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How to Win Confidence With a Compassionate Heart

Ernst Zwiker


What does emotional intelligence (EQ) have to do with gaining confidence and how are empathy and social competence key factors? We mean well with our contacts, but are often not aware of how to build meaningful relationships. How can short- and long-term contacts become a real blessing? What keys for winning confidence and souls did Jesus use?


  • December 31, 2014
    2:30 PM
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Personally I believe that this is a very important topic. They're there because we are challenged this time to be successful. And if somebody will these are the steps you have to make in order to be successful. And even I really want to be successful. I would do that. And this is something that hurts me because I don't we don't care. Today you will hear these conferences you will hear some steps if any indication I would call it a call to call for us to go and move in the right direction. Do you have a father. It's such a privilege for us to come to you. Last day of the year thinking about what we should do next year what we should be signing how we should decide how we can make life a lot we want to be successful but we cannot be with you that's why we want to look at you today and see how you are going to learn from it. Please bless everyone that is here to special in Jesus' name we pray Amen. So we will talk a little psychological. Terms modern psychology. We don't find these terminology in the Bible but I believe. But it's not that way they spoke at those times who talk about emotional intelligence. And when I got to this I found all over the Bible that I found it and that part pointed out so strongly that it wasn't me it is something I believe I will talk about the reaction of emotional intelligence and confidence in confidence. I'll explain why. And I said I want it. I want to point out you know way E.Q. or what I choose to use. But you also finally we are a key factor very important. It's very very up. I believe that every one of you including me. We mean well when we think really well we want to do you know way best. But I really feel that this is not enough. We have to learn. We have to learn. You know Paul when he was sold he went after he became Paul converted. He went to the better the whole all. Three years. I mean you know Paul you know it's turned its going. I mean he make the sets he said. DECIDER him being in the desert for one day after being there he's going. He would take out his i Phone and then call and say please pick me up. Let me stay there for two years thinking and thinking and we need also to think using to reflect more we meaning that is not enough. Look around it's not you know how can we be meaningful relationships. We know how to build ization ships but meaningful relationships. How can we do that in long term contacts with long term contacts. And he's charged with. Sure. It's some people are very talented doing some people can learn that we can learn a hunch or OK And how did Jesus do this is the question how and you probably are all familiar with this very very famous quote for me very strong quote alone will keep you in reaching people that the seed of this conference is not I mean I think we have to be critical of ourselves. During vote more times. Thank you. Preaching that way and I'm he went. I'm getting all the first secrecy to him where he had the object of passion words Sharston is health and making trial all their newfound powers. Now the question when you deal. How do you know what what what how do you feel. I mean they all say the awful are followers of. Where do you hear my daughter heals. She has a health center in Switzerland. You see the pictures right. Right here. They heal people. They experienced miracles because they follow the help and they instruct the people to help us and they do it. They get not one person. You know the doctors that cut your leg. No other way. She went through so much and they treated her as they know our health message. And she could keep rolling. I met her. You know there's always some question where do you feel how do you heal. Not a challenge. A little zap your neighbor as yourself. If that highest most important law OK in more than somebody can say you have to laugh at the people the way I love myself I see that I do not love myself so I do not have to love the other people as much. Some people could use the excuse me. Listen to what she seems she told me that was Chuck. If I had you this is what it means. We are leaving no problem so we are really a child which helped. And he continues with that seven feet in the street. Now we got more into details. We set out now and fix a key OK. The success keep something we have to know what our main question Wayne. How do we do your church. Legal We will do you do you make a difference with you or your family your church where you are when people around you see if you would quit and leave what they think we missed something. Do you make a difference make a difference. Do we linger. Do we show them that we like that we like to believe you don't really mean that. And that shows the father invites that point where you invite your neighbor lost minister today. I'll be interested in the needs of them when their coffee does. And now and when we have the confidence when families relationship we have the ability of having the confidence bank the bank that we do not many people that we think that the time that might turn out to come to heaven with us now to seven C. being the little me having contact that he stay got all the time. Did he stay in the house. Where did he go giving it all the time. He knew he had to and he knew everybody. So he really went out of the house people did he concerned. Why this is one of the best for them to show