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The Two Covenants and Galatians

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



  • December 20, 2007
    9:30 AM
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so before we start even before you pray I'll have you know that the source of power in this presentation will not be PowerPoint I'm using this as a visual not accustomed to using visuals unaccustomed to preaching the word of God and I only made this available because I think are some ideas here that are bit complex for hearing with the ear and easier to understand with the picture but if I conclude a few minutes in that this is a distraction over to do is stop using the computer will go on with the project the star has for prayer will begin our father in heaven I asked by the power of your Holy Spirit that you would join us here that he would help us understand what is true and what is right in your Bible and ask for this gift in the name of Jesus and Thomas Maynard Bibles to the book of Jude relook and you and looking at verse five Judith verse five I will therefore switch you in remembrance though you once knew this how that the Lord having saved the people out of the land of Egypt afterward destroyed them that believed not several ideas I see in the verse is it clear to you in this passage that very same people that God saves were the ones that he later destroyed to see in the passage as a clerk in this passage that Weber June is writing to already knew that and yet she wouldn't want forward to remind them of that fact why would he remind them of something they already knew we are into the same thing we knew that the people that God saved out of Egypt he later destroyed that the solemn thoughts when is it that I thought has an impact on my life and character it's not at the point that I know it's so it's at the point that I am thinking about the setup again the truth of God 's judgment doesn't affect me when it's a fax stored somewhere back in my memory it affects me when I'm thinking about it but assures a similar passage to more turn in your Bibles to second Peter second Peter relook at chapter one verse twelve wherefore I will not be negligence to put you always in remembrance of these things though you know them and be established in the present truth can you see in this verse these ideas first of all that to know the present truth is no evidence that you don't need to hear that another present truth they know it and yet Peter is going to tell them again this is the last time is going to tell them was indicating as to put them always in remembrance you have an obligation to repair and painting the truth of them continually we know you because we do not human being when the site to be negligent so you he has a responsibility to repeats of them froze over and over that they already know I hope that this just shows you the truth that the ideas present truth only affect us we were thinking about them is not one we believe that their facts but when they held our attention that they change the heart you've heard that we would do well to spend a thoughtful hour on the life of Jesus are especially closing scenes why is it because were continually learning some new factor facet not necessarily it would be worthwhile in spite of thoughtful hour if you already knew all of the facts and all of the facets is because those truths don't change you accept and they have your attention we would do well to think about the judgment because we don't know about it know that because the solemn scenes of what's going on in heaven only affect us when they have our attention turns your Bibles to first crimp in chapter fifteen versus Redskins chapter fifteen looking at verse one juice cinnamon reminds you of things you once knew Peterson on Italia repeatedly about things that you still know Paul goes further he says moreover brethren I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you which also you have received and wherein you stand in the receipt of the first time he told they did receive it have they been faithful to its native and faithful and are currently being faithful so what what do you tell them the gospel again the height of the Gospels only for those who haven't heard it is not true but if the Gospel is only for those who are faithful to it doesn't so those who have heard and those that are currently faithful still need to hear it again verse two by which also you are saved if you keep in memory or in mind the things which I preached unto you unless you have believed invention it is a salvation issue this idea that the truth needs to be continually revived and have our attention the Gospels saves me while I has my attention when it loses my attention it ceases to have an impact on my life and for this reason the Bible is longer than three sentences you may wonder why the Bible so full of stories salt full of illustrations so full of of enigmas in some cases why did God not just plainly say the gospel in terms that could not be misunderstood may I suggest you one reason is because God knows that those enigmas in those illustrations keep our attention longer than plain statements is not the facts that we need so much as to have a continual guidance of our minds to these truths default idea of what I just said so were talking today about the covenants and I suppose that for many we already have a decent understanding of how my trip to you already that this would be no evidence that we don't need to hear them again going good it may be interesting to you and may not be that the term and new covenant or second covenant him the