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  • June 4, 2015
    10:45 AM


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Just let me carry on a minute about the presentation. Before it was referenced med made to the. So you can imagine average meat of the cigarette after my conviction isn't a secret Rapture is probably one of the most deadly of the heresies and it will take a money and Hannah and our lifetime now as was brought out of revenge and that niggers an idea namely that they were the ones that kind of birth it but it comes into our lives by the Late Great Planet Earth without Lindsey and in the Left Behind series. I remember when I was a young man that actually I think everybody believed in Jesus was coming in the clouds that every I would say because she could retrieve kills. What's it going to do it's going to mean you'll be a group who are persecuting the people of God thinking they're doing the will of God because if they were supposed to be here or they wouldn't be here doing what they think to the will of God I was on the shuttle bus and there was a man here is reading some of the same series in a lady who was there. They were discussing it and and I said what I was just out of the blue is that you know the thing about these worries me is that it is that it is you coming to time and she says I don't know but I don't want to be here for the tribulation this is the one that sets up for the standalone and it's here and it's all around us and it's almost become universal. Now what I'm going to do I'm giving a little what I call warm ups so I can see. Things in a warm up and I went there Sinestro because they get Renan and I we had to be running out of her anyway. Some churches you know bless her heart but so sure you know I'm on churches to bless him. We have a lot of millionaire and Jimmy and I want to say listen don't forget Jesus was a journeyman carpenter. Don't forget that and I said about a trip to the church members. If you're somebody on the outside you walk in here you're a nobody and if you're a nobody outside you lurking in them. We're all children of God we got to remember that what I'm going to do is ask you a favor or invite you you know people would come to meetings like this and go home and doesn't you should have been in the camp it was a lot of cheering on never forgotten and you know our friend with whom we are talking are relatively well I really don't really care for that anyway. Work so I'm going to ask you or invite you because I'm going to say a lot of things you can hear a lot of snow with this device and with this is going to fade too I can see them right the whole thing on his to. So if somebody asks you why did Dick speak of years they were good. That sounds right. I've also learned that a sermon is no better than the needs we have in our lives at that particular time. Not that the people won't appreciate it to be blessed by a person who's more blessed is the person who said what a blessing. Yeah well for me I needed it. So I'm kind of warming up. Are you ready for me to get that tighter. Such a beautiful voice. I heard somebody but I'm wasting Anyway listen now come on. If you don't think for yourself others will do your thinking for. Well does this still large. Don't be peacemakers and not merely reflectors. Unfortunately we don't do it that way. We're thinking what others have thought. It will take us down the wrong road. Here's another one. There are questions that have only wrong answer. Remember they did that would you do you do you believe this day and say because the real answer is probably something else. So don't forget it is somebody says to you Do you believe this is he set you up because the trick with the trap is in the question. So people say to me Do you believe this or that. I think he who asked the questions control the agenda. There's no one good point I don't get that they're looking straight into Catarina gathered so going to be revealing. Don't try to answer every question that comes to mind. Test the premise of the question before you try to answer. I think that I can get questions in my mind if I followed through and tried it. Answered I could lose my faith and you know when it's winter time when the lake is freezing over it freezes over from me from the outside. Put your foot on that ice and if it's not really going to dunk you. That can happen in spiritual thing. Test the primitive see if if it does take another step. This is critical to us. Here's another one the devil now speaks our language. If you take over the language of the enemy you make it impossible for him to communicate is valuable. The devil down speaks our language. If you take over the language of the enemy you make it impossible for him to communicate his ideology. One word he's taken over the word grace grace is a becomes blanket to hide sin. I always say by grace yes but the kind of grace they might be talking about is the kind that we are. Another word is taken over is the word LOVE THIS is how can you say hi. I saw two two dogs making homosexual lover. I love apple pie and God is love. The devil has taken over the word love. Another word is taken over the word acceptance watch out for that way to God except the way we are. No he doesn't hang on to this. He receives us the way area where the prodigal son comes home to his dad except in the way he is no he smelled like a pig. He gives him a badge and because New Clothes are. So Jesus except it's the way I know because he's going to give us a robe of righteousness and change of heart. Does that make sense to you. This is part of the war mongers a good. Yeah right. Where did I say if you just laugh. OK there's no science people are saying proves the but I will when you hear that. That's putting science of the Bible the basis for confidence is faith and love alone. I'm ready to go. Now what I'm going to do. I'm