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Forward On Your Knees- Part 2

Lisa Walker Ed Walker Keith Mulligan Joyce Mulligan



  • July 8, 2015
    5:15 PM
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Father In haven't learned how good it is to be brothers and sisters in Christ that love you that have a passion for your bible truth and your mission and father. Thank you for and Lisa and Joyce and keep her here and we pray especially nineteen on them for your Holy Spirit to take them powerfully open our hearts with your help I love to hear and what you want us to hear right now. Father more than that help us to act on it. Just put in our hearts and our minds with things you want us doing to hasten your still coming to reach people in this world. And I thank you Father in Jesus name here. Thank you for being here with us today. So it's Janet and tell you who we were. If I guess I'll do that. Why doesn't everybody come up usually joist but there will be. So it was actually the per minute speech or four or five years. And we are. I didn't bother. What is yours. From those here in here and here. Just go into farm you don't figure that out in the testimony. We're going to sell my wife a little while to be sharing with us she actually is retired but see it was a public health microbiologists I should say she is so before we start life is a real fear and pressure prayer. OK I didn't just work through this but your spirit just working through with him share that testimony is that we have brought today. Thank you for how blessed I have or we pray that blessing intended to day and that you know better ways. Prayers in Jesus name. What I'd like to do today with you is share a series of testimony we're got power to pronounce broken some kind of chain and the first chain of it looks like to talk about him breaking is my personal testimony about something that happened to me and it was about fear all my life I suffered from the figure. Glossop earlier and for those of you that are thinking what is that. That's the fear of public speaking anybody have that. When I was in high school and speech class I would be scared when the teacher would make me give a speech when I was in college taking speech and then marketing classes which I took an emphasis in marketing and they would make me speak. I would be scared to death and turn white heart beating out of control little sweat. You know how it is. Those of you that have this issue it doesn't mean that it's real you know but it feels just the same as if you're on something really tall if you have that particular fear or something really small if you have that particular fear anyway. Real Well the story that I'd like to relate to you is that because of this fear I would never take a job in a local church that required me to do any public speaking. Some of you may relate to that and various pastors would come and go and they would say we want you to be an elder. And I would tell them Well if the Lord wanted me to be an elder he would have a quick me to speak because as an elder you're going to get up and speak from time to time up in front. And so that would you know go back and forth in the years past and I never took a job that required any public speaking. One day I was working in my shop on a large piece of farm machinery and it was clear underneath getting all dirty trying to fix something there and I had a pastoral visit. Our pastor decided to come right at that very moment not when you expect to have a pastoral key but that's when he chose to come. So I unwound myself from this piece of machinery wiped off as much grease and dirt as I could and you know we began to chat. It was the man that got right to the point and he said I need you to be an elder. And I said to him but you know I've been I I can't speak in public. Scares me to death. He looked me right and he said it's because of your own foolish pride that you can't speak in public. I felt like I had just been whacked right in the chin you know. He said I want you to pray about this. So I thought OK I'll pray about this and just as he was leaving he turned around and he said to me Oh and by the way I need you to be the head elder. And then I really object a vase that I haven't even been an elder How do I know how to be a head elder. The first elder and he said oh don't worry. T.V. and besides I'll help you with you. Within three short months that pastor had to retire because of cancer and as I prayed Actually I should have told you that in a minute but as I prayed I felt like the Lord wanted me to do this so I kind of stepped out in pain and I began trying to do the elder job. Every week when I would need to be on the platform I would go through the same thing sweating heart beating wildly out of control. And every week I would sit there and just read going up on the platform and people would tell me oh don't worry it's going to get easier as anyone ever heard that that has this is going to get easier. It never did. In fact it got worse. I got to the point where I dreaded it so much that I would think to myself you know like a little sort of think and feel I think I'll stay home today. But you kind of need to head over to go to church. Well one day I was sitting there on the platform at that time we had a formal service and the elders would march out on the platform of the sister chairs until their particular part of the service started. And I was sitting in my chair waiting for my particular part of the service. Same thing sweat boiling off painstaking none of my heart beating out of control and I thought I'm going to stroke out right here on the platform and that's going to be the end of it at least I'll be out of this. But I'd had enough and I prayed this prayer. Lord are you going to fix this or I quit. Eloquent but it was a heart cry. A moment that I prayed that it was gone. Now for me this testimony which I don't share too much anymore is very personal because sometimes when we go as elders and we pray for someone to be healed of a certain disease and those of you that are elders or pastors know what I'm talking about what you always hear of the physicians there their medicine work this time and they're OK Oh they got over it they're OK there's always an excuse. But for me I know this wasn't getting better it was getting worse and when it was just gone in this instance I know this was the power of prayer such as it was but a heart felt cry as a prayer that God loves to answer. I'd like to bring Lisa she has a story about a break in the chain of how many of you have a prayer partner could you mention him. Praise God wherever you are whatever you're doing. Get a prayer partner. As we mentioned earlier I was a public health microbiologist and as I was working at health department. I got myself a prayer partner. What would somebody or somebody that love the Lord and was interested in prayer and we decided we would take our break and we would pray for different individuals in the health department different issues and I got to be known that we were friends and people would bring prayer requests. So this one individual by the name of retainer is one that was special to us. She had two children already she had two sons but she wanted to let children and she wanted to have another child. Well Gina has an extended and she only had one kidney so it's a little bit difficult for her to have a pregnancy it's a little bit dangerous. So she