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Praying and Living For Revival

Dan Augsburger


This seminar will share wisdom for intensifying your relationship with God through the power of prayer and Bible study. 


Dan Augsburger divides his time between teaching part of the year at the Andrews University Theological Seminary, and holding seminars and revivals the rest of the year in various places in the world.



  • July 3, 2015
    5:15 PM
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Father in heaven was grateful for the opportunity to present more on prayer to encourage the attendees in their families and more people to be inspired by learning more about your word and more about the ways in which they can enlarge their prayer life. We have heard that they will be inspired in such a way that they'll take it back to their home churches and find ways to make your words known in so many ways. And they initially go to you for guidance and strength and structure. Thank you for it. Then his wife who are here tonight. Keep them faithful and keep them serving you in this marvelous way in Jesus' name. And Augsburg or he wrote this up for another fall. He teaches at the seminary Andrews Theological Seminary in Berrien Springs Michigan. He does that part time and then the rest of the time he and his wife spends speaking at prayer and revivals seminars throughout the world. I think most recently you were in Honduras trying to beat so many places apart under stress. This seminar tonight we'll consider how to get prayers answered for a viable viable in our hearts in our churches. This is something they will address tonight and I'd like to ask his wife Rose if he was a waiver man or just a hand. We're glad to have her with him tonight. Thank you. It's a privilege. But more than a privilege it's a sobering responsibility to be here this evening. We have been called to be the representatives of God that when people see us they will know what God is like when Jesus came the first time he was given a body by the Holy Spirit. But in this day and age the church is his body. And in John seventeen we we learned that Jesus said call for a unity because it was in that unity that the greatest proof that he was sent from heaven would be observed not the best understanding of the Bible not the nicest programs not the most inspiring sermons but the unity the relationships between the members of the church that's the greatest proof that Jesus truly came from heaven to earth. Our other worldly relationships are the greatest proof of the genuineness of the gospel. And so it's a sobering responsibility to stand before you. We live in a time when we believe the the end is coming soon and you can find every variety of religion that you could possibly want. But we want that which is genuine that which is life changing that which is church changing. And so I stand with fear and trembling before you praying that I will be it faithfully messenger for God. That's very briefly one of the stories of the Bible that has greatly touched. My heart recently was a story of naming who would believe that the story of naming it be such an important question is about a little girl you know that refers to a man but it's actually the story of faithful and unfaithful messengers. The little girl was faithful in sharing what she knew and sent him off to his Samarium like so many They don't know God and perhaps even some Christians that belong to the church. If so he had to prepare guess he had to do something to win the favor of this God that he was being referred to to get his prayers answered. First goes to the king the king tears his clothes things he wants to start a squabble he's not a faithful messenger and eventually he gets to be like his house right and I can imagine that he came in with his retinue of soldiers in his chariot well dressed and Eli she chose to send a messenger dingy and incentive very specific message and if you read the story you like she wasn't happy about two things number one that he sent a messenger and number two he didn't like the message and I like to suggest this evening that those are still that the two great issues in the church we don't like the messenger and we don't like the message if you hear me. And that's why I believe that for the members of our church what we do with Ellen White is very significant. They do hear me. I've had people say you know we don't need her. If we just follow the Bible and that's true it's because we don't think God center and I'm speaking for myself I'm not throwing stones at you. This is for all of us I am next to you so to speak. Luckily Eliza had some friends who said you know you ought to follow the directions not just. Imagine had the messenger come and said you need to go to a river and it would it have brought about the miracle. No Well if you had said you need to dip somewhere seven times would not have been a miracle what if you'd said you need to be dipped in a river in Israel seven times would that have worked. No it was a very precise message of going to a certain place and getting a certain number of times it because he completely obeyed. He was completely healed. And the question I want to ask you this evening is to what degree are people coming for help from the members of our church but because they are only hearing part of the message the message that is easy to share. They're coming with great expectations. But going away disappointed perhaps wondering if there's something wrong with God and truth be told the problem is that the messengers have not been as faithful as they should have been. There's another story in the Bible that also speaks to this and that is the story of the father that brings his son to the disciples. The disciples know the truth they are followers of the one who now who has the truth. They were sent out with power they have brought about many miracles. They could share stories undoubtedly. But on that particular day when they had sought to cast out the demon they had failed. Fact the disciples would come and say we brought I brought my son and your disciples were not able they could not. And when Jesus comes down from the mountain it's interesting that there's a squabble there are the scribes and the Pharisees There's the father there's a boy there's a whole bunch of people and. Either the scribes are saying what's wrong. We thought you had the truth we thought you had the power maybe things aren't quite so right with the one you're following and I think the disciples responded by saying Well well maybe it's not God's time. Maybe it's not God's will. Maybe there is something going on in this family that prevents God from answering. I do sorry for healing. They were doing this instead of saying actually we're not really willing to take up the cross and follow Jesus we want to be you know on each side of a Iranian minor this idea of dying to self and came across to being humble. That's not part of our agenda. Maybe God is unable to bless our efforts because we have failed to accept his way of working and they were not saying we've been arguing about who is first. And because there is a lack of unity because there is this unity because there is just differences between us God is unable to bless us. In the one case it was fate except the message or potentially that the message might have been poorly given only partially or wrongly in the second case there was something with in their lives that kept the miracle from happening. That's interesting. There were there that day there were the disciples that I think were trying to defend themselves. They weren't taking any of the blame probably. There was a father who tried many times a son who who frequently had been you know embarrassed as he'd been thrown down into the ground. They were the scribes who were trying to make the most of it and those that were around the edges. My brothers and sisters as members of the. Administered