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The Sign of Jonah and God's Five Step Formula for Victory

Gabriel Arruda


Gabriel Arruda

Speaker/Director for Freedom Health Ministries



  • August 8, 2015
    4:00 PM
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Father in heaven or we're about to get into a topic of tremendous importance. I ask him for a that you please fill this room with your whole the angels I have no doubt whatsoever that the devil is seeking to distract to discourage to perhaps even keep those from coming here this evening who intended to come I ask and pray that you would work that you have power and authority to bring those here who need to be here and to keep us a tentative despite the whatever size meal we had this afternoon to keep us listening and keep us especially growing and Jesus please give us your spirit to drive the point home and Lord made this bear fruit in our schools that would last for eternity. We ask in the precious name of Jesus. Amen. So what was the sign of Jonah what actually was the sign of Jonah and another question is why was it a sign and how does it relate to gaining complete victory over sin in our lives we're going to look into these questions but let's notice what the sign of Jonah was I hope you have your Bibles. Let's turn in our Bibles to the Gospel of Luke Chapter eleven we want to look at the sign of Jonah and our first passage is Luke eleven versus twenty nine M. thirty Luke eleven vs twenty nine and thirty. What was the sign of Jonah and if you don't have your Bibles will have it on the screen. Verse twenty nine. Starting it says Thank You Lord. And one the people were gathered. Fig to gather he began to say. This is an evil generation. How's that to start a sermon. They seek a sign and there show no sign be given it but the sign of Jonas or Jonah the prophet for as Joe now was a sign to the Ninevites so shall also the Son of Man be to this generation. It goes on. Actually will come to this verse in them in a minute but notice this what was the sign of Jonah according to this this is interesting. Did you notice that Jonah is the sign of Jonah. Jonas was a sign until then in a fight and so the sign was actually Jonah himself this is fascinating the same way and notice also from this passage we can understand that the same way that Jonah was to be assigned to Nineveh. Christ was assigned to the Jews the same way. While some may say well it was their preaching that was the sign Well let's look at that verse thirty two of the same chapter eleven thirty two The men have none of us shall rise up in the judgment with this generation and shall condemn it for they repented at the preaching of Jonas and behold a greater than Jonah is here was the preaching of Jonah. Part of this sign. Yes absolutely the preaching was involved in the sign of Jonah but a question was that it was that the only part of the sign of Jonah was that the only sign given to the Ninevites because remember the same way that Christ was to be assigned to the Jews. Jonah was supposed to be assigned the Ninevites So what did both Christ and Jonah do that made them signs to the people of their generation. While the. Look at parallel Gospel account. Let's look at Matthew's account it's going to give us more detail. Matthew Chapter twelve versus thirty eight to forty. Matthew's going to shed a little bit more light on this question doesn't shed more light on this question as What is the sign of Jonah. Matthew Chapter twelve starting a verse thirty eight AD It says then a certain of the scribes and Pharisees answered saying Master we would see a sign from me but enough that incident of them an evil an adulterous generation seek after a sign and there shall no sign be given to it but the sign of Jonah the son of the prophet Jonah goes on to say for as Jonah was three days and three nights in the way of Valley social the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the hearts of the earth so was the preaching of Christ the preaching of Jonah was that part of the sign. Yes sure absolutely. But more directly according to Christ's words themselves what was the sign of Jonah three days and three nights in the belly of a whale and so we know that Christ was three days and three nights and what he calls the heart of the year. Meaning he was dead buried and resurrected and a three days' time. So Jesus came back from the dead would you say that the sign someone raising from the dead that's a pretty good sign isn't it. So Jesus died and he rose again from the grave that was an incredible sign and the same way Christ was to be assigned to the Jews. Remember Jonah was to be assigned to Nevada. Luke says that Jonah Hill. Sultan was assigned to Nineveh and then Matthew says the sign was the fact that he was three days and three nights and the whale's belly Are you starting to get what that asshole sign to Jonah was to the Ninevites. Think about this friends have you ever wondered why didn't any of the repent is a huge wicked city and one guy goes through and says God going to destroy the city and the whole city repents they start crying and weeping and fasting as you read that did you ever think really isn't that easy. Wow I hope we don't have that same results in our ventilator process one guy goes through this huge hard wicked city Gaza destroy the whole city repents why how in the world I would love results like that at my meetings. How did you do that why did that wicked pagans that he repent so readily will the words of Christ in both Luke and Matthew give us an insight as to the