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Bible's Love Stories- Part 3

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • March 29, 2014
    11:00 AM
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Father in heaven we just thank you again for this special time. And Lord our hearts desire is that today you would bless a refresher. God I know that it is in your heart to bless your people. Or do you want to pour a cure favor upon us that we pray that our heart will be receptive to God to what you want to do. Thank you so much for this communion experience thank you for the Word of God. Thank you Lord that this isn't a drudgery but this is a wonderful privilege you have given to your people. Thank you in Jesus name Amen. A right name of the servant called the final love story the final love story now we're not going to be talking about the final love story that's what eternity is all about. But this is the final love story of the series that we have been doing a love story in the Bible love stories in the Bible. I hope you have your Bibles because we're going to be needing them today you know I was listening to the Sabbath school and I really appreciate our Sabbath school teachers and they were talking about the race. You often hear about that the Christian race right. You read about it in chapter twelve and the Bible talks about how we're on a race. I have come to the conclusion about something and that is this the Christian right is not a five tape Amen it is not a marathon. Amen. It is not a color run. It is not a Tough Mudder. Amen. The Christian race is comparable with only one kind of runs that I believe comes close to it. Running with the bulls. How many people know what running with the bulls is. OK now current trend that I want you to get mad at me but I'm going to tell you guys something and it's no longer a secret. I have now played. New item on my bucket list I want to run with the bulls in Spain. And I've checked out the day of July for a July sixth to the fourteenth and it is completely free except for the ambulance arrives about fifty people have been killed since the one nine hundred ten. It's not too bad right. They did take two hundred people to the ambulance last year during the bull run but most people actually enjoy that and I was really thinking about the Christian race and I was thinking myself OK you know it's not like a five K. when you're running and you get a little you know ribbon at the end or a medal at the Christian race is a run where one or die right to move forward or perish and I really believe God is calling each and every day to keep making and dances forward for His glory Amen and think God for His justification his righteousness that cover of the earth during those times that we forgot pieces back up and he said keep on going Amen. And that's what I'm excited about because I Believe series is heading in the right direction as you guys know last week we announced the beginning of our Patterson church plant that will take place at the end of May the beginning of June you know that means only two months. As I told you before last week we have secured a church God has blessed us and we're now going to start making preparations. This is going to require missionaries from our church to take up the mantle of ministry and head out over there. It's going to be a small church at first but I believe God is going to grow it. It's going to be a time of reaching out to others. Our first picture of Adventism that we want to the Patterson community is going to be the health message. I've been studying councils out and this is the entering wedge. We want people to know we are there to help them to bless them amen. So if you're thinking about OK what. Adventurer does God want to put me on. I want you to start praying about this OK this is going to require sacrifice. This is going to require bravado some of you may not return back alive. No I'm just getting old. That may be the case. But in a way God is calling us to keep moving forward Amen I believe in the Bible when it says we can hasten the second coming of Jesus and every soul that is one every church that is set up every time the Gospel message is preach. We are one step closer to the second coming Amen and ending this world of sorrow. I wanted to and I want Jesus to come back and take a foeman he's yearning for that same desire right. All right then the sermon is called The Final love story and we've been covering love stories in the Bible. Last week we talked about perhaps the Bible's most powerful evangelistic couple and you've EVER their names. Oh you've got that Carmen a quill and Purcell you've been paying attention and Purcell are right we learned about them and how we saw the process of growth right. They started off connecting with Paul then they began to follow Paul and then they begin to when Apollo's in the Bible said they eventually had a house or a church in their house. God really let this couple in spiritual growth and development and God is calling us into that same kind of experience. Today we're going to be looking at a different kind of love story. OK Now that question if you can keep your answers short. How many men here by the raising of their hand proposed to their wives in a unique way. Raise your hand and a unique way means more than just saying hey honey let's get married. OK one person proposed to the wife in the unit in a unique way. One person. OK Ted really quick. We want you tell us. OK And by the way this is a contest so go ahead tell us how you propose to free Georgia. OK Wonderful Ted is that anybody else. Yes you proposed over the phone. OK. And I guess that's kind of unique sort of OK. She was in military school you going to be separated. Did you speak romantically to we just like you on your knees and beg. OK Tom how about you. How do you propose your wife. Oh wow that bowl your church reputation would have been on the line right there right. All right let's take one more person. Come on David thank you propose a fair and a very unique