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Praying While Waiting For an Answer

Frank Hasel


Prayer expects answers from God. But what happens when the answer is delayed or not fulfilled? We will look at the dynamics that take place in challenging prayer times and will seek the blessings that God has in store for those who persevere and trust His goodness. Through the experience of losing his wife to cancer in 2009, Frank is learning to trust God’s promises in ever-new ways.


Frank Hasel

Associate Director of the Biblical Research Institute (BRI) at the General Conference



  • July 5, 2015
    12:15 PM
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Let me just add a few words about myself. A single parent. I have three boys wonderful charming boys twenty five years old is the oldest. Twenty two and seventeen and about six years ago my wife died. She had cancer breast cancer and she died and out of that experience some of the ideas that I will share with you grew. So what I'm talking about today is not just a theory but it is something that has been helpful in my own life and I will talk not about the wonderful things prayer can do but today I will address a few issues that are tough. And what do you do when life is not smooth. And when you pray and you don't get an answer that you urgently expect. So I'm in the dark. Let's move to the light. Is this better can you see me better now. Wonderful. So this is what I what I would like to address today and share a few things from my own life and from the Bible. Now before I do this let me let me ask you a question. Honest question honest answer right. Who has experienced in your life have you experienced in your life that you have prayed and God has answered that prayer. May I see your hands. Well there's almost everybody this is good news. So maybe the topic I'm talking about is not necessary after all. And I can quit right here. All have a wonderful afternoon and. But there's an important point why I raise this question. See you almost all almost everybody of you has raised his hand or her hand. That means every one of us has experience that God indeed has answered prayer. Now we need to share that we need to share that with our churches with our church members with our families because I believe that God is doing miracles even today. We just don't hear about them. And if we would share and if we would count our blessings and if we would not not forget the blessings we have received. I think the blessings we have received from God will not just be a blessing to our own lives they will be a blessing to many other people who hear about it but they will have no good if we don't share the things that God has done in our lives. So take this as an encouragement that you will share what God has done in your life and that you will share with others how God has responded to your urgent prayers and how he has let you in your life and in the struggles you have had in the questions you had and in the answers you've received. So let me start by telling a story. Just imagine if you place the following situation the following scenario. You and I and half a dozen other pet passengers are flying in a small unit. All right. And now you can hear me even better I trust. So imagine the following situation you and I and half a dozen other passengers are in a small one and an airplane flying high about the sky. And all of a sudden the pilot of the end of the of the airplane comes out of his cockpit comes to us and he says our engine is burning. We all crash down soon. Well I have to get ready to get out of this plane. And so everybody gets ready and we are lining up at the door and the pilot is getting ready and he is preparing up the parachutes to hand every passenger a parachute. You know what a parachute is a life saving device. You know you need that to survive. So we all line up and he goes to the door and he opens the door and the door just hangs open. And the first passenger steps to the open door and he receives the parachute and the instruction how to use it. So with this saving parachute and instructions he steps to the open door and just before he is ready to jump out he says Excuse me sir I have a question. May I ask a question please. Sure. The pilot says What's your question. And the person since right now you know I'm always so i have such a sick feeling in my stomach when I stand high high in the sky and look down and I get a little scared. Can't you take the fear away. No the pilot I can't take your fear away but I can give you a parachute that will save your life. And so he jumps and the second person comes to the open door and he says I have. Question I feel so sick when I look down and it's a strange feeling in my stomach. Can't you take this away from me. And the pilot says No sir I can't take that away but I can make sure you have a lifesaving parachute. And off he jumps and so every single one of the passengers comes to the open door and every single passenger has a parachute. But every passenger has a question. One passenger he wants some special parachute glasses. Another one wants to have some parachute both so that when he hits the ground it's not so tough you know it is softer and one case of one One passenger even says Can't we wait a little longer so that we are closer to to earth and I don't have to jump all that that far through the sky and the pilot is just shaking his head and he says Don't you understand don't you understand what is going on here. We will we will have a a major problem so you need to get out of this airplane C. for the saving jump. Everyone needed just one thing to parachute. That's all that you needed. But are being satisfied with that. Are we content. No we are not we are flexible restless. We're demanding. You may say Yeah Frank in your story. In an airplane high above the sky this might be the case but down here on Earth and with God's grace. Isn't this just crazy. But isn't this just the same with many of us. Aren't we in a very similar situation in our spiritual journey with God. Haven't we experienced things like that as well. You are asking God that God will take away