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Bible's Love Stories- Part 1

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • March 1, 2014
    11:00 AM
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Father thank you so much again for this time. Thank you for all of the decisions have been made and now Lord we just pray and ask you would bless us that you would speak to us God We know that just one Sabbath a week in attempting to be a Christian is not enough. But every day we must receive the daily baptism of the spirit in full Father we pray and ask that he would bless us in a mighty way and teach us God the things we need to understand. Thank you in Jesus name Amen. Right it's wonderful thing those people get baptized we have a few more taking place in the coming Sabbath and as much as we love to celebrate baptism the real work begins now. Amen. This is what determines the strength of a body. Whether or not they can work together to keep people growing in the face. Now if you say Pastor it's up to you to do there. I can only invest truly invest in probably about five or six people max. I'm only one person you could probably only invest in about five or six people max and if you leave it up to me to do this kind of work or to pass Internet or just through the Bible work or we could probably keep about maybe fifteen people talk over the course of a year. However everybody is doing this great work. Ladies and gentlemen then we will see greater retention and greater growth happening. AMEN level might say that it is fatal to think that the work of saving souls is depended upon the minister alone the word fatal means what. Death. Death and so that's why it's very important that we take advantage of all these training classes that we're doing. Any opportunity that we can get involved because God want to do some factual things they meant a right. Is it hard in your to just me. OK Can we have one of the deacons turn the air conditioner on it is feel. Like India during the summer. All right thank you very much. Whoever is doing this work right now. OK thank you Damon I write the name of the sermon called love stories in the Bible love stories in the Bible that's going to be a very unique sermon. You're going to be learning some very interesting things about love story. You don't need to go to some movie or theater to learn about the greatest love story. If you want to learn about a love story you can go to the Bible and you will be so inspired by what you read. I'm going to be heading out to Loma Linda tonight and I'll be doing a series for about two weeks there at Loma Linda University as well as campus your church and part of the morning sessions that I'm going to be doing are called Ten love stories in the Bible. Now do you think that's going to track a lot of college students. You better believe it. And so we're doing ten love stories in the Bible all the starting with Adam and Eve an R. and B. ending with Christ and the bride or the church and so I've been fighting that out the last few weeks I'm going to share some of these studies with you something I think was very very interesting. God has been really speaking regarding his church. All right part of the presentations that I'll be doing I'll be dealing with space. I'll be doing dealing with intelligent design. I'll be dealing with all sorts of things trying to not give faith but create room for faith. Sometimes people just don't have enough room for faith and sole reason stepped in and able to produce some kind of flexibility for faith. Now when it comes to the things that deal with like what took place millions of years ago or thousands of years ago. Ladies and gentlemen we don't have to have all the answers we just need to have reasonable one right. And when we have a reasonable one that creates room for faith create room with for faith. I actually knew somebody who was working on the Hubble telescope. And it was very interesting he was able to share some of the most insane picture of what the Hubble telescope was actually capturing you know pictures of this Dallas sea and within those galaxies thousands of planets that were there and you know this star or that's all or nebula you name it I mean it is insane. In fact you'll actually find less atheists in the cosmology Department or the astronomy department than you will find in like say molecular science and the reason why is because as they're able to see the vast expanse of space and all the things that are out there is utterly mind blowing. Now what is really crazy I've been actually doing some study on the possibility of going into a scientific standpoint the probability of the universe coming into existence by chance. Now obviously we don't believe if I can't but imagine if it were going from just completely a naturalistic stamp or in the scientific standpoint. Roger Penrose who actually worked with Stephen Hawking's also rents a book he said this is very interesting. Roger Penrose of Oxford University have calculated that the odds of our universe as low entropy conditional or the basic condition for the universe to exist at a chance old painting by chance alone are on the order of one part in ten to the power ten to the power one twenty three. Now you may say wow that's impressive but I don't know what that means. Now that was just a little bit of a fraction that you place the one over a line. Right and then you pick another one underneath the line and what you do is you add one thousand one hundred and twenty three zeros after that. Imagine if you were to did it take a decimal point you can take decimal point and you would take one thousand one one thousand two hundred and twenty nine zero followed by a one that is the chance. This is just based upon one of the top scientists that exist there when it comes to astrophysics regarding the chances of this universe just coming into existence. Just coming into existence and what I have to do some more research and I went OK I wonder what scientists believe when it comes to the