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Bible's Love Stories- Part 2

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • March 22, 2014
    11:00 AM
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Father in heaven we just thank you again for this time and we pray and ask of the Holy Spirit would be present. Father we are here seeking you Lord we here to seek your face to understand what is the will of God for our lives today. So God as we worship you in spirit and truth. We pray and ask that the Word of God will become living an active in our very experience. For this we pray in the name of Jesus Amen. So we've been talking about some very interesting things and looking for my sermon notes there they go in my pocket there you go. OK I see this is why it's good to memorize Thurman's. You never know when you need to preach one. OK We've been talking about various things that are taking place in our church a day we've been talking about the ministry of serious church and what God is up to. We've talked about various things he is leading our church to experience and participate in and we'll talk a little bit more about that as well. I'm a little bit later on we do have some very special news for you. I even got another confirmation of this and we're trusting God day by day on this experience and that is this we have found a church in Patterson that has agreed to allow us to rent their facilities and starting in the end at the end of May We will begin the Patterson Seventh Day Adventist Church. Amen. And that's going to require a lot of hard work and that means we're going to need missionaries from this church. We're going to go over there and take up a ministry there to take up the mantle of ministry there and so this is going to be a very exciting experience something we're all going to be able to participate in some way. But ladies and gentlemen now is the time that God is wanting to have some kind of memorial in every city that's count. Actually those words a memorial in every city. I believe that Paterson New think about it. There are over twenty thousand people there today where About the closest Adventist Church which is about twenty five to thirty minutes away. They just opened up a gigantic Amazon warehouse. It's also a bedroom city for people who live in the Bay Area. There are a lot of things that are happening in that area and we really believe that God is opening the doors over there. And day by day we're following him in this and we're trying to understand what is Will. But we have secured a location. In fact the pastor e-mailed me this morning starting at the very end of May is when we will begin services there. For a while there maybe some of us will be over there during Sabbath morning. I'll be preaching back and forth as well as Pastor Ted and some other individuals as well. We really want God to be leading this endeavor. Right. And we really believe that God is going to put feel the Gospel commission and every time a full is one a church is set up. We are one step closer to the second coming right. So this is something to be prayerful about we'll talk a little bit more later on about this. But I just want to put that bug in your ear and get excited about what's taking place. All right ladies and gentlemen we've been talking about love stories in the Bible. In fact when I was in Loma Linda I was really praying about the noon meetings. I did the new names that model in the university campus. And last year they told me only about fifty students came out and so I was really praying about this and I was like God what do you want me to talk about. I felt very impressed to talk about love stories in the Bible. Now just think about this OK. You have a lot of college students there. We had over two hundred fifty people show up every single day that we had these meetings all glory to God right. And they're very excited to learn biblical principles about relationships. You had Ph D. students and the students dental students you name everything across the spectrum. But the most. More Thing was that many people were just really surprised and shocked that the Bible actually had some principles about relationships about romance. And that's this is very important. None of us here have a perfect relationship. Amen. In fact there's only one perfect relationship that exists in the Bible only one and that is Jesus and his father. All of the relationships that exist in the Bible are imperfect because you're dealing with sinful men. And so when you are trying to understand romantic principles in the scriptures we need to understand that we're never going to find the exact formula but it is something we need to strive for and rise to head towards that direction can you say amen to that. And so we're trying to understand biblical relationship principles. We're trying to understand what is God up to in these times. It's amazing ladies and gentlemen when we look back in Scripture we begin to notice something very startling. You know when I was speaking before of several of the students I described something that as I was describing I was really shocked even say it but I knew the Spirit of God was impressing me. When you read about the people that existed before the flood the Bible says there's not too much about them except that every thought of their heart was wicked violence filled the world. Probably the reason why less is said is probably communicating that there was so much evil going on it's better just to say little. But as I