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A Divine Key

Paul Ratsara


Paul Ratsara

President of the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division of Seventh-day Adventists



  • December 22, 2007
    11:00 AM
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him and are in him to him and I is a is is a template and using modern thinking is a the goodness and mercy and grace national debt you may prepare hearts to receive the word and that you will be spending the previous for all the speakers anything that's on January eighty two live by your name in Jesus name we pray amen I say him do you have an him him and him and him and will him to the will be a will and in him and him to a a will is will and will and him and him him and I is him and he and him to an him the I know I will and I is only a is a man is at the root of your voice this morning that the loyalty on entire are complete lies in use our lives for whatever it is that he wants to use my lives for a man I want to welcome you on behalf of our Board of Directors and our executive committee to GUI C two thousand seven in Minneapolis Minnesota you know one of the reasons why we decided on this venue was because we knew this that I want outreach today you can be forced to walk fast from door-to-door you have no other option if you walk slowly in a freeze to the ground I hope that you brought warm clothing today because working to go out this afternoon door-to-door work and invite people to experience a little bit of the love of Christ worship does not only take place in a building worship takes place in the life you sharing what God has done for us with other people in a one in invite all of you this afternoon to take part of that very important worship experience will we are here at the worship hour we want to introduce to you special people as you know we believe that UIC that young people have energy isn't downright we have a lot of energy and we are on fire for Jesus but there was something that young people need and that is wisdom every once in a while we get ahead of ourselves and we need someone at the list active is a do this instead thing about this instead of doing what you are doing now and so we have to do that support you I see that provide guidance whenever we needed and those that are called ASI and public campus ministries campus which is based on Ann Arbor Michigan and we want to introduce to you these sponsoring organizations Mrs. McNeil 's represents a SIM daughter with and representing campus initiative on the year with you we know were a little bit older but we are happy to be here today Kathy Sauder and we want to welcome you to come to ASI is going to be August sixth through ninth and tenth Florida in a warm place for the summer but we know that there is lot and not have a plan for Tampa Florida and you know I'm thinking that I'm excited about is that I get to see hundreds and I not kidding you young people that have been involved with ASI and now our part she wiped the short letter that I would like to read to you and this is why I'm telling cited about key wife free dear Don and dental I'm sending this note to you by way of AFI has seen them to forward it to you I'm writing to update you on AII Columbus died years ago can tell you about one family that became baptized members of the easily as a result of the meetings that were held they were facts first half of September in that year has been white three children today he'll is handy and happier delay activities coordinator the children are all enrolled in Mount Vernon Academy and doing well both Bill and Kathy are members of our church for King County is also a member of our church school board needless to say they have committed themselves to God 's work in our part of the city and have become leaders that we look up to we are so happy that we have future leaders fear that we can look up to and we are excited that God is using you no matter where you are one part of the world and as I told my children never never take your eyes off of Jesus is coming soon and I can't wait on behalf of the Michigan temples would like to welcome everyone a few the two thousand and seventy one C C some acronyms with us in his ministry the public university students is privileged to be the best police headquarters and sponsor of the NYC throughout the centuries of time going house always use university campuses to bring about revival and information movements in the world all the way to the time of Moses and Brazil Egypt Donna don't invest about it on in the Reformation era with the apostle because of the neck muscles that don't cost you because your product but also the Wesleyan revival yet in this country are configured to 18th-century 19th-century orbiting the United Way why is it in all of these movements we believe in this 21st-century guardhouse rainsoaked young people students Seventh-day Adventists and we really that good vision and mission of temples of his five -year-old generation of young people minimal help us to be a small cost to remain by hoping mission driven life transforming councils will continue to suffer she wasted his route we are not old old is a function of a hot and yet you do not have it in my heart it's like to be with yours when we first came to do I see I had a little more hair and a little Leslie I was single and had no kids a few years later you blink a couple times and you wonder what happened you happy about some things a man very happy about some things but other things are beginning to get worried about we welcome you we want to thank you for your trust that you had in this