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32. Questions and Answers from Prophecies of Hope

Lowell Hargreaves


This episode deals with common questions aht people often ask at the Prophecies of Hope Seminars


Lowell Hargreaves

Lowell Hargreaves is a full time itinerant evangelist for Amazing Facts. He and his wife, Sandra, along with their two children, Teresa and Michael, have traveled all around the world with Amazing Facts. Pastor Lowell is also an ordained minister of the SDA church. Recently, his seminars have an added facet with his son Michael joining him in preaching prophecy to the public.



  • March 7, 2015
    7:00 PM
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So this is our Q. and A Tonight. We'll answer questions tonight and tomorrow night and every weekend will probably do something like that. Friday and Saturday nights. And if you have questions you can write them in we'll try to answer your questions as they come in. What do you have son. Someone asked how did all this how did all the other species survive the flood. Why were the dinosaurs left off the list. When God said All animals are to be put in the ark Genesis six thousand nine hundred twenty. Well part of that lies in where the dinosaurs originated from and I think it was we answer that you'll see why they were not included on the ark. What happened to the dinosaurs what I'm going to share is my opinion you may not necessarily agree but I want to share how I understand where the dinosaurs came from where did they come from. Do you find them in the Bible mention what you don't find the actual term dinosaur in the Bible. But you do find the term behemoths love I.F.N. what those animals were we might speculate but the dinosaurs did they live millions of years ago. If you were here for a second you know the answer to that. Why did they disappear. We're going to answer that tonight we still today are fascinated with the dinosaurs. There have been a number of movies made on the dinosaurs and it's not just children that are fascinated with them. Adults are as well. The history of their discovery takes us back to the eight hundred twenty S. when Gideon Mantell an English doctor discovered some unusual bones in a rock quarry near to Chatfield Anglin. He recognized right away that the this was a species that he never heard of never seen before. And by eighteen forty one. Had nine different species bones from nine different species some of them are very large and about that time another anguish doctor by the name of Dr Richard Owen he was a Creationist a Christian he turned me coined the term Dinosauria which means terrible lizard. That's where we get our word dinosaur from because of their huge Bowden's. But the question is what happened to the dinosaurs why did they disappear. And we know that they did for some reason the seem to have disappeared about the time of the flood. Where did they come from. That answers why they disappeared at about the time of the flood. To answer that we're going to go back to the Old Testament book of Genesis which is the first book in the Bible. You're taking notes you can mark these texts. Genesis six nineteen and twenty. The Bible says when you read that fourth son Genesis six one nine hundred twenty says and of every living thing of all flesh two of every sort bring into the ark to keep them alive with the they shall be male and female but says of every living thing but apparently the dinosaurs were not included in that. Why. Well let's read on of files after their Condon of cattle after their kind of every creeping thing of the earth after his kind to of every sort show common to the to keep them alive. Notice the expression after is there can I. So apparently there were no hybrids brought on to the ark. They were each after their kind let's cross over to Genesis seven now the next chapter and we're going to read versus thirteen to fifteen if you're taking notes would you read that for a sudden Genesis seven thirteen to fifteen in the self-same day entered No I didn't. Sam in the Hammond J fifth the sons of Noah and no and the wife and the three wives of his sons with him into the ark and every beast afternoons a kind and all the cattle after their kind and every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth after his kind and every fowl after his kind every bird of every sort. Again after their time note that reading on and they went in on to No into the ark to and to of all flesh wherein is the breath of life so the animals that went into the ark were all lot after their time. Apparently there must've been some animals that were not after their kind of you ever seen an animal like that. And that's obviously not after it's kind. You may have heard of what's called genetic engineering where they mix the genes of various animals together and they come up with some strange creatures. You've seen the probably some of this debt in the laboratory here is a mouse that's been mixed with things the Bible tells us in Matthew twenty four verse thirty seven. But as the days of Noah were social also the coming of the Son of Man be. So just as we're doing today Jesus said they would have been doing back in Noah's day. Today we're doing genetic engineering and apparently they were doing the same back in Noah's day. Take a look at this particular dinosaur that looks like a creation that our Creator or would have created a hideous monster like that. It almost makes you wonder why did God make such an ugly animal or did God make it all part of the genetic scientists make that in their laboratories. You must understand that before the flood people lived on the air. Almost nine hundred some live nine hundred plus years. Imagine as a scientist working on a genetic project for eight hundred nine hundred years eight hundred perhaps or more. What could you create in that amount of time as a scientist today about the time that scientists is really getting new developing all of his inventions all of his discoveries. He dies sixty seventy year old dives before the flood they live nine hundred years. And you can imagine what the scientists were doing back then here's another picture of one of those dinosaurs. Jesus says the days of Noah were so-so also the coming of the Son of Man be. Today we're doing genetic engineering apparently they were doing the same before the flood. Here's an interesting article from The Telegraph News' twenty twelve it says the Jurassic Park scientist who plans to turn a chicken into a T.-Rex T.-Rex the dinosaur as they're going to do that. Well let's see what the article says. If scientists were to recover pieces of dinosaur D.N.A. as they do in the films there would not be enough detail to bring a T.-Rex back to life. But advances in genetic engineering could result in the creation of dinosaurs based on existing creatures. Advances in Watts genetic engineering and so today we are with our genetics. This one scientist says he's ready to create dinosaurs out of a chicken as it was in the days of Noah so it will be the coming of the Son of Man in Noah's day. Apparently not every animal was after his kind. Only those animals that were after their kind there was a God had created were brought into the ark and those that were not after their kind the ones that the genetic science. This had created they were left outside the ark and died in the flood. That's why the dinosaurs disappeared. What happened to them. Well they died out about the time of the flood. And now you know why. Because they were the creation of the genetic scientists now I'm giving you my opinion you may not agree with it but that's how I understand it. Did the dinosaurs ever the same time as humans. Yet we prove that. Here again is from the news. It's on scientists recovered direct soft tissue seventy million year old fossil yields preserved blood vessels. Could that be seventy million years old Sun If it's got soft tissue. That's not possible. So obviously the dinosaurs didn't live seventy billion years ago they must've lived more recently. Here you can see in the picture some of that soft tissue from the sea dinosaurs are obviously not seventy million years old and we saw when we studied about this the other night about a week ago that the dinosaur and the human apparently lived at the same time here's the proof from archaeology a dinosaur footprint right on top of the human footprint. And this particular evolutionist said that if dinosaurs and humans lived at the same time what would happen. Lucian would be vanquished and that's exactly what's happened. Evolution has been disproven. Now again that's my theory. You may not agree but that's how I understand where the dinosaurs came from and why they were not brought into the ark. OK Another question someone asked here. Who were the other people in Genesis. Or fourteen. And how do you explain the scientific dates etc like carbon dating. Well let's answer the first one genesis for verse fourteen. It says and behold Val has driven me this is Cain speaking the God Behold that has driven me out this day from the face of the earth and from that I face shall I be hid and I shall be a fugitive in a vagabond in the earth. And it should come to pass that everyone that find me shall slay me in the question as well who is all these other people was just Adam and Eve Cain and Abel were all these other people or the answer really is from Chapter five the next chapter and verse four it says and the days of Adam after he had begat and Seth were eight hundred years and he began at son and daughter. So after Adam and he begat Cain and Abel there were Seth came along later they began to lose and daughters and the world became populated and Cain is simply saying well somebody when they find me they're going to kill me because I killed my brother. God put a mark on a game that's interesting. And then last question was What about scientific data like carbon dating Carbon dating has been found to be highly inaccurate and it all depends on your perspective. Let me illustrate this way let's suppose that we went back in time to the eighth day after creation you know there was this there were the seven days of creation and we met Adam on the eighth day. This giant of a man. It looks like he's in the prime of manhood our old Izzy. I mean we would look at him with a well this guy's got to be twenty years old twenty five years old thirty years old look like in the prime of manhood How old is he. Two days old three days old and if we were to carbon date Adam you could do that. What would the carbon dating show. I wonder. And if we were to look at the trees there are just a few days old or what would we think. I mean when you see a big tree is think of that's got to be several hundred years old. How old were the trees. They were made of what a third day of creation. This is the eighth day now so what five days old. So it all depends on your perspective if you believe that God spoke and there it was as the Bible teaches. There's no problem if you wonder well how old could things be. It's interesting after Mount St Helens exploded ten years later they took some of the rock that came out of Mount St Helens this is brand new rock lava rock came out and they carbon dated that rock. It was ten years old. They sent it in the laboratory without telling the laboratory where the rock came from and what the laboratory said. Something like two million years old ten year old rock. So obviously carbon dating is highly inaccurate. OK one more question. Someone asked if all dinosaurs were killed by the flood what happened to the dinosaurs that lived on water. The dinosaurs who lived in lakes rivers and the sea well could this sea creature survive in the water. And some of the must have because we have no evidence that know what took the fish or the whales into the ark. They would need to be in the ark because they couldn't survive in the water so if there were any dinosaurs that lived in the water they couldn't survive unless God deliberately destroy. In the violence of the flood we don't know we can only speculate. Someone else asked how could all the animals fit into the our There wouldn't be enough room. That's a good question. Actually I was some slides for that I'd like to show you how big the ark really was. We're going to go back again to Genesis Chapter six and read fourteen through sixteen. God told no says make the an ark of go through a room shelf make