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The United States of Anxiety

Lowell Hargreaves


Have you ever worried yourself sick with all the problems of life? Why worry? This sermon is for all of us who have felt the icy grip of worry in our lives.


Lowell Hargreaves

Lowell Hargreaves is a full time itinerant evangelist for Amazing Facts. He and his wife, Sandra, along with their two children, Teresa and Michael, have traveled all around the world with Amazing Facts. Pastor Lowell is also an ordained minister of the SDA church. Recently, his seminars have an added facet with his son Michael joining him in preaching prophecy to the public.



  • May 1, 2015
    7:00 PM
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Our Heavenly Father we thank you for Sabbath. We thank you that you brought us each from our respective homes to this place. We pray you speak peace to our hearts whatever we face this week we pray you take away today in the steady our anxieties our worries help us to trust you to find confidence in you is our God. We pray in Jesus' name amen. I've titled Our steady nineteen states of anxiety. It was in the fall of last year when the Chicago Tribune wrote an article entitled The United States of anxiety and they listed five different things that are fueling the worries of America. Number one was the economy. I suppose that still is number one. Number two was Iraq number three health care number four. Immigration and number five energy. And there have been a number of individuals who have used the phrase the United States of anxiety and other articles documenting the worries that are breaking America today. In fact a lady by the name of Lauren Ivan OTT wrote an article entitled The United States of anxiety it in the article she said Are you worried it's the most common mental illness in America anxiety or worry. In fact I understand some forty million Americans struggle with anxiety or struggle with worry. Three of the top ten best selling drugs today on the market are relate to anxiety or to worry. And there is this here's a statement from the National Institute of Health anxiety disorders are the number one mental health problem in America surpassing even depression in numbers. Maybe somebody. How to write a book on worry. We have now a seminar for depression. Maybe we ought to have a seminar make a seminar on worried women suffer from anxiety and stress almost twice as much as men. I suppose they were left out that statistic ladies. Seniors also struggle with anxiety it's the most common mental health problem facing seniors even children today are struggling with worry according to a recent survey I read. Now when I was a child not too long ago I seemed like I didn't worry about anything. Mom and Dad knew everything they owned everything so why did I need to worry. My parents they were not rich back most of my clothes when we would get when I got clothes or from Goodwill or from my hand made out. But we had a garden. We had all that I had all the food I wanted to eat. I had an old bicycle. What did I have to worry about last fall in the last Fall. A.B.C. News had an article entitled recession stall is written in cutbacks layoffs and worry I in fact I printed out the article I want to share some of this assistance from this article it says across the country's kitchen tables. This recession has written in cutbacks layoffs and or worry job insecurity is its worst in thirty three years of polls. Now that was about seven months ago I would say that probably it's even worse today. And some of the other statistic is that two thirds of Americans are worried about maintaining their standard of living up to fifty one percent from a year ago. Nearly a thirty percent increase. One in four is very worried. One out of every four Americans is very worried. About maintaining their standard of living. The article went on to say fifty three percent are concerned about being able to afford health care for themselves or a family member of their are very worried and concerned jumps to fifty nine percent among women compared with forty six percent among men. It rises to seventy five percent among lower income Americans a majority in this group are very worried that they're going to be able to afford health care. Nearly four in ten Americans thirty six percent are concerned about being able to heat their homes this winter this was back in December. But I guess we don't have that worry anymore now or maybe we're worrying about being a little cool our homes. By the way in Montana where we live Wednesday it was Tuesday it was thirty seven degrees when I got up. So if you get too hot here in California it's come out of Montana. But people back in December were worried about heating their homes. Nearly four in ten that's thirty seven percent are worried about being able to keep up with future rent or my mortgage payments. Are you worried about being able to pay your mortgage or your rent fifty five percent of those with incomes under thirty five thousand dollars are worried about being able to keep up their basic housing costs. And we could go on and on the article I thought was very interesting over and over again it said in the article people were very worried that they had another article here a news clipping charities are worried as donations fall. So even charities today are worried people are worried about all sorts of