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Doubting the Testimonies

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



  • December 20, 2007
    10:45 AM
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I has her prayer will begin our father I ask as we talk about a holy topic that she would give us supernatural understanding I asked for this gift of Jesus in the handout that you have think you have it now and if you don't feel Halladay organization on your last so near the back sitting on on chair somewhere should be some resolution or that was the better they are all right I am thank you gentlemen is passed on a bunch of those so the handout that you're going to have soon is called Alan light on Ellen White there is not a lot that's been done in the last couple decades to make light of compilations as it was never God 's will that there be compilations we ought to know that what you have in your hands the compilation of elements writings made by Ellen White and the top of government is the nature and the influence of the testimonies so as to future events biblically back a lot a number of things biblically never look at some of these villages in history by eighteen eighty eight the start of the story once upon a time in a land that was right here that there was a meeting of Seventh-day Adventist administrators the general conference of eighteen eighty eight in October of that year when the people arrived at the meeting when the delegates were there the general conference president was missing will will must know what was his name is George Butler Georgia Butler was homesick many of the delegates that handed out meeting came up with a different view of inspiration than I had ever had previous and their life when it happens held white headband in California and California she was there with her son Willie she was there with these two young ministers Jones and Wagner and Johnson Wagner had begun teaching about the law in Galatians not like I was a late than never teaching not even like it was the focal point of their teaching not like it wasn't there their favorite thing to talk about old it was like this that they talked about some things and this was one of them this was the one that educated people develop the same because the agitated people is the one that got the most attention what I just said is a very practical lesson to think it through but there might be something to say for not talking about the things can agitate people for fear it will become the main thing you don't want to be the main thing then something happens a man in California absurd thought was going on the Ellen White was unfriendly relations with Jones and Wagner he observed that Joseph Wachter were charismatic that they could carry audiences with them and he observed that Ellen White was soft-spoken and old and we thought things through what happens when you have charismatic driven young man communicating with an easy-going saw spirited old lady picture once I happen to take her with him and so he wrote letters to several people in Battle Creek indicating he was indicated in those letters that Ellen White was being influenced by these men and that everyone should be on guard when they heard her because what she would change would likely be a combination of her own ideas and ideas that came from these gentlemen this anonymous letter from California I'll let you know about it not enough showing her about this letter but Butler was taken by Elimite writes about her experience in Minneapolis they should never been treated so rudely in her life that people that came the shipment friends with for years came and they gave her a cold shoulder of twenty one experiences that happen there there was a man the name of Lewis and Ronnie Kidman working in Europe for several years up to that point started our work in the start our official work in Germany noted and started by another gentleman years before unofficially while he was working in Europe he became very perplexed by some of our documents namely the sanctuary the idea that Jesus went into the most holy Place in eighteen forty four and then it seemed to him to be biblically true then there was the issue of the testimonies that didn't seem to him that as we harmonize well with Scripture and when they left Europe to come to the General conference nation eighty eight he had the idea that they are you would need with faithful man who understood answers to his perplexity is the human receiving comfort and encouragement he was looking forward to that and when he arrived here in Minneapolis when he found instead was that the people you looked up to had the same perplexities that he had about the testimonies that is people like you Reisman like George Butler wasn't here but like several others abandon I'm thinking men who really looked up to work speaking about inspired and uninspired testimonies let me just take you away from that for a minute and go to a Bible verse from beer bottles to Matthew five Matthew chapter five religion at verse twelve it says rejoice and be exceeding glad for great is your reward in heaven for so persecuted they the same the prophets which were before you will be interesting for you to read diversity for this and know how profits were persecuted for the verse eleven Blessed are you when men shall revile you and persecute you and shall say all manner of evil against you was a say falsely for my sick when I discovered this passage it was settled with me but the waste of in person and profits maybe sometimes he has been cut in half maybe sometimes he has been burned maybe sometimes he finds a way to kill them but if you're talking about the generic normal way it persecutes profits is