Bible ten times that this phrase the old covenant were the first covenant is only in the Bible three times but return everlasting covenant is in the Bible fifteen times almost doesn't prove anything but it illustrates a reality the Bible doesn't spend very much time on the old company in fact the old covenant did not exist for a very long time where it is and give attention as to the everlasting covenant that is named the new covenant go to the I'm not spend much time here called a look at the upper left God 's promise to scatter his people should they be unfaithful to the covenant to greatly summarize the history of fifteen hundred years this happened but by me I mean that God had intention when he made his covenant with Abraham and then a covenant with noses his intention was that faithful covenant people would accomplish his work but if they would not be to his covenant when he segmented them he said he would scatter them and he did this in the judges and that he would bring a deliverer the deliverer would bring them back together they were scattered later and brought together in fact the final scattering the one under babbling the prophecies that God would bring them from death you know under Ezra Nehemiah God brought them back you know your history but left a note to God bring back the same people that he scattered it was always a remnant of them it was our remnants of those that were scattered for unfaithfulness that were brought back to do God 's work unit Abraham the father of the faithful is illustrated by to treat her parallels Romans eleven Romans eleven versus one Romans eleven and looking at verse one the Bible says I say the truth as I say then as God cast away his people not at all when you see God forbid in the King James version the great doesn't say anything let God forbid their lives as no-no but it was an emphatic way of saying not our number has got canceled his people not at all for I also am an Israelite of the seed of Abraham of the tribe of Benjamin look at the logic on this passage this question is has gone cast away the Jews his answer is no what reason does he give us proof that God is not cast where the Jews the fact that he is a Jew if I turn out logical around backwards it means that it is on one Jew is a Christian is proof that God has not cast away the Jews otherwise it would have been the logical and work at all cemeteries has been saying what Paul is saying in this verse is that God never did claim to save the whole bunch of who he declined to say song of Ceylon verse two has not cast away his people which he for new baby at some point in your life to have been interaction with someone who believes in predestination I also believe in predestination the Bible is very clear maybe it into the public urine him return to turn your Bibles to second Peter chapter one but you get them I see first Peter second Peter chapter one in first Peter chapter one and verse two first Peter chapter one and looking at verse two it says the latch or chosen according to what the foreknowledge of God the father through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth in this verse which was ago that God chooses someone and therefore they become holy Lord God knows what they will decide and therefore he chooses them as at the first of the latter 's record the latter the passage is not very clearly that the way God predestination people salvation is by knowing ahead of time the kind decisions that they are going to make a term from the Latin witches speak about the same idea who has gone not cast away in verse two you know it's the people that he for new is the people that he knew were going to be faithful to him observed briefly verse five years and so then at this present time also there is a remnant according to the election of grace so revelation to run a dozen in this verse is the remnant a visible body or an invisible body know if you read this passage the verse just before apparently Elijah thought he was the only one you said there were seven thousand who have not bowed the knee 's to mail and this was an example of the remnant to a been chosen who does God choose us know that he knows are going to be faithful it was a huge shows as are called the remnants of the same make war with its nose that are the remnants the ones who are for known to be faithful problem getting too complex to the ideas we try to make the simple and move on never changed his plan spoke about a minute ago about scattering the unfaithful and gathering around this plan has never changed who God is gathering now are the ones he foreknew to be faithful turned the verse thirteen Romans eleven verse thirteen for I speak to you Gentiles inasmuch as I am the apostle of the Gentiles I magnify mine office if by any means I may provoke to emulation them which are my flash listen carefully and might say it was the same some of them probably remember in your prayers I will say that it's not very far from this passage in the book of Romans that Paul talks about all Israel will be saved how do you want to send this verse it was sung below I think we can put these thoughts together Abraham 's seed they were blessed not for their genes but for their training they would be like him it's very important for the Genesis eighteen want to look and what waited God bless the seed of Abraham when we understand how he blessed him will understand who he blessed Genesis chapter eighteen in verse nineteen for the and the Bible says for I know him that he will command his children and his household after him and they will keep the way of the Lord to do justice and judgment that the Lord