decided well maybe we should talk. And she talked to her husband and he wasn't interested. But she didn't give up she talked to him for about a year and finally he conceded. Let's adopt one that will adopt a political time to do. She found out through pregnant or she was elated. And all of us at the Health Department were later because we knew that she wanted to have a child and we were praising God for that and a couple months later she made a point with her doctor if you know they have a periodic appointment and now they do a lot of ultrasound to check the baby picture. OK check the growth and all that kind of stuff. And she went to this one appointment and she has technician that didn't ultrasound on her and the technician checked and checked and checked and there was no heartbeat. Well at this point she should have had a nice strong hearty well matched Regina's they told her I'm sorry you're having a miscarriage two weeks to finish the carriage and if you had miscarriages and I have it's a devastating thing. She will give you two weeks to finish and they will have you come back and we'll check you to make sure that everything is clear and if it's not then we will do what they call a dilation and he retires which is abbreviation D.M.C. and that's cleaning everything else or so and that two weeks are different Regina was just and fair and my friend Elena nine prayed and prayed for her. We just asked for the Lord to sustain her list her just get her over this despairing or Lord get us to despair destiny. When the time came at the end of two weeks she's scheduled for that next appointment and my friend Ellen and I were constantly praying for her first string and I remember my friend Ellen saying in prayer God you can resurrect this baby if you want. And I remember I remember thinking wow that's a prayer. OK gut I agree. You know we're two of you agree on or I will do what you ask if it is well of course. So I said God I agree with you. You can resurrect the state and work in this situation according to your white power. Well she went to the next next appointment this time she was going to a specialist for her high risk maybe because she had the one kidney I'm not sure why but she went to a specialist and the doctor took her in a book or as a formality and they do an ultrasound and they went in and they did an ultrasound and the doctor was just like this is why this baby is alive. She said was I happy. What if I we were about to do a D.N.C. which would have been an abortion on a lie baby girl. Yes Can Do Anything can to the doctor said. My colleagues have seen miracles but I have never made another call and this is America God and religion that it can't but would like to be to the stories that we tell you. None of the with prayer and prayer nothing more than a connection to the source. So I was in our area and I don't think it was here. I don't remember which occurred and I don't remember exactly but I remember being so touched that I make this promise to go. Or do you just give her roots. So we haven't really had a menace press. Goddess figured out a lot of things first. So we're still here that morrow. But the next item was so unexpected it is best for thirty people is that we have the written chains of abuse horribly tragic common in this miserable world. So I'm sitting here and I have to go in and of this two years ago. That story starts with a girl who started attending Archer and anguished and no we didn't notice. She came once with her mother and her sister but her mother and sister never came up with this young girl. Working at that time is thirteen she was ever there was her mother would bring her mother and bring her but when she couldn't talk or mother and to bring her back he lived actually close enough where he could walk. And I'm not going to get there after a while. Of course got to the church got to know her the church family got to know her and sometimes for themselves. We set up this child that she would like to be in our attitudes that we have right close to the church. So they asked she said yes. So for a great year for the biggest part of the breakthrough here. And this school year began to draw to a close. It got right was the son of the church members. But listen I spent a certain point it at the time actually traveling through wasn't even so are not in our churches are things we used to be and we really didn't know her that well. One Sabbath afternoon we had been speaking at the church close by about an hour away from where we were and we were driving down the drive home and I don't know how passes it out there I speak I'm always tired and I want to go home. But we felt like we needed to go and family that we hadn't seen. So we went back to times and finally decided we should be there. So I was we were visiting. It was a knock at the door and Danielle's mother was there. I'm not sure we even knew that it was her mother and when we saw her because we hadn't seen her all of those ones. And she came in the house and she had a request. She said that her daughter was living in an unsafe environment and that she wanted someone from the church to take her. There were three couples there are police I think by far the oldest and not the same not from the same culture which is this is spanning. And so we were expecting one of the other two couples to perhaps agree to do this but no. And what up until Is it turned into week it is. And I thought about it for just a minute and I thought you know prayers a lot more than just speaking the goddess also doing what he asks you to do and so I thought OK we can do. Now I was worried about this for a lot of reasons as you might guess I don't really know what you're getting into the child but with the family that she is coming from. So I clung to the promises which I paraphrase basically said if you help those in me I have your back on. Clinging to the past we are a little bit afraid of being suspicious people we are back. It might be a set up. Well we were just little Karen right but God was definitely directing this area so that propagates great hope. After graduation night at the end of that school year she was told that she was coming home and she had heard about this before she was scary and we were confused why she was told. But she came home with us and she started working with us. The problem was we were only going to be there a week or two. I can't remember and then we were already scheduled to go see my sister and brother in law who actually does the day or are in the audience and so we told her I can start she'll have to stay with another family for me and one of those other families that she was staying with also from her same culture kids that we thought might be a better fit and stay there all week. And when we came back she came back a little. I remember one day we were walking down the driveway and we have a long driveway and I said to her you know sweetie. It's OK if you want to live with the other family then. Now I read that yes they would take her. I'm not trying to push you. But if you'd rather live with an under one hundred probably more fun they have kids. It's OK for one second to be expansive one stayed there and she turned and looked at me and she said no statement do. And I thought she was just trying to be nice and so I said well why do you want to stay with me. Well with me. And she said because you're my dad. I didn't understand a moment why she said. But later on