way. I guess that's unique. Well ladies and gentlemen I've actually had some friends recently on a shared experience. I had some friends recently who invited me to their wedding that coming up and they sent me this week you know the faith people are like very advanced in for a technological. So they have their wedding Web site set up and have the link and they actually recorded the proposal on You Tube and saw was watching this and it was very it's like a fifteen minute proposal and it was all the buildup was what it was and so it started off with the lady driving with her friends she's like why don't we let it dry and then as they were driving in the been here all the suddenly started coming across these signs that were set up. And she was reading those signs in there with a hidden camera in the car. She was reading all these signs and as she was reading the fine she says like. What is this talking about you know the one thing that happened when the most don't not do not know when they're about to be provoked is not like these things normally happen right. But here they are here she was she was drunk with her friends she's reading all these like love notes that were on these giant signs in this been there that they were driving through and all the sudden her friend then pulled into this sort of grassy hill and then she gets out of the car they start walking towards this area and they walk through that area and their fifth symphony band that is playing with violin music and she's walking up and the video the whole thing and she was like you know she's a crying as you walk in and her boyfriend now fiance walked up to her and he began to talk to her and it was all recorded and he took out a little ukulele and began to think that there are very few and then he got on his knees and proposed to her and she was just crying and sobbing. But then you know what was so unique they did something that you don't really hear too much of as soon as the proposal was done he sat her down in the chair and he began to wash her feet they had a communion service right there. Now for most of the world we probably think what in the world is going on. Why is he watching or flee. But for those who understand more about what the Bible is teaching we begin to understand this was actually an intimate experience that Jesus had with his own disciples. Everybody take your Bible Let's go to John Chapter thirteen now I'm going to tell you something right now. I believe John Chapter thirteen starting with verse one and two is going to be birth is that when you read it you're going to sense the presence of angels. There's something so unique about John Chapter thirteen. It's almost been so Arlo as you're reading the first few chapters a few verses of John chapter thirteen. At the same time do you sense there is love there. John Chapter thirteen is recording the last few hours of Jesus's life. The Gospel of John. Half of it is on the the last six months of his life and the last third of it is actually on the last few hours of his life. Out of all the other gospels the book of John with quite different because John decided to focus on perhaps the most vulnerable moment of the life of Christ those moments where love was the most strongest. And so when you're reading John Chapter thirty as you begin to read it it's almost as if the tenor of John's gospel John just changes and as you're reading John Chapter thirteen it's almost as if you're drawn into that scene. Take a look at John Chapter thirteen right here it is amazing when you're reading it. But the Bible says now before the feast of Passover when Jesus knew his hour had come that he should depart from this world to the father having loved his own who are in the world he loved them to be. These verses are quite unique out of the entire Gospel of John. It's almost as if as you're reading it you can sense something that's about to change the life of Christ and the life it was the five course was about to be permanently altered and in these last few moments of Christ life the Bible here records through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. What was actually in the heart and mind of Jesus during that experience. Take a look at what the Bible says right here now. For the feast of the Passover when Jesus knew his hour had come. Throughout the whole Gospel of John he says my hour has not come my hour has not come. But now of the most significant hour had come. Jesus recognized the culmination of Old Testament Old and the New Testament future was converging upon this very time the hour had come that would bring eternity past and eternity future to this very moment. Jesus understood the hour had come the hour where he would be tested the hour where he would feel with sorrow no one has ever felt and no one will ever felt feel to that degree. This is where the heart of God was truly exposed to this world. The Bible says this When Jesus knew his hour had come that he should depart from this world that he having loved his own who were in the world he loved them to the what. To the end that last phrase teaches that in the life of the disciples the time that he had that communion with the disciples doing a half years that he walked with both of my balls regardless of their flaws and their backs Whiting's and their betrayals and even there there are the things that were in their lives. The Bible teaches us that he loved them all the way until his last living breath. It didn't change the love of Christ for His disciples did not change and that love is still available and accessible to each and every one of us today. The Bible tells us he loved them to the end even when he was mostly tray by these the five balls. And here it is in the last few moments of his life and he needs to communicate them. Perhaps one of the best lesson. So he can ever communicate to the stuff I thought this is it. He's sitting down at this table realizing in a few hours everything what's going to change and the lessons he has to communicate had to be such that they would permanently