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Go Ye Out to Meet Him

Frank Fournier
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If as a church we had only six months to work, would we spend our time arguing women’s ordination, New-Age mysticism, Christian Evolution, same-sex marriage, and politics, or would we buckle down and deal with the issue most important to God? 


Frank Fournier

President, Eden Valley Institute




  • August 8, 2015
    7:00 PM


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Good evening everyone. Are you going to say it's a blessing to be here. It's been a blessing to be here all along and I found myself facing you more often than makes me comfortable. Jesus is coming. And in Matthew twenty five in verse six it says Go ye out to meet him. Now if we know the parable this is the parable of the wise and foolish virgins we know that this going out to meet him is not the condition for being ready to meet him because half of these young virgins were not ready to meet him they were not prepared to meet him and this is what I want to talk with you tonight. How is it that they were not prepared yet they were going out to meet him. Is it possible that you and I are not prepared for Jesus to come. As a matter of fact in Amos Chapter four verse twelve it says prepare to meet die God this is not an option. The Lord is giving us a command. The Lord is is telling us that we should be intentional about the preparation that we need to make in order to be ready for Jesus to come. I'm going to ask you to to bow with me we're going to ask the Lord to speak to us this evening. Heavenly Father thank you for being our God. Thank you for the time that we've had together these past few days and for the Spirit of God as it has moved among us. Thank you for all the speakers and and all the inspiration. And this evening as we come together for the last time we're looking for the Holy Spirit. We're looking for freedom and power and understanding especially. As we look at ourselves in the terms of being prepared to meet you and we thank you in Jesus' name amen to interest you to come to the meeting tonight. You may have read in the ministry that I wrote this If as a church we only had six months to work would we spend our time arguing women's ordination new age mysticism theistic evolution any internal politics or would we buckled down to deal with the issue most important to God. Now obviously that begs the question What is the issue most important to God Now don't get me wrong all these issues that I that I name just a few minutes ago are important to God and they are it ought to be important to us also. It's just that I have in my head the idea the notion that if every single Seventh Day Adventists in the world eighty million of them were focused on present truth. If every seventh day adventists was focused on what it means that Jesus is working in the most holy place of the saints. If if we knew what it meant to be living in the anti typical day of atonement if we understood the three Angels' messages and what it is that God expects of his people. I believe that all the issues that we think are issues that they would be non-issues because they would be eclipsed by the truth that we ought to be focused on and the only reason that they are issues is because they they are controversial and the only reason they are controversial is because we are not united and we're not united because our experience is not what it ought to be. We are not ready. And we reveal that we're not ready and I don't have time to list all the adjectives that Ellen White would use to say why we're not ready and why it is that the Lord would have come along here this except that we aren't in sub. Ordinate and because we're worldly and because we're selfish and because we strive and we're fighting for supremacy and all those other things that she has to say about it. But that's the truth it's only proof that as a people we are not ready. In Daniel Chapter eight verse fourteen you all know it by heart. On to two thousand three hundred days then shall the sanctuary be cleansed do you know that this verse earth the Seventh Day Adventist Church. You know we can that we say that and we've heard that and we know that. And then in our mind's eye I don't know what happens in our minds but it had to be an awfully powerful verse in order that there be eighteen million people all of the nominated organized together to to prepare a world for the second coming of Jesus. There's power in that verse. Sometimes we don't understand it. I think the power of it is because Jesus transferred from the holy place of the sanctuary to the most holy place of the sanctuary and he went there because he intended to raise for himself the Seventh Day Adventist Church so that he could prepare them so that he could grow them so that he could get him to the place where they were really reflect the image of Jesus so perfectly that the whole world would be lightened with the glory of his character. But friends we've lost sight of that we really have because we have become more or less in our thinking nominal. We see ourselves as just another denomination. When we are not just another denomination we are indeed a movement of destiny. I hope you know that. So we've occupied our minds with minor matters. In