as she became comfortable and trusted us she told me why. And the fact that she even came to our troops became quite frightened and what it happened is she had a dream and in that dream she saw our church. She didn't know what building she saw she just saw a building. She didn't know where it was never seen it before. But one day her school but for some reason deviated from its normal half on the way my way home from school and they weren't right past the church and she was looking out the window which were you know teenagers probably amazing too. And I thought she saw the building and she read. And so that's why I started coming to our church and in history. She also saw the principal's face of our little Christians who are just never seen of the course of the new clothes she saw. But when she started coming to church he of course is there a church from time to time and she saw space and she you know which is seen and the minute someone asked her if she wanted to be in our school she knew she was supposed to be there. So she said Yes I just wanted to add one thing. The reason God weren't in her life is because she can't marry like him. She had to talk to him. I had prayed to him and that's why doing anything thing when we pray. She also has seen our house suits and dark suits in the back of my head. I guess the Lord didn't want to scare her but she knew that there were God wanted her to be. So while when she turned to me and said no and I want to stay here that's why I said because you're my dad. But it wasn't without difficulty. The social workers and in the the situation not or motivation of this point we were just helping the family. As you know if you would go home sometimes on weekends when her mom was close fly around and one weekend when she went home and with picture back up with sleeping around in the afternoon so she could go to school the next day and do homework with there I was sitting doing homework with her and we were sitting close like this and I could see in her ear that there was blood. But she's a teenager and you know sometimes I brushed it aside. But it's all right and I don't speak Spanish but you can tell a reason almost any language. It was her mother calling and she was angry and when she hung up I asked and you know I said Aren't you supposed to be with us. Well there's something my mother doesn't want you to know. And then she turned a little bit in her chair at the back of her shirt and it was cover bruise and with a little more investigation with police in she was covered from head to toe with bruises. Apparently her brother didn't come home from from party and for whatever reason decided to beat her with a curling time flat flat tire and the splatter. And when she fell to the ground she was kicking her and injured her on her shoulder which is still not quite right when she fell to the ground and then eventually all the while screaming and killing and then drug are outside by the hair. Where's the hole left her there for a few moments probably better than that because she could get up and tell a neighbor grabbed her by the Caribbean and drag her back inside their little apartment which had a bathroom to time for someone to lie down and made her stay there the rest of the night and that's what happened and what she showed us. Well everybody thought to myself I don't want to be honest with the family. Also the school tomorrow but you know what I realize by tomorrow there was going to be one more suspect and I was going to be. So we called the sheriff and began a journey taking us into a world that I had never known for some of you know familiar with this world but Child Protective Services. Paul and in fact that night we spent hours trying to sort things out. And this jerk came and she said she can't stay with you because if a brother came and asked for her child we have no formal arrangement. We would have no reason to deny that and he said it was so. He insisted that we go to see House and so we told her and she began to cry. All this time is going on she's saying that they can't stay here. But the sheriff did have a good reason why I didn't because we had no legal recourse we were just doing this as a paper at this point anyway as a favor to her or her mother and so on as we were walking out on a few things together walking out for her to go to the State House shares in one spot the social workers another Daniella says can we pray. So the three of us are standing there huddled together and we're each paying their callup praise such a precious prayer for a fourteen year old child. God help me come back to this help release and social worker standing there sheriff standing there just heartbroken that they can't leave her leave her with us. But we pray. They tell us that it usually takes many weeks or months to be certified as a foster parent that we told of Boston but you know you have hoops to jump through the afternoon session that we have the background and lots of things so. Next day after they took her we drove to her school to tell them that we were no longer her guardian. Alan foster care and we went out actually got to see her it was a past is as good as you can see this is very close to our heart. We went out to the car after giving a hug and telling her we went out to the car no set car just cried. Carla started some of you know others. We got a phone call and social worker called and said Can you guys be home at five o'clock we were about an hour away from home and it was around three inch and we said yeah we can be home at five o'clock and we said what for and they said well we want to know is that your house. So here's our little glimmer of hope. Course as you all know we're doing lots of prank Daniella we're primed during this whole time every step of the way. And even those are the answers I think just keep praying. But anyway we got home and the social worker came she said of the housekeeping to needed to be changed. No big deal and she said here I want you to sign some of these papers and we're saying OK so if it's papers and saying OK now I'll go and get Daniela and we looked at each other and do what he actually said we're going to bring him back. We just sort of knew that EACH OTHER bring her back. This is five o'clock in the evening maybe six at this point five o'clock so she went and got in yella. Did we happen often less than twenty four hours. God knew teven And her to get back. There's lots of great things we can tell you about a story but I want to skip ahead to two years. I don't want to skip ahead to something that just happened. And so I want to add something here. For those of you and praying for a year I think they have don't get paid for two years and one went and he's going to talk to you that is they have maybe it went on and on but don't give up on the streets for why he's not doing it and the timing and we would like to have. Where is the world court system which I didn't know anything about. We just to give you an example how often you can find yourself in child protective services or we work or less far from April to August ninth times the social worker that they assigned her. Eventually after a first couple of temporary ones by the way where our Timberlands social worker and two years was determined to send her back to our mother. In spite of the fact that the lady and been arrested another thing she was term in the center and then you know I was in despair every time this