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As Precious As Christ

Steven Conway



  • December 20, 2007
    7:00 AM
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morning Q I see the skin disease and many of you out here this morning as the saying goes the early bird gets the worm and I think this morning it you were a bird you would enjoy worms that I was not burned so we got more than warm 's for you this morning and I think you will be blessed and challenged by pastor economies message I was thinking and reading some of them this morning and a backpack is a fascinating book because backing the profit goes before God with some questions he says God I see so much evil in this world the wicked are prospering the righteous are perishing what's going on I don't understand it doesn't make sense I'm confused and so back again God wrestled back and forth of these questions trying to understand try to make sense of the tragedy and confusion that bankruptcies in the world around him and finally in the last chapter chapter three verse seventeen he concludes on this triumphant note Habakkuk chapter three verse seventeen though the fig tree should not blossom nor fruit beyond the vines the produce of the all of fail and the fields yield no food the flock be cut off from the fold of being overheard in the stalls yet I will rejoice in the Lord I will take joy in the God of my salvation God the Lord is my strength he makes my feet like the gears he makes me to tread in high places even when things weren't going right back you can still rejoice he got his salvation as of this morning I hope that no matter what's going on in your life no matter what issues were struggling with and UIC special with Alastair we can rejoice in the God of our salvation no matter what the outcome is this morning our speaker will be Pastor Stephen Conroy is the pastor at the Michigan campus health campus ministry on the University the campus of the University of Michigan is a godly man he loves young people he has two children of his own and I he I know he is looking forward to sharing with you this morning expect to be blessed amen Alana Smith will be doing our opening prayer and after that the next voice you hear me that pastor Congress if you would like please find a healthy grain your father in heaven things so much for giving us another day of life today and father I just pray that you will love send your Holy Spirit to be getting our minds and to bring us closer to you and especially for this land credit shall be with Pastor Conway to bring us your message and John I thank you father and I pray this in your name good morning everyone good to see you out to the brave ones who are sacrifice to come out this morning and glad to see your face slouches malformed a man then will know you're happy to be here and a roommate didn't force you to get up I is for another word of Francis need that for myself loving father thank you for the privilege and opportunity we have to be here we ask that you would rain down your Spirit upon us open our hearts and our minds in for that you would use these moves to be able to convey the message would have to have people in Jesus name amen no I really don't watch much television but the there is a commercial but I only saw one time and it simply just captured mama so I searched about one and only Internet I wanted to watch this commercial again I found that it was a Volkswagen commercial and this book funny commercial there's a couple in the riding down the street of Volkswagen and I feel writing down they encounter a man who has a huge megaphone and he's hanging out of the window of an extremely expensive automobile any sane over and over because my daddy didn't help me because my daddy did not meet in the people in the car look at each other and they keep arriving and then they come across a blonde young woman and she's hanging out of a red convertible automobile sports car and she also has a megaphone and she's screaming because the more guys look at me the more I love myself the more God will give me the more I love myself and then they continue to drive and they come by another man was hanging out of the window of another expensive automobile because I make more money than you because I make more money than you and then finally they rolled up what this gentleman seated in an extremely fancy sports car and he's hanging out with a megaphone and he says to make up for all of mine is nice to make up for all of my insecurities no I don't know who the creator of this commercial was but one of the creator was I think that they captured something about the psychological process that goes on in our minds I read one time the book and I apologize I can't tell you what the books title is what I read that almost sixty five to seventy percent of the things that we do we don't know those things consciously but in fact we do with them subconsciously got up this morning as you make your selection as to what you would wear when you pack your suitcase thinking about what things you aware when you change if you want seat and most of the decisions that you made were based on subconscious things that were going on in your mind what an amazing reality we has people so much in order to impress those around so much to make up for the insecurities in our lives as I was thinking of thing over I asked myself the question I wonder did Jesus have this problem from within your