the book Acts of the Apostles page fifty paragraph one. When ever minor matters occupied. Mention the divine power and I stop right there I just hesitate right there do you know what the divine power is. The apostle Paul says in Romans chapter one verse sixteen. I am not ashamed of the gospel because it is the power inherent in God to save them that believe the Jew first and also the Greek for there in the righteousness of Christ revealed. And when you analyze that long enough you will see that there are some words here that are synonymous with the word power of the word gospel the word righteousness of Christ all mean one thing. It is the power of God to say that's what it is in faith and works page twenty seven. Very gravity real divine power and the human agency combined will be a complete success. Why for Christ's rightness this accomplishes everything. What this Christ writes Is this a compilation. That's where the power is Christ righteousness accomplishes everything. So we'll go back to our quotation whenever a minor matters occupied the attention of the divine power which is necessary for the growth and prosperity of the church which is necessary for the growth and prosperity of A.S.I. which is necessary for the growth and prosperity of the North American division. G C O C I the local church I don't care what you want to say. All the power that is necessary is in the Holy Spirit and in God himself in Jesus Christ. So whenever a minor matters occupied the attention the divine power which is necessary for the growth and prosperity of the church which would bring all other blessings in its train is lacking though offered in infinite plenitude. What's the problem. Minor matters occupy the attention and we know that we have delayed the second coming of Jesus. Don't we. It's there. Read biblical I'll have you turn with me to Revelation Chapter seven you can see it there. I freeze this before maybe some of you have heard this just the same. It's obvious that we have delayed the second coming of Jesus and it isn't he who is delaying anything. He would have come long after this we have the proof of it right here where in Revelation Chapter seven now in Revelation Chapter seven Jesus stands for angels. What to Do you remember. Now obviously you can talk to me I probably wouldn't hear you from where you are but usually people say that he sent the four angels for the purpose of holding back the winds of strife. Friend That isn't true. This is what the angels end up doing but that's not why they were sent. They were sent to destroy the earth and every tree and everything that's in the sea they were sent to destroy because Jesus was coming. Look at verse verse two Verse three this is Revelation Chapter seven. I saw another angel ascending from the east. Keep your eye on that angel will come back to him. I saw another angel ascending from the East having the seal of the Living God and he cried with a loud voice to the four agents to whom it was given to her the earth and the sea to whom it was given to destroy this earth saying don't do it don't do it hurt not the earth neither the sea nor the trees till you have sealed the servants of our God in their forehead and so you can see that things are on the whole the Holy Spirit being poured out in Latter Rain power is on the whole the loud cry is on the whole the time of trouble is on hold. The seven last plagues can fall the battle of Armageddon can be fought Jesus cannot come. And why is it is because the servants of our God are not sealed in their foreheads were not prepared. Were are not ready. I don't know how I'm going to emphasize this tonight. I really really don't. You know we're in trouble. If I ask you where in the Bible we should go to see what is the problem with God's people where would you look. Well it's very easy That's right it's Revelation Chapter three. We know that for sure we are neither hot nor cold we are lukewarm. We we are deceived thinking that we're better than we are really spiritually. We feel no need of God because we are self righteous self-sufficient self-satisfied where spiritually poor spiritually naked spiritually blind and the whole the real problem the bottom line of this thing is that we don't know what can you imagine we don't know what this this chapter on Laodicea is very very clear and clarifying what our spiritual condition is. We read it all the time we preach it all the time and in the end God looking down the annals of time can point to God's people and say they don't know what even though I have told them in clear words right here in the Bible we have not believed. But as you call him self in the true witness and what he has to say for us in his counsel and the proof of the fact is that we don't believe it is that we have not taken the counsel. It's obvious we have not taken the counsel buy of me gold tried in the fire and white Raymond and I and I say you know God even sent two young men in one nine hundred eighty eight in order to flesh this out for us so that we could better or more easily understand this thing. And friends we have been like the ten spies in Numbers Chapter fourteen. I have a duty. God said to them I'm going to give you the land. Go in there and possess the land. And they said Well couldn't we go in there and spy the land. And the Lord says go on in there