began studying the chapter that was about the people who were destroyed by this what what really shocked me was that the Bible points out the greatest sin was not the generation that was destroyed or being committed by the generation that was destroyed the greater sin was caused by the generation that existed prior. And when you actually read the generations that existed prior to this. Then the sons of God went into the what Daughters of the earth. In other words the Bible was actually describing the generations that existed prior to the generation that had to be destroyed but I was pointing out it was this mixture that was taken place that eventually what it produced is kind of dangerous off spring in fact when you read about the early church after Christ left. It was when the early church begin to Mary the world that one of the most dangerous institutions this world has ever seen was set up modern over one hundred million Christians. So as we begin to understand these principles we need to realize wait a minute there's more at stake than just our mere happiness. The future is at stake and this is why God wants us to understand what the Bible is actually teaching about these things because he wants us to be ready for what's taken place. Now we're going to be looking at today is something very unusual something as you begin to see the various verses of just about five or six verses here. I put him up there for you know we have to just you know keep trying to find the me back I would actually rather you try to find them but I want you to pay attention to that because you're going to see a progression. You can see a kind of growth take place with this godly couple and when I was freaking out Loma Linda University I call this the Bible's most powerful evangelistic couple in the New Testament. And what we're going to be learning about is two special people by the name of a quill and pursue. You know when you read the book of Acts the book of Acts you just look at it and it's just this amazing book about you know church growth. It's an amazing book about evangelism. It's an amazing book about how God set up this powerful movement that would end up changing the world. And what were things surface level or these things. But when you actually read the book of Acts you see the inner workings that produce those kinds of effects. And part of the inner workings. That produce that kind of effect that had that powerful influence. What various individuals who begin to show up on the scene to go look at what the scriptures are teaching here and actually operating starting with verse one after these things Paul departed from Athens and went to where Corinth and he found a third and June name to Quilla born in pointis who had recently come from Italy with his wife to Priscilla. Now notice because Claudius had commanded all the Jews to the park for a moment back I would really want scholarly report about this. One of the reasons why this emperor had kicked out all these Jews and all these other Christians because they begin to preach about Jesus. In fact the report said because at the instigation of one called Chris this he removed all these people from that area. So Quillan Purcel just think about this. They had been living in this area for some time. This couple there's not too much that said about them. They've been living there for some time and they set up their business probably having maybe have a house maybe some kind of family we're not sure but it apparently had put some roots down and something unusual to the way they were then kicked out of that area and then begins providential working you know oftentimes when you're reading the scripture it's winter I actually thrived. It's when tribulation happened. The next step is a very remarkable step that takes place by God when you read the story of Ruth and Boaz the story of Ruth farts off with great tragedy but then it ends up in this very beautiful picture. Not that God caused the tragedy but he brought great good out of it when you read the book of Job the same thing. So in this situation is something very inconvenient happens to a quill imprint villa for some reason they're forced to move in this area and as they begin this journey look what the Bible says next and he came to them. So because keep talking about Paul was of the same race. He stayed with them and work and for all. Two patients they were by work. Ken Baker So Quillan perso had to leave because some crazy thing took place and you can imagine probably wasn't the best of times. But as they were in that particular area Paul the Apostle begins to show up and he begins to talk to them and we don't know what kind of conversation takes place but what we do understand is this that apparently they decided to take him in and he wasn't lazy about you know his day and as this couple begins to bring him into their house they begin to all work together in this strain. OK now you're going to see something amazing in this study I promise you this but there can be something mind blowing. But as a quill and pursue a welcome part into their house number that discussion what characteristic were they displaying right here. Oh that's easy right now. Can someone please define what hospitality is it's the old testament people do right. What is hospitality. Sharing with people what you have OK Anybody else does raise your hand. What is hospitality giving of yourself. Yes making people feel at home. Right. Who do not feel at home right because of circumstances but notice