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Tim Riesenberger

Emergency room physician in the Seattle area



  • December 20, 2007
    9:30 AM
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it is very true that in times of express in times of desperation at times when you have lost everything in your life is very easy to turn to God is not when you have no answers from your doctor when you have no answers from your pastor when your own parents on the what's going on when perhaps you yourself don't know what the problem is you turn to God now I can tell you that that is true in the medical field I see twenty to forty patients every day and the reason they come to see me principally as they want to know what's wrong right or they want relief of pain and they do know what's wrong those are two common reasons that I see people in the emergency room for what you do when you don't have an answer for you do when there's no treatment what you do when your hands go up you turn to God it's very easy to do when there's no answers when you're in serious or critical condition butts what about something that affects sixteen million people it is life-threatening but it has no symptoms imagine there is something that I see everyday in my practice as high blood pressure and how many symptoms of high blood pressure have ninety percent of the time none how many people do you think even know that they have high blood pressure half of them don't even know what what you don't know can hurt you type would you don't know can kill you my mother called me up two days before presenting the seminar and she said Tim our best friend was exercising in a gym and he got address and what this guy was the best man at their wedding he was in perfect health the exercise every day the clean lifestyle and she said why why they called me about for five times in one day they were just reading this it simply fill no real understanding and I said well I'll tell you that as far as heart attacks go because that's what they're saying this was the first and last symptom for one third of them sudden-death most of us don't know most of us think while getting a chest pain and shortness of breath you know maybe this guy was not living that lifestyle no he was living the life unfortunately his was one of the cases where death was the first and last symptom gives something going on that he didn't know about that no one else knew about and I'm here to share with you that in our lives it would be better for us to have the symptoms it would be better for us to perhaps have chest pain it would be better for us to have paralysis when the cancer of sin has found its way into our but the problem is often no thought of setting that up I share with you that if I better that we would have symptoms because it would lead us to seek help sometimes we don't sometimes we do I can tell you a story of what happened to me that change my heart that brought me to feel my need of God and even South America I can tell you that I was there and I was asked by a friend of mine to come to some medical work common request I often went there to a very remote village in the middle of nowhere took us about three hours from the nearest city there was no running water except for an hour a day there was no electricity there was absolutely nothing there as far as modern conveniences what we did as far as medical work consisted of my stethoscope some water some charcoal and what would you get a hold of the sparks poultices or whatever famous and cabbage wasn't a whole lot a lot of what I did was really just lifestyle you could buy predict on the wall better widget with external lights and I can tell you that when I got to the village there were tons of people that want to see they hadn't seen a physician or nurse in their whole lives they described different symptoms and most of the problems were fairly simple and giving them just a lot of counseling about the loss of health natural remedies how to change their lifestyle some of the more little bit more complicated something that I noticed throughout all of the times that I was with people is this they were always trying to get ahead in life there were so many people and they would try to find creative ways to sneak to the front line one time I took a break to go to the bathroom accident I renovated you ever gone to the bathroom United States but if your girl that it's considered rude not to the top not to talk to the person who's trying to talk to you in the bathroom not here die and you're sitting there in the stall you look straight ahead you don't look to the right you okay to go and you don't talk to the person the stall next to you you just go about your business you can talk after you leave right away when you wash your hands that's right but I can tell you that that was not the case there I had several people follow me of the bathroom trends in the relieving myself and Mister Butler is going to Doctor one question processing dude on the bathroom and I can speak Spanish fluently and say that to them and I simple wanted to wait until I come back to the clinic and then we can get you back in line and minimize your question when it's your turn but there was one person that wasn't like there was one person who never came to the front line in fact when it was her turn she walked back to go back to the end she was young girl she was fifteen and her mother was the one that was bringing her to be seen by the doctor and every time to bring there for the front you say no and lots of people a lot more serious than I am no-no there so many people that wanted attention so she was the only