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Fire in My Bones

Kurt Osena


Kurt Osena

Assolciate Pastor of the Collegedale Korean Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • August 8, 2015
    11:15 AM
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I'm so thankful that song really touched my heart. I really didn't know that when we cry or when we heard Jesus sympathizes with a man he cares for us he understands what we're going through you understand what we need and it's a wonderful thing to know that you can in the mostly played in the heavenly century. As our High Priest has gone through the same experiences that we have gone through and any time we need help the Bible says we just need go to a throne of grace and it is there that we will find mercy. So I was really thankful for that. That song actually touched me. Today we're going to be talking about witnessing in the time a message is fire in my bones. When the thing is crucial for the Christian experience that truth with a thing is not something that we limit it to a mission trip or it's not something that we do once a month. Right when the thing should be something that we do on a day to day basis as Christians God has called each and every one of us to be witness it's written right that's when he says that you are the light of the world he has called each and every one of us to share the gospel truth to share the most this huge Truth with a dime world and don't want to talk about witnessing this morning. I want to talk about why is witnessing important but I also want to talk about how we can have as Christians how we can have that personal strong desire to witness to our neighbors the people around us. So before we get into this morning's message or like us the bar head toward a prayer precious Heavenly Father I'd like to thank you so much that you have brought us into this church at this time I'd like to thank you that you have a message that you want all of us to hear and I include myself in that because I know that even when I speak Sometimes you surprise me with different truths and you teach me new things. And Father I believe that you have a strong desire this morning to share with us something that's on your heart and so is my prayer that as we all tune in I pray for your Holy Spirit to be the one that is preaching this morning. I pray that the Holy Spirit would give us the message that would encourage us that wouldn't fire. So get off from our pews and to do the wonderful work that you have called us to do. Father we are all professed bibles of Jesus we are all professed Christians and we want to do it. We want to do things for you we want to serve you a father we know that sometimes we it's hard for us to even have the desire to do it. And so this morning I pray that as we talk about the significance of witnessing I also want to pray that Lord you please help me through your words to be able to share a word of encouragement something that would inspire something that was sparked something in our heart to want to go up to the highways and byways and just finish the squirt bottle we know of that and it's very near yesterday whole I come quickly and bother with that in mind I just pray Lord that we would really do something about that they would act by faith that we would hate them the second coming of Jesus and so it is my sincere prayer that father you would preach the message it's morning may hide behind the cross of Calvary and your Holy Spirit be present in this place. I pray in Jesus' name in it. So we're talking about witnessing again witnessing is not limited to a mission ship or it's not something that we do once a week we witness on a day to day basis because that's what God calls for us to do and to share with you a story at the end of this sermon that was so powerful as I read through it and it fired me to just really start praying that God would put salt in my direction that I would be able to witness the people doing it today not just the one person but more than that. I really pray that my life will be a witness to everyone that is around me but everything that I think with everything that I do I pray that I would witness or heaven and I pray the same for each and every one of us. But if you have a Bible this morning let's go ahead and turn our Bible to Jeremiah chapter twenty. We're going to be looking at Jeremiah this morning and Jeremiah Chapter twenty is a very powerful chapter. It goes into the life of Jeremiah in which there was a time where he was placed into prison but in Jeremiah chapter. Actually let's go ahead and look at Jeremiah Chapter nineteen just for the sake of context. Jeremiah was a prophet that was called. When he was in is when he was about twenty years old and that's the same age as many of you here. But God has placed the responsibility of him being a prophet at this time and during this time he was just dying to those who were injured or those who were in Jerusalem and it was indeed during this time that that that God's people were not in good shape spiritually speaking and in Jeremiah Chapter nineteen looking at verse three we find here some words that God gives to Jeremiah to preach or to share with those who are in attendance and look at verse three the Bible said and say Here you see the word of the lord of kings of Judah inhabitants of Jerusalem. Does the LORD of hosts the God of Israel Behold I will bring evil upon the play the witch who suffered serious ear shot single verse more because they have protected me and have a strange place and have burnt intent in unto other gods who neither they nor their fathers have known though the kings of Juda house filled the plate with the blood of innocent first