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The Mystery of Minneapolis, Part 1

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

Author and Educator



  • October 15, 2004
    7:00 PM
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him a very helpful we already know something about I wondered whether this was a SVA and that he went on a sane hour of his life in Sierra Leone to highlight stories are analysis of the San Diego size is only a morning they have somehow excised the young man in a relative says that surely delay was thirty eight and eighty Jones is thirty three to be really hit their stride and happiness history and amazing eighties when a detainee coeditors of the sizes are they were not similar they were all astonishing offices Jones was taller and angular he was a fight using a sergeant in the Army before he became at this one is saying traveling energy manual seems to announcers and meetings that he is jealous Jones was here near articulable and self made man in getting a lot of nonsense on a lazy man and blessing of the Lord infinitive position this is not fair he had a photographic memory I wish I suppose all of this is the idea was this after eighteen eighty eight and was either December reading your January sixteen him where she was testifying before Congress hesitatingly actually in trouble Blairsville and it was a lot everything and he was out there now in the podium last e-mail is already in and say I know Angel insists scenarios I say that I believe Senator or I was a Sinhalese video Saraceno Millman 's position is essentially a seventies soon the second paragraph it says in the is there any beginning with the mass amounts of material way and annulus sorter is not as tall it was he was not a roughhewn type was actually not in him he graduated from the medical colleges I is so a semi- ownership buddy reading this and found another interests and become a minister in eighteen eighty five during their time out and increasingly young man develop an affinity for one another was continued for years this will for those Slovene things they were constantly thinking alike and finishing each other 's sentences is that in a movie not all that much dating were the size of an work together in a him and churches were very high number of stories in our and Jonathan Jones recounts some of the stories they cover letter in nineteen twenty one overrated he wrote a letter long as he left the Church of England 's letter to Dennis Fisher who he tells how he came in one morning and this is a Soviet literature she had been asked him how to install the clothes is not the same as your last letter was first in what will be a safe and then years later a young family is able to his greatest failure in a nineteen eighteen nineties who anyway there was here I think it was seventeen these are right is now created and was soon Jones Virginia chaparral and I trained on Sunday morning and I show you how long will you Friday afternoon Southwest research and learn what getting virtually the exact same message and is as is a very nice or voters who would've manufactured to us we had heard little thing lastly economic recovery is in me anyway you want to see things in our name this article here in the same thing over there in our relationship and well in our societies there is everything they came up with slightly varying ideas this is what him of being a resource ADLs was a historian like to seem a lot and worldwide and he decided to take on a in the task of researching these horrors the resident authority church on the issue is access to a greater Daniel and Revelation horse and here I said that he asked me in ways that are munitions hanging as you listen out for Lillian Miller and I is only an fairly quickly ASA is very emotionally realize that one I remember one a try on in time so this is historically seen anywhere where there is an early one of handlers who I would be a problem when they looked around and while there I noticed you know what word was another try at the Apollo NATO as well as I get it right my place is works for me is a Brothers is much like that bother him he said when we are awaiting UNHCR are published source she is putting out and was addressing a mass same age as a real estate on our planet is assayed on the Sabbath was those guys this is well-known ammunition out him him save this article who is seeking the lost eleven relations was in fact as opposed to the ceremonial law which is what the position taken by their Jewish father and mother and my hair this point of view his classes fantasy and clearly losing eighty six he published in a size that is the same one of the things that you learn from history and assisting is a was only one child per had I affiliated with a few night in an orderly and waiver wire in your head had heard in publishing this planning down to it you know alone in attracting the attention of the retina and how great they were rather concern when and so tempers rose feeling issue way here is that it is a C six and when they want is the confidence they were handed a entitled the law in Galatians is in the moral law or law to a Jewish family in the area is as well which is an extraordinary man is not handling my plan is in I is a very thinly veiled and is in those years and no I will lose ending June twenty three Manhattan eighty six I think you are maybe like a hunter can delegate something like that I was it was not immediately turn over whatever I is will will and so they have to he is usually lost five any sign of a subcommittee from the familiar successfully for the solemnity and will want to know to censure the site is the time so having learned these articles well in the Latino size for a favorite of the most essential I make an easy thing for me and in assessing there is no real value in taking a subcommittee with a fight for any body and say loudly reciting related I have just met and so is the other says around us under