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The Spirit of Antichrist and My Fifth Grade Birthday Party

Gabriel Arruda


Gabriel Arruda

Speaker/Director for Freedom Health Ministries



  • August 8, 2015
    10:00 AM
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Father in heaven we want to thank you for giving us the Sabbath day to come for the secret purpose. Lord we trust and believe that we hain't your promises that you will be here and you will speak to us if we invite you and I believe you are invited here and Lord I ask and pray that there would be a message for each individual here today that you please use me as your mouthpiece and give us soft hearts to hear and to receive your message and Jesus name I pray Amen. Well the title of the message is the spirit of anti-Christ and my fifth grade a birthday party. So what is the spirit of anti-Christ and what does that have to do with my fifth grade birthday party we're going to talk about these things and answer these questions but I like to start by turning to a Bible verse I hope you brought your Bibles Let's turn our Bibles to the book of first John. First John and shopped or two we're going to look at verses eighteen in one thousand together and if you didn't bring your Bible I will also have it on the screen here eventually but if you do have your Bible it would be beneficial for you to look at it in your Bible. First John Chapter two verse eighteen and nineteen. I hope you're there. I'll start reading. Says little children this is the last time is that the last time friends a minute is an adze have heard that anti-Christ shall come even now there are what many up by Christ's whereby we do know that it is the last time they went out from us but they were not of us for if they had been of us they would no doubt have continued with us but they went out that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us. So I've read this Baba passage many many times and as I've read it maybe you felt the same way I was a little perplexed because whenever we think of the term. Anti-Christ we think of the papacy we. Think of the Vatican. Yet this Bible verse clearly says that there are many anti-christs isn't it kind of strange and not just does this verse here tells us they went out from us so these anti-christs they used to be Christians they were of the early church. So who are these many anti-christs Well Scripture answer scripture AMEN on upon line this verse to give more clarity here in first John let's go to chapter four in verse three noticed this first John chapter four in verse three and again I'll have it on the screen for you if you need it. Hope you're there. I'll start reading it says and every spirit that confessed It's not that Jesus is come in the flesh is not of God and this is that spirit of anti-Christ aware of you have heard that it should come and even now already is in the world. This passage gives us more clarity as to what John was talking about and chapter two there is something called the spirit of anti christ and the spirit if you look at the verse one and two of chapter four. It's referring to people because it says that it also calls them false prophets which are gone out into the world so this is not referring to a ghost or a demon This is actually referring to people the spirit of anti-Christ So let me just a stylish we've talked about so far we know that there is the office of the anti-christ Amen which of course is spoken about and Daniel revelation but there's also something called the spirit of anti-Christ which John here. Refers can apply to individuals to people now we also need to understand what the Bible's talking about exactly when it says the term anti christ the word anti-Christ is actually achieved. Transliteration from. The Greek word anti Christos that's formed from two words the word Christo switch what you think that means Christ very good and anti which means against or instead of or in place of the priest the prefix anti in the Greek is used several times and it's translated instead of or in place of that look at a few examples Luke eleven eleven says Will he give him a fish instead of a snake that's the prefix anti instead of a snake. MATTHEW to twenty two is Arch less was reigning over Judea instead of anti his father you know today we use the prefix anti exclusively to mean against rights of their anti religion or their aunts I have big business but in Scripture it could be used in the sense of against or in the sense of in place of and so the term anti Christ not only means against Christ but it could also mean in the place of Christ. So does this description fits the identity of the papacy. Let's look at a few quotes. Pope Leo the thirteenth said this We the pope hold upon this earth the place of who God Almighty anti-Christ the pope is not only the representative of Jesus Christ but he is Jesus Christ himself. Hidden under the veil of flesh out of the horses about so does the the glove at the hand. Absolutely anti christ in the place of Christ there's only one who fits the Bible description of the office of anti-Christ that the papacy but we found that there is also the spirit of anti-Christ which really is the principal at the foundation of the papacy but can be present and the hearts of individuals and even Christians So in summary office event a Christ that's talking about the papacy. Spirit of add to Christ and added to the principle that anyone could have and this is why John said there are many many anti Christ not that there are many that fit the office event across but there are many who have the spirit of anti-Christ Now what exactly is the spirit of antichrist we're going to delve into that a little bit with this attitude or this principle that we're referring to we're going to find this we're going to discover this by looking at something very interesting that happened on the Mount of Transfiguration. So we're going to turn our Bibles to Matthew Chapter seventeen and we're going to verses one through