this these this couple right here but this is just characteristic of hospitality. In fact you know what is so interesting I was doing that and I'm a logical research study on the word hospitality. It's the word hospital the word hospital comes out of the word hospitality. What happens at a hospital ladies and gentlemen. People are being thick there but guess what. It doesn't stop right there. The word hospitality also has the root word hostile in it in other words what this word represent a word you would take strangers or even enemies and you would take care of them and so when you want to read about a clue and pursue a not not just about their interaction or what was previously talked about but apparently they thought. Somebody who needed help. He was involved in this unit that hey we want you to join up that will take care of you will work with you and this is my one when you begin to see something positive that they displayed that eventually led to marvelous things that would take place in the future. When you read the Old Testament hospitality was one of the primary characteristics. In fact there was a movie that just came out I was also reading the book called Lone Survivor and it made her book A lone survivor. It's a very interesting book. It's a true story happened several years ago and it's the story of SEAL Team ten SEAL team ten had gone in to do some reconnaissance on this Taliban leader in the Hindu Kush area of Afghanistan and as they were there they were scoping out the Taleban camp and I was never there on that now on top looking with binoculars high powered scope. All of a sudden a go on her and his son showed up who happened to be in the area and it's always just didn't know what to do. The SEAL team just immediately jumped on then tied them up. We're wondering why in the world do we do with this cult murder and his son. If we let them go they're going to raise now and tell the Taliban they're going to come back and they're going to kill us. They don't know what to do. Other option was to kill them and so they're really weighing this out and debating the whole case. But eventually they made the decision they were going to let them go and they were going to raise them that you know if they could get out of there and so that's what they did. And sure enough the daughter and son ran down toward the Taliban camps and all of a sudden twenty and thirty a surgeon were on their trail. They tracked him there was a firefight killed off every one of the SEAL team members except one person. Marcus Woodrow injured in the firefight. And as he was making his way trying to escape from all the polygon to do if you take a forty seven he continued to move and they were tracking him. Trying to kill him to story and eventually became a pawn in Afghanistan. Kim he did Kim and that these there are these men who show up at the entrance. These elders don't know what to do but they begin to do. They begin to recall something that was very present in their tradition and this was it. Pashtun or Pashtunwali which was a more than a thousand year old tradition that if someone comes to your camp in need you will sacrifice life and resources to protect and you know what this tribe did they welcome this injured soldier begin to nurse him and they begin to actually send out a sent somebody out to the American base was so remarkable about that is the Taleban begin to approach the camp in the elders said you better give us this soldier we're going to kill you. And he's Afghanistan's I mean they could have just said hey we're going to get rid of you would just let this American soldier go or let him be killed. But because of this tradition of hospitality and protecting somebody who was in need they risk their own life. Let me tell you today that camp is still being threatened by the Taleban. The American soldier was able to get some help. They kept him there for several days and finally the air forces came in and they rescued that soldier. But it's so interesting to see even in these ancient cultures that are still existing This powerful characteristic of hospitality is still present. Now when we're thinking about our own spiritual experience and we're thinking about our families let's ask ourselves the question wait a minute is hospitality part of our spiritual experience. Well how many times has the pastor been invited to your house. Now you may say Pastor you should just show up whenever you are you know you feel like it but here's the thing I'm just joking with you about that but I want you to understand some. If he were really good about inviting the well known people in the church. What about the people who are not so well known. Ladies and gentlemen go on wants us to understand something about a quill in pursuing this powerful couple. As much as they are little as they knew about Christ whatever their experience what they decide to let Paul become part of this experience but I want you to see the next stage of their growth is is a very remarkable right here as they brought Paul into their experience but what the Bible says next accept it in verse eighteen. So Paul still remained a good while then he took leave of the brother and SIL for Syria now watch his next step in their growth and Priscilla and a quill or what. Ladies and gentlemen what's in a quo and person would decide to do this godly couple they decided they were going to follow Him In other words you know what began to happen in their new experience. They decided they were going to start praying