the bus so amazingly posted anything is some allusions to that no one should publish any views that are anonymous that have not been previously the Southland this is an authorized seller saved by the brethren of long experience him who allow how that will be now I will pass the astronomers second-level list and then amazes me is there as well I was in your shoe a mother letter and she said I was so I have that annoying on over there and she said in a later letter which she is heard as I have made she says I can say with you my brother it was a terrible conference facilities reseller she was was is is is is is is is is all you need a predecessor of the eighteen eighty she will be in to serve his God is not actually was misleading the center of international affairs he is becoming him as well as necessary until the Pharisees as a Thursday in what is known for self-righteousness and manifest him away legalism macerated now how is thinking I at least learned on Thursday and now how he manifests this self righteously listing what was a him why I cannot say I will place it he was honest and vanilla this is their lives fall signing and drive across Asia as the display and is not in a bailout is an is exactly what I wanted you all say I saw you and you the underlying elements all of these are related to those ceiling was man-made regulations and how they hope to maintain their righteousness and how they manifest as a legalism that's how they these miscellaneous of a superior goodness I am feeling a little handkerchief under whatever they are manually whether this made me their rules and then there is nothing like me who is now seen as a police officer he is and how one renewal there is a stimulating lawsuit visuals and will I'm thinking is something new this is a o salute and bring only was there nobody was Rothschild building I saw I will say him seriously in trouble for lessor and Marathon to test testing and he works really had much experience in the corporate world they are always thoroughly drying off with me on this is relevant ideas is a you he needs is a way of eliminating is looking to her and her husband from household we seamlessly there is a call on others he ran wrestling out why anyone is a zeal that is would fail of everlasting life sitting on Sicily and correct she worn to striking a note here in Manhattan when asked finalization is a heavily six-game you is is is is an inquiry chapter entitled leadership is all in always an brother he leaves you in the letter is in and so easily as you know George father Jill has someone is on the latest higher the Angels is an interest in it I was Latino short law was written to him the main thrust is that whole thing is is a file or leadership in the church him you is Cyrus I motivate others how do you only say for sure later as she said I had only a matter is that changing eighty six is in or saying my e-mail address outside lighting wise then maybe I us a community for all Nina Lord is using is mildly amusing last thing our narrow ideas as to how to make a following over there as time okay so follow my chair is an ever published SF and I'm waiting anything and she says the Lord is my text that can be kowtowing everything is a third I will paraphrase it and I is no dichotomy is legally the main access to and at the same time she was later withdrawn as you organize letter is the way souls lost in translation there is no point in a solo scene is between you and another thing if you have a point where you know the Lord is what is nothing wrong with that even as him will him this is great if users are always on my business on the side of the table entirely for the message County on Friday to earn a lot of noises and related how excited I am assuming you have anything exciting with great vigor that will happen is that a letter that will improve as the way a copy of it was says essentially the brotherhood is behind she wanted everything must put another letters were good then you have the weakness of being human in their enemy was reproved it was cause for dancing in the streets him tantamount it will go to hell our no-brainer to the guide is slapped down and is that obviously is an aid to message that is exactly the same as you analyzing is so little initiative is to do so through Muslim writing from Basel Switzerland our life is not as and is really no more than a set of eighteen eighty eight she said as and also the mother is using he is meeting on the solicitor to I in you and what is the very same costs as catalysts the exercise is I was a in reviewing the last hour I've been waiting as the amount of them is a parsec is now is in all the universe will arrive daily father-in-law and you and how is I is as sharp as a judge in mental acuity had an AAU is and is a little of your own use usually I believe is Helen Irene is Halo and less would you say you have had to avoid an illiterate mourner 's life as he is eating I want to see no Pharisee -ism among us as a matter for the people like yourself is what you say that there is clearly only discuss cases and Internet is in order but rather we must have no unfairness well maybe there were other events and will long-awaited that more or less have the initial meeting in Minneapolis he is officially a visa for the traveled to Minneapolis sure where and who willingly and whether ministerial brother 's name they sound you are a little summary vacation retreat everything is what the lawyer gathers and they went over the line was moving to ask you yesterday when he had had a chance to win the honorable thing you can read his letters to allow to delay in particular and he said he was positive for sale I decided away I read your articles you will now I'll say I like them even just as every so even as Christ forces assume a lot how anyone is saying select the sculpture counsel Kenneth as we are learning how we can and it was as likely as they travel from their two Minneapolis for the NAACP ministerial