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How to Share Ellen White: End Time Dynamite

Joakim Hjortland


Be inspired to do your part in using this God-appointed tool for evangelism and revival in the time of the end. Hear and heed the do’s and don’ts of this simple, yet powerful way of witnessing – and many people will be won for the kingdom as a result of it! 


Joakim Hjortland

President and co-founder of IMPACT


  • January 4, 2015
    9:30 AM
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Then I think it is a peculiar thing. If you have given us help us to understand more of the purpose of this case how we can use them an opportunity and a predator manageable that would be reached. So your kingdom. The cry of the day. I think you know if you will you will serve you and him. And in one large sitting there was a man went secondhand bookstore and he was looking for in this section all religious books. So I go into the shop and he is directed to the back. You know back some other section in the back of that or and he is looking at you know I can't really find what it was interested in. So the guy working there are you know which was the do you prefer What are you looking for. And he said no and then why. Or and they said oh they for her books are you know in the back year we will vary from Bibles. You know they are in the class but I don't know that the owner of that work shop that this nominee or parents actually I mean the property they are in the club. I don't know there actually are special attention. I think Services special. But in our life. I mean they are not going through and just working so well that there is a rhythm. Why God goes up and part of white out conditions why God inspired her to write hundred thousand pitcher twenty five million one hundred times as much or much worse that about that time but not of the Bible's result isn't for everyone is that the most trap that the author in history that was the American author ever meant. And there is a gossip with our extra help us understand. Interesting By the way. I love that links to the section on the front but I think the important part of directly understand the message of the Bible or we couldn't understand offensive anyway. I'm right now working or in the process of becoming an electrician. The credit and this is some time ago and I want to get this through the last. How much do you think they cost. And they just as if it's not a marginal not regular bluff they were there. Yeah I don't actually know. And well I'm going to get the background. Actually they cost seventy thousand crowns thousand euro. I look at is that he does all this. So OK Now critics. Before I was working on it not expected this store about the store in a shopping there wasn't a really big store. It wasn't a small one is it well you know it will break you know. Yeah regulars are and it's the second largest global Well it's five hundred three thousand five hundred stores hundred six thousand votes and got it now in the store I was working on told me that amount of money they use for life in this store. I wasn't very big. Well one million crown hundred ten thousand euro. They have you know down like three thousand dollars from the from the you know down to light up the room and on the problem. And I think that's not the point that when this. Well you know the understand the importance of life and the sun importance of how you know they are not as they are they they understand their carefully thought through how to build their store of how they're going to stand for selling and there is how understand something makes a big difference. All that you should understand very well how IT percent something makes a big difference. That's also also because how someone says something and it's love it and that was not on the right about a much higher percentage. We will share it always will be research. Now I believe the product is more important than how it. Those are important but very. So what rights do in the person wearing suits Yeah. So what about how can we share the grid treasure and problems with the men thing we're going to look at but I want to set a bit about why should we want to show why or why to have Russians with and and but we're going to jump I'm never that what it is not only to Chad Myers their argument goes well I don't think we should share but it is a problem. So I think he was and I found the principle useful rather area though angle. And while I don't know. Yeah I can imagine one of the Times cover Well there's something that I so part of why why if you think when you see in the history of the shot in the game through that through the history of the printed word he didn't know what control the president will result in that are such an author's arrived with those who are others who thought well not to include in session. And so so I think much about it not only about one hundred years one of them about it. Printing them. What network. And if I go and actually quite interesting and now I can hear one of the printed on the press in two thousand and twelve thousand dollars you know organize them and don't think that anyway. I think it's very interesting. The time to imagine Ken I don't believe that it came in the time of tennis came in when the most powerful nation on its way. Then they went to a very important role in history in the row much about what you could say about that available in those days that through talk about their profession through the press and what the power of his writing got a good look at the world. So that will work in that time they are very important role in the work I was doing throughout the world. So we've pretty much got enough time. Mention the most powerful revive that time and if you