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Same-Sex Marriage, Your Marriage, the Sabbath, and Present Truth

Don Mackintosh
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In this seminar we will get an update on the fallout of the recent Supreme Court decision and its impact on marriage and witness. We will also look at what a godly Christian witness can do in these trying times. 


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)




  • August 7, 2015
    10:45 AM
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What we're going to try and cover today where are we in terms of this discussion. How do we get here. The abandonment of coverture and the historic definition of marriage. Same sex marriage is a tipping point. And what should we do. So let's just dive right in where are we. The recent ruling in the case of same sex marriage carried on June twenty sixth two thousand and fifteen and the court decided in a five to four decision that the fourteenth Amendment requires the state to license a marriage between two people of the same sex or recognize a marriage between two people of the same sex when their marriage was lawfully licensed and before out of state. So the law of the land in America they saw great benefit in that being. And united in their approach to this issue. And so they did not let states go their own way in this ruling. And they said we want to all do the same thing. And of course people were some were very upset with this because it was taken out of the legislative process and was decided by nine attorneys and there's been a lot of a lot of discussion of that more recently than this month. There's another bill that's being suggested in the Senate following up that Supreme Court decision the Equality Act that will expand that ruling that was made by the Supreme Court to various areas areas of business and employment education and it's getting great traction because many people are beginning to get behind them. At in. Actually one side of the house if you will and on the other side as well. So that's where we are today. A vast change over definition that really has been there for millennia and then agitation to take that definition that redefinition and expand it into every area of society. So how did we get here. How do we get here. Well as you remember this debate has gone on for some time and there was a rapid change that began around two thousand and seven and eight you can see there and the opinion of the country basically flipped. You might say that the the final movements were rapid once and there was a flipping. The understanding of marriage the Defense of Marriage Act that was passed back during the Clinton administration was not jettisoned by this recent Supreme Court ruling. It was interesting to read and listen to all the oral arguments leading up to the decision how many of you were able to listen to those or read those. OK. One person. All right good. I'm not saying it was something you had to do. But it certainly was interesting and as I read through those I went through them more in-depth like I said in those other presentations but I want to kind of cut to the chase today arguing for the same sex marriage. Mary Bono told of gay lesbian. Now opinion for the recent ruling and kind of follow the same kind of reasoning. There was this. And again those this coming we're talking about how did we get where we are in this particular case. Your honor my position is that times can blind and if you think about the example of same effect discrimination and what it again I assume it was protected by the four fourteen for a minute but it took over a hundred years for this court to recognize that a sex classification contravened was in conflict with the constitution and then came in and she cited these cases which will look at briefly Craig versus ball and powers Mrs Hartwig Romer versus Evans Lawrence versus Texas and the United States versus when's or so lets us look at those briefly because when we enter into discussing what the court is trying to think we have to look at how they got there. Craig versus Bonn was a case about alcohol out of Oklahoma passed the statute preventing the sale of not in taxes. OK three point two percent beer to males under the age of twenty one but allowed females over the age of eighteen to purchase it. So the statute was challenged as the fourteenth Amendment equal protection violation by a man who was over eighteen but under twenty one. Oklahoma also the that was the first kind of thing like that you treat the genders different concern you know the court held that the gender classifications made by the Oklahoma statute were unconstitutional. So that was the first kind of discussion about you know they have a difference based on gender for alcohol. Bowers versus Hardwick in one nine hundred eighty six the Supreme Court of the United States upheld the five to four and a five were ruling the constitutionality of a Georgia Georgia sodomy law criminalizing oral and. No sex in private between consenting adults when applied to all the structures and the majority opinion that was written by Byron Why was that was a fundamental right that the Constitution did not confer fundamental right to engage in homosexual sodomy concurring with that Justice Warren Burger cited the ancient roots of prohibitions against the homosexual sex. Quoting William Blackstone of English jurist late seventeen hundreds. Description of homosexual sex as an infamous crime against nature. Worse than rape in a crime not fitted to be named Berger concluded in his concurring opinion that the hold that the act of homosexuals sodomy is some way protected as a fundamental right would be to cast aside millennia of moral teaching. So this one nine hundred eighty six not so long ago. For those of us a little bit older. The opinion was that you know moral teaching could be appealed to fast forward in one nine hundred ninety six Romer versus EVANS That was the supreme first Supreme Court case to address gay rights since that case we just mentioned. And the court decided in a six to three decision that a state constitutional amendment Colorado preventing protected status based upon homosexuality bisexuality did not satisfy the equal protection clause. But that was all going to change in the next case and Lawrence versus Texas in a landmark decision six to three ruling the court struck down the sodomy a lot Texas and by extension invalidated sodomy laws and thirteen other states making same sex activity sexual activity legal in every U.S. state and territory. The court overruled its previous ruling on the same issue that we had just cited by our verse. It's