things or worried about their job keeping their job. Those who have lost a job are worried about finding a job. People are worried about their stock market portfolio in fact you tell me recently that her retirement plan had she had lost sixty percent of the value of her. But over this economic crisis what are you worrying about today. Time magazine had an article entitled cover article entitled be worried be very worried. Is it hard today to be very worried. Not hard at all is it. What are you worrying about these days. If you were to make a list of all the things that you have to worry about how long would the list be doing have anything to worry about. Do you have anything to worry about. So I said no. Well good for you. But I'll bet there's a lot of people in here that are do have you probably came in today with some anxiety some worry. Are they with those of you that are watching on the Internet on television are worried about the future are worried about the present or worried about your job or worried about the economy are worried about whatever. Whatever your worries are I want to give you today some encouragement from the Scriptures. This is from slippy in ZF or verse nineteen it says but my God I shall supply how much all your need according to His riches Ingle by Christ Jesus. That's so good out of he repeated that they're free to repeat it together. But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. If you need it and God knows that you need it. What will God do. He's going to supply it out of his riches ingore by Christ Jesus. Now not everything we think we need do we need right. When my little girl was young she's almost twenty now but when she was our toddler sitting in her high chair she would sometimes point across the kitchen table when we were. Having a meal with her little finger and she say she say I need some path. Well you thought you did. Parents we know better than our children what they really need only God knows better than we. We really need in the promises if we made it what God will supply it. We sing the song be not dismayed whate'er be tied. God will take care of you. Beneath his wings a level by God will take care of you. Do you believe that. Do you really believe that. Let's read it again from polygamy in this for verse nineteen but all together. But my God CEL supply all you are in need out courting till his riches in glory by crises us so what do you have to worry about. What do you have to since God is going to provide all your needs. What do we really have to worry about. There is they were from thoughts on the blessings which says if he who has given his life to God in ministry to his children is linked with him who has the resources has all the resources of the universe at his command. How wealthy is God Now I know there are many come to companies today that are laying off. God is not laying off God is not out of business. God is not bankrupt he has all the resources of the universe and if you really think yourself to God it will take care of you. Oh yes the Lord will not fail him in the hour of suffering in the end. That's a promise. Suppose for example you had a card that would give you anything you needed or anything you wanted from Cosco. Some of you may be that are watching you don't have a Costco in your area while Sam's Club or Wal-Mart or whatever would you have anything to worry for if you had a car that would give you all that you needed out of the Cosco warehouse or in any amount you wanted. We could lay aside all of our worries right. What does God have more than Cosco. Oh yes my God shall supply all your need Here's another statement this is from testimonies to the church Volume two page seventy two if you don't you know its mark that it says there is one to whom you can go for counsel whose wisdom is infinite. He has invited you to come to him for he will what he will supply your need. Now I know this is in the context of counsel. This particular statement. But sometimes we counsel to go away. Have you ever worried about what to do. Have you ever worried about how to play him. Do we need counsel sometimes. God will not only provide the need for counsel he'll provide he'll provide all of our personal needs as well are practical needs our material needs. Reading on says if by faith you cast all your care upon him who marks the falling of a sparrow you will not trust him. Somebody save him. God Mark the falling of a sparrow just a few weeks ago I was in Ukraine and I was following a car a car full of pastors and we were driving to a pastor's meeting and as we were driving along a flock of spare also across the road in front of us and I saw two sparrows go rolling down the highway got hit by the car. Front of me and the very first thought that came to my mind was God marks even the falling of a sparrow. God saw those two sparrows fall since God marks the falling of a sparrow. Does he mark our anxiety. Does he mark our care. So our concerns. Since God takes care of sparrows will he take care of you. Somebody wrote a poem. So this said the Robin to the sparrow. I should really like to know why these anxious human beings rush about and worries fellow said the sparrow to the robin friend. I think that it must be that they have no heavenly father such as cares for you and me. There is quite a lesson in that isn't there since God takes care of the sparrows in your mirth worth more