may bring upon Abraham that which you have spoken to him can you see in the verse that there were conditions of God blessing Abraham 's seed were the conditions in the verse of his singing last but they do I can write that it watchmen character and why did God chose Abraham and his seed do now is because of the way Abraham which ran down is because of how he would teach that his soon to be chosen with him and Abraham wasn't going to teach is saved to do right they want to be blessed with him is a clear enough in the passage look at Galatians three Galatians three and verse seven relations Chapter three were looking at verse seven know ye therefore that they which are of faith the same hour was a say the children of Abraham and the Scripture foreseeing that God would justify the heathen through faith preached before the gospel of Abraham saying indeed shall all nations be blessed so then they which be of faith our glass with faithful Abraham the idea is very simple God never ever promised to bless all of the genetic descendents of Abraham you never did agree to do any such time this is why Paul says God hasn't changed anything because I am an Israelite who did God agree to bless it was the seed of Abraham that would be like Abraham and since I call and like Abraham and God is blessing me it proves that God has not changed his blessing nothing has changed in this respect at all terms in your Bibles to John H I could sense the room have to move to three times as fast to get through this for you cover for her to skip stuff and move three times as fast but you get the whole thing before the end of it in a handout John eight versus thirty three and thirty seven they answered him we'd be Abraham 's seed and were never in bondage to any man how say yes that out you shall be made free verse thirty seven I know that you are Abraham 's seed but you seek to kill me because my word has no place in you look at verse thirty nine they answered and said to him Abraham is our father Jesus said to them if you were Abrahams children you would do the works of Abraham you see that Jesus distinguishes between Abraham 's genetic material and Abraham 's children and who are blessed Abraham 's children how are they identified us as children they do the same kind of thing that he did there like human character window so this is a summary of Abraham 's covenant were not to read it but if you agree Genesis seventeen one to seven you find that the parties become that are the Almighty God Abraham and Abraham seed in their generations and what you can't read over here is the the condition of the covenant walked habitually before me and be thou perfect also God promises that if Abraham 's descendents would walk habitually before him and be perfect that he what we do I would multiply Abraham exceedingly Abraham would be a father of many nations exceedingly fruitful and ancestor of Kings Jehovah the Almighty God will be the God of Abraham and C the terms walk habitually before me and what about how long will this covenant last the passage says it is an everlasting covenant England so Abraham is blessed in these four passages we can read Genesis twenty two on the strip on the screen because you have done this thing in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed because you have obeyed my voice we notice is twenty two what is of Abraham did that brought the fourth blessing is where he offered up his son Isaac it's where he showed that he was dependent not on any natural train of events to fulfill God 's promises but is dependent upon God to fulfill God 's promises this became an illustration of the whole difference between the two covenants Ishmael was a dependence upon natural means Isaac was a dependence upon promise after the miracle of Isaac 's birth Abraham could have sweat she said now the miracle has happened now we can depend upon a Nashville train of events was Isaac naturally have will but when Abraham offered up Isaac on the altar he showed that not only in the past but also in the present he was depending upon the miracle working power of God to fulfill his promises and this was the condition of him becoming a blessing to all nations because all nations of imitating this kind of dependence would receive the same blessing of Abraham did so so the son of Abraham 's covenant his comment was to bless all families discount extended to his hired man but listen but not to his unbelieving children this showed that it follows faith not DNA his face stories are recorded as models to understand the second idea right that Abraham 's unfaithful children never did receive the blessings his company is the everlasting covenant its blessings condition of the vessel walking in God 's presence and on condition of perfection where the first condition is met as a condition of walking habitually by faith the second is imputed as a gift these points French Martin the passages were going to get them through this do again all of that aside it is there persons in Abraham 's family may be cut off from the blessing through disobedience persons not Abraham 's family may join his family through accepting the covenant sign now baptism then circumcision with SSC other study he will go to audio verse .org there is a sermon there called I think it's called a deeper Baptist read the article connected to it the cost of the covenant that's when referring to their by using circumcision Jews have been Tuesday in this wages of a cutoff of the family as they refuse the sign of baptism in this way understanding Christians have been added those who live like Abraham and his spiritual children the blessed