one who wasn't Honeycutt and he kept saying Ollie Nye 's only other people here are a lot worse off than I am no big deal well eventually we got to the end of the day I had gone all day without eating anything I had not even taken a break so much as the really go the bathroom except for once a day and finally my friends and looked him were going to go with Emily I said there's still more patients is a look we've got to go we can always give them advice or leaves and supplies with them but we need to leave but right as that happens the mother of this young girl grabbed a hold of her shoulders and just mars sure toward the front and sat her down in a chair next to me and I said I unto recent burger with your name 's headlines process for what seems to be the problem today she said well I don't know I'm not sure permissible what sort of problems that even having what caused you to come here is that why they want to come here my mom insisted that while why well I think it's my heart and I kind of laughed so she said it's expounding it's flattering sometimes it hurts when I play I can keep up with the other kids sometimes I get short of breath sometimes I'm fine but sometimes I'm not and I'm not sure what's wrong how long I'm going on for well the last year or so it's been pretty severe I said okay so I got a chuckle to myself I looked at a perfectly healthy fifteen -year-old who had no outward appearances of disease or lack of help in such of my stethoscope and a ketchup maybe it's some boy problem and maybe I'll hear them right here we're now when I did that it was no joke I heard the worst sound ever heard in my life and some are I heard a loud noise murmur and unfortunately I think she could tell that there was a problem because she began to cry just as I listened to her heart the color drained out of her face and she began to weep her mother began to cry as well as I continued to listen I had her stand up I had her sit down I had her turn her site I did all the maneuvers that we do in medicine to find out where the sound was coming it was a whole that unfortunately had found its way between the two large chambers of her heart and I began to realize what was happening normally the right side of the heart pumps and sends blood where it belongs that's right and it comes in the lungs to the left side of the heart and into the left side of the heart where does one go the rest of the body now the problem is when there is a whole between those two chambers the blood on the left side goes to the right side because that's a higher pressure system let's had a heart has to supply the whole body and so the pressure is there are much higher than the problem to think about it is it left side of the heart to send it back to the right where goes through the lungs to get super oxygenated unfortunately there's a problem because what eventually happens is the right side of the heart starts to compensate the pressure start to increase on the right side of the heart until eventually the pressure is on the right side of the heart exceed the left side of the heart and what happens then when you take the blood from the right side of the heart and it goes directly to lessen heart what if you missed a lot try is called Eisenmenger 's complex and remember that the medical term is very serious and it means that within a short time you will get such critical lack of auction that you will die your heart will fail your body will decompensate and I share this with her and she was very distraught initially but then she felt and what do you think she felt that's right what was wrong to go on for years not knowing what was wrong and so I told her and she said so do I need to drink more water like Alaska I said no and you can put cabbage poultice when Jesus will want one why do I think you need to go to the capital of your country leave a age to find a cardiologist and a cardiothoracic surgeon and see what they can do to repair the hole in your heart and you may need a new one if they can what I never left my know much I don't understand why can't access the change the way he'd like you told other people need to get more water or more exercise I said those things are all good but they will not change our I have nothing to offer you an sorry interest in what I will even get the money to go to lean how I even get the money to pay for all of this I said I know I'm not sure but I can say one thing is that you do need a new heart you do need that treatment because this is very serious your heart is showing signs of beginning to fail the shortness of breath you're getting is indicating a lack of oxygen and so she said okay I'll do that she agreed I sit on a hiding to get the money I'll do what I can from my end to me to contact friends of mine in the states that are physicians that a negative for you but that's the answer that I can and as I looked into that girls are I realized something for the first time in my life that God was speaking to me and he was telling me that I needed because in the story of Helen I see an illustration that is so clear of what we all need and it illustrates the steps to giving your heart to Jesus like nothing else the first step to know is found in John chapter twelve verse thirty two please donate if you have your Bibles to John chapter twelve verse thirty two and died if I be lifted up from the air will draw all people to myself Jesus is drawing you right now Jesus is calling you in a thousand ways and for a thousand different people every day in the flour that you see as you pass in the bird that sings on the sidewalk in a friend that calls you in that e-mail that you