hard work. Well appellate challenge Georgia statute and did not find it constitutional protection of sexual privacy and the majority opinion and this was the same person that penned the majority opinion of the last. Same Sex Marriage Act that we just had it we mentioned beginning. Justice Kennedy Kennedy said The court upheld that homosexuals had protected liberty interest to engage in private sexual activity that homosexual moral and sexual choices choices were entitled to constitutional protection and that moral disapproval does not provide a legitimate justification for Texas law criminalizing sodomy. Can you see the shit of the words something outside the law as defined by the justices does not allow you to have that be the basis of world disapproval. Justice wrote Justice Kennedy wrote in his own majority opinion the petitioners Lawrence and garner are entitled to respect for their private lives the state cannot demean their existence or control their destiny by making their private sexual conduct a crime. They review the assumption the court made in powers using the words of Justice Berger concurring opinion in the case that condemnation of homosexuals prices is firmly rooted in Judeo Christian moral and ethical standards and make no mistake when the court said you no longer have a moral standards guide you. It was specifically speaking about Judeo Christian moral guidance a way of saying the Bible no longer can guide in these areas. It was wrong that we let it guide before. So now fast forward to Windsor two thousand and thirteen a landmark civil rights case in which the United States. Supreme Court held that restricting U.S. federal interpretation of marriage and spouse another words what does the word marriage espoused me to apply only to heterosexual unions. As was cited in the Defense of Marriage Act was unconstitutional. The words marriage and spouse can apply to others rather than a header of sexual couple that was in Windsor. So now can you see then how the court has been moving and how we got where we are. You see that. So it was a detachment from the Judeo Christian moral ethic. A lot of words being guided by the Bible in any way and then just a reinterpretation without any of that guidance. I don't know if this is appropriate to say but I did say it in the time that we as individuals or families or churches decide that we're going to kind of go away from the moorings of scripture. We can we can get very interesting places very rapidly. I think that should be a lesson to all the groups I mentioned. So where are we. How do we get here and now. The abandonment of coverture and the historic definition of marriage culture was a new word to me and I'll talk about it here in the dialogue in the oral arguments leading up to the landmark decision. There was a discussion by the justices concerning this particular work. Will this go through and you'll see it. Wouldn't you be asking for this relief. But would you wouldn't be asking for. Just relieved that Justice Ginsburg if the law Berridge was what it was a millennia ago I mean it wasn't possible same sex unions were not would not have opted into the pattern of marriage which was a relationship a dominant and subordinate relationship yet it was marriage between a man and a woman but the man decided where the couple would be domiciled in other words live and it was her obligation to follow him. We have changed since Justice Ginsburg our idea about marriage. There was a change in the institution of marriage to make it a Tarion when it was not egoless area and same sex unions wouldn't would not fit into what marriage once was. So here in NY court they said look we've changed into an egalitarian model we're not under of former model or wonder that in all courting the Justice Ginsburg endive as a result of this Course decision in one nine hundred eighty two when Louisiana's head and master rule was struck down and no state was allowed to have such such a marriage anymore. Would that be the choice that the state should be allowed to have to cling to marriage the way it once was. Interesting discussion what would you say. I guess I was reading something that was on your screen sorry about that I will not tell who was listing affirmed what she said by saying this. That's correct. I mean for centuries we had and Europe had this coverture system where a woman's legal identity was absorbed and that of her husband and men and women had different prescribed legal roles. And again because of equality and changing so. Certain stances all of those gender differences in the rights and responsibilities of the married pair have been eliminated and that of course is a system in which committed same sex couples that quite well. So in other words the reasoning of the court was that because coverture had done been done away with or the reasoning of Justice Ginsburg and was not so in the oral arguments of then alternately the decision that was reached in June was that coverture was done away with the relationship between man and women and of course as they described it it was seen as a very negative thing or there was a dominant and subordinate relationship that was despicable need to be done away with. So I looked up that word to what does that mean coverture I mean I I haven't normally used the word in my vocabulary until I studied this. Well it literally just means protecting or covering. And it was then given legal legs in and especially in the United Kingdom and in the United States. And let's just review that form of coverture and talk about it briefly. The legal system of marriage in England from eleven eighty eight to eighteen seventy that's quite a while. A married woman was covered under the protection and influence of her husband the wife and the husband were viewed as being one legal entity. I don't know but how many of you ever been to a wedding. All right and in that wedding when people come down front at least a traditional wedding. You have who comes marching down bride does and who marches with the bride if everything's a traditional father does and then what does the minister say. Who gives this woman to be married to this man. Right now they might change that event I've heard some very creative things recently a wedding. And then after that what happens. Father and the mother kiss the bride and they do what they hand her over to and then you have the vows of one right. Well that was symbolically based on what it's actually based on the Bible right. It's in the Book of Numbers. It was this idea that the protection of the woman was the responsibility of the man and if the woman was not covered by her father a woman should be covered by her