ministry this is a ministry not an organization we thank you that you are part of this movement a movement of young people who want to be formalized into an army he will do something big just before Jesus comes I want to invite us during this time to take advantage of the opportunities are given to us today to be exactly who and what God wants us to be thank you so much for joining us for our worship service we cannot continue on in our worship service without doing something very very important this is probably the last time that I get to do it so sorry to what three again leadership but our parents at home now wish that they were here with us today and they sacrificed their children to be here at this conference in the freezing weather in Minneapolis and so we want to take some time now I'm sure that you want to do it with me also this re- organizes and all right can we waive my parents were out there my parents are in sunny California was seventy degrees mom were freezing to death death is safe to the less over time and those of you looking to do I see you know that's the reason I'm young young people to our school and spread the gospel to all the one to raise entities and I want to invite huge considering offering this morning I'm going to watch for the Air Force and UNC I do what you want to make it good here on this view is the most just upon friends as you might have your body can resist you we however this is going on in five hundred people in the CD is September twenty yeah my father and justice comes up to you is you bought a really given in the CD to continue the one hundred June Ennis let it finish the headed out to San Jose will be when I wanted to next year so a lot of what was going on because of the growth of UNC also in force to have someone being formed our funds and so real is going to replace you to contribute to why some items to find flood this point I just want to encourage you from the Bible one with the right questions about shooting on his phone second Corinthians seven nine four seven am sure the overview of how to use them whenever he could enjoy hearing on what I really need someone to request all the RSS these lies up so that when I'm done even blind with your friends these days I'm going to enable some sort of a seven a month according to the publisher 's had what is the auto Mrs. G for another pension when I hike that is what you mean scenarios someone who keeps shift we are looking for the next location in recent indeed I invite you to get your focus and give generously we refile with you through the envelopes that you have provided for you I'm totally received if you don't present behind the assessments I've given you and I can give my credit card and you can also make updates and if you want a tax-deductible receipt sent to you this mostly will live personal information that you check the bolts rather on the envelope that would miss you I see you used to watch the off-season what do I see a eye him I and him and in and in him and a and you and him him to him as I and and him and him and him will or will I him him to him and him and him and him him him him him and putting him and we thank you for your returning would belongs to you you know that you need miss all the blessings afternoon as the Shiite union one in a pretty allowed to blessing upon you people that you will do Gordon was able to make all grace abound to what happens that we may have on sufficiency in all things I may abound in every good wonks these in Paris in Jesus name and good morning and happy Sabbath is an honor and privilege of the wicked this morning I was given at the time this morning to give you a brief of a naturalistic report telling you what I think the leadership of gene lysine forgiving or times the amount of time to talk about evangelism compared to the awkward feeling that Charlene CYC is evangelistic in its nature a type first of all about Sacramento Sacramento we decided you know what we talk about evangelism for a whole weekend why not take Sabbath afternoon to do evangelism and so any a Sacramento Delta ate busloads of kid and went into the community and after Sacramento we went to Chattanooga and was forgot myself in Chattanooga we work with pastor thinly passive friendly so you know what you guys or I think I'll fill out the interest will use our evangelistic series of follow-up on as you are serious about the hardware so we felt that one see a blacksmith of young people a man joins a plethora of young people went out to the community more than one thousand request for Bible studies came in that day more came in the mail the other what the young people getting Chattanooga we moved on to Baltimore and Baltimore you say you you know what we want to do a little more more just the outreach work in and do evangelism through young people in Baltimore for a follow-up to you I see a man the money we raise last year in our offering with you to find evangelism in Baltimore so we've got to Baltimore we loaded up thirty four buses thirty four minus LinkedIn in the community got about eight hundred and fifty request for Bible studies more came in the mail and any young people held evangelistic series young people followed up on the any young people financed in a nine off the circle of young people evangelism shall see what our coordinator in Baltimore it's ultimately just give you the time to tell us what happened there if your story I'm sure we'd love to hear thank you I'm very excited to share with you what happening with the life he had the lead come in we decided that we needed to work with some local churches to train these church members on