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In the Wilderness

Tim Riesenberger


Tim Riesenberger

Emergency room physician in the Seattle area



  • December 20, 2007
    10:45 AM
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loving father in heaven thank you so much for showing us that we need a new heart for showing us that we need to continue to be changed Lord now I pray that you would help us to grow help us to learn how to know you how to know your word how to follow you and what is the importance Lord of approaching your Bible and approaching your commands Lord I ask that I would once again be hidden and that only Jesus would be seen in his name we pray have you ever wondered about the Bible the projectors are here to try to turn it back on for me please have you ever wondered about studying the Bible and he has several seminars here about setting Daniel setting revelation how to approach the Bible how to give Bible studies but have you ever wondered what the necessary ingredients is decided upon and I can tell you there's only one enemy to be sharing that with you this morning perhaps it's based on Isaiah right thing to remember the verse in Isaiah according to the law on the testimony right if they speak not according this word right there is what no light in them you know it's interesting though is that before that verse is something else this is line upon line precept upon precept here a little they are little is that the key to understanding the Bible will will find out I can sell you that all of those principles are good are prophetic principles understanding that we need to take what the Bible says about every birthright on the topic before we come to the conclusion ever heard the saying a little knowledge is dangerous but what is that mean is and people only understand a partial amount of the topic they can come to the wrong conclusion if you read the verse that says to the thief on the cross right verily verily I fancy you today shalt thou be with me in paradise where's that commonplace that's right the wrong place because of course in the original manuscript there's no punctuation I associated read a few chapters later when Mary throws herself on Jesus at his feet and says master teacher and he says do not detain me because I have not yet what ascended to my father so we know that that wasn't true right as he said to the thief today on the day of my defeat right I'm giving you the assurance to be with me in paradise but was he with Jesus that day will we know that because I wasn't even there that Jesus he says that I have not what it offends my father so sometimes if you don't know the whole of a certain subject you come to the wrong conclusion but I can say this many seminars that you can go through my understand by there are many study guides all very helpful to share with you the key to understanding that you have in your devotions a meaningful devotional life and without this all the seminars will be meaningless everything that you learn letters for me or someone else will not help you all of the spirit of prophecy will not help without this understanding and it happened to me on another mission trip eigenvalue that this is our group outside of our hotel in Peru we spent time together in the city eating meals together sometimes we're just gotten the open-air sharing with people and occasionally we had buildings that we could teach and preach and many times we had no fancy things chairs and whatnot oftentimes we had just benches and eighty chocolates in a share with you that when we went to these churches they intentionally split us up into different groups they wanted to send us how many a time leaving two and mainly now is practical because one person spoke English another person of Spanish so they wanted to make sure that we could be understood now they had a novel idea when it came to me this will tempt you speak Spanish things fluidly so often by yourself will download to it until now I was thinking to the most remote church that banks so I was sent to a church without a roof lining laws it had a mud floor and it had basically some rebar sticking up out of the ground and that was all that mattered also was able to start now this church service it was very very simple but they started Sabbath school and when I began this article talking to me now when you gone to another country for foreign country and they know you're different they know you're from somewhere else what do they expect you to do is drop it so so your interviews out of school the special music the children's story the sermon and why afternoon meetings and were to close Sabbath with Vespers is irrespective you ever and so that's kind of the same in Peru like most of these countries as I did my best to sing my heart out to preach my heart out the only break we had some church is going home to eat and then we came back and there was more student wasn't anyone looking at their watches to see if that was what noon at the sermon and have watches actually most of them but they were not about an hour or church all day was church in this country I guess in most countries but you know what impressed me is that after the sun went down after we were done with Vespers they waited for the Sabbath was over to have the announcements and that the that is so amazing and I think they do something else I learned from them just recently my sister has had a very hard time and this last Sabbath she did not come to church for those of you know the story of my sister is very amazing she just recently became ascendant and which he was not a church I want to most of us do in this country when you find out a missing member is still month not there what are you to call me to send a card into a Third World country they don't even if you're not a Churchill to happen to you that's right and I learned that lesson from them so what you think after I was done with the service I went to go see my sister I showed up set up a pre- nine gymnast to the door actually when I came back I called and called I went over to a whole foods nearby nosiness are just eating hoping see you as a necessary phone she found was that God was in the bathroom anyway I came back to her house and we had church right now that's something I learned from these durable countries if they don't let you slip away and I'm praising the Lord that they did so anyway they had the announcements at the end of Sabbath and frequently what you'll do is on Wednesday night prayer meeting you'll select a different book for every quarter and this was a new quarter coming up and so they had a book in a simple quarter to be studying the sixties graphics on it it's called cosmic conflict can remember there was a time about ten years whether making all these different titles for the great controversy with a single cheesy graphics and sixties style stuff and it never really sold very well so anyway this was one of those printings that they were able to get very cheap and I was remembering as they were talking about will this book real estate for next quarter so make sure to start saving up so you can buy one and I remember listening to the church members sitting next to me and they were like Hall I wish we had that book and if the reader can