husband who would be the house band. So that's really where they got that. Now I want to make an important clarification that the court didn't bring out but as I studied the history of coverts or William Blackstone said the husband is bound to provide his wife with the necessities the necessaries or discuss if it's should say by a law as much as himself. And if the contract debts for them he is obliged to pay that. How do you ladies can say matter there. So last we think that it was all just a one way street. Oh you know the guy was in charge and he was larger than Star. We get to that wasn't really what overture was. And as I read the cases I try to go back and read in the IT HELP ME that I grew up on the King James Bible and I went back and I saw many cases where you know they go to court and the man had to pay for anything the lady had done. So I don't think it was just a one way street called which is what marriage historically was an English and American early American tradition men controlling all property in income and men were fully legally responsible for their wives and we've already seen that there was kind of give and take. So how did this play out in the discussions by the the justices this issue. Here's what Justice Roberts had to say about it. Colbert was not a universal aspect of marriage around the world. And there again if you look at the basic definition it's between a man and a wife. It does not always say between a man and a woman in which the woman is subordinate in legal respects. So I'm not sure that it's still again a fair analogy to your situation. So I say Yeah I know about her and I stipulate that. In other words I know what you're talking about but around the world there was men and women in relationships where covert your was not even known. Well this is an interesting discussion isn't it. Because And ultimately this is what The New York Times said concerning the at that time pending decision. The United States Supreme Court may soon liberate the biblically conservative church from old prejudices that should have long ago been jettisoned forcing it into rightly bowing to the enlightenment of modernity. So can you see where this is really about. It's not just about marriage. It's about what it's about. Conservative churches. I'm going to you know anybody that belongs to a biblically conservative church. So where are we. How do we get here. The abandonment of coverture and the historic definition of marriage and now same sex marriage is a tipping point because now this is the law of the way. First of all I thought it was interesting. I went back and really looked at several things. Ever since the culture was were jettisoned one thing I looked at that I thought was interesting was the labor force report of married women from eighty ninety which would be when my great grandfather was a Seventh Day Adventist minister one with a chimp J. Richards. H.M.'s is that way back then and back then you know men and women would work together. Not so much did the ladies work outside the home. But that changed eight hundred ninety one nine hundred you can see the graph up until about when the one nine hundred ninety it began to slow down and now it's actually diminishing. Women are beginning to go back home. And they're leaving the worst workforce. Many of them in fact is starting to cross down the other way. I think that's kind of interesting. I just wonder. I mean I think there's a case to be made either way but I'm just wondering how. Oh beneficial. Women in the workforce has been for families for instance. Well let's look at another graph that I found interesting workforce. This graph shows those who are married and eighty nine and the purple graph and those who worked outside. So in other words those who were married. Essentially none of the ladies were working outside the home or outside the family business. One nine hundred forty that began to change whereas the single divorced and what of course they were working. I think forty that began to change one nine hundred seventy S. with many of the social revolutionary changes the sixties and seventies that begin to change even more ninety nine even more. And that's starting to diminish a bit. Two thousand and ten. And if you look at the sisters' statistics concerning family and children you see some very troubling trends as that has changed. And this was the counterargument Actually that was made and rejected by the High Court counter argument was that it was important to encourage children to be bonded to their biological mom and dad. The solicitor general of Michigan former solicitor general misconception if you're changing the meaning of marriage from one where it was based on that biological bond to one which is based on an emotional commitment than adults could think rightly that this relationship is more about adults and not about kids. Another words the big mantra today is that the most important thing is love as defined as an emotion right between whoever whenever. No this was the concern. And when you change the definition of marriage to dealing with the idea that we're binding children with their biological mom and dad that has consequences. There are all kinds of societal pressures that are already dealing King that reason that the state again is for marriage keeping kids in their biological moms and dads together whenever possible. This was the argument the state's sole interest in these cases isn't about love. It's about binding children to their biological moms and dads and that kind of reasoning was what was rejected in the recent Supreme Court decision that wasn't without going down without a fight and you may want to see some of the briefs that were supplied to the court. In other words before you make this decision please read what we had to say. Here's what the American College of Pediatrics said children with same sex parents fare substantially worst worst most measures show at least twice the level of distrust than to children with opposite sex parents on a range of psychological developmental and emotional outcomes. The longer social scientist study the question the more evidence of harm is found. That was dismissed. Well let's look more closely at what they were saying they were concerned about. They wondered whether or not a same sex relationship separate Vironment would be safe from the studies that they cited and the C.D.C. cites is that lifetime prevailing prevalence of rape physical violence and or stalking by a partner happens in forty four percent of lesbian situations sixty one percent of bi sexual relationships and thirty five percent of heterosexual. No you might say not a big difference but