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Hearts of the Fathers

Richard O'Ffill



  • June 5, 2015
    10:45 AM


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God knows I hope he did you hear the bad news. God knows our hearts. So if you think about we have some good books here. I don't have a book table I've written Tim a book and one of the latest ones was already watchable and I mean I'm bragging you mind if I go ahead and take it. It's nearly two hundred thousand or so I had no idea that was going to happen. My books tend to be practical Christian lie. There are better bill on Amazon. I have three that I like. One of these little and warmups and it's called Lord save my church and I have Lord save my family with orders to lay and then I think one of the ones that most people like a lot is Lord keep your mansions just save my children when I you know I don't know if you're aware of it but the publisher gets to put the cover and the name of only on the work. So when I sent that up to a career in here I suggested that I keep my I'm here magistrate my children and you know people that said to me because that's the irreverent I said not if you're a man it's not because what tense thing is of all the things we could have children that are most important to keep your marriage and I have one to hamper first one ever did with prayer transforming prayer. Anyway if you go to Amazon and click in Richard Opie of the whole have to have I L L then my booklet comes out. I'm going at bio. You could buy for two dollars three dollars one cent from the used book store and then you pay the shipping. No kidding. Anyway so that's where you get him and they were written by my favorite author. One time I was yours my notes coming out. Oh here's one. You know we've been hearing about the any Christ just someone as you believe they had a Christ is a good way to started excuse me I'm not a theologian but a good way to start it is why do you believe the anti-Christ who's got a good start by saying I believe what a reformer and police to a Ted that gives a playing field it was the say that gives a far I haven't any but pretty far as believing we go ahead explain. I was right in one time does this speak to you and it can carry on California and of yours spoken to you that you can imagine what it's like. Some of the youth there that you know they really are blessed. You know if you've seen them where they had they were not as aware backwards when we were kids there's only two people who are like that that was like that. And so two boys were walking along one day when I was that I wondered why they don't put them on his hands to keep the scenario. He wanted to speak to you and I didn't want to do so because I don't want I want to do. So I stood up and I said If you today you know you know people. Being a lot of money to go to seminars to learn how to make money and the big company of people in the business people. So today I'm going to tell you how to lose money and you know young people like dumb stuff and then send it down so they were really bright and I said one way to to lose money is to ignore put it under your mattress and forget about you know betting I lived in South America and surely where we would have a hundred percent inflation per month. So you take money and put it under your bed bring it out after a few years. It's not the money you put there in the beginning. So one way to to lose money then is to ignore another one is to then just put it on the chair walk away or they say finders keepers ruin. There's a way to prove and another way to do money is to just waste. And so I said the seminars over highlight is they're realizing that they are going to give you another free seminar on how to lead you girlfriend. And they like that even more and I see you ignore. Another way is to Ben and another that way is that to be unfaithful to her and they like that too. And eyes that another way want to talk to you is how to Luigi's Is it a friend who would be the same way it would be to ignore him to abandon him or to be unfaithful to him. Anyway I got down and I feel pretty good job as a little thing. Kids like to hear our back to revival meetings and Sabbath came and I walked into church and they said Would you concede to the U.. Oh no rather not in the end and I had had time to get ready for it and so I walked in and I said to the kids that you remember me this is you know you spoke to trample. And I said Did you know I remember what I spoke about and said Will you do you know you told us how to how to lose money and I said well how's that. They said will you abandon their you know aren't car you're wasting. And I though I should be in the youth ministry undreamt pretty good and I said What else did I talk about and they said how I said how's that they said the same way now. And then as to what else should I talk about. I think that was the part we don't remember. The real crux Carlucci uses is a print you see in our Christian life. Our focus is who we're focused on and for many of the Christians they're focused on money. They're whatever they have allergies. But I'll never forget that experience here. Oh by the way we were talking about a pastor patches that don't believe in the doctrines this church you know what I think about him. He