Bibles to the book of John chapter one John chapter one in John chapter one verse thirty five John chapter one verse thirty five the Bible says of the end the next day after John stood in two of his disciples and looking upon Jesus as he walked he saith behold the Lamb of God and the two disciples heard him speak and they followed Jesus then Jesus turned and saw them following and say under them what's the key they set out to him Rabbi which is the saving attribute master where wireless now hear these two gentlemen are and they have been disciples of John and all of a sudden Jesus comes on the scene and junk was the Christ of faith here is the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world and their eyes focus on Christ they see him walking and they want to follow Jesus so they began to walk behind Christ Jesus turns upon you know when you consent someone is following Jesus turns around with it what you want what an amazing introduction to the Savior of the world what you want what are you looking for the sake of master tell us where you leave that's probably all they could muster console the Bible says that Jesus responds and says come and see come and see they came and saw where he dwelt in a bowl with him that day four was about the tenth hour and if you read the rest of the account you will find that they were so impressed as a result of spending time with Jesus Christ in his home they were so impressed that they went out and began to share the message of the arising with the arrival rather of the Savior of mankind the notion this question can someone spend time in your presence with you in your home and be so impressed just by looking at the place where you leave that their lives are transformed Jesus didn't write down the prophecies Jesus didn't give them a Bible study on how he was the Messiah he didn't explain any of those things he simply gave an invitation to intimacy come be close to me and you will see that these disciples lives were transformed Jesus had a habit of doing things that come up through people for twist there Jesus gives the invitation to intimacy but I want to take a look with me in John chapter eight at another example of something that Jesus does if Jesus wasn't secure in terms of who we was would he have been able to offer this invitation would he have been able to ask someone to come close to him get to know me set where I have set meet with me in John chapter eight beginning with verse one the Bible says Jesus went unto the mount of olives are early in the morning he came again into the Temple and all the people came up to him and he sat down and talk them and the scribes and Pharisees brought to him a woman taken in adultery and when they had set her in the midst they fail to him master this one was taken in adultery in the very act now Moses in the law commanded us that such should be stoned but what saith the display said tempting him that they might have to accuse him but Jesus still down and with his finger roll on the ground as though he heard them not so when they continued asking him he lifted up himself and set of the key that is without sin among you let him first cast a stone at her and again Jesus talks down against the right in the same rocks begin to drop and from the eldest of the youngest all the holes where the cost of this young woman begins early now remember at the very beginning of John chapter eight in the first verse as we are told that Jesus was in the synagogue and what was he going Jesus was teaching Jesus was expounding on the Scriptures so after this incident takes place with a woman and Jesus Herman says where are those your juices as she she rises up and she says no man lowered and Jesus as needed and wanted in the goal and sand no more not everyone will start the church service is scratching their heads find out they've never experienced a church service like this possibly and they've never heard someone say the things that Jesus has said they've never seen someone sweet people the way that Jesus has treated them as old there wondering what type of person if this school exactly is this man loses the house Jesus answers in John chapter eight verse twelve then spake Jesus Okie and onto them saying continuing with his methods are and what is he saying I am the light of the world view that follows me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life in effect what Jesus says if I know why you're scratching your head you're wondering how can I say these things how can I do these things let me give you a simple explanation because I am the light of the world look at John chapter nine with me in John chapter nine beginning with verse one the Bible says and as Jesus passed by Solomon which was which was blind from his birth and his disciples asked him saying Master who did sin this man or his parents that he was born blind Jesus answered neither has this man sinned nor his parents but that the works of God should be made manifest in him verse four I must work the works of him that sent me while it is day the night cometh when no man can work in John chapter eight as opposed flew to what Christ has done it for giving this woman was taken in adultery now here in John chapter knife as a prelude to what Jesus told in opening the eyes of this blind man listen to what he says in verse five as long as I am in the world I am what anything I am the light of the world ineffective again Jesus says the