by telling lies about their life is declared publicly that that's what it says here wouldn't it be a a natural conclusion from this verse that if Ellen White had been a true prophet that you would have to put a wall between you and the rumor Mel if you were going to know exactly what she really did teach what she really didn't do is what would be Satan 's generic normal way to persecutor to speak all manner of evil against her false and if you have an interest in history you know that ally in eighteen ninety by nineteen twenty can be a well confirmed that and by nineteen forty can be highly documented and explained what I mean by that that you can find the people who wrote about it from the eighteen nineties were deluded by the original lie and people who learned from them is that they heard it from rival people who got it from a source so the next time you come to our day you can have very well documented lots of your Bibles to Romans chapter three Romans chapter three and were looking at verse three for watch if some did not believe shall their unbelief make the faith of God without a facts not at all it let God be true but every man a liar at in the modestly justified in thy sayings the first principle that is seen here in verse will help my home in the new liars what you want to let all nebulizers in the verse is so God could be sure there are sites that you might have to conclude that the whole bunch of them are dishonest if you're going to know that God teaches the truth look at the next verse but it are unrighteousness command of the righteousness of God what shall we say that question now is if when I sin this makes God look better then will one does that mean his God and righteousness takes vengeance I speak like a man not at all for then how shall God judge the world the logical his verses which is also distraction were getting four the logic is that when you Ron if God already knew and I was going to do it if you said I was going to do it then how can you condemn me if he knows that I'm stuck verse six and not rather as we was the next word slanderous Lee reported and asked almost the next phrase as some affirm that we say let us do evil that good may come whose damnation is just if I understand this verse correctly there were people who heard Paul speak and very sad that all set that the more we send the more God 's grace helps us when I saw that there were others which are all were those others do their part that they had heard the same thing themselves can you see enough in this verse to see that a that a slanderous report could be confirmed by eyewitnesses as an enhancer show you how unreliable the sayings of men can be especially if the standard wafers in profits is to speak all manner of evil against you falsely and then compound that with the fact that eyewitnesses might confirm the lies what you have a sister becomes a very dangerous way to evaluate profits aren't you glad there's a better way to compare what they've written to the word of God can you see is the only reliable way because anything else makes you susceptible to the manipulations of slanderous reports that matter was nineteen eighty eight on why I never read an article by Jones or Wagner on the long relations should purposefully trying not to fill her mind with it because she did not want to be influenced by them and also you said about up to that point was that it it wasn't a good idea to bring our controversy over before the public so she told Wagner and Jones not to publish on Butler and been happy about that he published on then she told Butler that he should've known better than to publish on it when she told them not to so now they would have to be allowed to for fairness sake all of which is off my topic is talking about the testimonies proving your handout you have it they are the front page the first paragraph as a end draws near and the work of giving the last one into the world extends it becomes more important for those who accept present truth to have a clear understanding of the nature and influence of the testimonies which God in his providence has length with the work of the third Angels message let's very rise if you don't have a handout there's one of them up here David would you put that box in the back spring person walked to the front the rest of so what we just read is that in the conversation over again we have to have we need to have a better understand how this works let me just tell you why in the context of eighteen eighty eight what is faith faith is living by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God the title says in combating for the just shall live by faith says in Romans one the just shall live by faith says in Hebrews ten the just shall live by faith it says in Luke for that man lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God it says in Matthew for that man lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God this idea is all through Scripture is there are two ways to live in these six passages are synonymous that is living by faith is living by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God that is what faith this if there is living like everyone pursues wealth of God off-season has to do to create unbelief is to create unbelief and some portion of what God has said his technique for due yes the simple if you can create doubts in the testimonies he can use that to wiggle one of two directions either of the teslas or false then the test with Mike and then eventually find the Bible fails under the same test we become infidels I had a letter just a few weeks ago from a man who has given up his confidence in Scripture and in the address faith this was the track that he went but there's another