big reason why they repented that's not even found in the Book of Jonah itself could it be that as Jonah was going through that city preaching the Ninevites somehow knew this man had been swallowed by a whale and was spit out three days later and lived to tell about it. In other words as Joan is walking through the city the Ninevites are looking at this guy and they're thinking this man was dead for three days and his God had power to bring them back to life again that would give his message a lot more weight wouldn't it as they're watching this man preaching thinking that was and is God raised him to life I think he's got a message of truth and the whole city. Repented Jesus told us that the same way he was to be assigned to his generation. Jonah was to be assigned to the Ninevites Jesus died and resurrected. Jonah apparently was put to death and was resurrected as well you know it's very interesting as you read the account of Jonah it's clear that the men who were on that boat that he was flying on were probably from all different countries and all different parts of the world at that time because it says when that storm came and was beating on the bow at said all the men went and cried to their gods there were many different nations. Resembled about vote it could be possible that many of those men could have been from an interval you know none of the According to the standards of that day in age was a huge city it would be like a New York or L.A. of Jonas time it was a tremendous city but friend somehow the Ninevites knew about Jonah. Otherwise how could Jonah being and the whales belly for three days and three nights the assigned to them if they didn't even know about it yet it says he was assigned the fact that he was three days and three nights in a will. Belly was a sign to the Ninevites So what was the sign of Jonah this man apparently had been put to death and raised back to life again. According to how they were viewing and for all intents and purposes So what does the sign of Jonah have to do with you and I today you know the people believe Christ words because he died and he rose again the people believe the words of Jonah because apparently they've got he had died and he rose again. Why don't our words have power in our pulpit why don't our words have as much power when we witness sometimes could have the friends that people will also believe our words when we have died to sin and are living in our lives and Jesus. You know the death of Jesus was a day to self the. All ing of Jonah was actually a type of conversion he went in the whale rebellious and it came out surrendered who was a type of conversion if you will type of surrender and how well with the wicked world how will modern Nineveh believe are preaching friends. It's when people who are preaching it have been put to death and resurrected by God one people who are preaching it's are fully converted when people who are preaching at our school the surrendered to God when they have died completely to self in our Does a willing to do whatever God calls them to do then the wicked world will believe the words that come from our preaching just like they believe Christ words because he died and rose they believe Joan of the word because he died and he rose the believe your words when we are dead to sin and are living and she's now not to say we're going to convert the masses we know it's not going to end that way but your words will have a convincing power that will one day we're told culminate and the lighting of the entire world with the glory of God can you saying that I'm looking forward to that time. Now I want to show you something interesting this idea is also found in the Book of Revelation I want you to notice something interesting about the chronology of Revelation Chapter fourteen left turn our Bibles to the Book of Revelation in chapter fourteen there is actually a message and Revelation fourteen in the way it's structured and the way it's set up. Revelation Chapter fourteen and I hope you're somewhat familiar with the contents of this chapter and I'm not going to read through the entire chapter. Let's take it in chunks and Revelation fourteen and verses one through five the Lord reveals to us a group of people which are the other one hundred forty four thousand sole Revelation Chapter fourteen the first. Part were introduced to a group called the one hundred forty four thousand verses one through five and then the next part. Verses six through twelve we have a very special message who knows what the name of that message is called the three angels message that's right that's an versus six through twelve that's the middle part of the chapter and then the last part of the chapter versus thirteen A through twenty we're all really verse thirteen fourteen through twenty thirteen is kind of a transitional verse but the last part there through told verse twenty were shown a scene where the son of man reaps the harvest of the year both the harvest of the right just and the harvest of the wicked and he's pictured with the sickle in his hand and coming on a cloud what event you think that symbolizes the second coming of Jesus. Notice a chronology. Hundred forty four thousand three angels message second coming of Jesus you know the messages here in Revelation fourteen when these people one hundred forty four thousand. Preach this message. Three Angels message it's going to produce this result second coming of Jesus. Very clear when people who have died to sin and have their father's name written on their foreheads. Preach this very message the