Galaxy the galaxies coming into existence by chance or randomness. And what was amazing this is what Roger Penrose said as well. The odds of our solar system being formed instantly by the Galaxy filesystem by the random collision of particles is one part in ten to the power ten to the power sixty a vast number but in conceivably smaller than one part in ten to the power ten to the power one twenty three by the way if you go to the Powerball lottery jackpot site you know what your chances are of winning that lottery ticket. They even put it on the Web site. It's one out of a hundred and seventy five million of winning a power buy Powerball lottery jackpot. I actually had my friend who is a math teacher down in the way you know he's a massive press of the college there. I said can you do some tacky elation for me. He said yes. Based upon the Powerball jackpot probabilities if you were to win the lottery every month for ten years straight out of chance would you come close to even that number. He did the calculations really quickly and he said not even close. It is so astronomical just the probability of the galaxy or the solar system come into existence. In fact what is so interesting Hugh Ross who is well respected in astrophysics he says that and he's a Christian the results of his calculation talking about this is the result of the calculation of finding all one hundred twenty three of in France in other words the anthropic principle basic conditions for causing life or having life. We're less than one chance in ten to one hundred thirty nine power. That ten thousand trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion exist that even one such planet would occur anywhere in the universe. Now if you think that's crazy you're like wow that is so improbable that the universe can come by chance so improbable that our Earth like planet could just come about by chance waiting to take a good look at this we're talking about enzymes here OK. By chance if they want to develop this is what scientists are saying right now. DR be consumed with a professor of applied mathematics at Cardiff University England he said. If you look at the composition of the human enzyme which is the building block of the gene which is the building block of the cell the possibility of a human and time developing randomly is one in ten to the power of forty thousand. Did you catch that one in ten to the power of forty thousand more than the number of atoms in the entire universe is done. Wait to see that this is very interesting. It's simply X.X.L. this is actually might even see Meyer with a well known intelligent design but he's well known also in the debating world because very very credible. He's also had many peer reviewed articles dealing with cellular structure. He said that the Maya Platt the Michael plasma genitive a tiny bacterium that inhabits the human urinary tract requires only for an eighty two protein support it performed its necessary functions if for the sake of argument we assume the existence of the twenty biological occurring amino acids which form the building blocks for protein the amino acids have to congregate in the definite specified sequence in order to make something that works. First of all they have to form a pad thai bond and this seems to only happen about half the time an experiment but the probability of building the chain of a hundred fifty amino acid containing only peptide length is one chance in ten to the forty fifth power. Take a look at this. Now you might think to yourself requires a lot of faith to be a Christian. It requires even more big to be an atheist and I don't got that kind of faith or Jesus regard for me is just a little mustard and you know what's so interesting if you were to take this and I found this analogy I think that really works well right there was a man who actually won a lottery ticket he was the only winner several years ago he won three hundred eighty two million dollars imagine that three hundred eighty two million dollars minus government taxes half that amount. OK now imagine this imagine that same individuals of content base will say ten days was the winner of that lottery ticket OK say he won that ticket in the month of January. You'd be like OK it's possible you know why you'd be doing this but they did it right and he won that jackpot in the month of January. Two months later he won that same jackpot you would say wow that's crazy. Four months later he went the exact same jackpot. So it's one where you went the exact same jackpot eight months later he wins exactly jackpot ten months later when the exact same jackpot. What would you begin to assume now that ten days. Well the logic is that what you assume. Well I would assume no you would say it's rigged. That's precisely what you would say you would say it's rigged. There's something else going on here. See when you begin to look at the pix three astronomic proper histories astronomical probabilities keep reoccurring and say yeah you know one in sones also thought they were throwing all the way down to you know this and you would begin to assume after a period of time wait a minute if you have pets we that random there are two lucky ladies and gentlemen we need to understand something and that is that the Bible already had the answer. Amen in a way. There was actually fitting in not too long ago with a friend of mine who is starting his master's in blocky and he's an atheist weird thing down having some food and we start talking about God in the Bible and he said something very interesting is they look you know I don't believe in any of that stuff he said I believe everything occurred to random chances and through just naturalistic cause it means that this is the way things came about and I sat down and talked to him and I said you know what here are the options. I think here are the options. Either everything that exists today came from absolutely nothing or it came from somebody and that we need to go look at that. Which one of these two require phrase he