going to talk today about marriage but I'm going to lead into it with a little bit of talk about the homosexual business because this is where they are all around. Leslie relate to this in a certain way. Katie's as though it doesn't mean we're going to be holistic. There were two institutions established a creation. What are they established and married of course you know if somebody where you read the text in Genesis one verse twenty six And God said Let Us make man in our image after our likeness and let him and demeaning over the fish to see the value of the air over the cattle all over the earth harsh as that are when we get to heaven we're not going to have to kill me and I like that. I know I can remember when I was a boy they said if you didn't need me you weren't going to make it. You could get enough protein. Now to be a vegan or a vegetarian when you say that even You're on the top of them. Anyway sure God created man in his own image in the image of God created he him male and female created He them and God bless them and God said in the fruitful and multiply and somebody has to you about the homosexuals and so forth. Tell him to go to these texts. Somebody asked you about homosexuality. That it could be right. Just say region. He made them man and the way he told them to have to multiply and you can't get that out of the women together that you know he you know I think that sometimes that we go into too much explanation answers to the big questions evasion and sometimes when we're ask a question we can do better to ask another what if somebody had told us you know these things already. That is Romans one takes care of the homosexual. You read the Romans one that river lives there with whole thing says it's this is one of the worst since those who persist in it will be law. You know I learned this just the other day. Get this to read this. People these days are saying that a homosexual lesbian they're born that way. If you don't stay in thing. Yes I know that I shouldn't do it but I was born that way or whatever. I like good every man. Hang on fellows is born with a propensity to adultery. How much I don't care. Every man has a propensity to adult when he doesn't go to adultery for Jesus said to him you know that. We say a homosexual is born that way he's born perhaps with a propensity to up being homosexual but because of the genes he doesn't practice. When I heard that I thought that's good because that pretty well pulls the rug born that way. We're born with a tendency toward adultery. We don't practice for Jesus. You can be born with a propensity to homosexuality to don't practice where Jesus said that about the things that are saying these things just because we live in an environment now that surrounds us with homosexuality in the lesbian. The problem we can have used to he is to actually lose our conscience in other words we get to the place where we recognize that particularly this being born. And so when we live in this environment it's possible that we soak it in not to become homosexuals but to live in the environment. Oh mentioned that very kind of like yeah you know when I see a child I remember Jesus. Here we see Jesus in a manger and we see him on the cross or in the temple or wherever he was like this probably crying in his mother's I'm you know wonderful. Anyway we have a dog you know point occasion we have living together I'm not telling you anything. Once we say. Their lifestyle and the practicing of homosexuality as the baseline for adultery and fornication they ceased to be issues and we lose the ability between right and wrong. These things that we hear his word all the time. Another thing this is my opinion and I hear others express it the next. I see the next because we've gone through and I see it through this women's ordination. I've given up on that and that when they would really begin to grind I say it is time to move on to higher ground. They see when they begin to wrestle and we see how it's going to turn out and go someplace else because the message is bigger than any one of a solution. Asked about it way to just stay on time. I think it's critical that we that we know that anyway. I didn't preach a sermon on women's ordination. I just as others are saying that the next thing is going to be homosexuality in the church in other words you know come to church or they want to be in a church member to be heard. This is supposed to be the next one and the word is going to be used to cover that. It's going to be the word compassion. We heard that also. We've got to be compassionate like acceptance like compassion is like acceptance except that's the way we are. And compassion you know compassion is a nice thing I had some problems as a cook and I pray of course I will live for the Lord. The year me and the hand and so I said lord out favourite feeling. What if I don't get it. Listen close I want you to give me a spirit of compassion and then if you're not going to hear me give me strength. There's no temptation but he away give us a scape to curious about what is going to be competitive. I was telling somebody yesterday when I was a blind person before. Don't misunderstand me I will I will look but I wouldn't feel anything. I saw a person in a wheelchair I would love but I wouldn't feel anything. But now when I see a blind person a person in a wheelchair I feel it because I'm part of it and the Lord was to give us all compassion because you can get really used to things that are the eyes of God there after we become compassionate to him was that he has been through this before that the church is now to rest over Saints have you heard them for the hospital because I didn't understand that for several years. I thought of me and if you want to spin come to church the new kind of sound that way. Anyway I got to thinking about that and I thought well must that mean this hospital