stay with the disciples. Something that would not change and they would it could be completely transformed by this moment as they would begin to reflect upon it later on in life. Then does something unusual but take a look at what John Chapter thirteen this prior to what he what what's about to take place. OK John Chapter thirteen the theme is still being set up. Look at verse two. It's very interesting you see what is in the heart of Jesus right now look at verse two and supper being ended. The devil having already put it into the heart of Judas Iscariot. SIMON SANTOW What. Betray him. Notice this this is an intentional contrast it even says in the Gospel of Luke Chapter twenty two that say and turn into the heart of Judith. Now let me ask you a question. Is Satan on the present is the Omni present can he be everywhere at once. No he cannot. So he being a wise general once cost the most amount of harm based upon his limited president he is going to find a place that is going to inflict the most amount of damage and you know where he goes the Bible tells that he enters into the heart of Judas Judas was supposed to be the treasure of the group. The guy that all the detail of all the money and Judas was somebody who would oftentimes criticize Jesus and the other disciples he would not be changed. And here the Bible sets up the theme to fit here this is what's in the heart of Jesus and the Bible then says this is what was in the. Or to do this same set up a throne in the heart of Judas. Side by side a man that was filled with the Spirit of God and another man that was filled with the spirit of the devil. The Bible is setting up the scene right here. Jesus is before the very end of me who has caused the destruction of this world who has countless angels to rebel. And here in this quiet intimate moment here standing before Judas who is possessed of the devil and he is standing before him and the other disciples and the whole universe is watching this scene can you just imagine it. The players that were there the disciples thought all this is just some normal dinner we're having with Jesus they had no clue what was actually there and the characters that were involved in this in this setting. So while this was all taking place and while the whole universe was observing the thief while the disciples arguing about who's the greater Jesus then does something that is quite unusual. Take your bible it see what happens next. John Chapter thirteen verse three. Jesus knowing that the father had given all things into his hands and he had come from God and was going to God I noticed this roll some supper laid aside his garments took a towel and girded him self first bite after that he poured water into a basin began to wash the disciples and to wipe them with a towel with which he was girded. The Bible then tells us something quite unusual something that we might have heard in another family before. Here Jesus if he's right there sitting with these the five balls there is before Judith who is filled with the spirit of the devil and he's sitting there and all the disciples there he knows what's about to happen the next few hours that if I have no clue anything sums up I know what I'm going to do. He gets up and the Bible says He actually told me. Over to the side. Grrr himself with the towel and then he went over to his base and picked up this basin and begin to pour some water into it and out of these pouring the water into it all the disciples are watching because they understood this was supposed to be the job of the servant the slave. Now what is so interesting about this. The word towel is the Greek word Lente on or lintian. Oftentimes it was used in the Greek language for the Greek culture to describe the towel. A servant or slave would where there's a story a famous story about Kaluga the emperor the Roman emperor who was wanting to really sort of humble his senators. So what he told the senators because there's always in the Roman culture or a conflict between the Roman emperor and the Senate they were constantly battling back and forth and he wanted to humble his senators told them if you were going to meet before me I want you to dress in a Leonti on he made them wear these towels that belonged to the slave and then you know when he made them do he made them watch history because he was trying to show the Roman senator I'm the one in charge and you know would Jesus that Jesus said something quite contradictory to that. He himself takes upon that flames are servants of Mantle and the Bible tells us that he began to wash the feet of these disciples of Jesus here understood that this was the moment that he needed to instruct his disciples about humility about selflessness about setting others before you out of all the lessons he could have taught the disciples about the future about the book of Acts and some names. Struction they will need later on. She decides that a selfless act of service would be the best way to communicate his most strongest powerful permanent lesson to them. And that's when he begins to do. Can you imagine all of heaven watching the scene there watching the king of the universe the King of Kings bowing down before these sinful disciples taking off their sandals and begin to clean their tolls. That's uncomfortable for most people. I never forgot when I had to do a communion service I was visiting a church and you know when you visit a church for a new time first time sometimes you don't you know you don't know anybody and you're just their new thing is the ball well you know one or two I can wash the feet of right and you're kind of embarrassed you don't know how to like ask people so I was visiting the church and it was communion and I was like Hopefully someone will come up and talk to me and so I was there and I was sitting next to this guy. He was new to the church and the pastor was talking about foot washing in the Communion service and that he was talking about it. The man next to me started shaking and I was like Are you OK. And he's like No I'm