how to follow up on leave the team of workers came in the house ice raining in Baltimore over two hundred people Cain ninety of which were solidly in every meeting graduated from the church training they were out there getting my study knocking on doors going out with our Bible workers and then we had an evangelistic series and you want to share with you briefly on one short story of something that happened in Baltimore to encourage you here as well in Baltimore one of the mine workers him we know in these eight hundred and some read them I am I crazy the final workers as yet exactly on one of them he said he requested Spanish Bible study with particular vinyl record did not speak Spanish so he set out in the sky and try to remember to go with me later while he was driving through the neighborhood and he was in my home as you went along not yours you told this lady I can see why the this woman's face less than coming home he quickly turned green and Mrs. Weston told her that they can see why he came knocking on her door she said she had many earnest prayer warming her heart out to God remember how that theory they see it had a miscarriage and her relatives he was crying out to God I believe that I think I showed up at her door to see what the young people may phone the cloning is known in they were going at first because I saw appointment for that and they knocked on her door she was so I designed for my settings are increasing I heard her prayer and she is right adding to my Burger King is using you right now please believe that I studied that very day I lying in the sand my portrait painted woman as if she had been waiting all day for this Bible study all because God gave us the money when it says we went door-to-door next meeting and hear Minneapolis find minutes from this convention center ten minutes fifteen Matt God 's divine appointment for you when you make an appointment just to wonder will go out today is there any follow-up for Minnesota yet again questing there is definitely follow-up we have had in September coordinator in the Bible worker here the way answers training happening church members are out there knocking on doors some of them are here today I've seen them faintly knocking on doors workers are coming in January second to follow up an online study leads to go to the home we just need you to go out there and knock on the doors to bring in the weeds were planning for a evangelistic series when young people preaching young people doing the Bible where young people overseeing and coordinating the enough alumni and hang you will be financing it as well with all young people lack an excited to see what God revealed in Minneapolis and Chelsea the route the reality of it today France is that today December twenty second in Minneapolis Minnesota you have a chance to change the course of history and people 's lives I do think that Angels and the Holy Spirit have been working over time to set up the line appointments for you and you'd miss it because he had to take a nap or you have to visit someone of the opposite sex are you some sound misconceived idea friends God has been working overtime in Minneapolis he needs you to witness to someone today and I braved that you don't miss that opportunity I just asked this guy if you're planning on going to the evangelism this afternoon at one thirty just stand in the standards are limited and I appreciate all your willingness I want to create an audience to see this almost everyone in this auditorium is standing today at one thirty the devil will work hard to distract him the devil are hard to distract the door that don't knockoff the devil do everything in his power to him me but the three AVN hobbyist has a very special job your job is separate at one thirty today that young people will not be distracted that God will be lifted high up at the Minneapolis and at this point sees the history of the art you do that for me you can take a seat one thirty meters set made out of the auditorium was quickly very quickly and I said to me this film never you'll never get people in Minnesota in December when the snow and cold on the ground forget you know what our team is done with buses we have enough opportunity for every person in this auditorium to be involved in afternoon a man not one of you think that there's not enough space for you because we plan for it a man I will see you at one thirty it will be excited I see another eighty nine and the missing something and it aren't any bands like we need the word of God seems nasty I see here's the life of the spirit and I spent the reading environment is sitting on a nasty deterrence he designs out there for eighteen bullets that signs the fourth amendment in the writing these in turn were going to John fourteen verses nine to you fourteen delete liaison fourteen verses nine to fourteen Florida lightning Jesus saith unto him haven't been so long time with you and yet hast thou not known me Philip he has seen me hath seen the father and how stands out and show us the father believe this out not that I am in the father and the father in me and the words I speak to you I speak not of mice him father the key to the works believing that I father and the father in me or Alex believing for the very works Saint Barry Barry I fancy you even believe it on the worksite do you succeed you also do greater works than these shall he do because I go unto my father and whatsoever you ask in my name now alike to you that the father may be glorified in the fun and Esau ask anything in my name I will do it blessings the reading of his work you know the most captivating names of