get God is calling you and drawing himself Luke nineteen verse ten was that tell us Luke chapter nineteen percent for the Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was lost so God is what is coming to what track that is seeking you with all that he has he's looking for you do you realize he is looking for the lost and how many are long Romans three twenty three says for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God Goddess that's it you hit pause support to put that appear about finding this microphone I give you helpful okay got a seeking for you and for me can you picture this is on our way to the village of sorry for sure and while better and can we hang on the screen perhaps that could someone angle the screen from a menorrhagia passage from the desire of ages and its page four seventy nine I think it illustrates this point very clearly Jesus knows us individually and his talks with the feeling of our infirmities he knows us all my name he knows the very house in which we live he knows the name of each occupant he has at times given directions to his service to go to a certain street in a certain city to such a house to find one of history they realize that God knows where you and he has at times given direction to someone to find you I believe that God did that for health she said he sent me to find her in Peru in a remote village in the middle of nowhere before this and here I've is here this is my clinic what I did is that a lot of times is praying with people you can visit the arrow on unlike one of the keys then I went along the single all this here I show them natural remedies such as water swimming the most the time I disappointed them to God is the one who can heal this is actually the bathroom on the far left where I encountered some friends in this is the mother of Helen and always worth in outskirts listening without treating people Mrs. Helen and her sister Helen was the one of the yellow and she's actually sad or happy she's happy as exactly what he said is given or bad news but at least she knows what's wrong this is her as I was leaving was needed there from and I was leaving these truths is came to my mind stronger and stronger Jesus knows the large meals where you are is looking for and I can tell you right now that that is the first step to salvation is in knowing that God is looking for you because who is making the first move Helen company did she visit Seattle Washington where practice did she come to my office as you come to the ER where I work to you what my heart spotting no she did not send me to her Revelation three twenty says behold I stand at the door if any man hear my voice what opened the door will happen I will come in and him will sup with Jesus is polite is not good I force Helen to come see me busy hate you at the end of the crowd there come on up here right now that there no you are either for you and I he knocks on the door of our hearts what we have to do is the next step because if Helen had stated the outskirts of the crowd what I government I never would've seen here never would've known to be right he would not have any hope as far as I would the second step is what Helen did she finally came forward you and I must respond to God you and I must hear his call but in order to come to God we never will unless we feel one thing with that arguing can you imagine how much need my friend right now is feeling with this whole life though taken away from him in one day to say he feels is needed I think you guys but when you don't have any symptoms why go to the doctor right why would you seek for help if there was no need Matthew chapter nine verses twelve and thirteen Matthew chapter nine verses twelve and thirteen to give you idea this is Jesus with his disciples he had just called Matthew to follow me Matthew throws a big party for Jesus and as he sits down he sitting down with what is said in the Bible public sinners the first is a wall why are you eating and drinking with publicans and sinners and Jesus answers a very profound statement those that are what our whole have no need of who the physician of those are sick but go and learn what that means I will have mercy and not sacrifice prime not come to call what the righteous but who sinners to repent Jesus did not come to call those who are whole but those who were sick and in order for you to respond to God seeking in order for you to open that door when he knocks what you got to feel your need is something wrong right Internet go to the ER and pay her hundred dollar co-pay is something wrong right you know otherwise that's the second step is for you to feel your need of God and respond in seeking because I could've come to the village setup clinic and walked right out and never seen Helen L but she felt turning right she knew that something was wrong and you see I believe in all of our lives there something wrong and we know there's something missing there are times when our conscience awakens many of us try to fill our lives with things to keep us distracted but I can tell you when the music stops and were all alone why the lines is a voice that speaks to us that voice is gone I can tell you that in my own heart God spoke to me as I was looking into the eyes of this young girl I saw Jesus calling to a new heart you must respond to God 's knocking but you will respond unless you feel your need and you realize your condition Isaiah chapter one verse six is in chapter one verse six what kind of shape does it look like it has accept one of the sound too good does it from the sole of the foot even to the head there is no soundness in it but wounds and