trap is the one in your rice Smith went on almost cost him his life maybe someone you'd want to listen to a sermon audio verse called your riot and the precipice is a sermon about his experience with this idea concluded that inspiration works like this God gives the profit some ideas the prophet writes down in his or her ideas but the prophet may also mix with them some of his or her own ideas so that the testimony becomes a mixture of the human and the divine element distraught describe the inspiration as you ride out walking in the dark not knowing where he was going and she called her that letter to him a warning not to take a single step further that he was in danger of going too far expect to see Orion had stopped at the precipice but it was too late to stop him from doing his regular damage your eye had written letters to DM can write expressing his doubts in the testimonies you can write to publish those letters in his book Adventism renounced so that when I add that gets a hold of them has renounced he knows he's reading about apostate but many times he surprised disappointed to find little book two significant letters from your righteousness what was your righteousness and you and was the inspiration is a combination of human ideas and inspired ideas and the problem with this besides the fact that it just isn't so is that you will never risk your life on an idea that you're not sure is from God if inspiration is a mixture of ideas than the very point that you put under pressure over you won't be able to put all your weight on it because you're just not sure that it is the partition I want to take you to a Bible study but I'm not popular I can find the passages and thinking of song to tell you about them one looking for them there are three canes in a row that all starts out good and they all end up that the lesson of his Isaiah and they all have the same experience their experience is that at some point in their good rain they make a mistake you know God never faults us I mean to reset right God never condemns us for making mistakes but he sends us correction and with one of these his mistake what were those Iowa was his mistake as I tried to take part in the priesthood and also excited in his zeal for being a spiritual man but he won the offer sacrifice and the priest told him not to do it but he said how can you say that I'm the king and that he received leprosy in his four head on which thing that was a symbol of the mark of the beast the market comes when a man was civil power tries to use it also to take the priestly role and set off that was what he did at that point became an enemy of God the two before him had the same experience they were doing right one of them ended up being a review in one of them and that killing the young man who grew up with killed Zachariah he was raised by Zacharias father Jehoiada and as long as Jehoiada was with him you did the right thing but then he made a mistake and Zachariah reviewed what did he do when he was rebuked we had Zachariah puts to death the summary of what I'm saying is that at least for these three kings in a row the trial or the question their life came over the issue of receiving correction for profit and in every case they concluded that the prophet was not reliable that's what Satan is aiming for us is aiming to bring us to the Casper will conclude a pessimistic than thirty times haven't taught my article on look at the second paragraph it was not long after the passing of the time to nation forty four that might him me I was visiting my dear sister in Christ his heart was never mine five of us all when and where kneeling quietly at the family altar while we were praying the power of God came upon me as I had never felt before I seem to be surrounded with light of the rising higher and higher from the earth at this time I had in view of the experience of the Advent believers the coming of Christ and reward to be given to the faithful it's interesting to me to read that he would go to Wikipedia and look up references two thousand and four the idyllic I saw dozens for a new find there among the things that he disagrees with Dennis quite a number but near the bottom of Satan that he still has confidence in the inspiration of Ellen White potato how much to think about that in the morning when I had my devotions I prayed that God would teach I believe his promise that he will teach me and that his spirit guides me you could say in a certain sense that I was inspired this morning but you know you had better not depend on the inspiration because I is a man and teaching things as fast as I learned down in what I teach is a mixture of things that God has taught me and things I've misunderstood it is a thoroughgoing mixture and if you just take what I say at face value you'll be diluted in the same and I am in fact maybe going to show malice Rhonda Morrow but he will show you that I was wrong I work for profits into the second paragraph and especially have is not the one you had in your devotions that the sign that God does the prophets is a different type of experience that he raises them and then when you number no profits here is the wicked man they long as he wants to say the wrong thing you know he wants to say the wrong thing and he is incapable of saying the wrong thing because men are looking at him as a prophet of God people companies and because Nathan did he say the wrong thing to David Buckley Leno is about Nathan is that God never let him write the wrong thing as it was the right thing and how London they can get away with saying the wrong thing it's like about eight hours that is that God is so superintended the prophetic work of Nathan that when he did say something