those stories Justin and Chelsea shared with us just a little bit ago is there not fairytales are true someone was actually praying ask and the Prevnar today is that as we prepare for the message of this evening each of us will have a similar prayer were going to difficulties in our lives we cannot ignore the word of God speak to us that is my threat for us today our speaker for this hour 's pastor Paul Rosaura Pastor Paul and sorrow comes to us from Southern African Indian Ocean division where he serves as the president of that division he comes to us also with his wife Mrs. Rosaura and their two sons and one daughter Mary is the daughter she has just graduated I believe from our college there in Brazil and his two sons Paul and Moses were happy to have you here with us pastor but sorrow and the family wherever you are today I've appreciated something very much about our sorrow we were going through difficult times in the direction of UIC and I met Asser Masaru in an elevator he didn't know who I was are you guided the new movie was I just knew the name and I saw a picture of him in the review and Herald I introduced myself to him and very cordially he talked to me all the way up and I noticed in his face that he didn't seem annoyed with the little guy was talking to him and it impacted later on we were able to pray together in a room and after that Paul Rosaura Pastor Paul roots are pulled me aside and he said to me Israel there are certain challenges that you face now more challenges that you will face later on in your career and in your future you think sometimes that you need logistics you need wisdom you need grains in order to overcome these challenges he said but the key to leadership is correct what impacted me most about that was that we prayed right there in public we pray for a specific prayer immediately after we prayed together I approached someone person I needed to speak with about different challenges that we were going through and immediately friends our prayers were answered I've come to respect fast with sorrow because he is a man of prayer and pastorates are to us young people you give us confidence that indeed God is raising up in his church leaders what unitary this church this movement known as the seven-day Adventism to the end if we are faithful let us open our hearts now if we hear the words of passer with sorrow and as we hear the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to our hearts the next voice you hear is the voice of Paul that sorrow after we have our sonnet dedication just before his message at the end of the stands at the end of the song towards the end of the song in the last stanza you're to be invited to join the choir singing the last stanza together before they close off the song and then after that the voice that you would your next is the voice of pastor Rosaura him at him and him and him and him and him and him him him him him him him him him him to him and her and him him to him to him to him that you will and a and I him and I and I and I him and I is a and I you and you him now and I have had good morning to old and not be celled up I don't know about you but onslaught of them concern on the immensely next during this convention call it easier I feel you I know God is working in a mighty way thank you very much for giving us the joy to be part of you I thought many of myself to be part of this ministry it is indeed a joy for me and for my family to be with you I'd also took the wraps through this innovation for rule the program Angel they all use of reviewing I enjoy being with young people given my background I once sat was once you've got access of a conference and then pump was ministry chocolate of six six universities saw you forgive me this joy don't be with young people disease and its problems I like it so much of the most important thing I have observed these that I am inspired by your DQ fish just to see young people and people on size for the Lord and for your fun Judaism is in itself a source of encouragement on inspiration I am not a prophet I am not a son of the present but I know I can't see I can't tell you for sure the BC ministry will play I did he's already played a vital role to finish books were in this generation we conceived within the community I would like to commend you for the choice of your theme be a powerful it is so relevant that we talk about be beautiful to go before calling before we go we must be donkeys biblical one Jesus do critical mission is to call you a full and then music box I first introduced on the call but before you go we thank God for these truths because reducing the silk forecasts because many times when things don't go without being and the result is felt I have been writing so hardened phosphine for these convention that these convention will be a turning point in our personal lives and also the life of the Ministry and life of the church of Norwich I'm praying that these would be a lot personal Pentecost on praying that these will be our pentacle 's office in the history of the movement and old friends time is very short I can't not afford to do business as usual unsold for you to know about the program this afternoon I'm going to go off also with you milking one doors because that is I would like us to take a stay because time is very short we can't normally afford to do business costs shall I would like you to open your Bibles and I would like to read again what is written in Jones fourteen I just read verse twelve and verse thirteen identical anyone less faith in me when to laugh being duly anyone really think that things than these be caused