lady with she would be scared because she thought this was going to happen to her she was so fearful. And every time we've got of course she would just mentally almost physically shut down for two or three days because humans fear and this would go on month after month week after week or. Well we will try to get to court early and the reason that we would is because if you're a minor you don't have to sit in the courtroom. You can actually sit. Back in the judge's chambers they don't allow foster parents back there so she would have to sit by herself but that was better than facing her family she was petrified. And so early it's not that she can get on this narrow hallway and into the judge's chambers or everyone. Well not to go with the left court. We got you and as we're going to the metal detectors I noticed the lady right behind me was her lawyer or point to where now this lady is that very little to help or hinder them partly and Bold and the fact that I recognized there was a God thing and the fact that I remembered her name was a God thing. And I try to honor its identity and I pretty much doubt that contrary to the metal detector there and I realize this woman probably has many many children many many cases and she probably has no idea who I am so I try to write by the way and Walker you know Daniela's foster parent or I know now we have never seen the play out in the lobby prior to this. We've been on this lovey many times. We've never seen. Here she is. So the metal detector and just as we get to the metal detector Lisa notices that her mother and some of her family members are already there and they are sitting in that tiny hallway that she has to go down. They can see I look up in my heart and especially because I was really I had not had a plan. I'm thankful that my tardiness for one thing. I mean if you want to be honest with you standing up there in the loving own plane or how many times as a child have to go through this where the good to disappear. Well. Anyway I look up and I think this and I'm telling you can walk with your attorney and you can go an opposite side there. She looked into and we talked and say come on here she said That's fine she can walk with me I'll walk on the side she can walk on the side. And so they quit scurry down the hall and get it back offices there where the judge's chambers are. And this time different they need to go back with Danielle and we had no idea what was going on here but anyway they love me to sit back with her. But when they go into the judge's chambers I'm not allowed to go and I still suspect you know. Well then no one can tell me that the judge says to her I saw you walk past your family and my mind is just going. How did he see this. There's no two ways with no there's no there's no no there's no mere exceeded there's that little hallway that he mentioned. Only thing we can think of is that he went you know baby ran out of it without its ropes on ran to the restroom and came back and in that segment of time God didn't mazing things then walking past a family with Turney the judge just happened God ordained to be there not only is that God ordained that this judge has hundreds of cases how does he remember first of all how does he remember. When you want. How does he know that that's ten family because there's tons of people sitting in that hall and he said I saw what happened and I'm not going to put you back in that nexus of the vents that came together there. And the judge's chambers sure would be like on the side of the hallway and the bathroom door was here. So you figure out four feet where an instant he was in that hallway and make this come together. Or will this was after much much prayer much pleading with God Ellis Park and on our part. And two years of court. Oh and by the way I've got to tell you about that that social worker that had every intention of sending her back. After we pray she quit and we got into the waiting room is much much better. So don't come up against the Lord. You have issues. Right right right. Anyway I didn't score or the court for them is happening except on becoming best friends with the that they were because he's bored to death there's no Internet said he and I I found all kinds of things about him and there we sat for thirty forty minutes. Nothing is happening. No one is in there and I'm thinking really what's happening here. Well what was happening we find out later is the judge called all the attorneys back in to us and he informed the defense attorney for her mother. I'm not a subject that you can go over that I'm not going to send her back to you and you can tell her yes we will wait the sixty days that's required by law for her to file an appeal. But she might as well because of that. And then she came back into the room with you know of any. But that was so. And so since then everything is changed. The social workers are now we're now in the process of signing up to be adoptive parents at the age of fifty seven and fifty eight who are going to be the parents of the sixteen year old child who we love dearly love and I just want to add that God can do anything but be patient. I'm a person that has a huge guilt gland and I've got it done it too quickly. I would have felt like I had stolen this child from the other. But they haven't been given she's been given lots of chances. And we don't want to take the time because it's time for them to come up and speak. But she has been given lots of chances to get her child back and God with God's tender hearted and loving towards that mother towards Danielle and towards him. You know he know the right time when things had happened to me. The servos maybe maybe some sitting here because you've gone through some of these experiences. We were going to give the time over to her telling me to tell you. More story. And I know this is probably unlikely but are there any farmers here today. Anybody that likes gardening. Anybody that has a house plant all of those green growing things need water and we don't have a lot of that in California these days which is where we're from and our wells are going to drive and we're having all kinds of problems and being a farmer that's kind of the issue to me because we have a number of different wells and when they go dry the field dies. And I had one particular Well last year that was pumping about as much air is it was water and we needed to put that pump a little further down into the well. And I know probably well pump these terms don't mean anything to you but a well is nothing more than a hole in the ground with a pipe around it doesn't cave man and the pump is actually the part you put down in that hole to draw the water up. Well I but my brother in law was there you know I asked him and he and I would go out and pray over that well. So we went out and we stood around well you know a couple of elders some shit happens. And we prayed over that well fervently place my prayer was I don't know about it. And guess what happened. And nothing nothing happened. Not to denigrate point your brother in law sitting here smiling at me but nothing. And I was disappointed. But to be honest with you I'm always the one that is surprised when God creates does a great miracle. So I guess my little faith I was thinking Yeah. Which is probably why the word isn't cool or in the meantime I generally you know the funny worship little things. And I found a way that might look silly after