sympathy. Describe how many times in the Bible. What was once and was about all of us is people and then he cried second time for the Lateran yet so he has a lot of compassion that he conceded. Only the minister needs just thinking about what it means to come down here to conduct. He's just really the biggest meanest ever mystery always a minister in the NE He won their confidence and when he lost them and they show it and realized they happened then they can close and then they want to hear that calling the already well the Holy One of them to follow to follow. Any sense that this is the message for today and we want to look at this from different angles. We talk by the way. So it's a little confidence part because he's confident other people thought these are the people who are not you will hear a spark here. OK Today we look for all the confidence are in the same you are all the same not out late out in these conflicts the whole convention. So confident that you know where you're going to come from how that would show you can help me a little further confidence show the track you know confident to us more. Who of you came with airplane. Quite a few you have confidence and trust and faith in you along with her. So we have confidence in the human technique. I work for us we share. I feel very comfortable buying an owner so we know people. It helps when you know the system the way the people work. We have confidence. No worries Congress is really hurt trust her believing being able to depend on somebody very challenging moment coffee in a marriage in a marriage it can mean that the partner digs the spouse the chains to hitting him because he called me doesn't she. A confident in her he will do it. This is how confidence built up. If outreach is promote each other if we lift up each other he grew ten twenty four that we promote each other's works works. I don't know how it is an image of a competent build up experience. Why is confidence important what would you say. Weiss confidence important than wish you hello confidence. Now I ask you many questions and people here and it's not all but there are more but the you if you want to have kind of the right base what used to be what you have to do if you want to be in confidence for your neighbors what you do. These look to see if you want to be confident. These are the facts exactly. When this picture reminds me of something I was beating my son I mean our and. One time I went to the same in arm and I met a petition and numerology me what the neighbor of my son and he came home and he was he was an old one or old gentleman eighty years old but one year later he died. So he came there. Mr Baldwin by the way and I thought if I were a chance I ask the question and I can say Hi Mr BALL. I have always friendly always open. Mrs Alving. I have a question. Is it OK. OK what would you do if you work the enemy of mankind and he want to say Satan be polite. So I asked him what would you do if you would pay. He immediately said I would destroy their frontal lobe. THANK YOU WILL MAKE YOU. I had to go but I never forgot it because I want to find out what he really wanted from him so I found out that a spiritual spoken frontal lobe easternmost home place in the body is the most holy place. So Rob Lowe eating pork. Maybe it is good for us to know what built from low and what destroys the problem though. And when you find out and the more you find out you will see that our help make the key to build up from a good problem. When you know a lot of people that just you will find out that the frontal lobe is the place to build up to take strong. OK We have a different kind of intelligence. Everything is placed in here somewhere. But what we can really emotional intelligence most an advantage in simply five words. The frontal lobe controls the rest strong from the low controlling the rest. This is all about we we can the frontal lobe with Lucy. We are in danger we are danger by any and the whole society as you might realize the whole society tries to catch you throw in Switzerland. We buy eighty five percent even today irrational. We buy eighty five percent irrational feelings based on fear but the feelings are going and going on for many people and we need to strengthen bizarre puzzle and ideally compare I.Q. E.Q. and then you see these pictures I want to tell you that E.Q. is very very very big in you may be a very big part of our success with I.Q. You can be. You can eat. Nerd like you. If you hate it will be successful anyway. Any time this is today a lot of our time. Now let's define E.Q. a little better if you can even ability to build meaningful relationships so everybody here might have a big year now because E.Q. for your relationship will come a little later. If you want to work that you want to be able to do without conflict you need if you have I think you will treat people differently I mean different in the sense that we respect like you know what I understand you're also you do not have to reconsider. You know you also have strengths you will we will learn to see oneself not only in our I got how this got to do these how emotional intelligence we will also see many others for our own able to reach a situation that's not always so easy to reach the situations. Bottom line is why not all emotionally and in relationships. OK These are the ability and that knowledge is thinking. We have to learn how to come across to us. We know what they have to say when to say and what not to say. This is emotional when we have to be quiet and just listen. I think we cannot just always talk and take care of what ever comes up. We are responsible for. OK To sum it up a little over eight quality of relationship relationships. If you have a high quality of relationships I think you have big challenges. You know it's a place to grow. Place to grow. We all should actually grow