about the will of God and told where God was reading them. Ladies and gentlemen one of the great things we need to understand about having godly relationships or got to be part of a godly couple is to be able to pray together about where God is leading us and we understand this principle. We begin to see wait a minute this was present and pursue And Quil are there were individuals who began to follow the Spirit of God God and you know we're told so many things about situations that are going to happen at the end of time and many people who refuse to leave their houses and homes when tragedy when you know all sorts of things begin to take place in Bible prophecy and people who refuse to leave their homes who don't know how to listen to the voice of God will be caught in big trouble. That's what God teaches us today that look OK today you need to learn to follow the will of God together and of Quilliam persona both make this decision by the way you will never see them in Scripture apart from one another. They're always together a quill and pursue a quill and Brazil will enforce the law. Well imports that were white because they were a team they were a powerful team and where one went the other way. And so in this next stage of their experience they begin to pray about God's will and they realize that it was to follow Paul and as Paul began to make his missionary journey this couple realized hey we need to do the will of God You know we've been talking about church planting we've been talking about this church it's going to be set up Lord willing in about twenty thirty minutes from here. But as I said to you earlier it's going to require missionary couple's missionary families people who are willing to say you know what. I may live in theory I may live in Modesto but I believe God is calling me to be a Missionary Baptist Church plan if I actually have our banner that we're going to be setting up called the Patterson discover live Seventh Day Adventist Church this is going to be a character a small church going to start off not despise the day of the beginning but it's going to be one where we're going to have to step in. There are no tradition no roots that are there but we'll have to come in with a Biblical framework Spirit led and we're going to have to build this thing from ground up and this is going to require a visionary. It doesn't mean you can come to theories anymore but it does mean that God is calling you to be committed to this and this is something you need to start praying about. Laura are you calling me to be part of this church where that's going to take place in Paterson. This is extremely important because this is the time we need to start praying. You know one of the most beautiful powerful pictures you see of godliness in people is when both the husband and wife will come together. And whenever a decision needs to be made they say we'll pray about it you know so interesting I go to my friend Andrew's house he was in Hanford I usually stop at his house on the way down to southern California. On the way back up. And sometimes we'll go do things and I remember them I called him up and he was like I was like Hey can we go do this and he's like yeah hold on think it would be to ask my wife and I chuckled I was like and I was like you know but anyway what he said was like when we go talk to my wife. OK And you go talk to his wife and you might begin to realize about this couple. Any time a major decision needs to be made or something that would require them to be apart for a period of time then make the decision together prayerfully you know what I mean. So we were thinking about like bigger decisions of course we need to be prayerful about it we need to understand where the Spirit of God is leading us because where he is leading us to he is calling us to that end to be a part of that ministry and to be part of that experience. God have blessings in store but if we're not open to the Spirit of God If we're not willing to pray together in our relationship ladies and gentlemen we will miss what God is up to and miss the powerful blessings that he has in store. Now watch the something that begins to take place in the growth of a quill and parts that were this powerful evangelistic couple. Now sir and you named of Paul of Born in Alexandria in eloquent man mighty in the Scriptures came to emphasis now it's a little bit a Bible study and thought what was Alexandra known for the moment it was known for the library right that was also destroyed Alexander's library it was a place of learning and education. People came from there were philosophers they were academics they were scholars Apollos was somebody who came from that region. One of those the Bible say about a hollow he was a what he was an eloquent person other words when he spoke he knew how to speak in such a way that people heard him it was like when that guy is speaking we're listening. Well the Bible says mighty in this. This man understood the Old Testament so well the mileage he said he was mighty in it. Power for can you imagine trying to witness to a guy like this someone who speaks better than you who knows more than you. Someone who has a background in education and learning. We'll see what happens next. This man had been instructed in the way of the Lord and being fervent in spirit he spoke and taught accurately the things of the Lord though he knew only the baptism of John. So he began to speak boldly in the synagogue. This man who had the experience with John the Baptist