pass for one more and three hundred years we just again how a very important role for instance and everyone what they're sort of like this without this vital publication talking about the right there because that there would never have come into existence or will have been along the line when I have been reading the name for unity or you know in front of different things. Well I think that very big. Getting up to a very important role and everything starts to have a very important role specifically that the the the books that have the most important role in Parliament to imagine the rest of the better ones. So we say again and again in the church in the printed word of crucial role but nobody left that or will want more to do very very hard and we have been told that in the finishing of the work against the printed work are important role. Listen there are many and I pressed him not getting really powerful in a large degree and through our publishing house. He saw you come home with great power life and we were talking about religion or Bengal not a large degree but work was a finished tool that to grow and grow in the thinking of the work I was that was that you know to talk about how you know the great survival common one on one thousand Wilson about and one that most trace their first conviction as to the ruling of our publication. So this time when a lot of people come in you know many of them it started with the book they resisted it really did take years many people out of that you know when I put it out in the great controversy you know that there are some thought about how I went to the having convened but because the family of the current think they haven't decided to take this down for a thrill I have come. By missionary work is how it started their influence. A large number of home. The Lord knows I think we'll get that down in the top also be very wrong specifically but the beginning and the present a better wife will all of them the very young and a functional role on crucial role. So now I am Santigold something will change. I was there for the Senate about the possible bank but I don't want that an important role in the time. But we don't really need our today. And I think you have someone you know so many people think but really that the fear is that and I think that one example of how factor because if that you can set up you doesn't have that effect meant to happen. I think you really believe that she was a prophet you ought to listen to what she thought about what rolled up. And when we do that you can't help but business on consider. So you know we don't look so much me but I want to think I want to touch on the shortly how much more summary of what I write in my book in the writings of and why we have the information for the rest of the German Shepherd and her writings which should drive the most important that have ever accountable for this church is on the world of the pretty. No shoulder and have a very well. Now they will see that they will constantly as long as Angela is not like we came in and that now it's over but anyway no of that calm so you see on the right or wrong about what the way up to the second coming out of not going up there were the right things will go forward. Us long time sometime and that really when you consider how the prove it from going to have an important role after her that she probably will or more by those who are worse than when she do well in living and you know it you've got me thinking you can look up the word bipolar for you know what's wrong or right but it sounds of absolutely necessary for powerful impact. You know there have been more essential and this is very important. After her. So is it correct to say that the life of a prophet was an important action in the beginning of our movement. But we don't really need a day job. Answer truly sorry if I'm sounding No rather special report that we are told are functions today until the second coming is more important. Through me quote very dysfunctional God wants her to happen in a stronger a little more powerfully in the shops and in the world today. God wants her to equip on changed emotional the body of Christ. Never before in front of the mighty impact you have in the world I mean our search him her seventy years of active ministry. This is truly on the founding I'm hopeful but not. It wasn't just the property generation. He threw the proper distance got rough roads are asked to instruct equipment cars all of the way we think the rich the Heavens you are an idiot or most important that we are through his property. What does that lead. Well years so that I really don't know and I am OK so why should we shall run it pretty much the reasons is that the parents are so powerful in time that I am it that they are chasing life. All righty are sensing life changed not very well but yeah like that that go in their life or down here. Yeah in this critical role in in the eyes of the which not in time. In fact the House and all over the world you know. And in that having a powerful impact in this well I think about it there's about three three. But could you tell me by reading time. I don't really like it's rough but you don't get to go bust in two thousand and eight. Yes really really remarkable really remarkable to see the impact that this are to the Greater than It is here. When I got through OK I don't. Not so today. Now that sounds as though you are someone says something like it does you know that and why you know the testimony should not be cruel to the from those you know other than it was that you know the Bible on the Bible alone should be called from heaven while you are something. Yeah yeah I think yes if they don't mean something like that from the worst of the violence