than many ferals Jesus said will not God take care of you. So what do you have to worry about. Let's again read that statement from Libyans for nineteen altogether. But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches Ingo it by Christ Jesus. God will take care of you. Amen. So we really don't have anything to worry about. Here's another statement this is from the the morning watch about that I may know him Page two twenty six. The time has come and we are to expect large blessings from the Lord. What kind of blessings. Large blessings to God is not in the business of downsizing some of the same in. I know that a lot of companies that are downsizing. God is not meeting to downsize. He has all the riches of the universe. The time has come when we are to expect a large blessings from the Lord. We must rise to a higher standard on the subject of faith. We have too little faith question Which do you have more of today worry our faith. Maybe you better not. So their reading on it says the Word of God is our endorsement What's an indorsement. Did you ever endorse a check. What's an endorsement as a signature validating something. So we have the Word of God as our endorsements the Word of God is our endorsement we must take it simply believing every word with this is sheer and we may claim what a large figure said I got into our faith it will be to us. Well were the work of faith means more than we think. It means genuine reliance upon the naked word of God If God says it I believe it by our actions we are to show that we believe that God will do just as he had said. What has God said. Let's read it all together again. PHILOCLEON this for verse nineteen altogether. But my God shall supply all your need cordin to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. That's what God's word has said. That's your indorsement So do you need to worry. We really don't have anything to worry about. Faith really is the antidote to worry. It's the remedy for worry it is the end to nym of warrior the opposite of worry faith. Which do you have more of our worry less defined worry worry as I'm in this in the dictionary worry is a mental distress or agitation resulting from concern usually for something impending or anticipated and to worry is entity taking trouble that's what worry is. You have any of that or do you have much of that I think everybody at some point has. Some degree of worry worry is actually and I do see and by the way I can be spelled in more than one way right. You can spell or you can spell I want a letter. Or is it I don't want to prove this to you this is from desire of ages. Page three thirty it says worry is blind and cannot discern the P.C. I thought you were it was an eye disease. Worry is blind and cannot in the future. What's the point worrying them. Would you like to be blinded. Now they want to be blighted. Course not worry is what blocking and cannot does or in the future will come back to this point later today. This point about worry being producing blindness you can actually worry yourself sick. Did you ever do that. People are today worrying themselves sick. In fact here's a statement from a doctor. This is from Dr Irene Hickman from California State University here in Sacramento who said this the deep seated fear of not having enough money is responsible for nine out of the ten illnesses in this country and what she says and I don't know if I would put this is if they got high but she says nine out of a ten year old US is in this country are caused by concern or worry about not having enough money. In addition it prolongs other illnesses by aggravating a patient's physical condition. That's what Dr ira Irene Heckman said. Here's another doctor and I as a psychologist professional counsel Dr Murell Larson says money matters do worry many of us don't say don't they don't think they don't or at least you folks here in the criminal sense. All the money matters do worry many of us don't worry causes stress and stress leads to also high blood pressure allergies heart trouble it's gastrointestinal diseases headaches and other problems. See these are the results of worry some cancer authorities even claim that stress increases one's susceptibility to cancer. That's something you ought to worry about. Worry will cause you possibly to get cancer. You know don't worry about that that's right. There's something else you can add to your worry list worry might cause you cancer. Here's another doctor Dr Charles Mayo you have heard of the Mayo Clinic. Dr Charles H. E. mail said worry afflicts the circular effect the circulation am's the whole nervous system. I have never known a man who died from overwork but many who died from doubt. Worry is a lack of what the lack of faith. It's doubting the ability of God to take care of us. Here's a statement from ministry of healing. Page two forty one of the other book market down and read it. Many of the diseases from which men suffer are the result of mental depression or worry that is. You can worry yourself sick and there are a lot of people today that are doing that worrying themselves sick. Let me ask you this. Is there any benefit any real benefit to worry will worry accomplish anything for you. Yes or no. So why worry. Have you ever worried about something only to later discover that you really didn't have anything to worry about at all never happen to you. Just a few weeks