there. But the goal is to become mature to learn to be balance to be begin. Do you remember somebody who's always in balance a person who isn't that wonderful and he's socially conscious sense. Knowing how to handle people I cheated. So what do you think we need in order to proceed. In this day you know you see private privatising enemy of B.Q. privacy and in need of being a missionary everyone. So. You could go your problem here. We all have challenges with this business. We also have to learn to be a little one critical sometimes in a positive sense critical in the sense that we want to find a way to do it better to get better to do on Christ. More now and we have to make it you have to make we have to make good decisions. If you think about not these twenty first of December this is a time to think about you know what's going on in my life this time for a second Hey where am I going. I'm very happy that you came here just to take this time think about you know will power you do what we will then you can ask God you know the text Osgar too. If you strengthen your will and you know the willpower is also a gift from the Holy Spirit to twenty. So he he was waiting for us to give it to us. So when you want to be a blessing to your family to your spouse to your church to you where all the time you use a very important for us. When you work you know and if that is at least eighty five percent success in your success. So the more you use it the better. People the better your sixty's of success will be and the more people will like you. Now E.Q. is something that is not inherited it's lower and mainly now. They always fight over it a little over an E.Q. I.Q. the U.K. I.Q. you learn after twenty years one or two and now this is a better question. Boys younger than trying. Younger than twenty. OK so now you can't you can still you know I think you will hear the older ones. We have to deal with I.Q. no. But the good news he's going to be in pearls throughout life. I think the work of dollars in the work of the Holy Spirit and it never stops. But I have to tell you something whose parents here not too many children under seven years one to six babies. These are the moments where I think you eat you know what makes it OK for granddaughter is old and I do a lot of challenging games with her to develop her. Q So the first six years are very important for development. So we're asked the question is did a reflection. Somebody that I always heard or with this person I just don't get along the line but all right maybe not sensitive enough to other people. OK I ask you you know like publicly cation find that and how much how much for one hundred ten easier how much can you relate to your I mean what the law is and also all of these challenging questions. OK Now when we say when you make decision I want to develop my emotional intelligence that would mean for you that you start working losing fear you lose your anger and you're doing is you're all actions that really don't have to do anything with Jesus and you will lose it. When you look at these develop and come close to me that you will be able to handle stress much better. I also called you a little progress in your life goals. It will be that frank you'll be a better leader. Even churches I haven't read your leading qualities I mean you look at their spouse and you will be a better parent if you take these calls. You know you know you might know this book here. Yes very interesting book. So I was in church. We also talk about these more and more coming actually from this day we stop to think clearer. We started calling it more effectively. So you are able to unite groups people whose polarizing you know is a strong statements that are not necessary. We can lose it. You know we lose those things and really we have a goal more to do but not compromising. Looking into integrity he's a good thing. Storen not not with me. So he can put limits and we will be very strongly. What do you think emotion. Look evasion very strong which we will have you know a strong faith and to trust God. Do you think we need this we need easing into one. So the question is do we want to be able to help. We want to have an mature family maybe. Do we want to get a working team. Do we want to help people to get to better help else. Do we want to help people to have that. A relationship with each other and saw these machines wanted to do we want to be happy ourselves. This is what most people in the world want to be happy the swanky have to be over by bringing serving people bring people to call not remember the same good things for you that they do for you where the golden rule. You know we have to learn by the text you know. You should stop your neighbor and yourself stand in March. So I want to be one. Love one another just as I don't like you. Is this the same actually. BUT IT JESUS IS version you know way. So this is the direction where we want to go. Not. When you look up emotional intelligence there's something about this emotional intelligence is put up to see fights to fight that. Now if you want to understand emotional intelligence you have to understand these. This is very important if you want to develop in you or with other people you have to know each year that the five stages of your emotional self awareness. When I DID YOU KNOW ME A LITTLE GIRL granddaughter when she's crying then I tell her she's she's crying. If I'm going to say I'm tired I have a feeling. Sometimes I remember I may make my feelings known and find out about feelings. These were all these feelings this will help her later on to to regulate them. If you do if I'm not aware of my feelings of loss too much. So I have to find out what's going on here what's going on so I can learn to read really not only did anybody hear from you hear something of marshmallow tense. OK So we do not have time to the I have a