seed will inherit the promises to come back to point to help you understand my need about circumcision gear member that a man who wanted to join Israelites underwent the right to circumcision maybe you've wondered what all of that was about but it was a beautiful hint about the truth of the continent the gospel it showed that DNA was not the condition of blessing this DNA follow circumcision no and if Abraham 's children refuse to be circumcised with a blessing follow them circumcision was a way of divorcing the blasting from the idea of genetics and when those ideas were sufficiently separated God can show the truth that those only who watch and Abraham 's faith are blessed with faithful Abraham Wisconsin so the story of Levi is so interesting you remember that Levi was a a rash man that he and his brother slaughtered an entire city because one of the leaders of the city raped his sister that they did this by deception they actually use the rite of circumcision as part of the process of their wicked deeds and God 's curse them and Levi was cursed by receiving no inheritance with his brother worse terrible thing happened the Levi and then you go further in the Bible and you find again numbers three versus twelve the forty five that the Levites are entrusted with the priesthood if so interesting why were they entrusted with the priesthood it's because they show themselves at Belfiore to be faithful in executing justice when we say the start as a big picture again God had given to Abraham 's firstborn the priesthood it had gone to his firstborn but God never intended that the first one would have the priesthood because of his position of birth line intended that the firstborn would have the priesthood because you'd be the first trained in the most trained and if he wasn't faithful when the firstborn were not faithful to their job of being teaching priest God removed from the firstborn the priesthood and gave it to the Levites wife of the Levites because they have shown themselves faithful in the position of fighting against and dealing with sin in the camp but instead of thoughts simply an application no man should consider going into the ministry who will not guilt when they would send account the story of Levi shows that nothing was sinless unfaithfulness and in dealing with it is the first condition of being entrusted with that type of position terms in your Bibles to Malachi chapter three Malachi three is a review of these facts were looking at verse two type of religion at Malachi chapter two in looking at verse four and you shall know that I have sent this commandment unto you that my covenant might be with Levi saith the Lord of host my covenant was with him of life and peace and I gave them to him for the fear wherewith he feared me and was afraid before my name the law of truth was in his mouth and iniquity was not found in his lips he walked with me in peace and equity and it turned many away from iniquity for the priest 's lips should keep knowledge and they should seek the law is now for he is the messenger of the Lord of host but you are departed out of the way you have caused many to stumble at the law you have corrupted the covenant of Levi saith the Lord of host I should be Malachi two verses three to eight three two two eight what does this passage show it shows what God is expecting out of the Levitical priesthood he is looking for men will be faithful to teach the law men who will speak about the law so consistently that when you want to know about the law will you ask for the same passage so you said it just comes your mind and go seek after a priest so people just come looking for so they honestly want to know what God requires is the way God intended that by teaching the truth I teach in the law by by being faithful in the discharge of the linguistic that his work to be accomplished to the priesthood him whining to the Levi were the Levites faithful according to verse a corner verse eight the Levites had been unfaithful that has been given to the firstborn the first quarter unfaithful it was given to the Levites and what would happen if the Levites were unfaithful Judah held obvious happened it was taken from them we do not have a Levitical priesthood today and when the so we talked about these things Levi had occurs before his seat had a covenant God uses strong sense of justice this is the way God works the things are wrought in our life yet God is able to take those problems and to work with power to turn them into strengths did not do that Levi what was this curse is cursed King yes I think it was to his slides that but it's not in my head and if it wasn't I don't use Levi's strong sense of justice that sense that would lead him to destroy all those people as a sense of justice and virtue it is that was combined with his ration McKennitt lying murderous design what did God do for the vice ascendance she removed that wicked murderous lying use of the strong sense of justice cultivated the virtue that was there until he can use it for himself the covenant of the teaching priesthood was transferred to the firstborn of the tribe of Levi they were faithful and stunning apostasy they fear to offend God their blessing was not a revocable it had been returned to occurs by the time of Malachi but it would never be wholly revoked for nothing at the Nova Scotia herein sideways Psalm eighty nine versus rate of thirty six is a long passage about the covenant God made with David it is a fascinating covenants these are point-to-point if you write it dispose would be disputed and would be black he will retain up mercy and faithfulness from