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Exonerating God, Part 5

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed



  • December 21, 2007
    9:30 AM
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while a certain our Bibles to Revelation chapter for the first hour when a study revelation four and five in the second hour we're going to take a look at the book of Job is relied with Time Warner prayer before we open the Lords word file eleven we thank you for the opportunity of being here this morning we realize that every day of life is a gift from your last father that as we open your holy work this morning that your spirit will be with us to instruct us to inspire us and Lord to strengthen us for the crisis that is ahead we asked Lord that you will bless every activity holidays were to take place here this day that if there's anybody was not made a commitment to Jesus as Savior and Lord that this will be the day that they will do it we asked father that time you will enlighten our minds now help us to have a clear thinking process so they went dressed teachings that you have for us and we thank you father for hearing and answering prayer we ask in Jesus name it may okay were going to go to Revelation chapter four and five and and then we're going to study as I mentioned the book of Job celestial revelation for the reason why doing this I believe him Chris are speaking about the ascension of Christ and his installation and inauguration as our high Priest in the holy place of the sanctuary however this scene points forward to the final climax when all the redeemed will be together and it will render honor and praise and glory to Jesus when all of God 's people go to heaven and return home I sell actually is deals with the death of Christ and deals with the ascension in installation of Christ and it deals with the final consummation as well let's go to Revelation chapter four in verse one after these things I looked and behold a door standing open in heaven and the first voice which I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me saying come up here and I will show you things which must take place after this immediately I was in the spirit and the whole ethanol and set up in heaven and one sat on the throne now I want you to imagine this heaven is opened and John is led Renault is through an open door and inside that authorities seized a fellow in on that one's own he sees one person said now this is a little bit unusual because if you read with me Revelation chapter three and verse twenty one you'll find that two people are described on the throne it says to him overcomes I will grant to sit with me on my throne Jesus is speaking here as I also overcame and sat how will my father on his own salt when Jesus ascended where Jesus is he he sat with his father on his father so however when we read Revelation chapter four verse two we find the phone we find that only one person is sitting on the throne and I as we study is to become very very obvious that the person was sitting on the phone is God the father the relationship report yes it should be there even if it is italics because as we go a long room and noticed very clearly that there's only one who is seated little the context makes it very likely saw you that the word one is added but as you read along again become very clear that there's only one month old like you know for example chapter five will come to this a little bit later on said I looked and behold in the next of the phone and on the four living creatures in the midst of the elders stood a Lamb as though it had been slain sluggishly in the lab is is standing there at that moment anyway and has not arrived he's not saying little soul is one of the phone as we read along that will become clear okay now sellers want sitting on the throne and the question is is it just possible that when John sees this portrayal in verse two that Jesus has not arrived yet where his father is that Lee was taking place here because the Bible tells us that when Jesus ascended to heaven he sat with his father and himself here there's only one sitting on the phone the lessor verse three and he was there was like a jasper and a sardius stone in appearance and there was a rainbow around the throne in appearance like an emerald and now verse four is a critically important verse it says our all of all were twenty four finals so I want to visualize this and John is allowed to look into heaven he looks through an open door it says here inside the open nori sousaphone he sees one that once all in one sitting upon the throne on rainbow over his head and now he sees around the throne maybe a semi circle or perhaps a circle twenty four stones and it says and I'm the fellows I saw twenty four elders sitting so what do notice twenty four thrones and is twenty four being sitting on the phones in excess clothing white robes and they had crowns of gold on their heads so there's several characteristics are sitting on thrones that have white robes and a half crowns on their heads are now before we read verse five I would like us to go to verse six to see what other beings are present there come back diversified in a moment it's in verse six before the throne there was a sea of glass like Crystal and in the midst of the throne and around the throne were four living creatures full of eyes in front and in back so you find in the midst of the phone for living creatures around the throne twenty four elders on the throne one is sitting and dog knows how these beings are described in verse eight it says the four living creatures each having six wings that's an important detail each having six wings were full of eyes around and within an big round rest day or night saying anomalous or song holy holy holy Lord God Almighty who was and is and is to come our question is are these some beans that are described as living creatures living beings probably the better address