should resign. I got a call one time from a version I didn't know and he said but I think our church has too many doctrine. I said What do you know about the will of God for you like you wish you did. And so anyway he talking. Pretty soon I to listen if you don't believe you know if you haven't trouble with a dot where the doctrines of this church. Why don't you find your knowledge here. This is this and he said no I want to stay stay and change this one and that's what's going on. Listen we talk about the shaking time hits here. We thought that when they've been shaken out of the church that they would come to church anymore no they keep coming to church. They just don't believe what's going on in the moment they can be used as a school teacher your pastor whoever the shaking is on but they're still coming to church to do the church family. All right Mr Cunningham I can't read this. I didn't a good news in the bed I did it all when I said Compassion yesterday we should have compassion. I didn't mean what that sounds like I just meant that it's like Grace Grace can be a word that's used to silicates and I said compassion can be the same. I want to have a compassionate heart but not one that facilitates sin OK I didn't want to buy a better birthday I didn't want about too many doctrine. Oh yeah you use. You heard it was a I think the church was a pasta time and that I'm a member of the church and I have an apostle size of you know some in the church have a past but don't say the church is a positive because I am part of the church. And Heidi and I haven't you haven't either. You you will know that I don't say the church is a positive. That's not it. Or is she in the end interest of adventure and eventually her Christianity to see the unique doctrines of our church disappeared. I was in an airport one time and and I saw John Ankerberg. Now I don't think I ever heard him on his television he has a television program in Chattanooga but he's blonde and so he was sitting there waiting for an airplane and and I recognized him. Berg and Walter Martin debated. Who was a better. You know Bill Johnson they debated image and they wiped the floor with my opinion. They just you know they took him and they just took him out of business. And through I reckon that a doctor a high ranking member so looked over. I am an addict and that Holland has managed to I wish we had sent somebody up against you that would have made a better showing and told him and he said I got two questions for you. What is the current position of the Seventh Day Adventist Church on Mrs way and Transgender Day. And you know friends I want to say what do you why do you care. Why do you care. And you know because they do care they want to wipe it out. And so when he said you know the drug we had problems with this is what you know what I said to him I said Don't you believe in the gift of prophecy in the church. Well he said. Because you know you go to those evangelical churches and their prophets all over the place and so don't show it so don't criticize me on having this is part of the problem that makes man and then he said he said what about the twenty three hundred days. I said Don't you believe before Jesus guns you know doing it again and he was the I had a hand in covering but I never forget that because the evangelicals are after you may have them come to your workers meeting or whatever but they don't mean good for the seventh Avenue Church. They want to cut away the dark and make us that security. You're smart you can tell if you have salvation. But how do you feel about obeying God A person who has salvation who wants to obey a person who doesn't have salvation resents to contest between Commandments the Beatitudes for the pins for a hand something in common they are all the will of God for the Christian. Listen to this. Those who are saved from every generation will have the same attitudes in common. They were sorry for their sins and from their heart they wanted to do the work. You know they talk about about legalism. Listen don't use that word around a person who with all their heart wants to do the will of God is not a legal by the way these words legalism Farrah's he said was the other bed I have written down but these are words that are used to. Only eleven bill call you apparently illegal as to whether it had a written down. I do. Does anybody know when I was going to say no. Really reminds me here's another one we must not forget that obedience didn't put Lucifer in the happen but disobedience took him out. Obedience didn't put Adam and Eve into the Garden of Eden but disobedience took them out to Jesus was going to drink disobedient people to heaven he would have to take the devil back. Here's another one we can not rise any higher than our concept of God. Here's another one. A person's theology tends to be a reflection of their personal morality. That means if a person has seen anything like that he knows about he will be attracted to error like a baby is done honey. This is why a clear conscience is essential for growth in the creation of life. We can lead people closer to Jesus then we are. I think I told you or I was going to tell you tomorrow if you mind if I repeated it tomorrow. What about if I repeated this whole thing tomorrow in your mind. Do