by the law should be hot from the fissioning to how to share what we're getting. She's so she's hoping that I think that both are now in work on the stand of humans with important like one hundred something important context and the larger context of that. And when he the east you get that rather different vision you know you it sounds like one of the user. And so why work. How should you relate what seems to have an open up one of these are going to court. But this conference and I have myself included and what it is about in short she don't say that we shouldn't call her in charge. That's not possible when you've got a. The context of others the public doesn't but you should not quote me in church doesn't break here. I think if you win the recount that she's writing here this year's economy strong trusting the Bible setting up the Bible convincing of the world which setting off a little entourage. She can finally got us to do is so complex there. Well not you know what's in the vision at all. There are many examples of how she's doing this not just to the most recent. She constantly read in the church. So obviously she doesn't. Don't call me show me. So what of it. And there are times but one thing is that we should actually really should not but we should actually she encourages us to shout it but it is something we should actually. So it's actually that the opposite of what's out there but you shouldn't use it but you should. So that's one thing. Well one thing you can about it but I understand although she said in public for one person a confession you know being a person. But don't regard it as an authority. We shouldn't quote her or shouldn't make her promise we shouldn't make something you know like I'm going to write it. These So they were like Oh yeah. But not others and you can post it all to the unbelievers but you should probably have different where you can quote. You can quote the one you like but I don't you know so that if something comes up so on how to share a lot is that we should we should call her to deliver us that we should not make a prominent or thing which an overcoat arriving with a missions like only those articles are all the time you know what a competent and they have. Because in the Bible it almost sounds like it looks like you know we have something to the Bible I will something about what impression other Christian and thus use I am gave you. But you know you better job of the driver of her or her. You know if you happen to me that you say that you don't know. You know they will be more interested in a predator proper They think that they will be more and more out of these they know. So the many times and I presume a bit on the building don't you know if you can say we're not in those who regard or so. I always confidence rather than to throw away. And that is it by show you from the Bible first. The point and you just described the back of the say hey what you said me. The Bible says quote unquote start on something with an additional balance how confident are you know something that's what without of these where no official Some people don't like him so much. If I know that they like something big points I'd like to share and what did you know that and why. And then I'll make a more favor of the idea. It's not try to make them more confident that we can because you know some little mouth. You know sort of. And I think I do sometimes we can point to the method of what you write without quoting time. But I think we don't think the continent. I prefer And even though they don't believe it I know it through and they find they don't know where I got it from me but I think you know if you could buy whatever they did point without paying any mike the head. These are not rich variant there will be more likely. So OK now houses and wipe out the show we have that without much time to cover. But I have seven points but I thought of the complex for some of them are very simple. So I think we're probably one of them or touch them religion and not right away some of them very well. One thing he wants to do. If the mess that up. If you want to find if you want to use it will it will be a chair. That's it. So that's number one and number two because it is you know when I was sharing and suggesting that the big difference makes a big difference and that is what I understand the value of the one I knew interesting. I never thought about this. I mean what about you know I don't watch advertisements not of the. But when you have in the papers of the show what I mean I've never thought about what time is that how you know I haven't. Yeah exactly. They're always everyone that they're like So that's like a smiley. Yeah I'm never in the obviously like a sad face and I you know but they're human being but then they understand and usually like you know they have actually why they think about effective. You know I was so I think that's one thing the very old and you have been blessed by something you can because and I think other so and you are things that more will make you feel. Yeah. They're not really share your own experience charities or how you know. And that's usually if you want to check if you're going to hang on one of the nation you know to be short usually not very long. Just as not to have been listening to us but I want to share this with you that that's one of the but I think Sharon I think you know accepted encouraged me to be it will not be smart is that. And this is a prophet of God rules. And I wanted to release these were our time. You know some people might be fun and it might not work with Robert and you know we really tried to hide it but sometimes they can get out of the of the truth. So the. I don't think it's always the ready to use every