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  • December 22, 2007
    10:00 AM
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him immediately selecting a CAM CYC is sad excellent program how do you have laughed at UIC this week I have been very very glad I want to thank you all for being here this morning otherwise you welcome international and national audiences watching by freeing his broadcasting network when you say steel cement and the Bible according to the Michigan conference in Anthony be the moderator for a panel discussion this morning I have some friends here with me and I wanted to give them a moment to tell you who they are wrote in his future church history wash cycles my name is Stephen Conley IND directed of pastoral care at campus ministries meeting and I wanted and I was there in Montana and I am also involved in the investigation international my name is Alan Parker and nine at teacher in the school of religion at Southern Adventist University of money we are all here in Minneapolis Minnesota when you came here to add to Minneapolis I wonder if you realize that a significant event in Adventist history check placed here hundred and twenty years ago arguing hundreds of years ago the Minneapolis convention of eighteen eighty eight it was a general conference session with elegant looking from across North America as well as representing in different countries leaders and of course that every senior compensation have some business that takes place as my theology is used but will be doing this morning is talking about the history of what happens here in eighteen eighty eight taking it from the lessons that we can make our life today and most importantly about the subject of righteousness by faith which was the main theme of the presentations that were presented that him before we actually want to have a prayer and ask you whether something has economy is for smaller heads loving father in heaven we thank you for the privilege and opportunity we have to be alive today and to be here in this place is such a time as this with such a Holy Spirit would be with us and we pray that our discussion today might be with clarity and may help each and everyone better understand just what it means to experience Christ and his righteousness we thank you for hearing this prayer not because we are working but because Jesus sees is in his name we pray amen I will question I want you so that will hopefully make you think will experience in your personal journey with God have you had yourself a question like that and my driving not kidding they and their guys how they must be holy and outstanding how am I ever going to get there can I experience consistent entry in my life when I find myself on a constant roller coaster and planning and repenting and anyone can and then repent and really even hot club to follow the Bible commanded that the perfect even as your father in heaven is perfect that now that he opened these are questions I have asked myself at times and they are classy and very very deep important and we need to be answered we're going to attempt to give you similar foundation to find the answers to those questions this morning as we study this topic but before we do that we must realize that some of the answers began very and this convention took place here in eighteen eighty eight and began by asking them how what was the pivotal about the year eighteen eighty eight what was happening in the annexed at the second stage is something dramatic first eighteen eighty eight there was a national Sunday law before Congress can imagine how the church is going ready for something big to happen with that event going on at the same time the leaders of the church for trying to defend our doctrines against attack but in the process many times hard feelings been rising spirit was creeping into to their work that was not in harmony with what Jesus wanted so we had really means ever happening the only change that setting the stage for a and we know that many now see that there was a lot of common interest or years including people like Ellen White and Larry Urias said they were also shield bearing Jan present case e.g. Jiang things and see what I and many young men and what do they talk about what do they continue to this convention Wagner was a physician Jones is a history teacher but just before the convention they both were editors of the magazine signs of the times they had been commissioned they are to teach the gospel do not happen us into the church of pressure Scripture they were using for their Bibles to first Corinthians chapter fifteen first Corinthians chapter fifteen of them are looking at verse one were looking at something that was shared by these two young men in their early thirties that might have helped the church leaders overcome those hard feelings person thinks fifteen verse one moreover brother and I declare to you the gospel which I preached to you which also he received and in which you stand can you see in the verse had faulty cystoscopy for him receive the software before were they being faithful to the gospel then why was he telling it to them again look at verse two by which also you are saved if you keep in memory the word which I preached to you unless you have believed in vain the idea of this passage is that the gospel of access when it's in our mind has our attention God choose Joseph Wagner to bring the gospel the full attention of these men to re- software hearts to bring them into a conversion expressed to him is one more passage to your Bibles to Galatians chapter one Galatians chapter one are looking at verse four Wagner had written a book that eventually became the glad tidings one of the very first thoughts comes from this passage who gave himself for our sin 's that he might deliver us from this present evil age according to the will of our godfather wineries like this if you purchase something that cost a great deal did not you pay for it as evidence of how much she wanted to ask a question like this is Jesus really want possible he take our sins so that he won't want me Wagner said to look at the evidence what did Jesus pay for the privilege of taking your sins he gave himself and if you get out much so can doubt he's willing to receive them in his page so much for him Johnson ran in nineteen where they can sense a and will and God is in the right preaching that it is a change really needed is that