change we should live in such a way that God's miracles can take place to our lives. Did you hear me all right had a vision where she talked about seen thousands going door to door the doors were open to two studies of the Bible and she also says the sick were being healed. How is it in our churches when people come to our churches on the basis of what they view. Are they able to say there is something different here this must be a true church Rose and I have the opportunity of traveling to many places in the world and a story that comes to me as I am speaking is of a man who told us that when he was a nine year old working as a tailor that every day. Scuse me. Sure. Every day there was a man that would come and work next to him and he was such a happy Christian. He was studying the Bible with people he would witness he would sing hymns he didn't know much about him but one day he left. Well this young man grew up from the age of nine First he left the Catholic Church to become a Pentecostal and kind of went to various churches and finally one day when he was in his twenty's he came to the administration and the man was there and immediately he knew that he'd come to the right church praise God when when we not only have the truth but the truth Hauser's what he is saying that there is no doubt that there is something different about those people. Those people are the most honest in our community. Those people really care those people really pray. My brothers and sisters we've been called to be more than the tail. We've been called to be more than just those who are you know kind of eking out a living on the edge of town and our churches are half empty because we will go into the reasons why they're half empty. No our issue should not be advertising. Our issue should be building budget because so many are being brought by the Holy Spirit that our churches cannot contain them. And I believe with all my heart that someday that will be true and so this evening I want to talk about how we can have the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives how we can have revival. I am so happy that there is such an effort for revival taking place. But my brothers and sisters as I'm going to show you we must not accept a partial gift. We must seek to have the entire gift. OK I want to have a brief order prayer Father in heaven. This is not my time this is your time. And that you would help me to have your words in your illustrations and that the Holy Spirit would take my words and and would direct them to the heart of each brother and sister here in that together father we would individually and collectively make the choice that we are going to pursue you and pursue revival. Even now when I think of something that Ellen White right where people come to can't meeting and the blessings hadn't come yet and and they watch them packing up their tents wondering how they could leave without the blessing and father that could happen here but by your grace we're not going to let it happen. We can't do it but you can. So father as your chosen messenger please forgive me of my sins. Please take over my mind help me to be a faithful messenger and help my brothers and sisters here to listen to seek to hear your voice for themselves and then to apply where it is appropriate. And might you so come into our room that who spoke. Will be forgotten because you are here in the power of the Spirit. Please glasses for Jesus to say please bless us for the sake of our neighbors and our friends who when they see the real thing in us they won't be looking please for Jesus saying Thank You Lord in Jesus name I pray. And then someone once made the statement that if God were to die and a public announcement was not made most churches would keep right on going like before because there's such a little connection with God that they would have no idea that God had died not to think God isn't going to die this is a rhetorical statement and I suspect and it's sometimes true for myself that if God were to die and no one told us we are so busy going through our days and so distracted by all the things going on that we might keep right on going to one of my hobbies is reading Rose would tell you that I married to a wife that loves reading too I love to get up early and as I say I find spiritual treats I bring back spiritual breakfast a rose. I love to share. And one of the people one of the things I love to do is not only read the writings of Ellen White but to go back to the administers archives and read the early or the early administering view issues. Those are wonderful or go to the eight hundred eighty is eight hundred nine hundred nine hundred one nine hundred ten one nine hundred twenty. There are amazing things and I will tell you this isn't promotion but if you'd like me to send you some of the things that I'm talking about if you email me my email address is path to prayer placates number two prayer at G. Mail dot com. I'll be happy to send you a P.D.F. with some of these things and will I'm happy to post them as well. But anyway in those articles we find some some articles by great Christians who really know the Lord and this first thing that I want to quote comes from me McGuire He makes a statement you see it on the screen and I don't like Powerpoint Powerpoint and I were never properly introduced to spend half the time doing Powerpoint. I'd rather pray and study and have you enjoy that rather than see how poorly I decide on Power Point OK. So you're looking at documents here. This is what mean Maguire wrote he wrote this in an issue October twenty one one nine hundred forty eight it's actually a work of prayer series starts with an article by Ellen White on the investigative judgment. And there are a couple of articles by me Maguire and then a few on the Holy Spirit. This is what he writes. So as it seems apparent that many think that if we only had a larger army of workers more schools publishing houses medical institutions and more money to support them we could soon finish the work and be ready for the coming of the Saviour. Would you agree that many would say that more workers more money more more success but notice what he says. But the real problem is not one of finances not enough workers or too few institutions but a need for more of the power of God That's the great need. God can do more with a few people but he could do with millions of people you know when you study the history of revival. It wasn't used to crowds of people it was one person who got serious with God so that the real problem is not one of finances not enough workers or too few institutions but a need for more of the power of God. Theoretically we all recognize it will be through the mighty work of the Holy Spirit or the latter in that the work will be finished. But apparently many do not understand how the latter rain will come nor the conditions which must be met by us before we can be channels for this divine manifestation. We do not need to be. In the dark. But how to experience revival. But I often ask the people that I'm talking to. Do you really want to have a revival. Seriously what is revival. Revival is not about you or me. Revival is about the Holy Spirit it's about when the Holy Spirit takes over my life. When the Holy Spirit takes over our families when the Holy Spirit takes over our church even the pastor is no longer in charge. The Holy Spirit has come to be in charge and to what revival we must accept the values of the Holy Spirit. There are things that the Holy Spirit will not read. There are things that the Holy Spirit will not go to. There is food that the Holy Spirit will not eat. Did you hear me. And if you want to be constantly filled by the Holy Spirit you are going to have to die to self did you hear me. And it's not easy to die to self. In fact that's the word I'm using for self is very hard to kill Did you know that and every day you want to come back into full