is where you go to get well. So a person who doesn't who wants to live in sin with impunity shouldn't go to church because you go to church to get well. That makes sense to you. I think this is going to come to know that nobody will let me say something about sin. How about going to church to get well. I've even heard it since I've been here some people say talking is perfection. You use that word was no one listen to you if we were perfect we wouldn't know who decides who's currently God we don't want to be like it doesn't consume the Nady who it is God's perfection God Himself so we can say well you know I became perfect we just meant you see a year out of the loop. I like to think that we're pressing on to in the markets what Paul said. I pressed on toward the mark of the high calling of pride in crisis. Do you mind if I take this little one who will tell me what I've said so far just a couple things that pop out at you when you didn't get right. Just wondering what popped out of the news on all right. That'll take care of that somebody a dozen words Romans one takes care of the legitimacy of the elements of the secular one else did I say no these weren't hooked in to see what I was ranting fetching yet. I think so anyway I was there anything that he lived as man and he is I think and whether I'm going to have to hold up the healing for later on the way out to some of you out over there in just a minute I was getting a cataract surgery that any of you old people like me had to get a cataract surgery. You have. I was laying on the operating table and joking around you know you joke around laughing with the dunkers in an urge that you know I think we ought to smile when We can smile when we can. And this is how I'm laying on the operating table and and I'm saying to them when I'm like when you're going to put me to sleep. He said We already have. And this gave me lots of hope in the resurrection. Another way is that no breaks no break. I had been put to sleep in a wake and not knowing that I was asleep and that maybe they're going to coming in fact it's almost like we're born we're born and the next thing at the end is the coming of Jesus with our lives in between with with without breaking the Constitution to never mind. I was blessed by that. Anyway I'm going to talk about marriage because that's what they would tell me to talk about. And now when we talk about marriage beauty is usually something like how to be six hundred seventy five hundred million lads. Was that somebody else knew that marriage is a spiritual condition spiritual condition did you see my library or is not intervene and you She and I met each other when we were about sixteen or seventeen and you and we got married when I was nineteen and then we have a birthday on the same day September sixteenth you might want to put that in the paper. Sure because I was a card. But you might say. What right do you have what you're starting to talk about Larry of fifty five you are your kind of grandpa living in fifty five years now you know once in a while and I'm speaking of Internet and people Claire don't. I promise to death do us part. My understanding that's true isn't it. I was talking to Roger had who was it you Roger. We don't realize when we say I Do you promise to love I don't cherish sickness and death do us part. One of us is going to be or was going to be aware this is this is why the coming of Jesus is our only hope somebody says who is about my age seventy five. This I'm not going to be a lie when he does come give me a break. I mean if you know what I'm saying with back when we called Mrs White and said well she says it will be later read well I'm going down anyway. It's really Scripture says it's appointed to man once and there's a young man over here said no way on whether I was checking birth certificate like it has a expiration is too real. This is one of the coming of Jesus is only as a home a whole in fact I thought devised of the coming of Jesus is a new year new year for me I don't have to wait for this until I'm not going to be there. But you my buddy. Let's realize that life is precarious but that we have this hope that burns within a heart that's open a can resort. You know one of the most important text in a marriage to me is don't let the sun go down here read her down you know what that would mean. Listen to me close. Don't go to sleep man. And you might want to note some of the because fifty percent of our marriages are breaking up and that includes of seven the average. And you know I thought to myself a person who has the Holy Spirit in their lives can get a divorce even if you try because you can only get a divorce if you're mad from one day to the Nick. So when it says don't let the sun go down that takes care of that million I've been married. How was I when I got married. Nineteen very you know I have a million a day she does I use the words Well you know I've only had about six or seven fight. He said Don't say that don't think you mean here. But you know what I mean when I say arguments that when from one day to the you know what I've done what I've discovered I've discovered that my relationship with Betty is connected with my relationship with God So a person who wants to come to church and be a nice guy go home and be a you know what I'm talking about than. Shut your mouth. Person that has a Jesus in their heart or knives wherever they go. You know I wrote the mission Corless went over there. Well then I hadn't realized it before we talk about the fruit of the Spirit for the spirit is what the Gospel does here when you have it in your life. Either way thinking either through the Spirit I would have a class one time and a teacher should those Praver the OP or pouring it into your eyes that it is being up or pray that you get in on it's to the Holy Spirit is being poured out everywhere and if you're not feeling