ago I was going to preach Sabbath morning in Ukraine and I was going to preach to sermons and so I got up and after my prayer and my meditation I was going to get ready to serve in a minute study about these two sermons I'm going to break and so I went to my little desk there to get my flash drive I had this of flash drives I have all my sermon materials on my slides in Ukrainian or in Russian we had of all translated and I had formatted them all and I couldn't find it wasn't on my desk and so I went to my computer bag and I opened up the place where I always keep my little flash drive wasn't there so little of the window sill when I put the keys to the car. They weren't there. And so what I started doing I started to worry because you know I had all my presentations my slides on this little flash drive that represented hours and hours of work translated formatting and I'm thinking what I'm going to do now the rest of my series because I was about halfway through the series and I've lost my flash drive by the way the reasons why is saving everything on my flash drive because Mike hard drive on my computer was so full of I couldn't put anything else on it so I say they get all the flash drive and I had lost it yet but the Sabbath morning I got up I couldn't find it anywhere and the Holy Spirit impressed me one of the sermons are going to break you don't need slides for anyway so study that one and by the time you face in your class I will show up. Well I wasn't sure I trusted that but what else could I do. I looked all over I couldn't find the flash drive so I got my Bible my sermon notes and I said down I studied the sermon that I was going to preach without slides. Meantime my son got up. My daughter got up I got up and so after I'd finished studying for that sermon without slides I asked my wife if you see my flash drive you should know I'm seen as my daughter if you see my flash drive she hadn't seen it. My son hadn't seen it. So what if I start doing that again. I start to worry a lot about I'm going to do I don't have slides. I will be out of present this topic without those Russian flags. About that time my son says oh hey dad here's your flash drive. He had put his computer so that down his can put it put his computer on top of it so I did I didn't see it. I had all that unnecessary worrying for nothing. Reminds me some months ago we were going to go visit a family and there was a particular situation in the sense in this family were going to go visit. We were worried about we weren't sure how we were going to deal with the situation so we play and my wife and I how we got the orders it's originally got to this family told him we worried about it. When we got to the whole the situation didn't even exist and I thought what a lesson it all that unnecessary anxiety all that unnecessary worrying for nothing. Did you ever do that worry and when you get to the situation you find out you really didn't have anything to worry about. Here's what another doctor said Dr Paul on dolls are a lot of anxiety and worry represent forms of fear which project themselves into the future and often concern themselves with imaginary situations which never come to pass continuing. Indeed it often happens when the future situation arise it is devoid of all the contemplated elements which are anticipated. Have you ever experienced that is all that we're going to get to the situation you don't even need to worry at all. Here's an interesting list of statistics of what the average person's worries are related to forty percent of the things we worry about on the average are things that would never happen. Forty percent. It's thirty percent are things about the past that can't be changed. There are seventy percent of all of our worries. Twelve percent. Things about criticism by others mostly untrue. There is eighty two percent of our worries. Ten percent about health which generally gets worse when we worry about it. There's ninety two percent of our worries. Eight percent are about our real problems that we're going to have to face and solve. Can you imagine all that unnecessary anxiety all that unnecessary worry for nothing. Ninety two percent of our worries are unnecessary. On the average Now maybe your percentages are a bit higher than the percent of things are to actually get out the face but on the average ninety two percent of all of our worries are unnecessary. So we come back to the question what are you worrying about today. Do we really have anything to worry about. Let's write today a prescription for worry. There are five pills. This is a prescription and we're using as our acronym face to face is the end to go to worry so we're going to use phrases the acronym for the five pills in dealing with worry. So I think all of us at some point worry about something to a greater or less degree. If you have any worries if you have any anxiety then you need to write down these this prescription. The five pills for Worry Number one is F F stands for focus focus on the Positive You see when we focus on the negative what happens does focus on the negative increase our faith or decrease our faith. They don't. This is our faith. We worry and worry and worry and we don't have to focus on the positive. Reminds me I read in the book steps to Christ and by the way if you don't have the book sceptic right you can write into the sacrament a church online and