by they have built also the high place the bale to burn their sons with fire for burnt offerings and to bill which I commanded not nor spake it neither changed it into my mind Therefore behold the date can thank the Lord that this place show no more be called tofu nor the bowing of the son of Hinnom But the valley of slaughter. So these are the words that God wanted Jeremiah to prophesied about he wanted to speak these words and these words really are strong right this is strong language here but the reason why God wanted to give Jeremiah these words is because he wanted to give a short warning to the inhabitants in the place that listen you need to wake up you need to realize what you are doing. It's an abomination. During this time you know they were getting involved in the tree. But it was so intent that they would even be crucifying their own children or sacrificing their own children before they died and godless thing then is that what it's going on. Why are you doing that. I have clearly stated in my words that this is wrong that this is something that you should not be participating in. I don't know if she's a thin isn't and so here Jeremiah had to reach the powerful words she had to give these words of reproof to the people. Notice what at that and notice what it says something on the diverse Bevan and it will make boy the count of Judah and Jerusalem in its place and I will cause them to fall by the poor before their enemies by the hands of them that their lives and their carcasses will I give the meat to the thousand had in it would be the year I will make this easy death Clinton hitting every one that passes thereby shall be astonished and says because of all the plates and it will cause them to eat the flesh of their sons in the flesh of the daughters. Every one question their friend and ease the straightness where with their enemies and they that seek their lives shall straighten them first and then shout you break the bottle in the sight of men that go with you and shall claim to them Thus saith the Lord even so will I break this people in this city as one brick at the Potter's vessel that cannot be made whole again and they shall vary in fact that there are no place to bury so goes on further here Jeremiah not only did he have to profit by these words but he also had to take what was called at last and he had to take this class and throw it on the ground and it would shatter and that would represent the judgment that it's going to be fall upon the people because of their continuous stubbornness in their sin but you see my friend this property with the condition of property you know God never want any judgment to befall upon its people. But sometimes you've got to allow a judgment to fall if they continue in persistently being stubborn against his will in fact notice what it doesn't. Jeremiah eighteen actually talks about how do you tell God that if a nation turns around if they turn from there. Way then the judgments will not default on them and so God in giving that this warning message he was it was his intention to cause people to turn around to turn from their wicked ways and turn to the living God. Jeremiah took a twenty looking at verse one knows what the Bible said Now how sure the thought of him or the chief the priest who was also chief governor in the house the Lord heard that Jeremiah profit by these things. So here we have that man whose name is Tasha where he is a son of a priest and he is also known as the chief governor and the governor that time was close to the High Priest and rank was close the high priest in rank and so here he is this is a passion or a church clear and he overhears that that that that there is this prophet Jeremiah and he's preaching strong words against the kingdom and He hears his words and look what happens in verse to the Bible than Patterson. Jeremiah the prophet put him in the stocks that were in the high gate of Benjamin which was by the House of the Lord and they came to pass and while that caught your brother or Jeremiah out of the stocks. What's happening here. Cashier overhears. What's going on Jerry might prompt the rebuke. Strong words and he feared it and immediately she has Jeremiah put into stocks now stocks What is it that I started. I don't really I can't really visualize what it looks like but I was reading in on to it and it I was being basically learned that stock if you were placed in stocks you be placed in a position that is very uncomfortable to be placed in the position your body would be in an awkward position and it would be painful be agonizing to be torture and so sheer pastor he put them in this box where they where they believe he was there for about a night for four nights so here is the proper Lord God gave them a message if you could they profit I was to preach and that is a warning to the God's children but oh. All of a sudden all of a sudden we see here that he gets placed into prison and placed in prison. Jeremiah has its really interesting experience he sort of wrestles with God and I want you to notice what it does in Jeremiah Chapter twenty looking at verse seven. Jeremiah Chapter twenty looking at verse seven the Bible says oh lord you have deceived me and I was deceived you are stronger than I and had to prevail. I am in derision. Hello David. Everyone market me when I cry out I cried violent and poor because the words of the Lord would mean to reproach and to me and a derision daily. So here Jeremiah he just experiences of all night of being in an awkward position being tortured by that man named pastor of the church leader who should be supporting him and here he is using that you've basically conversing with God He can they got anything