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Daring to Ask For More

Melody Mason


Based on her book by the same title, this prayer seminar will challenge and boost your faith as Melody talks about how to take your relationship with God to the next level and go from being a spiritual dwarf to being a spiritual giant, interceding on behalf of others. You won’t be the same!


Melody Mason

Coordinator of the United Prayer program and assists with the Revival and Reformation Initiatives at the General Conference



  • July 9, 2015
    12:15 PM
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This is my second time to attend a G.C. for the first time I was ten years ago and I only attended two days and I left too many people. But God has brought me back and it's been such a blessing to get to interact with so many of you in the prayer room and just to see how God is working with his worldwide church has been very encouraging. So it's just a real privilege to be here before we have opening prayer and officially began how many of you have been part of the hundred days of prayer. Anyone here in this room OK Some of you have. I just praise God for how he's been working in there. Just been different testimonies that God has brought in over the last one hundred days which actually started March twenty five all the way to go to the G.C. session and if you're not familiar the purpose of the initiative was to lift up the arms of our leaders and to just pray that God bluffing would be here especially as we had difficult situations and issues to deal with and so I just praise God for Been working but I just wanted to share a couple brief testimonies we had one woman that's been part of the hundred days of prayer and she was struggling in her walk with God just not feeling like she was connecting and even more than that she was struggling in her marriage and her marriage basically was falling apart. She just didn't feel connected at all. But she was really convicted by something one of our devotional author throat Luka Real's one of our authors and she had talked about prayer and fasting the power of prayer and fasting is specifically how God blessed her for twenty one days of prayer and fasting. So this young woman actually I think she from Kenya wrote us or she wrote the look and just asked for more input on her own fasting and she decided you know what my life is kind of falling apart but I can try prayer and fasting and see what God will do and so on. She took on that challenge and miracle of miracles she told her husband she was going to do this and then they actually kind of scoffed at the idea but then the morning she was going to start she said she told him and he says you know what I'm going to join you for that twenty one days to pray in fast and over that twenty one days. God restored their marriage and he brought them back to life spiritually and now the husband is excited and wanting to start prayer groups in their church and they've seen a complete reversal. And I just praise God because that's one of the things that we were praying as we're praying for our church we want to see our own lives revived as well so that we can become more effective intercessors. One other story you may have heard briefly was shared yesterday morning and actually incidentally this one also comes from Kenya and I didn't hear about this until coming here to the G.C.. We had a woman come also from Kenya and she shared how they had been part of the prayer initiatives with the world church starting back in two thousand and thirteen and maybe it's two thousand and eleven and all the way up to present with the seven seven seven in the ten days of prayer and just how God have been bluffing. So they took on the hundred days of prayer and they should have as well. And then this way they were just doing it as a small group but then God is really blessing and they decided we need to invite more people to be part of this initiative. And so more they invited more people and more people were coming in coming in the group grew and pretty soon they had over four hundred people meeting to pray and that was amazing but what is really exciting is the as been asked invited not as minutes for ENS not administering started and ended up coming and being part of that prayer group ended up to have thirty pastors that were involved and they asked for studies on what is what is Adventism all about. So this couple along with other leaders there studied with them and of the thirty pastors sixteen of them made the day. Decision to become baptized have a say as well. And that testimony we just received since coming here did you see and she shared how some of them were baptized in front of their own congregations I think and they are going to bring their congregations into the church as well. So the testimonies just go on and on and it just you know it blows my mind how amazing God is and the ripple effect that can come as we pray and as we're praying for a world church that how God changes and works in our own lives as well. So I just praise him for that. There's been many many more testimonies as well. So as leadership in the introduction to the seminar if you had not been in the prayer room I just want to encourage you to come. This is one of the pictures from one of our mornings there in the mornings are actually the most packed time. But we just praise God for what he's been doing in the program all day long so I just want to invite you to be part of that blessing as well. Don't miss out on the experience. So before we begin I just want to have a word a prayer was about our heads. Heavenly Father I just thank you so much for the privilege to serve you. Father we are not worthy but you are worthy and I just praise you but others I share the sceptre knew some of my testimony and how you've been working in my life and in our lives. I just pray that you would be glorified that you would be exalted and your people would not see me but they would see more of you and that they would be inspired to be more on their knees seeking you seeking you for the salvation of souls and seeking to stand in the gap on behalf of others. Father please fill this room with the Holy Spirit. Thank you for hearing this prayer in your precious name humans so you know the title of the seminar daring to ask for more personal keys to prayer revival. But before I get into practical keys this afternoon I I want to share a little bit more foundation and some of the things that God has been doing in my life in the lives of my friends just this month when the introduced me we work together in ministry. Just because that gives a foundation for work for where we're going in for what God is doing. First off how many of you were raised with be wonderful I am Bishan to be in the Army. Anybody. OK there's one person that raise their hand. Most people don't raise their hands when they ask that question. And you know what I was that I didn't grow up wanting to be in the Army or the military or anything along that line. I had other emissions from my life. But check out the quote from Christian service Ellen White tells us every man or woman who has enlisted in Christ army is a soldier. That means every one of us has been called to be a part of God's army. But what are we fighting for. As soldiers here's two things I believe we are fighting for one we're fighting for truth we're fighting for God's truth to be proclaimed and we're fighting for the lost. But we cannot do this unless we are wearing our armor. As you know from Ephesians six it talks about that the soul must be barricaded by prayer and study of the Scriptures. Armed with these weapons Jesus encountered a foe on the field of battle and overcame him. So prayer and time in the word are two very key parts of of our being successfully armed. Here's another passage from easy kill twenty two thirty not only does our own salvation depend on the Word of God Actually I think this is a quote from Ellen White. Well references equal twenty two. Not only does our own salvation depend upon our now. All edge of the Word of God but the salvation of others is to a large degree dependent on our faithfulness to this duty. The knowledge of revealed truth is the spiritual weapon by which God is to make us mighty to the pulling down of the strongholds of the enemy it is through the power of the word that souls are to be delivered out of darkness. Here we have to be killed twenty two thirty and I saw for a man among them that should make up the hedge and stand in the gap before me for the land that I should not destroy it by. But I found none. You know God is looking for intercessors he's looking for people that will stand in the gap Here's another quote from inspiration God has thrust his people into the gap to make up that hedge to raise up the foundation of many generations. The heavenly intelligences angels Excel and strength are waiting obedient to his command to unite with human agencies. When are we ready. Are we ready to work with them. Are we ready to be used. Unfortunately so often we aren't. I just wish more of my testimony I grew up as a Seventh Day Adventist actually about five generations back. It's my heritage but as some speakers rightly say we are only first generation administrate we we we have to choose this and embrace it for ourselves. But when I grew up here in the church in North America I have to admit I didn't really see a lot of things in the church that attracted me to the church I mean it. It's like yeah yeah a lot of amazing things happened in the Bible God has worked. But what about today. I've heard stories from the past you know about revivals and reformations and miracles happening but I don't see that happening today at least not in the church and I saw a lot of hypocrisy. A lot of us saw backstabbing and. Just different sad things going on. And I just wasn't impressed with what I saw and incidentally I didn't really like church. Now I will say I didn't run away from the church or go and join another church but it just was not attractive to me. I feel like I was living in the wilderness and I believe a lot of us in Christianity Today get stuck in wilderness Christianity you know we are told when the children of Israel were called out of Egypt did God call the children of Israel out of Egypt to get stuck in the wilderness or was he calling them to the promised land he was calling them to the promised land but so often we get stuck in the wilderness where we're proud of the fact that we've left worldly Egypt behind. I'm a Seventh Avenues that pay my time to do these things I'm not going out and drinking and smoking and doing all these things that we're all do or whatever else you know I'm proud of that fact. But we're actually living a mediocre Christianity lifestyle. We haven't really embraced the calling that God has called us to the promised land. And so we're stuck like the children of those who were just kind of doing circles in the wilderness. And I feel like for a lot of my early life even though I came from a very sincere dedicated home and I appreciate I praise God actually for godly parents because my parents did teach me a lot about the power of prayer. And I'm sure that's why I stayed in the church. You know I remember waking up in the