scratches that he said Well both of them not that exact same thing I said. Absolutely they both require faith. But then I said What's one using requires more faith something coming from nothing or something coming from someone. But even John we need to understand this that even when you're dealing with a lot of theoretical astrophysics it begins to become very very strange and this is touted as a mainstream trust in science. Science is supposed to do with methodology not ideology. And what you're finding when it comes to Origin have to do a lot with ideology. Praise the Lord God has given us His word Amen. Take your bible let's go to the Genesis Genesis chapter one Genesis chapter one Genesis chapter one idea Intelligent Design paper for my philosophy of science class several months ago and I made a very interesting argument in there where we jump into our Bible study I quoted from some well known astrophysicist and what they said when they were asked the question what what occurred before the Big Bang and you know what their response was that there was a singularity a thinking. This chin where the laws of physics actually broke down and it's even touted as almost a supernatural States because the laws of physics are broken down and in this argument I made I said well you don't have a supernatural condition that produced everything we see today or you will have a supernatural being that has a mind that is able to produce not order at a tail off or out of order and it's very interesting that a people are all right. Genesis Chapter one are we all there. Here is here is Genesis chapter one. You just got a lesson write your natural physics here it is in the beginning God created the heavens in the year that's the answer. They meant that everything we see in our world today did not come about through random chance is it not come up in just insane probability or naturalistic causes this universe this world this existence came about through a mighty God who has created it and the Bible does not simply prove God exists and it's unclear. God's existence in the beginning God created the heavens and earth. Now what's very interesting when you're looking over Genesis chapter one and Genesis chapter. Often times people have a bit of confusion. They are reading this whole abridged version of Genesis chapter one and the creation week all the way down to the sixth day and then when the reading tenses chapter two it seems that God is now creating Adam and oftentimes people ask themselves the question when a minute they are there are two separate creations here. No there are one creation taken place in Genesis chapter one God is giving the abridged version of everything that took place of creation Genesis chapter one Genesis chapter two is God's favorite part of creation and that is mankind. Now what gets very interesting. Read Genesis chapter one. You can read like this first one in the beginning God created the heavens and. Anything in yourself what is this have to do with a love story. Wait in the beginning God created the world. Haven't been here. Look at chapter one verse three. Then God said Let there be what. Look at verse six Then God said Let there be a from a in the midst of the water and let it go by the once in the water. Look at verse nine Then God said Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together in one place and let the dry land appear. Look at verse eleven. Then God said Let the earth bring forth grass the air that you'll see and the recording to a kind and feed that is in itself on the earth which was so any time God is commanding things in chapter one what is the title that is given to the trader. What a good being from your looking at he just read I just read it right in front of you right. God said let this take place right and then what I just said everything in chapter one is an abridged version of creation. OK what is chapter two about God's favor part of creation and what is that the cattle. Mankind in fact the whole chapter is dedicated to Adam and Eve That is what it is. Genesis Chapter one The abridged version of creation Genesis chapter two God's favorite part of creation. Now I want you to watch the change of time door that takes place in Chapter two start with verse four by the way Genesis chapter one says in the beginning God created the guns in the heavens and earth right. He created the heavens the earth now I want you to notice the change in the sequence. Chapter to starting with verse four this is the history of the heavens and the earth which in which they were created in the day. Who now watches Lord God made that now watches expire earth and heaven. Don't miss this point raised and that's going to be powerful. Notice this it's no longer just the heavens and the earth. Now is there is this some kind of perspective change now and heaven and what you're seeing is when God. It touches down on Earth. Notice the phraseology of giving birth seven and who Lord God for man out of the dust of the ground and breathed into is not of the breath of life and man became a living being per se and the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden there he put the man whom we had for go all the way to verse thirteen. Then oh Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to tend and keep it. Look at birth eighteen and our Lord God said it is not good that man should be alone I will make a helper comparable to look at verse twenty one and the Lord God caught they will be pleased to Paul and to Adam and he slept he took one of his ribs close up the rim in its place and then the ribbon which the LORD God had taken from man he made into a woman and the broader to work. Men noticed the change of title that takes place in Genesis chapter one to Genesis chapter two there is a change in title very intentional by the Holy Spirit. Genesis chapter one you see this God who is creating the world speaking it into existence and then you see in Genesis chapter two God touching down on Earth. He's warning man he's taking man he's making