I am going to the father on that one do whatever you are skin my knee saw that his son may bring glory to their father and verse fourteen you may ask me for anything in my name I I will do it my topic to be is the decline to finish its work let's pray a lot Godzilla father we thank you so much for the gift of life and we thank you for the support committee to be here worshiped you I know we are sure that he widely among us because once you Lord to help us to feel your holy presentencing lowlifes use this moment to transform possible for us to in order to pool speak Lord because we are listening on three months ago I was sitting next to a gentleman on a plate from from first to United States why I did this myself to him on the same I told him that on your pasta and he said yes I'm apostate to audit said to be still more about Eumenes I said I'll was no a ministry out we are doing many things but one other thing that means that we are doing is to save BBQ rules from foil would buy that will precede one is it what it many I am going to show you pictures so a short meet because he said you see this one he would just as soon as they regroup him on single identical milk thistle is this one salient fact we have rescued her and easy she's coming going now and she's going to school already I think my friend I don't understand what do I say you are sitting that you all these cueing BB goes from being boy who did you need boiling water by the own month he said yes why is that talk to me explain how is that you know in my country all it is a constant vector patterns of the groups that have a duty to pay a dowry and even if somebody realizes that their house more those unbegotten Hondo then why didn't be at least useful people who work and Demos results pooped that BB that will work because he said he completed it disgraceful they found me he's not being careful to think the gallery it is quick all proceeds to many countries including the Africa be it voice a department 's voice are supposed to take it off the Delray then I can I know what to say I wanted not to believe I saw the pictures I disorder face of the sun the score to the man to fish I was compelled to believe that wacky talk to me was how did you know what she was speech 's best something in my heart it was a kind of reformatting isn't why why is this and almost been discouraged by side wizard Lord you just must come Lord steady pace I do realize that defeats us the people of the iceberg of humans bring I was so on since then the Jesus must come that the association of these will these Jesus coming Jesus must come watching the will not work yet when he had to in my suffering because our peace talk to let your volatility what do I hear back to just tempo running the East what we need is a new vocation we will be apocalyptic we need to the new birth and the new heaven the years back when I what's old and was feasible I remember one was six-time funny what's your time I was explaining to them about the age of eight six and ten value no iron out what to look the coolest thing the two things we can have them anchor style was a world-class steam digital is that children right here we have one kind of suffering right here without success is right here where I like you we authentic bisecting it happen one would be happy on at the time in heaven no such thing as sickness no-hit that we we will not want another one Charlie I think we will see Jesus face to face again pulled Kenya review said that he I want to see something as it's a go ahead what is that I'm decent he was about eight years old said youth useful why they what is happening Saul Corky said why are we see I'm present locals emphasis condensate nights go to heaven now who said that the court to have by now I was thinking about I think you want to see flight one I reflected a fight and I realized it was but it will fit some you are right we need to go to have but before we go we have a job to be done and thought case the preaching of the cost preaching of the coastal and that's why this morning I would like us to disqualifying the bike is a key to a finished work I do realize that a case could be transformed what is the key to a finished work that can be reviewed to you my three all consuming goals I often give them fess I just want to be a nexus of fact is Michael studied the life of Jesus and I just learned that we need to keep I just want to be let Jesus be cynical is that I will life one Jesus comes you see I want just exotic like not the far yahoo .com nor stopover from you X might just one boarded bus from year direct note processing on the ground offer of was what decides the most important vis-à-vis their but your file given a choice I wanted products like not lobbing the scope of either firm consuming goal is to finish the preaching of the gospel increase generation was shocked at the time of suffering to sharpen the time that all fourteen and shortened the time all being separated physically with Jesus one to see you base this because in the Wii shop like him my life is a kind of delightful search bothered me just give you the short background both of myself and know I was not raised all in accretion hold I was raised I can't say Ozzie pagan worshiping idols I was in stock this was a really genital deformity all I was sent to school but all the jealousy I was given a place I was very sick was the kind of poison that are disturbed you'll see skin on fields you correctly was six months I was so seek just our skin and bone undone by I was sent home to die the doctors said milk I the doctor called my you know we have done a web-based but we are