morning and hearing my dad praying four o'clock in the morning out loud praying for for his children praying for our family for our community and I thought answers to prayer. So I came from a very genuine authentic Christian home and I praise God for that. But I just did not see God working in the church and it affected my parents. It affected me very much and I know that God wants us to have more you know he tells us to come that we might have life and we might have life more abundantly. We're not meant to just be building sand castles in the wilderness but so often because that's all we see that's what we grow content with. That's what we accept but praise God for the promise from Matthew five six Blessed in are they which hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled. I'm going to share a little bit. It's a nutshell of how I feel like God took me from that wilderness experience. I was alive spiritually but not really thriving it was more surviving and all of that and kind of up and down spiritual experience and how God I feel like has opened the doors to me and I'm still discovering and I mean it's like an endless gushing Niagara Falls or Victoria Falls where you see this picture you see the comparison between the desert and and Victoria Falls. How I have seen what God will do if we will really move forward in faith if we will really stand upon his word if we were really believe what he says. So it's totally changed my life and I'm just holding on for the adventure. I'm really excited because I see the signs of Jesus coming all around. And I'm really excited to help other people prepare and that is the passion that is the passion of my life now and I just want to challenge you as I begin to share some more things that God has taught me over the last few years. You know as as we listen to different messages and things that people share is easy to think oh if only someone so could hear this message because my brother could hear it or my mother could hear it or my child could hear. Or my husband could hear it. You know they need to hear this message. I want you to as you listen to Day to really ask yourself what about me. What is in this message for me. How is God calling me to go higher or deeper. Say in my walk with him because you know we want to see revival in our church we want to see revival in our churches and our families. But it starts with us personally if God isn't taking us deeper personally if God isn't alive and expressing he's alive but if we're not seeing this in our own lives it's something with us we can't blame that on others. And so I just want to challenge you to ask God how does this apply to me. There's a both in the visions three twenty it's my favorite all time verse and it says now on him that is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think you know I thought about that verse a few years back and I thought if God is able to do all that we ask or think why are we settling. Why are we content with less. If he is willing to do more than we ask or think why are we content with less. There's a story of a pastor or a missionary actually his name was John Hyde. Maybe some eons some of you've heard of him he lived back in the early eighteen hundreds and he was a missionary for India and he just had a passion to see souls brought into the truth. But when he first went to India there were not that many. Not that many ways what's happening is the work of his ministry and he was discouraged and so he started praying more and getting on his knees more and as he did he saw God bless him more and more. But this is a part of the story that just really has really impacted my life. He became convicted to ask after God had really been growing his face for a while to begin asking for one soul a day one person a day to be brought to the truth to accept and have a personal relationship with Jesus and so he became convicted to pray that her over the next year. And when people heard about that they said that's kind of presumptious to ask. As for that just be thankful for what he gives you. But he was convicted to ask for one sole the day he fasted and prayed in peace that that's what God was calling him to do and so he moved forward that you're praying for once a little and do you know that God answered that prayer over that next year. He actually saw over four hundred people come to know Christ as their personal savior. Well the next year that God blessed us to be just settle for what he has done to do we ask for more. We ask for more of the title of the seminar is daring to ask for more. So he began praying that God would do a greater work and he was convicted to start praying for two souls a day and so he began praying for two souls a day and that next year God brought over eight hundred people to the Gospel as a result of his life in his witness. Well the next year instead of asking for three for the day he was convicted to ask for four and you might think this is while this is outrageous. This is a true life story of a man that lived you can read his testimony in the book called praying Hyde the apostle of prayer. Just amazing testimony and he fasted and prayed for a couple weeks before he had clarity that yes this is God pressing me to do this this isn't anything of myself this is God So he was praying and he moved forward and sometimes he wouldn't quite see everyone come in as if he had been convicted they were supposed to and he be searching his heart and God is there something in my life that's holding back this blessing and God will show him something in his life a little breach or some way that he agreed the Holy Spirit and He would make that right and God with him for that prayer and those people that come to the truth. This man was an incredible apostle of prayer and his fervency and passion pales in comparison to what we see today. He had such a passion for prayer he actually had a heart shift his heart actually. Partially move it from one side of his chest to another which is very rare medical condition from what I've been told and he died at a young age and I like to say he actually died of a broken heart. He had such a passion and a burden to see souls come to the kingdom. Can you imagine that having such a passion that you're just on your knees pleading God please give me souls for the kingdom. Well I have to make this story has inspired me like none other and it's also showed me I don't have that passion for souls. I long to see people come to the kingdom. That's what I'm seeking to give my life for but I recognize I don't have that urgency and passion. His stories just inspired me so much. And as I've reflected on it I thought well you know I don't have the faith at this point to ask for one soul a day for the kingdom but I would like to see God working in my life every day. I don't want that distant relationship or I can just say you know well yes last year I had this amazing miracle or this amazing answer to prayer or whatever I wanted to see that daily and so I began praying that God would bring an answer to prayer every day as an as an evidence just that he was with me and I was and I was on track with what he was calling me to do and I was really seeking his well God His will as well I don't want to praise his presumptuously just that he would be glorified and when I started taking record keeping track I began to realize God is doing that in my life it was amazing and I'm not talking about answers to prayer like OK Thank you for waking me up this morning. God you know that's not the kind of answer to prayer that I'm talking about. That's something that by God's grace he gives us every day but I'm talking about specific answers to prayer things that I was praying for for people or for provision or things like that and I began seeing those things happen. It was incredible. You see these papers on the screen. Over my Bible actually at the time and I have actually stopped this practice now because I can't keep up with it all. But I would put my prayer request on these little cards seasonal colored cards and I put them on a key ring like a key ring so you can flip through them just like as if you were you were memorizing something for a class or what have you. And on the cards I would also put a Bible verse that went with the prayer request that I was claiming because essentially in a nutshell when we talk about keys to answer prayer and victory in our life it has to do with the Word of God and claiming the Word of God the power of the word because God said it his word does not return on to him does not return to him boy. And when we stand upon his promises praying according to His will He will work. God promises that he will honor his word. So that's what this is what I began to do and then as the prayers began to be answered I took them off the key ring and I put them in a jar and they began to fill of the jar and that is some of the pictures that you see there. And again like I said I did this for two years almost two years. I think it was a little under two years and every day I had specific answers to prayer sometimes four or five I think one day I had eight that I recorded very significant answers to prayer and it was just amazing it was such a boost in my faith. Some of the exciting things the let me let me share the story first practical provision about this time that I was praying this prayer. I had been asked to write the book there and to ask for more and was completely feeling at a loss I can't do this I don't know how I'm going to do this and then I also was losing I was losing some income that I had relied on and so I basically didn't have any income. And I began asking God in my really to write this book I have no income now what would you like me to do. Well at that very time God began to bring in funds and provisions. But this is just an. Citing little testimony of how God provided the way on the country with my family on a farm in the Ozarks of Arkansas and we were having issues with muddy road and getting stuck in our driveway and I put on these prayer requests on these little cards gravel for my driveway. Now I think that may seem really crazy an insignificant but you know the Bible says Take no thought what you should eat or drink or wear when I shall be clothed The Heavenly Father cares more for these things and that you know what I have an income I have a way to buy you know pay five hundred dollars to get gravel. This is one of those things I need but I'm not going to stress about it and so I put it on my take no thought list I call that my take no thought list and that included my my bills my phone bill and electric bill the different things like that that I didn't have money to pay for. But I also included gravel on that list and I prayed for that every day along with lots of other things. For about three months and my dad came knocking on my office door when he says not only quit can you come get in the truck and help me we need to go down the road to pick up some gravel and I said gravel and he says he has the local church they finished paving their parking lot and they have this extra gravel they're trying to get rid of and they said we could get it and I said Did you know that I've been praying for a garage and he says no you didn't tell me and I said but I