movie here that of talk about a four year old four year old four year old and you put this four year old into a room all by her or himself and you give him something that this person this little boy. For instance like Michael Martian he's saying here Peter. These marshmallow you can eat now but if you wait sometimes and you don't tell him how long because he doesn't understand time yet so much so if you wait until I come again I'll give you a second one. And most children want to have some right. I mean they want to have because they like marshmallows. OK then you disappear and you let this child there with this mush them and you see children and they do all kind of you can eat and if you see all these children four year old children kind of in the marshmallow I mean everything there was even the girl that made her own and and everything. So it looked still you know I mean every tricks they make they do. It's very fun. Her life you know they did this in Stanford University in the states and finding out what it means if a four year old has to self-regulation and can control the feelings for fifteen minutes. The desire to control the size can you control of the site. And we said can we regulate our feelings. Can we wait for a success. They found out that one out of three. Good way to go. Then they found out ten years later fifteen years later what happened with this one they found not all of those children were human he spoke of success. Whatever they did they did well because they could control the people some of these here were also successful sons and he said the lady and the marshmallow don't put her into a thing that home working the thing is on the loose. I mean my honey she's the one that correct my English. OK And then you go all you like to learn. Everybody who likes to learn that you can go into business do ask for E.Q. tests and then you can make a test and you can find out. I think strong here usually people are strong here here here here week here was strong because this is where you start these competitions they should people who have high look evasion developed they have such strong faith they are able to have a strong faith. They're able to trust they are optimists. It's never marry a man who does not have him because he will not understand you and the means. I am interested in understanding my life. I want to know what's going on very very important. Compassion is a step further and fifty means understanding trying to understand somebody and standing of compassion me out of this understanding. I want to help this person. And when you Google in the Bible I found it fifty times its compassion were things I was and it was a stuff. It's it's it's in the Bible. Compassion is a very important statement. She says she's very important. We started working at these all these things makes being able to be a cotton part that people miss you because you are important I mean everybody meet Mrs Jesus because there's really something missing here if he's not around. That's what I want to know. OK I want to show you not only don't want to talk now about the fifth level the highest level of social security social competence. If you can organize groups in the church choir whenever you work if you can organize. Groups You have social competence. You know if you can direct group's activities organize them decide if you can make efficiency or smart. You have already developed these are you can be a leader. You can take responsibility that's why it's good to have children just want to build you like having a little animal dealing with responsibility. Making the bed. And so then there are all people treated like group your group in front of you and you can make them sit around at the or something to do E.Q. Eve I am a troublemaker all the time. I am a Canadian social chameleon which means I'm always like the other ones wherever they are they're the way they are they're the way they are just you know. This is a problem and we have a problem. Q Even if we can take a look if we can prevent the problems ahead. So conflicts we can develop personal connections. We have to recognize and understand OK's and culture of us. We have a capacity or the skill to analyze socially these very pork the marriage of your workplace on you or your church. When you fell asleep. Just church. You know how much how much how would your church look like. Everybody would be highly emotional involvement. You know that we can to very important point you know our society there are people out there they need you. There are people out there they need you need. So he's our challenge you know that in time we are ready to do our job work. Maybe some of you know what influenced what influenced your E.Q. Some years ago you heard up to six all it's the major influence on your neck. If you live with parents that have I think you will be an advantage of course but also your physical condition seventy two health message is use your head follow the health message and then you will be well. Much easier your faith your cultural traditions you saw our values based on me having started also as an influence on our patients. As you can image the way we think about problems or problem I don't like it's a problem. I made myself to say instead of problems I think challenge. What's different between difference between problem and challenge. Right when you say challenge you think of a solution right. Need to challenge a woman. Just same thing you say challenge to a problem if you will you will think different about a problem if you say the problem is like a mountain. You know you don't want to be all right but if you think challenge something to solve. Michael great. Again for me I want to just really raw closeness that I swear I will tell a few more hours. I will is developed you can start with different things like these processes in the problem over