your feeling your life chain. If you're not experiencing the Holy Spirit of fitness building your lie then go back to go and don't collect two hundred dollars and that's the way. Please understand that our homes are not breaking up for no good reason when we're having the things that we're having in our lives and in church. It's because we are not receiving and exhibiting the fruits of the Spirit and you can't have just one of them. And another thing that I've learned when you get to be is over the top this young man over here who's in charge you knows I call you when you get to be this old Everybody on my oldest daughter she's fifty two of fifty three. When I heard she was that old I said Sandy you're catching up with it. I think if you keep doing like that it will be the only parent with children older than we. And anyway I'm going to say well the fruit bear fruit is very disconnected if you don't have this one you have a heart. Now you're growing. We never get to the place where we have to build as it were growing. Understand. Then the Christian life is a grueling experience. We never arrive and connect maybe in our eyes we do but in Jesus' eyes we are growing and growing experience which is like there you know I'm beginning to realize when you're seventy five that Jesus is nice. He's kind of always rising. Sometimes we are nice and kind but they were mad and nasty in the next breath and I just love Jesus more and more you know to our kind of work were conservatives that we'll see ourselves saved and lost a lot of the a lot of guns. So I do you understand what I'm saying. No no I names are in the let's look alike that's where they're at and they stay that way until the judgment. So we don't need to feel like that you know that does this is why I say that it's nice to caging it one of the power of God is to stir up and break the power of the screen with impunity person who lives in San Diego is it is a person who is messed up. Last but our names are hidden with God In God We conservatives need to understand that because of our attitude many Can't Is Not till I see a PA and it's on a trip that doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I was telling somebody I'm going to proceed with this marriage thing in a man and go out of town you know what. Oh yeah because I thought to myself I can preach and so could other preachers we can preach sermons that question makes you feel so guilty if you like you've got one foot in hell and I thought to myself when I pray and I have a bridge that I was talking to you like when you preach you must give hope. Believe us conservatives we like to be kicked. People say tell it like it is. But they don't really mean that because they wish to use shows to tell me like it is as long as I agree with we must as conservatives we must have hope we have this hope it will be the coming of the one time when I came home from work and it was in the family room sitting on the couch and I noticed that her eyes were red and I said to her very well. Since then they have been taped on any cake. There was the yellow and grey and you can tell I could tell it was a low. My name is veiny King I was fairly happy it was an adventure. Well though I don't know. Well anyway we came home that day apparently bedding I know when the bird was on the floor the cage would be there and he was crying. I went into my study and turned on my computer. You know if you have any questions about anything Google knows the answer is that good of the world to question if you can put in one word. It's good to rest any minute. Anyway I I put in something that went through my kids' lives to hit the button and I said I shouted you know from the study to the living room. Old was a baby king and she calls that they are ninety nine years. And I said it says they're only supposed to live eight years we've done next year. You know I thought to myself Now listen closely to this. I thought oh who cares if it had a thousand years. What I should do when I should've done rather than the you know the very straight on how old you are. I should have temperature I was trying to encourage you but I wasn't. When you see somebody said don't encourage them and to you comfort. I was on an airplane not that long ago and I was sitting next to a guy and he said four months ago my wife died. I don't want to live now. You know what I wanted to I wanted to say to him a year from now I don't know what they say a cycle. I don't know if I had said that to him. It's like saying you know from now you'll forget about it you know. And then I realized that even though that was my Meijer to encourage him a year from now you will be hurt so bad. I realized that if I said that that's like saying nothing isn't. So don't forget what I'm saying before you encourage somebody comforting. So when I was one of I said about where is comfort. I've also said don't go to going to read that I was a setting in my office on time and you know sometimes when we're in an office we just do this when you do and you type in America and when you came to the door and she started talking to her and talking to me and talking talk. I wanted to say to Mary does this story have an end. And you know you know that's the way we have to to define you know what you're trying to say. Just tell me and I'll take care that it's the right hand talaga and you know when I realized I realized it was only sharing her life with me for us when snuggling is sharing a life for good for a long one and spending some time with them and that and and that's very sad. Just spent some time with me. This isn't about I'm about very can tell you that story drive you crazy. It should tell you what you were wearing fifteen years ago and where you were liner and I was going I don't remember the name Lagrange much less. One time I was praying. For our grandchildren to live they live down the road and I came