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Evangelism Focus

Mark Finley Paul Ratsara



  • December 22, 2007
    9:15 AM
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as you I see you been happy with GUI see him it sounds like your weight morning I like to welcome you to our Sabbath services today we are going to live on through the end we started at nine o'clock and were going to be live stirring until twelve thirty so we argued for some blessings today don't wear a live audience will be getting breaks so you won't have to sit in your seat for four hours but we are so glad you are here with us today we have some exciting things planned for the service today so I know you will be blessed this morning were going to be talking with Pastor Mark Finley and Pastor Finley is a man of God he is the vice one of the vice presidents for the world church of Seventh-day Adventists I was talking with him before we came up this morning and he was telling me that he and his wife love the outdoors I love hiking they love swimming anything that involves God 's nature that's where they want to be and he's a wonderful man a man of God a few days is going to be heading to Taiwan to the world youth Congress there is going to bring bring greetings from UIC so that further ado I'm going to ask after failing to come for this morning and share with us what thank you Luke am looking forward to sharing about what God wants is for young people evangelism now reflect back over forty years before we do that father in heaven thank you that you are given to this church a mission in a message for the world at this crisis our overseas for Lord help us to be faithful to our task each fire thousands of young people here and around the world to go out of the torture of truth in their hands and proclaim the gospel of the living Christ in the prophetic message of end time tool world so desperately needs it Lord help us to be a massive risk of hope to our world and Christ's name amen I believe you were telling you been involved in evangelism for forty years is that correct is now why do you think evangelism is so important and send them his church obviously is important because he wouldn't have been involved in four years if not for the reason evangelist is so important to the seventh charges because it's important to God in the nineteen versus Japan and the Bible says the son of man is come to seek and save that which is lost god had only one son and he became an evangelist the joy of heaven the glories of heaven he came to our the Bible says in first Timothy chapter two verse three and four for this is good and acceptable in the sight of God that long in the saving of the knowledge of the truth in second Peter chapter three Bible says that it's got something for any loss as a forty three percent in the Bible says you are my witnesses says the Lord accept one per se the Bible says you shall be witnesses unto me and to Judea Samaria etc. Matthew twenty four verse fourteen the Bible says the gospel total of the world as a witness in Jesus God so the reason the Seventh-day Adventist church is interested in evangelism is because God is present to scriptural mandate any church that is not interested in evangelism is disobedient to Christ any Christian is not interested in sharing their faith has really missed therefore faith is to good people ourselves Jesus is too good a high PR and I share him certainly in those verses this is the gospel to go to all the world are we fighting a losing battle in rehab so many people being born every single day and yet the progress for making evangelism seems to be so small Luke went assassinated literally successful never you're right that God never tells you only witness if you think it's like a successful it took over thirty five years for the first convert to be baptized in the book today and we have over a million members the confidence of the Indian so God calls us to share his message and leave the results with you but for your encouragement in eighteen sixty three when the Seventh-day Adventist church was formed there was one Seventh-day Adventist for every three hundred and seventy three thousand people in the world there is one for what everybody three hundred one seventy three thousand yummy activists there are every person world today one day every four hundred and thirty two that progress from one to three hundred seventy three thousand one hundred one thirty inches of the Seventh-day Adventist Church one hundred and seventy years to reach its first million members today we reach a million members every single year new members so is there a great task certainly are there aliens that need to be warned yes the bridge church is making an impact on the world with over with working over two hundred twenty eight countries but this idea that we should not weakness because more people are being born they wore this idea that the work of God on earth will never be finished that is the human idea with man it may not be possible but with God all things are possible at the time that the Angel of Revelation eighteen will come down to your new life with the glory of God the Holy Spirit report and latter rain power in the work on early finish by the lack of rain cannot bring it to fruition NEC that has not been so gotten the blessing liturgy don't give it out God bless Acer material breach God bless any evangelistic meetings you don't all have less leverage your when we do the work that God has finished in the church to do God will rain down as your miracles of the work Jesus of God and will go home to want to hear you saying that in our job is not to focus results our job is to focus on being faithful in the duties the guys given to us we work in the plan in addition multiplication exactly losing when you look at results you limit what God wants to do because the Bible says Isaiah chapter fifty five percent in a higher than your thoughts and life lessons the Lord higher than your ways my ways so we don't focus on results if the church becomes the result oriented then evangelism becomes a numbers game so we are not in the church growth business where the finishing of the work this is an those are two vastly different things God has called us to proclaim the gospel easiest business is often hard to believe people by