the CM that will help I him who he is and what a great and exciting July and where they are right one answer no I believe the delegates were not excited about this message I any litter number of reasons that it was a classical paradigms the older generation if you want to call it that they had standing forward as the Sabbath I find a number of heresies and any this younger group Johnson went in were coming in and saying look we've got a whole new way of looking at things and it was a class of these paradigms and then some of the ways that John's way I had gone about this to begin with some of their articles have sparked controversy and your recovery formula and list you have a very strong personality and so they had a strong personalities they wrote the least passionate on both but it while some of the grid and so they got excited about this they were handing out booklets and pamphlets against some of the things that Johnson went and was speaking about and so you have crash had on the meaning of these was now classed as well and yet we we want to say that the personalities of the reason the message was rejected who chose these men is God chooses messengers that he chooses and he wants to see people like you want in the responsible does left with us to accept the message of Jesus to those who chooses to send it through is very high saying unwitting hanky lifelessly carrying different presentations different message is that God is wanting to hear he today is rejected and I think I definitely don't like personalities have received resentment we know something about them anything still uncomfortable with them then I believe anyone here have felt the Holy Spirit working hard and very powerful way and when we come under conviction they often demand with distractions and he wants to get distracted from the point of the him all they had this problem that problem are really like this about the personality and the fact undermined the methods because the something out I think I want to archive and we need to deal with my end though I would encourage all of today easy way to harden not your hearts don't look at the mountains and listen to the methods comprise the workings of your heart if you calling you because he wants a relationship with you and we cannot afford to do happen in this time eighteen eighty eight of rejecting the spirit call to their high going there is a principle related to this rejecting the power of the spirit in the sermon you hear of God is convicting you this much we reject that you are hardened that much below what happened if he convicted you with great power known that moment you can be hardened to a great extent there is a wonderful privilege no terrible danger inherent in message of power from God city during any intensity of the message and the convention is still the more aeration is to respond in a basement goddess time each again otherwise in very great danger and Johnson when he responded us anyway she was young and one medical student one of them a teacher will present his message got on her heart and menstruation Brenda has a small flat refused to listen and were pretty upset when what a San Diego California go back to writing and advertising this kind of forget about our guide on how will I think the key point that URLs that is is that God plays a heavy burden upon the hearts of these young men the lower places something in our hearts it is extremely difficult for us to keep quiet and effective like five bones Jones and Wagner could keep quiet they continue to preach the message of righteousness by faith which spoke about the righteousness of Jesus Christ being given as a gift to humanity and a lot of their focus was on the part that the cross pleased in that wonderful transaction in his right eye candy for me growing up and having history but if I wanted to like really big theological tams you know and how what is right I think meaning I had to give a definition and easy way to take out a complex term like that would be to break up our what is righteousness what is a tragedy righteousness through the face of a relationship at this point what is right in line righteousness tables that look in the Bible student time with me to som one nineteen Psalms one nineteen and I love this because the question that you ask Stacy is answered in a very straightforward way Psalm one nineteen and will take a look at verse one seventy two the Bible says there in verse one seventy two my tongue shall speak of eyewear for all five commandments are righteousness the Commandments of God according to Psalm one nineteen verse one seventy two our righteousness but I will bring on another aspect of the as well if you go to Isaiah the book of Isaiah Isaiah chapter fifty one and the reason I want to impress this is because of his support what is this is not just something that we can hang on our refrigerators and you have is a checklist in Isaiah chapter fifty one four seven the Bible says hearken unto me ye that no righteousness the people in whose heart he is my law fear you not the reproach of men neither be afraid of their revolutions I think this is a very important point about the righteousness of God again is not something that is hung as a checklist of the refrigerator but it is the law of God as revealed in the heart of humanity you could was to look at it from the other side what if an righteousness and again you can find the same kind of definitions first John chapter five is seventeen says that unrighteousness is sin and you look at first on treatment for what is Cincinnatus transgressed the law and selling equipment together you can see unrighteousness equals transgression of the law righteousness equals obedience to the law and so you it's just like the publicity questions together and see how they met if we want righteousness we need to have obedience to the law of Canada's recent in a depression and righteousness is perfect informants and the law of God what is he Roman chapter three makes it very clear that all stand and fall short of the glory or the righteousness of God and that no one is perfect so I see perfect righteousness and perfect conforming to the love I still have my Canadian how do I get righteousness he violently needs in the first nine three nine that can be found in him not having my own right is allowed but that which is through faith in Christ the righteousness him I see you are very important see since we cannot