and tell me what you think about it it's a great plan it really is so they go in there and they come by. I'm going to say it was great land. It really was. But do you know that there are giants there. There were giants there. And God said so. Yeah yeah but you don't know the walls you know how high the laws are and God said so. Yeah but they have iron chariots and we're like grasshoppers in our own site compared to these people over there. And God said I didn't ask you to tackle these giants or these walls. I told you that I'm giving it to you and friends it's the same thing. It's been the same thing for us when we started this thing as a denomination we've come to Revelation Chapter fourteen where the three Angels' messages are and we begin to realize that God is wanting us to be like the hundred and forty four thousand with God's character written in our frontal lobe not corrupted with false doctrine following Jesus whether soever he goes and no guile in our mouth and faultless before the throne of God We need to be perfect. We need to be ready. God wants to make a special demonstration of what us he wants this demonstration to cover the whole world and we look at it and say a way to make this a lot easier to be just like other churches around. I mean after all isn't that a high bar. We can't be like that. Well friends I want to tell you something. We are well able to do this because it isn't us doing it it's the same thing as. As for the children of Israel we're back then it's the same thing God has promised to work in us if we will work it out just what he gives us. In the book early writings where I used to get my impetus isn't in the chapter called The shaking it's on page two sixty nine. Ellen White is speaking about the future is future are to our time today. It really is she speaking of the future. And she said. These two groups of people in a Seventh Day Adventist Church in the future from now and no one group is with strong faith in agonizing cries pleading with God They're pictured perspiring profusely and they have an internal struggle and internal struggle. Doesn't say what it is just that it's an internal struggle she pictures another group and they're indifferent about the whole situation and doesn't say what they're fighting about I mean what what the issue is. It's just that it's just that way. And for for years I've been studying this thing on my knees and all the while I've been thinking what is it that will get us to the place where we're going to agonize with God like Jacob agonized with God and said we won't let you go except you bless me. So something's got to bring us to that place as a church. And I always thought well maybe the national Sunday law will do it. I assume when the national Sunday all comes if it should hit us any day now I do you would bring us to our knees don't you. But I've come to realize no that's not going to be it. I believe and I got this conviction this week sometime that the issue is somehow the Lord's going to get through to my brain that I am not as perfect as God wants me to be that I don't reflect the image of Jesus like he wants me to reflect the image of Jesus and that I cannot do it all my righteousnesses are as filthy rags. There is none righteous no not one but God has promised to do it right. Yeah. What is justification by faith. Ellen White says it is the work of God It's his work to lay the glory of man in the dust. That's how he's going to do it. One of these days we're going to wake up groveling because we. Have not by faith follow Jesus where he wants us to go. He's going to bring us there. And I can't wait but at the same time I wish I could bypass this thing is going to be painful. And half the church will be wise in this matter. After church will be foolish. I'm a still an early writings page two hundred seventy want you to hear this. I saw that the testimony of the true witness has not been half heeded. Now what is the testimony of the true witness. Is the Laodicean message. Watch watch carefully now. The solemn testimony upon which the destiny of the church hangs has been lightly esteemed if not entirely disregarded. If our destiny hangs on the Laodicean message do you think we ought to take this thing seriously. What do you think. But you know God in his graciousness in the paragraph above he narrows this thing even more the straight testimony called forth by the counsel of the true witness what God has done here is take and all Bible and by the way friends we are to live by every word that proceeds out of the Bible is not true. Yes it's true but God takes the whole Bible. He concentrates it down to one verse. Revelation chapter three verse eighteen and he says the destiny of the church the destiny of souls hangs upon the reception of that verse by me gold tried in the fire and white Raymond and I said it's amazing. That's what it says. Now you're still in Revelation Chapter seven and there we saw that God send an angel with the seal of the Living God Do you know who that Angel is. Do you let me read it to you. Early writings one eighteen paragraph one. I then saw the third. No Revelation fourteen. Said my accompanying Angel fearful is his work. Awful is his mission. He is the angel that is to seal the wheat from that for the heavenly Garner. Do you see which angel that is the ceiling