you have you have to seize me you are stronger than I You have prevailed over me. You can tell that he's really struggling with his relationship with God really questioning what's going on here. Why am I in that position right now. She should and shouldn't think be different should should I not be in prison right now. Should you be taking care of me protecting me. So here's a strong language coming out of Jeremiah. But there are something that happen or I would assume going through the thought that it is conversing with God I want you to notice what it what happened next in verse nine. The Bible that the night that I will not make mention of him nor speak anymore in his name so he repeats like he pretty much really discourage right to keep coming to the point where he's like Should I just give up right now should I just not speak of your name and knows what I can do is on the table but his word was in my heart as a burning fire shut up in my bowl. And I was with or Barry and I could not stay in the park period even though the battle this struggle its mental battle with God and yet on the brink of about to give up but for some reason he said those words but it word was in my heart at the burning fire shut up in my bones and I would swear we were preparing and I could not be germ I was coming to the conviction that in spite of the fact that I'm suffering right now in spite of the fact that I had just spent an entire night in the stock in spite of the fact that I have been struggling here with the state of the truth I cannot deny that God's Word is true I cannot deny that God has this purpose for me at this time and so he said those words that the Word of God is like and are within its heart she could not resist the strong conviction that this is what God had called him to do at that very time and beloved this is really I believe the reason why also God called him into the ministry because perhaps god belief or God first thought that Jeremiah had that in him that you had that you know even though he would go through all the trials and contingent and the difficulty that the prophet he knew that Jeremiah had this strong will. He had this strong heart to want to go about his father's business and as I'm reading this I was just thinking to myself Do I have that type of heart. Do I have the same heart that Jeremiah has here that you know when I go through those my trials my temptations I might one day you don't but God's word is like a fire burning within my heart of it like names within within my bones I had absent I thought the question is that what I experience do I have. I have the same heart as Jeremiah. So as those reading through this passage I wanted to ask the question Well number one we're going to talk about why it's important but I also want to address why or how is it that we can have that desire that urge that Jeremiah had to go out and to profit by in spite of the fact that people would do him wrong. You know I think that many times the reason why we don't witness the reason the reason why we don't go out there with boldness and confidence telling others about Jesus I believe is because we are worried about the consequences of doing so you know I don't know about you I know for me personally that that was definitely a challenge for me when I was first asked to you know go out and start things to preach a message for example or to go a lot into the street into cabinet or to Bible work whenever I would be asked to do that you know there is always the questions I go to my mind what if what if what if. Right I don't know about you but questions like what if what if I get rejected right. What if what if I'm giving that bible study or an at the door and I'm sharing the truth that here in my hand what if the person just doesn't want to receive it. What if they reject me. Or what if they what if in rejecting me they start a foul language towards me. I never one day I was at a door. Yeah because when I first times out camping and I open the door and I'm like that you know the kids try to canvass and all the sudden like I'm trying to have someone write like you know and he likes to pretty much tells me to get off the line. It's like reading me like they are going to take you down if you don't get up. I remember after that experience is like Oh I wouldn't ready for that right. But he was going to take my life it's got a kid's face from me. But oftentimes it is those things that come into our mind and we asked the question what if what if what. What if I forget what I'm supposed to pay when I'm in the middle of a Bible study you know what if I'm going to my note that my notes just don't make sense. What if something like that happens or Proust you may ask the question what if I ask what if I ask or they ask me a question that I cannot answer your thought about before. What if I am out there witnessing our I'm talking to someone about Jesus and they ask me a crucial for important question and I just don't have the words to say I believe that the reason why we don't witness doesn't work it's because we are afraid of the consequences but you know Ellen White says you know that we should choose the right because it is right and the consequences of God and when the thing is the right thing to do with not God has called us to be women that it that is our commission and because it is the right thing and the right there is that we are asked to leave the consequences of God If God told you to do something. Number one he'd been equip you to do it. But also number two he's going to be there as you do it and then so we should not be afraid of winning but we should be encouraged to witness because they witnessing it is how we change the lives of others and