view bruises and through terrifying sores of the very bad word can perform with that mean writing speaking decaying it not been closed neither bound up neither mollify with appointments we are in critical condition I can tell you that my friends whom I shared with you about realizes his situation he realizes that he needs help he realizes that only God can help but you and I who have lots of food lots of shelter great job great education the relationships with e-learning I believe that most of us don't but you know there's someone seeking you as someone was to create that meaning in your life is not to let you go down to perdition without and without warning he will allow things to happen in your life to bring you to have but the choice that you have is when God knocks we went when you feel that need we seek will you say yes to the crowd saying there's nothing wrong with me it know I'm just about the same as everyone else there a lot of people worse off than I if you stay away I cannot help the last step in giving your heart to Jesus 's something very similar to how when I told Helen there is a hole in your heart could she see I see one I tried to convince her I let her listen to her sister 's heart and into her own she could hear the difference but she still couldn't see she had to trust what what I'm saying right I can tell you that I encounter patients every day that are not like help and I believe for one reason its because they're not thinking that say there forty seven and they come in with the same problem as a doctor recently arrived prescient your pain in your diagnosis but you know what I was is logged onto the web the Internet and I very read about this problem and I know what I need I hear this this one I say you know about the recent murder where did you go to school with her that I is not much of a problem I patient one time and they said that the recent murder do you have the license symbolized as a matter of fact I am board-certified emergency medicine at a California well-connected drivers often time I appearance does not engender confidence because I look so you will occasionally I'll get someone who's in their sixties or seventies well that's nice I appreciate what you may think Doctor Reisinger but I want the second do you want a second opinion you can have one his namesake in the second guitar your fine if they are there some problems in your life but doesn't everyone have you're only human March things like that are going to have you can have your second opinion if you want there are a thousand voices and countless sources that will give you that as well but I can tell you that in order to get help you have to accept the diagnosis that the position gives you and that is what Helen probably had no problem with because she was fifteen she had to have a degree June go to school it was fun and practice medicine in Australia and at the Royal Brisbane and women's Hospital and it's something that's very foreign even with the first world country is not all the lawsuits and all the stuff going on like in our country whenever I do a procedure on a patient's I have to give them was called informed consent and that means I tell them the risks and the benefits of whatever the procedure is unlike anyone and I remember I was seeing a lady for a headache in Australia and I believe she knew this final and I said what Mrs. Jones I'm afraid that this headache of yours could be a subarachnoid hemorrhage which means a bleed in your brain it's now stopped anywhere we were going to detect that is a CAT scan but that's only ninety percent second we piloted a lumbar puncture as I explained to them the risks and benefits and her husband interrupted she said why you telling my wife this is why giving her informed consent I'm going to stop the recent did we go to medical school for eight years now we know that you have the degree we don't we understand that you realize what needs to be done we want you to do what you think is best that's why working and I thought about that and you know their rights to him so why is all this stuff and they just explained to me it makes no sense for me to make the decision because I don't have the background I don't have the understanding but how many of us today want to make that decision for our lives did you create your body did you fashion your mind you understand what it means to regenerate and redeem the soul you don't I don't but there is a physician who does but we are always trying to second-guess that position while I tried to say what will that I don't not only did go that far Lord right amino acids can look really weird if I know where raise my hand to come forward with it we do we have to believe the diagnosis of the great physician and this is the diagnosis he gives us John chapter eight versus thirty one to thirty six John chapter eight versus thirty one and thirty six I'm thankful that God gives us symptoms and in these verses he tells you what the symptoms are then said Jesus to the Pharisees that rejected him those that then said Jesus to the Greeks and the unbelievers then said Jesus Ugo the juvenile disadvantage is that what Jesus said to the Seventh-day Adventist church he realized that we are basically the Jews that what you believe in Jesus you realize that Jesus is addressing this to you and to me then said Jesus to those Jews which believed in him if you continue in my word then are you my disciples indeed and ye shall know the truth and the truth shall what shall make you free free they answered him we are ten C and were never in bondage to any man I'll say is now you shall be a free Jesus answered them and the