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The Truth As It Is in Jesus

Ty Gibson
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We will explore how every Bible doctrine derives its significance and power from Jesus as the embodiment of all truth. 


Ty Gibson

Co-Director of Light Bearers and Pastor of Storyline Church in Eugene, OR




  • August 6, 2015
    3:30 PM
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Father in heaven. You are the God of the universe and we are here right now in your presence with a sincere desire to hear your voice. Father we confess that we're weak. Our minds don't operate as clearly an energetic Lea as they should. Emotionally Lord we have been injured and hurt and wounded and jaded and so we have blockages in our perception of you and father we are physically weak I pray right now that you would intervene on our behalf that you would take mercy on us Lord that you would be present right now with us. Make each one of us hear your voice speaking in our hearts in Jesus' name amen. I want to begin by by telling you about a little girl that means a lot to me and she communicated a very very significant level of theological clarity for me. She didn't mean to but she was like Ben very curious about the big people meetings. She was only five years old. And every evening she was sitting in the meetings. To my left one and two rows back whatever she chose. Night by night I could tell she was listening to her mom came to me a few times and said I've tried to get her to go to the children's meetings. She absolutely refuses. When I ask her why she looks at me and she says Mommy because I like that man. So we started developing a relationship between the meetings we were just chattel little bit and we came to the end of this I think it was a two week series little Megan came from the back up the middle aisle and she had a piece of paper in one hand and her other hand was raised in some kind of some kind of motion of. She was going to say something to me that she wanted me to know her mom was coming from behind coaching her along. And as she came up to me there we were pretty much alone. Just Megan and myself and the Lord God of heaven looking in on Megan's heart. Her mom coaching from behind we stood there as the lights were going off in the auditorium. I was gathering up my things and she looked at me and she said Mr Tai said yes to me again. She said I love you. The word love with many syllables. I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY. And she lost the word. She had a vocabulary breakdown. I love you with all my tummy she said. She rubbed her tummy and she smiled because she felt like she accomplished her goal. She found the word but it wasn't the right word. And her mom said from behind. It's your heart. And she's our Mr tie. That would be all my heart with which I love you and I said wow that's amazing. I love you too and in that piece of paper she handed it to me and I found myself looking at one of the most beautiful works of art I've ever seen. I've been to the loo. My wife Sue and I got bored silly walking through that place for days literally. I've seen the best and most beautiful art in the world and this just just way more significant so beautiful. I looked at the picture and Megan said Did you see it. I said yeah you can I see it. She said Do you really see it. I said yeah I see it. And I'm looking and and it's obvious that there's some. Water there's a sky. There's birds in the sky there's sun and it's shining. And then there are two people walking and she said Do you see it. And I said I see it. She said That's you and that's me. She said Do you see it. I said What am I looking for. She said we're holding hands. I said yeah now that you mention it I can see that we're holding hands. And she said you know why. And I said Why I mean again she said because we like each other and that was that. That was Megan's theology. And for me that was theology at its deepest and highest level. That's what eternity future looks like from God's perspective on a grander scale with a lot more detail. But in substance at the heart of the matter the core of the thing it's God looking at you and me and saying listen all of this is so that you and I can be together because we like each other at least right now I like you you don't like me so much. And the plan of redemption we're moving through a process and that process involves the rebuilding of relationship with you. Now theology can be complex. The Bible can be difficult to understand at times but what I'm suggesting to you is that the message of Scripture is sensually comes down to God painting a picture of what reality could be like. If we were restored in relationship with them. God is in the process of painting the picture of what the world and the universe could be like were everybody's friends and there's no in security and you never look in anybody's eyes and wonder where you stand with them and you never posture and there's no politics and nobody really cares who has what or more or less and everybody is in a relationship with one another. If you can imagine that everybody is in a relationship with one another that would be like the best relationship you've ever had without all the dysfunction. If you just picture you as your very best to you you minus all the wounds all the damage all the craziness all the insecurity everything that's ever happened. Imagine you with all the dysfunction removed with all the beautiful personality traits and characters that God has invested in you when he according to David knit you together in your mother's womb and gave you all that latent potential that resides inside of you just waiting to shine forth to flower forth under the influence of his love. Just imagine you as the best possible you that you could ever be and everybody else the best possible them that they could ever be and then spending eternity together. Can you imagine everybody millions of people redeemed for eternity and all of them you have completely clear open hearted relationships with them and then on top of that you can look straight into the eyes of Almighty God and feel perfectly at home there is no insecurity no discomfort whatsoever and just kick. Back with Jesus under the tree of life and talk about whatever. Can you imagine. That's the picture that's being painted but there's theology along the way and we don't need to complicate it. We can make it simple as possible. The apostle Paul wrote some things that are difficult to understand in part one of our three part series together. We're going to look at something very complex. The Apostle Paul said that is a pretty much the most important thing Paul ever said in a nutshell and we're going to make it very very simple. In Galatians chapter five the Apostle Paul gives us the extensional war of Christian theology in the plan of salvation and its being all statement he says we speaking of you and me believers in Christ. We