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As Was His Custom

Richard O'Ffill



  • June 6, 2015
    11:30 AM


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Have you seen my wife very easily. Betty surely stay that maturity. She hates you when I do the stand in that and I she's you know that woman. God bless me so much so much. She's what I needed and of course that's what we wanted to be I was telling yesterday how much she didn't remember that story so and God brought her into my life not for me to make her like me but to bring someone in my life that I needed a hair and I think we'll see that in our experience by the way I have a new ministry in a new ministry and now one of the greeters use the ring when I you know what's coming next is a job and I'm a greeter in my church you know how the greeter shaking hands my hand just shake magically. So so I'll just stick about there when a person comes in they stick their hand in my hand and when I shake it in that a nice thing to do but I was saying you know with what I have I have a couple of things. I'm not saying I wouldn't do there's anything wrong with it but I thought to myself I would like to pray that the Lord will heal me there's no cure for what I got it just gets worse and worse. Somebody said it's the gift that never stopped taking and so I could see myself God forbid in a wheelchair or the next time you see me with a cave and so forth. But anyway yeah I'm thinking to myself should I ask God that year me I'd sure like to do that. Why would he healed me and leave the others sick and live better than all the rest of the people you understand what I'm saying. So I don't talk much about that to the Lord I do but. I pray for compassion because you know if you see a blind person you don't think much about it. Don't misunderstand me but i'm people are all over the place so we look at how our a person in a wheelchair you look at it. But I want to tell you when I look at blind people in wheelchair people I feel it because I want no. And anyway it's not an easy thing. Another thing I pray for and I don't think is selfish. I pray for strength to bear the cross which I was there. And of course that makes the coming of Jesus more meaningful to me. Course if you're seventy five years old the coming of Jesus is it's really hard and used up by a lot when you know when you get to be seventy that's about the end of the line. I know. So are you seventy year old who is trying to press. Not really now really. I think I told you yesterday for those who weren't here I had a cataract surgery. Anyway it's simple these days. Remember back in the old days you put your head in a pillow and know that you had to keep it. But anyway I'm laying up on the operating table and you know me I kind of you know smile and joke around and so the doctors and the nurses were around me and I'm carrying on with them. And then I say to him When are you going to put me to sleep. And they say we are we have no serious do. And there I was talking and joking. They put me to sleep and I didn't know I'm going to sleep now. And that's the resurrection. Well I did that. Comfort me in the moment in the twinkling of an eye the last straw. And by the way those of us who go beforehand we get a privilege we get to go for an error I dead in crash over rise first and then the ones that remain. Let me tell you something else. Can I continue with the warm up you're just you mean. I forgot what a word. She does she forgot the gun. I don't come to me you know when you get to be our age you could say that I'm having a senior moment. But really we people we remember everything we've ever done. We just don't know what we're going to stand that. In fact I was praying for my grandchildren I would have four of them and if you don't have grandchildren yet call your married children in and say Honey you hold me you know only I don't want money back. But anyway I was betting that we're praying and and I came to Time for me to pray and I forgot the name of my Christian and so I just prayed for the little children down the street. And by the way if you don't pray in assuming that I preach about about the Christian home I realize one day that I was praying with anybody and everybody with anything and everything if you had said to me Go pray with a piano. I just kind of wondered why I was gone. Yes See we ministers are paid to pray go pray with a piano. All right another phone rings. Are you prepared as man. I'm not I'm just you know I'm exaggerating but I realized one day that I was praying with anybody and everybody and anything and everything but I wasn't praying with it. Now don't misunderstand me I was praying before we ate in the unknown. But to just listen to me fellers just with her out loud just the two of us. We played with the children we had our family worship but just the two of us to pray out loud. You know we men have a hard time being spiritual Have you noticed that Helen are our wives are many times the spiritual leaders in our home and they're filling in a vacuum and so I've started some years ago praying with Betty out loud you know when you pray out loud to say things that it brings you closer together is not sexy but is bond. So your husband and wife now I know the people who are here would be inclined to do that but if you don't pray how do I do that with the kids there. Just the two of you if you don't do that do that would you do them and I know what happens if you don't do that you go back when you go home to the to your home out of the CAN'T me time to go to bed you say Do your way. Well Shelly. Well Pastor said maybe we ought to do. When I first started that it was