six of Matthew Chapter seventeen were glued at verses one through six and as you turning their I was going to talk about the context a little bit because what happens before is just as important in chapter sixteen of Matthew it was really clear that the disciples were still not getting it. Despite the fact they had been with Jesus for years they were they were still blowing at their warrant getting it and verse six of Chapter sixteen you could take a look at that if you want to have it on the screen as well. Jesus told them take heed and be aware of the leaven of the fair seas and of the Sodje sees well when he told him this the disciples thought maybe he told them this because they forgot to bring bread on their trip and he didn't want them to buy bread from the Pharisees and Sadducees they completely missed it. So Christ rebuke stone he rebukes them for having little faith and not discerning the spiritual meaning of his words and you see they should have understood because they had just seen him just prior feet four thousand by a miracle and then five thousand on another occasion by a miracle and they should have known based on their culture that in Jewish culture. Leaven as a symbol for sin they should have discerned the spiritual meaning of the words but they completely missed it and he reproved him for it. Why did they miss that they had been with Jesus for years you think they would have started getting it by. Now why did they miss it. We're actually told in the book desire of ages why they were misinterpreting Christ words and this this is fascinating. Knows what it says and the references desire Vegas for a nine the hypocrisy of the fair seas was the product of what friends. Self-seeking the glorification of themselves was the object of their lives it was this that led them to a pervert and misapply the Scriptures and blinded them to the purpose of Christ mission this is key. This subtle evil even who that is cycles of Christ were in danger of cherishing even the disciples though outwardly they had left all for Jesus is sake had not in their heart ceased to seek great things for themselves it was this that that spirit that prompted the strife as to who should be the greatest It was this that came between them and Christ making them in so so little in sympathy with his admission of self-sacrifice so slow to comprehend the mystery of redemption as leaven if left to complete its work will cause the corruption and decay. So does the self seeking spirit cherished work the defilements and ruin of the soul. You know for the disciples had left everything to follow Jesus and they love Jesus but you know they also love the idea of being the new top twelve guys and the new Messianic Kingdom as well. They liked that idea and this cause in the spirit of seeking great things for themselves cause them to not interpret scripture correctly the words of Jesus so notice the self-seeking spirit in the Pharisees and the disciples cause them to interpret scripture the wrong way wrong spear wrong interpretation that ski wrong spirit wrong interpretation and they get in trouble again. Later in this chapter and verse twenty one. Jesus told them from this time forth began Jesus to show him to his disciples how that he must go into Jerusalem and suffer many things of the elders and chief priests and scribes and be killed and raised again on the third day we know this passage after Jesus told them this Peter takes Christ aside and essentially rebuked him and tells them you know what Lord no this isn't the way it's supposed to happen. What you're going to do is this this and that this is not the way it's supposed to be this is not the way the story supposed to and for Bewkes Jesus and after that Christ has to issue to him one of the strongest rebuke he probably ever gave to any of his disciples. Recorded here and he turned instead into Peter get the behind me who Satan that our an offense and to me for the Saviour is not the things that the of God but those that be of who men according to Jesus did Peter have a self seeking spirits saving the things that be of man. Absolutely and by the way Peter was simply saying out loud what all the other disciples were thinking and you know the fact that they all got as disappointed as devastated as they did after the cross proved that they had a different version of Bible prophecy that Christ it that a different version of how it was supposed to go. So before we get up to the Mount of Transfiguration it's key to understand that the disciples that one up with Christ they were cherishing a spirit of solve seeking which cause them to misapply his words and mis understand his mission. OK let's get into Matthew seventeen verses one through six the Mount of Transfiguration. It says and after six days Jesus to Jesus take it's Peter James and John his brother and bring it them up into a high mountain apart and he was transfigured before them and his face did shine as the sun and as Rayment was white as the light and behold there appeared to them. Moses and Elias or Alija talking with him then answered Peter and set it to G.. This Lord it is good for us to be here. If thou wilt let us make here three tabernacles one for the one for Moses and one for Elias while he gets big bow hold a bright cloud overshadowed them and behold of voice came out of the cloud which said that this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased hear ye him and the disciples heard it's they fell on their face and one the disabled heard of they fell on their face and were sore afraid so Peter James and John they go up to a high mountain with Jesus and his transfigured before them and he is just white as the sun itself just brilliant like lightning and they are blown away and not just that there is a Moses there's Alijah in the all in amazement. Peter blurts out Lord it is good for us to be here this is a this is a holy place. Let's make a target list make three times articles one for you one for Moses one for Alija and the Bible says