the well Isaiah six identifies what they are Isaiah six verse one in the year that King Uzziah died I saw the Lord sitting on a throne high and lifted up noticing you have a phone once again high and lifted up and the train of his robe filled the temple above it stood several feet each one had six wings enormous that parallel of relationship for each one had six wings and their surfing according to this was to be covered his face with two he covered his feet and with two he flew in one product to another and said now notice that saw holy holy holy is the Lord of hosts the whole earth is full of his glory so the living creatures that are in the midst of the throne I really whacked seraphim and what are surfing seraphim are a high category of Angel cherubim and seraphim of the two highest categories of Angels now let's go back to verse five is noticed where this scene is taking place I suggested that this scene is really describing the ascension of Christ and his inauguration as our high Priest the question is where according to the context is the scene taking place first five gives us a clue it says and from the throne proceeded like means dungarees and voices seven lamps of fire were burning before the throne which are the seven spirits of God now this very important information here first of all the seven lamps of fire the word Lampson is used here is this same Greek equivalent of the seven branched candlestick in the Old Testament in the holy place of the sanctuary saw it becomes very clear that this is taking place where it's taking place in the holy place where the seven branched candlestick is another detail which it which is very very important as a matter verse five tells us that the seven lamps of fire were burning before the throne and the seven lamps of fire represent what the seven spirits of God are the spirits of God present in heaven at that moment yes it's a Solaris as semblance of fires lamps of fire were burning before the phone which are the seven spirits of God now they're not seven Holy Spirit smiling day the number seven represents totality fullness so this is dealing with the fullness of the Spirit now this is important because the criminal is in chapter five that once again the seven lamps of fire spoken of but it says the seven lamps of fire represent the seven spirits which are sent into the air that's very significant there's a transition from than being there to them being sent to the earth now let's talk to verse nine whenever the living creatures give glory and honor and thanks to him who sits on the phone who lives forever and ever the twenty four elders fall down before him who sits on the throne and worship him who lives forever and ever and cast their crowns before the throne do you see that there's one here worshiped him who lives forever and singular worships him who lives forever and ever and cast their crowns before the throne saying you are worthy old Lord to receive glory and honor and power for you created all things and by your will they existed and were created so the one was on the phone is priced for what reason he's phrase because the creator is a well-known ligament this has to be Jesus because wasn't Jesus the creator according to the New Testament yes but you'll notice that the terminology that is used here it says your will for you created all things and find your way only existed and were created by the father and God the son got together according to the spirit of prophecy in the lane the plan to create this world the father was the architect and Jesus was a master builder they both participate in creation but Jesus only makes very clear that Jesus implemented the fathers and will in the creation of the world that's why that's life important to see by your will things exist Saul Saul actually on the father is that the creator any free suicide I don't have something similar to this when we speak about the Giants I know in Diane Chapter seven of the judge is portrayed as the father is that these the ancient of days and then the Son of Man comes on the clouds to where the father is and you and John were told that the father judges no one he is committed all judgment to the hands of his son so it we should be too concerned over the fact that it speaks here about them praising God the father is the creator because of the father and the son work together but lately on the Trinity here in Revelation chapter four yes we do would allow it just hasn't arrived yet chapter four five actually but just before we have the one sitting on the floor was not the father we have the seven spirits which represents the Holy Spirit in the Chapter five journalist that Jesus comes to where the father is saw you have a clear indication of the Trinity here some chapter four and and you wonder certain things he wanted first of all user and a reference to the angelic host in Revelation chapter four other than the Serafini by the way Jeremy Mazer of the memory close mostly identified in Scripture there describing very similar terms bemoan Ezekiel one and also easy to hello this is the cherubim are described almost identically to the surfing is also the very very close together so clearly the seraphim are there clearly the twenty four elders on their God the father is there the Holy Spirit is there the seven spirits but was seen well the first thing that's missing is the evangelicals by the way the angelic host is distinguished from the servings on same thing were going to notice the angelic host is not mentioned there is praising God but even more glaring is the fact that Jesus is missing in chapter four is not on the federal nor not rendering him honor and glory and praise a rendering honor and glory and praise to God the father and honoring God the father because is the Redeemer the whole song honors the one hundred millimeters is the creator is losing what about the Redeemer where was Jesus where were the Angels well after five is living