that fear that you have. You're asking God to please change that difficult situation somehow so that life is going a little bit more smoothly not so rough. You asked that God Please help you in this and that so that it's easier for you. And maybe our experience is just asks the passengers in my story. You realize that God is leading us gently leading us and all of a sudden we realize we are in mid air so to speak only to be carried by His grace. I don't know how it is with you but I could imagine that every single one of us here in this room has experienced that you have prayed and you have asked God for something very specific and you've waited for an answer. I don't know whether. You've had this in your life that you were in a situation where there was one thing just one thing that you desperately wanted to have this one thing that you really thought you needed and you prayed for this one thing and this one thing was the very thing you never received. Have you experienced anything like that. So what do you do in a situation like that you're going to sleep pray. You say Lord help me that I will keep my money together that I will not go bankrupt north. Please help me if I could only get this place at this university in this city or then and I'll do this now. Lord if you could only solve that very difficult situation in my family with my children with my spouse with my colleagues at work in that situation that is so difficult. It drains me. It sucks out all the energy. It is just so demanding. And if you would change that difficulty and all you ask is this one open door and all you expect is this one answered prayer and of course you will be thankful for everything for to God if you will answer that prayer. And so you pray and you will you wait no answer and you pray and you wait. No answer. And you pray and you wait and you don't receive an answer. Now may I ask you an honest question at this point it's a very personal question you don't have to respond publicly but in your heart in your mind ponder this question what would happen in your life if God would say to that the only thing that is most dear to you that you personally want to have. What would you do if God would say you know what would you do if the one thing that you urgently want to have is the one thing that you never see that perhaps has never fulfilled. How would YOU react if God would say to you or to me Frank my grades is sufficient for you. My grace is enough. My grace is all you need. What you be satisfied with that. Would you be happy with it which you'd be content and say yes this is all I need. So you urgently ask God to somehow somehow please save the life of my child that has this strange to seize that nobody can hear and you pray and you if you come to God and and you say God please please help me that I will. Well not that I don't have to file bankruptcy but I'm not unemployed. All of a sudden that I could pay my bills and have the shame of no work. And you pray and you ask God to God please can't you take this this cancer away and the pain it causes so that my husband my wife has not to suffer anymore that terrible pain that comes from this cancer. Contentment being satisfied is a state of heart where you have peace. Even if God will not give you more than he has already given to you would you be content. Would you be happy. Would you be satisfied. See From Heaven's perspective God's grace is all you need right now. You don't need more and if I look around in this room I think God has blessed you. Every single one of us with far far more than just his grace. If you have eyes to see who is sitting right next to you. If you have ears to hear what I'm saying. If you have hands to open up a book and read and touch another person then God has given you far more than just his grace. If you have the money to buy clothes. You know we are blessed with far more than just Scott's Grace. And just so that you will not misunderstand me I don't think that God will just say oh my grace is enough. All you need is heaven. No he's interested in your life right here down on Earth. But I want you to to think about this and reflect about this that God is so gracious that he has given us far more than we really need. But the problem is we are not happy with that. We're not satisfied. We want more. We are demanding and so there are times when we go out after he has listened to our prayers and heard our requests apparently since praying. My grace is sufficient for you Frank. My grace is enough. Is God unfair when he says something like this a number of years ago I was in the United States at Andrews University and I was pursuing my doctorate my Ph D. there and I had to study very hard and our oldest son was born then and he was about at that time when this incident happened he was maybe three and a half years. So I would spent many hours in the library to study there and then noone would come home usually on my bike riding home on my bicycle and eat lunch and then head off for the library again to finish my dissertation. At this particular day I was heading home. I ate lunch and as I was ready to head back to the library my little three and a half year old boy approaches me and he says Papa daddy he says can't you just take me to that playground over there. I'd love to play there with my friends and poor little three year olds. This was far enough away to walk there alone so I said Sure I'll do you a favor. I'll give you a ride. Sit on my bicycle on the back there. Just make sure that your legs are straight away. So I put him on the bicycle and I started writing to that playground because I was not careful and because he was not careful. Something terrible happened. Somehow while I was riding full speed with my bicycle and my little son on the back seat there. Somehow I don't know how and why his little foot got into the spokes of the wheel and it was kind of pushed between the spokes and the frame and one of the spokes kept weight back and is healed and it started bleeding we fell to the ground and I somehow tried to wind his little foot out of that situation. I took him in my arms and and I ran home as fast as I could