get one of these books. Probably the paperback I have a hard back EDITION. You ought to read this book are reread this book by the way you can download this book off the Internet in the audio form I often when I'm running in the morning getting my exercise I'm listening to step six. I see you talk about a blessing. You feed your soul while you're getting your exercise. I listen to stuff he cries and I don't know how many times and every time I listen to it I'm blessed. There's a chapter on what to do what doubt you have any problems any anxiety you have to read the chapter what to do with doubts but anyway steps to crisis talks about focusing on the positive. L. Light tells a story of how she had a dream about this particular lady that was always worrying about stuff and she'd written the Ellen White about her anxieties and fears and oh I had a dream in her dream she was walking with this lady who had all of her worries to a garden full of flowers and mellow I was enjoying the flowers and suddenly this lady called her and she says look there's aren't very in the garden and Ellen Y. looked over and sure enough there were storms right in the front and right in the path of this lady. But this lady wasn't even in the path. She'd gotten off the path and she was out here in the briars and the gardener said leave the briars alone they're only going to hurt you pick the roses pick the flowers. Focus on the positive. We have a song to New York on us a look for is a wonderful news and what are the things of our soul. That's gross straight the worries of this life will watch grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace. Focus on the positives. Here's a statement from Second Corinthians three Verse eighteen you can market in your notes today. Second Corinthians three eighteen says but we all with open face beholding is in the glass the glory of the Lord. What are we looking at. The glory or the character of the Lord we are changed into the same image from glory to glory. Would you like to be changed. I didn't quite hear that if you want to become like Jesus then we have to be hold hands. Focus on the positive. The more you focus on your worries the less you'll see Jesus. That's a fact. So focus on the positive. Here's another text this is from first of Samuel seven verse twelve says his the two hats the Lord helped us has he and the Lord help you in the past. Then do you have to fear the future. There's a statement that I think many of you know from the book Life sketches page one ninety six this is a reviewing our past history. Having travelled over every step of advance to our present standing I can say praise God about you can you say that phrase God reading on. As I see what the Lord has wrought I am filled with astonishment and with confidence in Christ as leader. And then it says we have nothing to fear. We have nothing to worry about for the future. Can anybody finish that quotation. You oughta know that by heart. We have nothing to fear for the future except as we shall see. We're again at the way that God has led us and his teaching in our past history. Do you need to worry about the future. Only if you forget the way God like guided you in the past if you remember the way that God led you in the past you don't have to worry about the future. There's attacks from Second Chronicles I'd like you to turn with me in your Bible to Second Chronicles twenty verse twelve. They get your Bible today I hope you brought one and we're going to read from the Bible Second Chronicles twenty and verse twelve this is the story of Joshua Fattal was facing an enemy army facing a big problem and facing a problem a big problem maybe a lost your job and you're not sure if you going to pay the mortgage or pay the bills or maybe your marriage is disintegrating or maybe you're worried about your children. You're facing a big problem. So Josh of at and so it says in Second Chronicles twenty verse twelve Joshua that in prayer says oh our God will not judge them that's the enemy's coming against him for we have no might against this great company that cometh against us. Neither know we what to do We don't know what to do or and we have no strength against this problem. But what did the judge about then say but our eyes are where are your eyes today on your problems. They'll get bigger are part of the if you'll turn away from the problems of your turn away from your anxieties and your worries and focus upon Jesus you'll find your eyes aren't near as bad and Jesus will help you with dealing with those eight percent of the things we're actually going to have to face it will be a whole solve those and so it says we don't know what to do Lord but our eyes. Our upon very own experience or don't you. When I face troubles and problems I want to look to Jesus who has the answer to every problem. But here are some prophets page to go to says this. If more praising of God were engaged in now all hope and courage and faith would steadily What increase would you like to have an increase of faith an increase of hope or an increase of anxiety. Or if you want if you want to have an increase of faith an increase of hope then what do you need to do. You need to praise God more for what he's done for you has got anything for you. I have people that know God doesn't do anything. He doesn't care about me. You know who told you that lie. That's the old devil and the fact