you remember anything I said yesterday. I've voted September sixteenth anything out. Romans chapter one identifies a homosexual lifestyle and I said you can be born with a propensity to homosexuals lifestyle just like we mean you are born with a propensity towards adultery. All of us. But we don't practice adultery for Jesus say in the same way you might be born with a propensity toward a homosexual lifestyle but you don't practice it for Jesus' sake. I know that's right then and I've had about seven fight as she gets she gets mad or actually she wants to fight when I say that the only way you know what I mean we don't know I'm getting along really seven times that's not bad for a fifty five year. You know we've got to treat our family as nice as we treat people we don't know. Some people say will be a dick to learn from a big meet so many you I don't think I could stop and I have to be mean and I'd say no you don't. You don't know me from Adam and you weren't mean to me. Go home and be nice to you why the railroads. But watch that one on a clear conscience. Remember I think I have a concept about conservative people. I was a hammer but remember too that Jesus was killed by a coalition of liberals and conservatives. Percentages. They. Like if they hated him because he was so principled and the Pharisees hated him because he was a nice i want to be like that and nice person he was principal. Anyway here's my text for today. In Malakar four five and six you know that one. Behold I will send you a large of the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. He should turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to their fathers lest I come and smite the earth with the Kurds. This is big. That means listen to me that before Jesus comes there's a revival in the family and if and if we're not letting the Holy Spirit work in our lives. Scuse my French we don't we shouldn't waste our time with talking about the letter any way just waste our time and listen let me say to I have this written down a little to him Elder Wilson said the church had a revival list of points and I don't know where that you gave that it had to be an aside where it was there was about ten points of what the revival and reformation a church ought to be. I didn't see where it said revival in the family. I didn't see the word family and I was talking with Wilson just in passing and I said why didn't you put in in the list. Revival in the family. I said you don't have to denounce yourself and say you know we were wrong and all that just start talking about revival in the family because we can be no no no better Christians if we're not. Since at home we not Christians anywhere to understand that prayer your eyeballs out fast around the sun but as we're nice to our wiping kids into a husband we're just wasting our time. When you go home for this can't meaning if you're not a more loving person with us. I don't want to give to this period being this was a waste of time and money because if revival in the life that makes a girl the most difficult place to be a Christian is at home a person who is not a Christian at home is not a real Christian anywhere I think. I talked to you yesterday discriminative. I want to society's trying to do to the home. Turn it upside down wipe it out and I don't joke about it and somebody said the dog is the smartest and the kids are next and mom is next and the husband has to eat you know. Now that was all the problems in the world these days are being played out on the mean real prejudice and I think we meant habit trouble. We men are abusive but so are the women you're just looking Google and find out the percentage of difference between abuse between men and women and the women are about only about four point lead in the ME NOW You don't hear about the women abuses in the newspaper in the news for the simple reason that no man wants to call the police and say My husband has put me in a string. It's like this is what I think it is going to have to be a rebel is going to be. Everybody I was talking to in the presence of a person of color. And as long as they're going to call. Going to make my brother your man the white man the racist We're going to stay with racism to the counter. We've all got a thing where race is Jesus have mercy on us. If you go alone you know that it's you can say God change my husband but change me it's always change in somebody else it's always somebody else's problem but really the problems are our problem. You know you know people say well God needs to change my husband if you want to change your husband pray that God will change you first and your husband will be changed. I can guarantee you the Christian life is is not it's not easy but it's possible. It's not something we memorize it's something we are. Holy Spirit is to change now what we know but it's what we are to be to be to be something new you know the role of parents and children these days. I remember of course mother didn't work so we can't go back but as a result of our standard of living the parents were outsourcing detent word I think outsourcing the raising of their children to somebody's heart surgery and is a wonder I guess that we have some of the problems we have parents who do things in moderation that will that the children will