through the spirits of the Holy Spirit is actively involved in nurturing and prompting something from within us the spirit is actively doing something we through the Spirit are experiencing eagerness. We eagerly wait that could be translated. We have anticipation. The idea here is as Ben said I'm going to be on the edge of my feet. This isn't kicking back or leaning back board and this is anticipation. The Holy Spirit is stimulating inside of human heart. Eagerness we long for something what is it we longed for. What is it if we could wrap words around what it is. What Paul gives us some words to contemplate here. The Holy Spirit is actively engaged with us stimulating desire longing eagerness in us so that we are waiting for the hope of and what that term that you're probably familiar with righteousness by faith. Now let's just pause right there. This is the only. Time in all of Scripture that this term as a complete term occurs in the Bible. Now the Bible elsewhere speaks of justification by faith. The Bible repeatedly speaks about the fact that the just shall live by faith justification salvation by grace through faith alone in Christ effusions chapter two. The concept is replete through Scripture but this is the single time that the term righteousness by faith occurs in Scripture. And this is what Paul says that if you are a believer in Christ. If I am a believer in Christ this is what you're on the edge of your seat about this is what you eagerly wait for. This is what you're hungry for. This is what you're praying about. This is what are you seeing about this is what with fellow believers you get together and talk about this is on the tip of your tongue. This is what you're into. This is your thing righteousness by faith. Paul says but then he breaks it down and he tells us something very fascinating about how this thing righteousness by faith how it operates how it works. What is the internal psychological mechanism of the thing. How does it intersect with a human being. So he says For in Christ Jesus this is the location this is the location of our faith in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision avails anything they'll just pause right there. Circumcision was just a hot button be a logical issue of the day. You can insert anything there. This isn't something we're discussing and debating about in Adventism or in Christianity in general about today. This isn't a hot button issue anymore is it. We never talk about it. But just put there anything you want to put there. He's essentially saying there's righteousness by faith and nothing else is comparable to right just missed by faith nothing else. What's the word you use is there nothing else. A veiled circumcision uncircumcision. Doesn't matter when it comes to this thing of salvation righteousness by faith. You could put what you want there for in Christ Jesus neither and just fill in the blank. Whatever is going on in your local church whatever is going on in your head. Whatever is going on in your marriage whatever is going on in your conference whatever is going on in your denomination and we all know what's going on in our denomination. Whatever you want to put there Paul is essentially negating everything and saying that right just sniffed by faith trumps all of it. You should believe that not because I had to sell but because Paul under inspiration the Holy Spirit is telling us that in Jesus Christ righteousness by faith is the deal. It's the thing. It's what we're about and we're going to discover that while Scripture says it's what we're about what we are to be about. We don't have a good history with the subject as a people which will discover in part two. So then he goes on for in Christ Jesus neither circumcision avails anything or uncircumcision but then he tells us what does a veil what what is it then Paul. It was not this that or the other thing for this thing called righteousness by faith. What is it Paul what is the thing that actually does avail. He says it is faith. Notice the language it is faith working through love or attitude. I'm James Version. Faith that works by love this is the thing that does avail. This is the internal mechanisms psychologically when righteousness by faith Tom gets into your person into your head into your emotional make up brother. It's faith that is being activated by love. It's going on inside of you. That's what Paul is describing. You can get introspective You can look at yourself you can look in yourself and you say Hey Lord what's going on inside of me. What is it that drives me what is it that makes me kick inside. What is it that a veiled to use Paul's word word. What is it that avails in me that really is the thing that had center stage in that moves me. Well the word that is there translated working faith working through love got that language. That word is the Greek word. When Paul wrote this to use the word enter jail from which we get the English word what do you hear their inner J.-O. energy at that. So it then surely hear Paul again he says. He said I'll tell you what a veil for the Christian experience I'll tell you what really really works. This is the whole deal Paul says righteousness is by say and faith is energized by love. So I think that's where from and what he's describing here is a relational dynamic between factors right. Did you did you catch them. There's there's righteousness now with regards to right now right. I'm completely impotent as are you. Jesus describes how beyond righteousness is when he said that you remember that Jesus said which one of you by taking fire. Got by taking thought can add one cubit to his stature. Which one of you could by mental discipline actually make yourself taller. Jesus said this. It's a hypothetical question he's trying to draw something out of us. He's saying which one of you through mental discipline could actually increase your height. What the obvious answer to the rhetorical question. Nobody you can't think hard enough to make that thing happen. Another scripture in the Old Testament says Can a leopard change its spots what's the obvious answer to the rhetorical question. No so it would be equivalent to me saying to you listen listen all you have to do to get this one billion dollars that I have right here and who wouldn't want one billion dollars Here's one billion dollars All you have to do just one thing jump and touch the moon once not twice not three times just one time. QUESTION How many of you would actually stand up and start jumping. Nobody would jump. Why. Because we know that it is beyond the realm of possibility is there right. So there wouldn't even be an effort. That's what right just in this is right just ness is not something that you can. You and I can attain by simply trying hard enough for you with me. What about faith faith in the equation is according to Scripture. Faith is like a sleeping giant of possibility it's a it's a potential thing if there was a like you all have a memory