three angels message then we will see the results of the writing of the harvest of the year. Both of the good and the bat and Jesus will come. Structure of Revelation Chapter fourteen tells us the very same message so this is where the message of victory. Ties in. Why aren't we seeing such results as a change you know I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that there's a great misunderstanding as to what it means to be dead to sin and alive to God. Now let me bring up something the the living of the life of Christ the walking of Christ walk is really a two sided experience and typically as a church. Focus on one side but it's clearly a two sided experience I could share many verses with you let me share just two verses heroines to bring this out. Notice this as we read together. Well read it you can read in your minds now if we be dead with Christ we believe that we should also live with him now this verse eleven. Likewise reckon yourselves to be dead indeed into sin but alive and to God through Jesus Christ our Lord did you catch the two aspects what are the two aspects of walking Christ walk we are to live his life and we also need to die his death. That's right that's the Christian life life and death and typically we emphasize living the life of Christ which is fantastic friends which is we should it's a good Bible study prayer witnessing enjoying sermons singing hymns this is living the life of Jesus and we've done a great job of delineating step by step what we ought to do to be living the life that Christ lived on planet earth but when we talk about dying his death it's kind of funny how do you do that what does that look like in my daily experience what are the steps I take to do that it's harder to it's undefined yet we are explicitly commanded in Scripture to dive to say explicitly Now there's there's an initial death that conversion but how many of you noticed after you are converted that self didn't stay dead too long. That's why Paul said I die how often daily death and life for a daily experience for the apostle Paul and you know if you haven't died this enough initial death however the death of the Nischelle death the self that conversion the steps that we're going to go through tonight really aren't going to do you any good. Need to have that an issue will conversion experience where you died to self and you've given everything that Jesus and so what we're about to share is for those who have taken that step or writing for those who have recognized that I was converted but man the old self comes back up you know when things happen when the old issues happen when similar circumstances happened that resemble my childhood and that not all spirit comes up what do I do with how do I deal with that. Well friends we daily encounter something called Temptation the Spirit of Prophecy describes it this way. Evils without awakened evils within such an accurate description and the real question is What do you do when you're tempted. How do we die then what do you do when it's someone's birthday at the office and someone brings one of those big pink boxes of simple little goodies and you've just been convicted about the definition of temperance that is completely absent from that which is harmful and moderation and that which is good and you're looking at those simple little goodies and you know there's all kinds of hydrogenated oils and processed sugars and red number forty and who knows what else is in there you know I know that's not for me and then someone comes up do with that big pink box and says what you like to try one. And the desirables up inside of you to be one and at that moment what do you do or what you do when it's Christmas time and you're doing last minute Christmas shopping and you've gone to the mall the biggest mistake in the world and you're driving around for ten minutes looking for a parking space and it is packed and you're wondering if you're ever going to get a space and then finally as you're driving down the aisle. Someone puts on their reversed lights and they start pulling out you say ah thank you get position you put on your blinker and as they're backing up their kind of blocking you as they are backing up to get out and someone comes around the corner and sneaks in and takes your parking spots at that moment. What do you deal what do you do when you find that your circumstances look hopeless. Maybe you have a certain goal in mind. Certain desire and it just looks like it's not going to happen at all what you do when you find out you have a health issue and your whole life has been turned upside down because you just got a report back from the doctor that things are not going well with D.L. What you do when you've been saving for a new car and then some big issue comes happens with your old car it takes all your savings away what do you do then or maybe it's one if you have a strained relationship with a family member and every time you think about them in your heart just sinks. What do you do at those times. Read this is important this is imperative because the people believe Christ words because he died and he rose the people believe Jonah's words because he died and he rose and the sinful world will believe our words when we know how to die and live in Jesus and Christ has a church on earth that knows how to consistently die to self and live and walk in Christ a power will fill this church that we have not witnessed since the day of Pentecost God has been emptied. Willing to change as a topic of victory important. The entire great controversy hinges on