trying to start a new religion. The particular story that I was telling them this week was Joshua praying for the Lord to stuff the sun what I had never noticed before in that story until I was preparing for the worse time that I was going to happen. A kid was that it just to uproot this prayer in front all is for for you know if I'm going to pray for the Lord to stop this plan. So I'm going to do that in my closet just in case it doesn't work. No You know you know no big deal. But no Joshua stands in front of all Israel and prays for the Lord to stop the sun stop at the Suns kind of a big deal. Least it is me and I thought to myself you know what would have happened. Joshua got it shows and not stopped son. He's kind of the newly elected president right there. How long do you think he would have held onto his job. I think they would have got clearly doesn't favor you. And you're not too connected with the war you don't even know what to pray for so let's have a real election. It's a poll prayer and I got so excited about praying ballplayers. I realized what a bold prayer this was when I started talking about Rainbow prayer and I got so excited about that permeating a week or so later it was my turn to do a little pocket prayer meeting. I was talking about Bowl prayer. Hold that thought. So this well is not doing well. This pomp in this well is not producing hardly any water and I'm afraid this field is going to die and it's our livelihood. And so if you know what it's like to have businesses or have jobs and jobs. You know it's scary. And so of course and you know and we try many different things we try to put the will well with the smaller part with the smaller part because it wouldn't go down into the well. And it still wouldn't go down into the well and so they took it all out and they got a camera down inside that well to see what the problem was and what they found out is that well had collapsed at a certain spot and then the metal part the key thing was it wasn't open. And so when they try to put Well you could hear here claim and they throw three times different than little spinning and smaller this is enough and claimed it is here I can still hear that sound in one one wasn't it. And we knew it was probably going to go on the ground so they died but they told him I want to try one more time and I want to be standing there. This wasn't some place where we lived I want to be standing there when the crane operator is trying to put it in the in the hole deeper because I want to be able to say to him I want you to drop that get it up a little distance and drop it. I was hoping it would force its way through that collapsed area. Now he isn't going to do that because it's an expensive piece of machinery and if it damages it he's going to get in trouble but if the owner's standing there saying Drop it. Well after so few weeks later on Daniel's birthday which we were supposed to be going someplace they called the pump crew is at the pump and they've been trying to get that same pump down further into the well for about forty five minutes and it won't go. And that was essentially a call to say I'm so sorry. See and I said please leave them there. I'm paying by the hour anyway so what's another ten minutes to drive out there. Please leave them there. I want to meet them there so they left the crew there and I'm going to drive over there about a ten minute drive as I said I'm on the way. I'm praying or please help us get this this pump deeper into the well. No poise but the strongest box you know the kind of thought that comes in your head that you know didn't come from you. That kind of thought no voice but that kind of thought if you pray with the men of this crew the pump will go in the ground. Now I'm going to permit astri's a long time and I prayed until hundreds of people this week prayed with hundreds of people maybe some of you in the program and I'm pretty comfortable praying with people but just lose it. These are not religious man in fact a little smashed finger or any other thing. And there is a torrent of bad words and I begin to argue with the Lord. That's what I do best depends on what I don't want to pray with them and he said to me if you don't pray with them pumps not going that route. So now I'm driving thinking Do I really need this field or I have an absolute knowledge that he has a human because you know what he says to me. Weren't you the guy talking about ballplayers yellower that was me. So at this point I have arrived where this field is in this pomp and I park my pickup and I walk out to where they are the pump on the well here's the well we're just turned off I tell you tell you that because these well breaks are noisy but it was dead silent and one of the men started walking over to me and he was basically apologizing saying you know we waited for it it were done here and before I lost my nerve I looked at him and I said Are you a religious man and I'll never forget the look on his face. Me Like what kind of a question that we're talking about parts I mean that was almost the look of horror and shock next together. And before he could answer a word and before I lost and encourage more courage. I put my hand on his shoulder. I bow my head and I said Lord help us get this pump in the ground. Yes I know it's not the five part prayer. No no it's not how they diagram in the persimmon aren't even going to tell you. But it was a fervent prayer. These three are going to just look at them. But you know if you've got a crazy guy the best thing to do is just go ahead and try. So they fire of the well read it and they begin to try and put it in the ground and you could hear it clank. It was the same thing once or twice. And what do you think I'm doing. I'm praying and this time it's really fervent and I'm send work. You told me you told me that if I prayed with these guys this pope would go in the ground. And yes it was a pretty pathetic person on a technicality. And the minute I finished that prayer it started going down. It didn't go fast. It was as if my teams over reached over and pushed down. There was no noise there was not crying grinding nothing. These men were absolutely silent. They put on another joint because each joint as twenty feet they put on another joint they don't drop two because they had no real expectation of success. And down it went again real slow. Now they turn the world right back off the pump and gone down quite a ways further into the well. And now I'm. A lot more courageous active man you've seen a mighty miracle here today. And they knew it said yes we have. And I said you guys going to be in church on Saturday and one of them looked at me and he says don't you go to church on Saturday. They know that because I'll never let them work on my on my properties on Saturday. Yes you're welcome to come on Saturday. Well they work Saturdays and we've never seen them and I don't know why the fourth one of those three men to see that mighty well I don't know why but a week or two later I saw them again they were working on a different part of mind and they wouldn't talk about it when one or another of them work together. But when one of them was over here the other guy came to me and he said has that part. I said well what do you think it's work and fine and a few minutes later the reverse happened. The other man came to me you know he does what the other guy to see that he wants to know. How's that pump