that wasn't accurate God took charge of making sure that it was corrected in living time you'll felt like that when she gave her first testimonies please is a reference to it in here that she didn't give me quite right that if God would give a testimony say for you they would say that you have hardened your heart that you are proud and arrogant that she wants that kind like this that it seems that you might have an issue with thinking more about yourself and you probably ought to remind in danger of being hardened when I do to the two ideas deny softening down some but you know God knows what say you want to save and when she did soften down the testimonies she had a very scary experience she saw the frown of Jesus she was told that if she did not deliver faithfully the test was given that this would be her experience that you know it wasn't until after she had this experience that got commissioned her to write her testimonies I learned from the life of Ellen White something about my holy Bible that human profits may go through a training experience that they are not commissioned to write something I need to depend on until they had gotten through this point of knowing not to mix what God says with what they think look at paragraph biggest paragraph sixty C I now entreated I now entreated that if I must go and relate for the Lord has shown me I should be preserved from undue exaltation said the angel your prayers are heard and shall be answered if this evil magic that you transferred since you the hand of God will be stretched out to save you by affliction he will draw you to himself and preserve your ability to deliver the message faithfully and you are under Leon and you shall eat the fruit of the tree of life and drink of the water of life decedent was the best choice of someone as a messenger what was she afraid of becoming proud and self dependence what is the second in the last paragraph I did not realize this is what were talking about the sopping up in those testimonies I did not realize the danger and sin of such a course Intellivision I was taken into the presence of Jesus he looked upon me with a frown and turned his face from me it is not possible to describe the terror and agony I then felt I develop on my face before him but had no power to utter a word oh how I long to be covered and hidden from that dreadful frown then could I realize in some degree what the feelings of the lost will be when they cry mountains and rocks following us and hide us presently an angel baby rise and the sight that met me that meant my eyes can hardly be described before me was a company whose hearing garments were torn whose countenances were the very picture of despair and horror they can close to me and run their garments upon me as I looked out my garments I saw that they were stained with blood again I fell like one dad at the age of my company Angel I could not lead one excuse and launch a new way from the holy place that Angela raised me to my feet and sad this is not your case now but this scene has passed before you to let you know what your situation must be if you neglect to this cleric the others the Lord has revealed to you were talking about eighteen eighty eight in the series and my first point here this morning was that a committee it was a disaster because of the women related to the testimonies of God sphere him eleven with this false idea about inspiration when God recommended down the kitchens and Johnson Wagner throughout light they did not credit the recommendation when when Elimite brought before them the scenes of the judgment and the scenes of my sacrifice it barely made an impression on down they were not shrinking her testimony as the word of God as it was not the word of man because of the relation to what God was teaching they were unable to receive the latter rain drizzle your Bibles to Joel the book of Joel on religion in chapter two Joel chapter two religion in verse twenty three I'm using one of those world small Bibles so as no marginal references margaritas I mean but excellent you have marginal readings you can confirm what I meant to tell you be glad then you children of Zion and rejoice in the Lord your God for he has given you the former rain moderately annual cost to come down for you the rain the former rain and the latter rain in the first month is your marginal reading say a teacher of righteousness and righteousness is at least one nod to three knots the idea of the wordplay in jolt to is that Jesus was going to come to his people as a teacher of righteousness he was going to fill them with his spirit why means of filling them with the truth of the word of God how can I say the thought of another way the latter rain came this first phase was on message unless says that when receiving would change the experience of the people but when the first phase was rejected for such lessons from the experience of a Canadian there is an idea that has been promoted that Jones and Wagner were rejected because of their personality problems because Jones was a caustic individual I hope you can hear something dangerous in the idea who chooses the workers that are chosen to do God 's work doesn't guide shoes when he will do it want to say that the message failed because God shows the wrong man I'm not saying that Jones is faultless but that God shows him on purpose and that though a lot rebuked him for some the things you said in the way he sat down that God showed her what was really going on that back in the rooms that night after the message and began to talk about there the meeting it would be as if when you left here that you and your friends began to talk about this meeting and if you began to talk not about the truth