right recalls your problem but you do remember everything that's ever happened to you yes or no you can't bring it all to mind. But you have memory you have a real reasoning faculty. Everybody does you don't use it all the time. I don't use it all the time but you have it. The Bible says every person has been given a measure of faith. Everyone you have it even before you were a believer you had deposited within your humanity a measure of faith that could be activated at any given point through contact with and what's the bottomline factor here. God's love not not your love or my love this isn't this isn't a Bible thing. You do need to try hard to love. This is the Bible this is Paul saying you need to come into vital contact with somebody else's love for you. You need to perceive you need to see what use the word of Paul an infusion is chapter three. You need to comprehend the love of God for you and through the medium of comprehension This is fascinating I just read these ago in the book Man of blessings by Ellen White on page twenty I think it is. She said that every increase in a person's knowledge of God's character increases the capacity of the soul for love. So the more I know God the more my capacity for returning love to him grows inside of me. You felt this happen to you because perience to that you see an insight regarding God's beautiful character and it blows you away and you can't imagine ever denying them. Now you lose that moment sometimes right. You see the glory of God out of the corner of your eye as it were and then you go about life and and your mate. I lose touch with that vision that beauty that you saw but want to be like for those moments to become constant closer and closer and closer together until there are a continuum until it's not just a glimpse of God's glorious beautiful character out of the corner of your eye but can you imagine living in perpetual consciousness of God's love for you. That would be victory in every one of those moments. This is why Ellen White so than another place she says love is power intellectual and moral strength are involved in this principle and cannot be separated from it and every act of love increases strengthens and extends it and then her closing line Love will gain the victory. It's really that simple. A man who is deeply head over heels in love with his wife a wife who is deeply head over heels in love with her husband. That is the day that they are cultivating the relationship they're keeping it alive. They're not avoiding they're not invading they're in one another's space. Those people by virtue of a cold to evade love those people that husband that wife because love is alive in their relationship are insulated protected against infidelity because of the power that connecting factor called love that's just a simple example. But in the Christian experience the same holds true for the moment at which I am followed us in the moment where I am. Totally consciously in love with the savior because of his love for me. Then loses its attraction not in arrested temptation water off a duck's back. I can say no no no. In the light in the conscious light of his love for me it's when I lose sight of it and detach from and forget and get caught up in things that eclipse my perception of God's love that I become morally and spiritually weak. This is what Paul is teaching us in this righteousness by faith concept now. Ellen White was asked at one point what is this thing called righteousness by faith we're going to see in just a moment why people were asking this question because it was a hot issue in Adventism at a certain point of our history. But they were asking her Hey Kate so Ellen why do you keep talking about righteousness by faith and and these these other people are talking about it what is it. And it's interesting she didn't give him a complicated theological answer she gave a very practical answer that any one of us can wrap our minds around. She says OK I'll tell you what it is. Here's a definition of righteousness by faith she said in that statement testimonies to ministers for sixty eight. She said I'll tell you what it is. Her words not mine quote unquote righteousness by faith she says it is the active principle of the love imparted by the Holy Spirit. That's what it is. It's love in action. Flowing from God through the Holy Spirit to me. So there is a vertical relational dimension to this thing. It's God loving me. And showing me his love through the proclamation of the Gospel and through the providential occurrences of life. It's God impressing upon my mind by the Holy Spirit his love for me. So there's a vertical dimension it's God loving me but then that vertical dimension spreads out into a horizontal dimension because God's love for me then begins to bleed over to flow over in loving others with the same kind of love the same quality of love that he has showered upon me. This is Paul concept this is righteousness by faith and this is the quotation that I just gave you moments ago. I just quoted it from memory because I forgot that it was in here. So now you have the reference. Ellen White says love is power what is love power what kind of power. Intellectual and moral strength that amazing is a certain kind of power. It's intellectual and moral strength are involved in this principle of love and cannot be separated from it. Love cannot live without something without action. If love is present there will be action that expresses that love toward God toward our fellow human beings and every act increases strengthens and extends that love will gain the victory that the forward slash because that's we're going to pause twenty five minutes. And those of you who came in late I said we're going to do our seventy five minute seminar in three parts rather than one seventy five minute span we're going to stand up right now and move around the volume through the testimonies page one thirty five stand up go up on your toes a few times you can raise your hands and stretch if you want but the cameras are on and you look like kind of consuls and you'll be in trouble if they post it on the Internet. One thirty five one thirty five. Just move around a little bit up on your toes down on your heels up and down up and down. All right have a seat. Page one thirty five page one thirty five. All right. So that's part one of our three part. So men are supposed to be one part but three parts there we go. All right. Are we back together now. You ready. OK I'm watchin you so don't yawn. I warned you I told you this is a meeting after lunch is a tough business. Every speaker knows you want the morning meetings but you can't pay anybody to get them. All right so let's move on from there. We at Seventh Day Adventists we're going to do a little bit of history now part two. At seventy EVANS We trace our beginnings as a people to the eight hundred forty four. I don't have time to flesh out all the details for where that date comes from but we're going