is you're alive indicates a god must have some care about you. He's got a mansion in glory prepared for you if you have to suffer any problems or trials in this life to prepare you to live for all eternity. Is it worth it. You need not fear God's leading you need to trust him. So as in our formula for worry our prescription for worry is focus on the positive. Do that let's move on to the existence for acquaint yourself with God and I got this from Job Chapter twenty two verse twenty one joke twenty two verse twenty one says I can wait now as I felt with me and that was God and be at what would you like to have peace. Then what you must do is acquaint yourself with God When you become acquainted with God then you experience peace through Job says there by good. It shall come upon me. Is that something to worry about. I never knew anybody that worried that good would come upon them. We're always worrying about the bad that's going to come upon us. Part of the prescription for worry is to become acquainted with God When you become acquainted with God and you have the P.C. experience taste. How do we become acquainted with God through what through His word you want to become acquainted with God instead of the Bible. You'll discover that if you study God's word you find those the wonderful promises that we can use it ends against a worry. So acquaint yourself with God and with God's wonderful promises the promises of God are sorta like no trespassing signs against the worry trespassers. Did you ever see the sign that said Trespassers will be shot survivors will be shot again. Your C.D.'s I will have their Montana relive seemed like everybody has a no trespassing but I know it's because so many tourists come up to that area near Glacier Park but their way has a no trespassing sign. We do too for the hunters. If we don't like the hunters it c'mon our place but. But I see the sign says Trespassers will be shot survivors shot again. We ought to put up trespassing signs against all the worries that trespass into our experience. Worry is a trespasser that I will be shocked. Surviving worry will be shot again. And what are we going to shoot him with the Word of God the promises of God is read one of those promises whereby you can shoot those worriers. Here it is all together. But my God shall supply all your need according to is recusing glory by Christ Jesus. So at the end for ninety the Word of God brings you into acquaintance with God. So number the second pill in our recipe for worry is acquaint yourself with God and with God's precious promises. Let's move on to the I. I stand for implored God. What does it mean to implore any of us share with you what the dictionary says for implore implored means to call upon in supplication to intreat was another word for that prayer. Now I had to make it fit with our faith so I used the word in our implored God Take your problems your worries to God Somebody once said why pray when you can worry. Now that's wrong isn't it. That ought to be Why worry when you can when you can pray. There's another promise that I like you to look up with me this is from validity and as for verses six and seven you have your Bible open so go the New Testament now Philip in chapter four. We're going to reverse the six and seven I want you to see this. This was our scripture reading for today. Philippians chapter four and we're reading verses six and seven and you found that if you have found that say a man I felt like most of you were there Philippians four six and seven says be careful for how much for nothing that means don't worry about anything. We careful for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known and to God and of please God which ought to have that. And the peace of God And so my worry to me and the peace of God which passes all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus steps to Christ page seventy says a life in Christ is a life of arrests for us. So if your life is filled with anxiety if your life is filled with worry what should that tell you. You're not in Christ a life in Christ is a life of restfulness I want to share this verse Philippians four verses six and seven from the New Living Translation. It says don't worry about anything. Instead pray about everything till till God What you need and thank him for all he has done and you will experience God's peace which exceeds anything we can understand his peace will guard your hearts and minds. Again swearing I didn't say that but I'm putting that in. We histories will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. So here is the last of JONES What will worry about anything instead what pray about everything. That's what the Bible says. So do you need to worry. Don't worry about anything. Instead pray about everything. QUESTION How much will worry accomplish. How much of it and will prayer accomplish everything. Prayer moves the arm of Omnipotence I marry that with you. This is from Christ object lessons page one seventy two and three if you have the book writer Mark it down. Christ object lessons one seventy two and three says prayer moves the arm. Bob potent prayer has subdued kingdoms has worried ever done that has it. No prayer has wrought righteousness didn't worry ever work out righteousness no prayer has ordained promises obtain promises as worry no prayer has stopped the mouth of Lions did worry ever do that. You're