told God And so we picked up that gravel we actually got five truck loads trailer loads there plus a tractor load of free gravel we were able to put gravel in our driveway in the parking lot there and it's just like wow such a testimony to you know God cares about the gravel that we walk on. Just amazing I can tell you so many stories of how he's provided like that but this is a just a very unique story that that I love to share about his faithfulness. But even more than providing for our physical needs paying our bills doing things like this to provide for us as we seek to follow Him by faith and serve him is how he wants to provide spiritually. If you give us a personal victory in our lives to grow it spiritually and to bring people into the kingdom and I just seen God amazing things happen in this way as well. I'll tell you a quick story before we go on. We had I had done a seminar in the church not far from where I live my brother was there with me. This one woman was was crying and just broken about her marriage and I'm going to jump ahead of myself. Briefly because I'm going to take a little bit about what I've been doing in Army ministries in Army minis at our army bottlecap ministries we've seen a lot of marriages being healed and restoration taking place and so I was praying I'm doing person hours and things and I was praying God I want to see this happen in my own life too. I see this happening in a corporate setting but I want to see this happen in our lives for people that we pray for. So my brother and I have a wonderful two godly amazing brothers. One of my brothers was was with me and we just felt convicted to really start lifting up this woman that we had prayed for at this seminar. Her and her children that God will work and bring restoration to that marriage and three weeks later I want to give a seminar three hours away in another church and this me and man is that the door and welcomed us and helped us carry our stuff and he began to tell us how excited he was for the person they are he says your seminars change. My wife just made such a difference in her life. And he began to discuss some more things I was like wait a second is your name Jeff. He said Yes how did you know he said I said because we've been praying for you for like three weeks now that God would work and restore your lies and here just like so excited. So he was able to be the seminar that we had that day we were able to pray over him and God has restored their marriage and brought them back together. Just so amazing. We had another seminar that we went to I was working with Marianne parts in the Arkansas Louisiana conference and we were always crying when we did the Summoner's please bring the. People that you need to be there please bring the people that will will be most most impacted or that this will meet their need that day we had a young man come into the seminar that day that had not been in the church for ten years. His family was there with us in the seminar they actually had not seen him for a number of years and he was just convicted of all days to come into that persimmon hour and when one of our speakers was speaking he made the decision to rededicate his life to Christ and so it's so exciting. When we see God working and I think this is what he is really looking for he is looking for intercessors. He's looking for intercessors to stand in the gap when there is no intercessor now want to tell you just briefly a little bit about Army Bob looking at ministries just to to help you understand what God has been doing. Our army is actually two words put together arm me we say arming people with tools for a biblical revival or administering Bible movement for the End Times. This is a Bible study ministry I don't know did any of you attend the seminar that driver Myers did a few days ago. OK pass driver mind is the president of Army ministries that God really put the idea in mind to start a Bible study you know Powerpack Bible study training camp and that was the whole purpose of the of the ministry not something fancy or elaborate but just get people studying the Bible and praying together. We had we were putting together the plans for this for this ministry. But when Godfrey sprocket came together beside Pastor Martin and a couple other individuals on the team who really did not know what we were doing were all amateurs. We just were passionate to see people study the Bible and to pray and to experience personal revival. Scuse me just reflecting here. It's about so much to share some of the time here. So anyway we began planning and preparing but we got up right up to the time when the army camp was supposed to happen. I think we prepared for like three hundred people. We'll have forty five people registered. Keep in mind this is a brand new event we didn't really know what we were doing we hadn't really advertised properly. So we were just praying God please bring the people we feel like you've inspired us to do this but you have to do the work. Well praise God the town can't start it we had almost three hundred fifty people God brought the people it was amazing. So we want to do this. This ministry just getting people into the Word and interpreter we had different seminar speakers pastor Myers was the main one and other speakers as was as well just teaching people how to study the Bible and then the point is teaching their personal Bible study methods you know because we hear these amazing sermons we hear these amazing testimonies and you wonder. Wow how did they come up with that. That was amazing. What were their principles of Bible study so that was the whole purpose of when we formed Army Bible camp ministries and just to have these different people come and share. That's was been one of our speakers John Bradshaw has been one of our speakers. We've had many different speakers come and they just share how they study the Bible so it's personal practical training or lay people use members of all age. So we're really excited about this and we also believe in the power of prayer when we started but I have to say we didn't really understand the power of prayer God brought a young woman to us Melissa Miranda to be part of our team and she was telling us when we were starting that very first camp she said we need to be having a prayer United prayer service every morning before we start the meetings or the meeting started at seven o'clock in the morning and we were a little worried about trying to get people to come before seven o'clock in the morning to a purpose that we were a little bit resistant to that initially. But then we said well we'll invite people if they want to come they can come. So the first morning we had about twenty the next morning about forty and it just went up until towards the camp we had about two hundred people coming every day to pray. And we just saw God's Spirit poured out on that group as they were praying and we saw God's Spirit poured out of the meetings and as his world was coming alive and people were were being revived and we're just realizing the power of God's word and it was just amazing how God work and I'm going to turn on the personal testimony here in a minute but I just want to say when we move forward by faith God will provide if we are following him we are working according to His will. When we started this ministry we didn't have the funds to start it we were going by faith. We really needed a ten thousand dollar offering at that first camp to make things run. And we're about three hundred fifty attendees as I just told you. That's a lot to receive from that many attendees a ten thousand dollar offer and we were praying and praying and praying at the end a camp God gave us on almost thirty five thousand dollars. And he just showed us. This is my will I want you to move forward and God continue to bless. Amazingly in that department so I just want to say he provides so when we first started we were having the prayer meetings in the morning. But after that event we saw all we need to have more prayer in this ministry this can just be the thing that sandwiches the meetings so often. Prayer is the sandwich it's the bread that surrounds the main meat of the program. But prayer needs to be more than that it's not just to be there in pieces in need to be part of the whole program. What would God do if we would if we would do that as a church so the next Army bought a camp that we had we actually started a prayer room in the whole purpose was just a place of the meetings and to pray that God Spirit would be poured out and also to pray for the attendees and we encourage them to come. And initially you can see the picture it was a very small prayer room. At the next camp we had over after that more people were coming to the program. Sometimes we have sixty in the prayer room at a time and God was blessing his spirit was being poured out. We had couples come to us that were actually on the brink of divorce talked about marriages being healed. God healed their marriages and brought them back together. And these are the testimonies that inspired me so much in my own personal life that I began praying for that as well. We've had children come into the prayer room and just be so excited to pray together that they went back and they told their families you have to come to the prayer him and pray with us and we just saw a revival happening in the prayer room. We had teenagers coming in and just like wow I've grown up in the church and gone to these bible camps and these things that I always felt like I was missing something and now I know what it is. This the power of prayer. And so we started seeing God working that way and you know I think it's really interesting and mark a level seventy we're told it is written my house should be called of all nations. Our house of prayer of all things God emphasis into sizes. I mean it could be a house of entertainment it can be a house of or this is what we often make of different things but God says my house should be called of all nations. A house of prayer What would God do if we truly made his house a house of prayer and heavenly places. We're told there is a mighty power of prayer our great adversary constantly seeking to keep the troubled soul away from God and appeal to heaven by the humblest saint is more to be dreaded by Satan than the decrees of cabinet so the mandates of kings. So we begin to see more and more testimonies in the program we had a young boy come to us twenty one years old he had been smoking since he was thirteen and he wanted to gain the victory over that but he didn't know how he came to camp of course we don't want smoking on the campus and so I think after you've been there a day or so he began smoking was dedicating not in sending him home one of our staff members that let's go to the program. And pray that God can give you victory so they're praying together for a couple hours and then it was time for lunch and the staff member said you want to go in e he says no I need to stay in power and so he did and he stayed in that same four hours and he came out of that and he says I believe God has given me the victory over my nicotine habit. And he went the rest of the kit the rest of that camp with no no temptation to smoke. God actually took that