there is a difference. Twenty six percent bisexual thirty seven percent and heterosexual twenty nine percent. So there is a question of whether or not even by the C.D.C. it's a safe environment. Child emotional problems. This is all from the American College of Pediatrics where they supplied the court before they made the decision. Child emotional problems developmental disability and medical treatment for emotional problems by family type opposite sex partners you saw that seven point four percent of them needed that whereas same sex partners seventeen point four percent of developmental disability ten point two percent for opposite sex parents same sex parents nineteen point three medical treatment for emotional problems. You see a little difference there as well. Ten percent versus seventeen percent. What about depressive symptoms above the average family type unmarried of the opposite sex fifty point fifty six percent had that if they were together and not married but if they're married forty seven percent unmarried same sex fifty percent but if they got married notice had jumped eighty seven point seven percent of married same sex couples have kids that demonstrate highly depressive states. And someone says well wait a minute that's because of the bullying and that's because of how they're treated and sold to society. But these statistics hold even Vironment where they're not criticized by the full society and there are some rather massive studies done for instance of Scandinavian countries and those depressed and depressed and it's skyrocketing in those countries and especially in those situations. And that's something that Dr Natalie and I see a lot. When people come from around the world especially from those countries and they're struggling with terrible depression or about unhappiness again unmarried and there are some people unhappy fifty six point nine percent in the opposite sex and fifty one percent even when they're married unmarried same sex thirty four percent. But when they get married what happens to the happiness. It goes out the window. Ninety four point nine percent are unhappy. What about a child that's fair for crying every day or almost every day in the past year by family type. Again this was all supplied the court before their decision for the opposite sex. Four point four percent of those who are unmarried once they got married they stopped crying a little bit went down to three point one percent. What about unmarried same sex five point four percent. But when they got married they really started crying. Thirty two point four percent were you physically forced to have sexual intercourse against your will proceed. Yes by those family tight unmarried twelve point two percent married ten percent of the opposite sex category but unmarried same sex jumped twenty three point five percent. And once they got married seventy point five percent something seems to be happening there. Before you were in sixth grade I had one of your parents or other adult caregivers touched you in a sexual way forced to touch him or his way or forced you to have sexual relations knows the unmarried opposite sex six point eight said that they were married it went down three point five percent no doubt on the unmarried same sex but when they got married nearly forty percent said yes. So this was the evidence some of it I don't have time like I said we did four. Our five presentations covering the data that was supplied to the court before they made the decision that was a five to four decision that is appearing undergirding same sex marriage across the nation marriage College of Pediatrics summarises over thirty years of research confirms that children fare best when read by their two biological parents and a lot and a loving low conflict marriage children navigate developmental stages more easily are more solid than their gender identity perform better academically have fewer emotional disorders and become better functioning adults when reared within their natural family. This is in part because biology contributes to parent child by bonding. I have like ten things that I wish I could go through right now of some of the studies that they cited. Memory improved academics improves everything improves when mom and dad are together with the family. But do you notice a low conflict loving relationship. Do you notice that. So so this is become a tipping point and back to the pre decision or arguments the solicitor general on behalf of the United States got into a dialogue with Justice Roberts and Alito. Cal so I'd like to find up on the line of questioning that Justice Scalia started we have a concession from your friend that clergy will not be required to perform same sex marriage but there are going to be harder questions where the religious school that has married housing be required to afford such housing to same sex couples. And then Justice Alito in Bob Jones the Bob Jones University the court held that the college was not entitled to its tax exempt status is opposed interracial marriage or interracial dating. So would the same apply to a college or university if it opposed same sex marriage and Verdi's answer the solicitor general's answer made the news of course. I don't think I can answer that question without knowing that the civics but it's certainly going to be an issue I don't deny that. I don't deny that Justice Alito it. It's going to be an issue. And that was exactly how I said it I put all those lies and whatnot in there that was not typos although I'm guilty of those many times. So he said yes it's going to be an issue. Right. And I want to show you what happened in one state in a moment. Or same sex marriage was passed a number of years ago in Roberts' dissent after the ruling last June. He said this the majority graciously suggests that religious believers may continue to advocate and teach their views of marriage. The First Amendment guarantees However the freedom to exercise religion ominously that is not a word that the majority uses. By the way if you want some very good reading read the dissent read the whole thing is not too long for underpaid. Read the whole thing. It's actually fascinating. Well that's that's look back a little bit because sometimes the past is the best predictor of the future in these things and see what happened in for instance Massachusetts when same sex marriage was adopted. This happened back in two thousand and three. And this was the first decision by U.S. state to find that same sex couples had the right to marry. So what happened in Massachusetts and perhaps we could suggest that similar things may happen nationally. November two thousand and