do them ins and except a parent has a problem. The children were going to turn in a success. I've told people to as I said you were going to be like a parent unless we right click on properties and that makes certain box. I'm using some computer talk of my doing and we're going to be like our parents unless we check some boxes. Well I don't need to tell this crap about television television is watched by the average Christian is incompatible with the spirit to lie again and I'm not trying to be cynical or mad because everybody's problem. But we can't watch them like kill steal and homosexuals and all this stuff and then get down on our knees. I mean how do you do that love is a rattling chain it was out there going for granted thirty tinkling Sam We Christians are walking in the darkness when we should be in the light and you know I heard that somebody said that that the media are running our lives each day they run our lives. Somebody in the media decides what we're going to see and what we're going to hear. And as a result as we become hardened during the BE Africa or Nigeria. There was a man that was working for the the for the T.V. or whatever and he was somebody was going to be recalled been shot they were going to stand him shooting was. What is it executed firing squad. And so you're standing there they bring those guns up just before they pull the trigger. The version that's going to take the picture if Scouts cut cut cut. I'm out of battery. This in can you believe it he puts batteries in his camera and he says OK and so they went ahead and shot her. Let me tell you this is this T.V. an Internet dangers they are destructive but they are responsible for or changing the culture. And unless we were aware of that will be changed too by the way. I was noticing was it made to come later that. The uniform soldier wear is not a moral issue but it's a life and death issue because it shows which side. This is why are women and should not dress like the world because it shows they're on the wrong sky crazy man or whatever poking out. I don't know what going to try to look at that time. I wouldn't wear one so I wouldn't be identified as being crazy. So so when we dress like the world and we become like the world you can't make it any other way. You also hear people say well you know if you got a witness to the world you know. But when Israel witness to the world the world didn't become like Israel. Israel became like Who are you know they talk about Jesus is hanging out with Stan. We heard that we know Jesus was with kids. She's just listen to me was it was with sinners OK but sinners who wanted out. He didn't hang around red light districts and whatever it is. Sinners followed him around because they wanted out. So don't let somebody tell you Jesus hung our standard you know we can't stand still and that you know why should we argue. Just stated the the the truth isn't that complicated. Scripture says the common man. Women heard him gladly. So we want to be able to witness her lord in such a way that regular people do you know where you sleep. You know OK you know did you have. I can see everybody. And so did you. OK OK that's true. But anyway they were having a meeting and down in there there was a husband and wife and she went to sleep while the preacher priest and the minister saw that and he said rather wait your wife and the husband said You wake up your they want to put asleep. You know when I hold seminars. The one right after lunch by the way don't let him call that pot luck. That sounds like what is that better where we did this but long whatever Taco Bell say Taco Bell and sounds like I'll go with a partner. Fellowship then or that sounds like an Olive Garden. And there's always the next a very good when you know what I'm going to say is let's go out those low class designation and call it may be vegetarian cuisine. Car buff say you know vegetarian buffet I found when we invite you Bill used to stay after service today we're going to have a vegetarian but you like to write it down in my hand and you forget it. I written down here if you had the choice of watching a movie on the Sermon on the mount on David which was a hunch for you see you see Evo is intriguing. Good is boring. Even if to BIOGRAPHY Well it was a Bible camp but it's of but I will still not adultry you know the rest. You ready for me to start assuming I know what I'm going to have when I started to talk about that so it was after after potluck or bad day or vegetarian cuisine. People are a little sleepy so I started talking it over here against well there was a lady and she she went to sleep. It wasn't just an I'm a little sleepy. It was spectacular. I saw that you know I can feel and I said the congregation. Hundred mill go there. She will and she didn't go to know him. But you know there's going to sleep in churches is an interesting thing. I came to do it and it reminds me of a story and happened over in the Philippines and somebody had a demon. And so they were going to cast the demons out and they were talking with the devil. I don't do that because he's above. Well anyway don't don't talk to the devil for any reason. But then he asked the devil if he went to church. He said I go every Sabbath. And they said but do you do in church. He said I'm a good