to cut to the chase and I'm going to point out that there is history behind this leading up to eight hundred forty four there is what we're going to refer to as the reign of bad religion. Anybody here who is a Seventh Day Adventist if you're not of seventh Avenue by the way welcome we're glad you're here hopefully this is helpful and a blessing to you as well. But I'm assuming in this historical segment here in the middle a little bit of knowledge I'm assuming that you know something about eight hundred forty four in Bible prophecy. So the reign of bad religion what is that. Well according the Book of Daniel and according the Book of Revelation there would be a power that would rain for twelve hundred sixty years is that ringing a bell for anybody and that power that would rain down through history for twelve hundred sixty years that power would perform certain actions in history. It would. Your size its power to accomplish certain diabolical things in history. It is described in the Book of Daniel as the last thing mean the name of God The word blast being could be translated for ease of understanding and more modern vernacular to defame this power would use its influence to paint a picture of God contrary to the truth about God but all the while this power Check this out would be posturing itself in the world as God's highest representative on Earth. This power would purport to be God's truth church and yet it when in fact be a covert operation in which bearing the name of Jesus on the surface the character of God through this power is doctrinal system would be grossly misrepresented. So for twelve hundred sixty years just just century after century we have this horrible defamation of the character of God occurring. All right Bible prophecy. But then Scripture tells us in Bible prophecy being on Revelation Bible the Bible tells us that there would be a violent reaction against this horrible picture of God and the Bible describes this as the emergence of the beast from the bottomless pit in Revelation and the Beast from the bottomless pit we understand. Again I'm not going to prove this to you because that's not our point right now I'm assuming you're familiar with that aspect of Bible prophecy. If you read the book great controversy the chapter called the French Revolution. You'll discover a very clear explanation of the fact that Catholicism in misrepresenting the. Eric your god created a different case for God in the hearts and minds of human beings. So atheists are rose on the scene of human history not first and foremost as scientific atheism. Darwin's theory of evolution wouldn't be for one hundred years plus in the future. So it wasn't about biology it wasn't about fossils. Atheism came into existence as a violent emotional reaction against Catholicism. When you have a doctrinal system that claims to represent God that involves eternal torment and Purgatory and and and and the entire theological system and if you don't comply with that picture of God you were burned at the stake or tortured and then burned at the stake. When you have that going on Century after century in the name of who Jesus. Finally in Western Europe beginning in France there was a violent reaction against all of this. NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY. Essentially atheism came into existence by human beings saying If God is like that I don't believe in God. Now how many of you know people who if if they could articulate what they're feeling in their unbelief that it's more along those lines it's less about Darwin's theory of evolution as less about biology is less about fossils and it's more about I just don't like the God that religion portrays. If God is like that I can't go there. That's how I was raised. So atheism is a part of the picture. Then according to the trajectory the historical trajectory of being on the revelation you have the reign of bad religion. Which produces the violent reaction of atheism beginning with the French Revolution which gave us modernity and all that goes with it and this push back on theology and God and church. All right. Right now in our world we're approaching one billion people who claim to be atheists and then we have according to the unfolding a Bible prophecy then we have the rise of the Advent movement which here we are today. We are privileged to be a part of that thing we call Adventism. Now there's no cause for inflated egos about this. There's no there's no reason for arrogance with regard to the fact that we happen to be a part of this movement why. Because anybody can be a part of this movement. The door is open. This has nothing to do with an elite group of people that God has singled out as somehow better than anybody else. This is just anybody who wants to embrace a beautiful picture of the character of God Come on. That's what happened to them is anybody who wants to wants to push the eject button on all the ugly theology of eternal torment and Purgatory and salvation by works and infant baptism which suggest that God is presently burning little babies forever and ever and ever because their parents failed to baptize them at birth it's address that or the picture is so ugly so diabolical and God is essentially calling people around the world out of that picture of God This is a very important point to understand Adventism is not is not simply God calling people out of one denomination into another denomination. It's not just geographic movement or denominational identity. Movement it's not get out of this thing into this thing. You can carry that stuff in your head straight into that. It's not so much about getting out of one denomination into another. It's about getting a picture of God out of our heads and hearts that is damaging to our relationship with God. So so we not only need to get out of Babylon we need to get Babylon out of us. Because we can simply change denominations and bring the same concepts with us in a different form straight in to the other movement. So there's the advent movement that was brought into existence for the purpose of undoing this horrific misrepresentation of the character of God through religion. But then something happened and this is really important to understand you see the date there in the statement by Ellen White eight hundred fifty two the words addressed to the Laodicean church describe their present condition perfectly. This is the first time historically when Ellen White applied the Laodicean message of Revelation Chapter three to the Adventist Church the advent movement that's very early in the movement. The movement had to get started in eight hundred forty four. Right. We hadn't even as a church organized into a structure a denominational structure yet that would come much later in the eight hundred sixty S. This is one nine hundred fifty two and the prophetic voice among us is saying wait a minute something's happening here. We're looking backwards lighting back. Something is happening here