God he will claim childlike dependence on God he will be like the firstborn higher than the kings of the earth this is an ever-changing covenant is strong will be everlastingly stable history and will be everlasting stable and these points and black are the most amazing parts of this passage if the area that they will be disciplined not rejected God 's love to them will not be diminished David's company is an incredible cup can you see we have a ratified forge was there to check out yourself if I told it to you true David's covenant was not dependent upon the faithfulness of his children in fact his covenant specifically made provision for their unfaithfulness what would God do with their unfaithfulness he would discipline down and bring them back to himself this is why acts thirteen speaks of the what kind of mercies of David the sure mercies of David that his mercies that there are more certain than the faithfulness of God 's people let's go to the next slide so David was promised a never ending dynasty it was not a condition of the faithfulness of his children in fact the covenant provided for their correction with an fate will was not conditioned upon the natural life of his posterity in fact it made provision for a resurrection and show that he would also ask thirteen thirty four is about expert infringement report talks about the resurrection of Jesus that he was raised from the dad and I was not giving him the sure mercies of David North what are the sure mercies of David our resurrection got been defeated David's enemies they would be flagged they would be destroyed David would be made the firstborn of God that is the inheritor of the birthright of God is go to the next slide David would receive mercy and faithful help they would be granted childlike dependence on his father God David would rule over all the kings of the earth next so Abraham and David and Levi we need to look at this past trip your Bibles to Jeremiah thirty three Jeremiah chapter thirty three and were looking at versus seventeen tribal read it's all verse seventeen for thus says the Lord David shall never want a man to sit upon the throne of the house of Israel neither shall the priests the Levites want a man before me to offer burnt offerings and to kindle meat offerings and do sacrifice continually and the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah saying thus saith the Lord if you can break my covenant of the day and I covenant of the night that there should be not the day nor night in their season then you may also my covenant be broken with David my servant that he should not have assigned to rain upon the throne and with the Levites the free solicitors as the host of heaven cannot be numbered neither the sound or the sea measured so I multiply the seed of David my servant and the Levites that minister before me this is an incredible promise look at verse twenty five the saith the Lord is my covenant be not with the day and night and if I have not appointed the ordinances of heaven and the earth then like castaway the seed of Jacob and David my servant so that I will not take any sees me I will not take any of his seed to be rulers over the seed of Abraham Isaac and Jacob for low-cost or captivity to return and have mercy on them if I can summarize me just add guys that these covenants are everlasting they will not and cannot be broken they will be fulfilled guaranteed as surely as the day follows day the possessors of the covenants I'm describing here these three covenants there's a holy nation covenant made with Abraham the priesthood covenant made of Levi the kingship covenant that was made with David Ben Army case it was made not with them but with their seed the seed of Abraham the seat of Levi the seed of David Jesus is the son of Abraham the son of David and the firstborn in God 's family do you understand were looking at here GSS inherited these covenants these are not conditional covenants they were given to those that were like these many character and in the characters the qualified Abraham to bless the nation the qualified leads like to do the priesthood the qualified benefits it became Jesus had those qualities the heritage of their covenants and as we are children of GSS like him again character we inherit these very same things that look at these three passages hubris to verses sixteen and seventeen Hebrews two verses sixteen and seventeen for verily he took on him the nature of angels but he took on him the seed of Abraham wherefore in all things it was appropriate for him to be be made like unto his brethren that he be a merciful and faithful high priest in things pertaining to God let's look at Romans one verse three Romans one verse three the father teaches concerning his son Jesus Christ our Lord it was made with the say of the seed of David when we just read in Hebrews use of the state of Abraham 's of the seed of Abraham and was a faithful priest here is the seed of David and on relations four versus forty seven murderers serial pages with more gusto than I do relations for in verses four to seven I'm not ashamed on this but when the fullness of the timeless common God sent forth his Sonia made and made under the law to redeem them that were under the law that he might read that we might receive the adoption of sons and because you are sons God has sent forth the Spirit of his son into your hearts crying all the father wherefore you are no more a servant but a son and listen and is a sign that an error of God through Christ idea in this picture is a simple one and I love the picture for simplicity has something changed in the last six