to the faith for our grandchildren. I've forgotten to get to some reason I didn't want to say so I just a lot of blessed little children down the road. But it hasn't let me prove it. One day I was riding alone in a car and this one happened to me so far as it happened. Just do something about it we will be in trouble. Do it one day I was driving along the car Betty was there and I said Would you be happy about half if I drive there. And she looked at me just like you look at me like now I know that if I died Betty would cry I know that you and I got what I didn't want to have what was it. I dropped it. I'm free to do what I'm talking about do you want to. I decided to let her free be free now. Oh well I'm still alive. So that's good. So you're free now so that you can be one of her you know she does all of her juggling by the way I align the managers of the house. They decide what you can have her back. Anyway she would go to the grocery store. We don't have Kroger down there but we have public and so I would go along with her and I pushed a car and I felt without and so I would push the car and she put the food in the basket. I would look at the prices of food and Yvette. And then I look back on the show and if I would see some cheap or can show you know I would put their lives in the back and switch back because I'm just trying to say when it was you know it. But anyway she didn't like that. So I have a quick question about it until one day she let me do it. And if you can picture it is a version of that. And at the end of the shopping she goes up and down the aisles to get the last hour. She knows everything in a store I suppose. And I was standing in the back with the engine running on a cart. I just said there she's going up and down and. And I'm standing there. I looked over just about it over where that wall where you are the car and I saw a big display of hand and I thought I'm going to go they did a hand they go hand and I'm going to bring it back for the car and see what she does. And so I went over to the to the hand like Alice up a big fat man and I went back and I got halfway back and met somebody from the church of Hugo Chavez. But the point I'm making is names changing and she's gender and I'm some saw myself with you can um you know what I mean when I read it but I would like to just enjoy. I think Jim what I did during most of our very best to try to make her think he like me. When God brought into my life a generous person so that I could learn how to be educated so makes you one of my sense of truth. OK that's one. It's another two hundred thirty three now that's no fun because our tendency is to try to run things our thoughts reflect the descent or freeze a rift because she doesn't agree. Some time ago I was drawn into our lives. Somebody that was enrich our lives. It was something else besides. I'm just saying. Which. Anyway I want time as one until I went to the supermarket and I had loved him to God you know that in order to have somebody said if you put fear in the car you know come in and drowned so while I had to lever was blind and that would be like you said in the from the store I was so embarrassed so I picked up a can of beer. I'm going to go through the church. I was talking to Paul does all over the place i start of hogs out of the forgotten just in the back and to check on the you totally. Yeah I know but when you get old like me your fear is true. Oh you know one of the benefits of being alone is that everybody calls you honey sweet hog sugar something that would never happen to you. Every become everybody's grandpa you know one time he was a young man here. One thing I would say about you know you and me when you see me you think I was going over when you see you know person they've always been that way right. How old was Grandma and Grandpa do you remember always Will Graham was on but my folks weren't always ill and when I saw them getting old I realized I've got it too but you know son. We need each other. Oh yeah you're energetic you're smart and creative but I've got some you don't have experience. We need each other one of the things that I've noticed you know in our culture and in our church. They broke in the Utah we're never going to be that way. I can remember when we used to eat together in a fan. Remember that now you know everything busted in peace with slippery. So you've got a. Like they talk about they use brick you know giving the church to the you bring along or bring along. That's all that that's all or talk like I used to use Is there any comparison to a freeway or freeway has a on ramp and an operator. This young man's eyes are now on ramp and right. But we're all on the freeway and we need each other now it is true that we older people are not up with the time but if you want to watch happen in a future in other words we don't need prophets we need we need his story because sometimes you know young people as a student and she went up and said you know we are you know I was anyway I'm going to go on to something else. These are just chalk this confusing your marriage going to be better just pick out a couple of things is the covers and on time I want to say to the men and women who are here. One thing. Now most of them. No no my mother is me the whole lowered standing and I had a prayer. So I think that this is what we want to do when they can't meetings over we go home and we pray that the Lord will make a spiritual implemented in our lives. Anyway here's another question this is the visions for thirty two. How long by the way when you last on the job. If you talk to your boss I could talk to your wife. We were in the other part of three men. Why is it that we that we are on the job for nine years. When we go home and something changes the sound and I'm going to change it. I remember can work you know if this is a story you're probably just smell. And