a little embarrassing even though I'm a minister paid to pray. So fellows if you do pray with you do there. OK I've got some information I've just written down before I go to the regular sermon. Oh by the way I have a website and noted its revival sermons dot org. It has seventy seven manuscripts that I've done through the years. There's a series on for example on holiness on godliness and I have a tendency because. It's meaningful to me towards the practical Christian lie. I don't speak Greek or Hebrew Aramaic. But I do want My Lai to be for Jesus. You know what I don't want to happen is that I come to church and I was shaking and saying Welcome welcome to church we're so glad to see you but my Blackberry said in the back said Shut your mouth. I wish they knew the way you really are. Some people come to church into seven schools and they're not the same people that they were where they lived. And so that's doing damage to us. So I want to be the kind of person and not this perfect but the kind of person that Barry can look at me and say he's not perfect but he wants to the net right. Let's do that so that we don't show up as a hypocrite. How be it and spoken to our family and to our children. Is there anything out yet so here I go and let's don't say I mentioned this this week that the church has a positive side to lots of things are going on the church. Many many really top serious thing but it's not my father my mother but who is it. It's meal Lord this in the church as an apostle because I haven't apostatize have you. So I have some apostatize and yes have you a passage I hope. No has a church apostatize then no. Some have but by God's grace we have and we will. Does it make sense to be careful how you treat the church you know about some years ago there was a Florida conference where I work which was one of the most. This healthy very large conference really big it begin to have financial problems and serious ones and so I decided it was going to let go fifty work I was going to let go of twenty five in the office and twenty five pastors. I was one of the twenty five in the office. And and I mean it wasn't just me and I wasn't fired they disco lapsed. What we both said the problem we call it home missionary but it is anyway they collapsed my department in a matter of the others. I hate to say this can I confess numpty I want to remain you know what I'm saying is that neat kick and I thought well I hope that they continue with their financial problem that will get even with them that will teach him what not to do. But one day I realized this is this is heresy for me to work to wish evil upon the Church of God is pure rebellion and of the devil. So. So what the church needs is our prayer. We need to pray for our list is that I say to people I've had a blessing in my ministry because I have a very conservative person but the people know that I'm a lawyer I'm a loyal son of the church and that's what I want to challenge you to be loyal sons and daughters of the church. It may not be going like we would pray that it would go but it's going. And let's not figure that the whole going to church is in Ohio or in Florida. Listen it's in Africa it's in Asia it's everywhere. What's going on maybe here is not going on. Everywhere that's not treat everybody as if they were us. Does that make sense we've got to do that to talk about the church in its global since it's all over the place and it's not like maybe some troubles. I was in Latin America in Mexico and I said to them don't pour anything from North America don't do it because we don't have much good to offer because thank God that in Latin America the work going like crazy. In fact up here in the States we talk about the church in the States being one of the fastest growing churches. And then you know that they're what they're you know that that's the Latin church as the Latin church and that's the west and in truth the cook Asians are disappearing and they're worried about how to get that and one of the things they're using is some of these far out thing some of the leaders of our church are going crazy to to when white people if I can say it that way. So they're bringing in all kinds of weird worship thing. I feel very strongly about worship tendencies in so many churches from the very beginning I have been going to use the word enemy of the new issue of God and I put this into my preaching in an area. But they know I'm a loyal son of the church. So I can see those say those things and get away with it and I told you when your grandpa you get away with a lot of stuff. Anyway I've written this down what you think there are those who teach that it's OK to worship God according to your cult. The story is recorded in the Old Testament say no sacred history is clear that to do it your way or my way or their way is not necessary. God sway when God took offense at home grown worship styles in the Old Testament. The results were hardly accepting. Just because we haven't seen the ground open up doesn't mean that God is pleased with the worship style that a growing number. I remember one time the my the conference President said Dick we want you to go to work and I said why are you Sunni leader will agree you know what it says about you know how I feel about it he said with extending it to get another point of view and you know I'm I'm disappointed with those who feel that we need to to go to the brethren on the outside and I say Brethren because of so many honest and hard out there I told you know when I was a boy I thought of data hamburger you did love. I thought that we realized I've been in an airport where they pray before they eat. And I thought