Institute personnel compensation well this was this little meeting place all orders as saying ordinary professor was entirely innocent chassis you know I will say was intermittent variously by another passive name of helium has recently was very concerned that it appears you now that I hear and nation to analysts only whites sellers and anyone planning how they related to this new and heretical doctrine and railroad for the original conversation him fired off a program I have reading the exact words as we would have anyone in the song is for you and him and and photographing the other was safe at the time he was probably leaving the desert it is as having had a nervous breakdown he was released in a related man but another gentleman in a so living in Minneapolis first off they wantonly nothing was originated in any ministerial Institute and hearing that he is asking lecture on the content parts Jones Burress shot himself but I wonder sometimes how much now when I do want to assume anything I must lay how much they cost angry now Jones and Jones was on the trifling on his Indian history scientists is redefining your e-mail campaign world is a pain in his other waiting for this and brother brother Smith may somehow misleading headline when he had excited this particular issue is to hear a subsection of the whole thing is a amazingly enough was crucial to his season on enjoys mania is however of saying that assesses you said if you know anything about this I knew don't blame me for what he doesn't know I know I was on her feet and she said she was shy and are you sure you I say cost nearly anyone on with other factors permitting that manifested internalized then I had an lineage is a on the horns and everyone is a analyst that we all have their earliest and erasers out of the way they unwittingly know this was a illegal wording else is saying me at the beginning reading each other in the hallways with questions like you Hunter Allen and I simply asked Alan Wiley 's words and she said I think there are too many more and she is very serious I have you will find the time after time after time is being what she has to say but in the analyst conference she goes back to the unchristian attitude of contention I was really basic in whatever purposes of all cited in this is okay okay anything inherently Thomas 's father and agent asking me Asia minor was given the morning session each day to sound on my society and online quizzes it was anticipated and my son is being handled in and say Ashley exiting last words there is no form of the him we all want to refer to the ceremonial law signed by Jason Marsalis and it was resolved on diversity design I have a Gateway Israel kills writing hanging with you that you approach and so he began a series of Bible studies and several of the house Jones one but also other talk about it in your ice is a letter and probably others mention how everything he was saying everybody to visit a minute to the all positive that human neural said he's leaving horses are that he's you on the line Galatians saying because it is no good reason in a series is a logical trap and is a law themselves as a source in my first year that Shanahan will weigh in as much time on the long voyages as near as we know however the ravings of his contributing the whole screen so here nobody will download my hearsay man learning that was in the Iowa city was in the hands of Mexico Congress immediately announced down in Falluja zero runs the house will be they would just have a little note to file later improve the time and I don't live in a discussion now something that you are so we say that the so I will say is probably what you saw in name of the closing when pain and financing visited here is a human disease is relating all the accidents information is to bring Irene also so noticeable in any analyzing and handwriting out matches versus seriousness necessary is almost the same as the present crisis if this is the necessary flow pressure and then copy them I then asked Mister Seo is and will and will have lighter skin is a little you a new section on the name being incarnation of Christ includes a little bit of HLA preexistence is a lifeless as seating area the semi- Arianism and that it will semiannually engaging I think and is in I realize let's see what he said and there is always these letters please see my brother wailing and that will do is it was a nice Brother father was so I home and I will say I have a wired standing idle landmarks the immediately and this occurred as a result of order studio is easy reading I will as soon as he will however see how is this is no or training there was no reply so you continue to the next day I was on a sanitizing song hail I shall suffer for real will close for anyone in a Heian life so long as she said for an additional session Tuesday in the Lord bin Laden was not imminent the amount is immediately elitist sine die regarding investigations going on in bringing it is a learned as one man is not clear I never was more alarming is the same as I is alienating white man is in chapter CCC from man she is personalized to use cc only and his apostles and in and of sanitation she said I see his identity to realize where you are standing I want are already taken this is not because someone else is because they understand that judges in the South and Linda Laura is creating more than a excessive him because I have lost confidence in him him scatter radio it was an easy literalism of Pennsylvania Allegheny I is a penicillin is is using here we need to ask you there is related serene town highlights how is the less denomination or why building as she said the ministers will not receive the light I want to give people a chance that they may receive what you are completely bypasses a higher and produce as you that she herself is part of what she believes in the son and energy Minister 's review editor reviews are failing to the sleeplessness or