angel of Revelation Chapter seven is it is the angel of Revelation fourteen the third angel. In early writings two fifty eight. Watch now. I was shown three steps. The first second and third angels message is the destiny of souls hangs upon the manner in which they are received the three handles messages. Now watch what we just heard and I don't know if you put it together but watch the destiny of souls and the pond receiving the three Angels' messages. The destiny of the church hangs upon receiving the counsel of Revelation three. Verse eighteen. So here's the question on how many things can our destiny hang. And I'm here to tell you there's only one thing because it's one and the same thing. The thirteen Jill's message have you ever wondered what the three dangers message was why is it that Alan White says it's right just as by faith in verity. Well we're just seeing it right now. The thirty Jill's message is buy of me the gold tried in the fire and white Raymond and I fab and then I want you to repent and let me in already. Five years ago my vice president I didn't Valley. She was working in the kitchen and I happened to be walking through the kitchen. It was a time of convention. I was just walking through and she arrested me right there and she said doesn't Allen wide say the thirty messages righteousness by faith in verity. Well actually doesn't say that it says justification by faith is right but it's the same thing. It's the same thing and I said yes that's what it says. So she go on to say how is it then when our evangelists. Our conducting an evangelistic series they speak on the market. They speak on the third angel's message. They speak about the mark of the beast and the and the resulting wrath of God where is righteousness by faith in that. Have you been able to answer that question. You know I didn't have much time that day I was just passing through I wasn't thinking about anything like that but it's amazing because I think today that the Holy Spirit must have inspired me because I said it's in there not explicit in the text it's implied it's there is there by contrast. And you know five years later after studying this thing as long as I have I still believe the same thing that that's where it is in the Beast of Revelation chapter fourteen. You will not find righteousness by faith. You're going to find righteousness by works you going to find righteousness by force. You're going to find register the righteousness by legislation by flattery by bribery. If nothing else works you'll find righteousness by torture. And when it's all said and done there's no righteousness there at all none. In essence the beast does not care a hoot about righteousness. All he cares about is control. That's it theologically. You cannot find righteousness by faith with the beast because the faith that you find in righteousness by faith implies self distrust which necessitates putting our faith in God or righteousness. With the beast we are expected to put our faith in the traditions of men in church decrees and creeds in the queasy Asacol pronouncements. We are expected to put the human above the divine and friends that always leads to the mark of the beast. That's what it is. It's enforcing human dogma above the word of God That's all it is that's what it is. It is right just as by faith in the message. By contrast. Now you and I have two problems of course and we're already looking at them. First of all we've never felt our need of the counsel of the true witness and the reason for that is we've been comparing ourselves among ourselves. We look at other denomination and it's obvious to see doctrinally they don't match up because we have based our doctrines on the Word of God and they have based their doctrines on traditions and a mixture of the Word of God and it hasn't worked for them that we could debate them any time and when and because we do we think we're doing really well and we're still focused you know focused all together we have a form of godliness but we deny the power thereof because the righteousness of Christ has not been internalized. There isn't anything I want more than to experience Christ as my righteousness to have them take possession of this individual and to work through me so that he can do whatever he wants. What can God do. He gets hold of you and me. He can do anything. The second thing that is a problem is that generally speaking we do not understand the three Angels' messages. We don't in eight hundred eighty eight Materials one sixty five paragraph or there are few and Alan White will say in one place not one in one hundred. There are few even of those who claim to believe it that comprehend the three Angels' messages. And yet this is the message for this time. How many of you are living in this time. That's a stupid question. We're all living in this time. I'm living in this time and this message is for this time. Don't tell me it's not up like a bowl today. Then she says just five more of the words. It is present truth. All right as I secretary treasurer in January made a trip to another continent and they had meetings on on that side they had a big A.S.I. meeting on another continent and there were officials there and after the meetings a group of officials all got together and eventually during that meeting one official I'm not going