in the ark and shall pitch it within and without with pitch. So God is instructing Noah to build this boat and reading on and this is the fashion which thou shalt make of it. The length of the arc shall be three hundred cubit the breadth of it fifty cubits in the height of it. Thirty cubits three hundred cubits logged fifty cubits wide and thirty cubits. I will come back to that. A windows make it to the ark and in a cube it shalt thou finish it above and the door of the Ark Celtel set in the side there of with a lowered second and third story shalt thou make it so this arc is how tall or three stories tall it's a pretty big boat for a wooden boat and if we understand a cubit to be fifty one centimeters that's what the scholars tell us then the ark would be a hundred and fifty five meters long. That's a pretty big boat it would be fifteen and a half meters tall. Three stories tall and it would be twenty six meters wide. That is a big ship even by today's standards. And it has been estimated that you could put inside that boat sixty two thousand five hundred cubic metres of stuff that's the space inside there. In fact somebody estimated you could put five the contents of five hundred. Sixty nine box cars inside the ark a lot of room really. Some of this information you can get at this particular Web site this is a world wide flood dot com I got some of this information from that you'd like to do your own research. But the ark was probably fashioned sorta like this computer drawing. That's probably what the ark looked like it was a very stable sort of like a barge and stable in the water and it was a very big boat. This is all the way back to two thousand five hundred B.C. and for a long time it was the largest boat that it ever been built all the way up until or Teano five A.D. this is when the Chinese treasure ships were built and you can see that the Chinese Chinese treasure ship even that is still not quite the same size as the ark huge boat it was not until they began building steel ships that they actually made bigger boats than the Ark Here you can see this is from eight hundred eighty or sixty eight this is the great Easter ten thousand troops they could put on the Great Eastern and then you have the Titanic definitely the Titanic was a bigger than they are. You can see the comparison here. And I thought it was interesting as you compare the Titanic where the ark of the Titanic was the largest ship ever built in its day. Ark was the largest ship built in its day. The Titanic was the most expensive ship ever built in its day and so is the art of the Titanic the construction of it was a testimony of man's wisdom and accomplishments but the arc of the construction of it was considered by the world to be the result of Noah's insanity. It build a boat. They had a scene arrange a viable tells us the earth was watered by a do it and have big oceans like we do now. The Titanic was designed and built to be unthinkable. So as they are the Titanic sank in a perfect league calm a sea but the ark survived the greatest storm ever greatest sea storm this world's ever seen. The Titanic made only one voyage or the ark only made one voyage. The Titanic failed to complete its voyage but the ark safely completed its void. The Titanic was crossing from the old world Europe to the New World America and the Ark was roughly round the old world to the new world. The Titanic ended its one voyage at the bottom of the ocean but the ark and it's one voyage at the top of a mountain. Interesting the comparisons. Anyway coming back to the ark you can see here that for wooden boats the ark was about the largest wooden boat ever built by comparison with steel boats you can see the Queen Mary is considerably larger than the ark was. There's a drawing of the ark as a wooden ship an enormous boat built like a bar you can see here in the picture at a flat bottom you can see the three stories. In fact sixty two thousand cubic meters plenty of space actually. And the Bible tells us in Genesis six twenty one God said and take that out of all food that is eaten and gather it to the and it shall be for food for the and for them. So God instructed them to take in the animals in fact God actually brought the animals to the ark but they were going to be in the. We are for a long time about a year if you read it in Genesis. And they had to be fed during that time so they had to include not just the animals but also the food. Somebody estimated that if you took what is a two. I think the Bible says two of every species actually two of the claimed seven of the clean. Even with that many animals you could fit all the animals of the world two of each in about thirty percent of the space of the ark. And if you think about it you really would have to take full grown animals would you. You could take a baby elephant male baby elephant of the female baby elephant you could you could God could have babies. But that leaves seventy percent space there in the ark for food plenty of space in this boat. It was a big boat no doubt. What else you have for questions. Someone asked where did Cain get his wife. Well that answer is the same as that we just read from Genesis by verse four at Adam after it began the Seth the begats daughters must have married one of his sisters and before the flood the race was so strong so peer that intermarriage was no problem in the time of Moses when the race had been deteriorating and weakening. God gave instruction not to marry a close relative and you know today that if you marry a close relative there is the potential of genetic problems. King Tut. It's estimated the reason why he had health problems because his mother and his father were closely related so he had the results of that. But before the flood it was no problem there should genetic structure was so strong they could enter marry without any difficulty you know. What else could they do. Akane must've married one of his sisters someone else asked Who are the sons of God in Genesis two. Well if you read in first John let's go to first John Chapter three. Oh maybe before I get there. On the way I will stop in Romans Romans eight verse fourteen and you can mark this. Some people say that the sons of God were angels and angels had according to their theory they had sex with human women and as a result Cheyennes appeared. Well is that really what the Bible's teaching. If you go to Romans eight verse fourteen the Bible says for as many as are led by the Spirit of God They are the sons of God Who are the sons of God according to the Bible. Those that are led by the Spirit of God Now if you go to first job chapter three verse one and there are several other two scriptures I'm just reading a couple here. First John three verse one. You can mark that in your coach verse John three verse one. I can get there. Says Behold what manner of Love The Father has bestowed upon us that we should be called the Sons of God. Therefore the world know of us not because it knew him not so the sons of God in the Bible are those who follow God or today we would call them Christians. And what was happening back in Genesis it says the sons of God saw the daughters of man that they were beautiful and they took a wise of all that they saw and Giants were born. Here's what a pair. Only happen. The sons of God Who are the sons of God be dangerous those of the Gods people. Christians of that time they looked out and saw all these worldly women there laying on God because there were tears there were two sides Cain was on the devil's side. Abel was on God's side. Seth was also on God's side. So apparently the sons of God those on God's side they saw all these beautiful worldly women as we would call them today and they married them they took the lives of all that they desired and Giants were born back then. So it has nothing to do with angels having sexual relations with people. Would it work OK if someone else asked what is the reference basis of the six thousand year age of the year. Please explain. Well I've got a few slides it might help to answer that as well and this is in relation to the moon which most scientists believe is about the same age as the earth and the one nine hundred fifty S. Lyttleton he is an astronomer said the lunar surface is exposed to direct sunlight and strong ultraviolet light and X. rays from the sun can destroy the surface layers of exposed rock and reduce them to dust at the rate of a few ten thousand of an inch per year so just a very small amount. But even this minute amount could during the age of the moon be sufficient to form a layer Sayreville miles deep are several kilometers deep in five to ten billion years which out of the earth they say about five billion years. That's what they say. Well I think the latest. Yeah the latest five billion. If the earth and the moon. Our that old and then you would have a layer of dust on them anywhere from thirty two to ninety seven kilometers deep. You know the breakdown of the rocks and this really was what caused a little bit of concern for the Apollo mission to the merge remember the Americans went to the moon. They were afraid to land on the moon thinking they would sink and all the dust and so they first sent an unmanned probe to the moon just to make sure that it was safe and the probe came back sent back the signal that it was the dust was not very deep. But even with the unmanned probes they were still afraid to land on the murder of Frey they might disappear in this cloud of dust or this ocean of dust. But they went and landed with them and you know what they found when they landed. There is not over five to eight centimeters of dust on the moon that is the amount one would expect if the moon were about six to eight thousand years old. That fits with what we understand from the Bible. So we can see going from a science that the Earth is about six thousand years old now if you like a text that indicates that. Put in your notes. Second Peter three eight which stands with God a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as one day with man a day is how long twenty four hours in prophecy a day is how long on preventive day equals one literal year with God a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day. Apparently God must've known because God can see into eternity eternity future God must have known that C.N.N. would go on on this. Earth about six thousand years you know from Genesis that God created the earth in six days. Rest of the seventh day. Interesting. And there's going to be a six thousand year monium. You heard about that six thousand years of sea and then a thousand year by land. So paralleling day with God a day is a thousand years six thousand years of sin. Then there's going to be this thousand year millennium which we're going to study. And one of our future lectures Well son I think we are out of time for questions for tonight. We will take time for more questions tomorrow. If you have any you can write them in from six thirty to seventy eight. All right I have a question for you father that when asked by Jesus fulfilling over three hundred drops. Why is it specially Jewish religious leaders already present you not accept or embrace Jesus. And that's another good question. Why with all the evidence. What are they saying and has been against his will is the same opinions. Do you ever try to convince somebody who is not going to be convinced like trying to convince evolutionists this world was created by God But let me read a couple picked John one says he came unto his own verse eleven one verse eleven. You came unto his and his old received him. Why not. Why did they not receive Jesus as well part of the reason is Christ did not come as expected he would. They were looking for us. Conquering King that would conquer the Romans and exult Israel to be the sort of the superpower of the world that Jesus when He came as a whole. Galilean hybrid or did their picture what they thought the Messiah ought to be like. And so as a result they did not accept it. Now there's another deck that like to read with this. That's from John Chapter nine. Mark if you're taking notes I started with verse thirty nine thirty nine to forty one. The setting of when Jesus a man that was blind and Jesus said were judgment I am come into this world that they which are not they would not might see just out of hand it was blood they would see not see and that they would see him