action pretty serious okay he and their advice is or writing all this and we grasp the house is insulting was there was opposition is in bringing so starving and and yellow I was chilled who are words that I think you have been around in other readings and me and me reading my area is centered as are seen as appreciated much by some leadership development the learner is to say hey how he is treated as a sanctuary all I says he'll the officer seen as long as everything is nearly fell over or something of a father blesses higher his life was ill at the time she is still unelected assembling a little later anyhow like I was paralyzed in Florida and the next thirteen years recently when the little orange plantation farm ranch living on Anderson's life and wounded and trying to figure out how wasn't even remember what a strange things in doing this is a resident was on and he was blind he was wrong as the night was fun and as you know I will later on eighteen three she says that another in their learning lessons the feet of Jesus remember that because somewhere along one or maybe somebody who's looking to empower sellers of any interest lambda pinging is so the issue at hand for something as for the a lot of people will usually something I actually for a lot of people I was a combination of both closing the session is finished those were the closing of the thing is that we use cash people in Illinois and one in a millimeter of the interviews I should allow malicious seven years later had to see in a visionary dreaming when I was in Australia the town I guess you will probably morning or something like and there is a letter to mother the other day I was actually written off by certain opinions or anything is really a lot of runaway systems telecommunication regulators outputted basically says he things anyhow we got in the last letter to you Luis easily usable mail is now any way I had a dream last night Wednesday Lord explain the relations will also allow the session will finish tomorrow is Lohan patient is a that was seven years later enjoying our say as long as I have no word was what was because she wanted that these guys don't like to she said things about them is never said this is else's research is a site is and eighty one him there is a library that is there a will is a new radar silhouette of the night have a minute is the radio when he is in no some advice here there are something in excess of two hundred is seen as a way where she seriously endorses gay and I see how the messengers of the titles used for herself and is no one else that she ever said what she said about the is and where the I and his layer library and some for four is using it all is a quotation letter and she wanted to say no rows and rows or columns in fledgling video is to be learned and have finished Jesus in Louisiana who suffers thirty eight thirty three and you know that what was sitting in the machining with Ashley Young and the discussion of HGH is the only time that I know of what I like mention this one appears policy statement him she said we hold that there would not be the necessity of another coming out because the and sounds like you I accelerated and innuendo the church is like boozer out of Catholicism by now Wesley out of the way is out of place somebody out of and is now long as that in late originating incendiary statements like well I wish he phrases it is when she is way and when she is commenting on writers presentations uses is either everywhere mingles any way relating only serious issues in Minneapolis is a individual negative as a result of their civil rights and by implication his mother wasn't around this things a million dollars I is is getting old is a I personally and this wasn't always this is serious any ancestors GZA i.e. I is I is an Muslim descent is very real and Christian gentleman unlike some representative way and she said I was paraphrasing here but my heart personalization were frail of the matchless charms him us there will also know that they are voting on a nationalist terms of Christ is seen as a sociology reality that one of the civilian military I is media matters is that little thing that was mostly rectangular everybody is immediately followed by the members will also would add is that having learned in Levitra is a change in diet metabolic dilemma is what am I missing any Nationalist China's of Christ as I would like to well and I'm going to propose the latest Thursday night I thought is that a instantaneous analysis is having a seizure and is a healer trying to figure out and doctors treating patients and confidence in a manner the nature latest Philistine 's position really was on the side is and is creating a hypothetical situation of the noncrystalline car accident is as amazing as I find sending you is you is you are ever in an filtration and the what are you doing the right thing home and was I would like to suggest feasibility of the citizens and telephone patient basically I think you and you are sure down the jealous was hardly the Melanie and probably even replicate any of the other physicians in thinking it makes you hearing me say that I found I was chosen layers trainers was now in the Zimmerman indicated in this is I say is your purpose to feel Jesus and we managed to look to manner and trust to man and he is in Iran for years as the man in man pulsing and not willing to go through their life Center therefore there for me in there for I is is is is is is why this lesson as he is not looking to get his mouth is powerful I wish you him the LOI to recognize anyone on my hair and so is something else and she never ever reliable as you can carry much more there was something else there was the portrayal of the nationalist China suffice what I was saying has to be the same in Los Angeles he is certainly not entirely just sent Jesus okay international service of Christ are extremely and fairly patient health pictures and looking to man really as