had partial truth and asked me was there and he began to speak. All of a sudden the Bible said something interesting about a quill in particular when a girl and Priscilla heard him they took him aside and explained to him the way of God More accurately. Ladies and gentlemen I want you to see what happens next in their growth. Number one they allowed Paul to become part of their experience. Number two they begin to call the Spirit of God And number three they begin to witness and minister together. You know oftentimes we think to ourselves smart people can only win from our people. Intelligent people can only win intelligent people but what you discover in this particular circumstance is this for a man like appalls who by the way became one of the most powerful evangelists powerful workers in all of the New Testament. The way he was one was not by so much argument or reason. It was by the loving example of a godly couple. Ladies and gentlemen this is remarkable when you begin to understand this concept. You know as I said before it was just like we really think oh yeah you got to be educated you got to be intelligent you got to be smart to reach out to people. You are wrong about that. Much of the New Testament teaches that this idea that the disciples were untrained and I dictated. But because they had an experience with Jesus they were able to share powerfully in had effect. It was so funny. You have people who have never had any theological training in our church that are winning thousands of people and then you have the theologians in our church that can get out of the class and who are winning a single soul. And it's not because God is saying don't be educated but because God is trying to and teaches the lesson that education needs to be prioritized correctly with the Spirit of God involved in that teaching process. Paul is one of the great apostles he had an education background but he had to learn all that you have learned. So in this situation you had a clue and personal or you had this couple who the Bible says very little about but they began to learn under this ministry and when they saw all this powerful eloquent educated man they decided you know what we're going to do we're going to witness to him and so after his sermon they pulled him aside and they said Can we take a seat with you and you know what they begin to do next. They begin to explain the word the way of God More accurately. They begin to finish up the you can say they begin to fill in the holes of all Testament property to him and asked me begin to see and recognize that Jesus was the Messiah the Spirit of God was also convicting him on their godly example you know it's so interesting. There are some men who well I'm going to word this correctly without getting without putting myself in a position of being stoned afterwards there are some men who when somebody else talks to them they really aren't listening. But when you have someone with a motherly voice began to speak all of a sudden they listen you know that's the way I grew up when you had someone who was a strong female you know leader and she spoke it was like This is the time I don't talk anymore. So there are some unusual dynamics that take place between the male and female gender in conversation even in Bible study. It's remarkable to see when both the husband and wife are sharing something with somebody. There is this sort of multiple wrong effect that that person is having not just on the intellectual side but also the emotional side. And someone like Apollos this mighty man of Scripture was actually converted by the holy couple not because of their great knowledge but because of their experience with God and because of their character. So here we begin to understand something about this powerful evangelist a couple we understand number one they were hospitable to Paul. They combined with Paul separates Number two we begin to understand they begin to follow the Spirit of God as he was leading them. And number three it doesn't say Paul was involved in this process. It's simply to get this couple said you know what we're going to do we're going to reach out together and a clue in particular this power team began to do ministry together and as they did it even someone who had that background that we might think would be anti-Christian what convicted of the truth. Ladies and gentlemen the both powerful arguments on behalf of Christianity is a loving and lovable Christian Amen. But just imagine two loving and lovable Christians. Can you imagine the power that has on this world you know this world is full of broken relationships is full of fractured families and when you are sharing the gospel together part of a family an organic unit you will be surprised at the great effects that take place because of that ministry. Now you may think to yourself Well my husband does all the talking and I do all the praying that may be the case but I believe God is calling us to really examine this and say OK wait a minute how can we both Minister in such a way. This person knows that Jesus. Absolutely love them. Amen. So here we are we begin to understand something. Number one the allowed Paul to come into the ministry. Number two they began to evolve the Spirit of God. Number three they began to do outreach. They began to minister. But here is where you begin to see even more growth take place in the life of the godly couple This is amazing ladies and gentlemen. Little Paul says at the end of Romans Chapter sixteen birth grief