with the answer that so chapter five verse one and I saw in the right hand of him who sat on the phone scroll when you visualize this the one who was sitting on the throne has in his right hand what scroll written and on the back and sealed with seven seals then I saw strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice who is a and him notice his question cruel is working to open the scroll and to loose its seals they basically what that means is cool is qualify for this qualify to break the seals and to unfurl the scroll now we find a universal crisis because verse three says and now one in heaven and on the father break the seals and open the scroll you well know the word man there is supplied army and it was not the father BallHype on with the Angels novel Moses and Elijah no not one in heaven or on the earth for the years was able to open the scroll or to look at and now notice John's reaction in verse four so I went much by the way their injury there are two basic words for crying her for weeping one is relatively softer word you know like normal crying and then there's a word that is crying in a loud voice and anguish that's the word that she was here that he believed were able resistance this is better crime this is crying out loud if the same word that's used to describe Peter when he went out of Titus Paul it's as he wept bitterly and so it's just so I went much because while I was found worthy to open and read the scroll or to look at now question then scroll contain something extremely important that my stuff get the scroll contained information which was a matter of life and death obviously yes you know John would not be trying to see church history merely because he already seen churches and when the solid and the seven churches which is in Revelation one to three there's obviously something fun or more important here in this role than simply church history and so you say well what the scroll contained well we know for a fact that scrolls that were sealed like this actually but what begins as they would roll up the scroll then they would put seven pieces of string sometimes her more than seven but seven was the more common than not in the Roman Empire it would put braces the string around the scroll and then whether two pieces of strength where the two ends of the string that they would put a block of wax that was attached to the two ends of the string and to the scroll or they would play sometimes claim their and that's sealed the scroll so that no one could ever open the scroll before it was supposed to be open in other words it was to protect this girl from being opened by someone who was not authorized to open the scroll also in Rome we know from ancient records that scrolls that were sealed in this matter were usually wheels or Testaments so basically what you have you here is a will or testament and what it is is a will or testament of the human race now obviously is anyone qualified to open a will and does anybody going open will know is there a person who has been named specifically who is qualified who has the right to open the scroll yes or no absolutely not what does a scroll what is a testament or will that they will our testament contains what an individual will will inherit that's right now John knows that this scroll is really no will or testament of the human race him us our laws and sandals were going to be lots and what they are going to inherit in other words any knowledge that if someone doesn't show up was qualified to break the seals and low-cholesterol no one will inherit why he and his wife and after the scroll is an open access everyone's lost colony ridges and statements from scholars website a lot about this concerning the scroll this is a statement by Michael Safar which are the Revelation of Jesus Christ pages one ninety seven one ninety eight in a must-see minimum agreed with a lot of what Safavids has in his commentary on a lot of it goes against and how to say this because you know you might look up the book of Islamic things that are in clear disagreement with the spirit of prophecy and I believe the Bible as well it's used as a textbook for the book of Revelation in most of our colleges but you have to be very careful when you read this stock commentary but this this comment I'm going to read is not only found in his writings it's found in writings of others and it can be corroborated historically he says this page one ninety seven one ninety eight archaeologists have brought to light many documents sealed with two to seven or more seals for instance Roman law dictated that will or testament have to be sealed with a minimum of seven fields of witnesses in order to render its contents valid although some evidence shows that more than seven seals were used on occasion like any sealed scroll at the time the scroll of revelation five appears rolled up time with the court and sealed along the outside edge with seals of wax affixed equinox as such it could not be opened and its contents disclosed until all of the seven seals were broken for all seven seals is preliminary and preparatory to the actual opening of the scroll and the disclosure of its contents to get in the picture you break the seals then you are able to open the scroll Rh Charles probably is a you probably didn't know what the foremost expert in intergovernmental apocalyptic literature I have this to say in the international critical commentary volume one page one thirty seven he says a wheel according to the praetorian testament in Roland Law for the seven seals of the seven witnesses on the friends that secured the tablets or parchment or parchment such estimate could not be carried into execution to all the seven seals were moves of his non-American is now this is a real expert in intergovernmental literature and in Roman history and then also Kenneth Strand who was an Adventist scholar who did some fantastic pioneering work in the book of