and it's described by the latest in message what is that message. Here's the latest message you can read it slower. Some time and take in every point but I'm going to call your attention to just a couple of important things here. Here's the Lord Jesus Christ. According to Ellen White addressing us so they had us all right. I know your works that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish that you were cold or hot. That's interesting. Jesus actually saying I'd rather you just be unbelievers and just give battle or be totally on fire passionate in your relationship with me but this this thing in the middle that you're trying to do this mixture of cold and hot water that gives you a luke warm tepid kind of noncommittal but you fill the pews and you go through the motions. It's interesting God said so then because you are lukewarm and neither cold or hot I will vomit you out of my mouth. I hesitated even to read that a strong language you don't want to visualize that. But this is this is God Almighty the creator of the universe looking upon something a group of people. According to Ellen White our very movement and saying God is saying that's how I feel when I see what's going on. I need to move to the next but really fast right. Because that's a bit hard to bear because we don't generally perceive God feeling like that when he looks at us. How do I know that. Well I was just at the General Conference session that's how I know it and we tend in the direction of applauding ourselves for our accomplishments. We tend in the direction of showing a picture after picture after picture of all that we're doing. And we tend not to be introspective enough to say Lord what do you really want from us. I won't spend a lot of time there because I don't want to depress you. I want you stay for part three. OK So then the statement goes on because you say this is Jesus kind of putting words in our mouths. Right. Expressing the sentiments that are kind of the undercurrent of our spiritual condition. Because you say I am rich and increased with goods I am rich and have become wealthy and have need of lot of nothing and do not know that you are wretched miserable poor blind and naked that's quite an assessment. I counsel you to buy of me. Here's what he says you need this is the remedy for the condition. I count to you to buy from me gold tried or refined in the fire which the Bible and Ellen White Bear out. Is faith working by love. That's what that symbol means. Gold tried or refined in the fire. Is faith working by love. Jesus says that's what you need you also need he says you need white garments so that you may be clothed in the shame of your nakedness will not appear and you need I say have to anoint your eyes so you can see these two symbols the white remnant represents the message of what do you think righteousness by faith that we began talking about and what the I still have that's a discerning influence of the Holy Spirit that that so that we can see our situation and move in a positive direction. Now Ellen why interestingly she defines this. This sense of rich and increased with good as she says that it is spiritual riches or their knowledge of the truth. Now make sure that we pause and understand that she's essentially saying in Jesus. Saying in Revelation Chapter three essentially that follows us as a people are Seventh Day Adventists. You are in merged with the fact that you have the truth because you have doctrinal facts that are provable. You have spiritual wealth you have spiritual riches you have the Sabbaths truth and and you have the sanctuary truth and you have the immutability of God's law and you have the judgement and you have eight hundred forty four and you have looked in the dead truth and you have the truth about Hell and and on and you have the health message. QUESTION Are all of these good things to have. Yeah but noticed something. It's possible to hold those true views in such a way that it equates to a very poor spiritual condition. It's possible to have all that wealth of knowledge and be in spiritual poverty Jesus says wretched miserable poor blind and naked essentially. It's possible to have the truth minus Jesus I heard a preacher say one time the most miserable person in the world or that something had been this who doesn't know Jesus because they had been at has a lot of knowledge and can hold court with theological argument and say look here in the Bible says and I can prove and this is I know I've got the truth and and the Laodicean message is changing you and me. This can be this can be a problem. And according to Ellen White it is a problem because she goes on in our history to describe. How it was that we came to this condition. Now watch this very carefully she says. The truth for this time is a broad in its outlines. I mean just think of Adventism in this this body of truth we have Billy Graham when he was in his heyday he would have a two night crusade and baptized people. How many nights does it take us to become an advent of the serious business people. At least twenty six. The event was is going to be in town for a while because there's a lot of stuff you need to learn. Am I right or am I wrong. OK There's nothing wrong with that. Jesus said Go teach unbaptized so teaching should precede baptism. We need to educate people in the message that God has given us yes or no. Yes but watch this now. Watch what the prophet of God is saying to you and me. The truth for this time is broad and without lines there's a lot to it. Far reaching and embracing what. What of that day. Many doctrines many doctrines up until a couple years ago we had twenty seven fundamental beliefs now we have twenty eight. The list is getting longer. That's because we keep studying and I guess we keep learning new things and that's great. No problem with that as long as it's all actually there in the Bible. OK so she's not putting that on the back though. Watch where she goes what's the next word in the statement. But she's making a qualification. But these doctrines are not something what are they not they're not detached items which mean little. Well I mean a detached item. Yeah these things this Sabbath the state of the dead the second coming. This isn't this isn't. It's a systematic a list. She's saying they're not detached items what are they. They are united by golden thread. That's the little bit of metaphoric language there again golden threads referring to the influence of God to love being woven through the tapestry of truth is that here they are united by golden threads forming a complete hall with Christ as was the living center on the one hand she goes on in another statement to assess this Laodicean condition on the one hand religion that's generally have divorced the law from the Gospel what do we call that when when people of other faiths say the law is abolished it's nailed to the cross the law's done away with what the big theological word we use for that. Antinomianism