a block or sporty and some of the Pharisees which were with him heard these words and said Are we blind also. Jesus said of them if you were blind you should have no sin but now you say We see therefore your sin remain so he's essentially telling the Jewish leaders if you claim to be able to see what your bride to the fact that I am people feel part of the prophecy of the Old Testament. I am the Messiah fulfilling prophecy did they see it. Did they want to know and that's why Jesus said they were lying. You can read servile places in the New Testament were Jesus with us. They that have ears that happen here let it here have you ever heard. But you weren't listening. My children I'm working on my computer. They come in to talk to me and I keep working. The puter Daddy are you listening. They're talking but am I listening. Jesus was talking about ages were not listening they would not hear the truth. That's why they refused All right here's the question for you. Somebody there how true that some parts of the Bible is reboot. They call it Apocrypha. If true well that's another good question about the Apocrypha the word Apocrypha but seen it in those or books or parts that are not old bibles there are few bible tick tock of the Apocrypha was not written back during Lent Old Testament books but it was written sometime around two hundred B.C. all the way to one hundred eighty four replete at the Apocrypha But the main reason why it is not accepted because it contains teachings which contradict the scriptures or if the Apocrypha also is at there are other reasons why it should not be accepted. First of all the conduct that scripture as we mentioned also it presents a lot of fable that you are to read certain parts of the apocryphal books. It's very much a fable instead of the truth and certain parts of the apocrypha endorsed Paul doctrine. Christ never quoted from the Apocrypha either did the apostle and so that is why in both Bible you will only find sixty six books. Those are that an article books that are accepted as authoritative and that harmonize together. The reason why it was not accepted because other parts of the Bible. So that you never accepted them as part of the true Word of God. We should. You can read them if you like to read novels if it's going to read like a bubble but as far as being inspired by God. So OK if someone asks Why did God not forgive us if we're to be forgiven you have to work you have to confess and repent for ever return faster at this. There's no evidence anywhere that he confessed. You can read it first. What if we could best I see it. Jesus is faithful adjusted forgive Lucifer and never can that so he could not be forgiven. And what's interesting when you think about Lucifer Originally the word Lucifer the name Lucifer of the Light Bearer. You could read and I'd say at Chapter fourteen that they like to go back to read Isaiah or teen to well if you're taking notes you could mark some of these idea fourteen twelve how our downfall of Provence have been elusive person of the boarding. So here I say I says that he fell from heaven. Now if you go to loot looked at Chapter ten verse eighteen your week by what she says is Lieutenant verse eighteen he said it of them might be held and eaten as a lightning bolt from heaven. So I called Lucifer Jesus calls him Satan you know what Satan Satan pain barrier and I mean or accuser if the originals actually mean somebody did attack. So his character apparently. Shame it's the Bible. Typically that name denotes character that's why God's name character that's what the one thing describing the various aspects of his character. God of mercy justice love and so forth. But Lucifer said he changed his character probably super being a light bearer to God and I'm a God at the theory got to change his name when he fell from heaven. Of said slay that's when he was character with so set against God that he's now called his God and I think you know what more text book should read. Revelation Revelation Chapter twelve verses seven through not read this the other night but we were talking about the origin of sin or it's evil. Revelation twelve versus seven three nights as if there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought to get the dragon and the dragon fought and his angel and prevailed. Not even was there plates found any more in heaven and the great dragon with cast out that old serpent called The Devil and Satan. He was cast out of the the are them easy to work with. So he's called the great dragon. He's called the separate It's called the devil and it's called Satan. That it character so can't get God to forgive it. I mean I I don't know if he's not going to rip it if its character is an enemy of God can't God forgive not if they're not going to repent and the devil has never been as far as we could see from the Bible. When you look at the crawl you see what that temple did to the Son of God That's a demonstration of his character. The court that he's that way what to do. Now question for you there's a good but somebody. That's how should we study the Bible. We get results are not that breeds a whole sermon on that but we're going to try. Meantime we have left to give you a principle about how to study the Bible. Take notes or two to mark it down. Is there a difference between the Bible and reading the Bible. There is a big difference between studying and read the Bible. Have you ever just scanned through text books. Well probably it didn't make a lot of sense especially if you look at medical textbooks of course means to peruse deeply upon and there are some principles I put a few notes together about the principles of Bible study. First and foremost why should we bother studying the Bible. Why is it even important as the Bible. Well the Bible says in Matthew for verse or Matthew or verse or can you read them or us other shall not live by bread alone but by you probably know it too but by a great word for that of about the Bible sustains our spirit soul life it is our spiritual food. If you were to go for a week without eating what would happen to you physically weak it weak and feeble and if you didn't eat long enough eventually you die. And the Bible says names are spiritual life and the way that we get strong spiritually is by faithfully studying the Bible. Another text you can mark out of Jeremiah fifteen sixteen where it says Your word was spelled out in I did eat it and your word with an immediate joy and rejoicing of my heart eat the Word of God not literally that means to read it he ate it. Stand it and follow it. He cheats and you can also mark down John five thirty nine were Jesus said Search the scriptures or they testify of me God wants us to search the word of God. Kind of like on Valentine's Day If your Valentine writes you a note what do you do with it. You read it several times. Yes there are some basic principles for Bible study. One of the first would be to reserve regular time for Bible study. It must be of course reserve regular time for Bible study otherwise you won't have time. The reserve regular time for Bible study when is the best time. Probably when your mind is the Russians they say that the best meal of the day is this. Right because that's when your metabolism is the highest and you're going to need the energy from throughout the day. We recommend that in the Bible at the beginning of the day so that you have straight for the day. That's right there are some years of Bible study we call them the P.'s of Bible study because they all start with the letter P. first one is for a. That's one of the most obvious for a verse. Edith only the Bible and a text for that comes from Psalms the one thousand nine hundred verse twenty five. There are over one thousand nine hundred first twenty five if you take out a lot of this chapter in the Bible verse twenty five one twenty five on what it says. I am sure that give me at this point no like testable it sounds like the fray is easy prey. Understand the Word of God the testimony of the we need to open our Bible not a bit careless or irreverent way but with an earnest prayer that we can understand what God wants us to do with the likes of what you set out to what we do. We pray for God to bless the food we recommend that at the beach of this should be the same with Bible study pray that God help you to understand his were as you said to ask the author we can ask the author of the Bible to help us understand the Bible God and the Bible by His Spirit is the same spirit they mean if we pray for it and then Matthew seven seven if you take you know ask and it shall be given you see you so fine knock and it shall be open to you that when we ask God for understanding God will give it to us. There are other verses on that or go on now to number two the second to be a Bible study first. Pray now number two is to ponder ever to ponder what it means to ponder think deeply upon something to meditate upon it. Well upon a well upon it till it makes sense and the meaning is clear and what God is saying to you personally in His Word is clear in your mind that's what it means to ponder one verse two but his delight is in the law of the Lord and in his law to meditate day and night through pray to the right person meditate of course means that being equally about meditate in the Word of God and not every minute that you have another Texas on one thousand nine hundred one fifty I will better take it in your precepts and have respect and. Here way now there are some principles for us to understand the Bible one of the best compromise they had twenty first bite in hand. Isaiah twenty nine and did it twenty eight Biden in a boom like he make you understand not good that are we from the milk run from the grass or precept must be upon reset the book lined up blood line and the punchline here a little there a little though precept upon precept line upon line when I find that a precept that's an instruction of God how He wants me to live or what do you want me to do. I compare that with other similar commands and by doing that I will gain a clear view of what God wants me to do. Reset the palm print the line upon line. I mean we find one tack and we compare it with another tech we talked about that in our seminar ready. That's how we understand the Word of God There are five key is to clearly understand Fact number one is read the context. They say that it had taken out of context. What happens is it reads it. Yeah it ends up becoming a personal opinion often the read the entire context of the text understand what the author is say what God is saying read the contact never to let the Bible interpret it so I was one of our prophetic faith understanding the Bible second Peter one verse twenty eight no property of the scripture is of any private interpretation that we let the Bible interpret it felt and then number three. We must compare Scripture with Scripture in order to understand the scripture and then never for we must ask the question what kind of questions that we ask why when and how he and there are more you can also ask in each verse is there a promise I can claim. Is there a lesson I can learn. Is there a blessing to enjoy. Is there a command to obey. If there is spin to avoid answering How does the first revealed Jesus and the planet's salvation. There are a lot of questions you can ask about each text that you study to help you understand you ask those questions. Expo viable you're going to learn something. There are also certain parts you know that you can use in Bible study what are those who are you probably to get accorded recommand of all the tools you could use for viable corded says you are double what any sides of the Bible you need to have a corded if you have a electronic device you can get a free kick cords from the Internet. I have one of my computer. You have a computer you get a recorder or supporter or download it bible application and you can cross reference the on your own you can also use Bible dictionaries and commentary commentary there are the opinions of the best commentary about a scripture is another Scripture right. And of course I know that to mark down the lessons that you learn from the Bible in your personal study time. Then the final he understand it picked is to take no notice. That isn't the best. Every though take note of what you learn and apply it in your life. There are several types of study is there is