have a craze we have to have a in hand and experience in time out and you will see strange righteousness and my life is through a genetic thing after another question what will I know he made eleven why miss out nothing is that these hope for the evidence of things not seen a white man in my life what will I have to half that will help me get this has to be my favorite the insurance as well as they exist in the universe see Hebrews ten hubris in verse thirty eight Hebrews ten verse thirty eight return to understand the what it means to live by faith the passage says now the just shall live by faith how do you live in this verse you live by faith you thought your mind turned in Matthew four Matthew four verse four we just read the just shall live by faith now the temptation of Jesus he says something Matthew four in the fourth verse but he answered and said it is written Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God think about it and hubris can adjust live by faith in Matthew for we live by every word that proceeds from the word of God either there are two ways celebrities are synonymous ideas living by faith is living by every word that proceeds the mouth of God you look in your menu from the screen this is lessons on faith you can get this book as so many places of Google search will help you find it Wagner Jones gave a series of articles that explain faith display and review from the back page fifteen faith is depending upon the word of God only and expecting that word only to do with the word size so in the word of God and what it said he hung on and I expect that way in real life and my life I will say I was reading one nine okay we confess our sense is able and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness I'm thinking so much unrighteousness and my life will constantly say he isn't planning on writing a spec and the regulators said and when I asked my same at that moment I but I need right and I I I think that the reason that many of you are in and were not aware in a word I believe my wife got only do we need to know where I personally and not just something that had been written great story map all of the phases and a half with five activities in Asia and elsewhere today even as I hear anything back pain and in Jesus Christ and what he will join our live but we must do for him to read his work that can become a part of my life and I would encourage you to make the commitment that got us as we would take him for the morning sunny every day even if the need for the kingdom of God is always right all these things will be added and you can probably recite numbers on time in your life will you really believe that if you really do thank you only am I back you'll realize I turn anything in time and in the morning anytime and anywhere train until you are confident in God this is what revitalizes your faith in him is what motivates you to be able to win the real Christian life to the person you are talking about at the conference and I made a commitment to going to school even with all the things I was going to their I like continue to keep God first in my life and my personal life that was my sources today and you know that was going great until I had a final exam in one of my courses I was really attended that morning I got up to twentieth a little more I had been doing my part by setting before but now I realize I need to get ready for the any know immediately I brought my nine the first thinking that all these things will be added to your house and you really believe that we men can continue to keep the commitments you make for me I is right I will and you know at the time that I was staying for the day the Lord gave me all the help I needed for my exam everything went very well and again proved to me that we can read everywhere that receives an amount that reminds me of that Texan Romans ten seventeen and says they comes from hearing and hearing from the word of time you want to see in your life you have to be spending time in the word of thy no word no faith and therefore no righteousness right that some even say if they lead to righteousness and will be probably the most classic Bible example of faith and meeting to righteousness will I don't know if it's the most classic however it might be it's found in Romans chapter four it is the story of Abraham will enrollments before Rome is before versus the beginning with verse eighteen and it says will guess hope believe in hope that he might become the father of many nations according to that which was spoken social I see the and being not weakened faith he considered not his own body now did when he was about an hundred years old neither yet the deadness of Sarah 's womb he staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief but was strong in faith giving glory to God and being fully persuaded that what he had promised he was able also to perform and therefore it was imputed to him for righteousness now it was not written for his sake alone but it was imputed to him but for us also to whom it shall be imputed if we believe on him that raised up Jesus our Lord from the day I believe that is one of the most classic for beautiful examples in Scripture of how an individual receives faith in the Bible this issue or polish you are going out in Romans chapter four that Abraham could produce what God had promised simply had to accept and believe that God was able to perform with your comments eleven the passage the things that ever had any intention to know doesn't pay any attention to his own weakness is pay any attention given to how his life and laughed at the promise of God he's not thinking about the obstacles because he has the word of God think about that is the stability is not certain and all the reasons why him promising I even had that is efficient enough for him to have a that depends on the way to write things like you and I think this is an example of faith but to me what builds off of this with you more powerful is how they the example of Abraham is used in Hebrews Chapter 11 because now he has the scent of the promise he's he's cried with this baby he's left with the babies these help the baby to become everything that is that this baby needs to be to be the father all donations and so he is is the need time with his one and only son and he got says take your only son and sacrifice and to meet incredible faith is he says I am willing to sacrifice everything