anti law. The world is full of professed Christians who claim that when Jesus died on the cross what happened to the moral law of God but omits done away with is of no relevance whatsoever any more to the believer. Right but she's not talking about them she's talking about who she's saying that's what they've done. They have divorced the law from the Gospel while we that Seventh Day Adventists have on the other hand almost done the same but what was she saying here from another stand. We're coming at it from a different angle. We're not Antinomians we believe in the immutability of the eternity of God We believe that God's law is eternal is God Himself because we say it's a transcript of God's character. The Law God could could not cease to exist any more than God could cease to exist. Are we right in that theologically. Yes but there's a danger she saying that in the process of defending the law against the Antinomians she says. We have over corrected and then something else. What have we done. She goes on and says we have not held up before the people the righteousness of Christ and the full significance of the great plan of redemption. We have left out Christ and his match lists love and brought in theories and reasonings and preached what kind of sermons what kind of Discourses argumentative discourses you've been to these meetings I've been to be's meetings I've conducted these meetings these argumentative discoursed meeting these point by point proof text. I'll tell you exactly how it is and here's forty six verses to prove there's no wiggle room. Would you like to get baptized. Now what happens when this method of soul winning is implemented. You can fill the pews with people that are intellectually converted but don't know Jesus. They know right neighbors is wrong day. They know the love God is changeless and they can prove it. They know that when you die you are really dead. But the question remains do they know the matchless love of Christ for their individual souls. How often do we as they had been us look for the steins of heart felt genuine conversion. We simply asked them Do you believe that the some day this out of the not Sunday. Yes I do OK will baptize you. What about looking for tears and somebodies eyes because they fall in love with Jesus in the genuinely repentance for their hands and they want to mend their relationship with their wife with their husband with their children. They want relational integrity to come into their life. What about looking for years of repentance in a person's eyes where they want to actually increase the love of God in their home life. We're not concerned with that. We're concerned with people intellectually agreeing to the list of detached items and if they agree to the list we will baptize them and then we'll make them board members and then we will have very difficult board meetings and then we will have argue men about everything and then we don't know why it is that it is so difficult to process of tell you why. Seventh Day Adventist doctrine is not intended to be a list of detached provable items. It's something more. There is one. The statement is mind blowing. There is one great central truth. One great central truth could be kept ever before the mind in the searching the scriptures Check this out one truth Christ and Him crucified why why why. Because when Jesus is dying on the cross What is it that God is revealing to the world. What is it that God is saying. What do you think that's been revealed. As Jesus hangs between heaven and earth what's the message of God little low until a love for every member of the human right there's nothing you can do to earn it. You already have it and that's mind blowing. That's what brings the tears of repentance. That's what makes a person begin to look around at their broken relationships and say no no no I'm not just going to keep the right day Star Saturday versus Sunday praise God for that. But that's it. No I'm going to I'm going to mend my relationship with my wife. I mean I'm going to tell my son I'm sorry for the way I treated him. I'm going to build a relationship with my community and the people I work with that will cause them to see Jesus in me. That's conversion on a different level. I take that back that's just conversion. There's nothing extraordinary about it that's just the deal. That's just the real thing when it happens. So there's one great central truth to be kept before the mine in the search in the Scriptures. Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Now watch this everybody. This is amazing. Every other truth every other truth but whatever you want their name anything what your favorite topic Bible prophecy eschatology in time of ends the Sabbath the state of the dead. But whatever you want there the nature of Christ whatever your theological interest it every other truth whatever it is every other truth is in that's did with influence and what power corresponding to its relation to this theme. The moment you remove Jesus Christ and Him crucified from the equation. Truth whatever it is falls flat is powerless. It doesn't change the heart it just filled the pews with self righteous Pharisees that are policing one another and blocking people from entering the church by their attitudes and spirits. That's what you end up with. You end up with people who are corporately described in Revelation as wretched and miserable poor and blind and naked. But here's the thing here's the catch. They don't know it because they have the truth they view themselves as rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing. It's the ultimate deception to think you are the church and you have the truth and simultaneously God gag reflex is going off and you don't even know it. You don't even know it. That's the wonder of the whole thing. So that's part two stand up and up. Stand up just stretch move up on your knees don't leave the room though you're not allowed to leave the room. I see some of you trying to leave you're not allowed. I'll write that down and we just have twenty more minutes it looks like I got to pay attention to this. This is over at four forty five my correct. OK yeah. All right so what we've essentially said at this point is that in part one there is one truth above all other trues that is the trump card for Christian experience it is the one truth that Paul says it avails it avails every If the thing that we're on the edge of our seat about is a thing he says that we have earnest eager hope for and what is it right just missed by fate. And what is it that so powerful about righteousness by faith righteousness my faith is so powerful because it operates it works. It is energized by the love of God It works from the inside out. It doesn't merely modify the outward conduct. It reaches into the heart and soul and it changes the way a person thinks and feels and relates it actually changes the heart that's registered by faith and that's the thing that everybody