Revelation we owe a huge debt to Kenneth Strand Vista when it deals with the literary structure of the book of Revelation he says this the central item the seven sealed scroll portrays a will or testament for that is precisely what to set what us a seven sealed document was in woman's law in John's day we find them but the picture we have in the subdivision of revelation from four one to eight one is a court scene in which a will or testament is to be open in the context of Revelation this will or testament could be a title deed as it were to man's loss of inheritance on inheritance which has been repurchased by Christ the Lamb does the scroll is a book of destiny the popping out that means inheritance in God 's kingdom it's remaining closed remaining means forfeiture no wonder John wept when he thought no one could open the scroll saw that several scholars in late weight again on this now the question is that that's Alan White have anything to say about this girl she will certainly die she has two very very significant statements that want to share with you where she corroborates the idea that basically their scroll contained in is a testament that contains the whole history of the human race and the decisions that people have made with in the course of history that determines their eternal destiny the first statement is found in manuscript releases volume nine page seven manuscript releases volume nine page seven very significant statement here from fellow IG says this there is often half laying the book the role of the history of God 's prominences the prophetic history of nations and the church what does this the prophetic history of nations and the church here and was contained the divine utterances is authority his commandments his laws the whole symbolic Council of the internal and the history of all ruling powers in the nation 's symbolic language was contained in that role the influence of every nation and people from the beginning of Earth 's history to its close basically contains the universal history as it relates to this earth and every action every decision that people have made within the course of history what determines what their destiny is going to make officeholders often everybody lost it this role is often it will be real always going to regain the lost harassment after that man knows the right to rule below at first when I was sending us all have sinned and come short of the glory of God the devil said to Jesus no all of this I will give you because it has been given to me and I give it to whomever I please because Adam and Eve forfeited in other words this birth and his ownership to the when Jesus came and I run across lately studying yesterday he took away the kingdom from the devil he recovered nosy reducing the loss possession therefore let's tell the scrolling to the authenticity was a benefit from what he has done now the second statement is very significant because and not only presents a general picture you know of it already contains a whole history of the human race and the decisions that people and made within the course of history it contains a very specific event that was recorded in the book industrial idea remember when Pilate brought Barabbas and Jesus and place them side-by-side and said to the multitude choose only one Jesus our Barabas now I it is a high possibility that Brad is also called Jesus there is nice and that's that that seems to indicate who you are with Jesus Jesus the Christ Jesus Barabas is interesting that whole typology involvement I won't get into that now the multitude said readings onto a stool with a centralized morass wholesale like says about this momentous event this is my sunglasses page one hundred and ninety four price object lessons page two hundred and ninety four she says the house the Jewish leaders made their choice their decision was registered in the book which John saw in the hand of him who sat upon the throne will which no man could open and now here comes a very critically important point in all its vindictiveness this decision will appear well appear before them and they were in this book is not sealed by a lion of the tribe of Judah now the things that we need a notice about the statement first of all are those who cried out release (s) Barabbas I'd like to see this once again the decision of the ceiling and where are those people today saw as the book men of zeal yet you it hasn't been unsealed to them right because it says here is what appeared to them in order for them to see it have to be one after the life for the moment is inadmissible that unsealed when Ellen White wrote this now because he says when this book is sealed by the line of the Congress is writing around nineteen hundred and sixty six about the popping of the book as something that is not transpire when in the future now the big question is this wet is that that those people are going to be alive and they're going to see reenacted the decision that they made its after the millennium in a little on the Rangers statement from Ellen White have you ever read well white speaks about in great panoramic view about the city in all this he says he mentions certain people by name outside the city I'll read that will see Revelation five we don't alright so far okay Revelation five in verse four so I went much because no one was found worthy to open and read this will want to look at it verse five but one of the elders said to me do not read we behold the lion of the tribe of Judah the root of David has prevailed better translation we has overcome past and to the scroll and to loose its seven seals are journals that when Jesus opens the seven seals he opens it as the lion of the tribe of Judah when he finally unfurls the scroll he doesn't have the lion of the tribe of Judah now this actually is is going to take place at the very end of time how many of you ever seen a lambda 's landing on this it is a is peaceful and calm but