desire of the word desire away can I do that and he can that is a supernatural victory that he gave. Want to share another testimony we had another man came into the prayer room and he was married he had what I call it i problem it was a lust problem a problem with his thoughts but he didn't share this with any of our team he was just praying like God I'm married. I want to just have eyes for my wife please forgive me please help me to gain the victory over this and so he was praying and praying for the several days he was coming in praying about this. He also had a physical problem. He wore glasses he could not see without glasses I think three days into the camp we were almost a Sabbath. He came out of the per room and again we didn't know what was happening to ensure the testimony later and he just knew God had given him a new heart and a new spirit and he was just so happy and radiate the next morning he was walking to Bible class and he suddenly realized that he was not wearing his classes as he as God had healed his heart spiritually he also healed his physical eyesight as well and that's just a testimony to me of that verse we shared early on him that they will to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think you know we're asking for these things and God wants to do so much more. Now when it comes to physical healing we know we know it's God's will to heal us. We don't always know the timing of that healing and I share that with people when we pray for people. It may be for God's glory and honor to heal us instantly. It may be for His glory and honor to heal us gradually and it may be for glory and honor to wait to the second coming to heal us we don't know the timing but we know he wants to heal. But he still is alive today he still works miracles today and these are some of the testimony. Here's one more testimony I will share. We had a young woman named Michelle. She's actually here with us at the juicy session. And God is using her in a mighty way. But when she first came to us you see the picture on the left we did not know if she was a boy or a girl. You just can tell you're like talking to me like this a boy hears with a girl like this is really embarrassing. I don't know who I'm talking to and it turns out she had been a lesbian for like fifteen years or something like that and I hadn't planned to attend the army Bible camp that she came to but somehow was convicted because her family paid her way to hook for her to come. And God began to move on her part. She came to the next one we had a few months later and she made the decision to surrender that lifestyle to God to totally turn and walk a new way and these are pictures of her learning to dress as a woman she's a beautiful young woman but she had to dress like a female for years and now she's gone to Africa program and she's continuing to be used and beginning to share her testimony and just on fire for God and what God has done in your life. So the things that we may say this is impossible. Nothing is impossible with God God is able to work God is able to change so many different testimonies I could share you know we had the perp room and then God was blessing and then we were convicted to start having an all night per session during the Bible conference. This is like I said afford a half day conference if I didn't mention that earlier. That's it's a very short power packed weekend that we had and one of them. Right we would have been all my prayer meeting and that has been one of the highlights of the events you know in the past we know that our administration years had many all night Prometheans pleading for God to work and God didn't work we need to be having more of these type of prayer sessions and just holding on by faith and claiming God will do. So I'm going to move on from what God's been doing with the Army since two thousand and nine we've had and I think over twenty four of them worldwide we just had a army Bible camp and Dominican Republic just like a couple weeks ago with over a thousand attendees and God God's been really blessing. Isaiah fifty five versus eighty nine says for the heavens are higher than the are so much higher my ways than your ways and my thoughts in your thoughts. Well we just saw how God was working in the prime ministry and as a result we began getting invitations for our prayer team to travel and work with different conferences and camp meetings and different events and some of my friends and I an army just began praying that God would help expand this and take this to a larger field and not long after we began praying that I actually got a call from Jerry and Janet page at the G.C. with the Ministerial Association and they had just come into office although Wilson had just been elected and I just praise God for elder Wilson's prayerful focus and leadership because he really wanted to see more prayer with the world church and as a result of that he brought pages on board and then your internet pages and very special friends and mentors to me impermanence tree. Back before I got in the ministry they have really influenced and impacted my life and so is God's been working in blessings that melody. Can you come and help us we need prayer support here at our yearly you know Council meetings and that's the yearly meeting in the fall that happens every year where the world leaders come together I think about four or five hundred delegates come together and so we. We went and God really blessed during that first day in your council that we got to be there. We had different leaders come to us and say you know we've been coming to these a new council business meetings with the world church for years and we've never felt the power of the Holy Spirit as we have this year we can really see a difference and so that was so exciting to see so we did that for I think two years because they kept asking us to come back with our protein bars for those meetings and the beginning of the next year I had just really been praying and fasting and and just seeking to go deeper in my walk with God because God is blessing that I'm continually he's given me a hunger and a thirst to ask for more and to seek for more. And so I was praying and fasting for twenty one days based on the story in the end where it was wrestling and praying for blessings and it says The blessing was held up for twenty one days Michael was rustling and before he brake before he broke through. So I just prayed for my own spiritual life that God would grow and take it deeper and during that time God convicted me why don't you go and bring the team you've been going to ring you know counsel you know just for those five days or whatever. What are you going to take the prayer team to the World Church headquarters and fast and pray for three weeks on behalf of our leaders. Lift up the arms of our leaders you know we're told that for the seventeen twelve I think it is when when the Joshua and his role were fighting in the valley with a man now a kite Moses was up on the mountain with his arms up but they were weary he couldn't hold them up and so Erin in her came and held up his arms and that story really impressed me and I thought we need to be praying more for our leaders. Yes we're doing that as a church many many people are praying. I know that but But what about going there in person and just bathing those meetings and prayer and just lifting of the arms of our leaders. What was such a wild idea or a thought about it for a long time but I never said anything about it not till the summer just before that. So you know counsel and jury and Janet pastor jury and yet we're talking about coming back and I said you know this is kind of a strange idea you know if it could work out if we could get permission for this but I just feel really convicted to bring a prayer team and just to pray for three weeks not just a week and then like what did she say anything about this before we leave this this would be awesome can you can you handle dedicating the time to do that. Well I was doing full time ministry by this time I had walked away from what I had been doing before I didn't mention in the beginning I'm a registered nurse by profession and graduated from Southern University in two thousand and three and worked as a nurse for about six or eight years and then God has called me into full time ministry with the prime minister in Army ministries and just began having so many things happen in my life I couldn't keep working it was a matter of like or you can keep working or you know work for me and so I had moved on and so I had the time to do that and so I began praying that God would bring team mates and he did about teammates that were able to do that for three weeks and we began praying that God would open the doors that we can actually get into the G.C. and pray for the leaders because this is you know the world headquarters of the church and I was convicted we needed to come in in the middle of the night and pray over the departments and what was happening when we weren't when they weren't there so we wouldn't disturb them. And so we asked for that we weren't sure if that was going to happen. But then God open the doors and they gave us the security of passes and permission to come in and pray during the night and we had a full prayer team I think five or eight of us there that first year playing and we would come in in the morning and I'm sharing this testimony. Keep in mind I'm sharing this testimony not to give any glory to any individuals I am praying that it will be an inspiration to all of you in this room to go back to your conferences your churches wherever you are and lift up the arms of your leaders you know I just think if we would do this as a church if we would fast and pray. For leaders because these men and women are on the front lines and they are dealing with more temptations more spiritual faults more things than we can even imagine. And they need to be lifted up it's so easy when we don't like what they're doing to criticize them to complain to throw rocks and say you know I don't support you and you begin to get other people not to support them and it just it's a day on it's a downhill spiral. But I believe God has called us to pray. God is working and he wants us to lift up lift up our leaders. So my prayer and sharing this testimony I didn't share it for a long time because I didn't want anyone to know what we were doing I wanted it to be an underground work. People at the G.C. didn't even know for a long time that we were coming in and doing. But I mean I'm just praying it will inspire more people to do this on behalf of the churches. So we come in the morning at three o'clock in the morning and we will start downstairs is a beautiful mural of Jesus in the narrow way analogy where the state and we just just surrender our hearts to God afresh that morning and say God please use us there's nothing special about us but we are just completing the true spirit would go through this building and as we pray for people father that you would work and bring merit holes in this church and that we would just researcher into our lives to God we would make sure there's nothing between us. You know a couple of the mornings some of us teammates were having little issues and we