in order to receive whatever God wants to get and if that point of giving up everything that reminds me of a definition of faith in the book desire of ages page three forty seven it says saving faith is a trans- action and what I think of it by transection of the use Allison here that I give you my car and I'm Allison Jared as he has yet all the keys to my car it's yours this eventually led this you believe that I'm getting the car why not why doesn't she believe it is because she hasn't accepted that we had now because I know where on three eighty one can see that I just given her my car but you understand the real world this doesn't happen but in the spirit existence in the spiritual wealth it does God offers us a gift but in order to have that gift we have to accept that no more the basics of the misgiving means is a transaction that takes place we must give all this if the crisis in order that we may take all I come from Africa and they tell me I've never done it myself if you can catch a nineteen by hollowing out of cord cutting a hole in the top and humanity just wide enough for a monkey to put its hand through it you put some knots in the bottom of that go with them I think it's a good handsome and radicals not so when it does so it makes a first with those knots inside and I can put handouts and a kind of going to a tree and that dumb monkey will keep holding onto those nods even though he will lose his freedom in the same way we are sinners we just have to give up on ourselves and our unrighteousness and all the things that are closest to us we have to make all of the knots in order to grasp the freedom and the righteousness of God on Sicily they are in more than just being on the Worthington was the way said but I transaction with Miguel especially to find out how we do that and actually beginning to God our sinfulness so that he can give us his righteousness that the house of Zacharias after three three three starting the first one and he certainly exhausts the high priest standing before the angel of the brain and Satan standing at his right hand to resist and the Lord said unto Satan the Lord your people Satan even the law that has chosen Jerusalem rebuke the is not this a brand plucked out of the fire now Joshua was clothed with filthy garments and standing before the angel and yes it is legal to those that stood before him saying take away the filthy garments from him and him to him he said behold I have calls not iniquity to pass from the and I will closely with change of raiment and I put a clean turban him sitting in a clean turban on his head and her clothes on hand and the angel of the Lord stood by and these are my friends and I feigned that says the Lord of hosts if I walk in my ways and if that will keep my charge and now felt also judge my house I shall also keep my courts and I will give the places to walk among these that standby so what is happening in this story and Joshua the high priest person I noticed is that Satan tells the truth of using China Japan he accuses Russia of being a very wicked man came to Joshua is when you close your environment I am seeing is but the Lord revealed Joshua for wearing filthy clothes he doesn't value next to the surprising thing is that he rebuked Satan he says Satan you you say the truth but you're not justified in accusing that second job not justified in accusing Joshua because I have a plan will now go one and remove the closing just to be something close to return to be the only God can do that Josh did not get himself right that's true and I love the way Zacharias involve his own prophecy when he says that unlike Iran him was Josh was into the high priest and the high priestess I have a miter that says holiness to the Lord amen so that the prophecy shows that the righteousness of Jesus is not just a covering the forgiveness of my sins but filling of me my experience that fruits a holy life he will God give Joshua his righteousness in his mind and heart and verse seven now why am I lazy keep my commands and you him at the obedience of the commandment is given in his righteousness because he knows before that the possibility for Joshua two okay they are very powerful thought that many at this question sure in advance we are going to be motivated to want to experience this transaction in our life we have to go to the cross that was when Erin Jones they kept coming back to the cross was that the central aspect was the cross and as we look at the cross that God does something to us of something profound that happens across the changes our entire paradigm of how we sew them in why recently the passage that skewness is Hebrews twelve the sender Hebrews chapter twelve he was twelve and looking at verse two we commented already alluded to the idea that through the cross we have forgiveness Jesus died for our sins there's something more there is related to my life verse two says looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith this idea is so precious to me Jesus didn't just start over community is going to finish that work he died for me when I wasn't looking at him but I am to look at him what does that do look at verse three for consider him who endured such hostility from sinners against himself lest you become weary and discouraged in your mind the cross is my source of motive power I want to be a Christian there's still hope I can look to Calvary until I do I can look up I just did and it will move me this is how faith works faith works by love purifies you know I think another another good point there is what Jesus said himself in it I lifted up will all hold onto me and then of course in the sacrament is defined the love of Christ constraining are not the illustration given by our busy and eight he talks about going to visit somebody in their home and I got the beautiful file sitting on the mantelpiece and you pick it up and after examining it the worst thing happens it slips out of your hands and falls to the floor and breaks into a thousand pieces now you feel really badly because they get wet what's up with probably twenty dollars and so the easy now that the hostess won't expect any use I'm so sorry about this but I'll I'll repay out opulent by another pause and now make it right and what's with twenty dollars and she's his note this is one of a kind of funny to them in the whole world by his would-be one-of-a-kind and Sunday half they visit this unique blog and