here all of us. If we're going to take Paul seriously and if we're going to take Ellen White seriously then you should say to yourself right now in the privacy of your own mind if I haven't been from now on I am. I am into righteousness by faith. That's my topic that's my deal. I like Bible prophecy too but only in the context of righteousness by faith. Yes I'm interested in systematic theology but only in the context of righteousness by faith. All I'm really passionate about the health message but only in the context of the one thing. That trumps everything right just by faith just in the privacy of your own mind to settle that matter right now. That's what avails and that's what you're into. All right. Part two we saw that we as a people don't have a good history with us. It's a positive history with some negative spots. Or is it a negative history with some positives but I don't know but it's like this people according to our own prophetic voice among us. We as a people have tended in the direction of impulse guiding surfaced doctrinal factualness over genuine heart conversion based on the love of Christ and we have produced a low grade of spirituality that is not victorious and that is often filled with little enclaves the bickering and fighting and posturing and politics and people who just can't stand one another. But they show up and go to church together one day a week. But now we're going to talk about the fact that when we begin to see what the Bible is really teaching I follow this the Bible is not something first of all what it's not and what they what it is. The Bible is not a doctrinal encyclopedia. This is not it has all those verses chapters and verses for ease of navigation. But it's not a theological encyclopedia. The Bible is not a list of theological arguments. In fact you don't find you don't find anywhere in Scripture. This is going to be hard to swallow but go ahead and swallow it. You don't find any prophet or apostle in Scripture moving through. The point by point argumentative deductive reasoning process that we go through in our soul winning efforts. There is no prophet that was ever inspired to give a Bible study on the Sabbath the way we give a Bible study in the Sabbath you'll see what I mean in just a moment. The Bible is not a proof text manual. It's not that it can be harnessed for that purpose and sometimes there are good reasons to do these kinds of things. None of these things should be completely negated. It's fine to look in scripture and say what does that say here and what does it say here about this. But that's got to happen in the context of what the Bible is what is the Bible. What is the Bible. The Bible is a story it's literally the unfolding of the story of god's interactions with human beings. It's a relational history. It's God interacting in real time in history with human beings. There are characters they do things God respond to what they do. They respond to what God does. God does things to them they respond to what God says. There's faithfulness and there's rebellion. There's Abraham Isaac and Jacob there's David there Solomon. There are characters and those characters have histories in their relationship with God and with their community and that's what's on display. It's an unfolding story it's a narrative now. Now we take that narrative. We don't know much about Abraham but in Abraham's story we've pulled out a few one liners to prove a doctrine. Do you see what I'm saying. So we're not familiar with the narrative of Isaac so much as we are the few verses that we can harvest from his story to prove. The illogical point dizzyingly what I'm saying. But the Bible is a relational history it's a story. The Bible the covenant document the Bible is a covenant document it's God saying I will be faithful to you and I am inviting you into faithful relationship with me. I would like things to be good between you and I I would like good terms. I would like for you to relate to me the way I'm relating to you. If the covenant documents are right now this beautiful narrative this story by the way I'm just going to pause right here and say this while we ask them if they had been asked have tended to formulate proof text arguments. Again nothing wrong with that. Yes in the right context. All right. It's it's in the it's in the removing ourselves from the bigger context of the story that we end up with the problems that we have. But check this out. While we as the people in our theologians in our evangelists and our pastors myself included have formulated the arguments. OK follow this. When you turn to the writings of Ellen White the only one among us who was actually inspired. What did she write the conflict of the ages series a story a narrative. So you encounter if you read those five books patriarchs and prophets prophets and kings what's the next one desire of ages X. to the Apostles great Conversely if you read those books you know what you're encountering. She's she's telling the story she begins with creation and then you learn about Noah and Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and you're just chugging down through the story line aren't you. And you know what you encounter along the way by the way incidentally along the way you encounter the law of God because it falls somewhere in the what. Story and you encounter the Sabbath why. Because it falls somewhere in the story and you encounter the truth about what happens when people die because it occurs somewhere in the story because you learn about the death of Jesus and it contrasts between first and second death which we'll talk about briefly and you learn about the resurrection. And it all makes sense listen it all makes sense. Narratively there's an unfolding story on why one place said that. She says I'll tell you what the Bible is her words not mine she says the Bible is the book that unfolds the character of God If we read it for what it is it's an encounter. It's God living out his character his love his goodness towards human beings and we're be holding the display of that love as the story unfold. Now in that conflict in the ages series is assassinating. I remember the first time I was a teenager when this was brought to my attention I was a new convert. And if you open up volume one of the conflict of the age of series the story Volume one page origin props to the first chapter to the first sentence. The first sentence is God is love and then the story unfolds through pay church and prophets and prophets and kings and all the way down. And you come to the last book in the series great controversy boom and you take an extra thousand final events and prophecy is unfolding and you come to the last chapter in the last paragraph to the last sentence to the last three words and you know what they are. God is love. Those are the book ends of the story. The story opens with a declaration that God is love the story closes with a declaration of God It is God is love and all the unfolding