the Holy Spirit except that which is providing now in your experience and for use in evangelism ensure you running to some people who have been happy with what you doing they may have criticized your method how did you deal with some of those challenges while I worry about people that criticize the event 's reliance upon methods reminds me of why don't we play only was preaching one day at a lady was in the audience as she came up after his so you will was right power creature she said past including I discounted that made it forty eight grammatical errors in your sermon she was an English teacher and she marked that every time they are now error and he sat there or Madam I am using all the English I know to win souls for Christ what he is doing with the English you know another time Luke Moody was preaching advancing opportunities I like your imperfect methods and goodies that I recognize my imperfect methods but if you than your perfect methods and when nobody else now I can take criticism don't mind criticism at all because the desolate signs of a filling this it's the people that carry the ball and be tackled now the don't worry about criticism just do something for Jesus if somebody shares of your better method used that method but the problem that I find is that people who are criticizing the methods of evangelism getting Bible studies literature holding evangelistic meetings most of those people have not been successful soul winners if there is somebody that is using some method that is anointed by the Holy Spirit analysis about five I want to know that the only reason I use the methods that I use in giving final studies in leading people to Jesus what was passing out literature small-group stealth evangelism preaching from the word of God because those are the methods that Ellen White tells us to use those of the methods found in the Bible those are the methods that God has anointed to be successful in this generation so we don't worry about critics and don't worry about the naysayers don't worry about doubting Thomas is the safety of a gun we don't criticize those that criticize us we seemingly keep working in Jesus that this not getting discouraged Jesus bless our lives the account was revisiting and eventually deciding savings in the young person I'm worried about a lot of things no I understand that something I'm doing evangelism I'm naturally going to be worried what about the results what do you say what are people that think because I got to be honest I am much more people pleaser than I like to met but with what you are saying we don't have to worry about the things we don't have to worry about what people think we don't have to worry about the results all we have to focus on is doing what God has asked its assets to dilute levitate a store that I rarely tell it was my first evangelistic meeting ever held my life it was held in Trenton Georgia Trenton Georgia is a CE that the city not seeking it is a small town I don't know how many people it has in it but I do know that it probably has twenty thirty churches in it and that was just a little tiny at this company at that time I was a student at Wildwood medical work teacher with teachers about medical missionary institutes on I took my students out of the evangelistic meeting in Trenton Georgia we held our meetings attend right across from a ballfield we held our meetings the rainy season and pitched our tents at the bottom of the hill I remember the night I went in the water in the jet was up to my ankles we had to take an irrigation ditch down the center aisle of the auditory markets and an end to train it so the good to me and they came in their mind I select us to put down about three inches there I remember my sermon on the Sabbath and there are about one hundred fifty people there and I preach on the sacrifice of how many of you believe that Saturday the seventh Italy is the Sabbath in his last Sunday's standout nobody's going but they can understand me in the Genesis is less than at the Saban is zero this is only going to sell remember the Sabbath is this a sign existence Ezekiel twenty first well Jesus kept the Sabbath Revelation talks about an entire people keeping the commandment if you believe that stand out nobody's but we didn't understand me better explain more clearly I went on and on and on any appeal nobody stood the wisest thing I did that night was happen in addiction the next morning I was in a laundromat and we came up to me she said pastor was some meeting we had the other night and then she says is this old Southern woman she's a young man I was younger in those days young man you can't change forty five years forty five minutes she taught me something I learned in that evangelistic meeting we did not baptize one person who so Mark Finley was a colossal failure by man's standards in his first evangelistic meeting not one baptized but I know what it's like the standard for an audience of a hundred thousand eight author C twenty thousand come for the Baptist you see had I given up after my first evangelistic meeting when not one person was baptized I would not be preaching for forty years something happened Luke in that tent that met during that first series nobody was baptized but God gave me a passion for souls my heart a passion it's not likely for forty years there's nothing more thrilling there's nothing more exciting than standing on a platform and preaching the three angels message and watching people come down the aisle when you consecrate your mind and heart to God and you give your life to Jesus and passionate what we pour out further Elizabeth God will take those small feedings this five day of small beginnings don't be so focused on results be focused on being the theme of this conference is being when I was in the evangelistic series and I studied the message of the three Angels the preacher got my mind in my consciousness he prepared my heart and soul when I memorize hundreds of Bible text so that later in my life I can look back to that experience in Anchorage early when you give Bible studies or early in your evangelism is not what God is doing through units is most important is what God is doing to you something is happening in your heart something is happening your mind something is happening in your soul God is giving