help them find you wise when you think important or a couple quotes I want to share with you from that kind of inspiration that's once found in Sutton when he's following me. Page forty seven thirty two that God called upon every church member to enter his service. Truth that is not that is not imparted to others. Lou did it life giving power if you mean virtue. Very powerful word. L. like that number one. All church members every church member should be participating in a servant of God So there's an excuse anyone. We have all been called Whether whatever background you have in life you're against it if you're a nurse if you are an engineer if you're working in southern somewhere and God has called you. One of us to be about his business to serve but it's very interesting she said that is not live that is not imparted to others. Lou did it life giving power its healing virtues all of that not only is it important for us to witness for the sake of saving souls but when the thing is important for our sake because if we do not impart to others the truth that we have been given as a troops then what can happen. The truth blue light giving power to love and healing virtue. So what this thing is a very important thing for each and every one of us to do. Christ object weapon. Page three fifty four Paragraph two said that every effort made for Christ will react and blessing upon others. If we use our mean towards glory she will give us more beautiful when you go about doing its work when you go see you when you finally start the constant to go share the truth that you know even though it is small there are the problem is that God will abundantly bless you with so much more and I have found that to be true when I would give a Bible study even though I'm nervous or what I would preach even though I'm very nervous. God always let me was so much more truth to share with others and so beloved We should not be afraid to share it because you feel like you don't know enough witness so that you can no more because God want to bless you with more knowledge and bless you with the guilt that to do this work continues on as we speak to when others decry bearing the burden of souls in our prayers. Our own heart will throb with the quickening influence of God's grace our own affections will glow with more divine for our whole Christian life will be more of a reality more earnest more prayerful you've ever asked yourself the question why is it that my Christian experience the dead. Why is it so dry. Why did I feel like I'm advancing or moving forward in my Christian experience will get the answer right here if we are witnessing. If we arm. Parking others the truth that we have been given if we are doing the work of evangelism she talked about how our heart will drop with the quickening influence of the Holy Spirit. She continues on to say that or actions will go with divine purpose our whole Christian life will be more of a reality. Have you ever felt like your Christian experience is just that if you get involved in the work of God Your Christian experience to become vibrant will become more of a reality. You'll be more earnest and you will be more for the beloved if we are cutting off that element in our Christian experience of witnessing. We are cutting off that life giving power that the truth want to give to our the truth to give to us and that's human virtue which it provides and I believe that another reason why we don't share the truth part in the fact that you're afraid of what people are going to bear the consequences. I believe oftentimes we are afraid to share the truth perhaps because we don't believe that the Gospel is really good news. What I mean by that anytime you receive good news right. What is the first thing you want to do you want to tell people about it right for the living they get engaged on edge cutting stage I'm going to tell my family my friends that I'm about to get married right. Or do you have to receive the news that I just passed my M. cat my deity might help that or whatever trapped there is if you just have to accept the first thing you want to do is say I'm going to talk to someone about it this is good news I'm going to tell the world or some of us that we just got a new job or promotion we automatically want to tell someone about it. But why do you think the case that when we hear the Gospel preached how come we don't do the same thing with the Gospel when we hear the word the got call in our company to our year didn't come true mine why isn't that we don't go out and start telling people about it. Could it be that we don't truly believe that the gospel is good news. All of that I grew up in the dump they have a mistress and I thought a distinct difference from what I like from the years before I was nineteen years after I was my conversion of age in one thousand and one first and I go to church I you know I read the Bible not like I would like really like other than a theologian or thing but I read the Bible like I used to for devotions are different things like that but for some reason I was you know thinking about other countries and it's not that why what would the difference you know why was it that I'm so more so much more excited now and then a double It was it was only because of the age of nineteen that I realized that the truth actually would make a difference in my life. It wouldn't so I got things in one nine hundred that my conversion experience that I finally tasted the gospel for myself I personally had an experience with God and it was not until that conversion experience that I would like you know forget everything else I'm going to tell people about Jesus. But here's the thing. Before I was nineteen