power and that's why every day we need to start the day and say God by your great I'm going to take my will back from Satan and give it to you and I'm going to give you permission to to cleanse me a sin and put self to death because you see every day we can we can choose to be on the throne instead of Jesus. If you really want the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit will go through your house and change your house he would change your life he will change your schedule he would change your priorities. Do you still want revival. Many of us I think sometimes think we can have a painless other centered revival but my brothers and sisters in my own experience the Holy Spirit has this amazing knack to look to notice where we don't want to surrender and says actually that's the place. Well we're going to start reliable and then we struggle for a while whether we really want to surrender to God but I'm thankful that the God we serve is an amazing God who loves us more than we could possibly imagine. Who has in mind first the greatest joy and the greatest happiness we could imagine and we would want to be God's person living God's way. God will bless us. Now I have a great proof our sister introduce rose to me a rose to all of you. It's interesting that back in two thousand she was working at a market and she was a graduate student and I came through to pay for groceries and she looked up at me and she thought yourself I'm going to marry you Sunday. That was in two thousand. Then she looked again said but you don't get it it's true. The Lord kept me blissfully ignorant for eleven years and then when I finally figured out what was going on she'd been praying for eleven years. Within a week after we began talking seriously about God called us together I called her mom to ask permission to marry her daughter. I fell in love with her after that. She's my best friend and we are so happy together. You know Ellen White says we won't want to choose or want to let God choose our partner did you hear me. And you know it's interesting. We got certified even that God knew what he was doing. They had to take a test to to consider our compatibility one hundred sixty questions each one you know strongly agrees and agree neutral whatever five grades and they said you have some of the highest compatibility scores we've ever seen. Eighty four data six percent of your questions of one hundred sixty based on the margin of error are identical. Wow Amazing. And one guy. Twenty five boxes and and in that box you can be you know whatever from very connected to disconnected or flexible inflexible she isn't very connected very flexible guess where I am very connected very flexible. She was custom made to join me going around the world. Now I've been married before and it wasn't so happy I got my choice this time. I expected God's choice. And I say I'm a blessed man she says. Married to a blessed woman praise God God wants to make us happy whole hearted one hundred percent Christians. Somehow the devil is for this into thinking that if we accept God's way we're going to have lead lives with difficulty but that is not true. Notice I underline a lot so you're going to have to live with my underlining it is not because of any restriction on God's part that the riches of His Grace do not flow demand his girth is blood like he gave with a liberality that men do not appreciate because they do not love to receive no notice what she says. If all that were willing to receive all would be filled with the spirit if all were willing to receive all would be filled with the spirit by resting content with small blessings we disqualifier selves for receiving the spirit in its unlimited fullness we have been willing to accept small blessings and because that's what we're willing to accept. God says if you don't ask for more you won't receive more. Did all of you receive this little handout called Patrick her ministries. We have two of them we have a larger booklet and and some of you have wondered you know what are these drawn from. There's actually and I don't have any with me but if you go to my to the Web site disciple heart dot com You'll get that you can download it called Ask believe rejoice. It's a larger handout. Anyway there is a statement where it says somewhere I don't see it right off. Well I'll just give it to you. They want to say it was great is deceptions is that we don't need to pray about it. I'll find it eventually isn't you know kind of look for myself. We are willing to accept small blessings and because of that we're not gaining greater blessings. Would it not be a pity if someday we get to heaven and we discover that we could've received more notice. Line two on the front page of the full handout it is part of God's plan to grant us an answer to the prayer of faith that which he would not be still. Did we not ask it on the first page of Pastor prime ministers. OK Line three the line numbers on the left. That's why there are line number so you can all know where I'm reading. It's part of God's plan to grant us an answer to the prayer of faith that which you would not wish to did we not ask. Now notice line five the people of God have a custom the SO to think that they must rely upon their own efforts that little helpers to receive from heaven and the result is that they have little light to communicate to other souls who are dying in error and darkness. The church has long been contented with little of the blessings of God They have not felt the need of reaching up to the exalted privileges purchased for them at infant talk test cost rather the power of God awaits their demand and their reception. Now we all know the story of it lighted only he had that that that great confrontation with the the priest to bale remember that and finally he asked the people choose you this day did God answer his prayer with fire. Absolutely. Now why did you go back to a happy. Because God told him there's going to be rain right got to go back. So he went back. Ten God answered his prayer with a fire. Absolutely. Did he take it for granted that the rain was going to fall. No he went after the mountain right. And you pay one time and nothing happened right. He paid a second time and again nothing happened. Paid a third time. Nothing happened for a time nothing happened. Why did you keep praying. He kept praying because God had told him it's going to rain and he knew he needed to pray until the rain came and Mrs Wright says How do you stop crying after six times the rain would not have come had we been promised the latter rain in our day that suggest my brothers or sisters that we need to be praying as earnestly for the latter rain as Elijah prayed for the rain on that day. Yes we have been promised the rain and the rain hasn't come we must not say it must not be God's will. We must not say it must not be got that it is God's time it is God's will. Someone said when we don't get answers to prayer there are two things to ask Number one I will be praying for something that is not according to God's will. There's a lot of very immature praying that goes on. If you've heard me speak before you might have heard this. I know someone who once prayed every day that their husband either fall out of a tree to die or be cut up by a chainsaw and was frustrated with God seriously that the husband and God cannot answer that prayer. Did you hear me. God can answer that prayer. So if we must ask ourselves are we praying for something that God can answer and I can assure you you can pray for revival. But then if God doesn't answer that prayer there is a second prayer to offer. Or there's a second thing to ask questions about that is is there something in my life that's keeping you from answering my prayer. OK oftentimes instead of going to the trouble to ask God that question we make the assumption it must not be God's will or must not be God's time. But my brothers and sisters we know from