events so the past the victory can be summarized in five steps I hope you have something to write with I really encourage you to write these down these five steps and leave spaces in between as I'll be giving Bible verses and references for each step of go through this. I'll just list the steps once and then we'll go through them in detail. Got five step formula for victory. Away few seconds as I see many getting up papers of good. And before I get into it. Just want to say that I go through this just about every day this is my life but I'm about to share with you and this you know there are certain things in a Christian experience that are just game changers that just have completely transformed your Christian life maybe it was a seminar maybe it was a certain sermon you heard this from me this discovery has changed my whole Christian experience is been tremendous and I hope it does the same for you. Step number one. Cry out to God. Step number one. Cry out to God And again we'll go over these in detail after I summarize here. Step number to choose God's will step number to choose God's Will Step number three at MIT your weakness. Step number three is at MIT's your weakness. Step Number Four trust God's promises. Step Number four is trust God promises and that our last step step number five. Walk forward in the trust. Step five is walk forward in that trust. Friends if you faithfully follow these five steps it will open you up to the limited power of God in the moment of temptation. I'm practicing this and when I started practicing that if I stick physically to this I have victory victory over sense I haven't had a victory over really ever and this is a powerful process that let's start with the first one. Step number one. Cry out to God Notice Psalm eighteen and verse six it says in my distress I called upon the Lord and cried into my God he heard my voice out of his temple and my cry came before him even into. His ears friends if you cry out to God Is he going to hear you if you cry insincerity is your voice going to enter into the ears of God Almighty all the way in heaven yes or no. Absolutely yes if you cry to God all the way in his holy temple he will hear you. That's amazing. That's absolutely incredible and you know I found that half the battle is this step right here. Just remembering to go to God in the time of temptation Have you noticed that this is half the battle right here if you could just tackle this first step and learn to do the first step you will have done China Mendis things for yourself friends you know we don't do this very often because we have developed habits in our flesh of how to deal with temptation. We have develops habits in our carnal life of how to deal with temptation. There's multiple ways sometimes we just got a few more overt acts can't believe they did. Or we deny it now I'm not tempted with who that is good. Or we kind of just wrestle with it if you haven't ever done that are really just wrestle with it all by yourself. But friends if you could just stop in a minute Lee cry to God in the moment of temptation you will have accomplished half the victory right there and really you could say how powerful a Christian is has to do with how soon they turn to God when they're tempted right there how powerful you aren't Christian life really has mostly to do with how soon you turn to God when you're experiencing temptation and friends we need to form new habits. We have old habits of dealing with temptation. Old habits of the LNG with issues in our life we need to form new ones that direct our minds a media the to Jesus and the moments of temptation and once we have directed our minds toward seeking God to open to have power to overcome we are on the track to victory for but it's not over yet but you are on a course we could still drop the ball. Here however if we don't understand how to access has power that means is given us to do it so after we cry out to God we move to Step number two which is choose God's will. I love this Bible verse Joshua twenty four fifteen. Maybe some of you have these hanging in your home and your kitchen and if it seems even once to you to serve the Lord choose you this day whom you will serve whether the gods which your father served that were on the other side of the flood or the gods of the Emirates and who's landed well but as for me and my house we will serve who friends. We will serve the Lord. Friends the greatest power that God has given you is the power to choose do you realize that it's not the power to make money it's not the power to influence other people although those are very powerful things. It's the power to make decisions that is a tremendous power if you read in the self-help literature they they're all over this one the power of choice and the entire destiny essentially depends on what choices you make what choices do we make with our life it really makes the difference between the successful person in the room and person the wise men in the fullest man the segment of the last man. What choices do we make and what we're dealing with temptation you know we kind of mole over it don't we. We kind of say oh and I know what I said you know what I should do but I still feel like it and we waver back and forth between what our flesh is telling us what to do and what our conscious is telling us what to do. Read that we will never get victory in that mental state we need a solid decision a man we need to say I will not do X Y Z I will do A B. C. D. whatever it is we need a solid choice if you're being costs back and forth you're not an