thank God we're not the only one on the net and I said no there and by the way let me just say this before I go on someone ask you what Seventh Day Adventist her like. Tell him what we have in common before your calendar different. We start out by saying that we're born again Christians that's where you start and you know how many we want to see what's it like to be at seventy AD and what we keep said and hold it back onto anyway. Does that make sense to you. Absolute power and sometimes with my little hands doing this I can't read my own writing. Here's an experience I had when Betty and I were in Bermuda. I was going to preach like I am today and I'm setting up the front there and I see there's a fellow said with a set of drums over here and the fella sitting beside me that was his. Day. And I whispered to him who is will the head of the church. I said tell your dad not to play the drum. Total you can do that when you get to be quiet here. So we went over and whispered to is dead and is dead and play the drums. That was that was cool time but listen to me. It came time to preach and there they had put a jazz band and the fellow that was doing the drums happen to be the patch. I didn't stand up and stop it it was on the way but I couldn't believe we were having a direct jazz band in church. So what I did when I stood up to Frege I says let's pray and I said God forgive us for using a jazz band. I said that out loud. And you can imagine when they shook hands. You know some said thank you Jesus now there's I'm sure didn't have much to say. The rock rhythms by the way ours are sexy there are essential and they can talk about the words. Listen I'll tell you it's not the words that make something religious or non-religious is it's the rhythms like it's like someone has said in a dentist waiting room you don't have the music for some kind of a murder mystery you know what I mean it was a Frankenstein show is not played in. Don't tell me that the word that the words are everything. In fact the thing that carries the song is the melody. In fact I say that I can see I can see rhythm reattack if you had to protect your foot you know you've got to keep the words from going to. Before the music side. But he they have you noticed even in church will be swaying. And I say this you don't worship God with your pillow because that's what's going on. Anyway God have mercy on. I'm moving to an instrument I'm not there. Well you know one of the reasons why rock N roll is getting into some churches because that rock N roll is played it home because played at home. In other words what we're beginning to do in some places is we're bringing the way we are and hold church back in the old days. I can talk about the old days because I was there any way back in the old days. You went to church to find out how to live a Christian. Then you went home and by God's grace he lived at the best you could. Now we take the way we are all we take it to church and it's awful what's going on. You know what I mean it's just it's not right. Anyway the sermons ready to go. You know in the West Indian churches they have a thing that they use when they start their worship service and they call it an affirmation of faith of you heard him do that. That is they stand up together and they repeat the fourth commandment if you like that I'm going to do this little thing that makes my mouth not so dry. You know some medicine where one of the first things we do is dry him out to go to Asia. It's fitting. Anyway let's stand in and affirm our faith. Fourth Commandment Remember the Sabbath day to keep it for the six day labor and do all that were but the seventh day as the Lord and he were that man that made seven day. Carol you know that stranger that is right in that case four and six days to learn made of heaven and they're all of that in them is seven day work for the day and he may be seated. Oh by the way. Barry now has an experience of growing Europe in some places. Russia is one place. Whenever they read scripture everybody stand to minister start reading a text. Everybody stands. I like that you know what I mean that does show some reverence for the Word of God Anyway the Sabbath I was talking to a man one day a young man when he became a Seventh Day Adventist he lost his job. That used to be much more common than before because the laws would go to a six day work week. But how many times I would I was talking to young man who spent his first days sleeping in his car and we had to do that you know unfortunately in some places modern evangelism is playing down on the Sabbath now. Now that doesn't mean. They don't preach to seventh day and it doesn't mean that those who are baptized don't believe in the seventh day. But I think in that should I don't want to say generally how to honor the Sabbath is not being taught except the Sabbath believe in the Sabbath but learn how to keep it. The people that are being baptized in fact one fella said to me nobody told us how to keep the Sabbath so we just waited. I was talking with a friend of mine who is a bible worker and she said one Sabbath afternoon she went to visit a family that had just been baptized and when you when they were she walked in the door they were unloading the groceries. I mean we're talking about you know five bags of groceries from Kroger and they didn't run in the highway they just kept going over the loading the food and and then of course the subject came up and they said nobody told us that in fact unfortunately there isn't a new twist to Sabbath keeping in lots of places and it's what I call a creative savage keeping. And that's maybe going out to eat. And of course some