anyway there was a friend of my who was on so I was mourning it was going to church and and you know the cell phone and I don't know what word to use about going to set on the word for that said on that earnest telephone you can make a call and not know it. Anyway apparently his body was taking one of those call. So therefore he began this year. It's going on in his buddies car and his buddy was it was a preacher and so they can hear the preacher in his car just wasn't swearing with or they were shouting Shut your mouth and slap your face is quit. You know what I think that Minister got to cheer. This isn't even the car they were going to add another word how long will we last if we treated VOD. I could treat her. I think they are going to go. You know I was fishing for six which I want to read up on it for six. I like that text that's critical. In fact I'm the kind of person I'm a simple version. I want to just Christian life to be practical. If you speak in Aramaic or recalled in the parish I'm like that. So so what. But if you try this can't meaning should could come out of that you go home and wear a different kind of person. The interim period for six months only to hold them for thirty two quarters and you can be kind one to another tender hearted forgiving one another even as God for Christ's sake has forgiven you know don't be mad at me because we're going to be friends there were others. But you can be know everything about the Sunderland Catholic Church and beats me to see that right I mean instead we've got to pray for victory over me if you don't have a passion for a dish the whole is going to do that or you're a person who is being filled with the Holy Spirit is not a mean person. Now this doesn't mean that everything that would drag of the Betty and I never have or we don't agree on everything. On the way when I notice the Varian I don't agree with each other to see what I would try to do instinctively try to appease persuade or that Iraq Iran is not where we do so rather than to argue with her. I started to talk about the world let it go. Most of you know marriage is this big only this much this important and where our lives are going upside down in our marriages where do they are married it not because of what's important but the rest of this we've got to get to as it is if we don't stand it I don't know I'm off the subject area. Do you know your wives out there today someone in the you know I I was talking with a young lady and she said I was driving a car one day and I thought my husband's out as she said I think I'll say a prayer for that beautiful son rigs and instead he's out there somebody saying a prayer for her I would be good because I talk about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit I mention. Before the college grad is being out for example or many lies the question is has that manifest in your life and if it is manifested then you and I are are manifesting the fruits of the Spirit and if we are not manifesting rivers. Let's not talk about the outpouring of the horrors that make sense to you you know it does. Be kind and loving. That's our goal. That's where we want to go. They have all kinds of wonderful this for them but I'm too dumb for that. If you asked me to discuss some of these do the logical thing or when I do search to be kind. I want my words to be the kind of word usage. But that's not easy. This is what we mean when we should be in contact with the mind of Christ. OK What about a sense of holiday of your life. I don't just mean why she reminded me she reminds me of that I was and I said I was the one time and I know it's hard to live the Christian life. You know what does that mean. Live a Christian life and I raise his hands to be lucky if you know I can run down to reflect is in me as a come on down town way he said to get along with my gratitude. They see what he's doing to bring it down bring it down because many times we come to church we do church talk. There's no actually used. But the trouble is nobody knows what we've seen. So some way we have we were not talking about how to be sexy seventy five. Take your kid out to whatever. But to be kind to you when you get to be seventy five set them free to be who they were meant to be YOUR BODY OF LIFE ISN'T. It's about seventy percent of the new treaty which will result. Yes that's right. And before you encourage comfort. You know have you noticed. And I make this up. Supposing it rains and a granddaughter is coming down carrying something anyways on the liquid and you save watch out you're going to drop that. And this is I'm going to what the drop and the tennis is is with I told you to be careful when they get down and help them clean it up for you see we even do this in raising our children. We don't get down to business until we get back. And then when we do that we give them. I noticed in my own my own life that might I was more a referee than a coach catcher referees trying to take him out. A coach's tries to. I don't want to be like I'm a person by that coaching as a manager and exasperating my life and my family is to be encouraged. Well they've made mistakes we ought not to do that with us thought the time that I load all the time didn't talk about serious things is often not going to happen after they've had over their father and I were thankful to our parents. If you use them to create a new thing for mature pilgrimage these years it's your hands then over other times it's cover zero tolerance for people. We pray that you will be a lie to your word will be abided to our path to our to go on the road in which we work. Every family has to be with Jesus this media was brought to you by a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more. You would like to know more about it how do you know if you like to look into more W.W.W. or.


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