or that errors that are presented here but making the lights of me or my personality or the way that I speak if God had chosen me to be a messenger you would not realize that you are doing but you would be here lies of God 's ability to choose his messengers on Toyota Tesla said about a Canadian God the Spirit of God was grieved by the way the men related making fun of these men do now in a I think it is the fifth of the series of six lectures community talking about related and short I talked to Robert with and on the phone last week to week and a half ago he called me honor Oxley right now I think they that brother teaches some things that are so but I love the powerful truth that he is talked to believe that he has done a tremendous thing to help the administrator I'm using was an illustration of this point that God chooses the people he wants to do the work that he wants to do and it is so dangerous attract of the devil to get us to evaluate the speaker that God chooses on the basis of anything other than how we set squares with the word of God is the only safety may have been evaluating anything he has to say your helmet had to say about Wagner EA she said that she did not agree with everything the man presented and then she said that that was perfectly fine because he was presenting the matchless charms of Jesus and that anyone who would exalt Jesus in the way that he did and is used as a hundred things about Jesus that are beautiful and one or two of them is not quite right yet that contrasts sharply with someone else who presents nothing at all will assess everything he says is right so they are wiped her mouth her heart thrilled through and through with this message letting him that's my thing the last deception in the Adventist church will be to make of none effect the customers of the spirit that audio versus a new sermon thereby David Fiedler called making of none effect I recommend you listen to it feels like a history lecture I wonder also on the same topic for some time long ago Christopher material how is it that men make of none effect the test was in the spirit turns in your Bibles to Matthew chapter fifteen Matthew chapter fifteen we are looking at verse six fifty fifteen verse six speaking about the Pharisees you on or not honors not his father nor his mother he will be free of dust have you made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition is such an interesting verse this in the verses before it because if you are to ask these Pharisees that they believe in keeping the law of God but with a steady they say yes and with a sincere that would be sincere and yet the way they were living their life showed her it undermine the impact of the ten Commandments their kitchens in their life underlined the impact of the very law they claim to obey and what were they doing according to the passage where they make the ten Commandments of none effect I believe that assessment for this hearing I asked him are you sincere in believing how much writings and maybe sincerely Vitellius but you know his doctrines that he teaches and that he has taught undermine what she teaches and make those great testimonies of none effect the danger in our day is that there are a great number of people that do this and that comes about two different ways of ensuring the flight one of them the one hundred hundred fight in this lecture is the way where you come to believe that some things are inspired in some things aren't in that case the things that you agree with you think are in the things that you don't you think are struggling the test was become incapable of teaching you because where they agree with you you amen and where they don't agree with you you excuse yourself there is another method Okanagan that effect this may be more prevalent it's just not reading enough to know what they say so that how did they make the commandments of none effect in Matthew fifteen was by the commission and bicycles politics each a number of classes with a textbook is one of Ellen White's books there's a book for example a publishing ministry it has so much information I know brother in the publishing ministry that have violated counsel after counsel after counsel that is in the book and I don't think they did at a single time with any idea that they were violating anything got it they just I write this resume until the very last page this is chapter eighty two to three thousand plus page this the last the inside of the last page was a chapter eighty three is the unfounded reports several times during the past winter listen this was the winter but part of it here in Minneapolis several times during the past winter I knocked a report that during the conference at Minneapolis sister white was shown that the judgment which since eighteen forty four had been passing upon the righteous dad had now begun upon the living this report is not true can you see enough anesthetists realized the people were sincere and get making report statement sincere enough to branch out like attention anyone do that if you're going to lie would you a similar rumor which has been afloat for about two years originated in this wise in a letter written from Basil Switzerland to a minister in California I made a remark substantially as follows the judgment has been over forty years of progress in the case is the dad we know not how suitable has to the cases of the living the letter was read to different persons and careless here is reported but they thought they heard the matter started the report Minneapolis arose in someone's misunderstanding of a statement to the same effect as the one quoted from the letter there is no other foundation for the report than this for me to stop