sorting we would few that thought these the basement console you may take your son so went to the village people while waiting for the announcement of my day of course I didn't die that's one view so I was fueled in a miraculous way but I have to pay a price my mom said son almost scornful you because you have Thailand's that will look that will come off that you like him I drop a hot view here with me and then these people will come back to you I get no scornful you I involve books of standing was painful so I was leading to the mound you know I really want to study signal I didn't realize that they ignore within no so I I accept is it okay just be a farmer like us accept it so I started to be a form I I found a book I was just in darkness darkness of the soul you found me a pagan family system so I put the book while I was standing to carpool before I was reading this book from cover to cover and what I reached they lost part of their life of Jesus the crucifixion and death of Jesus I made these my his name is Jesus my new life was changed by the cross the Bible I continue I know from experience that this book is the portal spot this book unchanged offs to be so one night met Jesus they are in all not boarding became untenable so I started bleeding again is it mom and I really want to put the school not thing will happen to me God will protect to meet us all around me allow me to go back to school and I did not get the positive ones but I persisted and suddenly my doctor called me son I think you are going to school I was softhearted so went back to school and I attended chits in perspective and church and Van I found the Bible the entire Bible I was so not I was so happy that not only the New Testament by the two Testaments give Bible so I started to read again if I ever realize that there's so many denominations recently deceased that don't understand why the unassuming new denominations so I started to search what I was in darkness I was searching fictional anthrax the Lord I become God and B2C now I was sixteen the change because I said that I don't want to go half way I want to go all the way so I start the new Bible for six months from nine p.m. to twelve noon midnight listening with all that he starting the Bible knowledge show me your church after six months of receiving on midnight there was ordered most and old people 's voice stating the Seventh-day Adventist church is the church I have not been met and I think this I have never seen a church I said Lord was unassigned batches so I started searching the church on copy long story short I found the church I started the Bible studies and was baptized and then I want to be sending me the Lord called me how to pay heavy price when that one because I was these owned by an attendance they were disappointed your thinking that I would be pulled up to the president of the country that was the talk of the all I will reason that this young money social you would be comfortable about Peter president of his salt one and decided to become a full-time means there was food the sampling under Saint Luke costs these my mom said she I caught you Carnegie in my womb for nine months I sit here next these next of the store you few possibly don't come back again because you are no longer fortunately after one year on I went back and accepted me and my mom was actually baptized that the only but I was looking for this change and I found the church and of becoming the newest then I start to their people Philo this book I love this book I dissipated the prophecy this is my life so ice hockey in Bible I can I understand it a prophecy and every things like in the first object lesson page sixty nine since it is the privilege of Anthony Chris not all relieved when the fall but has since coming off a one oh Jesus Christ I see what who sold it is plausible to a cinder coming of Jesus so I started to start four years spending countless hours studying the Scriptures and the spirit of prophecy one nine read for example statements like stating that the book the promise is still busy for example in education creates wanted and sixty two is that you have pointed out you think the gospel of your wallet in this generation is the anomalous that come uphill to a unique human being I see so it is possible to resend the coming of Jesus I not only their plot of God is finished is work in this generation and dynamic again in their book the desire of ages reads it other than thirty two is that their promise is far-reaching obstacle be sent so it can't be done says God he I disputed all prophecy says that all their promise is also far-reaching article mission I dissented from his sauce sauce is long and plus slugging now I think the days of apples so I start these and then the last one that seems really my nights is this one here said people spoke was this the same power I don't why would we not okay weakness this in the results obviously these outrageous upgrades eight hundred and twenty three the question is that it was false it was also the same power and why would we not be witness the same so I went to work a one to start the again the work of God is it why I wanted to understand visa why why did I then I read people 's weight also this week a prophecy and sort of power is a difficult we are amazed when you redouble its the power of God faith received wide mood why we don't see these scenes now what decision may be going these won't unsay why you know all my children I am all for now I used to do a lot of things before but them I say he's no longer is not to know is due to seem like about a possible mechanism possibilities is getting