the Bible we know from the Spirit of Prophecy that it is time for the latter rain. Notice this next quotation. Well let's keep reading. By resting content with small blessings we disqualifier self for receiving the spirit in its limited form this we are too easily satisfied with a ripple on the surface when it is our privilege to expect a deep moving of the Spirit of God expecting little. We receive little. We've seen the ripple half way. Sometimes it may seem even more but it is not the way of blessing that God wants to give us a notice when the Holy Spirit came down on the day of Pentecost. It was like a rushing mighty wind it was given in no stitching measure for it filled all the place where the disciples were sitting. So will it be given to us when we noticed that. So it will be given to us when our hearts are prepared to receive it. It was given in no unstinted measure everyone received it. Everyone there that day was filled and she says everyone will receive it when our hearts are prepared to receive it. I don't have all the quotations here we only have a limited time but she says the image of the disciples ten days will take us more time and I don't think brothers and sisters that the disciples were trying to convince God this. When the Holy Spirit God was waiting with anxious desire to send the Holy Spirit. But their lives were not prepared to receive it. Did you hear me. I remember one time when I was trying to witness and make a difference in my community someone showed up who had a hitchhiking ministry and Pastor Wright who was a good friend of mine asked me to and like this young adult to stay with me and I did. I learned pretty quickly that he had an interesting past he knew the inside of jails with a lot more specificity than I felt comfortable with. He could speak of jails in Minnesota new people live there and I'd read the news enough to know that that was true and he spoke of jails in Florida with inmates that I knew were there too. Not that I've been in those jails but I read the news and I thought to myself What in the world and i done on sleeping quietly at night for all I know there's someone who's done a lot worse things but I thought to myself well I will. I would take him with me witnessing. I'm trying to reach some young adults and teenagers who are you know tempted by things he can talk with and so we were it was wonderful he told them about how he got involved with with marijuana and that led one thing to after the other and boy they were just wrapped in a listening with rapture. I was praising God and then one of them said tell us how do you feel about alcohol without even pausing a single moment he said a little bit doesn't matter. And they turn to their parents and you see he's a Christian. There's nothing wrong with a bit of alcohol and my heart sank. I could no longer take him witnessing because I didn't know what would come out of his mouth and I wonder Does God know what's going to come out of our mouths if he takes his witnessing or is God going to have to say you know they've been resisting they don't really want to die to self in some areas of their lives and because of that I can't do anything. You know if you read this larger book first of all. It's a wonderful thing. It starts with I say OK I want to show you when we get to heaven no one's going to say did you see how well I did down there. We're going to say I don't understand why God was so merciful to me. We might even say I don't know why you're here either. OK. I say that sincerely. None of us even at our best is good enough. None of us is good enough even at our best. But you see when Jesus comes into our lives he comes with a moral power that changes our lives if we're willing. And so the first part of this book that talks about how God will forgive this gives of Christ's righteousness and changes us. Then I talk about the things that God wants to change. You know one of the things that the kids got from bringing many people to our church I hope. Well I'm just going to share this I'm sure you love me anyway but she says one of the reasons God can bring many people is because we don't really want to accept the health message. How about a read for yourself OK. Read for yourself. The point is are you living in such a way that the Holy Spirit could be poured out in power in your life. And my brothers and sisters when God comes into your life he does a good work. I remember when Rose and I were nourishes I want to hear the whole story. But there was a lady who had been confronted by which you wanted to borrow some glasses and she made an amazing statement she said every glass in my house is dedicated to God. Let me ask you a question. Could you honestly say that everything in your house is there with God's permission and that every part of your schedule is there with God's permission and that every relationship is there with God's permission when you want to be filled with the Holy Spirit. You literally become the temple of the Holy Ghost. OK That doesn't mean you become God That just means you become. They poor vessel OK That just means you become a poor vessel like when at the marriage of Cain you know they put the water in that and that clay pot the miracle was in the clay pot. The miracle is in the water the guy changed. You're just as one person I love what wonders that we are but the tray to carry the bread of life. That's all we are and God likes to use and I stray. Is your life such that God could use you. During revive and others continue reading the outpouring of the Holy Spirit it takes a while for my i Pad to catch up. The descent of the Holy Spirit upon the church is looked forward to as in the future. But we're going to come back to the top of the next section. It's right here but it is the privilege of the church to have it when now seek for prayer for relief work. Women have it and heaven is waiting to be stolen. Look at that it is the privilege of the church to have it when now when it's now it's now isn't it. And she says we must have it. And heaven is waiting to make up its mind whether to send it right now. Heaven is waiting to bestow it. We are we are delaying God Now look at this next paragraph and think about this. We were also told long ago this comes from great controversy. It was not the will of God but the coming of Christ should be so long delayed and his people should remain so many years in this world is in sorrow. Now think about this. We often think about Abraham right Abraham How could you have possibly got involved with Hagar because you literally burst all kinds of problems that continue the rest of your life right. Every time there's an issue of it in the Middle East at some level. I'm a still responsible. Would you agree. Now here's here's a little bit closer to home. If Jesus couldn't come before in one thousand nine hundred does that mean brothers and sisters that Seventh Day Adventist will be responsible for all the people that have been done since then. At some level did you hear what I'm saying. I believe we are. I believe we are and we need to ask God to help us to realize our responsibility we are not just a church we are a chosen church or do you think if it says that that we were told long ago that God is the latest coming we should be concerned about we should be very very concerned of us. When I lived in Ohio goes back quite a few years I remember there was a time when there was a great drought and you know at first we would want to run to keep the ones green and nice in our bushes. Eventually they began to restrict you know you can't water your your grass so we stock wine or grass and that slowly but surely turned brown and eventually the leaves began losing I mean the trees began losing their leaves. Finally we were told no water no washing of cars no washing no bushes no flowers no grass no nothing. We were still allowed to take baths and so we would take the bath water and we would pour some