grief or so and of course and I want to my fellow worker in Christ Jesus who risk their own necks for my WHAT LIFE. Now you see this growth that is happening with the holy couple they go from stage to page to page. Now they're like Paul to even call some of my fellow workers this is not what he's just witnessing to these people that are on my level. This couple and then he says this. They risked their own neck for my life which then begins to reveal to us another powerful characteristic that began to grow in that couple and that was it. Courage this couple a quill and Purcell were always together the tag team began to grow in their character. They begin to become more courageous and they begin to reach out together and they would do things as a light risk of their own life. Can you say mentor that you see what is happening in the growth of this marvelous team. But ladies and gentlemen doesn't just stop there. This is powerful right here for twenty and sixteen verse nine. The churches of Asia greet you a clue and Brazil agree to Hartley in the on board now watch it with the church that is and then what are you seeing the growth yes or no. They're going from stage to stage to stage to stage to stage to stage. And now you know what this couple is doing they have a home they said. You know what we set up at home. We've been doing tech became for a while. You know we're going to do what they're told. We're going to start inviting people over to worship here. There are home became a church and this is all part of their spiritual growth process. God Here is exposing something to us that helped make the book of the early turns a successful trip and that was part of it was this godly couple they decided that their home this place they had was going to be a place that when people came by they would feel close to God that when people came by they would be able to share the word of God Sabbath afternoon come on over and they would make their home a thank you worry for weary soul. Ladies and gentlemen what's your home like how is your house. Is it just four walls bedrooms or it actually or is it actually a sanctuary for souls that need Jesus a quill and pursue a reach this point this powerful experience where their very home became a veritable Garden of Eden experience I have friends who have so consecrated their house to God oh so pray that when you go into that home it's as if you are coming into the presence of angels. It's just amazing it's just an amazing experience. Now somebody may say Here wait a minute. They say Pastor I'm single not me you you may be saying your thing or you're like how does this even apply debate they're going to say two things number one. Better to be a single person you want to be married and be a married person who wants to be single. I share more a man's that. And number two is gone is presenting to you the ideal that he can spirit help you attain. God doesn't just set up these things or good luck for your bets on your best daughter when he presents these things with this purpose that he wants to help you reach that ideal. And so what you find out about this early Church is that they begin to do this thing and they even don't with all these things that this couple did. You can still do in another spectrum as a single person and back take a look at my house right here. I live in a shack and you know I do every Friday this is only one half of the room and they have there's other people every Friday night. I think my place a place for young adults to come and to learn more about the Bible and we have a dinner and it's up the sanctuary especially Friday night. And so when people are tired and worn out from the week they can come to this place and we have this Bible study and the Spirit of God leave them let me tell you something this has probably been a problem I want to my most effective ministry I've ever done one ally because from that powerful Bible Study Bible workers have come out. Pastors have come out evangelists have come out and it's not because of me it's because I began to open up my house and as I said before I rent a shack. OK There's nothing comparable about this place as the young adults have no more sitting on the ground. But because we have made this a sanctuary a place a church where people will come to raise and gentlemen the Spirit of God is working. We've got to ask ourselves this question wait a minute is my home a church is a place where people feel the love of Jesus is a place where people understand God more and know that they have a place for their weary soul. God is calling up to understand this and by the way I'm going to say this right now. There are times coming and we can already see them off in the distance where the laws of man will come into contradiction with the laws of God and if you think this building is going to stand during those times you need to think again. The churches that we have now set up will be reduced to hold churches there will be no this place where we have people coming up and you know hey let's sing something today ladies and gentlemen you're going to find that her kids will be at home going to houses and that's the way the early church started. It's the way the early Adventist Church started and it will be the way of the early church and God wants us to recognize this and this is why our home needs to be they need to be sanctuaries places where God wants to draw and I feel impressed to say this too. And if there's unholy things in that whole God is calling us. He is calling