three Massachusetts Supreme Court rules that same sex marriage is legal in December it was November then December of public schools had same sex celebrations and literature handed out to all the students. I mean are are saying I think I believe again and have been in such a case. September two thousand and four a gay sex talk was taught in middle schools because it's legal now two thousand and five elementary school books came out like this one. Who's in the family that did away with gender two thousand and five in high school. There was a little black book given to everyone educating them how to reform various intimate acts. Two thousand and six the second graders were getting the book called King and King two thousand and seven federal judge said Parents have no rights concerning what's taught about homosexuality in the school accepting homosexuality is a matter of good citizenship. Do not argue. We will educate your children. Libraries filled with books teaching that gay marriage was a civil rights victory and began to be taught in all of the history lessons mandatory Gay Days gay pride parades were set up to fight tolerance intolerance and as a result many more children are self identifying as gay between two thousand and five and two thousand and nine in Massachusetts a fifty percent. Increase transgenderism is now being promoted or was star to be promoted in two thousand and six. A cross-dressing man undergoing a sex change operation was brought to a third grade class the Newton to teach the children that there are now different kinds of family AIDS diagnosis caused by male homosexual behavior rose by thirty percent between two thousand and two thousand and nine in that state and domestic violence education budget had to go up because I showed you that there is a great domestic violence war and lesbian homes also in well sexual people in Massachusetts have been fired for voicing religious objections to same sex marriage. All businesses must recognize same sex marriage couples in all their benefits. By the way this is an A.S.I. convention. Many of you are in business and you probably already now encountering. How am I going to relate to that. And if I could say more about that but I think probably I won't. The wedding industry must serve the homosex committee or be held liable for discrimination. I just watched a look at a case last night where a couple had a wedding chapel and they said you have to allow this and if you don't you're going to be penalized and they were penalized they had to pay a big fee. They just shut down their business. I got a question for you. What does the Bible say ultimately happen before Jesus comes in Revelation thirteen. You won't be able to do what I really want to get ready for that now. Business is we're being tested by homosexuals they would go into the business and have public displays of a type of faction and they go right down the street targeting different businesses legal profession people being failed on the bar exam for not answering questions concerning same sex marriage or the high court in Canada right now as a case before it with an evangelical school on the west side of Canada where their students may not be allowed into law school because they're not being taught that same sex relationships are OK. Adoption agencies had to be retrained forty percent of adoptions are to homosexual couples and the Catholic Church when that was mandated shut down all their adoption agencies. They said we will not continue our adoption agency church harassment has now started in Massachusetts and many think that might go blow go national for refusing to allow a same sex couple to enroll a student for a student in their school for holding seminars promoting traditional marriage like for instance this one. And disruption of services were allowed one case I read there was people standing all around day focus on the family seminar and the police did nothing as they were banging on the windows and attempting to disrupt the summit. The legalization of same sex marriage would represent. Try amps of an eagle egalitarianism based ethic over a faith based one and not just legally wrote Mark the stern prophetically in his book formulating responses in egalitarianism. The remaining question is whether champions of tolerance are prepared to tolerate proponents of a different ethical vision and I think the answer will be. And that has actually been proved right. The answer will be no. So where are we. How do we get here the abandonment of coverture and same sex marriage as a tipping point. In my last few moments I want to talk about what can we do. We think that's a good thing the start of what can be done. Well first of all I think we have to remember that this whole idea of illegal it was directly from the French Revolution. In fact that was the fighting were egalitarian or liberty as I was reading The Great conversely again on the way here I was struck by chapter fifteen I would encourage all of you to read chapter fifteen of the book great Conover's notice what it says all the words ought their own opinions about divine revelation or who would change the plain meaning of Scripture to suit their own convenience or for the sake of conforming to the world or taking upon themselves a fearful responsibility. The written word the law of God will measure the character of every man and condemn all erring test shall declare one to be so. In discussing the French Revolution there is a discussion of the law got now let me just make something clear. The ad. This church chose not to support or not be in favor or against this ruling. It says what the what the state does with the what the state does without applies the fourteenth Amendment is up to the state but it chose to send its brief to the court saying we're concerned about the religious liberty implications right. OK so the law got Let's keep reading more on this. The great conversely chipped in the great city is also compared spiritually to Saddam a corruption of Saddam in breaking the law of God was an especially manifest in life sensuousness and this sin was also to be a preeminent characteristic of the nation that fulfilled the specifications of the scripture. History will be repeated and then she quotes Matthew twenty four thirty seven thirty nine. But as the days of no worth also the coming of the Son of Man be. Whereas in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking marrying and giving in marriage until the day that Noah entered the ark and knew not until the flood came and took them all away. Social also the coming of the Son of Man be. And so she's saying marriage would be defined to include a life sensuous