women will tell you that going out to eat makes for better Sabbath keeping because they don't have to wash the dishes or cook. I know some people that go to the big challenge that the beach is not a good place to go the rest of the critic is pornographic is pornographic No I'm not saying we would walk along the beach and see the shell. But we do well not to go over there to where the papers we have me you know. Here I'm going to go and you're going to say I am a dirty oh man but I don't know why women seem to persist in taking a closer the first mark of the scene was they lost a close and the first act of self which was a God put him back on. So anyway I was sitting at a dinner table and there was a young wife there and I don't know what brought up the subject and she said I want to be attractive with a word in bed it was attractive or she should be Michael Jesus sleeping you know. You know that woman takes care of me with my problem boy she's wonderful understanding and helpful and I think God her anyway. Probably doesn't. You know I know I will say that sometimes on purpose to check out check it out and see where you're at it serves two two reasons to check to see if you're awake and helps me out in trying to remember what we're talking about creative guy going to the beach and going out to see the Sabbath is slipping and slipping even amongst in our church. It could disappear if I dare say that and the word that will make the Sabbath almost break if not breaking many heart will be the word illegal is that Dr breaks in fact if you want to talk about a Holy Living someone is very likely to throw the word judgement when you say well you know your judgement what are you legal. Well you know I said early in the week I said a person. With all their heart wants to do the will of God is not illegal and you just tell him that you gotta be kidding me to want to do the will of God of the legalized for good and this weird judgment of this and if I was going to lie and a guy comes running out of a bank with a bag of money in one hand and with a gun in the other and I say kids to me. Not being judgmental I'm being discerning. And so we've got to in these last days we've got to learn through the Word of God to discern between right and wrong country pain anyway. We'll see where I'm at in this thing. Well I was talking about the Sabbath may be at risk with the word legalism. He wanted somebody as to how you keep the Sabbath. I'm guessing or I hate years where Beck you know you know I'm not saying you know better and better go tell him what you don't do. How do you keep don't do this and I don't do that and I don't do that. What do we do we want to talk about that a little bit during his talk. For many the savages become a Red Lion in Erika's an experience they're going down the highway and pretty soon it was a red light for some people their their week on Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday right and you know how do you notice that when you when you drive your car and you're going somewhere and the light turns. Read Is spend that time looking at your watch. And for many people when Sabbath comes. Unfortunately they spin the time looking at the watch. In fact that's happened in your church. There's going to be a social and as well it's still starin still Sabbath. Gimme a break what's the message studios. I was attending an evangelist meeting in Chile in South America and the subject during that night was I was going to be the Sabbath and it was it was interesting I had never seen this done before but the title of the sermon was Adam's mother's birthday. Can you imagine that. Who is that and Mother Mother the Earth. Anyway he had rather the dirt he had rather a cake. And as we talk about what was made on each day he stuck a candle in their twenty's and came to seventy's stuck again. It was Adam's mother's birthday and I thought well I've never seen such a thing like that. But then I got to thinking about a birthday cake you know can we say that Sabbath is that it's not a birthday today because because my birthday who's who's your birthday about is a value so when I talk about you know next week is my birthday by the way you know Betty and I have a birthday on the same day. Some of you who are here this week remember when it was on September sixteenth and what about those of you are just visiting today put right down reward. But remember what I said yesterday we're not the same one of us is older than the other. So now we're just one year. She's nice she may look over she's not dead though I think you really don't you think. I won't have a stand up again but the birthday is for me and I thought I had a version. I said that that's what the Sabbath is the Sabbath is not a birthday it's an anniversary because an anniversary is for us not me and you know how long varied I've been married. Hang on fifty five years. Come on don't say that I promise to death do us part. Save that a man til my funeral. Anyway anniversaries are for married people. The world doesn't need the Sabbath. The word the world needs Jesus get that straight once you get Jesus you get the Sabbath. Just like when I married Betty I got June nineteenth as our anniversary. When Jesus is the Lord of your life you get to Sabbath because he is the Lord of the Sabbath anniversaries come once a year. God knows that we need special time with him more often. In reality the Sabbath is not a red light it's a destination. You know life is cut cut into going into pieces seventy. Yes Is it a time when we get to the time place where we are honoring the Sabbath the way we should the way we will living the way we are. You can't have an ulcer