opportunity. All right here on ago you know if you remember everything together so that if you are going to give up thank you get this are you know with your work life and you know that's a good option if you want to thank you for giving or if you want to be someone helps you with something. Gov the role of this car when I really want to give something up and here for a while are already you are buying something selling something you can't get out and give our management about of them. Yeah and you want to take advantage of many different opportunities and I think story that I would like to cherish. She was on around three Israelis and they were going by carriage. But for some reason the other guy was driving immune away. How he lost his way and they don't really read it all they came for us and therefore they have no clue what they were really completely Long Island and usually in the way they couldn't understand what they're joining went on for hours but finally found a little tapping look have been given refreshment and go to know so much about the second coming in and around and I'm going to shock the creation theory. I don't use one verse writing so yesterday now twenty two years passed by and often wondered why I don't know whether they were going to go on and they couldn't understand how long how drawn you know that they have to drive forty miles than you know mine which was there. But last year on the Michigan capital gains in the town. Actually I want to rid of herself. After that meeting up and I think those are things that took me heartily by the hand expressing the wife again. She inquired if I remember calling up along how things before she give us refreshments and I just with yours. She stated that she had lied to her neighbors new family around her see that there were various stories. She said that when I call up on her I've talked to her on The View that works were spoken with such. Or that she was charmed and have never gotten them something that I'm not quite like on the side of the Sabbath for twenty years. I wondering from this journey into the mysterious top but quite a compliment drawn out the listeners in the truth. The first experience from the grounds of the little catch in the apartment door in twenty three years on five were helping them yeah. Congrats about the power in the books and the one who use that opportunity to have an attractive school in every direction can really go up track you know gene pool will all of them patients are at one fifty one so they're going to do what we have materials with the book's template you know goes one of our past and then Richard up with unity and out of the boat will lead us through Number Six thousand and fifty use only that special occasion holidays. That's all I think about Christmas and I think there is another perfect time you know to give someone I read it was that's to cross back and like we did you think it's not like a whole new about you know what it worked out for you or graduation my brother. We're hearing from the game and again everyone. It's all the church. Yes you know graduates Well OK just specializations if given a matter of that you know who would say no but it wasn't like they were those use. But OK I want to talk about how the play in your home in your current subject in your back and then listen write an article written articles that are in the pocket. For those looking to go ahead I want to start. Oh you are in the you know everywhere. We'll get a lot of opportunities we wouldn't otherwise. So that's kind of a practical way to put you know the other thing that is the best for it for them. Yeah. And I think that you make a big difference in fact that you know I'm sure you know there are quite big difference in the region. We want to reasons one little thing that a lot of them a video of but I don't know it's not really the most up to link thing down to really love. But I think it's much more likely controversy here or what but through something very nicely in the stressed with nice picture you know like when you have one when you look at them you want to resist they're out there and buy thing used to read write and I think my thing to think. When they illustrate that a great country that is the things that have been used for years but now this want to get a lot of calls for help you know it's a mistake here and here and there and that you know it's unlike now the mistakes were discovered because now we're reading that into that on the shelves. And he told me I think it was a person of I can but then they use authentic with layout and they also got a lot of people contacted him about me think lots of me or. But yeah he was right that you have nice you know much more. Actually it's much more likely that didn't read the news. So that's a simple thing that to make them think different possible but if it isn't in your country or language maybe you can make it possible. I was here. I regret. So yes I'm not or the book not going on simple because of the right thing or have to look very professional. Sometimes it's going to be you know you know I'm not a brat who was worried about my heart. You know it's much more likely to be vastly more and more favorably special you know. So why don't you or. But through those. OK. Number two or more. So these are more what I mean if you only get someone they might be like me who might not be the happy about this year they don't want to convert them. I mean you give us military or she says something you know if you care about it not only that you want to come up and you want to give them you want their best and I that we have talked about these five men that all night. And then they were prepared for answers will follow. So also I think that that's a simple thing