sly love verily verily where the were fairly truly and he doesn't just say I want is is verily no wait you're not paying attention apparently twice I think you whatsoever what committed certain failure was ever commit offense at whosoever commits sin is what the servant of sin don't you see that is the symptom if you are connecting thin is a warning to you is an alert that something is not right that is not what you are designed for is a symptom of that in the sole oftentimes we look at these symptoms and it's like a tree if I have a tree in my backyard that has apples if I kick off all the apples and a walk while the leaves with Roenick season more apples but what if I want pairs what if I just pick them all up again will pairs grow next season will with the only way I can make that tree repairs I have to grab something new into that tree don't I need to change the very nature of the tree or plant apparently as so often in life without we can't wear those earrings of guilty in the dress looked into short neat breakdown in a less change your diet folks don't pick the fruit of a tree change the tree don't try to fix the outsides why you ignore the hearts Jesus says that he who commits sin is what a servant of sin I can say right now if there is sin in your life if there is something I believe with all my heart that we all have one sent or two cents there are chilies he'll limit on the Achilles heel is so weak point Hebrews describes it is the sin that so easily beset us there's one or two I believe in everyone's life my life maybe four five eighty six but I believe with every person there's one or two areas where Satan knows he can just go and get you back in he has that little ace in the hole a little trump card we knows that your weekend friends I'm here to tell you that is the chest pain in your life that is the shortness of breath of your life that is the palpitations that Helen was feeling is warning you that something is wrong and needs to change undergo on for thirty five and the servant abide if not in the house forever but the sun applied at if the son therefore shall make you free you shall be free indeed is not beautiful on to share with you some of the first to haven't seen before the sermon does not abide in the house forever but you know what that means even the servant of sin ourselves even though God warns us you are not abide in the house forever what does that mean that means you do abide for what four-time God grants every one of us good bad committed are not a window of time yes space weird holiday house repurchase not just redemption for those who accepted the time even for those who would reject right now every beat of the heart every breath that you take whether you are committed or not whether you're Christian or not whether you given your life to Jesus or not is because of that cross until Jesus has bought me time and I'm so thankful for that time because during that time I can make a decision I can show is Jesus Christ but I have to accept the diagnosis I can tell you right now that every one of us can understand this because it's vastly either commit a sin is a service like that be your chest pain let that be your shortness of breath let that be your symptom as it was for help but it does not end there I can tell you it goes on because I told Helen what the diagnosis was correct I told her what the problem was snow what if I left her village and seasonal Calvinists are drinking more water on the change my diet myths are getting more exercise and she never left her village what would happen she would die but because what I tell her to go to Lima to see a cardiologist to see a cardiothoracic surgeon to repair the hole in her heart before it was too late you not only have to believe the diagnosis but you have to follow treatment the great physician makes no mistake he given a diagnosis and a goodness about Augustine gives you the only way that you can be saved in I went University of California at Davis and on Avalon the audit says many pathways wondering I can say right now there are not many pathways there is one way one truth One Life and us Jesus Christ God only gives you the absolute bottom line to save you you doesn't give you all this extra superfluous fluff he tells you exactly what you need to be set and a delightful hell and no more no less but you have to believe I saw patient one time they came into the emergency room prepare their finger prints all little red spot on the finger and I said well Mrs. Smith outlets into the trouble I participate in my finger got Africa's little red spot I do something wrong I said let's take a look right is what you get this I don't know what you mean you don't know did you did you smash it did you hit it to do something like this or some well I'm not sure what happened last night I said well why was passed out why now I was using some methamphetamine at speed drug and drink a little bit too much alcohol as I don't remember how I got this set okay well it looks like it's an infection that looks like his early on they get an x-ray to make sure the infection hasn't gone to the bone was not deep in your think and I'll come back so I took the x-ray ordered it from the technologist he took it yes I threw it up actually think I brought her the x-ray jet I shall return to you both look good I don't see any gaps in the tissues bring back through the producing something it could be deadly or life-threatening but infinitely infection summoning anything else about robotics write your prescription I want to take it for two weeks whether or not what will I say goes away that's right we had you taken and finished