actually ended up staying in the basement of the building for an hour or two until we got those issues resolved between us and then while it is powerful the prayer work and what happened that is we went through the building. So we go to the building where we're praying to the different departments and we went in right outside elder Wilson's office where the bottom picture is lifting up him and the presidential leadership and it was just it was just a life changing experience for all of us and I began calling this initiative praying for rain. We're praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit from that guy turned ten one that says asking ask for rain and he will send showers and more and more as we pray. We saw more and more blessings happening at the world. Church has just been it's just been so inspiring to see presidents and leaders and different workers coming and sharing what God is doing things that we prayed for one year we we've actually done it for three years now. We started in two thousand and ten I think was the that we did two inner councils and then two thousand and eleven and then two thousand and twelve was when we started three weeks of her and fasting we did that to those in twelve thirteen and fourteen. So five years now and we've just seen God working and so amazing so many amazing ways we had departmental leaders I didn't know we were there at the time but Janet Paige slipped and said something about the protein being there and they said all that stuff what's making a difference. She shared. We've been having struggles in our department but for the last couple weeks things have changed and God has been working and we couldn't figure out what was going on. We had another woman come and share with us something else we're praying for as we are praying for our leaders were like God We see your holy spirit here working but we're asking that you would take our leaders deeper in their walk with you. And if there are any people that are here working at the G.C. headquarters that don't have that walk with you that they need please convict them of that to take them deeper. And during that time we had a girl come to us and share how she had been convicted. She came to work for the world church but she didn't have the relationship with God that she needed and she was she was seeking him again and beginning to to go deeper and walk with him. So that was so exciting to see here is a quote I alluded to earlier we may have had a measure of the Spirit of God but by prayer and faith we are continually to seek for more of the Spirit. So these are some of the pictures as a perking was going through on Sabbath rather than. We we go through the whole building just singing praise on this it was so powerful. I don't know if any of you were in the program the other day when we had prayed for a while and we just began singing praise on phone lights and singing is as much an act of worship as it's prayer and personally in my own life especially since I live alone and I don't have anybody to stand in the morning when I'm home I do a lot of morning and devotional time. I will often saying just as a part of my worship to God I just feel so much closer to him as I'm singing praises on since it's such a powerful thing. So it's been so neat to play with church leaders and to see what God is doing in the answer I think I might have shared this before but you know early in my life and I think we may may just grow up with this mentality we think oh there's so many issues or problems that may be in your workplace it may be in the church or it may be if only I was in a position of control. I would change I would do this step or I would do this different you know we have these different ideas that we say we would do things differently and there would be more success but I have come to realize over the last few years that God has given each one of us one of the greatest keys to see success in our church and in our workplace. I have a friend here she's praying during the J.C. session and she's seen God work miracles in her workplace. She's a doctor bringing patients to God bringing her co-workers her co-workers to a deeper conviction that God is she's been praying for them. We're told planned to have an ordained means of success appeal petitions and treaties between man and man movement and act a part in controlling the affairs of nations. But prayer moves haven't. It's just amazing to see the power in. There was God's blessing during that first G.C. right after that Pastor Paula saw the division president of South Africa asked us to take the prayer came there to to work with there your individual meetings and we not only prayed with the leaders every day God worked really powerfully during that time it was such a special special experience but we also had a prayer room there during the division meetings and he said something very profound. We were in the perm for like eight hours it's very exhausting sometimes we had people in their prime with us and sometimes are just in there and interesting eating dog sleep your spirit on these meetings is really interesting when we are called to work with the society that first time I was thinking what are they calling us. God is working amazingly in this division as he is in many other divisions around the world but I recognize when God is working they're not content they want to see more they want to see more blessings poured out and that's why they called us to come and so that was such an inspiration to me. But Pastor routes are came into the program after we've been there for many hours and I'm just saying well being here in the program all day is hard work you know it's a little bit emotional exhausting because you're investing yourself you know with Trooper you're really investing yourself you're not just reciting rhythms there are things that rhymes or anything like that you are praying and pleading God please work this is what he said and I have never forgot it I've been sharing it with people ever since he says you know Melody prayer is our most important work but you know why more people don't pray it's because prayer is such hard work. It is easier to work than pray and so we continue to work in our own strength rejoicing when one or two people come to Christ when if we would be on our faces before God in prayer he would do the work and it would be in his strength and we would see thousands converting for today there are only a few. I thought wow what. And mazing wisdom and how true that is when the church awakes to the sense of her holy calling many more fervid and effective prayers will ascend to heaven for the Holy Spirit to point out the work and duty of God's people regarding the salvation of souls. You know we are living as you already know in one of the most solemn periods I believe in Earth's history. Ellen White tells us that the destiny of the earth teeming multitude is about to be decided on our own future well being and also the salvations of other souls depend upon the course which we now pursue every follower of Christ should earnestly inquire lord what will to have me do we need to humble ourselves before the Lord with fasting and prayer and to meditate much upon his word. We should now seek a deep and living experience in the things of God we have not a moment to lose a vents of Binal importance are taking place around us we are on Satan's enchanted ground. Now I just want to share as I continue to share these thoughts and plies I will actually post the P.D.F. to these slides on our website one hundred days of prayer. So if you want to go and download them all together as a P.D.F. file you can see if you can see the quotes because I know that you won't always be able to get the quotes clearly. Well I'm speaking them but just to say all providers to you we might can email those to you as well but I'll try to put them on the website where I will I will put them on the Web site in the last day events are called a revival of true godliness among us is the greatest and most urgent needs to seek this should be our second work. Now it should be our first word that's right. There must be an earnest a different chip tain the blessing of the Lord not because God is not willing to bestow his blessing upon us but because we are unprepared to receive it. No I don't know about you but I do not want to miss that last thing I want to be prepared to receive. Many of you probably heard about the Welsh revival. This is one of the testimonies I heard about growing up and I just thought wow. Father what what what can happen if if we can have this experience again. But let me share just a few details of that revival that happened in Wales back in one nine hundred four. The Spirit of God took hold of Wales by storm in five months half a million people became Christians taverns went bankrupt for lack of patronage unwed pregnancies practically disappeared. Judges were given white gloves on a case to try. No robberies no burglaries you know rapes no murders no budget limits. Can you imagine having such a problem when setting up another type of problem today. Crime had simply stopped. District Council tell them urges the meetings to decide what to do with so many police with nothing to do. Some got creative instead of patrolling football soccer games or the pubs at night they began singing in the churches so many coal miners turned the life of Jesus and stopped using foul language with the horses used in the mines. Slow down production not knowing what was being said to them. In many places dancehall theaters and gambling dens were closed or empty new churches began to spring up everywhere. Family altars were restored to the spirit of prayer grew in intensity until anyone could cross the land and find a midday prayer may be going on in almost any town it was estimated at fifty thousand decisions for Christ were made in one week during the height of this revival. As you study the three bodies the just prayer groups were going on even all night prayer meetings prayer meetings were restored bringing many congregations to prayer and this revival spread to many of the English speaking countries around the world. It's impact as they say may have exceeded any known previous awakening in history. But you know there's a day coming when we're going to see an even greater outpouring than what they saw in Wales. And so as we prepare for that pray for that. I study these type of things I say God what. What brought that to pass how can we see that experienced in our day. How does a three bible start of the man that was actually very influential in this with a man named Evan Roberts. And he had a very simple but convicting message this is what he was convicted to share with the very first church in LA will swear the revival began. I actually had the opportunity to go and find that church and it was just a blessing to see where this began this is what he shared. You must confess to any known sent to God and make right any wrong done to others. You must put away any doubtful habit you must obey the spirit of God promptly and you must confess your faith in Christ publicly these are the four things that the guy convicted him to share. And as a result of that and this didn't just happen overnight. This man was praying