attractive victory you need to stop and you to ask yourself OK what would Jesus do what's God's will in the situation. Once you've understood it. Choose it I choose I will do this I determined to do this. Spirit of Prophecy says and Child Guidance page to a nine but the will of the governing power in the nature of man. Bringing all the other faculties under its way your will is the king friends your will is the king of your mind. Even above your emotions just because you feel something you don't have to do it did you know that test Hossam I mean you're not a slave to your emotions before conversion you were no options you felt that you probably were going to do it. Period of vengefully sooner or later but because your links to Jesus you could rise above that when you link your will with his divine will your will becomes literally supernatural and you can choose to do things that your body is telling you it does not want to do and when we are tempted we need to choose God's will but the process of victory isn't over yet there still more to go after we have made a solid choice. God I will do this or God I will not do that we move to Step number three at MIT's your weakness this is a beautiful illustration of this and Mark nine twenty four that man who said straight away the father of the child cried out and said with tears. Lord I believe help though my non-belief at such a relevant passages in it he believed he wanted to do God's will get he recognized in himself there was something that could not follow through with that decision and so now that you've made us all the choice to do God's will you have to do something completely unnatural you actually have to admit that you don't have power to follow through with that decision. Very interesting so so unnatural and this is the big point of contention in the world friends. Christ's righteousness are my own my robe or Christ room this is the. Big point where all of the self-help books. Totally messed it up all the things I mentioned they're fine with but right here no way they do not want to touch this we want to be told You can do it just just think the right words just just say the right doctor think the right thought see the right words you're in control. Just do this or that that's what everyone's saying that's what we want to be told what is Jesus say without me you can do nothing. There is not right just no not one of the friends we are so totally dependent on God for righteousness and it is our parts to put ourselves in the position to receive it and this is done by admitting on weakness and if we don't do this step we're going to try and do all our own and we're going to try to strike Israel tried all that the Lord had said we will do and how did that experience where Governor Israel not well at all and this step is so unnatural you pave the way it opens up to the unlimited power of God I love how the Spirit of Prophecy puts it nothing is apparently more helpless yet really more invent some Paul than the soul that feels its nothingness and realize holy on the merits of the Savior. Profound that is profound. So now that we have cried out to God we've chosen Lord I choose to do your will. Now we actually come to the place where we say Lord though I choose to do you will I can do a lot I know myself I'm a sinner I can't do this I admit my weakness and that sets us up to go to our next step step number four trust in God's promises is that this is really the pinnacle of the process friends this is where the power is this is where the right just misses and God's righteousness. Please follow me on this. God's righteousness. His Divine supernatural character is contained in his word. That's where it's been given to you in His Word so in one thousand one twenty three. Mine eyes fail for the self or the I solve a sion and for the word of the I just miss also songs one thousand verse eleven via word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against the and I we can't talk about the Word of God in the right distance without going to this passage I love this passage that computer one for whereby are given unto us. Exceeding great and precious promises that by these he might become a particle or of what friends the divine nature according to this passage how do you get how do you partake of the divine nature the precious promises the promises of the Word of God are the the vehicle that God has given you know to access his righteousness this his designated way of you becoming holy the Word of God and because Jesus suffered because he die because he bled you and I could become partakers with his now. Human divine life we can have that we can receive that and God's righteousness which we so desperately need is contained and given to us in His word and you know all the steps that we talked about before steps one through three they have all been to Paris for step for James one twenty one says that we need to receive with the maintenance then grafted word which is able to save our souls as James one twenty one. Receive with making a city engrafted word you know it's impossible for us to receive the word like we need to receive it to receive God's righteousness unless we do it with the making this. Proceed with the making us being grafted word which is able to save your souls but if we do receive it it will save our souls for us and it will save us from whatever temptation we are currently experiencing and it's actually by this process that Jesus himself overcame sin and his life this is a credible notice this mystery of healing. Page one eighty one the savior overcame