water on wishes but it didn't look very promising and then one day it rained and there was a spontaneous explosion of greenery everywhere. Right now we are experiencing. Don't take this the wrong way. We're experiencing the revival that comes at the end of the hose as the members go into print meetings and and Rush you're in there trying to kind of keep the the flames of spirituality going well in the Holy Spirit doesn't talk there will be a spontaneous explosion of the Holy Spirit's presence. Through out the church would you like to have that experience. That's what I want. Well my brothers and sisters how are we doing. I'd like to share something with you James White. He would later right. This is about eight hundred seventy two I think the Battle Creek Church still large is an unfortunate church that was connected with our institutions are ever pressed with care and hard work. These embrace a large share of the real ability of the church in other words we have become so busy with the business of the church that the spirituality isn't to present our brothers and sisters. I feel a little bit even here the General Conference we were so busy visiting exhibits and doing stuff like that that maybe we should say we need take a few pauses to pray now and then what do you think. Let's be serious let's be serious. Anyway he makes a statement we're not going to go into it that he didn't think that it was a safe church to bring young people to. Wow What an indictment. Later Ellen White was right and it was not necessarily welcome. He says the message to the Church of the latest Syrians is a startling denunciation and is applicable to the people of God at the present time this is written in about eight hundred seventy three I think September. Notice she says the people of God are going to the bold type the people of God I represent in the message for the later scenes as in a position of Carnal Security they is believing themselves to be in an exalted condition of spiritual attainments because I'll say this and rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing and no it's not that our wretched and miserable and poor and blind and they can. What greater deception can come upon human minds than the confidence that they are right. When they are what. All right well and that's for again as much as for you they actually thought everything was fine. The message is a true witness finds a people got in a sad deception gets honest in that deception. They know not that the condition to support on the side of God or those addressed are flattering themselves that they are an exalted spiritual condition the message of the True Witness breaks the security by the startling denunciation of their true condition of spiritual blindness poverty and wretchedness. Now I believe that this testimony may still be appropriate in our day. I'm not throwing stones gratuitously they're for me as much for you but is it possible. Brothers and Sisters. Maybe we're not doing quite as well as we should be. Or do you think. Please don't raise your hands. Let's continue. It is difficult for those who feel secure in their attainments or who believe themselves to be rich and spiritual knowledge receives a method which declares that they are deceived and in need of every spiritual grace the untainted heart is what deceitful above all things and desperately wicked We don't even know our true condition. I was shown that many are flattering themselves that they are good Christians who have not a ray of light from Jesus. My brothers and sisters that's not are a really easy thing to read or probably to hear or read but I think we should be concerned. We should be concerned they have not a living experience for themselves in the divine life they need a deep and thorough work of self-abasement In other words humbling before God before they will feel their true need earners persevering. To secure their precious graces of the Spirit. OK I love this. God leads his people step by step. The Christian life is a constant battle in a march. There's no rest from the war for it is by constant unceasing effort that we maintain the victory over the temptations of Satan as a people we are triumphing in the clearness and strength of the truth. We are fully sustained in our positions by an overwhelming amount of plain scripture testimony. She says we have the truth and we have tremendous support for what we believe. Back in those days Adventists always won the debates. I think they knew their Bibles better than we even do but notice but. But and there's always danger you know when you hear the word but there's something coming. But we are very much wanting in Bible you military patients faith love self-denial watchfulness and the spirit of sacrifice. Would you agree that there is a lack of Bible humility. That's an intriguing word treating word watching in Bible you militant patients faith love self-denial watchfulness and the spirit of sacrifice. We need to cultivate buyable holiness since among the people of God the plain message of rebuke to the latest sins is not received. Many cling to their doubts and their darling's sins while they are in so great a deception. As you talk and feel that they are needed not seen they think that the testimony of the Spirit of God and reproof is uncalled for or that it doesn't mean them. Wow now you could say that was true for them. Maybe I'm going to. As you James White was able to spend some time at some point and let me just go back. It's right here just so you see there it is there it is. This is called a solemn appeal to the ministry in the people by Elder James White. He spent a week searching his heart and he decided to write something to that effect. Notice what he writes. Dear brothers and sisters I take my pen to appeal to you with feeling such as I've never had before. I have been closely examined in my life and my errors and sins have come before me in the right in which I have never seen them before. First time time passed the Lord has been leading me to the very position an occupier. I was first led into the subject of first John chapter one to see the wonderful privilege of the children of God holding fellowship with the Father and the Son and walking in the light as God is in the light. He said God has led me to see how wonderful it is to walk in this fellowship with God you know this this fellowship of light for some time past the Lord has been leading me to the very position I occupy he said. I noticed the next paragraph. I then began to feel and see that I was far from being in such a position and in the same chapter I thought that my duty was clearly pointed out namely confession. I was led to Isaiah's chapters fifty eight and fifty nine if you would turn in your Bible to the chapter fifty eight and fifty nine. Isaiah fifty eight and fifty nine feet. The first chapter you're quoted with starts with crying out spear not lift up your trumpet lift up your voice like a trumpet. Tell my people their transgression and the House of Jacob their sins. God said to tell his remnant people back then how things were going and got talked about oppression talked about how the Sabbath was kept things like that and I'm not a legal Please understand I'm not a legal ist. What a privilege we have in the Sabbath. What a privilege we have in the Sabbath but the point is if the people were kind of having this religious experience of God first to fifty fifty first two yet they seek me daily and the right to know my ways as a nation that did righteousness and did not for sake the ordinances of their god. OK These are people who are acting as if they were four hours ago. They take delight in approaching me. Why have we fasted they say and you not seen why have you looked at our souls and you take no notice. They were praying and fasting. They were praying fasting but they hold on but we're doing our part. What's your problem. I say that in modern terminology but but seriously