people of Iraq and the enemy is in Iowa we enable me to man instead of looking to Christ while some journalists are shown in a and we could have see me necessarily help from Christ is so complicated what I'm suggesting here is essentially a word shift our viewpoint and confident now is not so much as optional as there is no more administrative and operating army so weird because you no doubt have heard Julius Caesar that Java language English site is still anything you would with all due respect say him what he is saying when he approaches other anywhere is less safe as long as is as early as the same flies in later review and Herald article she sent out before writing to her and say anything overemphasizing places for fantasy and I say should not an oversight is lax and some people said real estate at his regular pass probably rhetorically and probably say no answer is in his right eye is as EMS it is in parenting now clearly asserting his and what is there to say what he redressed through the United Nations learn is now presented as a message that was the theory is an uneasy humor in a better okay now how easy it was for Lancaster Balinese influences as so as long as and saw the opening race and someone he got home and his causes convicted him and so he got out his heyday the evening hanging out at pennies him I will celebrate at your desire is planning a winter brings the paper that I knew this is also psoriasis view me and he has now experienced I think I is stunningly excellent value later fires in their eye I know I is is is is on the masses germs diseases justification nothing in there is the daily exercises this is my room I guess I is righteousness by faith is now putting on some of the Taliban and licenses and requires faith in which he is accepting God 's word and lesion is an confidence in his love and probably related to say before I going to ask for us in this righteousness him we were at an labeling is used to close the lawyer is there will come a day when the hardest thing in the universe to believe is that nothing is able to cancel window is a state offering you are only the hardest thing in the universally seen as a partial solution and see a demonstration of the University and was a safe and so it has been the absolute hardest eyes overflowing on the there's a fantastic location winters one will serve us as several times over sizes times and originally Southerner and she is in it is very parallel passages in miscellaneous TV Peter is an unending hairdressing shop she makes one little moment in the visit shall the children while she says to the righteous in their distress is as you get here to assess the maniac with them it is fascinating is that God himself on him there is that this is not being very safe they are the same as anything because you are in the sense of God 's plan for some people are safer the only reason whatsoever and is misguided fanatics and they said no there is an area I think the Lord is calling to market and you have the assurance of his love is a tomorrow appearance this is like a cross is an absolute policy one one parallel my why godforsaken anything I will end my life I put everything on the line in I will you and you and you say that you know how I will in the NHS is you have seen though he slay me yet will I trust him you are here is a connection is sitting in clinical season between races is a ad thing is that it is the theory is safe as his portrayal of classic rock and hard place situation is usually as always you and God says no was I thinking at there is yes while you renew our see ultimate reality is they all reality leaders that was seen as an here to field around you what is God when you can either see or hear or righteousness by faith requires that kind of a sense of God 's authority this is the only handling unable to find anyone and we hardly even this is a single value is there no doubt many other places you another other real reason why she says you the other this is a later date it is not because someone else is his or he was everything I wanted in Battle Creek is a man will do the best he could along this line got designers that manage the user lines and causes the cells never is I want to show another better way is there is coming among us that there is you are giving my causes as will a workers the foundation of Christianity is in our place men are individually as a act upon them not as a human my father my foot is getting there and you can not being dressed in green I reserve the something is strictly for associate managing furnishings policy and does is make it so you can impress and this connection is a translator is in hers probably more mature way here are our endorse this is highest since early Israelis in four volumes is a theme materials is specifically we should and if you're not careful leaving the house is a revolutionary because she was having to choose actually writing saltmarsh and trying to encourage you to think himself to be no church is a comment that makes a time to the father and remain sealed in an this is silly to bring our site is thousands of the Naval reserve there is in him lies and false authorities and our hands on MRA VLSI him he was only a finite is not hard to see the place and by so doing will and there is a simple one another and are sure to become a specialist crisis is a glorified when everyone is notoriously win in three years time to look to say anything and therefore God says the service is treated as conferencing mounting releasing the version we live in a February thirtieth is really overly independent-minded and thoughtless and I believe RSS is those alone and do not impose upon them as a nation is the reason I is you will and will women is a lot lot lot of the driving is not your CDs last year and is scattered as your very name is neatly written as the earlier number as resolutions and frame I think it must be here and I see as same as ten to one and to make man the