Revelation chapter six verse seventeen you have a question that great day of his wrath is come and who shall be listening and was reticent if the rest of the land so the land has become one alliance that's right he overcame his land that he opens his role as the line now let's go back to verse six and I love and the low and behold in the extent of the role and of the four living creatures and in the midst of the elders stood a Lamb a land where you come from chapter four he wasn't there now suddenly there is a well you must within the redundancy and oh seven verse seven says that he came for the father was exorcised in the mix of the owners start a Lamb as though it had been slain having us having seven horns and seven eyes which analysis which are the seven spirits of God sent out into all the earth so the seven spirits that will be born of soul and body jumper for now I want you absolutely absolutely absolutely now the seven spirits I want there sent out missing what happened when Jesus was inaugurated as high priest and heavenly sanctuary on the day of Pentecost what was poured out the Holy Spirit wasn't clear right so what's being described here in chapter five what do you describe is a suspense that will be part of throne in heaven now the seven spirits are poured out upon the earth is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at the day of Pentecost the inauguration of right now don't you don't worry so much because there are some Texas and Jesus stands at the right hand of God and those texts that speak of Jesus as sitting at the right hand of God the fact is that the reason why is because you have two functions of Jesus when he goes to heaven he says asking any stance as high priest so rarely sung text emphasizes kingship of the text emphasizes Priestley work and hear what is being emphasized in this passage the priestly work of Christ I cannot okay now let's go here diverse seven since then he came all so it is selling the candy wasn't what all is fair before by the way a summary of this is Fortran ADA forty four in a beginning of his identity forty four because many many of the characteristics of personal and often on your phones in Daniel seven when Jesus comes to the most holy place you have phones in one seated on a throne you have ten thousand times ten thousand Angels they bring Jesus to the following and also you have many similarities however the reason why are the similarities is because everyone who was found in the scene here in Revelation four five in eighteen forty four everybody moves into the most holy place so you have the same beans in the most holy place you and I always area that is in chapter four the father ever moved to where he is there now the phone is there anyone is sitting on the phone he hasn't moved in Daniel seven defined the one sitting on the moving the most holy place yesterday in the flow that has wheels moved and then the phone comes back and it picks up Jesus and Jesus moves into the most holy place yes yes well you have you have done was up seven work the father moves in with the phone and then it in ten thousand times ten thousand ministered to him and and venues that also says that souls replaced that floor doesn't twenty four foals were placed in them Jesus is brought just like another chapter chapter five but you have two different historical locations is watching and in Revelation eleven you get to the point whether the heavenly temple is open and the Ark of the covenant is seeing their secure the area reaches the point revelation by the most holy Place is view I I follow okay let's called to verse eight now when he had taken the scroll the four living creatures and the twenty four elders fell down before the Lamb each having a harp and golden bowls full of incense which on the present the same tone is another indication that this patent is vaguely lonely place where the altar of incense were with infants presented was present in the holy place right it says here that they had bowls full of incense which are the prayers of the saints motivated to upgrade just for a moment chapter eight in verses three and four Oslo B can see where the prayers of the saints were presented it says in verse three then another angel having a golden sir came and stood at the altar he was given much incense that he should operate with the prayers of all the saints upon the golden altar which was before the phone saw where was the incense offered it was offered at the golden altar and where was the golden altar it was in the holy place of the sanctuary select another indication that this is taking place in the holy place now astronomers and they say same singing a song but in the previous verse was noticing this song the twenty four elders only the twenty four elders no the previous verse says that it's the twenty four elders and the four living creatures are noticing this on not one who are the four living creatures according to what we notice surfing or serving ever reading from the earth are they going to rain upon the earth are they going to bring kings and priests on your surfing no surfing minds sought immediately we discern a problem for the first time and they sang another song saying you are worthy to take the scroll all the seals why is he will qualify what makes it more than one of the father open the scroll why couldn't he live the life of Moses likely one of the Angels opens role now we find the reason for you were what slain what is it that qualify seasons to be able to break the seals and open the scroll really reveal who is going to inherit eternal life the fact that he died on the cross that's where he recovered the kingdom and success for your same and all you have a problem and have redeemed us to God by your blood out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation but you have a problem there because if the seraphim are singing this then the server you come from every tribe tongue people and