people go through the you know Father of Lies told the truth for the first time and it's true. We can sit there and watch the television all night long. Just a five minutes with something with of the Lord will put you to sleep anywhere. Are you Jim. No You know I would they weren't together. And it will miss not Bernard we're going anyway I forsake Academy is there in Orlando where I live. And so I decided to take a survey now very careful of surveys. Surveys have built in answers you know which when they ask you a question that they've talked you know the words way you're going to answer it is already reprint predetermine because you're in a box and you've got to choose something in that law. So anyway I read a questionnaire that I was going to give to the seniors and my new way. What we know and how we feel. Probably not. At the same. Well we know it how we feel. Probably not the same so if I did this questionnaire was East twelfth graders and how do you feel it said. And it started out it had three questions on a scale of one to ten with one being the lowest and ten the highest How would you score your relationship with your folks. Now I put this down the kind of give us a base time because if they're going to put a one you know that the rest of it's going to be rough. Most of the kids put down seven eight or ten. That's not bad that's a good atmosphere for the questionnaire. The first question was How do you fear or how do you feel parents can do. What do you feel parents can do to improve their relationship. You know what these kids answer these questions. They didn't just draw stick we answered the question. See this one I see answered what do you feel parents could do to improve their relationship. And the next one is what do you wish your parents understood about came out of out of a hundred seniors and ninety nine answers for that. Any writer who goes I'm going to just go down and do any of you have teenagers in your home. And there's a whole bunch of little kids that are going to be a teenager. You know I remember Barry and I we have four children two boys in a girl. And when our kids were about that big. What are you a mathematician. We're going to be better already. She wasn't your girls and so one day I had a sermon I preach called the Ten Commandments for raising children. When they got to be about that ring I changed it to suggestion interest. You know what the sentiment is now. Two questions I have a valid or if true it doesn't get easier when they're twenty five and thirty there's problems that they didn't have when they were three. And yeah I have a grandpa. Grandparents today are you know that's our reward for being a parent. I took people I said you know if you've got a grown child remarry and they don't have children call them when they listen to me has been a lot of money went to lot of trouble to raise. I don't want to money pack and keep there but I want grandchildren. I want you know you don't have to tell your grandchildren that your grandpa they know when they're born they just look at you know who you are in fact we grandparents are race of people. When I'm in the grocery store at a little car goes by with some kids in it you know is that as they look at me giving is kind of away they know who I am an avid grandpa. Anyway how do you feel parents could do to improve their relationship with their teens ask questions in a calm way. Now you can. I notice when I go over the edge that these have to do with husbands and wives as well. And when I went over these results I wanted to cry because I thought that this isn't just kids with their hats on backward. These are kids who have a heart that touch that they wish things were different and what they wish is an off the wall. What do you feel parents do to improve their relationship with their teens. Ask questions in a calm way. Encourage or try to listen and act like you understand the understanding. Talk to us be our friend. Be genuine. When you think about this is something rebel not to me from the heart. Pray with us. You know I have very nice you can tell sort of what we've been through. We raised a granddaughter for about seven years Bailey and you know I'm glad I got a chance to be a father again though not under those circumstances. But to have a little granddaughter you know around the house than I treat you differently than I treated my own kid. No it's not that I was abusive to my own kids but was with Andrea I was nice. You know you can because with my own kids hosing control and when your can control you've got to be pretty tough to show you know and if I can remember when that one of my own kids would come to him and might say Daddy can I do shit. No but I said no. Any place. Did you hear me. But that is OK but but with Andrea I was different. I listen to and just listen to what she was asking. There was nothing wrong with saying yes you can be in control and be nice. You know I grew and days she came into the grandpa would you help me make my bed. I could've said you heard me didn't you. I told you to go make your bed. Get in there make it but you know I realize that I got to be a grandpa and she wasn't trying to get out of her bed she needed the help of mud make your bed it comes up to your chest. So what I did was I went in to help her make this