and at home I said to my wife we have to we have to go to the hospital immediately to the emergency room. We need to see the doctor. So I jumped into my car with my wife with my son and we drove to the next hospital and there to the emergency room and the doctors came and they took little Jonathan and they took him to the to the operation table there and they looked at it and we had to wait outside in the waiting room. Now after a while to remember they out that the doctor came out and he said Mr Hartl I have good news for your son. The spoke from that wheel from the bicycle wheel cut his heel and almost cut his Achilles heel. And if that would have happened he would not have been able to move his foot anymore. He would not be able to play soccer or run and jump like children would like to do that. So I still remember when he said that he said we only have to go to fix that with five stitches he said. And he will be all right. And I sat there in the in the room receiving that message and I said to myself thank you Lord and I praise Scott for that. And at this very moment it was as if it hit me as if God was talking to me now I didn't hear an actual voice but it was a clear thought that came to my mind and the thought was this as if God were saying to me Frank would I be a less wonderful God If your son Jonathan would not have been spared. Frank would be a less good God If the foot of your son would remain stiff. FRANK Would I still receive your praises tomorrow morning if Jonathan would not have been saved. See is God truly a good God that is the question that is before us or the topic we're talking about today. Is Scott truly a true god. Even even he sometimes sends you know. Let me ask this question who believes that God is good. I thought so. Do you really believe that. Do you really believe that God is good. How do you know. But how do you know can you give me a single Bible passage that says that God is good. You have people out the back right. Yes. Tell me where does the people where where does the Bible say God is good. I don't hear you clearly there's a mumbling a rumor here. How do we know that God is good. Well tell us then see that the Lord is good right. Where is that. Thirty four. OK there's one passage in the New Testament. By the way it's good to have a Bible with you and it's good to know the Bible not just from the outside from the inside. In the New Testament in Matthew Chapter nineteen we're seventeen. It's kind of in passing. Jesus is talking to the rich young man to the rich young ruler and it says as he said to him Why are you asking me about what is good. There is only one who is good. And Jesus wants to say this is not the father. So that is one passage we read the Psalms it's another passage. It's good to know the Bible I think the proof for God's goodness is in His Son Jesus Christ. He has demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is good. In fact that he is love and that he is doing everything he can to save us and to bring us home. So we're coming back to my question. You said you believe that God is good. Do you really believe that. Do you really believe that God is good. One hundred percent. From top to toe. From beginning to end. From A to Z. through and through purely only simply good. Or do you think and believe what most people believe. See most people don't respond to that question. They say all right yes God is good God is not just good he is very good. He is not only very good he is very often very good but not always see that is what most people think. And that's what they structure their life around. They think God is good. Oh he is excellent He's very good very often very good but not always. Now do you believe that God is only good that his goodness is all there is that there is not even a thought of evil with this God that he is good for to ensure that there is no shadow with God only light as John says in the New Testament. See if you are not sure about this fundamental question. If you only think God is good and he is very often very good but not always then in the most tricky situations of your lives you can't be sure to trust God right. And that's how most people structure their spiritual life. And then a tough situation comes and before they can trust God because they're not sure that God is always good. So before they can trust him they need to have an explanation for why this has happened. And the big white question comes up. And without an answer to that question they cannot trust God and then they try to find an answer and construction answer to that question. Often it's way off. So I want to encourage you to really trust God because God is good. Yes. Amen. Very good not just very often but all the time. God is good all the time all the time. God is good. Amen. Yes. So keep that in mind because I think that is the foundation. If you are not sure about that how will you survive in a difficult situation when things don't run smoothly. If things come differently than you expected and if you cannot trust God then then you have a problem. So this brings me to my second part of what I want to share with you and that is so what do we do when we pray when we pray. Aren't just prayers honest prayers and we are dedicated and we mean it right. And still don't get an answer from God. Has that ever happened to you. So there's one thing I think we all need to learn and that is perseverance Perseverance is a lesson which all people through all ages have to learn. And I think God does not like spiritual weaklings. But he likes Giants people who are not easily discouraged and he wants sincere people who trust him because he is a good to God and to trust his promises and who persevered in their prayers who don't give up just because they have started praying and have not received an answer immediately. So perhaps perhaps the purpose. Off waiting is not so much that we wait for something better in the future. That's what usually is our motive. We wait because we hope that something better will come in the future. But I think that in the Bible the purpose for waiting even for waiting for answers to our prayers is not so much