what's called Pop it cool. That's where you study appliable topic and we've been doing that in our them and if you want to do that firstly you really have to have a good quarter if you take any word Take for example. Evan you can look up all the words all the purses the Bible to talk about and you have that you need to keep order to do a topical and there's a verse by verse study if you take a verse and study it and when you finish another verse and then there is a chapter or a book study where you study it chapter is a bible or a book at the Bible. Your brother do it now. Yes we've been going to cook at the back of a long time for three years. Plus you could write a book or a book of Bakhit and have back it only has three chapters. That's right you can take a look at you can do the study on it and that is really what I call but that's truth. And then number three the third is practice pray. Number one ever to ponder in number three. Practice practice the word of God. Revelation one three we've read that before. Well as it is he that really if you read the Bible and they that hear and those who see do the things that are written in this book and then of course James one verse to be sure that the word and not here is only deceiving your own self. What verse twenty two God wants us to not only read and study His word but he opened his word and then John seven verse seventeen The Bible says Jesus says if any man who will do His will that God will be still no. It doctrine whether it be of God or whether I speak of myself. So if you want to do the will of God and follow what the Bible teaches God will give you with them which are studying His Word and then of course there are other topics your report now. Now the fourth principle is reserve. Number four reserve number one was for a great number two on their number three. Active practice the number four reserve Reserve. What does that mean. I mean memorize a word have I here did mine a heart what the rest of it I might add I my prayers alone. Memorization is one of the best way to overcome the patient always having to attempt the wrong. If we memorize the Scripture we will have a powerful weapon to fight the devil when sees that look tempted to think that it is written. He knew where it was written and recorded it. Evel name of the devil Pym view though a number who are preserved memorize the Word of God at will take all of those out be challenging but encourage your self that a goal or memorizing memorize maybe a birth that we or verses that week and you can increase it as you ever I'd if you're young like he it's easier when you get older like well when you get older that it's more difficult but it's not impossible that even an older by if you do this regular rate but the six months it'll get is easy for an old by this but you have to do it. If it will become easier the discipline of mind that number five the last the is to proclaim number one pray number two on their number three. Rock this number for her number five. Blame it on forty verse and I have not to get your right to live in my heart I have declared your faithfulness and your salvation I have not concealed your lovingkindness in your truth from the great congregation. They say that what you do not do this you will you lose though if we use the word of God we share it with other people our friends our neighbors our family as we share with the word of we share the word of God it will become clear to us and we will understand it. Jesus said as the light of the world the what were those five Grey onder practice preserve and proclaim those aren't very hard to remember. And as we discipline our minds to love this study out the Word of God and we long to do the will of God we will be able to understand the Bible. But I think that was a long answer sorta like to do a short distance study. We're out of time. You have more questions you could write them in next week here. Pick time again write it Saturday night. It's a quest. Happy Thapar Has Set though it is welcome tonight. We're going to take time for questions and you can see we have a stack we probably won't get through them all tonight but we got another guy coming. Our night. But he got sun. Someone asked if Adam and Eve were giants in those days compared to us. Does that mean that the plants and animals were big too. If it was so in the descendants after Noah started to eat flesh meat plants and animals also started to be crease in size like human beings. Yes the Bible says the whole creation grown because of sin. I believe that's Romans eight twenty two and this earth the inhabitants mankind the animals of plants of all been deteriorating in size in the lungs you have a T. We saw the other night when Dr David Sir David was lecturing how that before the flood the patriarchs they lived almost a thousand years. But then after the flood their longevity dropped off size and began to drop off in fact I have seen pictures of those they dug up of people who lived before the flood and they were sixty eight hundred foot tall and if it wouldn't work for the size of man back then we probably would have become extinct after six thousand years of sin. So yes both plants animals and man have been diminishing in size and longevity. All right a sick question for you son. Someone is that what event came first creation or the fall of Satan. Well that's actually a very quiet a very easy question to answer because the Bible says in Revelation twelve verse nine that the great dragon the Devil or Satan was cast out into the earth so obviously the Earth must have already been created if the devil is cast out into the earth and the devil thing is from the beginning. So yes Satan spin first and then the creation came. And in Genesis three the serpent was already in the Garden of Eden. OK I have another question. Someone asked what is the real meaning of the cross and why do Protestants not make a sign of the cross. Like Catholics. Well let's take that question in two parts the real meaning of the cross did you know the crosses were used before Christ died on the cross. They were used in fact one of the oldest pictures that I have that is in existence today and you could probably find this as well is a picture of a couple ploughing in Mesopotamia This is shortly after the flood in the sky in place of the sun is the crawls if you look at the moon through the screen of a screen door the screen of a window what will you see. You'll see the crawls when the children look through the tree leaves of a tree toward the sun. They would see their the cross the solar cross as a so for centuries they venerated the cross as a symbol of the sun. And when Jesus came and was crucified on the cross that was a victory for the devil to get Jesus crucified on the symbol of the sun. Now we understand this since Christ died on the cross the crosses become sort of a Christian symbol but it's Should we make the sign of the cross. People often ask why do Protestants not make the sign of the Cross and the Catholics do. I'll give you one T.X.T. answer that you like the market text in your notes and this is from X. seventeen verses thirty twenty four twenty five. It says God made the earth and all things there in the seeing that he is the Lord of Heaven and Earth dwelleth not in temples. As made with hands. Neither is worshiped with a man's hands as though he needed anything. Seeing he give it to all live and breath and all things. So the Bible tells us that God is not worshiped with man's hands making the sign of the cross is an act of worship with the hands which the Bible clearly tells us God is not worshiped with man's hands but more probably a more pertinent question for us is should we venerate the cross. What did Jesus think of the cross and I'd like to read the answer from the Bible. Hebrews Chapter twelve verse two. You can mark this as well in your notes. Hebrews twelve verse two says looking into Jesus the author and finisher of our faith who for the joy that was set before him endured the crawls despising the shame and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God So the Bible tells us that Jesus despise that shameful crawls. And I like illustrate it this way. If I had a dear relative that was murdered with a pistol would I make a little miniature pistol and hang it around my neck to commemorate the death of my loved one. Probably not. So we don't venerate the object that cause Christ so much suffering we venerate the one who died on the cross. Now I do understand that the cross has become a Christian symbol. So you see it on most churches will sometimes seal the Bible but to venerate or worship the cross we should worship the One who died on the cross instead. And I have a question for you son. Someone is asked How do I know if I'm ready for heaven. Question actually the truth is we're going to answer that question tomorrow morning at ten thirty. They ought to be here tomorrow morning at ten thirty but we can give you just a few thoughts this evening. The Bible says in Matthew six the Lord's Prayer that I kingdom come thy will be done On earth as it is in heaven. So when the will of God is done in our lives just as it is in heaven when we would rather God will instead of our Will not my will but his will be done. Then we are ready for the kingdom of heaven when the kingdom of heaven becomes the dearest thing to us that that we love to think about talk about dwell upon and we become like Jesus then we are indeed ready for heaven. Someone else asked when I keep going back to drugs is my faith not strong enough. Well there is a solution. Drugs are an addiction like so many other addictions How do you quit drugs how to quit smoking How do you quit drinking. How do you credit quit gossiping. Ours is a bunch of other sins. Tomorrow we're going to answer that when we study the three steps or give you the five minute play to victory. Don't miss tomorrow morning ten thirty. All right son I got a question for you. Will Sunday keepers who didn't know the truth and be saved but they were truthful. Well that's a good question and the answer to that is actually yes let's go read it. Text in Acts Chapter seventeen Acts Chapter seventeen if you're taking notes verse thirty Acts Chapter seventeen verse thirty. Where the Bible says and the times of this ignorance God winked at but now commanded all men everywhere to repent. So when we didn't know and when they didn't have the light on the issue and they were living up to all the life they knew they were obeying God sincerely from the heart they didn't know any better. Bible says and James four seventeen to him that know is to do good and do is it not to him it is sin when the light comes. They God expects us to follow the law before the like comes there is no condemnation if they are following all the like God is revealed to them. So when asked how should we keep the Sabbath. What should we do. What should we not do. Well that's a good question specially since Sabbath has started right. We often get questions like this after we study the topic of the seven factor in our pile here we get quite a few questions related to the Sabbath but this one how do you keep the Sabbath. Well yes we keep it holy we're supposed to keep it holy the commandment says Six days shalt thou labor but the seventh day is the Sabbath Exodus twenty verses eight through eleven. And God tells us not to work on that day. What does God consider work. The Jews they thought they knew and they added about fifteen hundred laws to the Sabbath commandment. For example the Jews had a law that you couldn't spit on the ground at least on the grass on the Sabbath because if you did you're irrigating the grass that's work. The Jews modern Jews when they come to an elevator they will push the button that's work they'll ask a gentile to come and push for them it's OK for him. And one of the most recent laws that I heard that the Jews have added to the Sabbath Commandment it is no longer our right to pick your nose on the Sabbath. That's called breaking the Sabbath going to the. Yes but you can understand why Jesus came to this earth did he keep those fifteen hundred other laws that the Jews had added to the Sabbath. Not at all. And as a result the Jews accuse users of breaking the Sabbath. Did he break the Sabbath. No he said it's lawful to do well on the Sabbath. What set me that mean I can work in my carpenter shop. Well I like to illustrate this way