while he yet speak it's almost as if God cuts him off in the middle of his his rant and it says a cloud over shadow them and the voice came out of the cloud which said this is my beloved son and who I am well pleased hear ye him. God is essentially telling Peter stop Peter just just stuff I don't need you to build me Tabernacles I don't need you to make this some sacred landmark some sacred place I need you to listen to my son. That's what I need you to do you know it's interesting that the Roman Catholic church whenever they feel they've found some new Bible spot they build a monastery or they build a big cathedral or this is where Jesus did this and oh this is where Moses did that in a direct these things and they attach sacredness to objects and to places this is exactly what Peter was doing exact same thing in the previous chapter. He's misunderstanding Jesus. He's rebuking Jesus and all of a sudden he wants to build on top or not cos he wanted to make a big display for God when all God wanted him to do was to just listen to just listen to my word the sense of my words don't create your own system of worship. Obey my the Bible says In First Samuel fifteen twenty two How to Lord great delight inverter offerings and sacrifices as in obeying the voice of the Lord behold to obey is better than sacrifice to hearken to listen than the fat of Iran's What does God want you to do you know he doesn't need you to build and build churches is there anything wrong with building churches. No but you know what he really needs you to do. First he wants you to listen to him he wants you to listen to his word and to obey it. Notices process that the disciples went through first they cherished a spirit of self-seeking. Therefore their religion was tainted with seeking great things for themselves and this therefore led them to misinterpret Christ words to accommodate the way they wanted Bible prophecy to go to interpret it the way they wanted to live this is key friends this is happening today. For it cause them to create their own system of worship where they were following part of the Bible but not all of it. Maybe most of it and then lastly to compensate for the disobedience to put on a big display for God while living in violation to his well this is amazing. This still happening. And this is still happening today and really those who embodied the spirit of anti-Christ So in the two groups we have a fair cease we have the papacy who are really weren't doing anything right but we're having a big display for God but then we have the Apostles the disciples who left everything for Jesus. Who really loves jesus who are really trying to do the right thing but in certain areas they were still cherishing their own ways of their own thoughts about how religion was supposed to be and on the Mount of Transfiguration Peter manifested the fruits of the spirit of antichrist and the spirit of anti-christ is creating your own system of worship you know you don't have to be the papacy to do that is a very popular nowadays in and out of the church to create your own personalized religion very popular for those of you who go door to door you find it left and right don't you people take a little Buddha they take a little Hindu they take little Christianity but you know we could do that today and the church as well and the spirit of anti-Christ isn't saying I don't believe in God or the Bible's not true it's saying yes let's serve godless worship the Lord but let's just tweak it a little bit. Let's modify it some and Order to the relevance or in order to be relevant to the community God understands of friends are we doing this today are we seeking great things for ourselves as the object of our religion. US do we see the misinterpreting of Christ words to accommodate the way we want to live. How we in some ways created our own system of worship following most of the Bible but not all of it and to compensate for the disobedient do we see the tendency to put on a big display for God when all the while living in violation too as well as this relevant is this happening. Friends this this didn't stop back then this is happening today. Friends nor in Jesus on one end and yet creating a big display for him on the other end of knowing Jesus what it comes to principles of worship such as reverence and not conforming to the world of knowing Jesus when it comes to the warnings of not bringing in the principles of spiritual ism and to our churches. And one of the clearest examples was found in the verse itself first on for three. Ignoring the fact that Jesus said that he has come in the flesh that interesting stain and what does it mean the flash whose flesh you know friends victory hang henges on this one point I hear whose flesh did Christ come in Christ came in his own divine flesh there's no victory for you at all. Forget it stop trying of Christ came in your sinful flesh there's hope for you if he overcame in your flesh you can have victory today. Completely one hundred percent just like he had one hundred percent victory in his life and worship on our terms friends is not worship a God As a matter of fact who we are we really were shipping ourselves for shipping ourselves how do you think that makes God feel it was my fifth grade birthday party you know as I look back at my job and my third my fourth kind of fuzzy but it was an early when I was early birthday party and a very loving individual with very good intentions. Was key in arranging it for me and you know I remember getting more and more excited as the cake showed up to the house so like wow it's up inning the cakes here and then my parents opened up the bedroom and I start bring presents out of the bedroom and setting in the living room floor and I'm just getting so excited and then I got really excited when there was a knock at the door and friends from school and friends from my neighborhood start showing up and coming in the house you probably have memories like this and then the door opened up and a lady