you worldwide appetite for souls God is love fashion for the lives of many women so soul winning is not so much the right formula Luke solely is not so much the right method soul winning is the right are the right mind and soul when he has to do with this I does love people this desire to get your arms rounded up this desire to open the word of God and seek God 's word change their life passions solely because you are not what you do it becomes part of your self-esteem fifty you cannot separate soloing from my heart because if you try to do that destroy the very essence of who I when I came to Christ the entry into my life changed my life and passion to share it with others that's been a lifelong passion runs for my veins it pulsates in my heart is not something that I do because of the details may have to do it it is something I do because it defines who I am as a Christian evangelism is not a work of mine is a life of mine has been and is anything make a wild guess here that all of your translucent meetings didn't go as well as that first I hope all goes well at they went better and better I kept doing things yellow pages this looks like they are inherently verifies the God were to I can remember when we don't when I walked around Franklin for the first time in the Kremlin with the city on communism the outlook around that the Kremlin I believe that regulatory where you drop or spoken Chinese coastal annual goal which also looking Yeltsin spoke CCC six thousand five hundred and one around the Kremlin like Joshua what around Jericho will be great like it was revelatory you know no reason of anything I ever held evangelistic meetings in the grammar in fact no Christians probably never spoke when I remember I walk around for them we pray what gives the correct we got word from the Kremlin rifle of communism that we would be able to hold evangelistic meetings the Kremlin with six thousand five hundred people the first night six I mean the first session six thousand five hundred seconds and was a divine miracle in the in the annals of heaven that that was an incredible miracle recently I was in Ukraine holding evangelistic meeting and in nineteen fifty four in Ukraine the dealership gave one of the most famous speeches of his career on dialectical materialism on on why materialism would try out why communism would dry up to date is fifty four when that the industry of a the industrial revolution and communism was taking place there factories were booming and they were preparing for their space launches and so forth Yeltsin while out on those wooden boards on the stage behind rather radical to what a Christian fifty four Khrushchev walked out behind the any sad humanism will conquer the world materialism will come to the world and then Rashad said loan you shall destroy the Soviet Union but only will save one oh three server and bring them to a museum in Moscow as stuffy and like any animal that has been shot by fifty years of future generations and no wipers it looked like two in nineteen fifty four degrees yet in one of his famous speeches in Ukrainian key said that oil of Christianity would be stamped out the former Soviet Union and is one Christian would be left when he got to stop them and put them in a museum in Moscow a few years ago I walked out on the same boards that same stage to an auditorium similar to this that was filled with eager Ukrainians listening to Gosport I stood behind that podium the crew just spoke from the cameras were turned on and the message of Christ and the three angels went to seventeen hundred cities in the former Soviet Union Nikita Khrushchev has been that God 's message in God 's word moves on and because the kingdom of God will try the event message will not be blown out myself lingering mango who are on the winning side she is also the landmark and a triumphal the Dragon the last chapter has been written yet last time in front has taken place yet was young person you give your life cases in evangelism he will work miracles for you sometime soon your humble beginnings and its use you to work miracles for his kingdom there's a young person today I'm sure in our audience is thinking was and I can't reach I don't know how to Bob Clinton but yeah I've heard which is you see how even you started and didn't seem to have success in the beginning but I want to get involved I feel my call I just don't know how how can a young person get involved first use the gifts that God has given you there's a misunderstanding about spiritual gifts in the hearts and minds of many young people spiritual gifts do not come fully developed so you may have latent gifts in your heart that God has given you by the Holy Spirit but you will never know that you have those gifts unless you begin to follow the inclinations of the spirit and use the gifts that God is giving you the lowest grade that I got in college I got only two seasons in all my work in college I just become a Seventh-day Adventist and I don't mind telling you what you see in speech my professors were concerned because I couldn't speak without getting too anxious and nervous and I would stand out among these would be knocking my answer the shaking out of my nose and they would be going like this you know and so my wife works in the gymnasium to help make our way through college and had to see to the place with a store baseball bats in the baseball football basketball she gave me that the rivalry sermon after sermon locked in that room and my first fifteen converts were basketballs and shaken income floating oil for something so convoluted out if you got yourself some room and God will reach like yourself there is practice practice practice when we cooperate with God personally but the Bible study you make me nervous that's natural the first twenty one o'clock I see that you may feel nervous and don't allow your business or anxiety from you from using the gift of God is giving you know everybody is not called the evangelist but everybody's golf feelings everybody's got to do the Bible study but everybody is what the witness as Christmas he went missing is not the Spirit is calling for his so that calls us to witness such as Gagne Lisa God what he wanted you to witness for you now here's very practical things to give you feel a call to more definite soul