I think that they were doing what they thought they were supposed to do and God respond in fact in the day if you're fast you find pleasure and explode your labors and then you fast for strife and debate. Guy begins talking about things that still happen a lot today. Anyway God continues in Isaiah fifty nine versus one in two. It says Behold the Lord's hand is not shortened that it cannot say God is finally responding to the question that was asked in Isaiah fifty eight. God says the overlords and is not sure that he cannot say no if you are heavy that he cannot hear. But your iniquities have separated you from your god and your sins have hidden his face from you so that he will not hear. God said to the prophet Isaiah It's not that I can't it's that I won't. It's that I will not. And so James White writes and I have it at the top of the screen there. I was led to Isaiah Chapter fifty eight and fifty nine it first decided that they may be safely applied to this time there are to engage in the south of the reform talked about the time to cry aloud Speer not please he says Read both chapters so as I've offered many fervid pressed for light interaction as described in these verses I have almost murmured that I did not obtain clearer light and then if you can frustrate were praying God why not he said I've almost murmured because I've not had more light and more strength to work in the cause. But I finally felt the force of the words of Chapter fifty nine verse one. Behold the Lord's hand is not shortened that it cannot save neither his ear heavy that it cannot hear but your iniquities have separated between you and your God and your sins have hid his face from you that he will not hear he said finally I saw that those things applied to him in these words I saw my just condemnation and they also gave me hope that I might come very night to God when I had put my sins away from between me and God by confessing and for sake in them this year was not heavy nor was his hand short that it was my privilege to walk in the light as God is in the light. He can hear and his hand can bring salvation. James where I said I realize there is a problem and I need to search my heart I need to search my life to see what's going on. He said I then began to search for my sins errors and mistakes and the Spirit of God has been helping me that find my wrongs have grown out of not been suitably affected. Notice another words and let me translate that my problems have come because I have not really been affected or changed. OK that's what suitably affected appropriate fact and change I want Gladys shown my wife especially when she's shown up my dangerous and wrong. Another word she said. I have realized that I have been refusing to listen what God is trying to tell me to my wife. Wow OK And away he goes on we won't go into that I want to go back to this message of the latest in church the true witness reveals a fact that a terrible deception is upon our people which makes it necessary to come to them with warnings to break their spiritual slumber and to arouse a decided action in my last vision I was shown that even this decided message of the true witness has not accomplished the design of God the people stumble on in their sins they continue declare themselves rich and have need of nothing. Many inquire why are all these recruits given. Why do the task must continually charge of the backsliding with gravy since we love the truth. We are prospering. We're needed we're not need of these testimonies of warning and reproof. Does that sound familiar. We live the truth. We're prospering. Why do you continue giving us these messages. Now notice put on your seat belts please. I have been shown that the greatest reason why the people of God are now found in the state of spiritual blindness is that they will not receive correction many have despised the reproofs and warnings given them there to witness condense the lukewarm condition of the people of God which gives Satan great power over them and this waiting watching time. What does she say. She says it's because you refuse to take what she wrote and apply it to our lives that's why God cannot bless us to what degree do you welcome the goddess centers by way of his lasting messenger. Now if you would take your little booklet take your little booklet OK. I want you to turn to the middle section so you all have this little section here. It's just the one page or if you don't have it let me know and we go to six thirty six thirty. OK we'll try to start a little bit earlier on the opening part on the left hand side where it says line forty one. Here are some of the things that you find in the Bible and in our Writings that speaks to why we don't I think if someone could bring one. There's there's some little booklets needed in the back are there any more around there should be. I gave yes. Here they're coming to the big book that these single pages two single pages to. There's also some small ones we need the small ones too. They're in their praise the lord thank you anyway. Cherish an unconfessed sin keeps our prayers for revival from being answered. Notice mine forty three. Line forty two Psalm sixty six eighteen. If I regard iniquity in my heart the Lord what I will not give That's what David said. Now what does it mean to regard iniquity. Another word of God says this is wrong I say I don't care what God says I'm going to maintain it. God says When we are in that kind of situation it keeps got from answering our prayers. Forty three. If we regard iniquity in our hearts if we cling to any known sin the law. Will will not hear us. But the prayers of the penitent contracts all another word for those who are who are seeking to be right with God those prayers are always accepted. When all known wrongs are righted when they believe that God will answer our petition. OK fractured relationships. Matthew five twenty three and twenty four speaks of the fact that if you go to the altar so to speak and pray in there you remember that your brother or sister has something against you. Jesus said before you you go and pray there go and make things right and then return. OK Let me read the verse for you therefore if you bring your gift to the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you on that line forty nine of the small and inside. First be reconciled. OK or leave your guest there before the altar and go your way first be reconciled your brother and then come and offer your gift line to one great reason why brethren and sisters have no more confidence words of God in prayer is that nearly all neglect to follow the words of Jesus and preserving harmony between brother and the allow various wrongs to exist with members of the church which create bitter envy and strife. Well this difference exists. God neither hears nor answers their prayers. You find strife and division in your church. She says God hears her answers their prayers now go to the back page briefly where do you look at. Get a tree in the large book that will come back in just a moment. OK I apologise. Lack of asking forgiveness and forgiving my fifty nine and whenever you stand praying if you have anything against anyone forgive him. Nine fifty nine is a smaller handa for good. In that your Father in Heaven may also forgive your trespasses. But if you do not if you do not forgive neither will your Father in Heaven forgive us our trespasses OK if we don't forgive God forgive us. Now let me share a quick story when I was down in New Zealand one a woman came to a meeting I was holding with her two children she said I'm here because my husband is a druggie an alcoholic. Five dollars a drugs an alcoholic my parents are divorced they're not Christians I'm the only Christian and I want my children to see that that there are godly people for them to look up to. Well we agreed to pray by that December I saw there were baptisms taking place in her family and by the time