it's incredibly expensive pieces of cost ten thousand dollars to replace the analysis he asked the question do you feel more sorry now than you did before and so when it comes to the cross when we realize what the cross has cost Jesus it should make us to feel sorry for sin and turn from a very powerful I not long ago I was looking at his ladder in there and secondly chapter one and the latter as representing our state 's fishing grounds start off with a state foundation and enhance in-flight knowledge and patience and such like that we can go and you will listen you are right the godliness as righteousness and being like Christ anything that would be that the ultimate perfection but she'll run after that brotherly kindness and love what I love top of the ladder the only thing I can conclude him what he is faithful for eternity once we get to heaven is not the godliness because he was Lucifer got away before he was the Angels that fell from heaven God is not in any way created godly to go on without sleepless April three changing only one thing well and that is across love reminding ourselves what you did with his wife where signs of his sacrifice for each meeting so we never forget the love that will compel us the faithful I now have another question we register it across so very many times and sensitivity to the board with it how do we keep the cross before as if it's the love and across the love of Jesus Anthony keep me faithful and righteous I think about what distracts me from the love of the cross I really said he would try to watch a movie and then read your Bible you know you watch four hours of movies and the neutron pick up your Bible it just doesn't come alive anymore I think our imaginations have become perverted and we going back to that original text of the stringent fifteen bringing back into memory the gospel is this little quote that I love if it were we would do well to spend a thoughtful hour every day living out imagination grasped every scene that leads to Calvary and an athletically we need to do is go back to the sanctified word leave aside the music in the movies and saw the lady night imagination grasped the scenes of Calvary and really does focus on is when we do if you read the gone up to seventy and the desire of ages and you don't cry yes they need too long in the moviehouse but I think your very right on sinning Sandy's reading says I be holding meetings have changed similarly holding the love of Christ were to become changed by the love of Christ to every home in Sandy now we can become like that as a game gets wet and righteousness by faith we find it as something is a powerful necessary he said shall for as she knew he prepared for heaven do we experience this in our daily life as you as panelists experience the righteousness of Christ and your own personal journey and walk with God as a couple minutes here to be able to share our own personal journeys in this area I just like to share one thing that came out of that reason time my life I have so many think that with the limited encouragement aid in him but recently I was scaring my grandfather who is very far kind of humor than he doesn't really know what he's doing a lot of times we went through the sort favored where it was necessary if they are in almost all night because of some situations that were going on and I am getting more and more and more scared and don't I feel that we wanted to get into the heart of the medications and I was a really good with my own patient for a while and felt about five o'clock in the morning and started another behavior no clue what he's doing he's just hasn't been anything but I felt something turn on invite me feeling that I used to belong to a Christian now I mean I could bite my tongue and then get frustrated at my grandmothers doing but that victory to the core when I know inside my heart is absurd like to see a gallery that was longing I need a great power in my life right now because I think these are the core I don't want to at real Christianity that changes me and inside I want anything that would revolutionize it I I felt that you want back is that I can sing and I called out for how happened without the power of God because he is the one that the idea of wearing that same word will still the storm in my in my heart and I didn't like please give me more great it was actually amazing I accepted that great I mean it's like I'm giving each one of the free worlds lately like that to you that's right inexpensive changing car seat will immediately take possession he said he commanded and his steadfast spell done immediately I felt the change take place in my heart I had the sink I need it to go carry out my grandfather not writing my tournament teams I was so thankful again for the privilege of being able to care for my grandfather it was amazing to encourage my face shall not be visible like revival enrollment might help them nobody else knew I knew that God was with me and he was changing and he was giving the victory over the very depth of what I was doing inside while reserve the creation I got woken up and not evolutionary God when you want to change and today now if we will hike they tickled and then we will experience the fruits of righteousness in our life automatically because they and righteousness are actually inseparable we cannot be righteous without they in the past have faith in Jesus in order to be writes and they go hand-in-hand out that everyone relied thinking of that story it just tells me that whatever we are struggling with their life it may be occasions when somebody here is not able to really communicate very well what may be a stressful situation and we had at work it could be a roommate I really designer nerve it to be a parent to have a hard time relating to you in any many different themes and are lines that we struggle with but we've learned this morning the secret to experience daily victory in our lives they curse for us to a that is the foundation of everything taking the web got out on encouraging dissent I think you mean here my life I didn't have certainly wasn't even my life with the leading got to be impossible in certain situations in my life and I think taking promises in Scripture my thief must always take it struggle so hard to believe a different answer and change my impossible situation is making promises to start claiming them again I went from having the real state and packaging