of the story between is essentially expounding on that one immense beautiful. All reality that God is love. The Bible is a story that unfolds that because ultimately the Bible is a picture of God that is being painted on the canvas of human thoughts and feelings. I just pause there because can you imagine how powerful it would be if our children and our teenagers were to approach or be led to approach the Bible in that way and grow up with the Bible telling them the story of God's covenantal faithfulness with human beings and that God is good always and all his interaction and God always does the right thing and he's passionate for justice and he's passionate for mercy and he always always always. And look at the way he dealt with Abraham. Look at the way he dealt with you know look at how God interacted with Peter and look at Jesus and how he interacted with Mary and can you imagine can you imagine if we were telling that story to the world. And by the way incidentally all of these doctrines uninformed unfold unfold in that narrative structure. Can you imagine how powerful it would be if when we as Seventh Day Adventists talk about the law of God we're talking about the heart of God the character of God in the form of his law and that it's immutable and it's eternal because it is the fabric of God's very nature. Can you imagine if we talk about the law of God we were to teach people that God's law is a lot of liberty and freedom given why parameters for building relationships. That are so good. And that's what the law of God is about. Can you imagine can you imagine if we were teaching the Sabbath truth and it wasn't just right Davis' wrong day now. Now we need to achieve that. There is a right and there's a wrong that actually there's a right and there's six wrong days. OK So so yes yes. Can you imagine though if the tablet for us wasn't just proving right Davis' wrong day what is the Sabbath was the rest that we have in Christ for a finished work of redemption because God's love is powerful enough to conquer sin in our lives and the congregation were to die a collective sigh. So good to be loved by God and to know that my salvation is secure in Christ I think I'll rest in Him. Can you imagine if the Sabbath meant that can you imagine if the sanctuary doctrine wasn't merely a tool for proving that the investigative judgment started in one nine hundred forty four but rather that the sanctuary is this beautiful path of encounter with God First we encounter God in Christ in the courtyard at the altar of sacrifice and we see the Lamb slain from the foundation the world and we experience confession and repentance in the light of his love for us at the altar and then and then we move on to the Laver and our hands and our feet are washed symbolically and we're cleansed from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit because we're in love now with the one who died for us. And then and then the journey goes on and we enter into the holy place and we encounter the bread then and the light of the candelabra and the incense and we understand that we're surrounded with symbols of spiritual growth and development. We feed on the word in the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit and we have a prayer life and our prayers are rest in the like in the sense mingled with the righteousness of Christ and I see myself I visualize myself in relationship with God and then ultimately God is calling me into the deepest intimacy with himself in the most holy place in all the universe where the she kind of glory is and the angels the covering cherubs are there and there is the Law God in the ark and the mercy seat over the law representing the perfect combination of mercy and justice. In my experience God just and yet the justifier of the one who believes in Jesus' mercy and justice perfectly mingled in Christ or to be alike at the sanctuary truth with that. And we stood before the world proclaiming a progressive relational deepening intimacy with the creator of the universe on a journey in the sanctuary. And finally what would be like if the second coming wasn't for us merely an effort to prove that it's not a secret rapture. Everyone's eyes will see it and it's going to be really loud and it's going to be a trumpet. And that is close with prayer. No let's not close with a prayer. Let's not just portray the second coming. For what it's not it's not the same coming is not just an argument against the secret rapture. The Second Coming is the bridegroom coming to receive his bride because he's eagerly anticipating the wedding and he wants to spend time with his bride for eternity. The marriage is ready. The bride has made herself ready by the righteousness of Christ and Jesus comes and and the father presides over the wedding the final nuptials between the church. When the savior of the universe and and we step through the second coming into eternal intimacy with our spiritual husband. What if the second coming was that. What if we just went out of our way. Can you imagine that evangelist experience. Can you imagine that set of Bible studies. Can you imagine visiting someone's home once a week for an hour and unpacking all of that. Can you imagine that along the way as the doctrinal clarity is being gained also the person is falling in love with God. Can you imagine now that is evangelism. That's the thing that if we ever get our heads around it as a people that's the thing that will bring the latter rain. That's the thing that God would give a global hearing to. That's the thing that will make God smile. That's the thing if we ever get our heads and hearts around it as something out in us that the thing that will hasten the coming of Jesus and bring an end to this nightmarish existence on planet earth under the influence of sin. That's the thing if we could ever ever by God's grace wrap our hearts around it. Thanks for your time let's pray. Father in heaven we just pause right now to to ask you to rearrange in our Adventist heads all this truth that we carry as a trust from you. Thank you for the truth Lord but thank you for the truth as it is in Jesus. Thank you for what the Sabbath looks like through the window of Christ in His righteousness. Thank you for what the state of the day. A doctor in the century doctrine and and all of our various please. Thank you Father for what they look like in Christ so beautiful so attractive. Thank you. And Lord May we receive it. And as your followers become so passionate about these things that people when they encounter us and when we witness to them and when we study the Bible with them not only will they be learning factual doctrinal data but along the way they will find themselves falling in love with her desire and in media and with my audience. Evidently in the services and industry if you would like to learn or not time. W W Not a word you like to the free line. W W W Not your version.


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