the show man how he may overcome all the temptations of Satan. Christ met with the Word of God Notice this bite sure sting in God's promises he received power tool big God's Commandments and the temper could gain no advantage to every temptation his answer was It is written so God has given us His word. Where with to resist evil. Came believe that this is that I'm not telling you something that Christ himself did not submit himself to Christ himself had to go through this process to overcome when he was tempted by trusting and God's promises. Desire Of Ages page one twenty three. Christ has shown us by what means that the overcome in the conflict with the pin by the Word of God Notice all the by the word could he resist temptation it is written. Did you catch that only That's a very exclusive word friends all of the by the word could could have Jesus resisted and overcome temptation when he was here as a human and then again ministry of feeling one of the one bid attempted one. Look not to the circumstances to the weakness of self or to the power of temptation but to the power of God's word. All its strength is ours. You know I think it's very interesting in the late one nine hundred eighty S. ally told the church. That God had brought a very precious message through the servants of Jones and Wagner and that had the Church received that message it would have sanctified the church essentially and poured out a lot of rain and would come a very soon. It's interesting when you read in the books of those men they spend quite a bit of time focusing on the creative power of the word interesting and they bring out they hire late in that book that God's power has creative word not to transform you over a long period of time although we know there's something called Think of the cation but in the moment of temptation. Instantly to instantly give you power over a long create a time that would be evolution. Instantly that's creation not negating they didn't the get a sanctification as well but it can retreat this instantly. Now friends it's one thing to have a sword it's another thing to use it right to know how to use it. God has given us directions how to use the word of God One we're tempted and I'd like to go just over two points on how to use the word Point number one quote verses specific to your temptation. Quote verses specific to your temptation this is very important and we're actually following Christ example when we do this we see in Matthew Chapter four Jesus in the wilderness he's fasted forty days and the devil comes to tempt them the first temptation was for him to to turn stones into bread and you remember the Bible verse that he quoted to refute that it is written man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds of the mouth of God you know Jesus didn't quote just any old Bible verse you didn't quote one of the genealogies he quoted a very specific Bible verse to counter at that lie that the devil was tempting him with that exactly how you and I need to use the word of God. You and I ought to know what your common struggles are now they're different for all of us for a person ain't they struggle with this and that's not an issue for person B. but Person B. really struggles with this which is not an issue for person A You ought to know what your struggles are what your the areas where you stumble frequently and I say get a piece of paper write them down do it in private. Very down I struggle with a B. C. D. and then find a Bible verse or a series of Bible verses that specifically counter act the law that sin that temptation that specifically work against and fight against that issue that you're tempted with few tempted if you're tempted with lust. Say that all shall not caught if you're tempted with being cried full say humbled myself on the side of the Lord and He will lift you up fine in those Bible verses friends that specifically counter act that temptation that you commonly deal with and will probably have a list of temptation and a list of Bible verses not just that to do you think you're probably going to be sitting there with your Bible than your hand every time you're tempted probably not so what we need to do with the Bible verses we need to drill them and here you are to have those on speed dial you need to have those because what have you noticed when you're under temptation you're not a normal human being your kind of paralyzed you know it's not a normal would be interesting if someone did studies and look at the chemistry of people while they're under temptation of actually been reading a book or talk about it it's fascinating we're in a in a stressed like state and we're not normal people and so you really need to have that thing on speed dial. Memorize friends very very well. Those passages of Scripture that specifically. Counteract those temptations that you're dealing with and not just that. Speak it if you're in a place and setting where you can do so speak it out loud. Romans ten versus five through eight this is a compact important passages it brings up this point notice what it says. Paul talking about the two forms of righteousness he says for Moses describe with the right to snooze which is of the law that the man which do with those things shall live by them but the right just in a switch is by of faith speak it on this was saying and I in heart who shall ascended to heaven that is to bring Christ down from above. Or who shall descend into the deep that is to bring Christ up again from the dead but what say is that the word is not a the even and by what friends mouth