won't work and you know it's working fine a week or so after that I was at the office and even at the office one of the men said to me we are we started talking about that well and he knew it was the mighty America do what God chooses to perform in our lives. I don't know or why God chooses to perform certain things in our lives I don't know. And sometimes he chooses not to. My wife and I both have health issues at times and we prayed and we best them lower playfield this issue some of you've been through this too until this moment. That answer has been no. But sometimes God chooses to answer a prayer that you pray. So that others will know and hear about now. So pray pray pray. Even if it's not that five part prayer which I love so much I use pray one quote simple earnest believing prayers always bring him to our side as a mighty helper as a mighty help or a revival need be expected only an answer to prayer. Have you heard this before. Every viable need be expected only an answer to prayer. Person on corporate your church if it needs a revival prayer. But when churches everybody says it's because some individual one first sees earnestly blessing of God He hundred thirty steps or God and in faith and we see of course he goes to work in earnest feeling his great dependence upon the Lord and souls around to see for a light blessing and a season of refreshing part falls upon the hearts of men. I like to challenge you to be that one person and go back to your church wherever it is. Go back to your home. Be that per warrior. The real deal not just the one that goes to print media which is good. Go to permanently but be the real deal and see what's on actually do create you. OK OK Maybe when I God we serve God does answer prayers doesn't mean I have to tell you. I rightly it was the most exciting thing that ever happened to me in my entire life and it wasn't a week ago it wasn't a month ago and it wasn't a year ago. It happened yes. Your day I happened to have been working in the prayer room and how many of you have been to the perimeter. Isn't it an exciting place. Well yesterday one lady came in and she wanted to pray with me so I started to pray with her and our prayer was pretty intense we were starting to pray for revival because I guess this isn't the story we want we want her to be heard in the news. Anyways we were starting to pray for revival. You know we didn't just pray a few minutes. We just can't. God would do something would do something in her church and she was having to do any. We kept praying and praying and praying and she got it started to get excited then you could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and then another person came along and they saw what was happening there and they started praying with us too so we boast of three of us began to pray and then came the car came and wanted to pray and so OK they started to pray. We all started to pray together. We were we had our heads down and all of a sudden we broke out in song. We couldn't help it it was just too exciting. We were praying and you know we were praying for a revival because every one of them wanted to pray for revival. Do you know that there is one thing that I've noticed that everybody that comes to the prayer room once revival in their hearts and that's something I want in my heart to I want revival were than anything else. Isn't that what you wanted and then two more came and then two more came and then we had a huddle. We were all huddled up. Around each other and we were all praying for revival and they want to pray for a revival in their land. So I don't know how many countries there were praying together but there were quite a few of us. I think there were eight or nine in our circle and I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit here. Isn't that awesome when you can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. I know that it isn't always a feeling but you could tell that God was answering our prayer. And I really believe that God wants to answer prayer for revival. I know he wants to answer our prayer for the Holy Spirit. God it's an awesome guy isn't any. I don't like the rain. Ryssdal All right. So when we got a call her by her about this one of the things I heard about it is that looking back over the last Tuesday. Has it all your pushed out or right reasons like what we saw the slab of that the silence is when you know the churches and I mean we're probably going to one. What the church today. Well you know what is normal Testament they were told there were scrabbling are born all the time though. So I'm going to take all those Or he's like yeah I was going which I want to just build up. I want to warn him so into all kinds of course and so forth you know logical son aren't tied also to recourse to say just about ninety percent of which are not for this group trying to put it into practice. Nothing absolutely nothing happens when students are discouraged and not to write stories and I actually use paper. Look you work too hard to get out of the names and asked how I got a telephone call from a late thirty eight year old lady answered the phone and I could not believe the words I heard on the other hand it was like I got cancer and I'm going to die. And her husband was a doctor and I said Diana are you sure I don't know why I said that that wasn't a very good answer was it and anyway she said yes I am and I said have they done everything that they've done everything and I don't know what to do. I I grant the promise but I had to try. Most but close by and I opened it up to thickness. You know there's always there's things for praise there's different things for you know different problems and I open it up. And I started to read some promises to her. But you know what I realized that I had not what name to give her. I had a relationship with God I thought. But if the relationship with God was like I prayed before I went to bed and I pray only in the morning and then when I was in trouble I always prayed but it shocked me. It was God speaking to me saying Joyce check your relationship with me. You don't even have one really. So once I realized that I started to pray and I think God help me. So I will remember will soon remember has something to do with all the contact or subverts off speakers for our troops who spoke to him in the point. And with commitment to spend you know. So we just those rigs were not in great. I don't recall someone's was over what was happening in the lines. Well coming up on to our recesses of time. Time starting time for all the way through civil war for the lives of children killed in the truth about her future potential of Jesus going to bars with her to go to and from work. So I have to go back. I was working full time and when I started reading a book called let her change it like by Secretary Buffy. Now this is an old book I don't know that you can sell that mill and now has it was going to our church and she decided that she needed to give us some tapes of Richard. So we started listening to these tapes and we listened and listened and listened and listened and the book Mbeki cannot be an original sales tape they all said the same thing is that spending time with God and starting out what pray is praising God Now I never praise God before I do this this day and that's on my life I've been a pastor's wife but I never had heard about praising God like it was buckin about in Becky's book