neurons in the story was smoking and food and air and and and and a lot of media out media. The bright young children get these friends and get you still use dangerous very very difficult problem of moral principles. Problem with Bronco lake and forthright and all these it's just it's full of problems in the frontal lobe. We're challenged to develop good frontal lobe. This is a highly coming all the human coming towards us and we and we have to tell people I want to I thought actually I want to show it. Very core mission for change when we grow we have to use these times for the first of December make a decision maybe Cherami our son will ask you to not. What would you want to decide for now. Think about what you want or change. What do I want to change. Change. We work together we've got this is very very important. When we have social challenges challenging challenges do not talk on the character often you are just whatever don't know everything only a very little easier for what the gentleman to do this than for the ladies because they live in that relationship for life to work on that too. Very professional they're very good. But when we have challenges certain judges lawyers use the information they need. If you have a friend try to experience this. Make an experiment and try to to to to talk on the information over to the Eagle. He will listen to you. OK the air of fear and find truth about fear. When I do this I want to say truth will set you free. Shawn to through specific find the truth about things. Find out why do I come from. Who am I what happened with me. I want to know that this will set you free show and try to understand. Calm down Terry and me. We are both hot blooded blooded and we make this decision to tell each other when other one is a little high up and we decided to to say CD and she said to me CD and I knew it means my sometimes also say to her or maybe her own. Either way why does it work is when she tells me CD It happens to me that I've come down. The reason is because when I am hot then my feelings are working. This tune is she says she I I come into the frontal lobe because frontal lobe is the place where I think about something. So when you are happy don't like it when somebody is happy don't tell you because then you take all the feelings away in the frontal lobe and that happy feeling is gone. You know what I mean. OK So if somebody is depressed or somebody is in the feelings listen the feelings try to bring this person in the front you know. See this is what they're paid. What happens in therapy they bring behavioral therapy they bring people to the frontal lobe. Activity but don't walk around that way. OK who knocked these knees and a nice game going on now. Very very sober. We are you know success will not be kind much on your knowledge. Whatever school it's good to have schools good schools. Paul what in three years. I called the university he was in the University of Iowa when we have to go to university. But it's important but what we have to learn that we will find out where a citizen to then are going to use this is what we have to learn. These were changes things so he could bring somebody you know half an hour about from a person that has no on or is lost to big missionary Jacob's well to a big missionary. She could reach everybody in the town you know half an hour about maybe less. So this is the point here. Now you know that touched me a lot that not saying much does not saying much but it face much tell me much and I want to look. These guys how she sings. Look it's people. When I did this morning I went to from from the hotel over here. Not many people came across and I thought it somebody coming you know early in the morning and I thought why not say Hello good morning. What happened with me then this is was a ladies and gentlemen comes I think I'll try again. And he comes out on the bicycle and then I say good luck. Good morning. And then he wrote Good morning and you know if it doesn't cost anything you know. Oh OK let me go with people in Jesus' life to be here hear what they hear see what they see or feel what the case he can read the polls and we have to develop these. We have to get strong in this. We have to learn to go over the limits. We should not be OK so easily with us. He wants more keep more he wants to give us more. They keep me religion. So you won't be able to work here like you get along with respect even Pharisees. Or is all who do you really seek to Asian. What you want or emotional healing relationship must cost and where God wants to bring this where he wants kids that we are must also know how he came across to other people you know what to say how to say ready Satan when not you know have to be quiet and listen even recognize you know how to really help sometimes you know not to be the guy. We need people like Jesus here and I think the Great Spirit of God which runs the world or of glory will not come until an island until we have anything like this poem. We need a light and we have to enlighten being lighted and then rebuilding not experience. Well least we all know how to work together. We need I think we need you. We knew each other we need to work. So we need to use our phones the right way. There we have to feel that we can expand our right. God wants us to know more. Do you want to give us war. There is more. This morning our brain that we have and we think we have more. He was standing up and I want to close with the most votes at the time. This these fascinates me. I heard about this most people this cycle problem suckage who is the most people to cite what would you gain. John on the left and right now seeing this picture you know it helps us wishy washy. Now she must be. She came from actor who could take a day like Fade out. He compared it with a lovely and very good show. There had better care. She must have