out there you can't because you're resting every Sabbath you're laying it down you can say I can't wait till seven. I can relax in so for how can we get the most out of say out of the Sabbath. Well the answer I've written down here in point number eighteen my point just short of a not too long either. Did you ever hear the story I told you about the fellow over in Montana Sunday morning he went to church and and nine o'clock for Sunday school and nobody came. And then eleven o'clock came for a preaching service and still nobody came about eleven fifteen he figured been some whatever. I think I'll get my things together and go home. But just in the door opened and a cowboy. Have you been in those ranch places. They still work in those head. Anyway that cowboy walked in the door threw his hat on the pew said our ministers look at him and then he went down to the lowest setting and he said Well brother what should we do where the only one. And the cowboy said well if I went out to the field and only one cow came my Peter. Are you going to stay. So he went back to listen to me. He went back up to the pulpit and he had the whole business kind of like we do this camp meeting as it is on the clock. And anyway he went through the whole thing and he preached for an hour and a half. And then he had the closings of the works in minigun march down the aisle you know to say goodbye to the people cowboy hat is his hand took the pastor's hand and said Pastor as I was saying if I went out to the field with a load of hay and only one cow came Highland Peter but I wouldn't feed her the whole load and that's what we get infirm and sometimes you want to say you know does this salmon have an end and there is no reason I told you that was because I said I have points for the sermon and a short. Anyway how do we get the most out of Sabbath. Gotta follow the question how do you get the most out of an anniversary. You know that it was raised in Orlando. And what can I say she had boyfriends before me. And one of them's name was Jim Jim Lilly I say that because he's not here and you know seven through the years. Jim has got a visitor tell you the truth and back he's taking us out to eat and we've had him over but you know something there was a time that we would never have Jim over you know and can you imagine me saying who will next week is their anniversary. Why don't you get your old boyfriends and I'll get my girlfriend. It's all right for Jim to come and see you on Sunday Monday Tuesday when I'll ride up but you don't have him on your anniversary in the same way you can do most any good thing the rest of the week. But don't do it on Sabbath because it's an anniversary time. You know on the two things that I feel that in my experience to make the Sabbath that the lie I have written down here one has to plan for it you know if you ask me even now say what are you going to do on Monday I tell you because I plan for this next week. So if the settlers are going to be a blessing to us do one we're going to have to plan for it before it gets here and another thing we're going to need to do and that is get ready for it you know because when I talk about that you know I'm going to my dad he was a minister and you know what it was to be an advantage back in those days but he DID YOU didn't last June you did and uses vinegar you member that Coca-Cola of course will tell you didn't read a funny paper quote she didn't listen to jazz music. My dad would let me listen to the murder mystery and of course we didn't need me anyway. But I'm glad for that. That's who I am. I mean I'm not kicking myself and leave the church and all that you know and said I was grown in a minister's home and I'm outta here now. That's who I am as I told him the other day I still haven't had an heir and burger and I don't resent it. I had a bottle of Coke one time and it was you know there I was in Pakistan and somebody in the market gave it to me I didn't know what to say but they gave me another kind of drink one time I was a fly poking around and anyway I'm a Seventh Day Adventist and I have a seven day having his lifestyle for the generation which outcome I'm thinking that the Seventh Day Adventist lifestyle is diminishing is diminishing is becoming something of the head. We believe it but we have we don't. We could get it we're going to get around it some way. Anyway talking about getting ready for Shabbat spur spur some Why wives are working as an N.Y.P.D. working and some work right up to the sunset. In fact some of the said there and they were land area they are to have best masters at the supermarket and they can do that. Barry and I have discovered that is getting ready for the Sabbath makes it a bigger blessing. We've got four children in our oldest one is Sandy and she comes to visit. You know Betty will clean that guest room till the cows come home. I mean you'd think we live in a messy that room was messy before we needed no it'd already been does to the really knows how many times but she was to be ready when Cindy come in and Cindy tells us that the airplanes are going to comment three o'clock guess when we're there one thirty that's the way mothers are going grandma. Listen to get a blessing from the Sabbath. Be there when it comes you see that means it's not on our back. It's not a red lie it's a joy in fact and I don't mean to use the wrong example but the best part of Christmas is Christmas Eve I don't have that the joy of Sabbath is Friday night when we're ready for it and it comes and we sing you know don't forget that whatever we do we have a custom that we've got and gone years ago and that is we have a special meaning of all