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Autoimmune Diseases and the Last Day Church

Gabriel Arruda


Gabriel Arruda

Speaker/Director for Freedom Health Ministries



  • August 7, 2015
    6:30 PM
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Father, we believe You're here and we'd like to ask that as You are here that You would have power on our hearts. Lord, please use me, I'm a feeble man. I ask that You please would use this feeble instrument as your mouthpiece to communicate Your message clearly and powerfully and that we would have soft hearts to receive it. We love You; we thank You for reaching out to us in Your mercy and desiring to do good for us in our lives. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.


Well, the title of the message this evening is Autoimmune Diseases and the Last Day Church. Well, today I'd like to talk about autoimmune diseases because there are an out of control epidemic. Have you noticed? Have you noticed the food sensitivities especially in the children? Have you noticed all the different people who, even healthy people, who have otherwise had great health, coming down with all types of autoimmune diseases? It is wreaking havoc in our western world. And it's very interesting what is happening in the bodies of people with autoimmune diseases mirrors something that's happening spiritually in God’s last day church. We’ll get into that.


But I like to share testimony of my experience with autoimmune diseases and how it has affected my family. Well, in 1998, my mother started showing signs of liver disease. She tried to fight it using many natural methods; but you know she just didn't know enough about her condition to really be able to treat it effectively at that time. And she was eventually diagnosed with autoimmune liver cirrhosis. Her symptoms gradually got worse and worse until one Sabbath morning she woke me up because she had been vomiting and defecating blood. She was rushed to the E.R. that morning and she almost died. As a matter fact, the doctor himself told our family that if they hadn't stopped the bleeding, she probably would have died within minutes. She was virtually saved by a miracle I believe. The next nine months, my mom would come close to death about three different times. And praise the Lord, however; in the year 2000, she received a liver transplant. And just before that, she would almost die just before that but saved her life and I praise God for that. Well not knowing the real truth about her condition, we thought she was totally out of the woods. Little did we know that new liver would last for 12 years. And late in 2012, that same disease, autoimmune liver cirrhosis, came back again. However, it came back much more aggressive the second time and during that next seven months, she would be in and out of the hospital several times for bleeding issues. However, we had just met a doctor, this is so fascinating, the timing, we had just met a doctor friend of ours who opened up her own lifestyle program and she specialized in treating guess what types of diseases? Autoimmune diseases. Incredible. I'll tell you more about her later; but as we met with her and counsel with her, she gave us a specialized program to treat my mother. Now my mother was in critical condition. She was released at the hospital the last time and the doctor told us she does not have one week to live. She has days. I'm not telling you weeks, days. Be happy that your mom could go home and die at home with her family. And she was in critical, critical condition; but nonetheless we administered this customized lifestyle program given to us by this doctor friend of ours. And friends, we almost saved her. On April 23, 2013, my dear mother lost the battle with liver disease and passed away.


But we almost saved her with the program and as a matter of fact I actually think we would have saved her. It was actually working. The day she passed away, she was actually being taken off of hospice because they saw that she was healing, not dying; but you know she was in such critical condition. I won't really get into it; but let's just say, in her critical condition, we really can’t afford any mistakes to be made on the program. I'll just leave it at that.


Now this is where I come in, six months after my mom died, I found out that I had the same autoimmune condition that killed my mother. I started to show signs of liver issues as early as 2010 as a matter of fact. You know, at 30, you really should have liver enzymes fluctuating like mine were and I had several other things. Some things that were indicating I had jaundice and anyhow several things showing that my liver was starting to have issues.


But back to that doctor friend that open up that lifestyle center. Thankfully we had met her in 2012 just as this whole thing was starting to kick off and it really was a divine appointment. The timing was amazing. And six months after my mom passed away, she said, “You know you really ought to get tested to see if you have anything what your mother has because these things can be inherited; they can be genetic.” And so I was tested. I did a certain test that found that I was having an autoimmune response to 15 different types of foods. My body was just attacking, attacking all these different types of food in my body along with it. And this made sense to me because I had a skin infection for many years that for some strange reason would not respond to any of the remedies that was, it was supposed to respond to. It just got worse and worse no matter what we did to it. And you know I had just seen what happened to my mother and I knew after I got this diagnosis that if I didn't do something different I would soon be following her.


