't know I guess he's waiting to come back. Seven they're going to understand what he's doing in heaven he's working he's going through the work of joining him in turn. Meaning that the rewards of people. And when every word has been determined every case is been decided then what happens. Then he comes back and brings his rewards. There are some people that think that eight hundred forty four sorta like a black mark on the Seventh Day Adventist Church and I want you to consider two things first of all the Seventh Day Adventists did not get that eight hundred forty four. So if you want to blame some dirt for eight hundred forty four go blame the Baptists because it was William Miller who was a Baptist minister who said eight hundred forty four don't blame the empennage for that because there were no seven. They haven't an eight hundred forty four. But secondly if the Seventh Day Adventists could not trace their heritage back eight hundred forty four they would not be the true church because God's truth certainly just discovered in Revelation ten was to grow go through the experience of eight hundred forty four the bitter disappointment. So God's church eight hundred forty four is another evidence that this is God's truth church. The Seventh Day Adventist Church is the only church that can make any sense out of what happened in eight hundred forty four every church today that was in existence in eight hundred forty four went through the experience that can be documented in church history in every church and they say we don't know what happened was a big mistake on of the Seventh Day Adventists understand what really happened then Jesus began his work in heaven now I should just mention something else in passing here. Sta. I mean seventh Avenue does not mean L.D.S. you know the difference. L.D.S. Latter-Day Saints I know people are always confusing family Ammann as with the Mormons I was a Jehovah's Witness. They saw them and they haven't. You don't believe in Jesus do. They're confusing us with the what the Jehovah's Witness who do not accept that Jesus is the divine Son of God is not God They say well just sort of created beings so F.E.M.A. that does not mean Latter day Saints are you know the witness that simply means that they have been asked to breathe in there. They are going to understand that an eight hundred forty four the day of judgment began. Let's read Revelation eleven rotating here drop on down in chapter eleven to verse eighteen. It says in the nations were angry and the wrath is come and the time of the dead that they should be want to see the judgment here the time of the dead that they should be judged in the dash units give reward and as I servants the prophets and of the saints and them that fears I name small and great and should destroy them which destroy the earth you can see the judgment pictured there until two thousand three hundred days. Then tell the thanks to Raby clan restore team we have calculated that we know that that ended in eight hundred forty four the Seventh Day Adventist Church is the only church that understands it in eight hundred forty four judgment began in heaven. Christ comes back when the judgement is finished. Bringing his rewards for every person. Let's read the next verse now Revelation eleven verse nineteen. It says in the temple of God was open in heaven and there was a seed in his temple will want the ark of his testament and there were lightnings and voices and thunderings and earthquake and great hail. The ark of his Testament who can tell me what is inside the ark the Ten Commandments as these Advent believers that had come out from all these different churches me eight hundred forty four experience as a begins that in the sanctuary they saw there the ark it inside the ark they discovered God's law and God's law that it all you know there's a command. We're not keeping We're only keeping nine of the Ten Commandments. What about the Sabbath. God says remember the seventy to keep it out of the seventh day is the Sabbath. The Lord thy God that group of people that came through the experience of eight hundred forty four began observing the seventh day sabbath. The group that went through the experience of Revelation ten the disappointment that group rediscovered the Bible Sabbath and began proclaiming it to the world something else. God's Church has Revelation twelve. Bettina keep the commandments Yes. And have what else. The testimony of Jesus which is which is the Spirit of Prophecy Revelation one nine hundred ten girls Testament Jesus is a spirit of profit so God's church would have the Spirit of Prophecy the remnant church this group that grew out of the disappointment of eight hundred forty four would have believed that include first of all an understanding of Christ's work in the heavenly sanctuary the work of judgment. Number two the true Bible Sabbath and number three the gift of prophecy which we believe was manifest in the ministry of Ellen G. Why didn't you been coming to our seminars we started about all white or any of our lectures. The gift of prophecy. Let's compare two verses now from Revelation Revelation ten verse eleven and Revelation fourteen verse six. Revelation ten verse eleven says he said and to me that was prophesied again before many peoples and nation then tongue then King. So the group that went through this experience was the promise before the world will compare that with Revelation fourteen verse six Revelation fourteen six says I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach on the land that one on the earth and to every nation and kindred and tongue and people see the parallel. So the people that went through the experience of Revelation ten they're supposed to carry the everlasting gospel or what's the gospel. These three Angels' messages were seven. Here's the message saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to hammer the hour of his judgment is come. When did it start. Eight hundred forty four ways. Establish that and worship him and made heaven and earth and the sea in the fountains of water. Verse eight. This is another method that God's people carry to the world and there followed another angel saying Babylon is fallen as fallen that great city because she made all nations drink of the law. Nine of the wrath of report occasion God's truth church is it in a fine who Babylon is and calling people to come out of Babylon revelation eight hundred four. Come out of her my people that you be not partakers of her sins and that you receive not of her playing who found out Babylon is the mother church and all of her daughters all the other commandment breaking