reason why I am able to do what I'm getting ready to do is because of why am I and I am I and Jesus something was in the one might be tempted to believe that this was conceit maybe she has had a big hit no no no no no Jesus didn't have a big hit Jesus was secure work in the identity was beautifully pointed out to us last night that Jesus heard the words of his father from heaven saying this is my beloved son and home I well please let me share something with you this morning Jesus would've never sold out on the banks of the Jordan River had he not first been a farm in his father 's more about his identity geographic Jesus file who we lost from studying the word of God 's identity was taken away from the word of God and if Jesus had not seen that he would've never saw a couple of the banks of Jordan and spoke to the Baptist like a Peter that suffered the result of a field all righteousness have you found your identity in God 's word do you know who you are not because of the car you drive not because of the expensive clothing that you have one this morning not because of the amount of the roles behind several numbers in your bank account not because of the family name that you bear to you know who you are based on God 's word Jesus the Jesus the son with me he will your model Matthew chapter four in Matthew chapter four we go back to this experience where Jesus has been baptized and he has left the spirit up into the wilderness and Jesus fast forty date years now he may initiate it with hunger he has been fasting and praying for such a very long time but it's very than it is change know many of us any of us have fasted before right out of your faster Lucy I yet live us have fasted before but very facet so much very few about the fastest so much that when our very family members look at they can no longer recognize Jesus was in a serious facts he was neat and while this class as a result the double columns that take a shot at Jesus one is that is very weak now if you wanted that you had an opportunity to Lane sees us out on his back and you have vital tricks numbers one okay with Digital's number one which was the weakest all went into number ten which was the strongest human shields number ten individuals the weakest one is his only shot maybe you fail Satan says he doesn't opt out one shot I'm going to use my very best so he reaches into his bag of tricks and he comes out with what we read in Matthew chapter four in Matthew chapter four verse three and wounded ten pertains in and he said is how the son of God you only need to read what the recipe has met with this firstly listen to his second swing in verse six and settled him and follow me the son of God you don't even need to read what RSS Satan 's best attempt at giving Jesus before his destiny was because I did doubt if identity clinic show you something friends of not intend to take place here in the wilderness of temptation you'll believe me I love it when you don't believe me then I get the opportunity to sound right within your Bibles to the book of Matthew chapter thirteen single different shop in Matthew chapter thirteen Satan qualities as when he was weekend and when he was emaciated with hunger but this was not the only time in Jesus 's life that Satan challenged Jesus 's identity in Matthew chapter thirteen beginning with verse fifty three the Bible says and it came to pass that when Jesus had finished these parables what is winless in all countries he taught them in their synagogue insomuch that they were astonished and said whence hath this man this wisdom and these mighty works as well as the carpenter 's son and his mother called Mary and his brother James and Joseph and Simon and Judas and his systems are they not only thought whence then hath this man all these things and they were offended at him can you imagine Jesus goes back to his hometown and his preaching and teaching the people 's hearts apparently are being warned but one site was Muslim another is that handling the familiar doesn't it happen when he speaks it sounds sounds very from a laminated Jesus is yes as soon as he only can you believe that Jesus is the opponent of this when you are cleaning I went to school knowing how is Jesus doing and saying the things that is going and then ionizes somewhat interrupted his speech is okay wait a minute onto Jesus and he says yes I I don't really know your mom marry right yes that is my mother Jesus the national question Jesus we should go until the season including childhood your little boy maybe knowledge of Rome then maybe you got somewhere inside information on this thing Jesus who is your daddy don't get is this part of our stuff anymore we know about you we know your mom we know your systems we know your brothers Donald Brownlee is not good and evil are you Jesus we don't even have to listen to him the Bible says that one of them did Jesus change one hundred people have watched you grow up the people with seeing you much love there were little all this way Man or a phone wanted and held every people child is we won't to John Jefferson would've been enough if Jesus only had to deal with the attacks of Satan of Jesus only have to deal with the ridicule of those who he had grown up amongst but in John chapter seven beginning with verse two listen to what the Bible says now the Jews feast of Tabernacles John Chapter seven first technology was his recent Tabernacles was at hand his Jesus his