thousand years not really God made a covenant with Abraham and his seed but not with his genetic seed with those that were like him and character also with Levi and David that covenant was to show the kind of people that God can bless the kind of people he can blasted be his holy nation those who walk habitually before him the kind that you can blaster because priesthood those who deal faithfully with sin the kind of people you can blasted be in charger to take leadership in his work but those who have a heart like his own heart by choosing these man and given stores of model their faith he allow the truth to keep our attention long enough perhaps to change us that we could become like them in character the truth of their lives having an effect on us it's that it's no clichéd even if we set a thousand times that might be holding we become changed it's the reason God made these covenants it was to change us so that we could be blessed life is the summary of the personal covenants Abraham Levi and David were given your revocable promises shoulder would become a Blessed and holy nation a nation of priests and kings but the promise included spiritual descendent even those having no blood relation when they accepted the company 's and the promise excluded unfaithful persons even if they carried a blood relation Jesus inherited naturally and spiritually the covenant of Abraham and David Jesus became a spiritual character of the priesthood not from Levi Doctor Levi 's predecessor the firstborn resort in the Senate last point where they might get the priesthood wasn't it from the priest from the firstborn was Jesus Jesus Levite note with the Levites had been unfaithful so Jesus took back the priesthood from the order of no candidate who was still when the priesthood was devolving on the firstborn Skoda I think I do this again I want you sideways text tourism in your Bibles to Exodus nineteen looking at verse four were talking now were beginning to introduce the idea of the old cup I really haven't spoken about the new covenant but really everything said so far is about the new covenant we were looking for a moment about the old covenant Exodus nineteen and versus forty six you have seen it what I did under the Egyptians and how I bear you on eagles wings and brought you under myself now therefore if you will obey my voice indeed and keep my covenant then you will you show your treasurer of the meeting of all people for all the earth is mine and you shall be unto me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation these are the words which you shall speak unto the children of Israel I'd like to see in this passage that in Exodus nineteen got offered the everlasting covenant Israel yesterday offered the covenant made with Abraham that kind of the priesthood the company of the holy nation it was offered to them there's no way it offer here because Jesus is the King of this nation but really their undertakings I think Dave was at say the kingdom of priests and a holy nation Jesus vindicate Jesus offered this to them look at verse nine and the Lord said unto Moses Lo I come unto you and a thick cloud that the people may hear whenever I speak with the and believe the forever diagnosis told the words of the people under the Lord to seem of God was looking for in verse nine can you see that he was looking for a hard religion he was looking for faith in verse eight the fuel promise that they would obey God had worked mightily to show them that they were incapable of doing anything without him at the Red Sea they saw it and the plagues on Egypt they saw it with the manner they saw it with the smoke in the Sinai they saw that they were helpless and dependent garbage trying to lead them into a dependent relation but they didn't catch it so they sounded we will do for your Bibles to Deuteronomy five verse twenty seven a Ronnie chapter five and looking at verse twenty seven go down here in here all that the Lord our God will say and speak thou unto us all that the Lord our God has spoken unto the end we will hear it and do it to see the impact of no Sinai on the people extremism and then a felt need for intercessor can you see that the verse executive than a felt need for a prophetic ministry that they no longer thought that they could communicate directly with God now Sinai succeeded in scaring them into wanting a intercessor to scaring them into wanting a prophetic ministry is to get the word this was what it was intended to do you've ever wondered why God did know science this was why looked the next verse verse twenty eight and the Lord heard the voice of your words when you spake unto me and the Lord said to me and I have heard the voice of the words of this people which they spoken unto the they have to Bell said all that they have spoken the promise to obey God must never be spoken of is a mistake even when coming from unconverted hearts even when coming from someone who can't possibly do it the promise to obey is much better than the alternative a decision to give up parts and not to write the guide to commend them rebuke them for saying they would obey he commanded them to look the next verse all that there were such a hard to pin down that I would fear me and keep all my commandments always what was the condition of Abraham 's company it was to walk eventually before God and to be perfect what was not looking for a heart religion a dependence that would be enduring and they haven't futile God was looking for the sacrifice that so far is that the old covenant was never intended by God to be the end of the matter guy never made this covenant with the idea