nation I develop my argument are not because the seraphim are also seen the twenty four elders and syrupy mercy apparently and every leading us to God by your blood out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation to be redeemed us so it seems that saying that even the sound theme will redeem from every tribe people and nation were surveying redeemed from every tribe tongue people and nation of course I saw it immediately you see there's a problem here how do we deal with this problem it becomes more complicated the first ten and have made us kings and priests to our God and he shall reign up on beers serving the enemy the rulers of mountaineers when everything is said and done of course said needlessly one how do we solve this problem to law status page that the twenty four elders are those who resurrected with Jesus Jesus took to heaven when he as a firstfruits the fireball those were the resurrected at the end of the age is that possible is not really possible using why not because the twenty four elders are already there in chapter forty four Jesus arrives I followed her number one hundred twenty four dollars L would identify them clearly the last replace undesired pages Ellen White identifies twenty four elders she says that when Jesus ascends them see if I can find the statement homophobia in the located are not now how hear his this is a phenomenal statement of Illinois forcing thoughts about the identity of those who are mentioned in Revelation four and five allow me to read this is a lengthy statement but I think it's important to read a classic case of desire but desiring she clearly tells when this is taking place but we just looked at all and was waiting to welcome the Savior to the celestial courts as he ascended Jesus and the way and a multitude of captives sect three and his resurrection followed Saugus and ascension of Jesus Yvonne Aven baldly rescued from the doom of following him but way before continue reading you know as in Revelation chapter five that the Angels appear now in verse eleven it says all the angels stood around the throne and the elders and the four living creatures and fell on their faces and faces before the throne and worship while saying e-mail blessing on her wisdom glory etc. so now you have what job the Angels we join the scene and byways are not the same as the four living creatures because it says all the angels stood around the throne and the elders and the four living creatures there distinguished from the four living creatures why is that males dare now in chapter five and whether there were four and chapter four because the Angels went to pick up Jesus what it was just talking to when he ascended now most only call this she never she never calls on the versus budget intelligence commenting on the solids as the heavenly host with shouts and acclamations of praise and celestial song attended the joyous train as they drew nearer to the city of Monticello losing challenge is given by the escorting Angels lift up your heads oh ye gates and be ye lift up the everlasting doors and the King of glory shall come in joyfully the waiting sentinels respond who is asking of glory this they say not because they know not who he is but because they would hear the answer of exalted place the large strong and mighty the Lord mighty in battle why why would it say the Lord mighty in battle because he just come about it by the way he has the scars to prove it because when John was in the midst of opponent says he sees a Lamb as though he had been what he's come fresh from the battlefield and he still has the moves but he's alive hello I might need a more mighty in battle because all you do is even less that must be everlasting doors and the King of glory shall come in again is hard to challenge the existing of Lord for the Angels never weary of hearing his name exalted you sorting Angels make reply the Lord of hosts he was looking up flooring nanoparticles of the city but our open wife and the angelic song suite gains amid a burst of rapturous music somewhere when the Angels they were outside because the sense of the community angelic songs through the gates selfishly relegates a Muslim and where outside the gates now we know why though not mentioned in Chapter four now here comes the particularly important back part of her passage there is a phone and around the rainbow of prompts was only commenting on revelation four member we read there was a phone and above the phone there was a rainbow that she says there are Charlie and Hansen roofing Dolby the survey would be one the four living creatures that's right she says this the commanders of the Angel Holst the sons of God the representatives of the fallen world 's arson was in the group it was a close one single song nevertheless Serafina for living creature Jeremy Monger a similar LOI is adding the chair of the losing and not specifically mention that they are describing almost identical terms to do the charming and then there's a twenty four elders elegant site twenty four hours she says what she says the sons of God the representatives of the fallen world RSS is the family Council before which was a priority was the representatives on both celestial realms over what Satan had thought to establish his domain all are there to welcome the reading public demand that American welcome the reviewer as well as twenty four hours on their chapter four September twenty four elders been also resurrected with rights absolutely there's other reasons do and how perhaps we have a tunnel syndrome with you she can see you saying they are eager to celebrate his triumph and to glorify their king I remember the question who is worthy to break the seals and to open the scroll wheel business in the open revealing who is going to inherit the last possession this universal crisis now then John sees no I'll be the Messiah the Lamb has been slain and here's not worried line of tribe of Judah has