and we can be much nicer to each other than we usually I should say. We usually are things we wish they wouldn't do criticize us so much. You know I've said to women and it works reverse your women wish your husbands were different and stop criticizing. We men don't respond to nag. It doesn't want to make us do more and do better and the same could be for the wife but the wife is kind of our mother. You know you know our women are our mothers and so when they get older that they keep being our mothers. So your wife can tell you what to do what they want to do well you know how I respond yes or no any way we can do better. When the Spirit of God is in our hearts you know holds a different they are different. Don't make us feel stupid when we mess up. Does it sound rebellion you know. Don't compare yourself with others with us when we were when they were growing up and what they used to do. I came to do that because when you get as old as I am we're gone back very reminiscent you know what I like to do and reminiscing I like to reminisce with total stranger than your cameraman is doing with a total stranger. So you just go to him because she'll hear the call is it. That's true. Anyway don't put on so this is what we can do. Don't be quick to punish don't work so much. See these are the these are the young people responding. What do you wish your parents were like don't work so much. Don't be so strict. Don't say harsh words don't hold something over the child's head. Help us to learn from our mistakes. Don't be overbearing when I read these ideas that Oh God forgive me you know I don't. Maybe you and you're not like me but I'm still apologizing to my gran about my grown kids for what I did to them now that sounds like me to be you know I could've done better. You can say well you're just on a guilt trip. Now I'm merely rethinking my life at this point. Can Say I wish I hadn't done things differently. Does that sound like guilt. No we learn from the past provided we learn from the past. I may not want to be criticized by your Although I have a sentiment about that and somebody criticized you before you get mad decide whether their turn a true if they're telling the truth when they could have said thank you Jesus because God sent this person in your life to have to grow. Anyway where my peers know what do you wish your parents understood about me. Communication is everything you know as I look back on raising my children. I think I could have done better at communication. I think our tendency as I mentioned to you yesterday is to be referees more than coaches. Many of us only communicate with each other when the word man and when we're upset and when we communicate with each other when we are mad and that it gets worse it gets worse. I really do wish parents knew about teens that were all messy. You know you can see him dressed up they look so cool. You think brother look in their rooms one day. They may look cool but behind that closed door it's a big star. Don't make their beds and stuff on the floor and everything and shades. I remember I did a course with our four children. We had two that were sort of born and two that were born messy and but by the way they're all of this is a kid being now. When I youngest when he was still home he was on the message side. And then one day I said to him honey you know talking fifty years ago and I said honey I like you to make your bed. He said I will. Next a mystery. So I said to him sweetheart you know I want to remind you to make your bed. He said I wear them the next day. It was amazing. And so I said with a little more feeling more sincerity Honey you need to make your bed. Now at that point with my I was going to have we're going to get tight and he begin to get tight and I realize that things could go on this way or so I was going to have a messy bed and trouble with my boy. So you know and I did the next day and I remain in bed myself. And when he came home you know I said nothing I just this went on like doesn't happen the next day you know what I mean. I made the bed again. And you know and I said nothing. And the next day he made the event he made of it. You know I get I'm talking about my stuff just looks like what the Holy Spirit does in our lives when we just let him work. God created me a new heart can restore a right spirit within me. Did I tell you yesterday about being in the airport with this man that was from Kansas that was on his way to takes children not a mission trip to a table that is doing or you know BET is not coaxed back here. Once New Hampshire be a referee. Is my coach. Anyway I'm in the airport and and we start to talk this is a business man from like Kansas. Never forget he began and part of the conversation began to tell me what Jesus was doing it is why would I want to take it impacted me when I begin to get cute. Pray for me and there in the airport he put his hand on my shoulder and he prayed for me. Don't misunderstand me but I thought to myself at least in my case we are if you like me were probably not good at telling what God's doing and it's not in our kind of our. Now if we can tell you what's going on in the prophecies of a decision Jesus is doing it and to actually give a spiritual testimony of the past. I never did that. It wasn't a way I was raised. But