that something better might come in the future but that this process of waiting will bring to light who I am and who I can become. With God's grace see when you are waiting and this is my experience and when my wife got sick and we received the diagnosis and you go to the hospital you know and you have to wait for themselves and the tests and you know where you have to wait. You wait in a in a space that is designed by architect the sole purpose of the space is to guide people in the waiting. It's called Waiting Room. You know it's a whole room. It was whole purpose is just to entertain people in waiting and it is a shame how careless some of these ways engine look like. It's then when the people have the most questions it's then when the people most open to spiritual things. So when you wait then in that experience of waiting I think every single one is confronted with a spiritual decision is. And spiritual decision and the decision we have to decide is will allow my impatience and will I know my doubts to question God's goodness and to question God's. Or do I recognize that in waiting I am confronted with a unique opportunity that will help me to become the person God wishes me to be. I repeat that or will I see that as a unique opportunity to become that person that God wishes me to be. Maybe because of that waiting and just because of that waiting I have both become somebody whom I never would have been otherwise. And if we look at this way if you look at weighting from that perspective I think waiting becomes God's means of transformation. Waiting becomes God's means to change me according to his will so that I will become the person that I could never be without waiting. So the purpose of what we're doing is not that I will receive something better in the future. The purpose is that God can change me in the present that he is with me now. And it helps me by the way. Good to be more like Jesus and to be more like God in this and that something that we all want to be more like Jesus. Yes Why. Because Jesus also wades right. He waits for you and he waits for me. So if you want to be like Jesus learn to wait. And in that process become that person that he longs you to be and that you could never be without that experience of waiting. So if you look at waiting from that perspective I think it is God's means to show you His grace and to help you to become a better person. So with that let me move on to the seven points that I think are interesting in that process of waiting. And I tell that because I have gone through those seven stages that seven points because I think that we need to realize when we wait for something even while we pray for it something happens to us. And often we do not realize that process and then we get impatient with ourselves and with other people and maybe we lose even sight of God. So when we wait and we pray I think we have seven stages that every person goes through while he or she is waiting. And let's see whether that will work here. Yes. So here is the first stage and by the way. If you can read that. I think there is a download for the seminar and if you download that you will have that written down in English and you can take that home. And this is taken from a book that I have written. It's in German. We're still looking for a publisher to publish that in English and this is part of my experience after the death of my wife. When you know that is a very painful experience it's not a pleasant experience and it's an experience where you really struggle with God and you have many questions and it is not uncommon that you you have a spiritual shipwreck. You know and you do lose your faith. So in that process these things in this book and this is one just one chapter out of this has helped me to stay spiritually sane. And I should say also happy by God's grace. And so let's go through these seven stages. When do you pray. I think and that is the beginning of every serious prayer. You are in a stage of intensity. You are confronted with a situation an emergency let's say some difficulty and this is very intense and you start praying because this is a painful experience or there's an urgent need that something needs to be done. And so you start praying. So the beginning of our prayers and our prayer press often is correct arrived by a certain degree of intensity. Because of that crisis you feel and you expect something has to happen. So quickly. So you pray and we ask God and you focus all your energy on praying and you focus all your energies on God and you ask him for help and you ask him for a solution to that difficult problem. So this is the first stage of every prayer. Now if you look at your life and you think about a situation you will realize when this was an intense situation. This is how career starts. So you sit down to kneel down and you pray you devote time to God and you pray more. And it's a very intense spiritual situation. But this is not how most of our prayers are. So at least that's my experience. Yes Sometimes God answers prayers rather fast praise him for that but sometimes we are confronted with very serious situations and we pray and pray and that difficulty has not been dissolved or or has not moved or changed or anything. So that brings us to the second phase the second phase is called distraction. See it is very extremely difficult very difficult to maintain such an intense attitude of prayer over an extended period of time over a longer period of time. You can do that one afternoon. You can do that one day. You can do that maybe a couple days but then you have the T. hip. And why. Because we're human beings and as human beings we need to eat something right once in a while at least. And we need to prepare what we eat. Did we need to do that. Do the dishes after what we have them so that we need to buy the groceries and we need to do the chores and we need to clean up and we need to go to work. After all you cannot just pray for months and weeks and not work a single minute. So you have to go to work next next morning and you have to focus your attention to what you are doing and because of that because of the life you