not. I go what's the big deal and he's like I have never touched the feet of somebody else like that. And I said it's no big deal. And he's like No it is a big deal. I don't want to do that and he was literally literally shaky. He was shaking like he was an older man but he was just trembling. He did not want to do this. But eventually he became convicted and I was like I was like man I can wash your feet. And he's like OK. And literally went like this. We sat down and I was I was you know you've taken off a sock. I took up. Now put his feet into the the basin. He was shaking the guy was shaking and I was just trying to be careful and you know barely touching it you know because I realized it was it was such a traumatic experience for him. He had never done something like that to him. The idea of watching someone's What was almost revolting and disgusting. And so here Jesus is doing that very you know we have problems about like cleaning changing the diapers of little children. And what Jesus is doing in this very experience he is watching the drunk out of the the feet of the disciples he's cleaning it all up and then you are matching what is going to everybody's mind. And as Jesus is humbling himself more and more I think it is stirring up the spirit of Judas by the way do you know Judith was the first disciple to had his feet washed. Peter was one of the last ones John was the last one. But what is so interesting is this when you read the Gospels if you rewind you read the story about how when Mary Magdalene came in to wash the feet of Jesus and Judas this hate this should have been sold and given to the poor could have been used for different cars. What is so interesting about that story. It is then that Judas gets up and he heads over to the fair fees and Sadducees and says I will betray him. That began his betrayal and now here Jesus said you know what I'm going to wash your feet first Judith and after he's washing the feet of a man who was possessed with the devil who is an enemy of the man that's about to cause him being crucified. He's washing the feet of his enemies. An earth knowing full well what is in his mind knowing full well what he is going to do and here he is. He's watching is cleaning his feet giving us this privilege and you can just imagine the heart of Judas being fulfilled over and over and over again as he is seeing the humility of Christ but the same time he was resisting it. Finding it hard thing is hard. Against this you know it's so interesting I was in the study when Jesus went into the synagogue in the book of Mark the first time he went into the synagogue. The There was a demon possessed man who came in the demon possessed man came in and Jesus was casting at the demon and also in the demon says this to him we know who you are. You are Jesus of Nazareth. Now he says that in front of all the Pharisees and Sadducees when you fast forward in the Gospel of Mark another time when Jesus is casting out a demon before a man that was completely destroyed lost his manhood and Jesus is casting up the demon the demon says to him we know who you are you are Jesus son of the most high God. Now I want you to pay attention to the demons are intentionally bringing out a picture that is much different than the picture the people were expecting to the Pharisees and Sadducees the demons were saying this about Jesus. Oh yeah he's from Nazareth. He's too. Oh you don't want to worship this messiah and then hear eons before the demoniac and this time the demons that's all you're supposed to be Jesus son of the most high God what are you doing here next in this bill. The devil tries to present the wrong pictures of who Christ is to us and that's what we need to go back to the Scriptures and that's what we need to go back and study what's been given to us then the light that God has you know and we will see the beauty of Christ again and we will fall deeper and deeper in love. With him. Amen. So in this scene Jesus is watching the feet. The Bible then then gets us to another intimate moment where Peter anticipate the are being watched look what the Scriptures are saying next. This is very remarkable right here. John Chapter thirteen first six. Then he came to Simon Peter and Peter said to him Lord are you watching my feet. He was offended at the humiliation of Christ to him. This was too low. A man like Jesus the teacher the so-called Messiah should not be doing something you know I was there I don't like Peter first but you should know that verse right there should be no excuse. And here you are you're rebuking Jesus but that Jesus is washing the feet of Peter look at the Bible dances next it's remarkable. Jesus answered and said to him for seven what I am doing you do not understand now but you will know after this. Then Peter said to the switches Peter said to him You shall never away. Peterson said to him You shall never wash my feet. Jesus answered and said if I do not want you to notice this if I do not watch you you have no part with me. Jesus told Peter if you're not willing to come here and be reached the point of humiliation where I met you said you do not belong to me and then watch what he says next. Simon Peter said to him Lord not my feet only but also my hands and my head. Peter reckon I swim and I can't lose Jesus they said whatever it takes to watch all of me as well. Ladies and gentlemen that's amazing when you realize as messed up as Peter was. The thought of him brings. Paraded from Jesus really hurt him. And another note for Jesus is next. It's amazing. Jesus said to him he was bathed needs only to wash his feet but is completely clean in other words those who have been baptized for washing is merely as you've heard this before plenty of times what washing is the continuation of what God has done for you and if you have been behaving back the Greek word is different in the other Greek word of wash and wash and he said he was meant to know what he's been baptized in following me right now. And though he may get dirty and there may be the irritations