family his brother is therefore something and the part have to go into Judea that five disciples also may single person out there was for there is no man you with anything in secret and he himself stated that he known openly visited this is file do these things so myself to the world implication Jesus you'll really not doing that they met people so you're doing you're really not that important Jesus because if you are you will be behaving different Jesus was attacked by Satan Jesus was attacked by the people in his community and Jesus was doubted even by his own family doesn't stop there turn with me back to the book of Matthew chapter twenty seven in Matthew chapter twenty seven verse forty Jesus is hanging on the cross Matthew E seven or sporting thing one across an essay dissolving these other people were standing around the cross found that these stories the Temple and he'll listed in three days save thyself what are the next word say is now the you see I told this was Satan 's most potent than him up in the desert to use it every step of Jesus 's life and when he is really always very last breath hanging on Calvary Satan is they are inspiring me and asked the question what to insinuate without you on the son of God verse twenty two you are the king of the Jews now come the Jesus had some serious stuff to deal with Jesus had some really really serious stuff to deal with in fact you won't read the Gospels the other day and I was looking house looking for people who affirm Jesus nor I found one of the only hope what far as Jesus 's identity where people were possessed by demons here Jesus sounds like something that guys want to let you know when you are you and your son of God you are the Messiah you are the Christ this is the wife always wondered why on earth would Jesus tell the people to be quiet anymore they testify the wing was Jesus practice I think that's what makes Satan with slides and slide Jesus is my insanity Jesus gets her universal believing Jesus the pastors and religious leaders don't believe in you Jesus are all members don't believe anyone sees us modify the only people are of farming you are out of their minds Jesus maybe you're out of your mind maybe you are not really when you think you'll this was a seriously by you my site is simple take us out with yet Jesus had a deal with who we was in his identity that serious thought wow e-mail but how does that affect me thank you for asking from you you might ask what would I say bluegrass chapter nine will share with you now how this challenge that Jesus face is a very real challenge for each and everyone of us in worship two ways in acts chapter nine seven nine amending soldiers on his way to Damascus you all remember the story right he's got letters from the chief reason is one of goal there is one of persecute the Christians and also holds a jail and he's on his way writing one is forced teenage Jesus he's blinded by the light that comes from Christ then he is helped up into the house of a man who's a Christian then God is a visit if you would like not to be a visiting you really would like to hear the voice of God speaking directly to you Lyndon is very whole and me how sweet that will be willing to sell you what you would do it was speaking to an act chapter nonviolence is a Parthian and there was a certain disciple is a follower of Jesus at the mastiff named Ananias to handle says the Lord in addition Ananias God is speaking the very first time in my life his voice is all about how Lois is now sound I hear any sounds great Ananias and he said behold I am your Lord and the lower something awry and want to the street which is costly choice frequently I know exactly where that is what you inquire in the house of June it was all he and I certainly think and work together on getting the good man down there and while I also do is what one calls all the horses will be holding price it is go see us using this somewhat well you have seen television unmanly I knew Ananias coming in and putting his hand on him that he might receive his sight you said you wanted to speak to the sanctity when this is what Ananias which is the first thirteen then Ananias answered Lord I have heard me of this may God only wanted about how to do with Joseph and I cannot a lot for me explain what's all parcels will be doing the health of such a good man don't you know the war that he is here to persecute and kill your people hate of God and it's really some good sources the source of the problem this guy is not the character is not someone that you want running shoulders with your people and I've been waiting to hear the voice of God all of his life and when God 's voice speaks to start arguing with God you don't know we are sending you to you must have your Angels must've misinformed you as the lipid verse fourteen he has authority from the chief of the Bible but the Lord verse fifteen seven million goal by me and are the worst enemies each do not go your way for he D's like I said Ananias Hatfield sources charts people I would have you know you have physical sources that does not assault was on no villain were with Jesus speak to analyze this is key he overlooked only God knows who you are only God knows we walked in it doesn't matter what you think about you it doesn't matter what your reputation has been it doesn't matter what people have called you called me an online no we are anything but my allies and going away where