getting kind of quiet out there and I've run out of time already. Them fall asleep yet have you. Prayer has quenched the violence of fire did worry ever do that a little prayer has turned to flight the armies of the aliens as a chorus from Hebrews Henri never did any of that prayer has done all that. Don't worry about anything instead for a about everything. If we surrender our lives to his service to God service we can never how often is NEVER NEVER NEVER we can never be placed in the position for which God has not made provision. Can you say even if you have given yourself to God you are God I will never allow you to be put in a situation that he hasn't made provision for. So then do you need to worry. We really don't need to worry about anything. We sing the song you're familiar with the song What A Friend We Have in Jesus all our sins and grace to bear. What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer. Oh what peace we often forfeit. Oh what needless pain we bear all because we do not carry everything to God in prayer. Why. I worry when you can pray. Take your worries your anxieties your fears to God. Mary Crowley once said this. Every evening I turn my worries over to God he's going to be up all night anyway. Have you ever laid awake at night worrying about something. Why not turn it over to God He knows that you don't need to step worrying take away from your sleep and you'll be less prepared to face tomorrow's trials. Let's move on to the next pill in our subscription for worry atthis for focus. A acquaint yourself with God and His promises is implore he stands for our trust in the Word of God If God says it we believe it that settles it. Trust in the Word of God Again here is that state we were at earlier that I mean it we have paid to twenty six says the work of faith means more than we think it means genuine reliance upon the naked word of God or by our actions we are to show that we believe that God will do just as he has said. When we worry what are we showing by our actions or showing I'm really showing we don't believe that God is going to do just as he has said God has said I will provide how much of our needs all of our needs you take you know if you can put out a verse Well look it up and put it you know today I saw thirty seven verses three thru seven. Trust in the Lord and verse seven says rests in the Lord. That's the opposite of worry when you're worrying you're not resting in the larder. Trust in the Word of God That's the T. in our prescription for worry Flippy and as for verse nineteen let's read it. Again together. But my God I shall supply all you are in need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. That's what God's word says. Do you believe it. Do you really believe it or live it. Show it by your life by your actions you believe the Word of God Let's move on to be eighteen now in the five pills for anxiety eight stands for heaven first heaven. Or does that come from heaven first. Is Urtext that Jesus talked about putting heaven first or that birth it comes from Matthew six verses thirty three and thirty four turn there please in your Bible Matthew six verses thirty three and thirty four. Heaven first seek ye well read it here. Some of you could probably quote it. Matthew six thirty three and thirty four. I go there now. All right sounds like most of your Matthew six thirty three says but seek you when first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and how much all these things shall be what I did and the all was saying well if you read verses thirty one thirty two it says what you are going to eat what you going to drink what you going to where the bills in other words all the things that the world is seeking after all the worries. God says if you put me first seek first in my kingdom I write is this What will God do. He's going to and all those other things. That's true it is true then why do we need to worry. Notice the next verse verse thirty four says Take therefore no thought for the morrow. What does that mean. Some things don't worry about tomorrow. Take therefore no thought for the morrow for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. God has not given you a grace for tomorrow and that Deuteronomy thirty three verse twenty five as far as your days so shall your strengths be if you worry about tomorrow you know what you're doing. You're bringing tomorrow's problems so mild trials tomorrow's anxieties in today you haven't even been given enough strength for those God give your only the strength for the day. So if you bring in tomorrow's worries do you have strength to deal with them. No And when you get to tomorrow you're only going to be wore out because you faced a mild worries today or you thought you could face if you worried about them today. So when you get to tomorrow you're being more tired than you would have been if you hadn't worried. Jesus has put me first seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness I don't want you to answer this but I want you to answer in your own heart. Ask yourself today and in my life seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Answer that in your own heart. If you are you have nothing to worry about. If you're not that's what you need to worry about. Because they were not seeking God first in his kingdom first and what we might miss out. That's worth worrying about. But if you're seeking