but I think it's going to be different so that if well we get a much better option and approach. Not only have and I think that but Mark and I think people can really make a personal message in the writer of The Course you don't know where you come back. That's right he said he was in the restaurant right. And he said he well I mean it is it wasn't a third he didn't want to read it that way but because it is hard to not to read it one sentence not so in the directly to be preaching to thousands in you know I think it's really not a lot. So I think but it can really make some of the for and to rather as a message in the book and contact info. So if there is you know they come on thank you and I think that we should make it possible to confuse alarm and so you know the back are usually we write something on the happy and you know if you want no more get over. I've done a Bible study group fashionable recession whatever. But if you know that someone is getting more personal or whatever but right. You know you well so on advantage of them. But anyway. And I think that to use in various business because of the door and I mean things like this are the ski straw that I want to complement the illustrated with on truth and they've got her book as well and that natural not to give up the company. Some of the ocean and designer or more of them in our survival photographs. So I think that and I think you can or constantly will tell you that is married and build up a concert around one of the books like service or something or somehow make it even more natural work. And then we would have a profession and everyone a concert that looks the way we tell them about some different thing and they can choose one. I want to get out you know through the Bible study that found short one that would have well over four and a second of our exports you can't. And the day before long story short she hasn't addressed controversy and she came back she came to the trespassing again and she had been up that night reading through this book as you know I mean really impacted by this. I understand it's got given up and they're not a State Department and those who are grand master mind as you want to come up. She decided not to because she was a credit but if you came again she couldn't back up well you know for a while and to Christ came back after the other day I really didn't talk and she came back with a doctor and she was really a big smiling face and just really really like what just started to read in this book was really touched by the another story from and I'm gonna be your other guy if I have my brother we look I'm going to be some pretty far out but we are lucky to get the kids are several things. Oh he just will not take nothing were there. But one time one guy this man came into office and it's not with you and then. I want to be back. And you know why but I think that because of that book which you gave me the book by and why he pointed to the books of the Christ. Well what they tried everything nothing earth but. And that because many times you know there are so powerful this method where nothing is will help people. Fischer's Well you know didn't work. This is Sheriff Sheriff appropriateness is generally have managers give the number of the Testament that assertion to be different from them and you know I forgot something you don't already have today but you know that if you don't know I'm a conspiracy and I wouldn't recommend you to know this to one from outside of the church after the service. Thank you for coming and they didn't contradict like they were. They get angry and printed I don't like I don't think that the bet was that I don't think it will be the best with a bucket of excess it up and you know we should be bold and you know well worn Bible but sometimes the Big Apple is actually damaged a cause and a good example of that on average types of uncertainty doing their permission offensive comments on how to act and the math you know the Catholic shot all over France in one night. They want that it would serve the opposite going to go there so that if you know when I wasn't the best and actually lead to a great ruling put it alls Fredricka mention the king to the side to side of all he took a side of the road and they thought it perfectly. You had a theory that like they were settled they went out with the truth. But one way so that you know there are exceptions. John Eric a story he gave a Catholic professor preached and when he had he didn't want to give it you. Take it back. But but let their. He got the guy he was and he won every year but he didn't work either what happened. Well Fred you know you've been generally a good principle involved with and with every classic outfit starting things we are really we should build a bridge. But when we start on the controversial some very important principle suddenly confronted with a good with a lot of stuff. One thing we don't understand. It's not like it but if they only talk about things we don't agree with with a conviction. But yeah so if that Profit message and I think it's rich their interest. Ryssdal three through the summer I think that it really is there an education education or I think that actually had a really fun experience it was and I think we have it. My brother he comes to me I think I think I'm thinking of the trust that and of the hoping brother tells me and these guys if you need to talk with him you can open. He's really interested in how they're both about you know some of the money he'd like he had heard about the calling Campbell. So you have heard one of them will be on camera. Wow really really interesting. So when extensive search for Iraq I went through the evolution for them and have told him about you know they