winning ministry there are many opportunities that you might have they were short term opportunities like for example arise for an lower than any other late trading Bible instructor evangelism programs that are affiliated with UIC and ASI through those not gotten a call somebody here to ministry at one of the best comment is sovereign or one of the other ravenous cock if you make the call ministry pursues a list of all your heart taking the end of each and every seminar for example my wife and I Justin McNeil is in the Chelsea Jordan are going to be teaching a short seminar for late vinyl instructors starting Wednesday night about July two and going through the Fourth of July weekend in Orlando Florida and will take about fifty young people maybe a hundred and have dropped around a hundred young people and we will have a training program for those young people will be there mind seeing how to understand the Bible memorized by José Psyche and Bible studies of the board those series young people who really want to get involved in Bible studies you may want to get involved in a program that is written like I preach we sure loser that may be what you want to get involved in you may want to get involved in a program like Elijah project him how his young people around the world he'll be happy to know that their young people around the world and preaching God 's Word for the last ten years general conference sponsored what we called the Elijah project we invested with ASI significant finances in that project in providing young people with sermon gives new beginnings range up until the day we have had two hundred and twenty thousand people worldwide young people between fifteen and thirty five Limited project they have twenty six or seven thousand Eve Angeles the pleadings in these young people to the glory of God 's name have had a hundred thousand business in South America we met in Houston young people reaching it in your America five to six thousand young people breaching across Africa six seven thousand young people preaching there is a huge movement of the current not simply in G Y C but around the world young people recognize that they are called God reaches Yreka series love and got some powerful things for young people who so we have several thousand young people here UIC just a among we can do with cotton hearts that were consecrated to God hearts that wanting to carry out those that burden and that that passion that God wants to put in our hearts I think some exciting things could happen you know the when I think of young people today they have so many gifts that God is so much energy you lose your energy for something that's going to count at the when you come to the end of your life if Jesus does how we believe that Christ is the various a few over your life look back over the sense that you given your life for something that means something don't look back over your life is a hell I sent my life but what difference does it make now I spend my life will I have a couple cars in a house that's wonderful vacations what do I have look back over your life and say I tested in loving people for Jesus I am sensitive in sharing his love with others I confess to my life in something that will account for eternity because one day some voice some girl is that what they are to walk down streets of gold in a place called heaven in a land called eternity in there to have tears coming down your face vigorously thank you it was a cold spell we asked in Minneapolis and I usually went out to some ice hockey game but I couldn't even tell my driveway and I said who is this foolish young man walking trekking through the snow and you gain it is a liturgy also rip it off I was rude to you but I read I went to the webpage with me Jesus so much thank you when I was in the hospital that you came to pray for me thank you so much that you held a evangelistic meeting I know you were discouraged only fifteen people game and it didn't look like anything happened the word God was in my heart I thank you so much thank you so much for giving me that Bible study thank you so much for bringing a loaf of bread I will when my wife was sick and you gave it to me you live next door to me thank you for volunteering to cut my lawn I saw in your life that Christian love and compassion something that I wanted noble you never knew what I hunger for one day in a place called eternity in a land called heaven somebody's little walk up to you put your arms around you with tears streaming down their face and say thank you for allowing the Lord to use you to touch my life your reward is not your name in the Adventist review and Herald and here's your reward is somebody hugging you in heaven and say thank you for what Jesus Freetown Saturday reunion papers is not your name policing and the likes of that evidence popular you will shine as stars for ever and ever investing through all eternity soul winners I've got stars meant that the kind of my eye when Windows you and that none will know are 3-D and audiences going to cut to some interviews in the back and while they do that pastor Finley was present at an anointing service for our sarong last night we anointed out and pray for him that that God would lay his healing hands on Allison and so we probably take a few minutes break in between Sabbath school and this mission statement just to spend a few moments are praying browser window split up into groups to spend a few moments praise Brown and then please take the time to take care whatever you need to take care of before we come back together for the sentence segment possibly also has a few words before we pray I want us to great intelligently and there is a lot of misunderstanding about the prayer of faith the idea in some minds is that if you pray and you have enough faith God automatically heals there is ideas and other minds well we pray for the will of God and what is that God 's will to heal Alastair saw how you harmonize all of that I want us to pray intelligently there is something more important to God that our physical healing that is our salvation secondly there is something more important to God that immediate healing and that is that his name be glorified in all the earth is God 's will to heal every single person we pray for God 's primary will was never