automatically get distracted. This is normal. This happens to everybody. So distraction corrector ISIS the second stage because of our every day daily life and routine. It goes on and that leads to a third face or stage in our prayer life. When we pray intensely for something and that is anger and impatience that is the normal regular development. And if you are honest with yourself you will admit that. Why in that third phase we often experience a certain sense of anger or impatience because the desired answer for our prayers does not appear or at least it does not appear in the form. I have been hoping for. Or it is delayed and it doesn't happen so quickly and swiftly and when anger arises this anger is often directed either towards God. Why torts God because God apparently does not interfere because I pray to this God and He does not respond. I pray and described this and to help me I pray and the situation is not changed and it makes me angry. And see here many happen to have a problem because they feel this anger. They are even mad at God but they will not admit it because we all know we should not be angry at God right and to be angry at God is not the right thing not the right emotion and so we know what we should do. But we feel different and when you are not honest at this point you harbor this anger and you nurture that anger. And on the surface on the outside you say everything is OK still trust God I pray that this inside this anger grows and it will explode. May I suggest to you that we have to learn to be honest with our feelings towards God. If you read the Psalms and if you read how David writes some of his psalms you can sense and you can read in your Bibles a very intense feeling even anger even towards God But then the same David says God I am angry because you are not interfering. You're not opposing my enemies. You're not helping me. But then he says. But search my heart and see whether I'm on the right path. But he has no hesitation to express his feelings even towards God So this anger and the impatience is typical for this sort of face and if we are not angry towards God then our anger can also turn toward the cause of the problem. Because the problem does not disappear because a problem continues to cost dress and discomfort and we are angry about the situation or we are angry about the person who brought about that situation. Or I can even become angry with myself. Maybe I'm the cause for this misfortune. Maybe I'm the reason why I'm in this particular situation now. Maybe I am unable to do anything about the situation and maybe I am feeling responsible for it. So I'm getting angry at myself. Anger is never a good thing. Neither with God nor with other people nor with yourself. But it's good to admit it. If you don't admit it Jesus can't take care of it right. But if you confess it. If you made it and you say it then Jesus is in control. So after the anger after the impatience the impatience is another side effect of that whole thing. Let's say you pray you pray intensely C. and that is something that is not just on the spiritual level. This is with every other emergency as well. Just I mean you heard the news about this terrible earthquake in Nepal right. Thousand of thousands of people have died many more. Without houses and shelter and it was on the news I mean daily Do you hear anything about that part anymore. It's not the news it's not in the headlines but just a few days later it disappeared. Why. And every person in the media knows that you cannot maintain an intense attention for a long period of time. It will break down and then the normal life gets on with the issues the people in that pile still don't have houses and they still suffer. We just don't hear about it anymore. See so that is the difficulty because we are getting distracted and then we are getting impatient as well. We think to ourselves actually I should have prayed. But after other things and actually maybe I should have prayed more. And you're impatient with yourself and you think maybe I'm not as spiritual as I should be. Things like that and that leads to the fourth situation and the fourth phase so to speak and that is accusation. Anger often leads to a form of accuracy. And in this fourth phase of the waiting process we sometimes reproach God God can to act a little faster please. I mean you're on the right means you can do everything. So why don't you illustrate that a little bit here. Why don't you act. Why do you why do you wait and why is nothing happening. Why don't you step in and solve the problem. And sometimes the. It's actually stations are turned not towards God but towards other people whom we perceive as the cause of the problem. And we choose them and we call names on them and we are impatient. Sometimes we excuse ourselves. And you know what we do this because the Bible tells us that Satan is the accuser of the brethren is accusing doesn't come from God but choosing has its origin with Satan and he is the accuser of all human beings and he insinuates that God has delayed the answer to my prayers or he tells us that I'm too sinful that God will respond to my prayers you know all these accusations that come up in your mind and that leads to the fifth discouragement anger and accusations often lead to frustration and frustrations leads to discouragement and when I'm discouraged I'm not sure whether it's even worth it to continue to pray. Now I've prayed for so long and nothing has happened. Now pray for several days perhaps even weeks. I don't know whether you prayed for months and nothing has happened where you are there on Friday evening when Mark had the presentation and he told about this mother who prayed for how many years for her daughter. Yes she didn't. She continued to pray even though she didn't see an answer immediately. But if you get discouraged you quit. If you're discouraged you quit a thing. And if there is one thing that Satan did life it's when he succeeds to discourage you. Discouragement never comes from God It always comes from Satan. So God longs to help me because God tenderly Valve's me and he has a very personal interest in my