he is a smoldering vessel underneath not only does not have identity securely in his hand and I also has our mission and a nice sampling company people have we as church members one down baseball what we heard only people with abilities and gifts that God could've used a little farther north on this call have we pushed aside because of what we hired is reason number one what people don't know they are because other people around what people in the church don't even know they are because of other church members not to come to this solidly to Jeremiah chapter one say Jeremiah chapter one and Jeremiah chapter one we find another also easy again God chooses to come and speak to one of his own verse for the Bible says then the word of the Lord came unto me saying before I formed being in the belly I knew the MP4 now famous fourth out of the way I sanctified thee and I ordained thee a prophet under the nations this is God speaking to a young man he says I have not only known you while also create you will for your life listen to this young man's response then set on one behold I cannot speak for our a gentlemanly God just told you you were here Jeremiah is any an all new appointment I don't know why you got the wrong man goal called somebody else I know it doesn't matter what you say I know why and I'm only a child I don't have any abilities I don't have any gifts I've never done this in odd numbered on that she's wanting download tiling we have one dollars already folding we only of us are doing the very same thing God comes to us and tells us to speak to a coworker or a fellow student and we want down all whole list of reasons why we can't do it and they normally all center around us by chance the lower I get a Bible study lower I don't understand is I I I I am Lord or I am not but the Lord said unto me am so glad that God listens to what foolishness and dozens as you know put up a hand the just cause us to stop speaking world moves on breath or something like that I'm so glad that God listens and a response but the Lord said unto me saying Sing Sing not I am a child for thou shalt build walls also Cindy and once the letter I commend the now since the God says the Jeremiah Jeremiah no you won't know we live in you think I'm here Jeremiah I don't make mistakes I don't are all addresses I know exactly who you are and I know exactly what you will do Jeremiah will you accept who you accept friends of mine I believe the reasons that our lives have the same power that Jesus is life as one reason at least is because we have not accepted what God says about us we have not really not accept it will go to set up on us we do thought a lot a wonderful day 's theme this indeed that but if the foundation has not been laid in an individual acceptance of what God says about you and what God says about meeting everything else sounds foolish they put me off right I just signed up for the Abbott 's fun fearless portable Papua New Guinea right and I was both let's try that to speak a language that anybody knows and I want to go out there and I want to take the gospel there was a week before my flight leaves I've already been trained on both the preparation process a week before my flight leaves in a terrible accident and as a result of this car accident I've totally lost my memory there I am in the hospital wondering why am and how I got it all of a sudden a representative from AFM comes into the role says hello Stephen Conway SC right and I look around and I see the name there I said yes I guess that's me listen you signed up to be a missionary from Papua New Guinea I did yesterday and your flight leaves in about four days does anybody give you all the paperwork and let you know that we were replying for you and you will have a wonderful five there are many things one going where what is who are you never even seen you will know you are I don't know what this mission stuff is about in fact I don't even know why it would be foolish and it would be senseless to ask someone who doesn't know who they are to do yet that's what we do when will I will send faulty and will soon fall player and we're talking to what bunch of people I don't even know how you and the hospital so this week I think of themselves what I don't understand the purpose is purposeless without identity and destiny so is not only important that we know ourselves ethically and in and of itself not want us to know him he says we are we can have a provision of our destiny and what applies identity and what lies just beneath his purpose in World War II they have to will experiment mix of a group of genes one concentration camp in the one morning and they said listen we want to go over here they decided to attend and want to pick up this large pile of dirt and so they did and they went to bed at night there their muscles taken the bodies were exhausted and the next morning the Nazis woke them up and says you know that pilot there is mold yes yes we know we got suitable live on the east of the West and you did that knowledgeable to the West and strategies and they looked around at each other and they took a shovel and a great ending that there day after day I did the very same vein of the keys to the west of the West to the East back and forth back and forth of the energy and until some of those what concentration camp when handling sales on methods that were electrically Psalm all-purpose and what they were doing and they