the departed. He then putting man to sleep making what you see in Genesis chapter two is the parts little nature of God He's not just God lives in government he is the Lord God and by the way who in all of creation from Genesis chapter one to Genesis chapter two would be able to understand God's definitive role in the universe. The cattle only man I would be able to grasp in a greater way who God what do I believe that there are these animals in some sense some kind of glory to God Yeah probably. We now believe that the plants and the rodents and the flowers and someway were given some words not absolutely but one who can understand and appreciate God bless them and that's why the Bible's very intentional about this thing not just God but the Lord God The Lord God was part of Adam's life. There was to be a special bond a special kind of relationship for Adam in which he would recognize the creator's involvement. I thank you very much the creator of involvement and respect to everything that Adam has. Well what took place in Genesis chapter two when you read Genesis chapter two what you begin to discover you begin to discover there are three things God gave to Adam. Three simple things and here they are number one. Bursting into him was the what was the God God needed the second they needed to and what is what what would his ministry name all the animal take care of the animals and by the way this is one of the reasons why when you go to the story of the Ark people ask the question wait a minute how is it possible for Noah to get all those animals on the ark he didn't need to get all those animals on the ark. He only needs to get there and one and the certain ones who are like the parent the original and if Adam could finish in probably one day the naming of the animals that probably tells you that what God was bringing to Adam was the parent. Maybe his work wasn't done I'm not sure. Adam's ministry now look what happened. Adam's what I noticed this where he lived what he did and who he was. Now go back to that title we look at in Genesis chapter two. What was God's title to Adam. Lord God. Ladies and gentlemen this is where we start taking to an impersonal nature. God is not just interested in being this being that out there in the universe was creating this world the deistic perspective but this is a God who actually is involved in the interworkings of mankind. The dynamics of existence and what you are looking at is essentially the three major points of man's life three major purposes that they are out of home where he lives and ministry what he did and Addams family who love you reveled those elements ladies and gentleman. You're not a human being you're not a human being is something else. These three elements are so intrinsic to humanity itself minds who we are and makes us who we are separate these things out of mankind mankind is no longer that which God had created but it's very intentional the Lord God If God was not just interested in creating a man and then having him do what he wanted he wanted to have a special relationship where in all the workings of Adam's life he could be a lord he could be the Lord God you know in my house not the house I live in but where I used to live we had a really messy room. My sister lived there and what she would do she would buy a bunch of stuff or whatever and she would just leave it in that room and the rooms were very messy everything else was fairly clean. Friends would come over. We take them around. We make sure that we move closer a lot. If you go by what's in that room it's of my sisters I mean I want to go on in a girl's room you know want to go. There. Here's the thing though. Oftentimes we do that with guys. We'll let him into certain parts of our lives but we keep other rooms completely away from God You know there's many people who come in and they're like Praise the Lord I'm a Christian I love going to church on Sabbath and then they go home. They're like the devil himself. Who you are at home is the best exposure of your character. You want to know why. Because that's your default mode. That's what you do when there is none of the social pressures around or the pastor's watching. We're not seasons out of school and you have to walk around with your Bible who you are is who you are when you are the last kick off your shoes. Nobody's there no pastor no church member that relaxing. If you did go actually when I was preaching on the Bible camp I took a different kind of illustration took off my shoes and there were holes in my thought and it was on T.V. I had people talk to me later on offering to buy me new pairs of socks difficult being a preacher sometimes. But here's the thing ladies and gentlemen don't miss this point where God wants to be Lord first. Is your home you know Sammy this is the first place God wants to start. If you think you can be a Christian only when you're around a lot of people or when you're at church you are dead wrong because who you are at home will eventually come out and this is the place God wants us to start is our home where our relationships are most basic Where who we are where we are most vulnerable where when we're tired and things come out of our mouth that shouldn't that's who we are vulnerable. When we don't feel like doing this and my mind begins to head in a certain direction and we're just tired and we want to watch T.V. what we watch is what we are at home. Don was wanting to be not just a Creator who made it he wanted to step in to Adam's whole life as well. Thievin told Adam guard this whole guard this whole the second thing we wanted to be part of what Adam's ministry that could be your work your career anyway which you are impacting the lives of people God wanted to be part of that as well. It wasn't just to be categorized for that and then Adam go do what he wanted. God wanted to step into that part of Adam's life and regulate what Adam did and give him instruction and show him how to fix these. He didn't just want to be god of Adam's life. He wanted