when I read the Bible would just be like reading another novel be like another book so how is it that you and I how does all of us can have it explained by Jeremiah the Word of God because Byron our hearts like a choir within our bones believe it it's very simple the Bible says thirty four verse eight and see that the war is what it's good blatted or happy with the men that trusted in him. What do we need to do we need to have a personal experience with them. It did by having a personal experience with God and His Word that we can understand that the Gospel truly indeed is good news and let me give you example the Bible says in the book of Psalms Chapter one thousand nine hundred eleven A good by word have I hid in my heart that I may not. Then again maybe you know one of the reasons why I was so inspired to tell people what the truth of this word of the Bible why I was so excited about wanting to go out and do the work like have a team like like you know good doing that like hard work like why why did I have that experiment why did I have that fire within my heart. Beloved one thousand nine hundred eleven I work have a hit in my heart that I must and again the you know when I start going out of work when I start from a kid and I start to realize that their IT power and it hurt when I start to realize that the Word of God Would changing my life that when I start to realize truly the gospel the good and the guy will change is the Bible. It's powerful and when you have the personal experience with God get what you are going to go out to the highway the byways you can go on to the top of the hill you going to yell out he came to he come the thing that we need to have a personal experience with God The Bible teaches that the Lord is good blood in the man. That trust in him and you know it's interesting going to hear much of the one Jeremiah chapter one how the jury might start to develop that burning within its heart. How did you get excited about the truth. How do you respond to it calling at the prospect of a jury might after one looking a verse or through a German chapter one looking at verses or three and I want you to notice what the Bible that here and when you get there if you could just give me an amen. All right Jerry much of the one looking at verses or two eight the Bible that then the word of the Lord came at the meeting place of one being in the belly I knew you and before you came It's more that the womb I think the five in Aberdeen be a profit on to the nation then I'll Lord God Behold I cannot speak for I am a child. Very interesting we know that. Part believe being a prophet was placed on the shoulders of Jeremiah but when he was called a young age being around twenty years old when he was called his first response was not yes Lord here I am. Then the right people the Lord I cannot speak I'm but a you I'm just a young person. How can you call me to such a great responsibility a high calling. How can I be a prophet to the name of making the first seven. But the Lord didn't to me. They not I'm a trial for you shall go to all that I shall spend whatsoever commanded our Southie Be not afraid of their fates. I am with you to deliver the day at the LORD your God given the reassurance of Hey I'm calling you and don't worry I'm going to be with you. I mean equip you I'm going to go with you wherever you dart that you go to do this work. But here's my question how is it the Jeremiah was able to hold back to a cult. How would that he was able bind of all the terror that was before it in spite of all the growth that were before him and by the whole of the challenges that were before him. How is that the gem I was able to continue to move forward at the prophet. Let's turn to Jeremiah Chapter fifteen versus Jeremiah to fifteen and verse of the Bible. How am I How did you do that how were you able to just have that experience of fire burning within your heart that your magic the fifteen looking at first. The Bible reads your first day to me that the Lord you are gone backward therefore I stretch out my hand against you destroy that is not the verse. All right Jeremiah and I was in fifteen first sixteen outburst Dec first sixteen by Wordsworth. Around and I did what I eat and I work on the me the joy and rejoicing of my heart for I am called by your name. Oh Lord God of home. How was a beloved that Jeremiah even at the early age he was able to respond to the calling of a prophet. How was it they would be able to continue to maintain that that is how will be able to be guided about the truth. Beloved he had a theory it was God's Word and the word to Jeremiah whereas the food and he ate to be partook of the word and the word as with food right when it's something it becomes a part of you that are true. What you see is what you want and so when Jeremiah was eating on God's word and spiritual sense when he was dying the Word of God when he was wouldn't have been time communion with God That is how the word of God when he can and I believe that is the reason why he had that burning in his heart I believe that many of the reason why we don't have that strong urge it's because we are just saying we're just content with acting on God where we don't want to speak on God's Word we don't want to have meal time with Jesus right. We just want a verse from Proverbs or calm or were content with that into one sermon every week. But it is when we have a person that God's word and that that truth when the truth changed a lot of that is why we will have that same experience of Jeremiah that even when you get you know people throw rocks at you even though people are persecute you or warn you or negative words to you you're going to have the desire to fret