overcome and he will open the scroll was in the lives but anyways and back see the Angels are either their eager to celebrate his triumph and glorified okay but Jesus links and not yet he cannot not receive the coronet of glory and the Royal role he enters into the presence of his father 's revelation fun memory came the entries in the presence of his father he points to his wounded hand is pierced side the marked feet hands during the print of the nails what is presented in sale and Southwest the land as though he and his Elimite of the fatal to describe the wounds of Jesus and of the same twenty four overseas as the sons of God represented somewhere she doesn't say living creature she said Jeremy ran sobbing Susan anywhere oh four five two points to the topics of his triumph he presented by the way she was raised within as representatives of a great multitude and shall come forth from the grave of his second coming he approaches the father C there becomes as a father with whom there is joint over one sinner that repents who rejoices over one hundred singing before the foundations of the earth for life the father and the son had united in the covenant through the man if he should be overcome by Satan Satan what wet weather all of a sudden a that if man should forfeit his last possession Jesus would come to life to reading their hands in a solemn pledge that Christ should become the surety for the human race this pledge Christ has fulfilled when upon the cross he cried out and is finished he addressed the father the compact had been fully carried out now he declares almost the concern of Jesus not only declares father is finished I have done I will only go I have completed the work of redemption and when completed the new you still have to do his work in the most holy Place in eighteen forty four absolutely but always given in nineteen forty four is applying the benefits likely notice yesterday out what happened across across his foundational without you can see that is foundational but it's not a because the blood has to be used first of all when we confess our sins as we noticed yesterday when we repent of sin and we confess our sins to Jesus Jesus has a high priest applies how many he applies less of the effect of his atonement and then forty four when Brady forty four when I name comes up you know he is elderly and others like all the sins were forgiven for now should they become infamous charges of the and everyone will say yes they should be classified as the sanctuary is on the blood cleanses the syndromes I'm sure the blood is foundational foundational to works that Jesus does after filming it because he is on the process the question is if everything was finished up across what is bundling the last two thousand years no yes person down the phone for a little well you know here that's right he's doing heavenly contacting is a long time to make those nineteen doesn't especially considering that he took six days to create all world lesson went well the Bible says that Jesus the Bible does not say that Jesus might have been tremendous for us the Bible says and my father 's house are many mansions how Jesus will eliminate two thousand years the McMansions because I gone to prepare a place for you doesn't he go to prepare the placement of Latinos in the sanctuary by the work of of the heart are censored by the world of performing the work and judgment that's how he prepares the plates are you now let's continue the contract had been fully carried out not only because father is finished I've done I will call my God I have completed the work of redemption in thy justice is satisfied I will that they also whom thou hast given me be with me where I am with the concern of Jesus says father I want I was always this climax the voice of God has heard proclaiming the justices satisfied Satan is vanquished Christ finally was struggling ones on earth are accepted in the beloved before the heavenly angels of the representatives of on-call and worlds the article are justified where he says there is church shall be developed the book is all about of course Mercy and truth are met together righteousness and peace have kissed each other fathers arms encircle his son and the word is given let all the angels of God worship him with joy on honorable rulers and principalities and powers acknowledge the supremacy of the Prince of life the angels prostrate themselves before him while the glad shout feels shout of sales all the parts of heaven were the is the Lamb that was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing she's wanting revelation fibers long as you still weren't convinced the stock about Revelation four and five Nazis quoting Revelation five per square that Jesus songs of triumph mingle with music from Angel heart still haven't seems to overflow with joy and praise Bob has conquered the loss is not heaven is with voices in lofty strains proclaiming blessing and honor and glory and power the entity and the sentiment on the floor and onto the Lamb forever and ever Revelation five and verse thirty development of restraint policy on more than more than human wisdom she doesn't want the verses except Revelation five twelve and thirteen but when you read this passage you know that she's commenting on the voice for God right where there's available once a young adult novel Jesus comes to worry if there are certainly jarring that the representatives of the world that Emerson is how to resolve the will help Revelation five nine then wasn't even reading honest and from every nation and we are going to rain upon your site is lots of that is a mistranslation every single Bible version with the example exception of the King James and the new King James translates that differently as well you know but those versions allow members because enough again yet again J sonography version and I I respect the King James it's a reverent version it's very beautiful version speak in terms