Saddam lite marriage at the end of time is that happening. By the way as I studied difference revolution again I went back to see what laws they made under the banner of Eagle attack and they actually were the first government to decriminalize homosexual activity at that time. And now of course our government has done the same right. OK So what can be done number one. I already said remember where we are in other words. I find it comforting at least somewhat. I mean find it comforting that what we're saying was already thing or two. I think this is so important a parent should be persistent in instructing never on any account slackening effort ever so slightly in the training and education of trail children. Has God given explicit directions for parents to follow. Let us read what he has said. For truly we have no other authority. By reading Deuteronomy four six through ten the last verse more particularly. It is found that the caution is given not only to remember all that has been heard and seen but especially to teach the Ten Commandments to the children. Actually that last bricks as the father's are to teach the son. When I read that I thought about my upbringing. I immediately praise God for my father on the way to school when I was a little boy. He would have us say the Ten Commandments from every every child and we had three. So the Ten Commandments on the way to school. If we got there early we repeated them in the car and we had the first part. I brought you up out of the land of bondage and so it was an active response to God's grace. I Dad would say that every day and when I read these statements I said wow. What a dad I have and have on the way home. This is practical folks I hope you are remembering this for your kids and grandkids on the way home he would have us repeat salt What was that is the minute walk of not in the Council of the UN gallery or standeth in the way of center or sit in the seat of the sort scornful. But his delight is in the love of God that we meditate day and night. These will be like a tree that is planted by the rivers of water for this fruit in the seas brands also so that with whatsoever it was a prosper. Then you tell me while and he would say look I was of a band that you know first of all he's walking then he's standing there he's sitting down in a walk with them don't stand around don't sit down get out of there if they're doing something against the law in Deuteronomy six four hundred forty seven is preserve the first great command with a promise and that same is to be taught diligently to children and I was therefore carefully the marginal reading she says. Wet or sharp and the figure used is that of a very ball adds to X. for instance injunction is to wet and sharpen the mind of the child diligently by constant teaching of the commandments of God most gender confusion happens during the teenage years because the frontal lobe is expanding and everything's up for grabs. The culture you're in the surrounding you're in has a massive influence on which I think is. Fairly interesting look at the commandments now with me again to see how powerful these are. The second commandment talked about visiting the iniquities of the fathers upon the children. That's a heterosexual commandment isn't it. You can't have children and a father without a word. Well the fifth commandment Honor thy father and by that i days may be a lot another heterosexual commandment. The seventh commandment Thou shalt not commit adultery and in the pen it's very clear that that means between a husband and wife. The Ten Commandment Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's. Wait a minute that must mean there is a husband and a can you see how a simple focus on the ten commandments will protect you against gender confusion. Could it be that my father's having them memorize that helped me out when I save the fourth commandment for the last Fourth Commandment Thou dualists another manservant. Again assuming what I had oral sex relationship but that fourth commandment the more I've looked at it you know we're told at the end of time that we will understand and enter into the Sabbath more fully and we want to enter more fully into the commandment just for a moment. Now don't misunderstand one about say listen very carefully as I really read the commandments and I don't have to read them because I have them memorized so as I reset them again and again and again and by the way L.-Y. says that every single parents know them from memory and she says a most don't even know. I noticed something I hadn't noticed before and it was that while both parents and children and in fact everybody in the world is alluded to in those commandments and some passing the specific responsibility seems to rest upon the dad because they're written in a masculine singular format and some of them actually kind of hint that this isn't the iniquities of the fathers upon the children and then that's not covet thy neighbor's wife. This does not diminish at all the female because it says Honor thy father and mother right and little villages as I know they mother and I father versus when I thought for a minute is there anything we can learn from the gender difference yes not the commandments how many say there might be. Is there anything we can learn from it. And then the American College of Pediatrics tend to agree with what I just said and then I'll look more closely at that command in my mind what is a dad to do because I'm reading it from my perspective of that. Remember the Sabbath day to keep it all six days stopped all labor and all that work. Look I'm supposed to work with. The same you know out there I think spaced out the labor and other in other words while both can work your man servant your maid servant guy is supposed to really work. Another words he's to take. Sponsibility for the temporal needs is to provide and protect. My kids are getting older I'm saying how in the world I can afford this and that was that what we have to cut here do this that there my wife joins me of course but that's a responsibility of the commandments. I want a man like that. So many how do you want a man like that. But then I noticed something else. Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy It was also supposed to be something that's directed both parents but the man is supposed to take that as a responsibility. I noticed something that was even more fascinating not just for his own family but for those that he employs. And then it says it expands beyond that and it says the stranger was is whether in your guides another words is not just related to the family. It's related outside the theme of you I'm not going to go into all the implications that we can you see the implication in other words as the family goes then what the workplace will go. If you're in charge of it hopefully and then what the worship will go how do you see how powerful the Sabbath commandment is it is actually in the midst of the Ten Commandments the one that gives the ultimate reason for gender difference nation because it says four in six days God created and you see this. So creation order. But in the Deuteronomy version it says why. Because you're a slave in Egypt brought you out today. Then the punch line of the commandments gives what is it. You remember that you're a man and a woman you have those rules or think since glorifying God together as he writes is like your heart's alive because number one I created you punchline of the Exodus version of the thinking man's number two. I read the I will lose. I mean want to enter more fully into the seventh commandment and can you see that the Sabbath Commandments at the heart of the commandments gives the ultimate reason free agent a redemption for all the commandments. Make no mistake this is not just some discussion we have about well what do you think about it. Five of the Ten Commandments are directly connected to the discussion. I've got some present truth for you today. The Sabbath commandment is already under attack. Legislation has already been passed that has attacked the Sabbath. Had you thought about it that way. Notice what awaits us. Don't leave this moms and best others the human mind is frequently and naturally very dull and the child mind of left itself is sure to be sluggish and stupid and get confused like it is lamentable that parents as a rule leave to others disinterested party the training and educating of their children to the teachers of the day and Sabbath schools who have. Super busy over them for a brief period of an hour or so at a time. How many of these same parents can remember the numerous sermons they listen to upon the commandments of God or even repeat the commandments verbatim parents. What better or more noble employment can you possibly be engaged in than fitting your child to honor God and be an honor to you. Never be discouraged them but continue daily hourly to sharpen that mind and eventually you will find the lessons instilled coming to the child's lips did you hear those coming from my lips today from my dad. Repetitions of precious words trues and promises learn from you. One then remember the times we're living in number two remember the commandments especially the stand of command. Number three remember the value of administers a case. A disciple is not above his teacher but everyone is perfectly trained will be like his feet I don't know if I should say this but make sure the education you are receiving is that in a such a case known as lead. Make sure go stand in a few classes. Show up unannounced. Always be weary when people say we don't allow people to take our questions is what it says. The book education concerning me in time spiritualism asserts that men are unfallen demagogues that each mind will judge itself the true knowledge places men above the law that all sins committed are innocent for whatever is right is right and God does not condemn the basest of human beings represents is in heaven and highly exalted there. Thus it declares all men it matters not what you do live. Please Heaven is your home. Multitudes are thus led to believe that desire is the highest law that license is liberty. That man is accountable only to himself. With such teachings given at the very unsettled life in other words the young people when impulse is strongest and the demand for supper a sign of purity is most urgent. Where are the safeguards of virtue and what is to prevent the world from becoming a second Sodom and then she says these words remember our first point the French Revolution. See them links them at the same time an Arkia seeking to sweep away all law not only Divine but human the centralizing of wealth and power the valve combinations for the enriching of the few at the expense of the many. The combinations of poor classes for the defence of their interests and claims the spirit of unrest and riot and bloodshed the world wide dissemination of what does it say next. Those same teachings that lead to the French Revolution are all tending to involve the whole world in a struggle similar to that which convulsed France. Such are the influences to be met by the youth of today to stand against such upheavals and there are now to lay the foundations of care and we are thankful for you for Jesus and for godly people to do this. I'm really thankful that your spouse how many as I prefer to hold. I'm if you didn't have a home our type of the homes that took you when I'm going to get that if your kids are out all I want to take someone else in how we want to support Christian education if you don't have kids supported us than some others over four deal patiently with errors that others may have in this regard and they will be increasing because of the climate. I serve the Lord must not world or be gentle to all able to teach patience in humility correcting those who are in opposition if God perhaps will grant them repentance. I like how the King James says it is as those who oppose themselves if God will grant that repentance so they may know the truth and they may come to their senses an escape the snare of the devil. Having been taken captive by him to do His will. You know these pathway events one of the first ones was a city that was known for real problems in this area when first ones I went to and as we went there we as a team talked and we said you know what we are not going there to talk about this issue. That's not what we're doing we're going to minister to the needs of people many of whom have been perhaps impacted by this issue. We're going to show the love of Christ a first day people came through and I could you know one man said he goes I don't know why you're here. Someone told me you're somewhat responsible for this. So I'm not responsible. Look at there's many many people here are going to be me. I'm responsible for me being here for sure and a couple other people. But because this is a place of darkness people are going to get hurt. They're going to get killed. I've seen people really hurt on this very street on the other side of where we were offering the clinic was a large pornographic studio. On the way we were offering care. The second day we decided that a certain time we were just all sing Amazing Grace. There were choirs and whatnot singing around the entire out its orbit. That's I was they were all saying