us to remove those things right. We need to start praying and say God I have a desire for this but I know you don't want me to have it and I just want to be honest with you I need your help to help me to remove this. Amen and when you do that leads and gentlemen your house will be a place where and love to do well that's what God wants to do with every family with every hole and it's so remarkable because when you see a Roman sixteen verse three says it's a great personal and of Quilla my fellow workers you know what's so interesting about that for a fellow worker the Greek word of the word soon abroad which means well if we pull out the English word synergy synergy what is synergy synergy is that you could say the sum total of combined unit. That's it. Now that greater efficiency or greater output than that of individual efforts the Bimal here is teaching of something so remarkable about a quill and for silver they had synergy and they work so well together it was as if they work as one unit as one unit was greater than that individually. And this is what the Bible is teaching this powerful principles of godly couples in our church and the more we start heading towards this goal the more we will start to think that people who come from broken lives and broken families and broken backgrounds they will come and they will find the love of Jesus in this place they will find that here because they realize this is where I need to be lazy and don't think God is calling us to start reexamining the things you know when I was going through all these phases that acquittal and Brazil were going through it was amazing. I broke that down in about seven phases right here are seven categories that they actually experience intimacy and trial giving work purpose ministry growth and hold both the quill and persona. We're united in every category. When they were strung out they were united in that trial when there was purpose. They were united in that purpose when they came to give even to Paul they were united in that purpose. When he came to ministry they were united in that purpose. When it came to their own spiritual growth they were united in that purpose. And when it came to their home life they were united in that purpose and God was able to do powerful things through them that one of the greatest evangelists posts was one that a church was set up multiple things took place in the book of Acts because of this lovely couple who together decided that they were going to serve God and follow is God. Ladies and gentlemen God is calling us to start really thinking and praying about this just asking ourselves the question wait a minute is my relationship with my spouse the same. What can we start doing. God is calling us with the very first step and that is prayer. Spend time praying together spend time worshipping God and start examining your heart. Ladies and gentlemen God wants to give you happiness. He wants to give you happiness. And the happiest couples are those who are serving the Lord together. Amen. You know who always to me is one of the most powerful couples in our church and glory to them I really love Chris and Shane of Amen. Every time you see them What are they doing this my way and it's not fake it's real. And by the way every time I ask Chris to do some kind of ministry you know when he says to me people I need to go up my wife. That's what he always said to me and I love it you wonder why. Because that's an example a man who says that he's on the cheek right now that just made you the most popular couple in our church right now. But you know what it's communicating it's communicating a picture of a beautiful picture of God on Earth and a world that has lost its love even the Bible says Matthew twenty four the love of many will grow cold. The world is a yearning for true love for Biblical love all the love for a love that Jesus Himself came to reveal and it can be revealed in your experience regardless of your background. God wants to introduce it and to people who are willing and open to the Spirit of God if they follow God with their whole heart they will see God do amazing things. This is what God wants to do amen. This is what God wants to do. Ladies and gentlemen God is calling us today to start praying to start really thinking about this to our asking ourselves Lord where am I at with you in this sin broke. The first couple on their relationship but God came to restore in man the image of God that was life. If you've been convicted if you've been thinking to yourself Lord how can I do this in my experience and why chew tobacco your heads with me as we pray and ask God to reproduce this experience and Father in heaven. There are so many versions of love in the world today but God you are calling us to behold you and I think you that the Spirit of God was present in a quill and Priscilla this lonely couple these unsung heroes that were part of the backbone of the early church only prayed their experience would be our experience. I pray for godly couples here Lord I paper couples who desire to be Godly that they would submit themselves to the Spirit of God began to pray Lord what is the I will propose God I know you've been longing to be sent here the still for this we pray in the name to the media it was brought to you by a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more. If you would like to know more about how do you first go if you would like to leave the W W W R U dot org.


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