weak we've got no it is said that it was a close says it was as of December power so what is it maybe declamation no declaration is still there long enough all preach the gospel site is not it is not caused it is not because he is not a clinician I said I've read that the sky be the word of God only moves you missed the prophecy about the furious office about organizing trying to find the key did you find to a finished work because one to call on it was just so he in my mind is that these steps I don't want to share with you briefly today want to start and bikini is found in our text is the English John's up to fourteen this is the last words of Jesus before he died on the cross is part of the space and prayer in soft joints up to fourteen verse one is the context it was sauce before the Passover feast Jesus knew about it time .com what you need to leave this world I call you father so that is the context that was it time for Jesus to say to their disciples and milk I must go on the disciples was suitable to Google and then Jesus Combs for them and I fly you said in chapter fourteen verse one said Don will not let your hearts be troubled trust in God trust those still in the fitness family event but don't let your heart be troubled because I have a plan for you and then Thomas victory diversified I don't know where you are going to somehow gone with no way of an Jesus on said you get some doing and see sort of the signal or the last year we need for we need assurance all I have a nineteen night we let Christ Jesus was something and press a chapter fourteen verse eight is that feeling said Shaw offs their father and thought you'd be enough for us is that blowing I we know that you have to go but one request Lord show us the father and not will be England's relation that would be according sort for us and Jesus was most disappointed visit Phoenix I don't understand you verse nine don't you know me feeling him enough that have been among you such a long time and was seemingly obscene defined shall assist for you know me feeling is that we tell you in all the key I'm interested in going to believe that I don't think the father and active father eating me the words I say to you on that just like my old process it consists on leave being intimate waste fooling his work he God Jesus Christ and the old the power the secret of these the key tool is flour a schedule I find Daniel Philip I thought of you disciples what I'm seeing now it is not my word what do you see any preaching is not to be preaching to my father one is seeing the upper ecumenical it's not me is this father so don't say Shaw leader father because your father I myself went out one self authority on off years you are being with your father so don't ask to show you before and then Jesus whom you feel us if they see to his finished work first well I said your victims add a new one was placed in me where all what I've been doing you will do even correct our things than these because I am going to the father saw Jesus was saying to the act is a key to my power gone my father is walking in the speaking it works doing these things I used to look not only what you U-Haul 's doctrine your files unity if you believe in me this is what I'm going to do I wound you with your far as my federal I want to use your body as my table so I downplayed the work through you you will mail Re: why do you want on your mom it will not be a young word it would be a mind one of front add difficult situation you will not be on log I will walk through you find one you reach I will leave you the power because knocking you preach it's me you guys know what kind this is it on PC 's leading off we can to do they will call quality on June we don't unify Jesus do a dual race and that's why we hopefully we help me go he stopped so Jesus this promise was fulfilled so what about you Dusty you realize the disciples also be spent on anything that they didn't do is the safe because the unknown gun of the safety box on it would be on the correct faith Jesus the talking about preaching the decade that I napped on the even one settlement twenty five times from one hundred and twenty two oh three thousand souls on new articles did the disciples did long on these beautiful and recent rocketing dictate so one fourteen was for sale in the book of its kind what about us let us to failure to exercise that you might flex take one epistle for example Romans self-doubt one UC introduction insult the one for seven Christ Jesus I then when you woman's you seeing that is that developing your points that is the body and then of its sound the sixteenth you see there are also no greetings the zip completion I want to start you get the results you see these and adoption your body all that drizzle on the conclusion but let's go to the vocal ox people both opts what do we see yes except the one is the introduction it is clear why they sit in my for my book on PCs that adoption and then go out day this story is cell phone and my two things that what God does both one for the welcome of the Holy Spirit I let Scott the last chapter accept twenty eighth what do we see that it also bears verse thirty one is said to be eyed with documents he preached the kingdom five I thought about the moment Jesus Christ well if your company 's preseason article reason that is not final greetings in a success are properly dragging what is going on and then doth end of the various is not accidental this is not an LSI because there lasts up to our biblical crocs I get to be written this is not an it is intentional because that will call Fox still be continued all of us plus somebody