had their father but mother that were not able to give her certain self value thing that made her hate herself so much that she was able to put money above relationships. She was fallen so much down so far down that road that she had been before me I mentioned her demons were for instance low self-esteem self hatred and bitterness. She couldn't look she looked into the mirror in which she probably was beautiful and went but she was still meaner minority. I know I don't mean the minority complex. Maybe she had this pride in a way to compensate. Cried maybe she had the money as her most important thing. Maybe she had a problem with line all these bad things that she had to overcome. She had a meeting with him. Let's say ten minutes from life. She went today we think ten minutes each. Now they show me that she couldn't run away or she couldn't make it work something but she probably felt guilty enough to just giving us undying and she did. Yes now we see Jesus really high for each of you. With his eye E.Q. he could read the situation he could not only read her including all the other people and he did just the right thing just the right thing to give her the message that God loves you which made her change her life. Realizing God loves me even though I have very bad and time. Jesus knew her name. OK but he went to the right and the second time when she she made it a crime. You can make. She's crying when where or where the Mary Magdalene me away where one of coho Mary to be when she meets Jesus and he's a he's the shimmy. She says he's feet where do you really. She says she does not take into consideration when we talk about cheese. She does not constitute her or whoever she does things that nobody else will do because she says how she says freed her from being inside problems from feelings. She listened to the Holy Spirit things that nobody else do. And he's always picked always picked way. She was there. Stay there. When everybody almost everybody let she stand where I said that she in mind has come to the grave so that she was helping. She was organizing and then climbing. Now you have to realize that cheating takes you if you take you. He took her. So much fear in this relationship. So much to get that. Just being resurrected. Where would you expect you to go after being resurrected went down to heaven to this time. After putting these sheets very nicely together. Because if you see character. Very nice everything very nice. I would expect him to go to his father. Now if he does not want to go to his father I don't reject him to go to wrote it to the Pharisees somewhere to show I want you know my situation. No she said waves. When he felt what was he just waiting he was waiting for who were eighteen and going to the worst place waiting for somebody who has compassion. Well he is next something he did not wait for Peter. He did not wait for Chung. He did not. He waited for her. It's not showing us that she says might be waiting for you. Let's go back to the bikini fishing with you. Well good luck except if you do if we want to reach or what do we have to do we have to do. We have to think about it you have to think about what does it mean for you to mingle with people. Are you strong enough to mingle with people. Do you have your calling inside your matter. Mary Magdalene inside to mingle with people and bring them to him. I don't really to want the best for these people out there where we meet them. I want to show sympathy for these people. She says if I have a problem with somebody why do I not choose. Got to see this person. I can even learn to love enemies that way this way. It's not possible maybe this way he makes it possible to do this you realize that everybody that has problems it may be going to the hospital have problems with business have problems with the relationship all people have problems as you saw in the movie and everybody everybody is. And the church the church people also have also needs. If all everybody has you know you have talent you got one or two or five talent. The church is full of talent. Now imagine if we would find out the talents and find out the needs of the people if they would serve the needs of the people is I don't have a sense at least some of what would happen. Wouldn't we like to be missionaries because we could use the hotel and God gave us that he said talents. I'll help you and we as a church ministered to the needs of the people. Just think about what would happen if we would do it if we would take our people around here here with me to the needs and so we actually do these steps and that we will we will win people and then they will listen to anything that you can imagine for a concert. You can invite them for an event celebration movie or whatever. Off or maybe even then you'll see him you know relations in email. All this in you know before you buy them before you think about what to do not just work with cold contacts goalposts context because you do not have one call to work to develop one context that God can use these one context because you develop. But he's great things that's happening tech you will be surprised. We will be challenged and we will do missions the right way and it will happen that we will. And I say a fifty eight eight. We do it correctly. The real deal. We will heal fast. The church will heal and it will happen very fast in the end times. And we want to be part of it and make the call for us. Follow me God invites us to follow him. Can I ask you to stand up. When you pray that we face itself to help us to improve. Most of those answers that we should the one who's a growth so we should be the right way the invitation to you. People will do for us more of this media which brought to you by Adil a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon W W W R U dot org.


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