to be the Lord God of Adam's life which mean every room in Adam's house had to be open for God to go in. But ladies and gentlemen the great thing about God is he will not expose you. He will not expose you his job is not or is desirous not to embarrass you because your weaknesses or your faults. He's not playing well you need to talk to the pastor because the whole church needs to know about this. God is very kind and understanding of who you are personally and your personal weaknesses. But that's why it's very important to expose that to God to share that with God so that he can help you with these things. If we miss this point please and gentlemen we are going to destroy our witness and our own happiness. Eventual the third thing was Adam what are you telling me God wants to be part of my family life. How many people in Europe family raise your hand if you didn't all raise your hand. I just apologize to you on behalf of the series. Church you're part of the family. But everyone here is here because a family you don't just pop into existence right. Everyone is here because of a family. You see how Genesis chapter two and it ends in perhaps one of the greatest impact or influences in Adam's life his family specifically his wife and what he did if he wanted to be part of Adam's marriage he didn't just want to be a god and said All right you guys didn't do your thing. I'm over here. He wanted to be the Lord God In other words somebody who was stepping into the center of Adam's marriage God is not just interested in being on the sidelines ladies and gentlemen. He wants to be part of every area of your life and the parts you do not let him be a part of will eventually destroy everything else sooner or later. It's a matter of time. We need to let God in every part of our lives and we don't need to be afraid he's going to call us to be some missionary in some third world country where we're being chased by some natives God is wanting to be part of our life and bless us heal us. Some look past rooms some have rooms in our house where there are a lot of her and paying and God wants to go inside those rooms to clean them out. So we have room for the devils themselves are living in there and they're not leaving after they were invited then originally Jesus wants to come into those rooms and he wants to be the lord of that house. God wants to enter into a very special relationship with every single person here. But that relationship requires you being willing to open every room of your life whether that be your work whether that be your home whether that be your relationship whatever. Do in your personal life. Being willing to let God come in and be Lord. And he's very gentle. He won't force him when the self in there. He will come in knocking and when you open the door he knows what he's doing who come in very kind loving places hands on you and says I understand what's going on here but I can help. We don't have to be afraid of Jesus. Ladies and gentlemen he's tender and compassionate with our weaknesses. But the goal is to let him come into every single room whether it be or work whether it be our school whether it be a ministry whether P R family letting Jesus come in and being the lord god that's special covenant relationship which makes it so distinct from animals or plant life organic material allowing God that access you know we call this love story in the Bible. God wants to be the Lord God part of your relationship. Amen. The Lord God in your relationships you know marriage is a very special thing and immense and we can only address one part here tonight. Maybe in future sermons will direct the other two. But when it comes to your marriage life the scriptures have much to say and sort of going to some self-help books right away. We should see what the Word of God teaches about the fundamental principles of making your marriage is happy and allowing Jesus to be the Lord God take your Bible go to the book of a fusion chapter five. There's something that is addressed to husbands and to wives. You may not be a husband or wife but you may be one in the future. Or maybe you want one in the past. Either way you can share this knowledge with somebody else if even tempered five year they're going to say amen. A man. Rationed vision. Chapter five eleven season chapter three because it deals with a lot of the the principles of deep hole the love and then what you see in chapter four and Chapter five is how that love is a political to the family. Take a look at Chapter five starting with verse twenty five. Husband who's Paul speaking to husband how many husbands we have you raise your hand. All right you're up first for the shooting line. OK husband what's the next word. Love your what. Why I asked Christ love the church and gave himself a former. What is Paul's instruction to husbands to primarily do in their relationship. Love. Now what is the analogy or the comparison what does he compare that love to so we understand what that kind of love God is calling us to do very good. But what if the husbands love your wives just as Christ also loved the church and gave himself for what. So what is the first principle were introduced about the way that husband should love their wives. It should be a sacrificial unconditional kind of law. Now go to the very end of chapter five but a verse thirty three nevertheless let each one of you in particular so love his own wife as himself and let the wives see that she what rust specks. Now what are wives called to do you know what I know is Paul didn't give an analogy there is probably wise to do that. But notice this why I am so given a very special kind of principle in the way they are to conduct their relationship with their husbands which is to what respect now. If you question our husbands supposed to respect their wives yes or no. No the Bible says to love her of course you are right. Our wives also love their of this husband husbands wives husbands but there's also do post a poll hones in on love and respect you know I was