she came the next year to the conventional use conventional speaking what her husband had been baptized he was there he was a sweet Christian. Three of her brothers had been baptized and were there the fourth was preparing for baptism the parents had studied the Bible had been back that had been remarried were together get a spiritual tsunami had gone through that family. How many of you have heard of towns where that happened. I asked or said Catherine. What in the world happened she said you know you told us to pray and so I began again at that four thirty in the morning to pray and ask God to do a miracle in my family. Praise God. One day she said God gave me a vision a foreman in the front of my church you know God gave the impression scene for people and she said I sent an S.M.S. a text message to my brother think God showed me you can be baptized and they responded we hate your god i will never happen. But she said you also said we need to forgive. When I was eleven and then molested me and I felt convicted. I needed to forgive him. So I invited him to come to my home and with my brothers and I forgive him he said it it really changes like that much. But after that one of my brothers came and said Captain whatever you have I wanted to and one by one the entire family came into the church. Praise God because she forgave. She saw her family change. Another woman at the same convention said Dan I've been struggling with back problems this year and I've been to the the physical therapist the occupational therapist the the chiropractors the massage therapist pain doctors no one's been able to help me. One day one week I went to a prayer meeting outside of my home seven there Mr John went to another place and while I was there so much that I feel impressed that you need to forgive someone and she thought to herself It's true there's a lot of people I'm upset with but they don't know me I won't tell them about it the same for having someone else going after and said I feel impressed that you need to forgive someone and once again she said no way I'll tell them but when she got home she was convicted that there was an issue there and she began going through the list of people that she was angry with and she said God there's such a long list. I'm going to forgive them all and she said at that moment she felt a warm spot at the top of her back. It went down and when it disappeared so did her background she was healed. My brothers and sisters the Bible is more than just a nice word full of lawyers to take up time when you're in the morning. It is in effect the owner's manual of your maker and he says you need to forgive don't resist because he's promised blessings if you do. He's promised blessings if you do so if if if during this general conference I'm serious with you. If there are people who need to get a call from you because you need to forgive them or ask their forgiveness. If you want revival now you better do it without too much delay Did you hear me. There was a time in my life when I wasn't getting many answers to prayer and I was convicted I needed to go ask forgiveness of people and because of that God answered my prayers made him preserved against him prayers answered like never before. I want to be a pity if someday you get to heaven you get there and. That's as you know there was so much I wanted to do but you refused to to figure that brother or sister you refuse to ask forgiveness. You refuse to take ownership my brothers and sisters. God cannot work in this general conference if there are differences between us she says. God neither here nor answers our prayers. Now do you want to be the one that someday God will say you know had you been willing to go. I could have a revival to that General Conference in two thousand and fifteen. My brothers and sisters I'm not playing games before you I speak with all sincerity that we must be serious if we want serious outcomes of this General Conference we continue. James three sixty nine sixty four where envy and self-seeking exist confusion in every evil thing are there. Notice my sixty six here's the quotation I was looking for before a sleepy inside your book with a sleepy Chryslers church Coralie. As for my thing evil will have no reward and need look for no revival unless its members repent and do the first works. Would you agree brothers and sisters that we may not have revival with some of the things going on. Would you agree if I even be bold Let me repeat that. Look at line sixty six a sleepy sleepy church at times a week crisis is there a problem with quarrelling. Sadly unless it's and surmised enable suspecting motives itself such a church will have no reward and need look for no revival less its members repent and do the first works. I would suggest that maybe we would do well to just have some moment where we tell people you know. If you're a girl or someone we can't afford to have it continue. And yes it is hard to apologize. It is hard to apologise. I have done that you have to you have to eat humble pie right have to eat humble pie. Now I'll go further you have to die to self to do it. It's not something you want to do but have got conviction to do it because it's the right thing and I tell you what if people begin to make it their job to begin making things right with other people there will be a sweet spirit coming into this place like you cannot imagine. I'm convinced of that. In some cases it's making things right regarding our finances. Line seventy will a man rob God yet you have robbed me but you say in what way have we robbed you in tithes and offerings this is a statement she made his and my brothers and sisters to bring to got a faithful time to ring him also a willing thank offering. There are many who will not be blessed so they make restitution of the time which they have withheld while I told you this is hard to read OK. This is really hard to read but I must be faithful OK And this is as much for Dan As for anyone else. Please take what I've said now talk to God to God How is it with me and please don't focus on what others are doing just worry about yourself there's probably enough to think about if we think about ourselves and you know I've been reading Ellen White says that you know if you look at others' faults you become like them. Did you know that it drags you listed users and had users recreate you and if they do the same thing you know the closer we get to Jesus you know it's like a triangle. My we get closer to each other right. And I suspect when everything is said and done will find we were all wrong. OK When the Spirit is present when the Spirit is present we will not have time for some of the discussions going on now. I save. With respect I'm not throwing stones at all OK. I appreciate the fact that people are sincerely debating and discussing. But of the Spirit comes with godly unity. OK it's worth pursuing. OK now I notice one seventy seven. There are thousands of prayers daily off of the guards nonanswer their faces prayers. There are selfish prayers and that and in all the detail she puts in proceeding from a heart that is church in idols they're petulant fretful prayers murmuring because of the burdens and cares of life instead of humbly seeking greater light in them. Those who offer such petitions are not abiding in Christ they have not submitted their will to the will of God They do not comply with the conditions of the promise and it is not a field to them. Now if you would turn to the back page just very briefly. Line five there is to be in the church as a wonderful manifestation of the power of God but it will not move upon those who would not humble themselves before the Lord and open the door of the heart by confession and repentance. OK God is going to do a great work. He's waiting to do it and it will happen. But how do we open the door by praying. By witnessing that maybe part of it eventually. But she says specifically by confession