Well, we signed up for our friends 10-day detox program which was fantastic, which was great and then after that she gave me a customized program that I spent the next nine months self administering, pretty much as a full time job to myself. And at the end of the nine months, I got blood work done and on my blood work, every single autoimmune marker showed up negative. I've got blood work done again, just recently and it showed up even better. And friends, I stand here before you this evening praising the Lord in complete remission to my autoimmune disease. Can you say Praise Jesus? Amen. I praise God for that and the skin issue I was dealing with is clearing up as well.


And now that I'm understanding all these, a lot of things I had been dealing with really are starting to make sense and click why I had been dealing with those. And if you're interested our friend, our doctor friend, the name of her ministry is yearsrestored.com. Yearsrestored.com. If you're interested to find out more about this program.


Well, what is an auto immune disease? If I could summarize it for you in a nutshell, it's essentially the body attacking itself - the body attacking its own tissues. If it's attacking the nerves you have multiple sclerosis. If it attacks the blood, you have leukemia. If it attacks the intestines, you have Crohn's disease. If it attacks the liver, you have eventually liver cirrhosis. And there are a host of auto immune diseases, friends. There's lupus; diabetes type 1 is actually an auto immune disease; there's Hashimoto's, P.C.O.S., celiac, and the list just goes on. Chances are that every single person in here either has an autoimmune disease or know someone that does. They are just so abundant.


Well, what causes autoimmune diseases? If I could summarize it for you, it is essentially when a foreign substance comes and enters the body. I'll get back to what these foreign substances are. The body attacks that, you know your body has a excellent. God has designed in you a very excellent defense system. When something comes into the body that does not recognize, it attacked it. And if this foreign substance is coming into the body on a regular basis, the body attacks it on a regular basis. And the first place of encounter is the small intestine. And this chronic attack creates inflammation in your small intestine which eventually leads to something called leaky gut syndrome. I don't know if and if you've heard of that - leaky guts. You’re gonna be hearing more about it. And the lining in your small intestine literally becomes permeable like the screen door in your home. And instead of dissolving, nice and plump and all fit together they literally gets permeable and stretch apart and all of those toxins that were coming into the small intestine start going through the walls and go into your bloodstream and literally go to every part of your body. And it lodges in your tissues everywhere. And when your body finds it, it attacks it along with whatever tissue or organ it's been lodged in.


Allright what are those foreign substances that create this auto immune condition? Well, in a nutshell, these are toxins. Now we know toxin is a big word that could come from many, many aspects of our society and if you haven't noticed, we live in a toxic society.


And so, but I'd have to say the largest source of those toxins that had been what I have experienced, or what I've seen, what I've dealt with is genetically modified foods - GMO foods. You know, if you don't know if what that is, let me just address that GMO food. GMO foods are foods that have been a mutated or engineered on a cellular level and so it's not really part of God's original creation. It's been changed at that base level and since it has been changed at that base level, the body looks at it as a foreign invader. The body says, “Hey, that's not part of the creation, I don't know what that is; that's an invader so they’re toxins.”


And by far the worst GMO food of them all has to be gluten or bread. Now let me back up. And now that I've said that, let me tell you this, bread technically is not a GMO food. Technically but it acts just like it because it has been hybridized. So in the United States, you're a wind, centuries ago, we had some about one hundred different types of grains in the United States and now we've been blended down to somewhere about three. You see, some breads would rise better. Some breads had better consistency or texture. And so they kept hybridizing them because they wanted to make the perfect bread - a super bread if you will that acted exactly how they wanted it to. And so that sounds really good, right? Super bread that rises perfect to the perfect texture while the super bread has your body super confused because it's not anything like the original creation that God created. It barely resembles that. And so when it comes of the body, the body says “What's that? I don't recognize that. It's not part of the original creation.” And you know it's interesting to note that no animal tests, no safety tests were done when these new strains of wheat were created.


It was also found in a study that in one (1) new wheat hybrid that five percent of its proteins were not found in either of it's parents. So this wheat hybrid that had been hybridized had five percent proteins that were not found in either of the two parent grains - completely new.