I want that in my life. Now the Baptists can do that you know we can say we're learning now listen I want to tell you there's people all over the place and I've said so many times there's more of God's people they'll go to church on Sunday that went along the church as well. In foundation but the church is the called out and they're all over the place. I remember one day when I was just about that day I can remember as a child with my mother and I walk somebody's world by a hamburger and I said Look Momma that that those people don't argue by the way I don't think I've had my first hamburger yet. I had two cups of coffee in my life because of my problem they want to see if it did me any good it did you know. Can I throw the contents to you as well. Anyway because I got my problem the the doctor said Well you know a little one might be out that will cause pulses. Anyway I've never had a sniffle wine. So he's an international alliance if it helps with his shaking. So when you get desperate you're shaking where you want to get out from under it. So yeah I had to stop at a B. C. you know like I work in there has been terrible you know that and of course not apologize to the people talking about doing it for medical reasons but it didn't do any of it is what I'm saying is I haven't had my first hamburger and now I don't think I've had a volatile bill. I've been protected you know that and I'm not sorry but I'm going to talk about tomorrow anyway. Oh yeah. Talk about dead making has been I got a telephone call one one day from a person I didn't know. No it's a federal field is that I've got a daughter and she's about fifteen and whatever it was and she's being harassed and Curbishley been cursed by her calling in their worship and them and two of them have committed suicide and I need for you to pray with us and cast out the beam. Now when I hear something like that I don't just put on my running shoes again because you don't want to fool around one of them. I could number of years ago fifteen or twenty years ago the demon where it actually was in remember those days we had super cool quotes specialist in our church demon was their expression. But anyway I said I would pray for him you can say no and I call some of my friends you know and said we're going to have a special day for these people praying. So anyway I whatever time that we had arranged I know what he had said My daughter is not going to be there and I said That's OK our first meeting we had to get acquainted anyway. So I knocked on the door and he came to the door and he invited me and of course and we went to the family room and for them. And you begin to tell me about his you know his daughter and how they got into that spiritual ism and anyway and in the process he mentions his daughter her room. And pretty soon I think you know can I see her room. He said Yes we went down the hall and we passed his ten year old boy's room and there was those ugly machine gun people and all those killed stuff has posters on the bullet long when we got down. At the end of the hall where her room was the door had been kicked in and when we walked into the room then it was painted some color there were these huge pictures of the rock people those people are devil possess they are the devil personified and so the underworld then right in the middle of the war there was a big poster of the goat you know what that's about. That's a symbol of the devil. And right there on her desk it was a bunch of devil book and so I just looked and I didn't say anything. And we went back to the family room and I said to him this. You can't do anything until you overthrow your daughter's room. Gideon had to overthrow his daddy or God could do anything. Point when he said if I do that. No I said to him I said if you overthrow the room she'll probably attack you and run away from home. So week or so later I got a call from him he said I'll work through the room and he started painting with funny colored tram and they painted out and I say What do you do. And he said he just watched and he said when I started taking those posters down she attacked me and I said what you do. He said she ran away. And but she came back after a couple hours. He said We sat down on the front porch and talked for several hours and the communication started that would lead to the victory and the young girl's life. But you know I have on that same. Why I have the conviction that what we call my boy's room is not his room. It's my room and moaning too. You know what I mean unloading the room to him is not his room. He can't just shut the door and do what he wants to behind the door. It's my room that's where I can ask him to make the bed and you see we need to do that. It's my house my kids live in but what goes on in the house is my responsibility my responsibility. So I want to say this to those of us who are here because because I don't think that we do we facilitate in excess of what we should do in our homes in other words to be in charge of a home doesn't mean we're going to be some guy being people with a kid. I remember one time when I bet it was talking with one of our children the oldest one. And so she said Why does it bother just accept me the way I am. And I didn't know if you thought of the accepting her that way. No he