and repentance What's the difference between confession and repentance. Confession is admitting repentance is changing your behavior she says there are many who confess but don't repent. Confessions when a parent has a child and you can never do that again. But you know when you turn the back they're going to be running back. OK this is where I make the statement that holiness is constant agreement with God and that for those who. Love God's will. It's easy to do God he did out of self brothers and sisters if we want that next line none of my brethren there should be any different kind of labor from what we have yet seen. There should be more prayer and weeping and more confession of sin to God and to one another. Let the indifference be broken up that the complaining and fault finding sees and the time heretofore. Notice when I stood in this manner we spent in prayers of living faith for the refreshing from the presence of the Lord. Let us arouse as one man and United or one woman one people. Let's put it that way. And united as a call upon God to send out his grace upon the souls of his people to revive his work in the midst of hers. That's what we should read and she says we should be doing a different kind of work. Another quotation. You know this quotation line seventeen a revival of true godliness among us is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs to seek those should be our first work it is our work by notice confession humiliation repentance and earnest prayer to fill the conditions of on which God has promised to grant us his blessing. A revival need be expected only an answer to prayer. Now let's look at the statement for a moment. She says it is our work by him and she lives for things right the first one is prayer. Second one is witnessing right now. What is the first one. Confession. You know Nation repentance and earnest prayer they're all there. I'd like to suggest unless the first three are going on the last one won't do what it's supposed to that you hear me. We need to pursue a revival with confession and to to be honest with God and where appropriate honest with other people do not confess all your sins. Then we do other people there are things you should only confess to God But if you have to personally harm someone go make it right with the person. But don't let others know what should only be between you and God and something should not be ever a confession probably because it will just weaken other people. OK but I fear my brothers and sisters that we have focused perhaps more on prayer to the absence of confession and you militia and repentance. Did you hear me. Now again line twenty six the last one and then we're going to take some time for questions or whatever you want to do it in. God exist people for their sins that he may humble them and lead them to seek his face as they reform and his love revives in their hearts is loving. Answers will come to their request. Notice that he will strengthen them in a reformatory action how does God strengthen us and reformatory action. Looking out for them a standard against the enemy. His rich blessing will rest upon them and in bright rays they will reflect the light of heaven. Notice the next word then that is a conditional word there right then and I believe this is the most important statement in her writings on church growth after the one about you know after Jesus won their conference and he bids him follow me. This is the second one. Then a multitude not of their faith seen that God is with this people will unite with him in serving the Redeemer. Another words when outsiders see the god is truly with us then the Holy Spirit is going to say those are my people but if we're not acting like God's people the Holy Spirit can't afford to send them to us. My brothers and sisters. This isn't rocket science this is in her words and I gave you this booklet so you could study this carefully. OK the first part is rushed by faith. Second part is actually the Bible's form of humility. Read it what it means to take Christ's York you'll be surprised and then how God wants it changed to confession repentance you know you and I also get person to talk about what is there that we need to confess. OK God is want to do great work I remember when Rose and I were in the state of Washington goes back some time as a little bit frustrated because I was at a church with a beautiful building and the members were all dressed wonderfully and we were staying revived when they were all rejoicing and praising. But there was something wrong. They were not experiencing revival and this is the thing that I thought this is the thing that i Phone Number one. Glad you want to send revival more than we want to receive it. Number two Satan can prevent it if that's the case. When Jesus returns or when we leave this General Conference What excuse will we give for not having experience revival now. So please take this booklet we have many many and if you want to take more home to your churches to study be our guest take them OK. And because we we want we want to add to what is already beginning to really experience to a revival here. Now I think it would be appropriate Don if we could just take a moment to have people pray together groups of two to say God look at a hard look at our lives look at our homes and show us that there are things that truly need to be confessed and repented of in some cases you know dealt with with other people so that revival can come to this General Conference in two thousand and fifteen. Maybe five minutes or so five six minutes to pray briefly together in groups of two and then I'll have a closing prayer and you can have a time. I want to claim any promises we are concluding this evening from second Buffalonians or first US phone ins rather five first twenty three. It says Now may the God of peace and so sanctify you completely. May your whole spirit soul and body are preserved blameless of the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. He who calls you is faithful also will do it are going to heaven I thank you for the time that you have given me to talk about what might be hindering revival here at this General Conference. Father I am a nobody and I don't have any desire to become a somebody. I just want to be one of your faithful children and I think that's what my brothers and sisters here want to Father in Heaven help us to be committees of one to do what we can do to make things right with others and to make things right with you and to recommit our lives to you so that we will have done all we can so that we will not be hindering the down pouring in the outpouring of your Holy Spirit. Father you know that there's a lot of discussions going on. Tomorrow will be an especially important day. Father I want to claim this convention center and the Alamodome for you. We ask that every Satanic force and every evil angel be driven and that there will be a sweet spirit in the Father as people are going to bed this evening that they would come under deep deep conviction the Lord that they must be very very careful. The same kind of thing where that you whisper to others in the past father that they must be following you. And Father I pray that there will be a sense of repentance and a sense of wanting to be right with you in a right. With each other but somehow the Holy Spirit take over the meeting. Father we want what you want we want what you want to get a third made mistakes. Figure the third what we have chosen to you know be stubborn and what it could be about any area of our lives. I will further to make a new commitment to you make you change is complete. Thank you Lord in Jesus name and in this media was brought to you by audio books a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about how do you first of all if you would like to listen to your sermon W W W. Does audio person dot org.


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