desire rather than a life without meaning a life without purpose some of us would run the goal not someone who some of us would rather die than attempted in the Bible study no identity no destiny no purpose okay and Warhol like these things are revolting believe what God stands you solution with you one example is one of my favorite forces of Scripture Psalm one thirty nine further with me to Bible Psalm one thirty nine beginning with verse one Psalm one thirty nine beginning the first one a Lord thou hast searched me and know me thou knowest my fellow city and mine uprising thou understand that my thought of all welcome to assess my path and my lying down it are acquainted with all my ways but there is not a word in my phone will know was that altogether out of necessity behind them before I leave nine hand upon me such knowledge is too wonderful for me to try I cannot obtain unto them I spirit what was likely from my present if I ascend up at the head heart there if I make my bed in hell behold thou art there if I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the city even there shall thy hand lead me in thy right hand shall hold me and David is waxing eloquent about everything that God knows about these things if I say so to the so how do you than myself he lied about me David Norquist height is not complete the night cited as the day that God is unreliable like delete when I was possessed my reins now has commonly in my mother 's knee I will praise the client fearfully and wonderfully made my list on my words and my soul North White whale David is expounding on how the gods knowledge of any of you talking about experiences that a teenager when they need him home and have an understanding of knowledge but mandated is my relief when the number of any settlor without your knowledge of need to just start when I came home my mother to go beyond reading and my mother 's womb my substance was not viewed from the birth fifteen when I was made in secret and curiously one of the most popular one I can see my substance yet paid on perfect and invite all my members were written for many which in continuance were fashioned when as yet there were not evident in other words y fingernails you know how long can before I had no fair you know the also long uneven and sometimes before the bones in my flavors came together and always my lilacs in my feet and my phone before any of them were connected to how each and every one of them would be good such knowledge is wonderful for me how precious also unlike Baltimore seventeen of the meal got how great is the sum of the deposit then they are more in number than say when I wait and see with the Goths knowledge of us ladies and gentlemen did not believe when you're little foot was placed on the car and put it going to identify who you were God 's knowledge of you and me didn't start their dominance knowledge much in the end since only God knows us that the it is an act of idolatry for us to see our identity any other person or entity other thing you know I have two children also have a wife did mention that it could also have a wife two yes I do and I remember while one is getting worthwhile first time Israel is five years old she was giving birth to a child and hoses there snapping pictures like a madman didn't wasn't you know wasn't conscious of the fact that you don't no one would ever be able to see these pictures except for my wife and I and I remember wondering what little is well and the nurses began to want the manual would cut the umbilical cord he was just screaming and crying like little babies the help of my wife is pregnant I used the same Thomas so I started to sing one of his favorite songs genes those who loves me no floor the Bible tells me soul lyrics old ones you can view you all didn't like that they are being he is strong yet as these loves me listen in it for the first time Muslims cries and you look to the left spaghetti look to the right people a voice and he said that the voice him no he didn't say that him thinking that what the law is a small voice that was they are even when he was in his mother 's psychologist avatar is called the looking glass self was a call in this little psychological time simply means that an individual sees himself or herself as the most important person in their life season no most important people in our lives are usually our parents as in the case of my son when he heard my voice it was a familiar voice to him because he are currently four mine was a farce has to harass tenant and white on that stuff NASA stuff off of his body that was me and then he was gently place the arms of his mother but it doesn't matter whether we know why parents only don't know what they are the most important figures in our lives if we don't know that not a lot of questions as to why we don't know the and if we do know that without a lot of questions as to why they do things the way they did things but nonetheless they are the most important figures in our law so we see ourselves as our parents see us who does not always a good thing goes as strongly as our parents may be none of us have had perfect parents not even Jesus may need to make mistakes when they see a bad grade on the report card on their faces Brown and all of a sudden all bodies similar but you know I love to see smart these are the ones that got a smart old he is so much more than we are so because not understand that humans are the