walked through who I recognized as being a neighbour in and the neighborhood and she was through with her son now this is very strange because I knew this kid was and I really didn't like him as a matter of fact. As I was recollecting on the story I remember that mean this kid had gradually got into a wrestling fight in the neighborhood and he walked through the door on my birthday and I was thinking what what are you doing here and the reason why they were there was because the individual who arranged the birthday party was friends with the mother and she invited the mother and her son. Those very awkward for me what this kid we had a pen Jada at the end this kid ended up throwing up all around the pen Jada and I remember my uncle with a garden hose a spring the patio floor and I remember seeing a little slices of black all of which were in the piece that we ate sliding across the patio is a very distinct memory for me and it stunk. It stunk really bad hay and it you know as I've looked back I thought that you know that makes one think Who is this party for anyways. You know if you wanted to invite your own friends with their kids then fine but do it your own party not mine as you know I think that's what God is saying that some of our worship services who this party for anyways not that church is to be a dick party friends was simply trying to draw an illustration to prove a point I think you understand that when we're bringing in things that are offensive to God. Elements of spiritual them to our services forms of worship that are contrary to his explicit word when were exulting people who are unknown rebellion. Well we have policies and practices in the church that are tainted with the corruption of our secular culture then God says Who's this party before anyways. Who's a service for anyways and it got essentially says you know if you wanted to have a celebration with all of your worldly stuff fine but do it your own celebration and not mine. Doing that your own party and not mine and do it in your own name and on my name as well. God really feel this way am I making this up now this what the Bible says Amos five twenty one to twenty. Six. These are strong words as the words of the Lord here he says I What's that second ordered. Hates I despise your feast day speaking to Israel. Israel's worship service as well as in apostasy. I will not smell your solemn assemblies though you offer me burnt offerings and your me offerings I will not accept them Neither will I regard the peace offerings of your fat beasts take away from me the Nords of your songs God says your your music is just noise to be taken away I don't want to hear it for I will not hear the melody of the violence but let judgments run down as waters Amen and right to sniffs as a mighty stream how the offered to me sacrifices and offerings in the wilderness forty years old house of Israel but you have borne the tabernacle of your mall look and your show tonight and your image is the star of your god which we have made to who are made to yourselves to the spirit of anti-Christ self or ship. Yeah absolutely. Which you have made yourselves self worship you know friends there's a lot of talk about revival in the church and to that I say praise God amen. We need to be talking about it we need to be agitating that we need to understand we need revival but you know where I think would be a great place to start. Why don't we as individuals and as a church. Stop offending God think they'll be a good place to start for revival. Stop offending God absolutely. I was in a certain church at a certain place during a certain time and this church was dwindling. This church it was painfully clear to everyone that the blessing of God was not resting on this church the attendance was starting to get down into the teens and as a big church could a comedy a lot of people and we were at a meeting one day and there was a certain key individual there who was saying you know we we've got to do. Something we need to pray we need to have programs we need to do an event and I knew that this key individual had been instrumental in talking about the pastor as well as a lot of other people behind their backs and causing dissension and I'm sitting there watching this individual saying we need to pray we need to do things we need to we need to you know do something and you know I don't God watching all this and I think the Lord must be saying hey how about repentance. How about confession before we make a big display over here why don't we go back to the core problem over here and you know it's like trying after its revival that don't start with confession of repentance. It's like trying to decorate a sinking ship. It's like hey let's put little trimming on it was put flowers on A and lists lists painted and it's sinking it's decorating a sinking ship friends I was used to do construction about ten plus years ago and up I was told this story you know on job sites you ought to find Journeyman which are you know seasoned veterans and apprentices which are learners they're following the journeymen and this one journeyman carpenter was being followed by this Apprentice and his apprentice was a chain smoker I mean one after the other I mean he would be with her with a hammer and he had to have the cigarette you know just continually smoking on the job site with a journeyman that he was following around he had you know one of those plastic water bottles like this you know that then plastic but he would keep it for weeks and it would just be sitting out in the middle of the job site you know on up hot concrete just be sitting out there for all day and he would go pick it up and you would drink out of it and you know keep walking Well one day the apprentice carpenter while he's smoking a cigarette he tells a German man you need to stop doing that you're going to kill you. I merely told me that's why it's so ironic right. That's like a smoker saying I'm going to start drinking alkaline water to reduce my