slaves of the witnesses of confusion and distrust jealousies and most of my things are the result that what would you say you ran as bad as please send the resulting man physiologically this was demonstrated in Minneapolis that link is there over and over again there is anything new and improved traitors in our lives in information that these men were in the wrong line will say only in the basis that he here as it is a metaphorical illustration is the sort of thing you know is a good online as of the plane graphic currently in is a elderly man was also position is very easy there is a way to serve as an additional management knowledge to lose a lot of ranks as the host this case this is principles have been more gracious never seeing the light of day they initially are born in the illegitimate child sit in the site focuses of reading the first breath of life in her statement now she is a certain domination is a sitting president for analysis and saying one of his own dollars saying learning that easy you basically need something I have confidence or maybe overconfident him what was on our disease exercising over rather feeling is that authority is little ruling power that can only save the horses to Leslie Harmon was also one of euros all others this is a real-life characters will cause a reaction unless these men change the numbering style she say something officer is to actually what you know anyone that another was unavailable furniture in a and a half down on illegal within the bone was not man enough for the job about the and you need me to republish five years later how lightheaded is virtually insists this was the opening day don't you know a willingness to wield nearly a little humility is all they'll will church anything because he thought was a Olson also unless you are and I think the reason or another are in anyone was in a little thought here singly and alone as you know how people have depended on me when in addition I have and in ways and revisions I have is mistakingly handling and orders for Christ radio will him wrong for some responsible man I say only this time I be able to tell you something on anything unless you know who is now cover your backside maintaining us as he and first in the brother made as great as ability and being a counselor this is in the process is a helpful and Al Qaeda fears and in the process is a Thursday meeting with facing greater responsibility as being a counselor to his brother if he is he will finally encourage the very dependency once lamented his poisonous and great analyst Sarah and their something and he is not having a way for you and you never intended that anything is and is was so he didn't want to bring him to Jesus is trying to error you can play as an and you are evaluating these laws are there seems to be getting a single funny and related for anyone to read as he will understand what we do is lower than in him us him seemingly hard to the New Orleans such as those to whom he is the greatest possibilities all I is present in specialist firmware is to him as he adjusts to moment my only thought is on our facility whoever is in the video that is sorry and I am not kidding I is is is is is me as a pastor communism in Paris and also the souvenir program level of control is a public controller is an behavior is is is is years away and always was and he will continue you are doing is organizing he is an Angel he is using brazen conifers were listening audience to those of us this is of course their places I guess this unreserved safety ratings event an indirect channel influence of him we press to run to arrange the nations is the answer for every enemy is really in the anyone ever talk to someone else anyone ask for advice and counsel but it does mean that you will never as the movie was over put him where consciously have a name for people that are about fifty of finalizing a plan the HVAC unit who all is as you exercise faith the digital in earnest prayer alerting himself to meet difficulties and powerful than what our God is unless the highest five what is remembered in our weakness and efficiency are largely the result into man professing a man is not dishonest and you for those of you when I look at the young people of the investors who sells very promising signs of taking seriously I hope that I will always see a close attention to him him him that means anytime because I could put in place and you and is willing to know I went badly for the slow-moving and their eighteen eighty eight eighteen eighty eight tomorrow afternoon I'd like to have sources and ramifications of a valid through the Hunter fifteen years or something like that service-oriented history down to that time span and we can see the basic issue watching me and you are not the enemy is in an interesting as I have read letter letting me he is just as you and it has played his role now and continues through Sunday and to you tomorrow afternoon tomorrow morning I am who is talking very rapidly because I have a live alongside lifetime shall frequently have a fascinating episode and address history of those hundred and four years ago and see of Indiana we had what we refer to as the holy flesh and the fascinating as Kessler telling my sister father we him ourselves silly if we close a resilient and needing a small insulin measure of faith will be needed to finish your video will communicate your tag the Lord we would mean that in your hands and simply ask the Lord with us day-to-day on the very very small issues and challenges that we now face they show masses terms of his and we will find you the source have supply and being cancer to all of my perplexities would pray that we might indeed experience righteousness by faith that we would say that they are beyond me simple necessity of forgiveness of sins for that same face in every phase of our lives thank you for Sabbath prayer bless us dollars and uses


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