for years that God would use him. He was denying himself for years his friends would go out and party play on the river and things and he would go and pray he would be asked to do the other things and he would go and see God this man was praying for years before God used him to help spark this revival. He wrote We must resist churches of all bad feeling all Mellons in being prejudiced in this understandings barrel not in prayer until all offenses have been forgiven but if you feel you cannot forgive then to the dust and ask for a forgiving spirit you shall get it then. And you know this is backed up by the Bible and by fear prophecy Ellen White tells us there is nothing that Satan fears so much as that the people of God so clear the way by removing every hindrance so that the Lord can pour out His Spirit upon a languishing church and a penitent congregation I am so convicted that if we as a church would have this spirit today God's Spirit would be poured out. It could not be contained it could not be restrained but because of our pride we are not able to experience this as we should you know as we pray together. You can't backbiting each other like you can otherwise you can't wound each other. You can call and fight with one another when you praying for one another. When you recognize the personal burdens you're bearing I just see revival happening in churches and we are seeking to help churches learn to pray together make make those wrongs right it's just amazing what it will do and I believe it would do so much more if we as the whole corporate body would embrace this. So I got on sharing testimony. Now hopefully in the remaining minutes that we have I can share some of the keys that I believe will really help us personally in this process we all admit we're in a crisis we know that we're well aware that you know we're told that a lie just was in a crisis as well and it was because he was a man of large faith that God could use him in the crisis in the history of Israel and he just he just reached out and grasped the promises of God He would not let go. And we're told that what you was unable to do would be able to do in their sphere of influence. Faith that is this is needed in the world today a faith that will lay hold on the promises of God's word and refuse to let go until Heaven hears. I have so many testimonies I could share and I'm going to. That's from Bangladesh and just seeing how God works. As we were writing there is a small orphanage. I really believe that the small belief we have in the power of prayer is evidenced by the little time we give it. I don't know if you catch what I said just there. If we truly believed in the power of prayer we would spend time in prayer. We realize we are investing in a bank account that is repaying and will and will give gold but the problem is that since we don't always experience of the answers instantaneously we give up before we see the reward we give up before we see the answers. If we really understood what prayer is we are going to invest more time and I believe the same is true in spending time with God with small appreciation we have for the love of God as evidenced by the little time we spend with him so often it's not all Father I want to spend more time with you how can I make more time with you it's like OK how much time do I need to spend with God to get by how much time do is spend with God so that my life doesn't fall apart and we just live in survival mode if we truly understood God what does he have made to God and King is the best for and our heavenly love. We would be spending so much time with him. Here is a quote if I can get it to come forward here. From acts of the apostles actually I think this is from the intro to my book daring to ask for more and those of you that got the book and those of you that have it not and I forgot to mention a lot of the things I'm sharing actually come from the book daring to ask for more as well. These stories these principles are you can find that they're actively papa's Ellen White writes They claim little when they might claim much for there is no limit to the promises of God We are living in the last days of Earth's history and if the gospel going to go to all the world and Jesus is going to. Turn things cannot continue as they have been any longer. We need a much deeper spiritual experience than we had yet a magic is possible. We need a much deeper prayer life we need a much deeper faith in God's Word the reality is that we've settled for being spiritual dwarfs when God has called us modern day Israel to become spiritual giants standing in the gap interceding for the last in John Chapter eleven. We see the story of the raising of Lazarus and I think there's a really profound principle that we see in the story and I just shared with you very briefly I'm not going to take time to look it up because I still have a lot of things to share is where is we begin talking about keys. But this is a big part of it. And John chapter that when we see Lazarus was about to die Mary Martha called for Jesus to come but he didn't come. He waited for days. Lazarus died he'd been in the grave for days. Jesus came and when he got there Martha came to Jesus and he said if you had been here my brother would not have died in the story we see how Martha is expressing faith in the God of yesterday. If you had been here God would know of my brother would not have died. I know you could have kept him from dying. Then Jesus speaks to her and she says but I believe in the resurrection. You can you know you can raise him from the dead. She says you can do what you will. But then she expresses in the resurrection. And here we see Martha expressing faith in I believe the God of the future. She believes when Jesus comes back the resurrection he would raise Lazarus again. I want us to think about how this applies to our life today. We've grown up many of us in the church hearing the Bible story. It's the Red Sea how God brought the Israelites to the promised land all the different things we talk of something happens about the great hope we have how we are going to see a day coming when the Holy Spirit's going to be poured out we're not when we're going to see miracles in a mighty movement but we're doing the story. Awaken my eyes to something you know we tend to put God in the God of the past and the God of the future. But we serve the Living God to day amen. And we serve a God that is alive and wants to work today just as he has in the past but the problem is is we don't allow him to. We lent to him by our own belief we limit him by our lack of faith. Do we believe in a god that is living in all powerful. Today there's a story that occurred just recently in Vietnam there was a group praying and they had a house church and they were just praying that God would work in a more powerful way among them and they began being burdened to pray for the church or not for this church for this village that was like a hundred miles away and the reason they began praying was of some members in the house church where actually had family from that village a hundred miles away. And so they had connections and they began praying that God would bring the believer to that village there was no Christians in that village. Now agence in that village Well not long after they began praying their relatives and came to the city where they lived and she was having health problems. Turns out she was having some type of stomach cancer I think and she went to get medical help and they told her there was nothing that that they could do. And so she was basically sent home to die before she was. They invited her to their house. Church group and they begin introducing her to Jesus and she just grabbed ahold of that and began reading the word and was just so excited for the life that she can own in Jesus even though she was sick and dying and she couldn't eat. She's just so excited to find Jesus while this woman did eventually go back to her home and things kept getting worse and worse and they were praying that God we were praying some believe it to be you know a village. Now we have a lot of. But she's about to die. God please can you do something with this woman's life. Well the sister unbelieving sister called the pastor of this house church and said you need to prepare to come to her funeral. She's about to die and the pastor told the sister we have been praying that God will heal her and we believe that he has the power to do so and he said Don't get your Bible and I want you to turn to such and such a passage seems like it was Paul's thirty one but I'm not I'm not sure if my memory is correct on that. He said Time to such and such a passage and read these verses and pray pray these verses and put unions name in the passage. Well the sister kind of scoffed at that idea they hung up the phone and they prepared to go. They didn't know what they were going to find they're praying to God God please please intervene. They got there. Couple days later and they found yet had died. They were after Oakley dropper after preparing her for burial and the sister remembered what the pastor had said about those passages in the Bible. And so she went down the Bible and she said well nothing else worked. Maybe there's something to this. So she opened the Bible she found the passage that they told us she put your name in it and she read the passage from the Word of God and began to move and kick the covers off and she sat up just like what happened in the Bible and asked for food and it was. Three stored not only brought back to life but completely physically this is so hard to imagine and believe this is a true story. This happened just within the last couple years and as a result of that people a village of course could not believe what happened with this woman and began to ask inquire questions and now there are a number of people in this village that are stunning the truth as a result of what happened. So do we so the living a lot of God today. I believe we don't see more America because of our doubt and because of our own beliefs and we don't know what God wants to do but I know that he wants to do a whole lot more than we see him do. Can we strengthen faith we're told in the Bible. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God in order to strengthen our faith we must often bring it in contact with the word that I believe one of our biggest roadblocks to growing in faith is our doubt. We actually limit what God can do in our lives because of unbelief. We limit what he wants to do. Now thirteen fifty eight says he did not make any mighty works there because of their own belief and what it tells us in patriarchal prophets page six fifty seven and every failure on the part of the children of God is due to their lack of faith. Think about that when we are seeking to do God's will to fulfill something that he has asked us to do. You have promised that he will provide his promise that he will make a way. But because of our faulty wavering faith we do not go forward and see him work. You know there's a saying here in the States you may have heard it before the sky's the limit. In other words that actually is a broad statement like the sky's the limit. You know do whatever you want follow your dreams the sky's the limit. Well I really believe the sky is not the limit. There is no limits with what God wants to do he wants to do amazingly abundantly above. I only share this passage from Isaiah fifty five eight and nine and as as we talk about how much higher God's thoughts are than ours. We can't even comprehend the physical universe that we live in. We can't even comprehend the magnitude of the physical universe and you can see some numbers here I have up on the screen and I don't want to spend a lot of time on this but we live in a universe so vast that human science can hardly even comprehend it and yet that is just a tip of who our God is how much more does he want to work for us spiritually. You know the thing that I think is so amazing about God is although he created the universe stretched out the heavens by his great powers it sells us and Jeremiah thirty two seventeen he knows the names of the stars he number them but he knows how many here if you have on your head he knows the desires that you have in your hearts you know the heartaches you have if there are no impossible situations that you face he knows those silent tears that you cry you know God was so faithful to thought to solve the largest problem that we have in sin. Don't we think he's faithful enough to handle the battles in our lives. He is going to skip through a couple flights here. I think if I'm correct the seminar goes to about one forty five and I still have a few things that I want to share here. Let's talk about being called out of Egypt and how you want to do so much more in our lives than I'm going to talk about five or five quick things here of why we live in the wilderness spiritually and what the remedy is for that the first reason that I believe that we live in the religious spiritually and it's because we don't take time to eat and drink. You know we think if we create new methods new. Evangelists stick things. God will really work but you know what God is really waiting waiting for the rendered men and women and he is waiting for people to get into his line and take him at his word he's waiting for people to get on their knees. You know does not need new methods he needs converted men and women. This is why we don't see God work today because we're not taking time to eat his words we're not taking time to drink his word we're not taking time to spend with him in prayer. So the first key is prioritize making God Your first priority and when I talk about this I'm encouraging people you know when you get up in the morning this so many distractions that come across our plate specially with all the modern technology we live with here in the Western world it's just like you wake up there's text messages there's e-mails there's a T.V. that we can turn on all these different things. God is asking him to be first he's asking us to make him first in our day. I'm not just talking about making him first and I thought talking about when you wake up in the morning make God first before you turn on the news before you turn on music before you turn on distracting things and you see what happened during the night or or who wrote you hear this. Make time with God first. You know if you do that you will see you will reap amazing rewards you know we can say well God knows our heart he does know our heart and he knows how desperately weak we are and how much that we need to spend time with him. Good things are often are often the enemy of the best thing. Do you know that you know we rationalize about doing things and we say well this is a really good choice if you know what people I know aren't doing. You'd say I'm making a really good choice you know I'm not not doing anything wrong but you know that it's a Monday and things of life the minor matters of life that are actually limiting God's best in our life. It's all those things that consume and take away with God really work. It's to do in our lives and that is his agenda to get us busy with the minor minor matters of life. We're going to tell you the story. But I just want to share it. We already know that there are there is a terrible force taking place over the world that is seeking to rob us of our time with God and we have to fight against that but we don't have to do that with our strengths. If we turn to God He will help us we have to take time with him to think to pray to wait upon God for a renewal of physical mental and spiritual powers not a pause for a moment it is presence but personal contact with Christ to sit down and companionship with him this is our great need. Thanks are to share this. Good things are the enemy of the best. Unfortunately Satan knows the power that there is in God's word he knows the power that there is when we pray fact he knows better than most Christians the unlimited spiritual possibilities that are within our grasp if we look to God and face because of this he will do anything he can to keep us from genuine faith on prayer as we already know at the sound of fervent pervert old Satan's whole host trembles they tremble because they know they will suffer a loss and the second reason I believe we live in the wilderness spiritually is we embrace a form or content with the form of godliness without the power. If we played a movie screen right now particularly the screen and played a movie of what happened in your life over the last two weeks what you said private what you listen to in your car or on your headset or how you spoke to your mother or father or your spouse. Would that be something that you would want to be displayed for all of us to see. Probably not so often we are doing things back. Stage behind the scenes that we would be ashamed of if if we all knew and you know it doesn't matter so much what we know about each other but what matters is what God knows because God sees the heart and I believe until we want until we to see a return of primitive godliness that we are praying for as a people we have to stop being people of form we have to stop following a religion of form like we're told about a second Timothy three one through five. We need to stop being pretenders we need a revival of primitive godliness kind of a former president of the Southern Baptist Convention once said If God were to take the holy spirit out of our myths today about ninety five percent of what we are doing in our churches would go on and we would not know the difference. Yet if God had taken the Holy Spirit out of the midst of the first Christian community about ninety five percent of they were doing what they were doing would have ceased immediately. Can you imagine that. How much are we working in our own strength without the power of the Holy Spirit. The second thing this also goes with embracing a form is were content with breaches and this means that we allow Satan to come in and put out what it is that will hold back the Spirit of God in our lives. When I talk about a couple specific breaches right here and I'm sorry I'm kind of rushing through these things as I wanted to get to these things and actually put a couple presentations together start to have an hour and so many minutes I've got plenty of time but it always goes faster than you think. There's a lot of spiritual breaches that we have in our lives you can see some of them here. Let's just look at a couple of them ungodly mindsets. I read this book a little while back called respectable sense and I thought well this is going to be interesting. What kind of things will we have when we talk about respectable sense look at some of these things that are talked about in this book. Anxiety frustrations of contentment and thankfulness judgment of spirit backbiting pride selfishness lack of self control impatience anger resentment envy jealousy sense of the tongue and you don't have to raise your hand but how many of us struggle with these things. Wow So convecting to my heart. You know we think because we all struggle with them. This is just natural This is the way we are this is no big deal this is just the things we struggle with this question but do you know cording to the Word of God none of these things are acceptable for Christians. God's word speaks against these things and yet we allow them in our lives. These are little breaches we are guilty of respectable sense. Talk about say tonic strongholds. All of this is there's a story that I'm going to share about they can extra step if you want to to take a picture of it. My friend David is a missionary in South America is on this bus traveling over the mountains and there's a person sitting beside him so he started to ask the questions what do you do. What do you do. What turns out that he had a witch doctor sitting next to him the man began to boast. Yes I have power you know you know if you would like to get that beautiful woman to come into your life I can I could actually cast a spell like up your family and bring someone else into your life. And Dave it's like no you couldn't. You can do that my family says yes I could. They began to argue on the bus and in the witch doctor. Well let me ask you some questions. Do you watch soap operas and different things like this and you listed some popular movies and programs for the region. David says no he says you ever look at an artist be in says no he said Do you ever listen to this music and you need some music popular to the region where the music and. No and he began to see where this conversation was going. Then the man began to ask him more and more questions and then he finally said You're right I can't touch your family but if you ever take part in these things that give me a foothold and I can exercise all the power of the world over you and your family you have to wonder why we see so much tragedy happening in our lives and churches. I believe it's because there are little holes that allow me to come in and wreck have it wrecked havoc in our lives that we do not even realize our breaches in Christian service we're told there must be no pretense or put one in the lives of those so sacred and so all of the message as we have been called to bear the world is watching Seventh Day Adventists because it knows something of their profession of faith and of their high standards. And when it sees those who do not live up to their profession it points at them with who weren't there cannot be any pretense in our lives we have to ask God to take all that away to give us new hearts. Another one that we sold them think about you know we can think well and I'm not in ungodly relationships than I'm a pretty outstanding Christian and I don't have any of these. They can explore unfold in my life. Another bridge in our life our sins are a mission a sense of a mission and we have to ask for God to take a deeper in our walk with him because we don't even recognize our need our need of thirty is seeking after him with all of our hearts a need a complete heart surrender and you know what it's for our sense and I'm come I'm continually reminded of my great need. When I look at these things and I pray about these things and it can seem very overwhelming you may be watching this today and thinking wow I am just so far away. Where do I even begin. I just want to encourage you. You know we serve an amazing God and he came into the world to save sinners and