and also Richard Bovill state. So I started to cry. When I was a song and I started screaming God in your Bible to songs you know there's all kinds of praises to God I mean I have everything like all you know we now Eric. Every praise that God pray in my soul. While I live I will praise the Lord I will sing prayers to God when I have my being surprised to God and you have been praising God can lift you up when you're depressed. It can lift you up when you're sad. It can lift you up at all times and so I kind of the leave it there when I started training but I couldn't stop. In fact one time we keep an eye and a radio program several years later and we started out when we went to the radio station and we didn't really know what we were going to do. In both of those literal happy that day I don't know I think we had an argument or something. Yeah we had an argument with your husband or why ever. Well that's what happened with us we'd had an argument and we went to the radio station and we we didn't know we were going to start and we started out by praising God and we ended up praising go but by the time we were lifted up with an amazing time we met and everybody including all of those that were listening and praising God is awesome. And then from there we went to asking God needed change search of God and oh my heart No I mean no lying piracy of those wicked ways and believe me in your way have a lasting and. Guys she told me so many areas that needed to change you didn't do what I don't want to live and he didn't point of saying it means a joy show that you know how sometimes we get it from you. I don't like it when people do that too. God didn't do that to me though it was a subtle way too late you are. But then I look at myself and I go I think I'm the most selfish person in the whole world. That's the way I felt and at my job I have to tell you what I had done. I used to go and talk about myself all the time. I mean this is horrible but this is what I did I was going to work and I talked about the scam truths about the shopping trip and before this time I'd gotten into watching movies too and the Lord showed me that that was wrong to do that all these things that I was doing then we're all still seeking. Well I started to talk about God no that part was probably the most heavily department in the whole have rested to a therapist and cardiovascular technician and I was working in cardiology and I noticed the rest to a therapist were really busy and sometimes I would have some down time and got to my heart beat them when I am helped the respiratory therapist when they are when you have their own time and so I started helping them I started to ask them if I could help them and they start would you believe that at the speed that they started to ask the question. About God and I mean the Bible study I mean to me that was amazing because it would never have happened happened before. When times walking along the hallway in the hospital and I was impressed to go on a room and if I went into that there is a lady that was a forty year old lady that was dying with cancer. And as I walked into her room God impressed me to talk to her about God So I started to talk to her about how God and Savior she didn't know anything about God Well you know I talked about prayer about you know you can talk to God in prayer. She didn't even know what prayer was so I said well God will forgive us for our sins. And she said I have lots of those. And she said How do you play and I said you just talk to God like you're talking to him for him and she said Hal I said well you can follow me. You can all pray you can copy what I say for you to your behind. Please forgive me for my sin. And she told me she had a temper and I said God forgive me for my temper. I want you to take it away from me and I can't I think I can take it away from her because God answers prayer she will take our old heart. I will give you new heart and put a new spirit in your take the heart of stone out of your flesh and your heart of flesh. I will tell you and I will tell my family thank you. And anyway kind of gives you a new card and I told her that and so she was so excited about that right. And on and on a little piece of paper a prayer and over the next day she was going to hold. She's going to die. And she had that paper in her hand. I mean this is the kind of thing that happened after I started spending time with God And after I had instructed me of the things that he was needed to I'm going to watch where you work. We have on the right on her own children. Three of our kids were dark and bloody and all what alone. There was and it was our kids read them but what we didn't know. And so one day school is Hong Kong. I studied for three hours of mine and mine was great. And I don't always go to do time with her school or three boys or girls. All right all along. Where are your world. Little Rose Garden and it will. I don't know why. So anyway. Right right or wrong through high school went on to college and the business course I have to take statistics. Whole lot of other things here Eakins discouraged he could make it as a moment out. We're in right in front of you guys a long time because we knew no way to go through college and situation. We prayed and prayed. He came to the point six three in a car. Don't you see there are some sort of them very perfect wrote to us so we came in this color. Sure. But we just knows what they're about one with Dad experiencing ad spending time with God I'm going to try that. So you want to size of age. And you started at this point in time he was a freshman college. He had a sixth grade reading level. You can read it here on every word. Some pages that was in the words memorize and it drove him and he went all the way. We want to just he has a good record. All those hard cold call is local and it was calculus and he was able to go through the go to the next call and with all the course there was one or two of them. You know people are concerned and work leader here because we didn't know she says. Yeah. It was about four years ago and Janet no five years ago they know that Hillary actually got the call to come to the General Conference and I had no idea that they were going to ask me to take Janet's place and when the Congress president asked me to do that and listed him and I said you have got to be kidding. Nobody can take her place. Nobody in the whole world can take her place. And I told him I said I cannot tell you right now no way but I will pray about this and I will tell you by Friday. Well right came and I still didn't know. I mean I prayed about it and for that day I said OK God you got to show me in Scripture either yes or no. I don't know what had really given me for now. So I tuned in for sure. I turned Exodus thirty three fourteen and you don't have that text then. It's and might happen. We'll go with you. And so ever since that day I have only been depending upon God like one hundred percent. I mean I don't how many things I've never done before and every time I say OK guys you promise and follow I'm you know I'm depending on you and then I realize you know I have faith to believe that he's going to do that and he's been doing that. But every time I am somebody turn it up on God because all the time I tell him I say I cannot do this on my own. You have to do this through me and it's the only way a few months after that it was my first women's retreat