and and I Heart which is the word of free that is the Word of Faith which we preach that's a mind blowing concept Are you grasping what this verse is bringing out friends the Word of God the power of God where is it. If you're Christian if you're walking by faith. It's in your heart and in your mouth. The power to overcome sin is one Bible verse away and your mouth but it has to be the Word of Faith can't be your word you have to be relying on Christ power as you call that and that's a credible we don't have to go up to heaven to bring prices down we don't have to go into the deep to bring him up if in your heart in your mouth but it has to be the Word of Faith. Well lying on God's power that's in his word what I realize this it will I mind it's right if I believe that if I say it's God give me the power this is his ordain method this is what he's told me to do I can overcome cinema life and once we've done that once we've quoted God's word read a line on that word to give us power to overcome our last up when I realized this I actually started laughing it was so. Simple I couldn't believe it was forward. Just walk forward to live as if that bible verse were true live as if you believe with all your heart that that bible verse is true. So you've cried out to God You've chosen his will you have admitted Lord I can't do it you quoted a Bible verse relying on his power now what do you do you just move forward. Just live as if that bible verse is true so let's say or at the office again and someone got those that pink box of simple goodies in your face you look at that and instead of dealing with it all on your own you start talking with God Lord I'm being tempted but here we are. God help me and then make a decision I will not eat these i've been convicted I'm not going to eat these. But then remember we don't have the power to admit Lord I I'm going to call these up if you don't do something I know what I'm going to I'm going to eat these sinful goodies then quote a Bible verse I can do all things through Christ that strength anatomy and then step number five lives like that bible verse is true. Look at that person in the face and say you know think you can turn around and walk away or walking away from the sinful goodies and relish and enjoy the victory that God is giving to you and this is Gods are doing nothing and if you can think of all those steps if you're just in the moment of temptation you kind of freeze up if you have to remember just one step. It's this quote a Bible verse just quote that bible verse if you can think of all these other ones you know sometimes it takes you out to take to get the sound to develop these habits I highly recommend going all through all five of these steps but if you can't remember them and you're just paralyzed and you're tempted Co a Bible verse and rely on the Bible verse remember the one that you've memorized for your specific temptation. I love how the Spirit of Prophecy puts it before I get to that. Do you realize that every miracle that Christ performed in his life. Every person who he healed supernaturally they were healed by him by them simply believing and acting on his word. Let's take the man at the pool of but that's death for example. Sitting there crippled who knows how many years he was crippled. Thirty eight years a very good we have some astute Bible students here he was crippled thirty eight years. Jesus came over to him and stooped over that man who was probably the most we're told who was the most pitiful the the worst shape of all those people around the pool and he told him Get take up your bed and walk without the Word of God that was the Word of God and that man simply believed he believed and he trusted in that word and he the audacity of this man he actually attempted to get up and walk after being crippled for thirty eight years that's how much he believed and as he did it I love how the Spirit of Prophecy put that desire of ages two or three every nerve and muscle of reals with a new life and healthful action comes to his crippled limbs the man might have stopped the doubt and lost his one chance of healing but he believed Christ word and acting upon it. He received strange That's how Christ that's how every person that was healed of a physical disease was healed in the Gospels you know that's exactly how we're to be healed of our spiritual diseases this is how we're healed of our spiritual diseases simply believing the word of Christ and acting and living as if it were true and when we say trust God's word fully and we walk based on that word. Christ's righteousness literally becomes our Can you say a man is that powerful is that beautiful that the right distance of Jesus literally. Becomes ours. OK there's one last up this is what I think is important I didn't include in the five but is very important. Thank God you know sometimes you need to think God even before you get the victory. Member Joseph at how he was going out to battle and before they even got to the battle there praising God for the victory sometimes you need to think God before the victory even comes you're still feeling tempted Lord thank you for giving me this process thank you for giving it a victory over this and thank the Lord. OK summary are five steps one we need to do what. Cry out to God to we need to choose God's will very good three I've met your weakness for sure us in God's promises and fire. Walk forward in surest And then lastly don't forget to thank the Lord we take time to ask. We take time to think a man have friends when you obtain the victory it is sweet