to tell you whether he is an ass I have a show in our church official who he is but an official stood up and said I don't see what the third three Angels' messages have to do with our identity and our secretary treasurer is draw a job dropped like how can that be. And doesn't make any sense. How is it then that we have three angels message three angels pictured on our marquees before the churches and our walls inside outside the church and on our walls inside the church and on the pulpit. Three Angels' messages everywhere. Three A B. and even how do we why do we go there if we don't understand what it means. If it has nothing to do with our identity. Now you might say. Or people. Well don't say poor people. If I was to call you. Could you explain to me to us what the three Angels' messages have to do with our identity. Could you. I don't want to be too hard on anyone. After all it took me forty years to make a connection between Revelation Chapter fourteen the third angel to Revelation Chapter seven to understand that the sealing Angel is the angel of Revelation chapter fourteen. It took me forty years to realize that the message go by of me gold tried in the fire is the three angels message to the to us and to the world as it is. Do you know that we called the angel of the Fourth Angel the Revelation Chapter eighteen that he gives a loud loud cry of the third angel. You see the third angel is everywhere. Because we're living at this time and God wants and wants us to understand what this is all about and how important it is for us. You and I are in special's spiritual trouble. Did you ever hear the phrase in the Old Testament the God of our fathers Abraham Isaac and Jacob. If you ever hear that why is it that God bunches up those three names like that in the Old Testament so often. Well the reason is because it takes Abraham Isaac and Jacob to produce Israel that's what it is. These are simply symbols of course and Abraham is the is known for what faith right. Sure he believed God it was accounted to him for what righteousness he believed God so much he was willing to sacrifice that upon which he had the most affection ever. That's how much he had faith when God asked him to do something he trusted God in the matter. It's amazing. Now Isaac what is Isaac known for. He's a child of promise. I don't know how long Abraham and Sarah were married fifty years sixty years seventy years eighty years. Do you think that in this time they did not try to have children. My guess is they were always trying to have children. How long would they have had to continue to try in order to succeed to have children. They could never have done it because she was there and could not have children. The only reason they had children is because God had promised to give it to them and he worked an absolute miracle it was a creative act. Do you know that we need to be born again. Do you know that you can't. How many people can make themselves can bring themselves into this world. It doesn't work that way. We can't do it. And it was especially hard for Abraham and for Sarah of course it was a miracle. The third one on our list of course is Jacob not Jacob is a special individual and I like to focus on him because we are like Jacob we are spiritual we are religious. He wanted the birthright he wanted the blessing he wanted the priesthood of the family right from the beginning the angel had told his mother when she did and didn't any that he would have the blessing he would have the birth right he would be the spiritual priest in the family. He wanted it he didn't want anything bad he wanted something good. The only problem is he didn't have any tools by which to bring this thing to happen. So he worked with what he had and he had a collaring temperament. And he got what he wanted. But in the end he didn't get what he wanted. Now now he had to cheat his brother he had to lie to his father he had to connive with his mother. He thought he got what he wanted and all he got is exiled from his mother and from his family for twenty years. He comes back fifty to ninety years later she was me. He comes back when he is sixty to ninety years of age I don't know exactly how old he was different people you talk to tell you different things. And then his brother comes with an army to meet him. Jacob is scared to death because he knows it is fault and he deserves what he is going to get. So he gets on his knees to pray with God he's going to claim to promises God said You go out there and I'll protect you. That's one promise. And while he's praying and pleading this promise somebody comes along puts his hand on his shoulders he thinks it's an enemy and he wrestles from it. Tonight at the breaking of the day. That's a long time to wrestle all tell you that. Eventually he realizes that who he is wrestling with is Jesus Christ and he lays a hold on Jesus. He lays it all on Jesus and he agonizes it with strong faith an agonizing cries. He pleads with God I will not let you go until you convert my soul until you give me a new heart and a new spirit has God promised to do that for us. Is it true. Do you have it. Do you have it to the extent that God can use you to enlighten the whole world with his own character. That's what it's all about. That's what we want. That's what is right. This by faith in seven