first God's kingdom. That's right just as you have nothing that you need to worry about. So here we have our prescription for anxiety asked stands for focus focus on the past it is a stand for acquaint acquaint yourself with God and with God's a wonderful promises. You need to study God's word. It memorize God's word so that when these intruders these trespassers come into your life the worry is what do I do with them to know what the Word of God I should encourage you. I will encourage you today. Memorize the Word of God and the word have I hid in mine heart that I might not sin against the. It doesn't say that and that I might not worry I know that you know I've been trying this year to memorize a verse a day. I did some calculating if I had memorized one verse of Scripture every day since I first became a Christian I would have memorized the entire New Testament by now. Although I want to share it's not hard to memorize one verse a day. I got these will cards drive down the highway and I don't know when you're driving but you stop at the stop light how long to take for them and I know something stop like they seem like they never turn green and you know what I found. I found that was no war no longer fretting when the light was red and I was an R.N. as I had my purse there and so I was memorizing scripture until the guy behind me all that I know and in the mood to study God's word memorize scripture the I stood for I stand for implore God Take your problems take your burdens your anxieties to Jesus in prayer the key stands for trusting the word of God and God says it believe it. He promised he'd take care of you believe that promise and then the or the eighth rather put God's kingdom first in your life heaven first I want to come back today to the I travel because worry is an eye disease and I feel more one more than one way let's read the statement here this is from desire of ages page three hundred. Do you got to read this is are they just three hundred thirty market down. It says worry is blind and cannot discern the future. But Jesus is the. And from the beginning continuing in every difficulty how many in every difficulty he has his way prepared to bring relief. Our Heavenly Father has how many thousand ways to provide for us of which we know nothing. How many of those thousand ways do you need to deal with a problem you're facing. Just one. Your Heavenly Father has a thousand ways to provide for that Froebel that probably you're facing. You don't even know about since he has so many ways to take care of your problems. Do you need to worry. Let's read this again. In every difficulty God has his way prepared to bring relief. That's why you say See I told you. Mark this down. Write it on the card. Memorize it in every difficulty God has always prepared to bring relief. Our Heavenly Father has a thousand ways to provide for us of which we know nothing. Moving on now it says those who accept the one principle one principle of making the service an honor of God supreme will find perplexities vanish and they play paths before their feet. What we need to worry about them. What are you worrying about today. Do you have anything to worry about. Well you might think you do when you might do you might have that eight percent of things you really do need to worry about. But since God has a way prepared out of every. Sorry a thousand ways you don't even know about do you really need to worry about anything. Hudson Taylor said this the great missionary to China let us give up our work our plans ourselves our lives our loved ones our influence our All right into God's hand and then when we have given all over to him there will be nothing left for us to be troubled about and other words they'll be nothing left for us to worry about. We sing the song all to Jesus I surrender all except my worries. Well that's kind of how we live our lives right. We're willing to sing the song but when it comes to reality we don't want to surrender all of our worries to God let's read again that text from the Libyan for verses six and seven let's read it together. Don't worry about anything. Instead about everything. Remember that. Don't worry about anything instead pray about everything. And again the promise that we've been over and over and over again reading today let's read it all together. But my God he also apply all you are in need courting too is registering glory by crises. Do you need to worry you may have come in this chapel today with a heart full of anxiety you may have come in today with lots of worries. You came with your Bible yes but you came with a bundle of unseen anxiety. Today Jesus wanted take away that every burden what is used to say. Matthew eleven twenty eight to thirty says Come unto me all. A burger. And there have been a Laden you're Laden down burdened down with all these concerns all this worry and Jesus you come cousin to me was all your worries all your anxieties and I will what I will give you rest. All the way down my worries don't you. Which would you like to have more of. Or worry. I want more faith and less worry don't you. How many want to tell Jesus Lord I want to have more faith more trust in you and less worried about your hands. Let's close our meeting today by singing this Christian him and number ninety nine. God will take care of you. And you know. When.


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