and there will be times you'll be like that man at the pool but that is the who is getting up walking like he's walking on air. I can't believe I'm walking away from the sinful goodies This is amazing. I gobble them up every time I'm different and I have great very Disney is praise the Lord is going to be like you're walking on air at times but friends when your emotions are desiring to do one thing and you decide to do the opposite in obedience to God's Will something happens your flesh begins to be put to death and it hurts. Has anyone noticed that when you choose to go against what your flesh is telling what to do and you choose to do God's will to her you know that's why in the Bible it's called death just like physical death usually involve some kind of physical pain right. So spiritual death usually involves some kind of spiritual pain it's going to come at a cost. It's going to hurt. So therefore this is where desire and motivation of really have to kick in because people don't suffer for nothing but I've noticed something people are reeling to suffer for things that are worth it to him and a woman in here have any children the perfect example I have been the millions and millions of times every year that one of those painful experiences a human being could probably go through. Yet women do it they even tried to get pregnant why because they want the baby it's worth it for them. What about a husband that goes to a very unfulfilling maybe even a very difficult job to provide for his family. Painful it's not fun but he does it. Why because it's worth it. It's worth of ten he does it because of what he's getting what he's getting out of it is worth it to him. Friends therefore when giving God the glory when housing victory in your life. Mean everything to you you're going to be willing to die. You'll be willing to do its you'll be willing to do whatever it takes you'll be willing to suffer to have the victory over sin and you will have the victory. Therefore this is where motivation and desire need to come in and you know where we need to get our motivation and desire for him to take a good hard look at the cross I don't have this call here I probably should include it at some point but there's a passage in after the Apostles were told when Paul would be discouraged when Paul would be having a difficult time when the road just seem too hard for him. We're told that he would take a good hard look at the cross and he would see what Jesus did for him and he would gain strength from that he would gain encouragement from that he would have divine energy by looking at the cross of Jesus and friends when we look and we see Jesus hanging on that cross for suffering bleeding dying so that we can have victory. When we see that he was put into bondage that you could go free. When we see that he loved us when we were at our lowest when you were a nobody Christ died for you and he loves you still. When we realize and we win we can picture him in our mind going step by bloody step. Stumbling till God got the knowing in your heart that it's love for you that's driving him to do it when you see Jesus and your heart is able to grasp that reality that divine truth you are you will not ask friends Lord was the least I could give but just a lot there's nothing too great to to give up for you there is nothing too great to hold that view but like the apostle Paul you'll declare I have counted all things but last to actually see of knowing Jesus and to count them but loves there but don't tell me to know Jesus Christ it was so and wraps you friends it will give you the motivation that you need friends if we understand anything about what it means to live in last days we understand the victory as I'm just it's a must for hands but there's good news. God has provided a way the whole way has been provided for Hugh. Christ's righteousness is a vailable to you not one need remain in sin not one need fall of temptation. Christ has provided a way and when God's Church on earth. Learns how to consistently die to self and lives to Jesus the church will be filled with the power that has not been witnessed since the day of Pentecost. Friends that's going to happen to this church are you going to be a part of that you can be why not. God is calling as you have been given the freedom of choice. Your circumstances your heritage your background your upbringing they don't hold you back. Their challenges but you can do it. To be a part of that group if you choose to if you desire to know. As we close we're going to sing a closing him together but as we do as we sing a closing him and I do of our singers to come up at this point perhaps there are struggles that you're dealing with and you know because this particular struggle in your life you need the victory over it it's this issue in your life that gets you time and time again maybe it even multiple issues but you know that you are dealing with something in your life and you want God to give you power to start walking through these five steps to victory. Friends if you desire God's special help if there is something specific in your life that you want God to give you health and victory over as we sing and by two to come up to the front I'd like to have special privilege. Let's all stand together as we sing our closing him and as we sing please come to the front of the social care of this media was brought to you by audio proves a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more sermon leave Visit W W W dot audio person dot org.


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