Now friends, when you think about that and you think about the fact that we have had tens of thousands of wheat hybridizations that have occurred, you're gonna end up with some very different bread. I've been told it's the bread today has four times more gluten than the original. And it will raise your blood glucose higher than table sugar. And, in many times in the production they're covered with pesticides that have been derived from G.M.O. products. So when your body, when this gets ingested into your body this toxic modified bread, you have an auto immune response.


Now there are other GMO crops that I'm not gonna get into; but I wanna focus on the bread. Now what are the consequences of this? What are the ramifications of this happening on a large scale in our society? You know since autoimmune diseases can affect literally just about every part of your body there are dozens and dozens of different kinds of symptoms that could come as a result of it. And I'm going to deal with three main features that I’ve seen to be most typical of the general issue someone will deal with when they're having an autoimmune disease.


Now remember, this starts because we're getting toxic bread entering the body on a regular basis. The small intestine gets damaged; therefore you can't assimilate nutrients. So the body is simply not getting nourished. It's not getting fed and this causes three main issues.


No. 1. It makes the body weak and vulnerable to disease. That explains my skin issue and why I couldn't get rid of it no matter what I did.


2.  The body has a very difficult time healing, has a very difficult time healing.


(And) 3. The body does not have energy to be active. Lethargy is a very common with people who are dealing with autoimmune diseases.


And all of these, because the body is having an autoimmune response, it’s attacking itself. And these are running rampant in the Western world. And as I consider this especially having a such a intimate reaction with it myself; having such a close experience with it myself; I realized something, I believe the Holy Spirit led my mind to realize something, that this epidemic that's happening in the physical bodies of people and the physical world amazingly mirrors something that's happening to the spiritual body of the church and the spiritual world. Fascinating!


And just as my mother passed away from an autoimmune disease, there is another beautiful woman who is being killed by a spiritual autoimmune condition.  (Thank you very much.)


We know a woman symbolizes what in Bible prophecy? That's right. A woman is a symbol of the church. There is another symbol of the church in the Bible. If you have your Bibles, I'd like to get to our Bible study portion now. Please turn to the book of First Corinthians; I hope you brought your Bibles. The book of First Corinthians chapter 12 and we’ll look at verse 13. First Corinthians chapter 12 and verse 13. And it says, “For by one Spirit, we were all baptized into one what friends? One body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free and have been all made to made to drink into one spirit.” Skip down to verse 27 and it says, “Now you are the what? Body of Christ and members in particular.” So we do know a woman is a type of the church in Bible symbolic language but what else is the type of the church? A body. The church is illustrated as a body.


Now remember, people develop an autoimmune disease when they ingest toxic modified bread into their bodies. Is bread used as a symbol in the Bible? Matthew 4:4. Let's turn there, please turn your Bibles to Matthew chapter 4 in verse 4. This is a good one to memorize in fact. It's pretty easy to memorize. Maybe some of you have that. Matthew chapter 4, in verse 4. I'll be talking more about this passage in our third session. Jesus speaking here, Matthew 4:4, “But he answered and said, It is written, man shall not live by what friends? bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.”


Jesus said in the Lord's prayer, “Father, give us this day our daily bread.” and Jesus is called the bread of life. So we see, bread is used as symbol in the body, in the body for the Word of God. For the Word of God.


Now friends, this is my thesis point right here. Could it be that in these last days Satan is introducing toxic genetically modified spiritual bread into the body of Jesus - the church, the woman; and therefore she is having an autoimmune response in attacking herself? Could it be? That would be amazing. That would perfectly mirror what we see happening in the physical world. Well, if this is true, we would expect to see three things.


Remember those three things I mentioned that are pretty typical of someone having an autoimmune response. The spiritual consequences would be that the body would be weak and vulnerable to disease. Second, it would have a difficult time healing. And third, it would be lethargic and not have energy to be active. Very interesting. Friends, it this in fact the case? Are we seeing these things?