suppose I'm driving to church on Sabbath Saturday and I got my barong I'm all cleaned up ready to go to church and I like going along it's a rainy day it's the rainy season and I happen to notice that there's a car that's lost control to run off the road it is down in the ditch upside down and I think if I pull off the road out in the mud I want to get stuck and I might get dirty if I get out there and try to rescue the person in the car I'm going to get all dirty and it's the Sabbath. No I stopped the car I go down there I get all dirty I swear I succeeded in getting the car open and helping somebody saving somebody. Did I break this habit. No. Well suppose that afternoon I think you know I got my barong all dirty and my shoes are dirty so I think I want to wash my barong and I want to clean my shoes and by keeping the Sabbath now. No you see the difference is a lawful to do well on the Sabbath to relieve human suffering. I like to think about the Sabbath. Sorta like a date with God you ladies think back when you had a date with that special man. I know some of you ladies it's been a long time ago. What did you do on your day ladies. Something related to they are not going to tell you preacher. Well I think I know what you did. Do on your date ladies when your date came did you watch the clothes then. No Did you cook the food then. No you've already fixed the food ahead of time. Do you clean house when your date came. Ladies know you prepare for your date before he came you wanted to make an impression so the house was clean and you put on your pretty whatever your prettiest clothes and you prepare the food. This was a special appointment with a special man and you wanted to make an impression. This is have is our date with God. So on that day we set aside the normal activities of the week our job our house cleaning our cooking all those in fact if you're taking note put out in your notes Exodus sixteen twenty three where God says we're supposed to do our cooking on the day before Sabbath. We're supposed to prepare for the Sabbath. My wife is here tonight and she always prepares for the Sabbath ahead of time and I should mention Ladies if your husband is an unbeliever to start fixing special food of course have that he's going to start looking forward to the Sabbath even if he isn't keeping it because there's something special on the Sabbath. So my wife she always prepare something special for Sabbath and Susie starts the Sabbath preparation on Thursday evening. Alice gets clean Thursday Friday floors get swept in MOP shoes are polished the food is prepared. So when the Sabbath begins when when does the Sabbath Sabbath begins when the sun sets when the sun goes down on Friday then then it's Sabbath so what we do we're not preaching somewhere we get the family together we sing together we read from some spiritual book or from the Bible together we well. Come the Sabbath and then Sabbath morning we get up we got our special breakfast and after breakfast or put on our clothes has a very special close as we're going to. We got an appointment with God We head off to church find some miss Sabbath keeping church or not a lot of them but there are a few and will worship God on the Sabbath and then in the afternoon if we're not doing ministry somewhere we like to go out to the park. You can read it in Acts sixteen thirteen that Paul and company they went out by a riverside on the Sabbath. God has two books one book is a Bible The other book is nature so I like to get away if I can from the sights of the city on the Sabbath find some part where I can enjoy nature and then Sabbath evening again and we're not preaching somewhere we had again when the sun is setting we get the family together we worship God at the beginning and at the close of the Sabbath and many churches that have services on the Sabbath is almost an all day affairs though it's a special celebration the Bible says the Sabbath supposed to be a delight and you'll find that the Sabbath really is a delight. We have other questions about the Sabbath who would be happy to answer them about how to keep it. Here's a question for you son. Somebody is asked if we rest on the Sabbath do we rest physically or spiritually is spiritually how. Well that's a good question we actually do read both ways. So we do literally rest physically. Bible tells us an Exodus twenty verses eight through eleven in the Sabbath on the Sabbath we are not to do any work though we do literally refrain from the regular work that we do during the week on the Sabbath day that would be a literal rest. But in a spiritual sense we do rest on the Sabbath because the Sabbath is also connected with. Salvation we rest from our works from the things that we normally do and we enter into we do the works of God on the Sabbath what pleases God for the symbol of salvation. Field twenty twelve and twenty. You're like a text for that someone is asked I believe it goes to those who passed away are just the works of the devil. But my question is what is their purpose of haunting the living. Why are they doing that. And then there's another question will the dead be able to regain their memories as soon as there is a direct hit. Well let's take the first question why did you go scum to haunt the living. And I agree with whoever wrote the question that these really are the spirits of devils. Why did they come. At least two reasons number one to cause fear. The devil delights in scaring people and creating fear. His only delight is in torment but probably a greater reason is to deceive us. Because if I believe that this isn't my mother or my grandmother that's come to visit me and they've come down from heaven with a message from heaven. Now my going to listen if I believe that's really them I'm going to listen to them thinking while this is my mother's She's come down. God musta center down to give me some instruction and if I start listening to her and to listen to the Bible can I be misled. Oh yeah she might be telling me things completely contrary to the Bible but because I think this is really my mother or my grandmother I want to believe but when I believe the Bible then I understand that mother. Where is my but my mother is dead. Where is my mother today. She's in the grave waiting for waiting for the resurrection so if somebody were to show up in my bedroom some night and looking like my mom. I'm your mother I'm here I came from heaven. I know right away that's not my mother that's a demon seeking to deceive or to create fear. So two reasons want to create fear the other to deceive and then the second question that they asked will the dead be able to regain their memories as soon as their is directed. Yes Your mind will pick up right where it left off and that's why really we ought to be a king holy thoughts. If my last thought before I die is that I'm I hate that guy. Then when I wake up you know it's like when you lay down to sleep. Oftentimes the last thing you're thinking about when you go to sleep that's what you pick up when you wake up and it's the same thing in death. So that's why we want to be thinking holy thoughts when we are resurrected and we're going to pick up our thoughts are right probably where we left off and we will have our identity in the resurrection. We'll study more about that tomorrow night. All right. QUESTION Does the Bible say anything about the haircut of how long or how short should the hair before male or female. I wonder who wrote this question. Well that's that's an interesting question. I'll invite you to mark down first Corinthians eleven. I believe it's in First Corinthians Chapter eleven. Yes yes here it is first Corinthians eleven verses fourteen and fifteen. The Bible says even nature teaches us that the same for a man to have long hair and also that if a woman has long hair it's her crown of glory. You can mark that out or screw in the in the eleven fourteen and fifteen. Some one asked Is it lawful to save lives and property during the Sabbath. I work as a fire man. That's a good question. I used to be a volunteer firefighter and I know full well that there's a lot of things involved with firefighting that's beyond just saving life. Nothing wrong with saving life on the Sabbath. Jesus did it. But there's a whole lot of other work that goes into firefighting that is not necessarily saving life. So if you're a firefighter or policeman or something like that what we recommend is to find work colleague that we would like to have every Sunday free. You trade with him. You work every Sunday for him he'll work every Saturday for you then you got your Sabbath off. There are some professions where you might have to say Lord I just don't feel like it's right for me to be doing this. It's best if I got to do it on the Sabbath. Guide me to something else Andy. Typically if you really are sincere and pray God will guide you to probably even a better job. So yes you can save a life on the Sabbath that's appropriate but all the other stuff that's involved with firefighting really is not Sabbath keeping. So exchange your day with somebody who wants to have every Sunday free you work Sunday they work Saturday. Let's take one more question tonight son. Someone is asked is it necessary to go to church on the Sabbath day. Well that's a good question in the Bible actually gives us the answer to that in Hebrews and verse twenty five. If you're taking notes Hebrews ten verse twenty five bible says not to for sake the assembling of ourselves together and then in Leviticus twenty three I believe it's verse three Verse three The Bible calls the Sabbath a holy convocation which to me. In the holy coming together for fellowship for worship for study for testimonies and Jesus also said is the example by going faithfully every Sabbath to the synagogue which was the equivalent of the church back then. So yes it's important to go to church on the Sabbath the Sabbath is a holy convocation are we going to have a congregation or a coming together here tomorrow. ARM I know or they probably wouldn't call this a church. We're going to we're going to come together tomorrow and have a meeting in the morning when Vita join us for that. Well we're out of time but not out of question. We got a lot more questions but we have time tomorrow night so be with us tomorrow night from six thirty to seven and we'll answer more questions someone asked comparing which is more significant or important on the seventh day God taking a rest or Jesus becoming alive after death. Well that question almost is implying something. It seems like it's implying it's more important that since Jesus rose on Sunday that we should observe Sunday even though God commanded us to keep the Sabbath. I don't know if that's what's implied. We understand they cry through as a reaction is important right but where is the text or God has commanded us to observe that day. We couldn't find it members. We offered ten thousand that's been at offer for a long time there's somebody who's offered a million dollars And nobody's ismy nobody's been able to collect any money because there is no text so we can't set aside one of the Great Ten Commandments in honor of Christ's resurrection. Praise the Lord. We're Christ's resurrection but let's not use that as an excuse to break one of the commandments. If God had commanded us to keep Sunday then we should do it. But he has not committed us should we obey God's commands. Jesus said If you love me keep my commandments. So both are important. The seventh day God ended his work. Christ's resurrection. But we cannot use Christ's resurrection as a reason to set aside the fourth commandment. Now son somebody is asked this question should we pray for the dead. Well what do you think. Now the Bible says that the living will die but the dead know how much. Nothing nothing though we should not spend our energies and our time praying for the dead who should we pray for the living. We should pray for the living the Bible says it's appointed and man once to die. After that the judgment. So you don't have a second chance after death. Those people that everybody died their destination is fixed whether it's for eternal life or for eternal destruction. So we shouldn't pray for the dead we should pray for the living that God will help them make their decision and be among the saved while they're still alive. Now I know it is true that there is a tradition that people pray