board. Why because you know that the Word of God is true and because you know it's true it can be true for someone else as well you meant that the only volume page ninety three graphic to bio that wherever church. Doubtless it is the church the church right the well established church all members should engage actively in missionary work. They should visit every family in the neighborhood and know their spiritual condition about it when I was green at all but what am I doing you know. God is calling us to go to home with home to visit with people to talk with them to mingle with them to tell him what the truth is on a perfect Christian how to engage in this work from the time when their names were first played in the church but there would not now be a touch of widespread unbelief but subject of iniquity such unparalleled paralleled within it as being in the world at this present time. If church if every church member had not to enlighten others thousands upon thousands with today and with God commandment keeping people you know we see a lot of issues happening in the world today right here on the news you need every day right. That in the View Kate we can witness all of what she did. Part of the reason that there is so much wickedness in the world today that there was so much widespread violence beloved is because we are not doing the work that God has called to do. Yet this is true that it's inevitable that there are signs of the times that things like that will happen but it's you that there are more. There's so much weakness in the world as you said that there's so much winking at because God's Church is not wake and we're not doing the work that we've been commissioned to do if we had been thousands upon thousands would again with God commandment keeping people in the close of that last story the story about a man whose name was John no can hide what the name John Nelson Hyde and John Nelson Hyde was a huge American it's American he was born I don't know if you were born to you or his father was a Presbyterian minister. And this young man at an early age had this desire to go all out across the crust would be to India and he wanted to be and he wanted to be a missionary for God and so he had this strong vision that dream this vision and so one day he had the opportunity there. And though he and four others five missionaries in total they went out to say I can never exactly the place but at the plate. India where nearly one million there were nearly one million Christian non-Christian. Right so he goes into that they go into place with a God who hasn't really been preached and they go there with the intention of making a difference. They go there with the intention of being sold one for the kingdom but their initial experience there or John there was a little disappointed in you that revival that he had hoped for he didn't expect it or you that thousands and thousands will be converted that they would accept the God of truth that they would go into the baptism of thing they he thought that that was going to take place when he got there he would get the pointed and so that was one experience working with a little bit encouraged because there were eight located person who decided they wanted to be baptized they were in the small village and they decided you know that Scott will think there's something to it. Why don't we go to make a decision for the Gospel and so they accepted Jesus into the lives and they were baptized and he writes about that he was encouraged that they start growing. John as he was ministering out there in India he had a lot of challenges and one of the biggest thing when the biggest challenges for him was that he couldn't relate with the people too well because he didn't really see what it really went with the language he understood it he could speak just a little bit and part of the reason why he had to struggle with learning the language was because he was partially deaf and so he had a difficult time with hearing people and and communicating with people and so he was thinking you know gosh how are you going to use me how might you be able to be a missionary. So now it's a challenge but in eight hundred ninety nine he began to do something different in his experience. John knelt and decided to start praying intensely I just prayed like God thank you for waking me up this morning. Thank you for this meal. But he prayed intently for the salvation of souls and so he started praying and he would do all my prayer session right praying to God earnestly just right just just struggling over the names of all and then what happened is an eighteen or nineteen or a team start having that prayer experience of in one nine hundred four because he prayed that much he joined what is called the Punjab prayer Union which was the way they had formed at this convention in this place that I cannot pronounce but is not now known in Pakistan and Pakistan and they were in the convention and there was this conviction on on their heart that they wanted to start this job fair union and so what they would do is they would pray every day thirty minutes praying for a Bible reparation. So he was actually one of the prayer leaders of that of this group but in the one nine hundred eighty four years later he go to the convention and he gets convicted even more that prayer is the key to making a difference in his life and it is going to be either going to give him result in his witnessing and so nineteenth OK John Nelson she did what convicted him from then and he made the decision that I'm going to pray for one every day. In other words I'm going to pray that God would give me one goal to win for the kingdom. Just one. So we prayed one nine hundred