them whether or not it goes away and so what happened was we gave her her first dose wrote a prescription and what you think I told her to stop doing on the way out is not doing the methamphetamine thunderings the something alcohol and make sure that you follow-up if it gets center-right as for the song and dance routine notification came back in one week and I see her I was actually the director of the nurse practitioners and physician assistant has no nurse practitioners are currently people who can see patients they just like nurses or people with advanced training but are not physicians so they will give me the tough cases and one of my PAs came up Lisa took his case I'm really worried this lady with his finger so and she's like it's that simple what does it look like he said she said it's a big lump of us I think you're kidding me as I cannot I think that this is serious is it beyond my scope method does the lady 's speech is like yes if you drink dance that she smoked us what you see here lastly there is the old who is locked in the room then recognizing the eye doctor reason for hiding all doctor on so glad you're here because last time was that Doctor didn't do anything for me so I'm so sorry are those alumni who are thinking took an extra and did he give you get a dose of medication you can write a prescription for you can you do that you can fill the prescription now I couldn't it was snowing outside is very dangerous on the road I really recommend that you quit anything around her he told me to quit drinking and smoking and in the drawings I suggest and did you quell us suggest when you quit today I know okay I said I have some bad news I think you may lose your faith I knew it that Doctor denoted with photographs of men I was a doctor the site and I can tell you I saw your finger I knew it looked like before and the reason it is not better is why she didn't take the prescription she didn't quit the drugs of the smoking with alcohol and when it got worse he did what can come back and it was a few days between the red spot in the entire finger being a massive plus believe that woman went to the operating room for her finger immediately in the document the lance to all that doesn't mean it out and she was a coming soon how often we blame the physician for own mistakes now it's very interesting though because in this story illustrates perfectly what you are job and salvation is and what God 's job in salvation stimulus on Philippians chapter two Philippians chapter two verse twelve work out your own salvation with what fear is coming off in their findings during a family but it doesn't say that doesn't for it is what God who works where you knew all too well and you of his good pleasure I'll make it so plain to you when I saw this patient with infected finger what did I do for her I ordered a what x-ray procedure that she could get a license to do that I ordered what else for her antibiotic is correct I wrote a prescription for Geneva she does a license is a DEA she could now you tell me what she should not when she went home she was also take that prescription do what would it go to pharmacy and when she got to the pharmacy it would give her some pills and what would she do four times a day will know when I come to her door and say I affect the reason for your Catholics here she be free to take on okay like Collier Hospital in it you fired enjoy stalking me right with you not say that while she did why would you think that because she can what you yourself don't you realize that God is going to do for you when you cannot do for yourself it's that simple and what is expected to do what you are yourself can you change your heart good Helen's Eberhard could you repair it can you change your thoughts but I can tell you when God tells you to read his word and to pray does the Bible levitate off your desk and come over and open itself and turn to the chapter that you need to read that it why because you can do that it's that simple God is good a work in you to bring about the designer to do it he's getting to you the conviction of what to do but then after that who has to work it out you and God is not to ask you to do would you care that collating order an x-ray or write yourself some Catholics you well maybe I picked the right of my regular because she can't did I tell Helen we know what when you're entering the aorta you want to make sure that you have the DeBakey Clinton did do I send it I say that to her shaking Mister drown herself by forgoing on the share passage with you from the desire of ages here is in John eleven verse thirty four John eleven first thirty four and the commentary is undesired ages five thirty five desire pages by thirty five y'all remember the story of Lazarus right the story of where Jesus raises Lazarus and what is a say in verse thirty four he comes to the grave and if something is way what was it so and what is say also take what he aware what was it seems very simple but read this diabetes five thirty five take ye away the stone Christ could have commanded the soldier removed and it would have obeyed his wife's so leveling yes sir and roles of the way couldn't even make the rocks cry out Christ could have commanded the stones removed and it would've obey his voice he could've been the Angels who were close by his side to do this at his bidding invisible hands would've remove the stone but it was to be taken away I human hands Christ would show that humanity is to cooperate with divinity what human power can do listen carefully what human power can do divine power is not something to do in Seattle clearly that is not to share