together. Amazing Grace. So we started singing Amazing Grace. The person I was serving at that time looked at me and said Who are you. What do you mean by that. She goes I feel so conflicted but it's a good way. She says I know what I'm doing in life is wrong but I want to do what's right when I'm around your people. I don't have to tell you what she was involved in you could probably figure it out from our talk today. I'm going to want to be of service or not quarrel. But I have to teach in humility correcting those who oppose themselves because it's God who grants repentance. Number five Do your policies in your business church and school in order. And by the way get your finances in order to many of our schools and institutions that take all kinds of money from the government and they're dependent on it. And that is going to be a big decision coming up. If it has not already come up when you put those policies together and by the way there's a guy named John Daggett who does this all day he's legal counsel. If you're someone here in a business or a church entity and you want these statements they're in my longer presentation but I can also hopefully get them to you cite official church statements if you're if you're in a church and if there is. Strength in unity to carefully choose your staff. Number three consistently apply policies that are there. It is still legal to let people go if they are against the rules in your school and move forward not playfully but perfectly bad Tipler move forward. Prayerfully a number say it already alluded to this one at best your time in risk management. You know what I think one of the best forms of risk management is evangelism that is connected to medical missionary work. I think I might be the only one here but I actually think that what A.S.I. has been involved in terms of pathway to health has provided more coverage for the church than any insurance policy you could buy. The free services operate in San Francisco in San Antonio and in Spokane are great blessing to many people but they also are protection. I'm reminded of the early Baptist DR PETER CHAMBERLAIN who was a saboteur Arion and he was an excellent physician. And there came a time when there were laws against the Sabbath and everybody was being put in jail or they didn't put him in jail because he had delivered all the babies of the royal family and they said that guy we need how can we put him. Then he said how could you put me in jail not put me in jail and keep all those Sabbath keepers in jail let them out. And it changed the tide at that time. I'm going to be you want to understand the Sabbath more fully and enter into it. This is what Chamberlain said the parliament provide for the poor and they will provide for you. And finally in closing in my last couple minutes. Never give up competence in the power of the gospel. You know none of us are any different in this respect. We are all woefully live. Everyone we serve is in great need of a Savior. If our definition of gospel makes us think that we are better than someone else it's not the right gospel. I don't one of our biggest problems in the Christian church is that we think we've got it all figured out. We don't have it figured out. We need the lure. I really need the Lord. How do you believe your spouse may the Lord of you're both raising your hand I want to start a conversation. As a day I was talking to someone in the counseling chamber and that Cerny depression recovery and they had worked through so many things they had. Bitterness and anger against their family. I show them a text in kill Chapter eighteen verse fourteen where it says he sees all the senses father is committed considers them but he doesn't do likewise. How in the world is that possible. How can I not do likewise. And then I saw him in Jeremiah thirty one where the same phraseology is used the fathers of beaten SA graze on the children's teeth are set on that same phrase and then guess what it does. It gives the new covenant promise and what's a new comer from I will write my law on your heart and on your mind you will be my people and I'll be your god no appetite is neighbour because all will know me and your sins and your iniquities. Remember though do you see the I Will statements in there. Who's doing it. Are you doing it. Doing I will live in you. I will walk in you I will dwell in you and doesn't First Corinthians when we think we need the Gospel and the Gospel is needed if it's needed as much biassed as anyone we're talking to. We have no position of pride bullying saying things that are negative. We have no grounding for that. We must move with humility recognizing that anything we may have done well or do it is not because of us but because of him. You're not a good husband. The less gods in your life you're not a good wife and this guy's alive. I'm not I Do you understand what I say and then Ally what a wonderful thing. Do not know and write as well known here at the kingdom will be to see neither fornicators idolators adulterers homosexuals out of might for thieves nor coverages nor drunkards nor reviler of the art stores as well here at the Kingdom of God and such were some of you but if you were you were sanctified you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the spirit of our God you know those words are actually set up just like the new covenant promise and Jeremiah that's repeated in Hebrews eight and ten. It's the biggest problem is that guy can do something in your life no matter who you are that although it might seem cold in this connection is also present truth. So as society begins to contract and concentrate against the law of God It is people. It demands that we have individual faithfulness to God I'm going to be I want to recommit to God in your life if it demands that we as families be so closely knit that God's word can come into our hearts and our minds into our homes and it demands that our churches also be like big families as well. Heaven help us in these trying and yet exciting times. That's pretty good. Father and haven't they we've talked about some very searching things. And as we've talked we have absolutely no room to point the finger at anyone but we just ask that you would take your finger and pointed toward us and write your lot our hearts and minds souls with your spirit not because we're worthy but because you promised to make us a life giving strain for you in Christ's name and amen. This media was produced by audiences or having to clean its services and industry. If you would like to learn something or if you like for free. Please. W W W To you first.


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