variety. And for a long time we used our best china and I bet stainless steel you thought August a silver didn't you. Our best a mystery or and you know what we had out here a nutritionist disclosure here. We had it we have pizza and read it for years and we have here I go again pros you we have root beer all they do pizza root beer and I'm putting. Don't be mad at me I'm a loyalist. Sure. And anyway you know it's easy to be a big and it is to be nice to you. Why the Buddhists and the blues and the Hindus if you don't get that if you're going to make the nutrition the center of your life you could. Don't do that. Man shall not live by bread alone even if it's beating it with another and why an enemy of Health a living you say because you have root beer on the way we have that special meal we had the music playing in the distance is now Friday in honoring the Sabbath is not a big problem it's kind of what we get ready for and even if you have to start on Thursday and then you're ready but when it comes on Friday. So I was mornings taking care or because we go to seven school and church. Unfortunately in many churches Sabbath school is diminishing another word to go to the Sabbath school lesson I think in a church where I go there they have a lesson for an hour. There is a superintendent but how long do they give you fifteen minutes left in the Sabbath school used to be the big event for a young just to see those kids thing. Boy that was a joy that we had special programs that we have a mission story with. Last time you church had a mission story or on the Sabbath was the time we thought of missions the Sabbath school class was big they even took the record and ask if you had passed out any literature to scream just like you did then you passed today. But to see what happened in my way of thinking is that we we started to grow so out of the school came down to its lowest level in other words we said well you can't ask anybody how many times they study they'll be offended no be offended be a vented but they can have an inspiration. And so to me they were going to ask me how many times I study the lesson. So guess what I did I was dead. They would argue with me on that. Well we've got to set a standard if we're going to improve but to dumb it down just doesn't make sense and I think in many places we can do a lot more to make the Sabbath a delight Sabbath afternoon is a problem especially for mothers who have to go. It's a problem for us. And when I used to do and so we do you see if you fellers the fellas on the front row here sleep enormity. The lessons are rather work you paint your eyes open on your eyelids. My wife tells me not to do that. Yesterday I overdid it with jam but he is now a brother. You go out on thousand leaving to Stephenville where you could live here had never been good and I was thinking when I walked up here this morning I can think of in other ways if you were it Carolina Cammy which is valid I don't think it would be any better than this is. This has been really good. But anyway the Sabbath afternoon is hard especially for mothers with small children. You know Betty with our core children used to have Sabbath toys and I don't mean monster made back in those days it could have been. Take your toys or something like that but it was only for example only proves haven't. And by the way Betty did something else too that I don't know if you tried it you mother with those four children when I was preaching she would sit on the front row with those little children and they would they acted better on the front row. They did the background knowledge truth was a true Betty. They did anyway. Anyway seventh afternoon is hard and we got a plan in advance. You see if you don't plan for that in advance it gets away from me. Have you found that in your own time. You know another thing speaking of a red light. Many people are watching what we've done and you've done it you know you're waiting for the Sabbath the sun to go down so you know the sun goes down there or just goes away. But we shouldn't run away from the Sabbath we should walk away maybe crawl away and I remember I was down in Puerto Rico at the college there and there was a group singing Day is saying in the way remember that we used to sing that all the time. But it's kind of slipped on us to seeing that varied I've decided we need to do more out of this just over the years it's slipped we still go to church on Saturday. There is a seven school superintendent. I'm a preacher but but there's so much more to this than what you don't do what Betty and I got ready for that. A strip coming down here you'd think we were going around the world eighty days a week. We really got ready for it but I'm getting ready for the Sabbath. Deserved it is God's day. I've written down here there remain there for a rest to the people of God Therefore let us be diligent to enter into their rich buddies thing. I wish we had some way to play Don't forget to hear you play this. If you go you know the words to that list is kind of weighing it. Can we do that now. I suppose I haven't appeared on either one. OK then didn't do will stand and sing Don't forget the Sabbath and then I'll have prayer with John. Heavenly father we look forward to the time when we go to church. His jersey and they were gathered around us singing we gathered around with you talking of. We look forward to that. You know Jesus who we got was where this media was brought to you by audiobooks a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio first call if you'd like to listen to more sermon W W W dot audio first dot org.


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