churches. Verses nine and ten the third message that also God's Church carries it in time Revelation fourteen verses nine and ten the thirty five of them saying with a loud voice of any man worship the beast and his image and receive his mark in his forehead or in his hand the same show drink of the wind of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture into the cup of The Nation and he shall be torment with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb the group came to experience a revelation dentist was to carry this message to the whole world as well. So Mark this the Seventh Day Adventist Church is the only church preaching the threefold mass is a revelation forty and that has the characteristics of Revelation twelve and was born out of the experience of revelation to him. There is only one church in existence today that fits all three of those preaching the threefold methods of Revelation fourteen and that has the characteristics of Revelation twelve people like a mammoth and having the spirit of probably just one Jesus and that was born out of the experience of revelation to him. So yes we can have certainty that the Seventh Heaven is church is the church or if you've been wondering about that revelation ten is given that we might have certainty that yes this is God's truth church the only church preaching the threefold message of Revelation fourteen and then has the characteristics of Revelation twelve and that was born out of the experience of Revelation. Here my friend God wants you. To be a part of his church or his people at in time I want to mention something else tonight relating the revelation to the methods you're proclaimed under solemn oath would be that there would be what time no longer. Revelation Chapter ten verse six the longest time prophecy ended in eight hundred forty four and the senator said understand both that after that there would be time no longer. So there are no more prophetic points where you have a starting date and an ending date. After eight hundred forty four Accord of the Bible now there are people today that are reapplying some of the process of the Bible and trying to predict things for the future they are or some of some in fact there even some Seventh Day Adventists they're reapplying the prophecies of Gania over twelve hundred sixty day the twelve hundred ninety days of thirteen thirty five days are trying to reapply it and later being just as under solemn oath there would be walk time no longer after eight hundred forty four and that you can find reinforced in the writings of Ellen White This is from the book Alas the events page thirty six which says quote After this period of time Revelation ten forty six rating from eight hundred forty two to eight hundred forty four. There can be no definite tracing of the prophetic time. The longest reckoning reaches of the autumn of eight hundred forty four. End of quote. So after eight hundred forty four there will be no more date with a starting point and ending the ending point for the Bible's telling us here. Here's another book that she wrote selected messages Volume one page one eighty eight which says quote should we advance in spiritual knowledge we would see the truth developing and expanding in lines of which we have a little dream but it will never develop in any line that will lead us to imagine that we may know the times and the seasons which a lot father have put in his own power again and again have I been warned in regard to time setting. There will never again be a message for the people of God that will leave based on time because the Angels had a revelation ten there would be time no longer no more time date. STARTING POINT and an ending point we have we are not to know the definite time either for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit or for the coming of Christ. And of course what Jesus say no one knows the day of the hour no more time time no longer and I want to clarify this is referring to prophetic time. We can know when Christ coming is a mere can't when Jesus tells us in Matthew twenty four Mercer twenty thirty two and three when you see all the sign know that my coming is is near. Can't set date but we can know when Christ coming is near. Jesus says that time no longer. No Again this is time prophecy. It would be no my time. Prophets are there other processes it yet must be fulfilled. Yes There's a son in law there's the seven last legs there are other prophecies that ye must people feel. But when it comes to time prophecies with a starting point and an ending point what's the message a revelation to him. There would be time no longer no more prophetic time period after eight hundred forty four. One of the clarify that from our study of revelation to him. But in review the seventh they have an assurance today as the only church creating the threefold message of Revelation fourteen and that was has the characteristics of Revelation twelve and it was born out of the experience of Revelation T.M. So yes friend we can have confidence. God has a church today and Jesus tells us and Johnny thirty two you shall know the truth and the truth you know make you free. Set us free from all these man made traditions and teachings. God has a true church. Yes we can be certain of the. They have an assert is the true church at any time does that mean that everybody else is law. Course not does that mean that all seven have as we say not it not at all. But God does have a true church. The lines up with the prophecies of the look of Revelation Revelation fourteen Revelation twelve unreleased Indian and that's why God has brought you here he wants you to be a part of history church it in time and I'm so happy for those of you that have made that commitment. I want to follow Jesus don't you. How many want to biology's let me see your hand. Let's pray for that as we conclude our meeting tonight. One back to the stand for prayer. Friday night will study the secretive security and financial prosperity back up. Let's pray together. I do Heavenly Father tonight again we sank you for the certainty that we can have from your word especially from the Book of Revelation. We're thankful to know that you have a people today a church today that was born out of the experience of Revelation ten that we've looked at and I we've since you're leading you're called to be a part of that church that people we pray you to help us to follow your leading bless each one who's here tonight. May we be certain of our faith. Certain of our beliefs through your holy word we pray in Jesus' name amen. Right right. No.


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