with you the key to let's say right now one of you collapses unconscious no response what does God expect you guys to do their surrounding a person if you know CPR to start CPR right and call what 911 now what if you called 911 paramedics arrived driving into my ER I and you say to my here and she has passed out is no blood pressure as to what what's the problem I know a lot of us and well let me pray and I kneel down there in the ER as a lord Jesus please save and keep me connected to be happy with that all it appreciate the prayer but what do you expect me to go Shakur but the epinephrine here and there alive and just continue CPR direct your nurses and paramedics why because I can do that I can do a CLS in a gala I can run the gauntlet of coding somebody to do it all the time but does God expect that you expect you to call the patient okay give a graphic in the milligrams after being anyone more about the busy want to do that why because you know that don't you see God expects us to do what we can and that is different for each person isn't God expects from you what percent do you think represent I can say right now no one in this room will be saved without giving a hundred percent but when I see a little child whose fifteen is four hundred percent the same as mine no it is her understanding the same as mine no but who knows what you can do God and who know that you can do God do I treat all my patients the same if I had an come in with a cut on her finger to think and I will will you think I would knock her out why you don't that's why but if I had your two -year-old son in their you think I might have to do something for him yes I might I might have either hold them down or something or BL laceration on his face I might have to not amount to do the repair why can he hold still for that milk and Anna holds the have you seen salvation they are simple God does for you what you cannot do for yourself we expect you to do what she can it is that simple I'm going to end with what happens to my friend out because I can tell you I left I went back to the states not knowing what was going to transpire I came back to the ER and often times when I return after an absence of two or three weeks with my colleagues asked me where in they did they began to realize how the theme clearly anathema to say so where the recent murder nowhere to go I amount to prove all see anything interesting they had anything to tell him in Wausau one case was very interesting and I told NSA listens they were absolutely enthrall clicking on the next day someone came to me it wasn't one of the doctors wasn't one of the nurses it was one of our text makes about ten bucks an hour or so and she had an envelope of the thousand dollars cash this lady was a Christian she said this is for help I said thinking I'll send it to and that money was used to go to that village to transporter from that village by bus home something is community would happen without transport for relative to allow her to go to Lima and I are to be evaluated by cardiologist at cardiothoracic surgeon that is to get all the needed treatment at the end there was enough money left over the center to be administered in group because two weeks after I left she was baptized the seventh and items than one Bible study I didn't need to God and Artie shown her what it was to have a new heart and I believe with all my heart that God shows that YouTube I want to share with you though that the illustration fails because you see Helen was provided for with that thousand dollars but I want you to realize that the illustration ends there Genesis chapter twenty two verse eight this is Isaac and Abraham and he says my father here's the flyer is the woods aware is what length of the second and I can tell you Abraham 's response is God 's response to you and I gone what himself he shall provide himself a sacrifice you see Helen was paid for by someone which is a God provides himself for you God does not ask someone else to pay for you to give you the new heart he gives you his own meal they ever known someone who needed a kidney anyone in which it easier to when you need examining someone continue to you can survive desolate even survival one can be right with your heart is failing you need a new heart can someone give you a heart and still survive nothing and don't you see that is what God did for you and I we needed a new heart and he provided self that heart that we might live let's pray loving father in heaven thank you for showing us so clearly how to come to Jesus Lord we have to know that you are seeking us that you are knocking on the door the Lord we have to feel our need so that will get up and answer the door we have to respond to you to realize that we are ill and Lord we have to recognize the symptoms of our sickness which is sin we have to accept your diagnosis of great physician and file your treatment plan thank you Lord Jesus for doing for us we cannot do for ourselves help us to do what we can handle and to know the difference and finally Lord thank you most of all that you are the one who provides the new car for each and every one of us it is not a thousand dollars and someone pays miraculous is that you pay with your own life that you take the death which was ours we might have the line is this meeting was produced by Tony Burgess review Minnesota nice duration of grace would like to listen to more presentation working would like to learn more about UNC 's visit to the people I see where the work also great with you on your verse nine warming and you will a man known as a


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