Let's go back to that first point - weak and vulnerable disease. Do we see the body of Christ weak and vulnerable to disease? Please turn in your Bible. You're in the book of Matthew, let's go to chapter 24. Matthew chapter 24, that famous passage where Jesus is giving His signs of the end. Matthew chapter 24 and let's look at verse 4, “so the disciples come to Jesus and they say, Lord when shall these things be? Referring to the destruction of Jerusalem and what shall be the sign of thy coming.  Notice the first thing Jesus says right after that, verse 4. Matthew 24 verse 4. “And Jesus answered and said unto them, take heed that no man do what? deceive you.”


Now Christ mentioned a lot of important signs but what was the first thing he mentioned? Deception. Friends that ought to tell us something. Deception is going to be a serious, serious issue in the last days, a big ones.


Do we see friends, spiritual diseases of deception and error in the body of Christ in the last days? Do we see rock-style music integrate into worship? Do we see emergent church spiritual formation? Do we have groups of people who believe we should be observing the feast days? Do we have a group of people that believe in 2520-prophecy? Do we have people who have been affected by Desmond Ford’s theology saying, “There’s no heavenly sanctuary, the Spirit of Prophecy is good for homily but not good for hermeneutical interpretation”? Do we have these things?


Friends, diseases are running rampant and we were told in the gift of prophecy in the last days, “Every wind of doctrine would be blowing, every single one.” And friends, I'm sure you could think of many of other current issues that we're dealing with that I didn't even mention. So, yes, the body is plagued with diseases. And friends, the fact is there are 100 off-ramps on the highway to heaven and if we are not careful, if we're not humble, if we are not studying the Word, you're gonna take one of them.


My friends, if you love Jesus, if you're humble, if you're a diligent student, Christ is gonna get you to the kingdom of heaven. Amen? That’s a promise. He promised to get you there; but if we're careless, you're gonna get off on one of those off-ramps. Just a matter of which one.


Now, what about that second parts, that the body would have difficulty healing? The kind of work that my wife and I have done for the last five years and more intensely, we've been blessed to travel. And I counted out: we've been in Adventist churches in 20 out of the 50 states. And we've gotten to get a pretty good pulse on what's happening in our church nationwide and it's unfortunate to see that we find traumatized church members all over the place. People who are very deeply wounded; people who have been burned by liberals; people who have been burned by conservatives; people who are holding grudges; people who are just tormented.


You know my parents were actually freelance counselors in the church for about 20 years and so I grew up seeing all kinds of people my living room receiving counsel from my parents. And friends, we have a lot of damaged people in the church. Now when we come to Jesus we're going to have issues. Amen. We will, that's because the world we live in is a damaging world; but when we come to Christ, He's the fountain of healing. The Bible says, “There is healing in His wings.” And you know the church should be a fountain of healing; but unfortunately in many of our churches, it's not. Sometimes it's a fountain of damage; not a fountain of healing. In the church, everyone should be a fountain of healing.

Lastly, does the body not have energy to be active? Do we see this happening? Well, unfortunately another thing that I've seen largely as we've traveled is that there are very few church members who are active missionaries for Jesus. Now I'm not talking about going to the Philippines or going to Africa or wherever, no being a home missionary, very few. Almost no one is giving personal bible studies to anyone. Almost no one has led someone to Jesus. Witnessing is not a part of the regular life of most of our church members and we have a major evangelism problem in the church. And it's that we're not doing it largely.


Now you might be thinking “well, wait a minute, we do prophesy seminars” and those are great. And I preach at them, so I love property seminars; but it has to be much more than that. The active life and the weekly lives of the church members.


And you know, I'm also noticing, we're seeing less and less results, generally speaking, from our public efforts. We're seeing there less and less fruitful, generally speaking.


At the recent 2015 General Conference session, one fact became painfully clear. The North American church represents only a fraction of the world church population. Friends, we are a very small percentage of the church here in North America. Do you know why? They're growing leaps and bounds and we are treading water. That's why friends. It didn't used to be the case and the baptism that occur in the United States only represents three percent of the total baptisms that happened in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Three percent, friends. That means 97 percent of the church growth is out there in third world countries and other countries not in Western countries. We are a very increasingly growing small percentage of the church. Why? Could it be because the devil has introduced into the body modified bread in place of the true bread? Therefore, most of us are not receiving nourishment. Therefore we don't have the power of God.