in the sins of this world that may cling to him. This ceremony that I have set up foot washing will continue to clean and not for you to have next. But you are clean but not all of you. Jesus here was pointing out something to these disciples and that was they needed to continue with this foot washing ceremony it was designed to prepare them for the Communion service that was about to take place. He was drawing these the cycles into a very intimate moment and this time of humility was designed to take them away from the cares and the stresses and the anxieties of this world and draw them to the spirit of Heaven itself. The experience of Heaven. Humility is a powerful thing Amen. I had one president put it this way. He stood up before a lot of people is a my greatest strength is my humility. Maybe you missed that the very time you proclaim your humility. You've lost it right. But Jesus here is doing something you know a lot of people may even say they're humble even talk like they do but ultimately it's actions that speak louder than words. Right. Actions speak louder than words I heard a story about Booker T. Washington even in Washington is if you know your history you should write. He was born and raised a slave he became very agitated and eventually again a lot of notoriety and notoriety and became very famous because he was educated and he was really speaking on some social issues. He eventually became head of Tuskegee University and while he was walking down the street one day this famous educated man who is now well known in that area in that community he was walking down the street when a older wealthy white woman saw him and she says to him Boy I need somebody to go chop for more than my backyard. Now she had no idea who he was and him being very humble he said and he had some books in it and he said All right I'll do that and so he goes to the back and he began cutting down some wood and this woman's daughter was there and she was the cause. And she was just in her house and she looked out and to look through the backyard window and she sees Booker T. Washington. He's in the backyard and he's cutting down the tree and then he's she's just so shocked you know what she does. She tells her mom she's like What do you think back here and then she's like well who is he. And she's like Mom that's a Booker T. Washington. The woman races out and she apologizes. She felt so bad and she's like why did you do this and he said the story that I do anything for a friend. Well it's so interesting is that the woman felt so burdened by this experience so touch that she became one of the I should say one of the the best financier of some of the projects that he would do and she also got other people involved. Why. Because of a man who was willing to be humble and didn't make a lot of noise about it and here Jesus is and he's washing the feet of the disciples and the Bible says that as he was washing the feet of the disciples one of the disciples could not understand the humility of Christ. Then it was like why are you doing this you know oftentimes that we're participating in the foot washing service at the time we're washing the feet of each other. It is not a comfortable thing it was never designed to be comfortable. I know and I and I joke about this about somebody can we make sure that the basins are sterilized clean water with a dash of chlorine. We've all taken a bath this morning. Hopefully bring clean socks hopefully and we take it off and we put our feet and it begins to be washed and in some way that is supposed to rewind and take us back to that experience where Jesus was washing the feet of all his disciples. Your feet as well. Ladies and gentlemen God is calling us to participate in something for washing something that he said that if you were to do this you yourself would be blessed to be blessed by God. Do you believe in the Word of God You have to know that I want you to pay attention to the words of Christ right here. Do you know what I have done to you this is Jesus speaking. You call me teacher and Lord and you say well for so I am if I did then your Lord and teacher is Jesus your Lord and she joins in government. A man that what he said Next your Lord and teacher have washed your feet you also ought to wash one another to be for if I have given you an example that you should do as I have done to you both but surely I say to you a servant is not greater than his master nor any greater than the one who sent him now without this. If you will know these things. Blessed are you. If you do them. Ladies and gentlemen do you want the blessing of God today. God is calling you to participate in the service. It's not something we force everyone to do force anybody to hear you have a right not to be part of this but I don't know about you. I know for myself I believe the words of Christ here when he says you will be blessed. I want that blessing. I want every blessing God can give. Do you want that blessing ladies and gentlemen. You may not feel like you belong to this church. It doesn't matter. You may feel like you are the most simple person in the world. God is still inviting you to be part of something to open your heart to God and let his righteousness covering you clean you know. God is inviting us to participate in the Fort Washington in its power head. Father in heaven. We're going to be heading out to do for washing today and Lord we're coming back to participate in the communion. Thank you Lord that all of this was set up. Providentially for us to be here today to receive this blessing you don't want to leave without a blessing God and so Lord we pray as we participate in the service that you would fulfill your word says Blessed are you. If you do it. Thank you in Jesus name in the media was brought to you by a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more. If you would like to know more about it how do you go if you would like to listen to the worst sermon leaving the W W W R U. verse or.


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