because I was three and prime ministry director and I had a meeting at the conference office and on the way home I was very tired when I was driving home I was exhausted and I had ten more miles to go and I was kind of like have you were driven and had your eyes kind of gotten really tired in your eyes were going really you know like close and then open and then open. Have you ever had that experience. Well that's what happened and I was not going to go well I only have ten miles. So well I woke up slightly upside down in my car. I couldn't believe it. Sleep and I looked around me and the windows were crashed near the top of my car was crashed in and I kind of had to feel my legs and arms to make sure they were still there and I had no idea where I was I didn't know whether I am about in the middle of the highway or Ireland on the side of the road. Finally as I was lighting my car came to a stop and I prayed a lot. At that time I felt very much alone and at times like that that you have to know that God is hearing you even though you don't feel like it. And I prayed God please help somebody to come and get me out of this car. Then you know you don't find a place trick falling into a vision in the middle of the freeway in a trouble coming at me. I mean I didn't know where I was going to happen. And turning soon after about not seem like forever and it was probably only a couple minutes and then came to my door. Anything Are you OK And you know I still can't remember whether I was hanging upside down or my taking my seat belt all I can remember that and a HUGE not I mean it was a huge one right here and one to the other side. And then when the mentality finally trying though I don't think because the door was a mess and I got out of the car and I actually was lucky. I went over to the side of the road and I and his car was there and his wife was I can play. So we will have given them an accident or anybody like that. Well when you're in an accident like that you can you know your disoriented but I call see that accident and he actually did you get to go out there before he did. They took me to the hospital. But why am I telling you that story. Because I had no idea that I passed out I had no idea that I thought of the sleep in the in the well life when I didn't I went up in the basement as flew through the air for thirty feet in the other side of tires which turned me upside down. I kind of in the head if I think I was just a few you know like a few inches to the right I probably wouldn't be here today and then as I look at that that experience I see that God saved my life and why he saved my life and didn't to save other people's. I have no idea. But that experience made me think it made me think back on my life about it why do I still have that love for God that I had when I first started spending time with God. Do I still have that one for you. Did I lose my first love and I had to admit that I had and I said God I'm going to do what it takes. I'm going to do it takes. They have a better relationship with you. I thought I had a relationship with you know that but you know that experience just made me see that that I needed to spend more time with him. Now when I think about spending more time with him when I first started you know when I first started spending time with God and with the Bible through the work testing more than anything else when Jesus was in the garden because so many when he was there and how much of five goals went to sleep during the story and how he could have said forget those people. Everybody was for saying it was everybody was for sale in here. He can it. He did it for you. And you know that if you have been the only person on this earth he would have died for you and me and I thought back on the way why even let life really where I didn't have to his wife for new years that I had gone through rebellion. I did call me a rebellious pastor's wife that's not too cool. But I had been for a while probably for three or four years when my husband was a pastor. But I want to tell you something my mother was praying for me. I had people crying for me. And if your kids I'm resilient right now and you think there's no hope for them I will tell you that God is speaking to their hearts because. All that time when I was going through that we delegate I experience God speaking to me but I didn't listen all the time. I wasn't listening. I kind of was listening but not really. But you know your husband years before that time that it happened to me but I didn't want to tell you that when you're praying for your kids to go back to that. But God wants us to have a revival. You know why every one of us. And I was screaming when I was praying yesterday with all those women from around the world you live that every one of us wants a revival. We all do. He's some powerful and bluster and bigger thing for us than we can even imagine in our church. If you want to do you sing for us and he's doing that in our conference right now I don't have time to tell you about it and I don't want to end with this quote. And you've all heard it before but you can hear it again and viola true godliness among us is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs to see this person were devastated in the effort to obtain the blessing of the Lord not because God is not willing to be still with blessings upon earth but because we are unprepared to receive it. So those words were prepared to receive it. Our Heavenly Father is more willing to give His Holy Spirit to them that ask him then are currently parents to give good gifts to their children to be that exciting isn't he. They get the Holy Spirit as well and we want to hear if you start to see that it is I don't buy confessional humiliation and earnest prayer conditions upon which God has promised to credit his blessing by all means be expected only in prayer. The guy that owns here today is because you love the Lord with all of your heart and he want a revival in your life and you want a revival in your church and I just wonder if we can all stand right now and give our hearts to God Another time given giving money. I don't like regular way and totally submit our lives to him because I want to do that on a daily basis myself but I know you do too and give him the time that we need to give him and he will answer our prayers and you will have amazing things happen in your life. God I thank you for being the Almighty God that you are guarding the king of the universe and the mighty things for us you know and all that we ask or think and I just pray that I don't think you see you that you are God that loves us so much that you sent your only son to die on a cross for us and that someday all of us will be caught up in the clouds of glory. And what we want our kids all of the caught up in the club already two times when our families we want our freedoms we want everybody to go as we want to go just ourselves. Thank you. I'm saying that we have to do this ask and believe that this is the confidence we haven't even if we have anything according to His will hear the evidence. We know years whenever we ask you have the answers to the key issues we have to hear you Father God you name him in this media which brought to you by the Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about you first or if you would like to listen to your sermon W.W.W. dot org.


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