I wanna show you something very interesting. You're in Matthew. Let's go to Matthew 28. Notice something from the Great Commission. Matthew chapter 28, you know this well. And I was reading this and you know sometimes you're tempted when you're reading those parts of the Bible that you've read over and over, you know, “I know this,” you know “am I going to get anything new this time.” I've read the Great Commission over again and I saw something new that I thought “wow that's amazing.”


Matthew chapter 28. Let's read verses 19 and 20. “Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you and lo, I am with you always even until the end of the world. Amen.” Beautiful promise. Amen.


I want you to notice something interesting. What is the third word in the Great Commission? This is in the King James. If you have New King James, it will be the second word. “Go ye therefore.” “Go ye therefore.” Now therefore that, that's an interesting word. What does therefore mean? You know therefore is the word we use when we are saying someone should do something in response to a previously stated point right. Like if you walked in a room and someone, person A is talking to person B and person A says to person B “Therefore get in your car and drive to Los Angeles.” You'd be saying “Well, what was the previously stated point I missed that this guy should get this car drive to Los Angeles?”


Therefore. The Great Commission says “Go ye therefore.” The question is what was the previously stated point that He’s telling us why we should go? Its in verse 18. Notice verse 18, “And Jesus came and spake unto them saying, all, friends, all power is given to me in heaven and in earth.” All power, friends, what a beautiful point. The Great Commission is a response of Jesus having all power; but you might say, “Wait a minute, are there people in the church who know God is all-powerful yet they're not sharing their faith?” So what gives? Friends, this tells us something, something interesting. That the statement about Jesus having all power must imply more than just having a knowledge that God is omnipotent because many have that knowledge and yet they don't go.


So what is verse 18 talking about then? If it's not talking about a mere head knowledge, it must be referring to an experience - an experience. Friends, the Great Commission is a response to experiencing the power of the Gospel in your life.


Do we have evidence of that in scriptures? People who experienced power of God and they went. What about the day of Pentecost, was that power? Boy that was power. Did they go? Yes. Yes. Amen. What about the Apostle Paul? Did he experience the power of God in his conversion experience? Yes. Did he go? Yes, he did. Jesus Himself. Did Jesus experience the power of His Father? Yes, He did. Did Jesus go? Absolutely.


Well, friends, now this brings us to a point where it implies something kind of scary. Something that I've noticed on a large scale - there has been a great omission of the great commission in the church. Why? Could it be because very few in the church are experiencing the power of God in their lives? They’re not experiencing so they're not going. Because the Bible clearly illustrates, if you experience it, what do you do? You go. Period. You go.


Friends, if we were, we would be turning the world upside down just like the Apostles were. Period. We would. God didn't favor them anymore than He would favor us. The same result would take place. And due to the modified bread, there is a lack of nourishment and because of the lack of nourishment, there is a lack of power. And because of a lack of power, there is a lack of activity – of going.


Do we also see the church attacking itself having an autoimmune response? Friends, do we see divisions? Let's be honest? We do. Infighting, bickering, what about church members talking about each other without practicing Matthew 18 first with the intention to restore their relationship? Happens all over the place. That's happening so much. So many congregations are not fighting the battle against the devil because we're too busy, busy fighting battles with ourselves. We're attacking ourselves. We’re having an autoimmune response. The body is attacking itself. Too busy fighting with each other.

You know, I don't know if you've ever been in a fight? I hope not; but if you are, if you ever have, you know one of the worst things you could do when you're in the middle of a fight with someone? To start fighting with yourself. That’s the worst thing you could possibly do when you're fighting with somebody else - to stop start beating up yourself.


Friends, we just simply cannot afford in these last days to be fighting with ourselves and the attempting to fighting the battle against the devil at the same time.


So what's the solution? You know, friends, God is so amazing. It just so happens that the solution, the protocol to heal someone's physical body of an autoimmune condition is the same protocol to heal the spiritual body of the church from its autoimmune condition. Incredible! That exactly mirrors. One mirrors the other.