risk of cancer while the smoking creating a doing something over here when we're ignore. Bring the obvious of friends you know this principle is not just regulated to the divine worship service we could have this principle in our own lives it's possible for a Christian just like you and me to have the spirit of anti Christ in our lives and not even realize it. Setting up your own system of worship by being obedient some areas but still cherishing your own ways and others showing up to worship every seventh day but you're not showing up to worship the other six days by having devotions creating your own system of worship singing hymns that church but speaking evil of the brother and afterwards I faithfully pay my tired but dating Well God understand that slim pickings out there I'm sure they'll be open to some day out a friend of mine this guy was so faithful showed up the prayer meeting faithfully just clean cut new theology really well understood property excellent He would teach you could preach well and we really looked up to this individual and we were shocked totally shocked when he told us he was dating a Catholic person Catholic girl what's your kidding me and you know you get the excuse Well you know she's more committed than all the other seven down this girls I have ever known or met or dated. Well they're still committed then why don't they drop everything and follow the truth. You're sharing with them aren't you setting up our own system of worship friends creating your own system of worship the spirit of anti-Christ and you know this isn't anything new this is happened since the beginning. Please turn to Genesis Chapter four. Genesis Chapter four starting a verse three will see that this is not a new tendency this is actually a very ancient old tendency and I will have it on the slide for us. So you have a Bible there front of you Genesis Chapter four starting in verse three. We know the story that says. And in the process of of time. It came to pass that Cain and brought of the fruit of the ground. An offering into the Lord is that what God had commanded the fruit of the ground. Know and able also brought the first wings of his flock and of the of the fat thereof. And the Lord had respect and to able and to his offering. But and to cane and to his offering he had not respect and Cain was very wroth. And his countenance fell. Was Cain. That can have the spirit of anti-Christ. Creating a creating his own system of worship. Did he bring in offering. It was an offering. But it was a modified offering wasn't it the got have respect to that. Now. And when it was exposed. What Came do. You got angry and upset. Happens today doesn't it. And we're going to find that this is not an old issue. And it's not going to finish. That's not been happening. Please turn also to Revelation Chapter fourteen and verse seven. I want to show you something very important about the last days. Revelation Chapter fourteen a verse seven. I want to notice something right at the beginning of the three needles message. Revelation Chapter fourteen a verse seven. I hope you are there the first angels message says. Saying with a loud voice. Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come and do what worship him or shove him that made. Haven't and earth. And the sea and the fountains of waters. That's pointing us to worship God in the last days as a creator very good. So in the last days God is calling the world to worship God as a creator there's only one way. God has given you and I to worship him as a creator that Sabbath obedience Sabbath observance from a heart of love. But notice this is contrast it with Revelation thirteen fifteen it says and he this referring to the first beast had I'm sorry the second beast USA had power to give life into the image of the beast that the image of the beast should both speak and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. So on one hand we have God thing worship me as a creator and on the other end we have the be saying worship the beast or I'll kill you worship was one of the first issues. Friends it's going to be the last great issue and friends if you have spent your probationary time trying to get God to conform to your system of worship and stead of allowing your heart to conform to his what are you going to do when the greatest man made system of warship ever created is pushed on you at the threat of your life. Friends were flattering ourselves to think that we cannot choose God's ways one hundred percent right now and then somehow in the end we're just going to give it all down for Jesus we're going to lay down our lives were just flattering ourselves it's not true. Are there areas in your life that are not approved by the Word of God as though the spirit of anti-Christ and your life are you willing to submit yourself entirely to the Word of God are you willing to do that friends you know for not willing to do this we're told by inspiration we're not going to interpret the Bible correctly we're going to mess it up. On my last verses I love this passage John seven seventeen if any man will do his will he shall know of the doctrine whether it be of God or whether I speak of myself a prerequisite friends for understanding truth is being willing to do whatever God asks you understand scripture as more about. I will then I.Q. friends at The more about the condition of the heart then how brilliant of a mind we have and when people are determined to do what they want to do or guard this of what the Word of God says that all of a sudden their ability to rightly divide seems to just go out the window. Seen it happen. Few quotes I don't necessarily recommend a source but the quote is true we don't see things as they are we see them as we are profound it's true we don't see them as they are we see them as a we are. Another quote here if your soul is like the windshield on your car the cleaner to the Klan or it is the clear you'll see have any of you ever taken a cross-country trip after you drive