most important because they are as is the first voice and therefore the first-hand will read the first time Jesus says in John chapter three you must be born of the soul of the first voice you hear his voice the farce and wife swap around this area is for me so that you will look at my face most important person in your life you'll looked at my face and you will find your value you know my father has a hot and my father 's obvious he customize and rebuilt cars sold in life the photographic process so my dad has a nineteen sixty six fastback Mustang that is totally restored his father was Randy Scott white racist whites boy and baby can move to real my son just loves element that defendant is ready set the engine of my Sunday school list goes crazy utilizing the same thing to cultivate it felt my dad was Dorothy thought what he takes pictures any cells the process step-by-step now we restored the sixty six Mustang was nothing she it was all rusted there was nothing on the interior there was no answer whatsoever any focus and meticulously painstakingly sat myself he restored it untenable Maryland will when it was first purchase my dad has many of these types of course Sophie was being encouraged by an unnamed source the more some of them out of the garage and then you know something of the MySpace link when his car people 's car and in and in a newspaper could be one of the seven I price and we believe he didn't have any takers it was set until the car out of the vague put it back in the garage and you know we had his excuse if he does as little delay of goods then all of a sudden he undertaken for sale sign and a guy comes by and sees the court he also collected he opens the doors I he opens the fluid the engine is so clean one could eat off of it if one shows that you don't Asians and he says I will give you thirty thousand dollars for this call all of a sudden my bad perk up a bit because someone had appreciated his work inside the seller for price but he could not determine or set the price the price could only be determined by the individuals willing to pay in this case it was thirty thousand dollars friends of God when God created man when he formed man from the desolate row and we is was nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul heavenly intelligences did not yet understand what manuals were when account Jesus took the price had one humanity flipped it over for the entire universe to see any effects in this is what they are worth this is what they were not of creation but in redemption the price of humanity was once and for all central and realized how would you believe that we still have not accepted how angels we want to walking up and down the hallways and going to and fro how they must be in a fight if only they knew they were if I understand the right price that was okay for each and every one they want in fact understand that they are as precious when you look in the mirror these the someone with his precious is what it is I now have this morning this is saying all along while still displaced again or did you look in the mirror and say I have a blog who before we talk about anything else and we'll talk about the nice things this week I want to get you one this you are precious that's the price that had been paid for each and everyone of eighty one except that the Syrians do you want to accept the prize that had it on the Bluebonnet when it is within the for you to pay for something that a person refuses to get the makes no sense explosives maybe once a lower today I no longer should stuff on my identity and my whole evening was going to visit Jesus couldn't find his identity and his family remember I'm no longer to find my identity solely have my socks family boy oh boy some charge families are I no longer seems to find my identity and the testimony of those around watching to go he I seem to find my identity the same place Jesus anywhere eleven questions you check out what God has to say about go back and read it I know we can think sometimes known Jesus loves me this on us the most following text description I have been efficient of all prophecy no before you understand prophecy you need to get something want that this morning anyone want to hear holding up in saying I am as precious as Christ because he sees us in his life for me as I was listening if it is sent to your frequently as we pray and ask the Lord to keep these thoughts fresh in our minds our father in heaven thank you thank you nonetheless other toolkits say that we deserve it we know we don't want it to be called when you walk into the junkyard of the universe you set your eyes on something that no one else wanted and you said I was sleeping at the checkout counter I asked how are you sure that's what you want you affirmatively answered yes and we are you sure you're willing to pay the price he said how much will it cost he said it'll cost your life can you say take him him free will with every thing that we profess to believe will be centered and understanding of the preciousness of each one of us as individuals in your pray that our minds would never say a liaison is really this is where I is the commuters in all your media ministry is a really great you would like to listen more great and is presently working remotely learn more visit WW he ways the web or not I agree with you over Lord Hanrahan hope that you will


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