your for a moment you realize element is then if report not going like this today well there wouldn't be any one time stop it secondly report has it that a minister now living husband seen by me in vision I stayed in the kingdom of God thus representing his final salvation is assured there is no truth whenever in the statement the word of God lays down the conditions of our salvation and restfully with ourselves whether work or not we will comply with them looked down to the third last paragraph in the page you see the third report the start report states that in the conference at Minneapolis system I confess than some of her remarks at that meeting she had been in error had manifested a wrong spirit this report also is wholly without foundation I could not forbear giving the conference the light that God had given me this I presented both in messages of warning and reproof and in words of hope and faith but nothing spoken by me at that meeting has been taken back or confess to be Ron I still do matters from the same standpoint and am of the same mind as when at Minneapolis all the dangers which I then saw in which brought such a burden upon me I've been more clearly developed since that meeting as I became more fully acquainted with the condition of our churches I see that every morning give Minneapolis was needed so and Ellen White would no longer soften the pain she had to say rumor began to soften them to indicate that she and apologize for help plane she had been assigned selections fifteen the influence of this will have less tended to destroy confidence in all reproofs and warnings given by needs of the people one example that I was very light a sister connected with one of our missions had been reproved for her wrong influence over the young people with whom she was associated she had encouraged a spirit of likeness trifling and frivolity is also normal for people over the youth and what it only done in her case recruiter which that spirit greens away the spirit of God which was demoralizing to the workers when the report came by water for Minneapolis concerning sister what's wrong course which called for a confession there the relatives of sister to you once remarked well his sister white was wrong in regard to matters in the conference in Minneapolis and had to confess this she may have made a mistake also it is me as to the masses she gave my sister and may have to confess that also and they justify the wrongdoer in her course with the very last paragraph in the handouts and now to all who have a desire for truth I would say do not give credits to unauthenticated reports as to what sister wife has done or said or written if you desire to know what the Lord has revealed show her was a say read her published works are there any points of interest concerning which she has not written do not eagerly catch up and report rumors as to what she has said is such a simple thing him meeting with Matthew five the story than Matthew five how do Satan persecuted prophets by speaking all manner of evil against them falsely slanderous reports may be affirmed by eyewitnesses and what is the danger that whenever proof comes to me when I ought to humble life hearts and it puts away the sin but rather I will figure that Ellen White could not have meant quite what she said this is happened a lot in the most practical things and great controversy page forty three eleven indicates that there have always been two classes in the church there in the class that shun the slain the practical doctrines that revealed their errors she described them earlier in the same page they are like doctrinal ideas don't tell them what was true except this but it's the doctrines about how to live the life these they don't want to credit because they would have to make a change then she says in the bottom of page forty three the other class are those that compare themselves to the life of Jesus in order to conform to the pattern there was a man brother Aldrich that live in the eighteen sixties the Battle Creek he was in charge also had a large influence with young people in Battle Creek and this is about the way he was thinking the gospel is important the cross is important faith what the way that we dance or drink or drafts it might be true but it's not important as Verizon for you in the position of brother Aldrich a lot wrote in the letter can find this in the LS Iran where the website model word a letter to brother Aldrich something to this effect she wrote him this is major paraphrase this God says something it is important God does not trifle that if you do not see that it is important the very least that a mortal can do that would be to keep it respectful silence you know I can understand that logic makes sense to me that I serve a God who doesn't say anything that's not important then she said the brother Aldrich that they young people take shelter underneath you that if you say it's not if you treat it as if it's not important they conclude it can be any relevance whatsoever and suffer them the matter is settled it was just that kind of influence that came into eight here in Minneapolis people rejected the testimonies not including the Elm what was a false prophet but that she wasn't unreliable true prophet and by the possession that she wasn't unreliable true prophet they had no idea the turn of events they set in order to tell you just one of them it will be all that we can go through for today I mentioned you Lewis can Ron your encouragement but what he finds just more of what he already had so he picked up what he found here he went back to Europe and for the next thirty years of his ministry for the Adventist church he taught Adventism devoid of the sanctuary