The issues are really twofold when we're having an autoimmune condition. First, toxicity. Second, deficiency. The first is what? Toxicity. The second is deficiency. That's right.


Toxicity because the body is filled with these toxins from year after year of ingesting these modified foods. And the toxins need to be cleaned out. Deficiency because the body has been starving for years due to not being fed.


So what's the protocol? First, we need to cleanse. We need to detox the body from its toxins. We need to open up those avenues of elimination that God has a built in to your incredible system and we need to get those toxins out of the body in its best and safer way as possible. And second, we need to nutrify the body, so we need to stop eating those G.M.O. foods and we need to start pumping the body full of high nutrition foods. This is often accomplished in the physical world by juicing.


Now what's the spiritual protocol? Detox the body. Friends, we need to cleanse the body from those errors and lies. And you know how you start doing it? By cleansing your own self from those errors and lies. Not that you can cleanse yourself but you ask Jesus, “Lord, help me. I want the truth.” Friends, do you want the truth? I want the truth friends. I don't want lies for dinner. I don't want to live as for spiritual breakfast. I want the truth. And if you humbly sincerely ask Jesus, He will feed you the truth.


And then we need to nitrify the body. So we need to cleanse ourselves from the air and we need to nitrify the body and we need to start pumping the body full of the high nutrition Word of God. Amen.


Well, what does that look like? Spiritually detoxing. How do we tangibly do that? Please turn in your Bible. Let's go to the book of first Chronicles chapter 7 and verse 14. A very popular verse. First Chronicles chapter 7 and verse 14. And it's popular for a good reason. It’s a beautiful Bible verse. 1 Chronicle 7:14 and it must be second Chronicle 7:14. You're probably wondering how that verse fit into it. Here we go. Second Chronicles chapter 7 and verse 14 says, “If my people who are called by My name shall [do what?] humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin and I will [what will God do?] heal. I will heal their land.” The Bible says.


Hosea 10:12 says, “Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground; for it is time to seek the LORD, till He come and rain righteousness upon you.”


Friends, searching of heart, confession, repentance - these are all things that had to happen prior to the day of Pentecost. These were things that happened; had to happen; prior to God pouring out His Spirit on that day and it's no different in the last days. These things must be happening in God's church before He's going to pour out His latter rain. Humbling of our hearts. Confessing our sins. Asking God, “LORD is there anything? LORD, have I believed those lies? Am I acting, am I living my life based on any of those lies? Are you humble? Don't raise your hand because that would defeat the purpose; but just think about it. Are, are you humble? Do you respond to reproof well? Are you open to change? Are you, are you just, “LORD, I'm here, I'm finally, I don't really know, I'm here, LORD. This is the way I wanna live.” Or when you hear something that cuts across your natural inclinations, do you, do you harden up and you resist? How do you deal with truth? Do you love God so much that you're willing to conform to His standards or are you busy trying to get Him to conform to yours?


Friends, questions to think about - we need to cleanse the body. Confession. Repentance. “LORD, cleanse me.” High nutrition. We need to stop eating those modified errors of the devil. Amen? We need to start ingesting the pure bread of life. Do you have a devotional life?


The Pastor that I'm currently working with at as pastoral meeting. There was a popular speaker that was there that was conducting the pastoral meeting. And this well-known speaker told them, “In a recent poll, we just took of the church in North America, 80 percent of our church members do not have a devotional life.” Eighty, eighty. Friends, its not a modified bread, it's no bread at all with some cases. No bread at all.


And if you do have a devotional life, praise Jesus. Praise the Lord. But I'd like to also ask you. What's the quality of it? Do you understand what you're reading half of the time? Are you studying the Bible or are you just reading the Bible? You know, we are commanded to study the Bible. Clear commandments in the Scriptures to study, not just to read, to study. Do you diligently compare Scripture with Scripture? Praying for enlightenment ‘til you grasp the meaning of the verse you're reading. That's what God intended for us. Or are you just content to have one thousand unanswered questions that you never take time to look into but just say, “Well, I’ll put in my time. I put in my devotional 30 minutes?” Are you fervent in prayer? What’s your prayer life like? You know what Jesus' prayer life was like? I was shocked; it says there in. We will go there. But for the sake of time, Hebrews chapter 5. It says, “strong cries.” That’s how Jesus prayed. And I thought that's how my prayer life should be.