doing some research on the thing that's so interesting about this. And one writer put it this way he said it so brilliantly he said this. The reasons why husbands are told to love their wives is because they're not loving their wives or they not when they don't receive them for the for when they are not receiving respect from their wives. They stop loving their wife and when wives stop receiving love from their husbands they start disrespecting and we know couples like that right. Let me just say from the as a pastor Sometimes couples will come and talk to me and I have these kinds of these are what I call the most awkward moment to come into like Pastor We just want to talk you go out to eat what is good to even get some food and some like that. And we're just talking Have a good time I feel like a fifth wheel but we're talking and we're there and all of a sudden something will take place right between the husband and wife and it's almost this moment where you're just like I don't know what to do I need to leave it there go something like this does talking and he's like Yeah my wife a little bit crazy. And the wife says What did you just say. And the husband says I'm not going to worry about it. And she then said No I am going to worry about it and you're sitting there you're just like this is an awkward moment right now and they just start staring at each other you know what I'm talking about anyway has also I can dance happy in front of you before. Try being a pastor all the time. Those moments I'm just like I need to leave you guys alone. But here's the thing we need to understand something. Paul here is pointing in honing in on something and that is this that husbands need to love their wives as Christ loved the word love implies a kind of nourishing Paul even said love your wife as you love your body and nourish your body your tender with your body you take care of your body. You don't just say well here's my body and I'm just one month into this podium you don't mistreat your body right. You take care of your body you shower hopefully you eat when you're tired you like to give your body sleep. You make sure there's clean clothes on your body right. If you're right what do you do to your body. You put a Band-Aid on it. Band-Aid on it right. Some things where you can gentlemen you take care of your body well and so what Paul is teaching men is you need to learn to become more encouraging and affirming of your wives and then Paul and then on the women in what he begins to teach him about respect is to help men under let men know that they are appreciated they are loved and they're doing an awesome job because one thing men are really sensitive to is not so much when they're being unloved but when they're being disrespected you know I'm talking about men fame and if you know what I'm talking about. And it works both ways doesn't it. In order to allow the Lord God to be the Lord God in your relationship you need to ask yourself Have I been abiding by these principles in my marriage relationship or has it started to become toxic where I rather be on a roof top than deal with a contentious woman. Ladies and gentlemen we're called to examine these things because God wants to be part of your marriage relationship and bless and I know there's been many kinds of factors in people's relay. Things that most people don't even know about. I get that part. I get the part that there may be hurt from long ago there might have been a doctor in the past I get those things but that's the past today is a new day and if you believe this is the way God wants us to be together we're not talking about abusive relationships ladies and gentlemen that take place between marriage couple married couples we're talking about two people who are married and struggling with each other a little don't like this right here he says so. Well this is like the best advice those difficulties perplexities and discouragements may arise. Let me either a husband or wife harbor the thought that their union is a what is a what is a mistake. I guess he wasn't the man I was supposed to marry. Don't harbor those kinds of thoughts. This is practical advice if you're married. Again we're not talking about abuse or other kinds of actors we're talking about people struggling trying to understand their marriage how can the best work by God don't starting example of this was a mistake it shouldn't happen in might have been a mistake but you're in there now and then and you've got to work through this situation now. But what he says right here that neither husband or wife part of the thought that their union is a mistake or a disappointment not just a mistake now is the disappointment of this is the sad area of my life. When I go to my house that's when the sun is eclipsed by the moon or the clouds or over my house no no no you are not to think of your marriage as a place of disappointment. You need to take out both perspectives. Then look what she says very super practical determined to be all that is possible to be to each other and I love this phrase right here. Continue the early What do you know what that means. OK some man please tell me what that means. Did say I don't want to come with me. Pretend you're still dating. Yes Yes OK. See how you won Benita. You think of all we heard. OK Very good. Now I want to husband to go back to the time we first rate. I plan your wife and that time where you were trying to gain her affection like a peacock your male peacock is spreading out your feathers. What is something you did to win her heart on a call famille out right now Mario Bros. What did you do to win your wife's heart. You made her card you drew pictures. How old were you how twenty to call you out miles into one of my elders. Does he still do that for you. Well you know you know what you need to work on right. OK with the Crandall. But you know you want to memorize your name and way but I'll tell you sometime in the future. OK. Or OK you just pointed right at her. OK Does he still point you like