sickness or suffering or heartache or death sickness is always in operation of God 's primary will when you look at each life that they are Adam and Eve were filled with health so sin broke that Shayna of health and brought disease how can we pray intelligently first we know it is God 's will to heal our sick loved ones we know for absolutely sure that they will be healed there is no question about the willingness of God if you are sick loved ones there is only one question the timing of the healing that's the only question will it bring glory to God if you are sick loved one immediately will it bring glory to God if you are sick while of one gradually all will it bring glory to God 's will lower sick loved one to be waded into rest with faith in his name and be raised in the resurrection so we pray Lord we know if he sure we'll take your art your brother we know that you do not you our original plan was not sickness if it will bring glory to your name we pray for instantaneously healing if it will bring glory to your name for her brother to trust you during the time of sickness and witness the doctors and nurses in author is we believe that with you and even if in the deepest sorrow that we do not like any loved one passes away we still believe if you're willing to deal in the next time we see that loved one will be in the glory of the resurrection so we say we do not demand God for instantaneous healing and feel it it doesn't come we don't have faith we were there pray for the salvation that God 's salvation glory will be revealed in this thing we tell God that is our desire to see our dear brother instantly healed but we leave the timing of the gifted with God so as we pray with St. Laurent we have faith we believe you can't instantly healed we believe that your will to heal but we also believe that it may be your will to glorify your name through when he and his sickness it may be your will to glorify your name in a trusting faith relationship like martyrs had in the resurrection so Lord we believe that you will heal we trust you to heal what we need the claiming of the healing to you whether it's instant grandchildren resurrection come together cleaning promise seven members ass it will be given to you see and you shall find knock and it shall be opened unto you Luke eleven thirteen onward if you then being evil know how to give good gifts to your children how much more shall the heavenly father give the Holy Spirit to those Isaiah fifty three with his strengths we argue this meal together groups of two or three and open our hearts for a friend or praying for God if Scott's gift of healing our dear friend Alastair were praying that it will bring glory to God 's name got a given instant healing were praying that brings glory to God 's name more bit of your graduate we are praying the thrall of this salvation power of God will be manifest in the conflict between good and evil to triumph were also pray that God will give comfort to his parents that God will be preciously new year in the hospital room today were also praying that God will give them the strain and it is rather the strength of his father and mother the strange whimpering for them today were holding them up before God today so let's come before wonderful loving heavenly father and petition this morning for a dear brother Alastair wall and you will is him at the service and then he disappeared he did Academy of doing the world 's leader in the and I will specify as we can divorce her Hamilton argues I will while they praying in the background of we want to encourage you to be trained back home a mouse is given of ours is a vice president of the generation for Christ 's young person who's had a lot of impact and influence in bringing these conferences together and in MM in the news and I got a series were many around the world and done you know it is not in my conservative we contemplate just let us to finish a few minutes ago how God 's timing is always best how got me to steal and now instantly he may heal to choose a young graduate he may choose to a human income that God has done best and we commit our stir hand in the generation of Christ in each of these young people to the Lord and another will he will glorify his name and move some of us who live the number of years tags was the fifth him he sure I have been concerned about coming on Titus will continue to do this to us I can assure you we have no concern about future of the seven heavens and the use of the leaders in this movement actually started with Chester that she started with young people on secular university campuses and we have more there than we realized that we do know when I was passing on Texas we do a survey and found that there were four hundred students at that time attending the University of Texas and Anna were seventh in from all over the country from all over the world that we had no idea where they are and so that's a very special ministry is as investors the generation if the Christ UIC movement has really helped you to bring out its young people who work very well connected with their church and mission of the church into that contact into that direct us census of message in a mission in importance and their importance in the final days of the work amazing thing that I have noticed here with this particular group is there's difference in the music the difference in the messages and just a great view of difference between this particular group in what we would only normal youth group the manner address later hairs that the songs they sang I would say I'm very pleased and very very impressed with this to you I see we know God is working out at a fork in the lives of young people today believe that what young people want young people want something that solidly wants on his biblical undergoing them what they want they want a cause were dying for from Lahore is conducting Adventist message in the Adventist movement have his church is just that cause I know this media was produced by audio birds will review ministry G Weiss generation of writers would like to listen to more is presently working would like to learn more about UNC is that the NYC web board also find great with you on your first board and head of video .com will


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