could choose some books. And I said I you know I tell him you know if he's something back into the water and history. Not just as American author of copies on the language are written many different topics from you know somebody and actually have you heard about this and I can count will actually buy her what she wrote that will help either. Oh I well that was really funny. And I'm like oh yeah you can get it but this one it's not about how she writes about other things as well. But if you didn't have the music that you had to call that I can tell you that book as well and so I think the best way to get a new found wealth through living through help and if you may be a professor who can cation like there are so many stories and examples of our having tough the recession or education that have been really when there isn't much growth. You know on the do you think so far ahead of time so far. So my thoughts on the concert one of the most common tablets in time you know is so many ripple effects from her heart. OK so now I'm not perfect and just resource that there are all of the resorts all through to have some music thing done right because I think people share some beautiful music that is hoping that it was not on our other cares to come watch George Bush can be something you can look at everything maybe breakfast or whatever. We have a great Congress. There are other people at Washington to get back on them by watching other music. Or you can tell them they have that. That's a crime. Have Pullet reckon for you to vote here. So glad you're with the Shadow be some well social working but when the song. Very very nice. Like to get my mom. I mean I think it's a lot like Christmas whatever that thing for sure. I will make that means books. But what it looks on what they were saying there is also another one called Know what it is and what you have actually had a lot of. All right and Seymour doing many different languages actually. But when you write whatever word you can listen to my program what eroticism Sarge what I've heard of and I think that those online trustee of the largest and aggressor is ours. So have fun or else I'll just weeks after them actually if there's any questions you can ask your question am I love part of an accolade you can because the to follow up the upcoming book you know what you think I read something you should do it too much you shouldn't hunt them you know. But it's not only do you give something you like this book. It's not that you know why. There's not a thing. And that was going to cost him a bit you know. You know there isn't much you can have them yet. I don't think I want to show you a short time sensitive because where they're from and didn't act now and I'm a Jewish rabbi. Now you can actually go on the walk and listen and hear them to the right. You have that is them by immersion which represents death burial and resurrection to newness of life. The Last Supper the holy supper there with Jesus and I had a Jewish rabbi help me with this thing. A rabbi from Ronald Reagan staff he hated the name of Christ. He hated her Christianity. He will never burn the Bible in touch it but he got hold of a book called patriarchs and prophet. He started really this is about white people who is this a long way but universities are not direct where she'll learn Hebrew. I think I know just at that time I said that Lee had only really education she's only the most political Beeville writer in history. She's written more books than anyone in world history and she ever went to university she never knew him. Part of all this oil and writings are Hebrew. Their sentence structure their meter their rhythm the expressions are as if she wrote in Hebrew. Furthermore the military all written in this book is a mistake which was not translated into English still thirty years ago when he or she died back in one thousand nine hundred eighty. How did she know that nobody really rabbis know this. He says I am convinced that this woman was inspired by the same source the spire the Hebrew prophet. I don't want to become a Christian not to come to Christ by reading the Bible. He can see by reading the books of Ellen why he fell in love with Jesus and the Bible and I was THAT is the baptism in the Bear River just about Sacramento. Then one rate is really an editor's rebuttal there and just really wanted and rake in Eastern Europe while a Catholic priest stood over her with a crucifix that this is what you get for killing Christ. So can you imagine how eastern Jews as they relate to Eastern Christians feel about Christians and Christianity. So in fact I use Rabbi opposed to Christianity and you would never read the Bible. But looking at you and he was so I understood unacceptable and pocketing it. There are many stories from others like other Jews actually work. And many other people there that we will not have in let's get paid for it. There are many people in this world that want Richard. There are many people that got to go through Europe through to want to share this truth. Otherwise I wouldn't accept that I was parked on the ground working in the parking is moving in the apartment at this time and I want us to share and the question is if we want to use the tool you want the chairs you want to try to pay for divine appointments. Can shut it off the trick but I think you know about the value creation and God We want to credit you may. Yeah you have to know right now or I may be it enough to travel back to the door from the conference couch. Yeah I think you know here you will come to think of the pack. I think with a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word to freeing sermon audio and much more about W W W.


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