through Montana your windshield is just plated with all kinds a huge bugs and mosquitoes and you've got to stop at the gas station scrub it off and you know friends the cleaner your Winchell is guess what the clear you can see your soul is the exact same way when your soul is dirty you can't see straight. You're We descriptors and just like the disciples you're going to mess it up and you're going to start creating your own system of worship. Well when the soul is clean when the heart is subdued when we're just willing to do whatever Jesus asked because we love him so much you're going to understand scripture correctly you're going to rightly interpret the word of God and you're going to stay steady on the pathway to haven't. And you know friends we we have to decide as individuals as a church who are we going to worship who were go worship our own ideas about the Gospel or own ideas about worship about prophecy are we going to obey and revere the Word of God we have to decide God has given us a choice and the Bible says In the end one fold one faith one shepherd doesn't say ten thousand different variations of the way you want to do in the way this person no one one fold. There's going to be. One principal way and that's why the Last Day message friends as compared to the Elijah message because Alija told the church choose shoes you this day whom you will serve the friends I believe the Lord has me here this morning to tell to encourage to implore you let's choose God's way man let's choose the way the loyalist choose the word of God choose God's way will you worship Jesus will you worship Jesus who was betrayed so that you could be accepted. Will you worship Jesus friends who was beaten so that you could be healed. Will you worship Jesus who was broken down so you could be built back up again when you worship Him who fasted for forty days so you could have the victory over appetite can you worship him while you worship Jesus who allowed men to spit in his face so that one day yours can shine with glory in heaven. Who when he was hanging on the cross. Cried out and said My God my God why hostile first taken me and in so saying verily said I feel like I'm never going to see heaven again I can't feel you and I can't feel like I'm going to ever see your face or live eternally but Lord if taking me eternally. Means that they get to be saved eternally that take them and annihilate me. TEKLA. I want them to be in heaven that back can you worship Him friends have you stood at the foot of the cross and have you seen the torn shredded body of Jesus bleeding on the cross and realize he is hanging there because of my sense not everybody else's mine they put him there a man named E.J. Wagner was sitting in a can't meeting in a light was preaching and he says as he was preaching he saw a vision of Jesus on the cross above the podium and raptured his heart so much any realize for the first time that Jeanne. This was hanging there on the cross for him personally not for everyone else it was for him and he said it as that apparently just came into his mind he determined I never ever want to preach about anything else again. Christ and Him crucified that I want that to be the main point of my every message it just and Raftery his soul so deeply. Friends has that broken you has that in rapture So how have you seen Jesus on the cross for you and only. I have an appeal for you this morning are you willing to lay self aside and are you willing to submit yourself to Jesus to worship him to make him the Lord and Savior of your life and to follow him no matter what and you have the choice to do that today. God has given us all occur incredible power and that's the power to choose you can choose your own destiny and by choosing Jesus you're choosing eternal life and if that decision if your decision is yes I will follow the Word of God no matter what I will trust Jesus that He cares for me and he could take care of me better than I could take care of myself that he has my best interest in mind that that Jesus who died and was a lot of stuff to hang on the cross bleeding and suffering that he will take care of me if I follow His way that's your choice friends I'd like to give you an opportunity to respond to that as we pray together. Aspirants Father in heaven thank you for your incredible sacrifice for us thank you for showing us through the illustration of your disciples and through Scripture that we could do something very dangerous and we could set ourselves up as anti-Christ creating our own system of worship and place of yours. Lord perhaps this has been happening in the lives of some here perhaps some have been deeply convicted as these heard the words coming from your servant and I ask and pray that if there be even one here who's been convicted that the Lord is calling them to make a change. In some area of their life where they are not following you one hundred percent right where you are friends just raise your hand. Decisions could be made here that could last for all eternity if you have been convicted that there's a certain area of your life where you have been creating your own system of worship and not following God one hundred percent because you love him and you like to make that change just keep your hands raised and raise your hand what is calling us France today we can make a change today we can make a difference. That's a decision raise your hand a keeper the Lord see that the Lord will help you if we respond to his calling. Father you've seen the hands of your children you see in the cries of their heart and load we trust that you can keep that which we committed to you. I ask and pray that you blushed those who have made that decision and that we will be changed from glory to glory and that one day our faces with shine in heaven with the likeness of your character because of what you're doing our lives right now today. Thank you in and Jesus name but all God's children say amen. 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