for the dead but is there any value in praying for the dead. Where or that it can be are they in purgatory. I suppose if somebody thought they were in purgatory I we should pray for them. But is that what the Bible teaches. The Bible teaches Where are the dead in the grave in the grave so we certainly don't need to pray for them. Someone asked when would the reign of Christ start. I understand it would have. Started in the year six thousand. Well we're going to talk about the thousand years I know many people think that there's this thousand year reign of Christ. We're going to study that this evening. But there is an indication that this about six thousand years of time have passed on the year before Christ. You go back about four thousand years to creation B.C. and then after Christ where we are at what twenty fifteen now. So we don't know the exact date. Nobody knows the day or the hour. Jesus says but we do know that Christ's calving is near and it's been about six thousand years that sin has gone on here on planet Earth. And then there's this thousand year millennium thousand year of peace. It's almost like a thousand year Sabbath. You may remember that in Peter first Peter. By the by verse eight where it says with God a day is a thousand years in a thousand years as one day. So you have six thousand years of say in six days for man and then there is the seventh thousand year period the seventh day. The rest are going to study all about that this evening in our topic. All right someone is asked this question son. How credible is the Gregorian calendar account are we used today as a reference for determining the true Sabbath. Well it's very credible the Gregorian calendar is actually an old calendar. It's about five hundred years old or so not quite five hundred years old and it's based off of the Julian calendar which dates all the way way back before even the time of Christ. So we can have confidence that it is a very accurate calendar the seventh day of the week is still Saturday. In fact no time has been lost from the weekly cycle of that has been verified by the Greenwich Observatory. So you can know that the Sabbath today Saturday seventh day of the week is the same all the way back through time. Now someone else asked if the person die all of us return into the dust is that person die and is put into the grave it is easy to explain that they awake when the second coming of Christ takes place. My question is what will happen if the person dies and undergoes cremation there any explanation that the person will OK about cremation. But I think that it is a common question. When the Dead are resurrected let me ask you how much of your old body does God need to make a new body out of. I really don't want God to use any part of my old body if I die before Christ comes back. I want to completely new body so whether you were cremated or whether you were buried then really doesn't matter because when you're resurrected you get a completely new body of course our identity is restored to us. But you think about people like Adam those who lived before the flood there is nothing left as far as bones probably of many of them. And we also know that many of the martyrs during the Dark Ages they were burned for their faith. Are they going to be resurrected. Yes we could say they were cremated. So were there persons cremated or whether they're buried when we are resurrected God doesn't need any part of the old body to make a new body out of if you like a text to put in your notes. You can go down first Corinthians. He I believe it's verses thirty five to thirty eight which talks about when a seed is planted when a seat is VERY does not what's buried that comes up in new life a new life comes out of that. And so in the resurrection we don't need any part of the old body to have a new body for God to make us out of God will give us a completely new body whether we're cremated or buried. Someone is asked this question Son Is it true that when Jesus died he went down to the land of the dead to rescue the selected people and bring them back to heaven. Well there is no evidence that when Christ died he went down to the land of the dead and rescued selected people because we know that where are the dead according to Jesus in the air in the grave they're not burning somewhere in hell fire purgatory or wherever when Christ died he went into the grave and then he was resurrected on Sunday. So there is no evidence that he went and preached to people that were in purgatory. There is a explanation of that in your handout questions and answers about death in the soul you can read down through there and you'll find a detailed answer to that. Someone else asked Father. They said the Bible is only plagiarized the idea of Greek mythology and the Babylonian teaching. And they said the ten commandments came from Egyptian Book. What can you say about that. Well first of all the Bible being plagiarized when we talked about the Bible the other night we gave five reasons why we know the Bible is God's word. The idea that the Bible was through your eyes that it's not true is simply a myth it's a criticism against God's word. It would be sort of like it. If somebody were to write a letter to try to prove to me that my wife doesn't love me you think I'd read the letter somebody gave me one time a book entitled The fifty thousand errors in the Bible. You think I read the book. Why fill my mind with somebody is a bitter attitude toward the Word of God God's Word has the attacks of a man for centuries. There have been over ten thousand decrees against the Bible and yet it still exists and is still the world's best selling book forty different authors most of them didn't know each other wrote prophecy poetry history more ality ethics and it all harmonizes. That's not Egypt's in mythology that's not plagiarism. So the idea that the Bible is plagiarized that's not true and we also know the Ten Commandments who wrote the Ten Commandments. Something interesting I heard this myself on the radio some time ago they were doing some excavations or doing some research around Mount Sinai and they found these fragments of rock granite rock that were laser engraved dating back to the time of Moses. Did they have lasers back in the time of Moses and they couldn't figure out why this Iraq with a laser engraved. You may remember if you read from actually this that when Moses came down from the mountain with the Ten Commandments what was Israel doing. Israel had fallen into idolatry at the base of Mount Sinai they were worshipping a golden calf and so Moses because Israel had broken God's law of Moses threw down that first set ten commandments and it broke and later you can read in the Bible where the later God told Moses to carve out a no. There are two tablets of stone to bring them back up. Most of us took them back up to the mountain and God rode it out again. So apparently somebody found a fragment from that first step that was broken by Moses and now you have the evidence. So it wasn't copied by from somewhere by someone. God wrote it with his finger himself. OK the question continues. Some want to ask what does Revelation six ten me. Who are these who cry with a loud voice. They are being described in verse nine. But evidently they still in their graves. Let's read that this is another common question and I think you have a detailed answer in your questions and answers about death of the soul but it will read it here from Revelation six nine and ten. It says when he had opened the fifth seal I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the Word of God and for the testimony which they held and they cried with a loud voice saying how long all Lord Holy and true dest out not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth. People say well look here we have these souls under the altar and they are crying out we must be conscious. Let's notice verse eleven. It says in white robes were given under every one of them and more correctly translated in white robes were assigned every one of them and it was said and to them that they should. Rest. If you're following this is Revelation six eleven that they should arrest yet a little season and tell their fellow servants also and their brother and that should be killed as they where should be fulfilled. We understand that revelation is for love. Well a lot. Form of symbols. So is it a little literal or symbolic. If you go back to the previous seal this is the fifth seal verse nine talks about the opening of the fifth seal the fourth seal. When he is verse seven when he had opened the fourth seal I heard the voice of the fourth we say Come and see. And I looked and behold a Pale Horse and his name that sat on him was death and hell followed with him and power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth to kill with the sword and with hunger and with death and with the beasts of the earth. So under the Fourth Seal we have this pale horse and death is a writing it is this a literal picture this is symbolic. So the fifth seal also symbolic. We have these souls under the altar who would that be this would be the martyrs the altar in the bible times the altar was where sacrifices were slain. This was symbolic of those who had given their lives sacrificed their lives for the truths they had been martyred and so the question is how long until you're going to have our blood. Let me give you a parallel passage if you would want to write this in your note you can go from Genesis all the way back to Revelation rather all the way back to Genesis Genesis four and verse nine the Lord said and the cane where is Abel by brother and he said I know not am I my brother's keeper. What happened Abel like Cain who killed him. Cain came in and got his Where's Abel what's Cain say I don't know. He's lying to God verse to him and he said. What has now done this is God speaking to Cain what has now done the voice of the brother's blood cries out to me from the ground. Well this is sort of like a person nation course Abel was dead and when you're dead how much do you know. Dead don't know anything but the voice of Abel's blood was crying out to God for vengeance. And so in Revelation the blood of the martyrs is crying out to God for vengeance how long until you go then you your people. God says well wait a little while longer rest a little while longer until your fellow Saint will also be martyred. But in the resurrection there going to be raised incorruptible. Here is a question the Son When did the world's Christian churches start worshipping on a Sunday. Why did the church elders and or pastors allow this to happen. Well let's take the first question first when did the world's churches start worshipping on a Sunday. That's sort of a more historical quest in the answer to that would be quite long if we were to give it in detail but summarize it began to happen quite a long time after the Apostles had already died and apostasy began to creep in and they began to start worshipping on Sunday of course to be able to blend more that pagans who are worshipping already the Sun on Sunday. They wanted them to feel at home in this in the new religion. So they began to blend it a little bit more and a little bit more and gradually the Sabbath was pushed lower and lower and Sunday was exulted higher and higher until eventually it became the normal to observe Sunday instead of the Sabbath it was a gradual process of compromise. As it took place around the third in the fourth century A.D. when was the first Sunday law and the first Sunday law was actually in three twenty one by Constantine So that was the first time a Sunday all of this shoot and then gradually it became more and more common to worship on Sunday. Did you know that actually for a while Christians worshipped on both days they were stopped on the Sabbath Saturday because that's what the commandment. That's what God commanded. And then they worshipped on Sunday because well they wanted to be like everybody else they wanted to make Christianity more popular to the rest of the world. So they were keeping two days and then gradually Sunday was exulted more and more Sabbath was pushed down more and more until eventually Sabbath was lost sight of and then they asked Why did the Christian elders Why didn't Christian pastors allow such a thing to happen. Well the answer would simply be for fame or popularity they wanted to do what