life and so I never get discouraged. And if you feel discouraged remember that this feeling is not coming from God and tell God God I feel discouraged. I feel as if I should give up. Please help me in that situation. And that leads me to the next point and that is determination determination. If I don't let my anger and if I don't let my frustration discourage me. I have all at Lance to this next level in which I am determined to continue to play no matter what I say. Sometimes I may feel like the man who calls out I believe help my unbelief. You know we're torn between the two things and sometimes I might wrestle like shake up and cry. I will not let you go unless you bless me. Now in this phase of determination this is not just. Sensation it's not just a feeling. It is a deliberate decision that I have decided I will continue to pray and I will not let go. I will not give Satan the victory and the pleasure to see me discouraged. No I'm not one to let this happen. So I am determined to go on and this experience is possible I believe only when I trust that God is really good. If I'm not convinced that God is one hundred percent good through and through and that he is only good then in this face of discouragement I can trust him. And then Satan has won. So I can tell you from my experience it pays it pays to trust God that it pays to wait on him. Casting all your care upon him Peter says for he cares for you. So he is interested in you and he wants to help you. And when this praying when my plane passes this test I think then I am ready and able to advance to a level number seven. And that is joy and please see overcoming the temptation of discouragement in prayer opens the way of rejoicing and praising in hope and a joyful faith in turn results in a heart that is filled with peace. Peace that is higher than any human understanding. And this is true. This has been my experience and I know many other people have experienced the same. See sometimes you come to a point in your life where something happens that you did not want. I didn't want my wife to die. She was forty four way too young. We were happy to be married. We loved each other. You know sometimes there are people who are not happily married. Why don't they die you know. And then I was happily married. We loved each other. And yet she died within one year after they found out that she had cancer she was dead. And we tried everything we prayed. We had an anointment. We had to and and she still die. That this is not something that I that I have to say and this was not something that I was looking forward to. This is not how I had planned my life this is not how I had envisioned my future and what you do in a situation like that you know it is easy to say Trust God but once you're in a tough situation then it really shows whether you trust him or not. And when you're in a situation like that and then what do you do to solve that and what do you do with the longings of the heart. And the desires that you have and the things and and and how do you get a solution to that. Do you take it in your own hands to grab what you can get. Many people do that and they become unhappy and that is the point where you have to learn to trust Jesus even though you don't see an answer. Right. And the thing is that I can share and testify to you that that's God's peace is available to everyone. And it is greater than our human understanding. Often I've been in a situation where I really got nervous thinking too far ahead into the future because when you're single and you have to juggle not just your profession and your your work but but also the household and the children and the cooking and ironing and and the washing of the current everything. You wear many different hats that you did not wear before. And how do you get along with that. And where is the solution to that end. And sometimes you get nervous and you have to start to learn to trust and to trust his goodness and to tell God I believe you are good. No matter what because he doesn't delight in the pain in the discouragement and all that. This is Satan's work. And sometimes you know this might sound Chalo and we say this often but this really is my experience that you have to learn to live by faith. Even if you don't see it and I can tell you that God's grace is amazing and that His Grace is marvelous. And Jeremiah the prophet Jeremiah in his book limitations has written a word that really has been my experience after the death of my wife. He says the Lord's loving kindness is indeed never sees and his compassion never fails. They are new every morning great is I faith on this. Therefore I have trust in you. You know and and that has been my experience. Even more amazing than the pain and the sad experience of losing a life partner even more exposed extraordinary is God's grace and God's grace is new every morning and he can sue us. Your heart like nothing else. And she can give you peace beyond understanding and your sense that he is with you and he even gives you some joy so that you can join your life and not just be miserable. See. So when we pray we can do this only when we trust God and you can trust God Only if you trust that God is good. If God were not good you could not trust him. Not in the difficult parts. So believe that God is good we have every reason to believe that God is good he has demonstrated it beyond a shadow of a doubt. So let's be people let's be advantaged who live the way God like for us to live. That we trust his goodness that or trust his promises. And we live by faith even though we don't see it and we claim is promises and we are not getting discouraged but we press on until we realize there is joy and inner peace beyond human understanding. So this is my message to you this is what I wanted to share with you and where I hope that you in your personal situation will experience God's amazing grace that is just one phrase. This media was brought to you by Adil a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about yours or if you'd like to listen to more sermon W.W.W. audio person dot org.


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