that it was sufficient to follow the so far he was looking for something more for the in this covenant each generation was to hear the same stories and they share the same law if they would accept a changed heart and steadfastness they would qualify for the better covenant founded on better promises this is a godsend of the ten Commandments he said you should teach these your children teach them your children tell them the stories every generation is to hear the same thing whites held in the stories why give them the law because if they would submit an heart God can do for them what you did for Abraham and if not never be another generation of ritual keepers that God would be not be able to bless them we want to come to some questions I know that I had for years so some of them maybe you have questioned what is the relation of the ten Commandments to the Sinai covenant be aware that many people are leaving on his shorts over this question is that the ideology of the disease goes like this suddenly they discovered that in the Old Testament ten Commandments are the old covenant then they realized the sun Dennis Church teaches that we should keep the ten Commandments and then I have an epiphany they realize are you under the old covenant and then they leave the church to have a new covenant experience zero never known anyone that is followed this series of events as he got nine hands answer the ten Commandments were revealed in a powerful display intended to create a healthy fear of God and a healthy feeling of moral inadequacy did they have a part to play in the old covenant they do not accomplish what God intended but they did have a purpose they represented the receiving duties of Abraham 's everlasting covenant they shown how to walk habitually and how to be perfect was Abraham 's condition wasn't that it to walk the segment show us how to live they show how to how to fulfill Abraham 's covenant are part by promising mercy we do look at that for your Bibles to Exodus twenty Exodus twenty and were looking at verse six Exodus twenty and verse six and showing mercy unto thousands of them that love me and keep my commandments this I must say my favorite passages in the entire Scripture I like it because it's inside the ten Commandments isn't it part of them can you see in this verse at a few questions can we earn our way to heaven what is in the verse we need both answers are right okay we need mercy and our experience must have lots can you see in this verse it is not enough to have a legal religion not enough to keep the commandments we must love God but also it is not enough to have a sentimental religion that we must have the love of God combined with our obedience but even when we have both of those that we haven't heard anything that we still require that a beautiful passage as simple as can be by promising mercy the second commandment in the second commandment and revealing the power of God 's word is the fourth amendment the tantamount promoted faith and love rescue was relation to take Mrs. on a covenant this one first have to answer the first half is that they promoted the new company the ten Commandments were intended to promote faith and love and dependence a heart experience they were well designed for this the law of the Lord is perfect doing what you got it but there's another answer the ten Commandments did not however give life that's just paraphrasing Galatians and Romans right the ten Commandments condemned those claiming Abraham 's covenant without meeting the conditions of faith and love by condemning down the law show them their need of a Savior and this was God 's way of Legion individuals into the experience of being Abrahams everlastingly blessed seed this idea is not complex let me try to say it again in chapter nineteen the people say we will obey God you know it's not true so God gives them the ten Commandments this is what they promised to pay the old covenant is the promise of the ten Commandments and the ten Commandments is what they promise to obey thus the old covenant but what does the old covenant do for them it shows them that they fail to receive the continent their claim the ten Commandments were eight hour full needed blessing they were the good transition tool to help people with an old communist self dependence to realize how essential was that they have a new covenant dependence upon God 's power the ten Commandments were the Sinai covenant they were a commanded covenant incapable of blessing the disobedience of unconverted persons axis thirty four twenty eight and the Lord wrote upon the tables the words of the covenant the ten Commandments is it wrong to send the segments are the old covenant you know it's not wrong but it's wrong to have that either the old covenant was an end in itself the ten Commandments were the old covenant that was intended to lead a person into a new covenant experience they were a perfect gift from heaven designed to show a man that he was condemned and not qualified to receive the blessings that he was congratulating himself as if he would receive next slide what is the relationship of the sanctuary services to the Sinai covenant with answer this question someone already is not really possible to separate the two when a company is run five the first time at this twenty four seven eight midterms are in a book that includes references to sacrifices and the feast days when it is verbally renewed in excess of thirty four the tent has already been set up outside of the camp when the Century Kansas is set out its most holy Place is a hollow receptacle for the park on the continent and this