was popular rather than what was biblical so that they could secure the favor of the world and so they began to compromise the commandments of God is truth popular. You cannot follow the truth and follow the crowd. In fact in Noah's day how many went to the Ark people. How many people were living. Well they estimate two to three billion people were living before the flood and how many would have the ark eight And Jesus said as it was back then so it's going to be it in time. You can read in Revelation where it talks about our remnant. So we know that truth is never popular and has not been so from the very beginning when crisis that was the Christian church it was not popular you could lose your life for being a Christian and then when Constantine became a Christian the sort of a half Christian have pagan that's what all these compromises took place. It's my turn. It's like OK question somebody asked a question on John one twelve many receive Jesus as born again Christians. My question is what kind of power were given to each who received. Is this the power to heal or is this the power to pour Holy Spirit as sometimes I saw pastors preying on people laying their hands on them and then people cried and collapsed is this right. Because sometimes if I saw this kind of doing this there is something doubt in my mind is this spirit from God or from evil. That's a fair question. When we receive Christ we receive power and Bible says that John one verse twelve. But what kind of power has the power to heal. Well God does heal people. Let me ask you Can the devil also heal people. Does God work miracles. Yes Can the devil also work miracles. How can I know whether it's God's power the devil's power. Well I was eight nineteen and twenty to the law and to the testimony they speak not according to this word. There is no light in them. So we should test every preacher by what by the Bible. Now this question really is so important and so big. We have a whole topic on that in the future. What's the name of it. It's modern magic miracles in the IT CALLED and that will not be this Wednesday night but next Wednesday night we're going to show you a video clip of what some people are doing in the church in the name of religion you'll be amazed and we'll show you from the Bible how to know where there are miracles from God or from the devil. The devil can work miracles and we need to know which power is working. So you keep coming. There's a little bit more to this question OK. The person also asked. Then one who believes that Jesus is the savior or Lord without any change of works in their life are these people still God's sons or are they still say what would you think Jesus says if you love me. So if somebody claims to be a Christian following the Lord but is not following God's word not obeying God Do we have reason to question whether they are really sincere. We can question by what Jesus say by their fruits you shall know them. So we are to examine the few fruits of the life of the person the preacher the church whatever and we test everything by what book by the Bible but at the end of. OK here's a question someone has asked Is there a third testament or third Bible to make here in the Philippines we have a third testament or third Bible. Well the church the canon of scriptures was actually already made up. It was made up all the way back during the Shortly after the time of the Apostles and there is no evidence that that can and would be there would be new books added to the canon of scriptures. If there is someone that would come along and claim to be a prophet or claim to be inspired by God that prophet would have to agree with all the prophets in the Bible if they were a true prophet or inspired. I know at least one church that has a section in the back of the Bible that they've added to the Bible. No but when you carefully examine the part that they've added to the Bible that they claim is also part of the Bible it doesn't harmonize with who this viable. And so that doesn't harmonize with all the New Testament we know it doesn't belong in the Bible. You can write something and stick it in the Bible and say this belongs in the Bible. And how would you know you have to test it by this word. I like to illustrate it this way son. It's sorta like the Bible becomes my tape measure. How do I know what is truth. If I want to know the size of a board and I can't guess I have to have a tape measure and it's the same with spiritual things how do you know what we're presenting is what is the truth. How do you know what your preacher is presenting is a truth is only one way you can know you need a tape measure. The Muslim takes to the Koran as their tape measure for what is right what is truth. The Hindu takes the Bhagavad Gita. There are sacred writings as the measure of truth. Christians should take the Bible as their measure of truth. However there are many Christians today many people today that say I decide what is true. The problem with that kind of tape measure it's always changing based on our experience or based on our emotions in the moment and one moment I might think this is truth and tomorrow I might decide no that's not true then the more I got different truth and so the tape measure is always changing. This doesn't change so if you want an accurate spiritual tape measure we recommend this book. Old and New Testaments anything that claims to be added to this third testament for Testament or whatever. Or Testament has to harmonize with this. And if it doesn't then it's not inspired by God And there's also a text that says If any man add on to this word God Slaton him the plagues that are written in the book that anything is added to the Bible then that. That would of course not be right and if anything at any time if any prophet should come that prophet would have to agree with all the Bible prophets already. Will there be modern prophets that come out in time. The Bible does indicate that. But how would we know whether there are a false prophet or a true prophet to test them by the Bible. How would I know they have to agree with this. I have heard of people that claim to be prophets and when I am and what they teach and what they say in the way they live with this book I say that's not the fault of it to test everything by the Bible. Good evening and thank you to the choir. Appreciated good music I didn't understand the words but it harmonized nicely. Tonight we are going to do Q. and A because our doctors could it. So we're filling in but we're not going to give you a health lecture. We're going to answer questions and we've gotten in a lot of questions. We thought well since we don't have a health feature we'll take tonight for more questions. See how many we can answer. I'm going to start tonight with this one. Someone has asked Is it all right to be baptized again from the same church religion. Well yes it is. There are a number of reasons why sometimes people to use to get baptized again. Into the even the same church. Maybe they were never very good. Maybe they fell away from Jesus. There are other reasons and sometimes people want to begin a new life with Jesus and so they choose to be rebaptized. So the simple answer is yes that is OK you can be baptized into the same church. Now we do recommend for those of you that are thinking a real baptism to be baptized into a commandment keeping church verses a commandment breaking church. Someone asked how could we decide free if being chill we entertained or have seen is a true angel light up could we know out the only way to know just by what I know by the Bible if they come as a someone who has died who died in one of our past relatives. What do you know that's an evil angel that's a demon an angel from darkness a true angel will come either as an angel or as a stranger we mention that. So we test everything by the Bible and if it's in harmony with the Bible we should accept it. If an angel comes in it looks like he's from glory. When the devil came to Jesus do you think he came as a devil looking like a devil. He probably came as a beautiful beautiful angel. He might of even claim that he'd come from heaven to break this fast of Jesus but remember the first word he said if if thou be the Son of God That's first word indicate a right of way to Jesus is not an angel from heaven. All right. My current son has a question someone is asked Has the Dead been judged already. Well that's a good question we saw in our seminar. At the judgment began the women eighteen to forty four that's the Bible's longest prophecy Sainsbury was a cleanse the judgment began the judgment began with those who died died in Christ probably beginning with Adam and Jesus came down through time examining the lives of those who profess to be its followers and none of us actually know when the living will be judged or if it is now that's why we have to live our lives in such a way that we're ready for the judgment. Will the living be judged before Christ comes back it will. How do we know that as he brings their ward with him for every person when he comes back. Revelation twenty two twelve. So at some point God is going to cross from the cases of the dead to we who are living because when Christ comes back he brings our rewards too. So the judgment actually began eight hundred forty four it's been going on ever since. Now someone is without the law there is no sin without sin there is no law. And they heard that from the martyrs topic they said Here let me just clarify we didn't say that without law there is no sin. We did not say without sin there is no law. OK well then they ask are the words law and sin can they be used interchangeably. If so then there is no law in heaven because there is no sin in that place. Well we understand that it is true that if there is no law there is no sin. Does that mean if there is no sin there is no law before sin came into the universe before Lucifer rebelled against God there was a law that's what the devil rebelled against. He wanted to have complete freedom to do whatever he wanted to do. God says I'm going to give you freedom. Course we see the results of that. And it's interesting to me that some of you may have heard of a man. He's dead now he died back in one nine hundred forty seven his name was Allister Crowley. It was called the wickedest man who lived in his day he was the founder of modern Satanism and his theme his motto was do wilt do whatever you want to do there is no law and that's a course you can see all the advice an M.R.I. Lety as a result so it is true without law there is no sin but it is not true without sin there is no law. God's law is eternal because it is a transcript of God's character. So as long as God lives his law lives but his law is a law of liberty the law of love. Jesus said If you love me well there must be some commandments then to keep So one hundred eleven seven and eight. God's law God's word and for ever and ever. Here is the question. One day equals one year according to the Fourth Commandment six days will do all the labors but on the seventh of the Sabbath are the six days of labor seventh day sabbath literal days are symbolic days years. If these are literal days how come it contradicts the statement of Daniel and or other books that says one day is equal to one year. Well of course there is no contradiction what so ever in that because they symbolize the year only in the prophetic parts of the Bible everywhere else that day is just the twenty four hour period. Argue the Bible when you read about day. You don't symbolize and say that represent the year. The only time a day represents the year is in those parts. Benteke parts of the Bible where everything else is also symbolic though a day symbolizes a year. We saw that print the poll numbers fourteen thirty four and all of the of the aforesaid Yukio for six in a day and nine twenty seven is a year in the prophecy part. So in the Ten Commandments that's not a prophecy though there are literal days. Now someone asked why I was asked by some who are going to read because there are some people or preachers that teach that woman could not have authority to preach. And they caught it first came in as the two twelve First Corinthians fourteen thirty four. My question is Is it true that a woman doesn't have a body to preach the gospel or Jesus commissioned his followers to take the Gospel to the world. But there is counsel in the