then you and me. But we need to recognize our sin and recognize we need a Savior and as we reach out to him and say he would help me I don't even know where to begin. I don't even know what to do. None of us are going to get to heaven because we did such and such and such right. The Bible tells us the fetus to eighty nine For we are saved by grace is the gift of God Not of works lest any man should post this is not a religion about works. This is a religion and faith. But we have to recognize our need we have to recognize what we need Christ to do in the horrific and it forced there is not power to come once all who and simple faith trust themselves on Christ cast himself on Christ. But we must have a knowledge of ourselves and knowledge that will result in contrition before we can find pardon and peace it is only he knows himself to be a sinner that Christ can save. I have a whole list of breeches that I put in the book daring to ask for more and I know there are many and they're not like all like this catalogue of lists for you to go through but there are things to help convict us and say God take me deep or show me what there is in my life that I haven't thought about that I need to surrender to you. I could tell you a couple more stories just about how God wants to give us victory in these areas I'm not going to share these stories now but one of the biggest key is we have to watch and pray. We have to read and feed upon the Word of God and if we're not living up to the light that we have received we're not going to receive greater light. You know we're told and in the future the latter rain is actually going to be poured out upon us as a church. But there are going to be some going to follow all around us and we're not even going to receive it and I don't know about you I don't want to be I don't want to be part of that group. I mean to put all the. On the Web site. So let's get through so we got to remove the breaches in our lives we gotta let go of the form. The fourth reason we have five or almost done. We accept despair we give up too easily. We we don't endure when we don't see the answers to prayer or hope in the Bible you see stories of people perseverance. You see them holding on by faith and as they do we see how God works and how he answers prayer and I believe he allows a lot of these testimonies to encourage our faith. I asked the Lord mother was don't want stays in power in Israel at the at this church and he said you like go over the arm of the Lord to soon put your petitions to the throne and hold on by strong faith I love this passage from Christ object lessons this is how to encourage me so much. There is no danger that the Lord will neglect the president's people the danger is that anticipation and trial they will become discouraged and fail to perseverance prayer God is working but we need to persevere in prayer. There's another great story I'll share by Jake and I met him when I was in Bangladesh doing medical missionary work and I came back to the states and since then seven states he thought I had all the money in the world and he asked me if he could if I could bring him a computer when I came back from another medical mission trip and I was like Jacob I'm a missionary myself but I don't have money. Please can you bring me a computer I need it for my body work and all of that. So the time got closer for me to come back to Bangladesh that next year I was working with a medical team from La Mole in the university. He began telling me one things about the computer that you want to be to bring back when you learn that can it can you put this program on it and can you do that and it's just like this man has faith that I'm going to bring him a computer I don't have money to do that and anywhere else gets close and I'm like God you have to help me figure out how to get a computer for this for this man. So I recruited some of my friends I said can you help me raise money so I can take this computer to this bank worker in Bangladesh if you can. Even sent me pictures we're praying for you Melody Mason. So no need to put the rearing and God helped me raise the money and when I went to Bangladesh I took a computer when I have done that if he hadn't been insistently begging me if he had been telling me now when you're going to do this I mean he had the expectation that I was going to fulfill that lead and because of that I do know that the funny thing is he that makes sense that I would help him get a plug or cycle that has not happened. You know it is not always answer our prayers as we hope that he will but he promises that he will answer if we don't give it up if we don't give up and if we hold on and I think one of the biggest battles we struggle with in our Christianity is yielding to our feelings instead of faith we believe our feelings over God's word as yours and apparently other day. Thank you text on it is the word with or without feelings it is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. We can believe in my fellow man and can we not trust the word of God when we go to him for wisdom or grace we are not to look to ourselves to see if he is giving us a special feeling as an assurance that he has fulfilled his word. Feeling is no particular area. Eighth grade evils have resulted when Christians have followed feeling how do I know the Jesus here is my prayer. I know it by his promise he promises he will hear the needy when they cry to him and I believe His Word He did not say to the seed of Jacob seek me in vain if we walk in the light we may come to the throne of grace with holy boldness we may present the promises of God's Word in living faith and urge our protections. Although we are we can hear it now already the spirit hope apart from middies when we've offered our petition Once we must not then abandon it. Jacob when he wrestled all night with the angel I will not let it go except the blessed me and when I Can we shall prevail. The problem is is the enemy camp many of us. He keeps us from player by ten telling if you do not feel your prayers you'd be better wait to play it so you have that spirit about intercession lest your prayer should be a mockery. The devil is telling us don't pray when we feel the least like praying that is when we need to pray that is when we need to claim the promises of God We should pray until we do have the burden of our wants a parcel and if we persevere we shall have it. We must hold on. We must yield to God and trust him and not our feelings so we have two choices and these are all the things that I went through and I just put them into a little acronym just the hypothermia member them. Will we decay. Questions we don't take time to eat and drink we embrace the former contentment breeds as we accept this prayer despair and give up or we yield to feelings and stay the faith or will we pray where we play what we call a tight make time with God Our first priority. We remove Foreman pretense we let God breaches we asking keep asking we learn to Baggot the child and we yield to God we trust him not our feelings. This is the final story I want to close with him today and this is the story of Alexander the Great many of you have heard the story that like band of the greats of the mighty conference before the time of Christ he conquered all of the known world but he was also known as the compassionate ruler and he was known as one day out of the year he would take he would call random subjects and me from his kingdom to come to his kingdom and they can ask whatever they want. As a king and often he would grant the request this one year of these different people gathered and different people were asking different things one man was asking for for food and I was asking for money for school for the children and I was for asking for clothes and different things but this one man had a different request he came to the king and he said I want a palace he was actually talking to a spokesman. I want a palace spokesman said You can ask for a palace. Who do you think you want to look at what all these people are asking for for food and clothes and money for the children. Don't be impertinent you can ask for cussing me and says No I want to Palace and I want to thank you banquet hall prepared for my friends because that was the friends I don't want to be able to invite them over he began to keep giving giving the spokesman his list because you can see that he was getting more and more angry and saw the king observe the commotion and he said What is the man asking for and so the spokesman came up to the King and says I'm really embarrassed to tell you but he's asking for a palace I told him he can ask for things like that look at what everyone's asking for so he was sharing with the king. Well the king thought for a moment and then he set up a little straighter smiled and says request reentered the spokesman says How can you grant such a request. This is outrageous. The king says you know what all these people are asking for. They don't need a king to give them these things this man has asked for something that only I can give because I am the King and I'm going to honor his face. Think about that we saw the King of the universe our God is able to do exceedingly abundantly of all that we ask or think and yet we treat him just like any Monday in person that maybe has a little extra resources when he wants to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think. So as we close today I just want to challenge you my fellow brothers and sisters to dare to ask. Ask for more. Not settle for for wilderness Christianity for mediocre living but to not only seek to go deeper in your own life but to allow God to take you as intercessors for our church because I believe he has so much more than he wants to do in each of our lives. I just invite you to. If you haven't already become part of the one hundred days of prayer which is now turning into united in prayer I will write to her that the G.C. has a part of the revival Reformation initiatives you can learn more about that and to revive on reformation or shared with us in the opening and it's all of those one hundred days of prayer study work as well and so I just encourage you to be part of that and if you haven't haven't visited the prayer room to go there as well so thank you for the timeless if God has for a brief word of prayer let me just preview for the great God that you all are and this is so hard to be limited in time to share because there's so many things that I want to share but God I'm praying that something that I have here today will touch the hearts of someone in this room and they will go forward daring to ask for more. And in heaven we can hear the testimonies and we can gather together again and see what you have done. As we have stood upon your world and claimed your promises by faith to bring into the kingdom while an amazing day there will be. Thank you for who you ARE WE LOVE YOU AND WE JUST CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU IN Jesus comes to the media it was brought to you by a website dedicated to spreading God's word and three sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about your course if you'd like to listen to this is W W W E.


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