When was the last time it really broke you that your sins put Jesus on the cross? When was the last time that broke you in prayer, that really bothered you that Jesus had to die on the cross because I sinned, because I still sin. Are we fervent in prayer? Are we pleading with God for victory to overcome those common sins before we leave the house for the day? Are we doing this?


Friends, questions to think about. Actions to think about. You know, just like earthly parents desire to feed their kids, our Heavenly Father desires to feed us. He wants to feed you - high nutritious food. And He promises that if we will humble our hearts and open our mouths wide by pleading for God to feed us, He will fill us with high nutrition food and the church will be unstoppable, friends. Satan will not be able to stop it when that church has the power of God’s nutrition in it. And instead of being susceptible to disease, it will be impregnable to disease. Instead of always being wounded, it will be healing continually. Instead of being lethargic, it will be spiritually active. It will be an active body. And instead of attacking ourselves, we will be unified. We will be one man going out to battle the devil; one unit.


Perhaps today you recognize, you know, my devotions really aren't what they should be. Maybe they're not even existed right now. Maybe, you used to and something has happened; or when you do have them, maybe you really just don't feel like you're connecting with God; or maybe you don't understand what you're reading most of the time. Perhaps you realize, you know, my prayers are not really fervent. They're just kind of like the prayer that says, “God, thank you for the food. Help me not to get sick and get an accident today” and those things and it's not really moving you that our sins put Jesus on the cross; or perhaps today you realize you know “I really don't witness to people, it's really not a part of my normal life.” Maybe it happens a few times a year and praise God for that but it's not a part of my - “it's not who I am, I'm not, I'm not a missionary, a living missionary for Jesus.” And you're recognizing you know these are symptoms of the spiritual autoimmune condition and you'd like to heal.


Friends, Jesus is the fountain of healing. And if we allow Him to cleanse us, to spiritually detox those lies, if we stop listening to the G.M.O lies of the devil and starts spending time pleading for God to give us the high nutrition word of God, we will be cleansed and you will be in full remission to your spiritual autoimmune disease - a spiritual cleansing, your desire.


Friends, if you feel that the Lord is convicting you on any of these points, I'd like to give you an opportunity to respond to that as we close with the word of prayer.


Let’s please bow our heads. Father in heaven, LORD, we've seen something quite amazing. We know that you put object lessons all throughout life and we've seen that just like this world is going through an epidemic of physical autoimmune diseases, we see that your church is also going through an epidemic of a spiritual autoimmune disease. LORD, she's not getting nutrition. She's not healing. She's wounded. She's not active. And that she's very impressionable to diseases. And LORD, it all starts with us, the one person, the individual. And if there be any person in here today that's convicted, you know, I have having symptoms of a spiritual autoimmune disease - “I'm not witnessing.” “My prayers, I don't pray very often.” “I don't pray very fervently.” “My Bible studies aren't happening” or, or “I don't even know what the Bible say most the time.” LORD, if there are any of these symptoms, You are here right now to cleanse us. You're here right now to turn us around. And if there be any person here, even just one, and you recognizing these on any one of these points, you would like to ask the Lord to touch you with this touch of spiritual cleansing, just raise your hand right where you are right now. Every one has bowed, every eyes closed, just raise your hand, the Lord is speaking to you. “LORD, my devotional life is not what it should be.” “My prayer life is not what it should be.” “I, I’m really not sharing my faith.” “I'm not experiencing the power of the gospel like I should be.” “I have wounds that need to take care of.” Just raise your hands, friends. If you want God's spiritual touch of healing to come upon you, the LORD is willing to do it. He's willing to do it.


Father in heaven, You see the hands and You see the hearts and I pray that You would please cleanse and touch each individual that has responded to this appeal. And I ask and pray that your church would be that mighty, victorious, glorious church that will be unstoppable and that we would receive the nutrition that You want to give us so bad from heaven. And we thank You for hearing our prayers. We thank you for being real, ever being real in our lives. And in Jesus name, let all God's children say, Amen.



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