protects the ten Commandments and the book of the law I can try to summarize these ideas with which themselves are summaries like this when God gave the ten Commandments the people said were going to obey God came after an indicator that if they said that there were some sacrifices they would need to do can you see in that instruction the guy did not take their promise at face value then he set up a sanctuary service that would deal with that sense of the entire nation what was the sanctuary it was part of the system to show people the South dependence would never work you know it was part of the old company it was given to them as a gift that part of the old covenant it was intended to lead them to the new covenant experience the ten Commandments combined with the promises of mercy and forgiveness in the sanctuary was all assistant designs to teach this man that he needs a mediator he needs a savior he must have one or he's not been a make it this was the function of the old covenant why did God agree to such a covenant what my sister I mean one that involves so much blood to cause here for a moment I don't know who thought how to get forward have you ever thought through room for why got required so much animal sacrifice it makes sense why able would need to slay a lamb but why millions of animals slain why face that involve slaying a score of animals or the course of a week about why so much quantity of blind would have been sufficient to have one sacrifice and then tell everyone about how happens the answer is the same as how we started in this lecture truth does not affect us when we knowledge it affects us when we think about it and God filled the experience of the Hebrews with continual reminders of the blood sacrifice of Jesus so they would have to think about it daily every morning every evening continually with special times of special focus several times every year every year it was to have their attention always so can make them into a holy nation what a mistake it would be for Christians is when the blood sacrifices came to an end because Jesus had given his life on Calvary the cross received less continual attention our experience in the sacrifices had to receive and there's if that did happen our religion would become as hollow as theirs did though it was based upon a real sacrifice and not a mere picture of one that was to come it is better to be condemned by the law on him feel on obligated to keep it the world is divided into two categories those without law and those just by the law speaking to your Romans to I don't think you can even read the top line of that rose to twelve to thirteen -year-old Bible turn in your Bibles to Romans to Romans to look in verse twelve for as many as have sinned without law shall also perish without law verse twelve shows that the case of a man who knows no moral obligation is hopeless as much minority (s) the walking it is to take three more minutes we just choose which treatment is to take this moment to the Bible stimulations for relations for and looking at verses twenty one there is a box near the back that has a handout that has one hundred and one slides printed out and I think we've gone over approximately twenty five of them today so if you're looking for something more you would want to get the handouts Galatians four verse twenty one there teaches that there was an allegory made of Abraham and Hagar and Isaac and Sarah and Ishmael it was a simple allegory a story that shows that Abraham had a promise that depended on human effort to fulfill the promise what was the promise that he would be a blessing to all nations when you dependent on human efforts we were naturally that it produced bondman the children of slaves slaves that was an illustration of our experience we have got promises we believe that there truly never have believed when he worked to have Ishmael he believed the promise was dependent on human effort for its fulfillment and I believe combined with independence just did not what did something didn't get produced antagonism against those who are doing the right but when Abraham the very same man dependent on divine power there was a miracle birth to seem like I chose this is an illustration what happens to us when we depend upon divine power for the fulfillment of the promises you know we have it's a miracle birth it produces freemen and freemen unlike the others are errors to what God wants to give according to Paul this is a summary of the two covenants the Sinai covenant and the new covenant which is the everlasting covenant and when made with Abraham with Levi with David when we inherit through Jesus and by the power of the word of God we imitate them in character imitates human character when his life has our attention and is changed in that way this new for closing prayer father in heaven I thank you for the old covenant the one that shows self-deluded people their real condition the one that brings men to their knees and feeds them to trust in you and I thank you even more for those that are promises that make the new one available the premise that we can be forgiven so we can have a new heart the promise that you can make us free men and heirs of all that you've offered to give us through Jesus I ask you for these gifts that they might continue in his name in a this media was produced by audio birds and hope media ministry G Weiss generation we would like to listen to more or if you would like to learn more about you see the government NYC web or also find great to see you on your verse board and hair videos .com


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