B.C. thank you busy in seventy three pages nine hundred and eighty paragraph three watch everything is now at stake. How many things. Everything is at stake now. At this time the third Angel's messages is to be regarded as of the highest importance. It is a life and death question. That's what she writes. Let me tell you something. It is for me. Everything that the Laodicean message has to say about the Laodicean church applies to me. I am neither hot nor coal I am lukewarm I'm self sufficient I'm self righteous I'm complacent I'm indifferent and all the other adjectives that Alan White could use now would I be wrong to think for a moment that I'm alone in this thing. No why are we here honored seventy one years later. This is why. Why haven't we taken this thing seriously why aren't we running with it. Do you see how important this is to God. This is the only thing that's delaying his coming Volume nine page one nine hundred paragraph one Seventh Day Adventists have been given a word. Work of the most important of the most solemn importance the most solemn importance the proclamation of the first second and third Angel's messages. They are to allow nothing else to absorb their attention how many other things nothing else. Well friends we have allowed other things to absorb attention our attention from soup to nuts we have allowed it in testimonies to ministers three thirty one paragraph two the third angel's message is to be our burden of warning the side issues are not for us to meddle with. So what are we doing all tangled up in women's ordination. Is spiritual formation in jazz with mysticism in reinstating dead cease in basing the Sabbath on the lunar calendar in denying the personhood of the Spirit Holy Spirit in promulgating conspiracy theories that fly through our in boxes every day. Should we leave all that confusion to Babylon. Shouldn't we. That's why Babylon is confused. Why do we go there. Especially when God has given us a message that will turn this world upside down. We get all involved everywhere else. Do you know what Babylon is fallen. Go with me to Genesis Chapter eleven. Genesis Chapter eleven. This of course is the story of the fall of Babylon as a man there about a name of Nimrod. He's a mighty hunter cording to the Bible. According to Google they say that his name is kind of a by word. If you're just such an Iran like this is so stupid. Who in the world can think to get to heaven using brick and mortar. That's pretty dumb really. But you know that wasn't the issue that wasn't the issue. Where in Genesis Chapter eleven the issues in verse three and four and they said one to another Go to let us make brick and by implication let us burn them thoroughly. Verse four. Or and they said Go to let us build us a city and by implication let us build us a tower whose top may reach on to heaven and let us make us a name that's we'd be scattered abroad upon the earth. The face of the whole earth. That's the issue friends let us five times in two verses let us. We can trust God Let us save ourselves let us do religion our way. Let us make a name for ourselves and never you can never have the very same issue you remember in in the Book of Daniel Chapter four verse thirty. Isn't this Babylon that I have built for my glory. And on and on. And what happened to poor old king that he had no other. And what about his grandson. When Daniel approach him in Daniel Chapter five and I'm going to skip going over there you know the story he said. Though you have known all these things yet you took all the glory to yourself. You turned your back on God you did religion the Babylonian way. Well friends what about us. Isn't that the whole issue. We can't save ourselves. There isn't anything we can do. You heard Pastor Bradshaw this morning amazing sermon on righteousness by faith. How clearly he said it out there. Can an Ethiopian change his skin. Can a leopard change his spots. Neither are you our custom to do evil do good. You can't you can't you can't and unless you get God to work a miracle on your behalf you're going to do religion human way you're going to do the best you can with what you've got and what you've got is not sufficient. It's not going to work. There is none righteous No. No not one. All right just this is filthy rags. God needs to work a miracle in us. He needs to give us the gift of his own righteousness so that he glorifies himself in this world through us. That's what it is. Lord help us what is a heavenly Father Lord we understand. I don't know why it is that as a church we've never fully bought into your plan. Why the three Angels' messages haven't made the impression they should have made on our hearts. Why it is that we do church like other people do church in our own strength with our own wisdom fighting among ourselves while all the while all we would have to do is get on our knees and ask you to show us and we just have to follow the Lord forgive us if we fail you but thank you thank you thank you for the gift of your righteousness and forgiveness and for your love. And we know that it's not too late and we're going to follow. We pray and we thank you here with my audio for more layman services and if you would like to learn more about or if you'd like more free time. W W W Do you ever.


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