eight he began to pray he prayed every day earnestly I'm kind of an all night in prayer asking God God today's a new day. Give me one goal you know what happens year later he added four hundred souls to his name. More than a year. Every day God bless him with us all to when he got encouraged by that and then the following year she decided to pray for to stall the day and so he prayed earnestly that God doesn't have such a great work for me last year. Just give me all the data. Double it that's what happened to double to eight hundred the following year and the other side is the result and you keep doing it right don't want to move in and so he continued to pray in one nine hundred ten at that time he'd call frame hide a given nickname for a hide because you know intended for and by the way there's one time working with frame and tell him what kind of struck back by intent for life. That one time he was praying a lot is like give me the old oh god or I die. The people are like you know and they go to prayer there. But he prayed he prayed earnestly one nine hundred ten he made a commitment to prepare for school a day and God bless tremendously and everything that you know it's not about the numbers but I thought I might help her. How many schools are you wouldn't win for the team. How many people can you think of in your mind in which you are making an impact in your life that you are changing their lives for the better. What difference are you making with the people that are your church the people that are right where you're working at. What difference are you making wherever you go. Are you Ernest for the salvation of souls you know through this or we find here that God wants to bless a god is willing to bless that he's wanting to use but the only thing is like we aren't earnest about it and hear about it and so I was thinking about the story I wanted to take my Christian experience to new heights and I've been praying and I'm still thinking about what God wants me to do but. I know for me myself personally that something needs a change. I know for myself personally that I want to make a difference in this world today. I don't want to just go through day by day being busy with school being busy with work in the glass in the very calling of my life and beloved I hope that the same desires and your heart. I hope that you would have that desire in your own mind. Like John Milton to be like you know one little a day is not too much but that's true. Once all you meet so many people in the day can shoot at from one person to make a difference. And so my P. was very simple. How many you want to take your Christian experience to another level. How many of you want to have a prayer life where you going to God even tonight or today going to add God God I want to make a difference. You may not ask for us all the day but God I just I want to change someone's life even this year I want to I want to make a difference perhaps you've never done it before perhaps never given by the state. Perhaps you've never witnessed all that take the love of God that simple question God can you quit me and you give me the ability to make a difference in someone's life. How many want to do that this morning for that day. Human beloved I'm on the same page you know I really want to make a difference in people's lives not that I can go into like a look at all just in one but I want to be sold in the kingdom of heaven because there are people perishing around the people that are even Christians that profess Christianity but are struggling deep down inside and the love we have a church here that could make a difference in their lives. Let our heads were to pray Father in heaven we thank you so much for your work. Thank you for the life of Jeremiah which brings its inspiration we thank you for the life of John Melton the praying Hyde who showed that it is still possible to win souls if we just and so far I want to pray in a special way for each and every soul that is in this room. For each and every one that has responded to the appeal I pray that you would give us that the dire within our hearts. Then you would give us the burning within our heart that choir would burn within our bones. We've got a message that it would be good news and that we want to tell as many people as possible. Father I don't know what work commitment my friends here have made for you in their minds or what they plan on doing. As far as it bringing their persistence another level but I pray that you can victors you can convince that that you would be too hard to speak your mind and then you would give us the appropriate challenge but also I pray for those that may not even have a desire for witnessing to Maine who may be getting here today perhaps kind of indifferent or just didn't really know if they want to read it that the gospel I just want to pray that you would reveal yourself to them that you would personally come down that you would have them have an experience with you that they would taste and that you were good and so fathers who believed in this place to pray for your blessing. You pray that you could go with us and that you would face your words in our mouth like you did for Jeremiah and many of the other prophets and I pray Father that regardless of what happens regardless of the consequences what people may say or how people may look at us or what changes in the life as a result of preaching the truth. I pray that we leave the consequences within and that we were just completely for our life. My media was brought by a website dedicated spreading God's word to bring sermon audio and much more if you would like about your life.


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