are not a group we have to does the right ING Y C house maintenance this too busy to IM just excited about Julie's book reports that about skirt I'm what you are going to talk these afternoon the thoughts not because of nipple of parts that we are writing right now but courtesies Austin week team for us so what do we need to dual for these happened to costs for additional hop on forget that a lot of thought the power of God walk-through ice cemented think of the monkeys when you know when you read Jones of the fourteen item in a safe year say that individual first wealth anyone was facing me when all what you have been doing anyone and anyone means a new one minute you let me ask you one landing on a class you via I'm also the origins via satellite Avenue one con tool kind to the work of Jesus meeting this week meaning one one we can't give either we accept what you say you are an individual we would do exactly what Jesus did give you conduct you know sometimes you nationalize much good while maybe we have to put this into context by the committee know this is still there by police as if anyone in history if anyone will ask faith in me will not make one a tool what I'll be doing many trusts are not in the body disgrace when you hop peacefully when what do I accept me what Jesus did when he was under I thought these things so when one of the like Jesus once people see us they see Jesus one venison Dawson said no these must be Jesus we would be mistake to be Jesus or not but at least that Jesus does think of one thousand young people because of it just be next Jesus what about we go we would be the Jesus that is already wonderful but Jesus is sitting you want to believe the current things that means because I am coordinating to his father who cool doing could do things on Jesus think of it I stopped eating this spirit of prophecy I did he said that not that we are acquainted no more exalted work on Jesus but you do sit and spin you see what Jesus was here he was out on what it was theater he was unknown but now is it because he is going to their father year one of being Manny for lots instead of having just one you will have mainly on bus others may need more Jesus are eyeing off of the sport it would be clipped down what Jesus and honest sold their land you see Jesus is served only for three and a half years but if you want copies use of mandate ten times so on all of these was now possible to get identity at an all-time way women do indeed create things done to the Columbine and that is the odd one we preach the gospel it would cause a week I what we see in Google apps will be repeated again but forgot to hop on we need to really inclined to believe in me believes in me me worries me all that collect how young you know many times friends you will be leaving a small goal we put God in a box we thank to the leads gone now all you can be limited we need five o'clock when we need to be leaving a big God even that God thought we ought believing we were shipping click on so I said believing me think that I am and then you said you have policy last night we studied a monthly I appreciate it so much we need to we need to believe and then we need to do some of the Holy Spirit you know we are many times of the less house I do know when you also use no room for God is no room focal we must be emptied at the Gulf South of right of self-doubt and allow Gallic to contact Vicki will finish for use allowing God to intercede in it no one likes in the life of our church in the life of a local search the Bible is the history of brought a defamation the creation in the intervening redemption God intervened and now to call would likely didn't see and give to the city life and that's why you want to be for you but for me to work so you so today is decided by the critics of all to be pushed I thought to accept this defined key meeting out how was your self will be closed by God with power I wonder we do not Phillies would be given we read asked if that will happen again we are not suspect to read that I may but we will be I did these hopping it will stop on our team and a keen eye and we talked a lot they discovered we all have to be stopped the known mix sure that you would be very dark music I will not music we will go out these often with your power of God and click things will happen you about back being like Jesus being like Jesus I get what will be done on way will go I wish I be like him to you once the next Jesus tool you want to side and up your life to date saw that you can't be like Jesus I've Yukon tool like Jesus I do can't go on Jesus asked us to use that use your decision why don't you stay I'm asking God you are viewing a mighty way do I send becoming of Jesus and then we would be we shall elect human being let's pray our Lord thank you so such that involves told us today the key to a finished work you want us to be like you to do like you I'm too cool and preach the gospel be with us today gave us that our or Lord Bopp ties us with your Holy Spirit and what we go we will see what is written in the book of boxing a wildlife Lord and costs will continue to write shop to those of the book of acts in our personal lives no funding the anime ministry and organization are all Lord is a wonderful one the Jesus on Tuesday and it must be seen as a single till and is wanting this me who was a person media ministry is a Marine is you would like to listen to orally and is presently working women are more than him the team lazy well done for you also might read when you log movers are on hand and hold him .com and a


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