Bible in the New Testament and back it is a command of the New Testament that a woman is not to usurp authority over the man. You may know that in the god's plan in the home who is supposed to be the leader in the whole. The husband is to be the leader that doesn't mean that he becomes the dictator or I know some men are sort of like a dictator in their role but the husband has to be the leader he's supposed to be the spiritual guide for the family the spiritual leader the priest of the hope and justice in the home so in the church it's supposed to be a man that is the priest the leader of the church that doesn't mean that women can't function in any capacity. Women can still teach. My wife is teaching children right now down there on third floor so I guess she's not here to somebody else doing it tonight because my wife has been nursing a somebody that's sick but. She's typically there so it's OK for women to teach but for women to take the position of leadership in the church usurping the authority that God gave to man Paul says no don't do that and you may remember that in the Old Testament all the priests were were men. The apostles were all men and that doesn't mean that women are inferior just that God has given certain roles to man certain roles to women and women can certainly minister in fact sometimes the women can minister to other women far better than a man can. So women should be involved in ministry but to take the leadership of the church. You know that's kind of a controversial topic these days in some churches hot topic and some people are fighting over that. But if you want to call the Bible then the women are to let the man be the leader of the church. All right let me ask you a question son. QUESTION Will the right just be able to multiply again marriage births once they entered heaven after the Second Coming. Well that's a common question and that's a good question let's turn in the Bible to Matthew twenty two to answer that. Matthew chapter twenty two makes this issue so clear that nobody has to question. Matthew chapter twenty two and verse thirty you can mark at a few taking notes. You can read the context how Sajid came to the Lord and said there was a man is the wife died. You can read the whole context there in any way that now we're going to read We're going to read verse thirty Jesus said For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage but are as the angels of God in heaven. Though it. Jesus makes it very clear that. In heaven they neither marry nor are given in marriage but they are as the angels of God So that would be the answer to that question. So babies won't be born into heaven I will be in heaven. Yes babies what babies born here die they'll grow to get to grow up in heaven. But will babies be born there no we're not going to marry or be given in marriage and I know some people say well I don't want to go to heaven then God has something better than marriage in Heaven I don't know what it is but I want to go and find out God has something even better. Now it does that mean we're not going to have any relationship relations with one another we won't be friends anymore. My wife and I are good friends are we not going to be friends and haven't we'll still be friends and we're going to be husband or wife. Well doesn't seem like it I don't know what God's going to have something better for us one big family of heaven when we get to heaven. Now someone asked this why in your previous teaching you said the Alpha and Omega is Jesus whereas in the following they list Revelation one eight Revelation twenty two thirteen forty one or forty four six. It is clearly stated that the Alpha and the Omega is God the Almighty. Please clarify. Well let's go read from Revelation one we studied about the Alpha and the Omega the other night actually it's been what a couple weeks ago and we said that the Alpha and the Omega is Jesus Christ and somebody is saying well isn't the Alpha and the Omega the first and last god let's read Revelation one verse eight says I am Alpha and Omega the Beginning in the end cept the Lord which is and which was and which is to come the Almighty. And then if you go down to verse eleven saying this is same person. He King I am Alpha and Omega the first and the last. And what our C.S. write in a book in the Senate and of the seven churches which are in Asia and he lists the churches. And then John says I turn to see the voice that spake with me and he has the description of this alpha and the Omega person. And if you go down to verse seventeen this is all Revelation one verse seventeen and when I saw him I fell of his feet is dead and he laid his right hand upon me saying and to me Fear not I am the first and the last. I am He that liveth and was dead and behold I am alive for evermore a man and have the keys of death and of of hell and of death or of the grave and of death. Write the things which thou has seen and the things which are in the things which shall be hereafter. So this alpha and the Omega the Bible says I am He that liveth and was dead. It was that that the father that's Jesus Christ. Now that may be a deeper question is it would be this one is Jesus God. I know some people will not accept that Jesus is God But if you believe the Bible it be pretty hard to deny that he is God and I want to read a text that shows that if you're taking notes you can mark these. John one versus one through three John one verses one through three. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was WITH God in the Word was God word was one and the same was in the beginning with God all things were made by him and without Him was not anything made that was me. So do we see more than one here. It says the same was in the beginning with God So we have God with God Well who's this the word that is God. Go to verse fourteen. It's as the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. Who is that. That's Jesus is he God Well the Bible says He is now let me give you another text if you want to go to Mark in your notes. Philip in chapter two and will begin reading in verse. Believe it's verse five is Jesus equal with God In fact it's very. Yes verse five says Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus who being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal with God. Verse six or seven but made himself of no reputation took upon him the form of the servants you can see him stepping down in humility. The Bible says he was equal with God He was God he was equal with God equal with who that would be God the Father. Now let me give you know the text. This one is from I am I am nine and you'll recognize this probably right away. Isaiah nine verse six it's a prophecy. Isaiah nine Earth six says For unto us a child is born and then to us a son is given and the government shall be upon his shoulder and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor the mighty God the Everlasting Father the Prince of Peace. Who's that. A she says. You probably realize that in the Godhead there are three there is the father there's the Son Jesus Christ and there's the Holy Spirit. In Genesis when God was creating man God said Let Us make man in OUR image. So there's more than one. Now I know. Some people really get confused because you can read in Deuteronomy six verse four where it says here oh Israel the Lord our God is one Lord. So they say See God is one only one God that's a father. But if you look at the original Hebrew the word for a one means you are ninety eight and God is your ninety and the Father the Son the Holy Spirit are united together one god or GOD HEAD. Sort of like a family. Our family I have my my wife and there's myself and my son and my daughter. One family the Hargraves family. But there's not one person you may remember that Jesus said A man will leave his spot and also Adam said the same thing. A man will leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife and they two shall be one flesh one person one person no one family. Husband and I know some as some marriages don't work out because they don't become one. Is his food my or her food his room her room his bank account her bank account. Pretty soon they're just going opposite directions but they're supposed to be one. And that's a little illustration of the Godhead. Bother Son Holy Spirit one God not one person but one God. Now if you ask me to explain God more than that I say I can't because I'm a creature and that's the creator or God I can't fully explain God. I believe what the Bible says Jesus says when you baptize baptize in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost the Holy Spirit. So there you have one god. I don't know if that made it more confusing or answered the question someone is asked. I ask you a question no son someone has asked the question is there any other creatures from other planets looking looking after us or looking on us. What about Job one verse six. Well there are certainly other creatures other created beings that are looking at us. You can read in Job Chapter one Verse thick that's what they referred to how that there was a day when the sons of God came before God and Satan came among them to represent the earth the other sons of God those represented evidently leaders from other worlds where there were other beans and the Bible does tell us in first print the INS for birth nine that this world is the be it or for the whole universe though apparently the universe the other created the holes are all watching the way out of the great drama of the great Conover's the here on Earth. So yes there are other beans watching us now someone asked how true is it that there are venial sins and mortal sin in mind. Director in catholic Subject keeps on telling me there are specific punishments for venial and mortal things. What's a venial sin that's excusable. What's a mortal sin. Serious a serious sin I have a question. When he took a bite out of that piece of fruit we don't some people say it's an apple I don't know is an apple or a mango whatever. When she took a bite out of that piece of fruit was that a venial sin or a mortal sin. Well that was what you would call a venial sin by today's standards that's a little thing just taking a bite out of a piece of fruit. But look what has happened in this world as a result of that one little fear. Just answer that question I did come across an. Trysting statement from a book sometime ago that I thought I maybe I could share in helping to answer that. Somebody once said God does not regard all sins of equal magnitude. There are degrees of guilt in his estimation as well as in that of man. But however trifling this or that wrong act may seem in the eyes of man no sin is small in the sight of God and I would agree with that no such movies as a little seen that and that Adam taking a bite out of a piece of fruit. Man's judgement is partial imperfect but God estimates all things as they really are. The drunkard is despised and told that his sin will exclude him from heaven while pride selfishness and covet just miss to often go on rebuke. Probably true but these sins are especially offensive to God for they are contrary to the benevolence of his character to that unselfish love which is the very atmosphere of the unfallen universe anyway. I thought that was a good answer to the question. Venial said there is no such thing as a little sin in God's eyes. Sin cost God what allergy. The death of the Son of God so little sins big sins there are also little or anything. Someone has asked in Revelation the one hundred forty four thousand is it literal or symbolic. Well that's an interesting question but actually if you come to Cohen at a Astrodome answered bads as a whole topic about that book. When want to steal away his topic tonight. He actually has a topic titled The one hundred forty four thousand I was looking they sent me his topic list of topics and one of them is the one hundred forty four thousand. So you got to come to cut out of the answer to that. Well we are at seven so I think we are going to take more time for questions or look like questions are coming in as we're answering questions. We are going to take more time for questions on Friday night and again on Saturday night so if you have questions keep reading them and we'll try to answer as many as we can. We have more music you're waiting for.


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