you're all that. He still does operate the Lord. Amen Mario. You need to learn any other male What did you do when you first one. You know why part. Come on I know there are some studs I talk to them. You guys do. All right Frank a Barry White Album and a big seas can be hard. The biggest time. When's the last time you did that for your wife. Joe what did you do to win your why are you not playing games with her right. So how do you feel. You're really enjoyed you really communicate that you love being around her. Michael does he still do that. Oh Ryan Lanza what did you do when your wife part is shared with no one. OK And that was it for you while you were playing right now. BIG FOR YOU were big for her for you. OK What did you do to win your why part though the no when you got an example right here in you still do that and that's not because let's go back to that right there. Continue the early attention and why this is extremely important when your husband tries to do the things right to put in some old Marine outfit that doesn't fit him anymore he comes the with roads if you don't disrespect the men laugh at him you know what I mean. He shows up in some ancient convertible and says Let's go out to all of God and whatever. Don't just laugh at him. He's attempting to do something. Women Amen amen. Now would you love for your husband to continue the early attention. That doesn't really sound like you guys are interested anymore. Would you love for them to continue the early attention. Amen. She says right here in every way encourage each other in fighting the battles of life. Study No not as this study to advance the happiness love to each other. Let there be mutual love we have to pour parent a kind of toleration kind of an acceptance OK. I know my wife in this stage right now and I have to be tall of all of that. I can't keep trying to correct her problems. Sometimes I just have to sit and walled her. This is super important to understand you know I went and looked up at me and guess what I mean this is a little cartoon and it said there is a book written to understand man and look at the size of the globe pamphlet and then there's a book written to understand women there was like this that's of encyclopedias the greatest thing you can do is not not to listen to me Don't always be quick to give propositional answers to the problem. Sometimes you just have to listen and hold and nurture them. Like how do you know this because I've seen enough people I've observed people I've had wonderful mentors in my life who have displayed this in their own lives and I've seen their marriages be successful inside now let it be me to love me to forbear and then marriage instead of being the end of love will be as it were the very beginning of what I love. Often times we think to ourselves now that the marriage vows we got married when we had kids now this is what marriage is in this is the part where they start telling all the single people you know need to get married. I'm right I'm tentative right now. But she says something so extraordinary that this part doesn't have to be the end. It could actually be the beginning of something that continues to grow more and more in fact when Jesus came to that first wedding do you know what took place. Do you remember what the masterpiece said he said. Normally in weddings people put the best out first and then the worst come out at the end but he says this one different because it was put some good stuff out. And now the best one still coming and that's a principle when you allow the Lord God to step into your relationship. Listen following his ways and his method the method. It ladies and gentlemen is just as important as the message of Christ. Sometimes we buy folks and just say well yeah this is the message of Christ and they're going to get it loose. The Devils went on to communicate in that way wrong. It's distorted if you communicate outside the spirit of Christ they will be at the very beginning of love the warmth of true friendship the love that binds heart to heart. Look at this is a foretaste of the joys of marriage. Ladies and gentlemen our God wants to be part of our relationships. He wants to be part of marriage relationships. He wants the step and he doesn't just want to be a god was created and is not interested in more. He wants to be invited in because your life your relationship will become a powerful witness to this world about the love of God People do not have a visible picture of Christ the only visible picture of Christ is seen in your relationship who you are and what you do you don't look to me. I'm an imperfect man you need to look to Jesus as that standard of righteousness. And as you continue to look at that standard make sure your spouse is there with you. The creator of the universe is more than just a creator. He's a personal God The Lord God wants to be Lord in your life and smooth out those rough edges that are existing but he can only come in if you allow and with one one philosopher said he said this God has made the FACT of freedom. But it's mankind that is given the privilege to commit acts of freedom. When you allow God that choice to come in to be more than just God or some propositional truth but do you allow a personal encounter with Jesus a personal opinion you will see things begin to change and you will find in the end it's not the end but the beginning of a whole new story. How many people love God to be more than just God but Lord God in your life today. Amen let's pray Father in heaven because there's so much to fill soaked in right now Lord we're just praying and asking that we will be still and let the Word of God take. Thank you Father for today and we go out and do those things that we have learned in Jesus name in this media was brought to you by a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more. If you would like to know more about it how do you know you'd like to listen to more sermon W W W How do you work.


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