and that your call my life to this play knowing God hand and we help do that in my life I can imagine the differences in my life since last life is all happen lasting like the ad might be has grown ever taken the promises going I share with him honestly the area of your life you're struggling with ask him to show you the promises in his Word don't even get me claim those promises read them right down memorize them because you are going to need to remind yourself of them again and again and as you and you that depending on the word give me to try everything surrendering that transaction we talked about cementing to him every night on every feeling of doubt when you're right I failed in this area how many times I will fail again next outbreak I know it from this plan I am going to be a victorious Christian by the power of God to the word density slows me his game meat inside in the knitting a human we do that we are going to experience and are my daily day says the righteousness of Christ we are going to be transformed into his NHL from glory to glory as it says in first John chapter three regarding as we get ready to hear first nine two three beautiful and why I want to end with the first uncharted three was begin verse one behold what manner of love the father has bestowed on him it was because children of God therefore the world does not know what because he did not know him eleven now leaving children of God is not yet been revealed to us what we shall be but we know that when he is revealed only and will be like him that we will see him as he is and anyone who has this hope in him purify himself just as he is pure as you leave for the other guy friends you you can know that even I can't see what you're going to be you can know you're going to change into his image and you can be purified so you can see him just as he has when he returns here very very soon the last ten times in eighteen eighty eight Minneapolis convention powerful we could have missed that we didn't ask them hunting twenty years ago let's not miss those principles in our lives today and was closing up inside the school we had a central panel here was his usually be enjoyed I love you guys can hear but as your noncore human lung and people are opened to Scripture as the him I found that it is not just the sound of blessing because he white him I think I sounded excited and then printed out for the cuts you a little video that we had in view with Christian and leave and I a lot of bring your lunch enjoy the video I've seen here with a scary thing I think they perform here at Christina is from Washington also has been out everything on the conference since they began in two thousand one but her stories at how God blessed her broader here are a part each year different than has financially speaking this was not an easy commitment but she was able to make and something he stepped out in faith and made evident within the first year invader every year in faith every year every hearing faith tells a little bit while my first year at USC I was very leery when I first heard about it my cousin who is my highest teacher using Pratt he told me about you I see public will in all groups of young people I haven't really been in a lot of young people groups where there's really a spiritual focus on where it's really something that would be a blessing in my spiritual development and the money of course of another and language of the silly dance and then my cousin actually stepped out and helped me with my plane ticket and so I went and it makes me that you make it late this is where I need to be every hair and eyes of this year and so each year even though the college student finances were tight every year I was registering season got always provided as one of the union is reading a while ago I will allow back about the man and I always had this idea that the man selling or I can gather and add everyone gathered in every days or less in the afternoon he for some reason as I read this I understood the story in a new way understand each other and was a small but gather little or no loaves of cake or bread or what have you been living in one of loser and I think I is given the money that he continue to provide anonymity as he gathered your finances and then says Leslie of Hyperion because I graduated from college in May and I hung up and I wasn't able to actually go into full-time job like I had an silent and a survey allows you a you know the first thing I definitely like the job and I need to go to do I see how I even provide money for the unwilling to take any little job that you put in my past and I was he provided I two different occasions other than a husband for neighbors and friends their economy have been asking me if I can get in on the size and as he left the economy has me in a few days and I had some I can do it again the challenge now as well I'm no license can a teacher I never than visiting my life that they are each of those little things I got days I was able to pay my last penny off UIC just before I identified as I can only guess at all wonderful and and so friends God answers prayers with great miraculous deliverance sometimes the answers they didn't say that just hoping me just when we needed and then where your experience at the end of an event on the next first you will hear him mention the group of youth that was different than usual expectation when aggregate effect together we consider the photographer then click on that were on fire for God bad guys I mean our own spiritual life in harmony with God and using our concentrated life to meet others as well it's very inspired me because at something that we all want we want to be like I only went to spread the message to others and to be able to come together with a group of young people who has a thing my landing a media home you made any BDI Mining accounted that guy and says to us in such a blessing for me to something like that I had to write you I have yet when thousands is not valid they need to video coming together as people who love you to do his work gives you the encouragement and you will so that he was really presented to come here definitely back every year and that list you made me I have not retreated other young people this year included a one and is really going as you would like to visit in the and will not only will you know burgers and you will you


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