and devoid of the testimonies the type he taught was the type that the people converted by him received and as soon as retirement plans were established by the General conference he retired resigns well retired to resign he retired and then removed his membership from the seventh day Adventist church and joined the seventh a Baptist but prior to that World War I many unmanned and Germany were drafted into the German military noticed many of those young men refuse to bear arms and refused to take orders on Sabbath Lewis and writing was apprehended or is the wrong word anyway he was caused by the German military they told him that therein dissolve his organization because the unfaithfulness of his members it looked like they were sympathizing with the enemy and Roddy guaranteeing the military the government that his church would support the government and he had the membership site and document that they would going to school of Sabbath bearing arms taking orders on Sabbath those who would not sign were disfellowshipped do know two hundred administering men were executed by the German military for refusing is that there was no comfort to the military would not listen to them and say that it was their churches teaching because they had when the church wasn't teaching that I'm glad the man stood for was right but can rightly strew his influence set up a chain of events that has led to hear it even today being we and its relation to the testimonies of God 's Spirit where did that come from you can trace six to the influence of a letter from California spreading a rumor about the reliability of Ellen White influence in a group of men who should not of an influence in such a way that only spoke to them and there's a play customer to this effect it's that you've known me and my work in the character of my work for decades you've tested it all this time and how could you on the basis of a rumor in contrast with the great void with evidence how could you and was later after going back there were involved in and said that was Willie white that influence his mother is like three or greater documents on that there is a dissertation published at his University press card Ellen Weiss and Willie White in fact I think the writer Jerry move might be here somewhere not certain about that it just demonstrates the fallacy but it's been all over and on the last four minutes is time for me to summarize only sent one final time the one thing I said is that we have been deluded by lies about the war we've heard a lot about the things that she ate lies about the things that she wore lies about the things that she said lies about the way that she wrote lies about the author of her materials lies about her plagiarism can I comment on that for forty seconds in the last two years Walter Ray has resurfaced it is four years ago time goes really fast you know he wrote the book the white lie in our church responds a book called the white truth is that in the white lines you suggest that a lot of the plagiarists and now in the last decade she kept hearing things like the testimonies are plagiarized to us was our plagiarized husbands are plagiarized and so what he published recently was a document showing how the test was themselves lines one through nine he goes section by section and shows how each section is plagiarized and shows the source document on my copy from its author and the book and the page numbers I have the hassle 's books priority had experience with knowing the Walter Ray was an honest man but I went ahead and took the one that I had most access to and compared the two sections were you said Ellen White was copying anyone found a correlation they were both about the Sabbath that was the end of it there is no similarity of thoughts no similar order of ideas they weren't even making the same points they did not use the same versus that there was no correlation except for that they were both on the set I was writing is a liar we have heard lies about Ellen White and we should not have been taken by them because we had been warned that this is the normal way of persecuting profits we should have been warned just thinking about the Bible that God protects inspired writings from being a mixture of truth and error otherwise we could never have taken everywhere the proceeds in the mouth of God the idea should've been with us to stay cancer we are planning on it is no less like that that's how it worked in the evidence we have not had to the contrary a good chunk of the slice and the rest can be explained proofreading on if you have questions on specific things you've heard on how to get the specifics by able address is memorable it's canvassing at canvassing a large scale for our father in heaven I confess before all these that are here that you have given plenty of information to cause your work to be done and I'm sorry for those who have allowed Satan to confuse their minds as to the quality of nonwhites and separation and justice sorry for the so many more who have become confused by simply neglecting to read that beautiful quality of inspiration I asked to save us from making her test was of none effect that the next time or this time when you present your righteousness in such a way as to bring about the letter rang with my trees him a respect reference last of these guests in the name of Jesus and this media was produced by volume verse and hope media Ministry of UIC generation I pray you would like to listen to more Greek New Zealand this presentation or if you would like to learn more about what you see is that the GUI see the Web or also find great with you on your verse board and an old video .com will


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