of all Victorian English of the ancient English yes very nice but he always tells her son is in the NIV is far superior to to the King James version went on to state that we all NIV and in a gratitude when the state of the nowhere weather JJ for example the word Hades in the New Testament is using eleven times in the King James version ten times this translated hell and one time is translated great you got to the and I be an excellent surround the NIV most of the times translates grave and only once as a translated hell and that's in the story of Richmond lenses which is a better modeling that whenever you find the word soulmate I defined in the NIV the word soul which is very confusing in no in the King James version for example as her soul was the party and read Genesis thirty five or safety and items as afterlife was the part so when it comes to desire that the NIV is my fitness I'm not not recommending the NIV to be your study Bible one saying is that we need when you look at all the Bible versions by the way this is a mistranslation from the great because really I will say in Revelation chapter five and verse on campus and it is it unsafe and have made us kings and priests to our God and we shall reign upon the earth that great language as an additional rain upon the earth in three twenty four elders and the living creatures are seeing redeemed they are not really follow so that's how we resolve this issue now allow me to imagine one thing enclosing and that is that this song of Revelation five twelve and thirteen has not been sung in its final version no as Revelation five twelve and thirteen is pointing to the future it was fun back then but not every creature in heaven and earth and under the earth sang that song at that point you know was explaining to a future event went isn't that all the universe is going to sing this song it's actually after the millennium then Teresa by all of the reading who died and were a lot now let's talk just a moment about the second coming of Jesus when Jesus comes at a second cut is on the father to come in second loan no it says in his father 's glory why would I send the book of acts that he shall send Jesus they are the theory that that's been developed that I you know the silence in heaven is Israeli because of every heaven has been emptied of beings but the fact is in auto I put online all of my notes on the ceiling just finished a series on the seals in part in operating you know as Jesus was descending from heaven at the second coming on a question is asked the great day of his wrath is come close to be able to start and then Ellie says a visit all whole silence in heaven and then the answers for my grace is sufficient for you and that you have the song so that's the theory assignments that that dog is being referred to in some seal and of course the breaking of the seals and unfurling of the scroll takes place after the millennium the great panoramic view in all of those who crucified Jesus all the waiting outside the holy city God is going to reenact the whole history of the human race will be able see that the decisions that they made within the course of history are actually at the second coming you have the same thing as I first come God the father to stay in heaven because his son Jesus it says and accepted me he shall set forth Jesus saw his elevator is out of charity Missouri but neither do short the representatives of the worlds on a nanometer in a short was not to be there Jesus liabilities Y is why the Angels there because he's not commenting on some son Jesus comes and what does he know he puts on all of the reading and nowadays the redeemed by the way the first fruits veggies is that Devon was the wealthy small indication that he was going everybody write a down payment that he was being all of his children home so not seasonal he comes with all of his holy angels the Bible says is that of his people and then he's traveled back to heaven with his people and then you can have that final explosion of celebration this described Revelation five twelve and thirteen were everyone all of the people from all ages are going to sing that song on Revelation five versus twelve thirteen eleven allow me to say one final thing about the about the twenty four elders and animals you know that the multitude of the reading the twenty four elders are mentioned not only in relation for and find it mentioned in several other contents of the book of Revelation events in Revelation eleven Revelation fourteen the rent mentioned in Revelation chapter ninety but the interesting thing is that each successive kind of imagine is not talking about when Jesus ascended to heaven and talking about when at the end of time the reading will have joined Jesus at the thought and you know that in each successive time is that the twenty four elders appear you have one sitting on the throne you have the lamb you have the angelic host you have the four living creatures you have the twenty four elders but each successive contacts you have an additional group of people that are not mentioned in Revelation four and five and that is a great multitude which no one can be present each successive contents is not talking about the inauguration that is talking about when God 's people actually join him at the thought when Jesus is compared so anyway I hope this is a test of that beneficial for us to sit down with Sizemore and we can Laura Barry Murray song were going to regain her lost inheritance the West 's palace second rate of about fifteen minutes and not come back and then we'll deal with the book of Job fascinating book in this media was produced by hummingbirds who review ministry G Weiss generation we would like to listen to more doesn't work you would like to learn more about emergency government in NYC web ward off of Pine Creek wins you are you worse board and an open video .com will


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