said I had thought about that. So you know I think that the young teen can say why does a mother accept me but mother can say kindly sweetheart I need for you to expect me to where you be what you need to be. We did that with music. I would let this give you know music is like smoke when somebody's listening to that music. Everybody listen. And so I said you can listen to music if you put on your phone. You know when I go to the store if you know they have this rock N roll music playing or you know real loud in the back house they don't want a tennis player. Tell that God of being to take a break. I wish they understood the stress in our lives you know when I was there when the young people go out there they're in a world that we as grandparents and parents can't even see. I wish that they would realize that we don't always need to keep read they don't need to keep reminding us of things they've got to realize that prophecy is her privacy is an important issue that is really embarrassing to have your naked picture showed everywhere. I wish they realized that we want to love and want him to be there for us even though we don't say it sometimes. Can you see what our homes would be like if we would implement these. But our relationship would be with us if we would remember these things. Don't talk to me about their you know about the In time things. This is the first thing we do know because the Holy Spirit has poured out and the first thing it does is turn into hearts of the fathers to what the children and children to the Father the the outpouring of the spirit starts at home. You know you know it used to be that we called the church to learn how to be Christians. Now we take our world their lives to church the church is becoming worldly because the people that are there. Unfortunately so many of them are worldly. I wish they weren't so suspicious. I wish they learn to realize that we're still learning about a life. I wish they realize it's things are not like back then. I wish they realize we made a mistake. I wish they realized life is short. Not argue Irish they realize that we will be better if they are too strict. I realize I wish they realized that we don't always check on that. I wish they realize that we're not all stupid. I wish they realize that sometimes we have to learn the hard way. Like they I wish they realize that means may not tell them everything but that doesn't mean we're hiding anything bad. It just means that we're not telling them every single detail of our life. I wish they realize it. Keane's get turned off when parents repeat themselves. It makes us feel like children like they don't. Christian believers who wish they would realize that we're human too and that they would be proud that I was trying to hurt her. Now I make me feel guilty but it's a growth. I can't go back and live my life over again. Neither do I I don't have to go on a guilt trip you know they call it he doesn't school girl to blow my brains up no learn from what we've been in the pads and pray that God will take us where we are give us a new start. That's what the Christians lives all about. He was somebody said to me if I had my life to live again I think I would be on can never really know what I like to do if you don't learn to like have a prayer break when you mind praying to three praying for one or you know the reason as I question is many times we have great abandon we're all praying for something different that you're just going to pray let's pray for that same thing. Put some part of the prayer. There you got it. Let's pray about our families and about our children our grandchildren you know I had a secretary. I see I've talked to you privately and I'm I get confused I don't know where that said this to a person or what. Simple Waterhouse was from me and she told me one day she said PESCA I gotta go back to maintain came along and she went back to me and life went on and then I heard that she was sick with Lou Gehrig's disease and the next thing I know is that she did it anyway some years passed and I'm at a retreat like this and a man comes up to me and he said My name is Bill Waterhouse. The last time I saw you you were during my mother's funeral and I was drunk. Now let's go back again while they were still alive. Have I stated Sibyl Sibyl you have any children. Yeah it was OK I got a boy named Bill. He's an alcoholic. I think what do you pray for him she said yes she would say I'd say how they're going to do anything for you sometimes I get tired of praying for my children the youngest ones out of the fray. Anyway she said it's not doing any good. And so she died when I'm talking to Bill at that retreat he was the head elder and his church and a lay evangelist and the Bible says pretty without ceasing what it's really saying is don't give up to give up. I get tired of paying for my kid. But don't give up don't give her. So let's get in two thousand and three and let's pray for the outpouring of the Spirit. Cohen aligned with their own church. Keep your man. This media was brought to you by audio to a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more. If you would like to know more about her or if you'd like to listen to more sermon W.W.W. dot audio person dot org.


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