get the book coming next quarter Smith debacle to hide something if the Kosovo dog alike a dollar in your money is like an unreachable amount for us in our weekly work from now until next quarter and never have enough money passenger King as well what would you do for the book said I would do anything I be willing to work I be willing to take it home I would study every day I would be ready to go to church during prayer meeting I was sure of my family I chose my friends listen and this was both of these church members of the same I was so surprised that they were saying this but I thought you unable back to the hotel and go get two copies of the great controversy and I went back to my hotel and I gave these two copies of their pastor and I said I want to get into these two church members that were sitting next who want the great controversy and he said okay I'll do it now how many of you have ever gotten the book yes how many of you have ever given a book yes I have any of you when you've given that book I've read that person later and said hey have you read any kind of yes in the clinic the clinicians around and they kind of look down at their feet and yet I was really interesting I've never heard that response or how many of you have ever received the book and you take a quick Peru soul of the preface and the lock so that when you steal if you read the book you can say yes I was very moved by what I read in a book I'm not quite done with it you don't raise your hands I don't want to know how many of you the bottom line is is that not many people read a book that you give them I would say probably if you give out a number of books maybe ninety percent of people won't read the whole sister so interestingly enough I ran into these two church members three days later early hour they even got the book and they were helping out with the clinic in a nearby village and talk to myself while on negative rent out they've even got as they were helping out with the hydrotherapy station of the clinic and so I ask than I said well did you read the book they gave like we haven't stopped reading we read every night I should really assemble all what about your family we share with our family and your friends yet we share with friends already were ready for prayer meeting coming up on Wednesday that's the that's great and evidence that will optimize walked back to my station of the clinic and I didn't see any patients for the lot and I thought to myself for a long time and don't get me wrong I've given people books and some of them have threatened and doesn't make you happy sure it makes you happy but I can tell you I wasn't really feeling happy at this time it was something that God taught me that I'll never forget as long as I live in is the key to understanding the Bible or the spirit of prophecy or anything from because what impressed me is not that they read the book really what impressed me was not that they started Sherry right away what impressed me was not that they had gone and opened it up to their family what impressed me was not that they were going to get anything for the book I understood that those things are important what impressed me was these are the teacher can there were reading the great controversy there are six and ten and I couldn't do anything for a while because I realized that in love God 's word it wasn't as important to me as it was the little little Corey six ten and I can tell you right now that I went home from the mission trip and I read the great controversy sometimes I read like the end chapters you know for some people is the history of the beginning for me like the origin of evil know that's like him I have to write there as I read the final chapters like seven times I read the whole thing through twice because I learn something from those two little girls I learned that they have the key to understand the key is not a Bible study the key is not going to ask arise or Black Hills although things are wonderful but we learn the key through the eyes of these children as I can tell you that when you look at them you realize that one is awaiting the arrival of her two front teeth right now that these are kids that we playing with thoughts or trucks or games or something like that and you realize that it's the Holy Spirit of God the makes and desire the great controversy in Ohio he had asked her mother to help her with the big words in the book but she was reading one and most of what you and I would do over your Bibles with me once returned to the key John chapter seven or seventeen John chapter seven over seventeen if any man will do what is will he shall let Michelle know you know there's a version that online uses of this person I like it says in any manner will to do his will or wants to do his will he shall know of the doctrine in hiding Corey walked to know about God I asked them I said how much do you want the book they said more than anything it wanted all the one who is one of the great controversy with the sixties graphics in the front more than anything they wanted God 's work if anyone will do his will he shall know of the dock the first step with Heidi and Corey is that they wanted they wanted his work Luke chapter ten versus forty two chapter ten verse forty two this is talk about Mary and Martha both necessary but one needs to come before the other chapter ten verse forty two but how many things are needful one thing is needful and Mary has chosen that good part which shall not be taken away from her and that one good thing was what was she doing sitting at the feet of Jesus if you want to enjoy the hors d'oeuvres if you want to hobnob with the other people there what you want more than anything else Jesus wanted Heidi and Corey one one book God bless this a desire to know him he blesses a desire to do his will and when that desire is all-consuming you will know of the doctrine you will understand about God desire of ages page three seventy share concept with successful work for Christ depends not so much on numbers or talent as upon fewer guests of purpose the true simplicity of Ernest dependent is not numbers presented is not numbers account you don't there was a pastor friend of mine whom I respected more than probably any pastor when he said any talk with you he would sit down he would turn off the cell phone he would not look at his watch he would not have a pager go off paper notice that when someone walks by milk I make eye contact or say hello into any other when he was talking to you he was focused how many people do you know very few I will review saying that I need to learn from that when he talks to you is focused on you and no one else there's one thing on his mind and that's talking to you at a friend of mine whose mother is always busy they were noticed someone is always doing something always active doing something they can't sit still there have to be their hands have to be moving doing something and also watch IdeaFisher no one on the thong Mary I got a load of laundry and washing the dishes as they got the dog walking the dog with one leg or whatever they're doing something right but I can tell you that there are times when my friend asked her mother says no mom I need to talk to you about something or bishops from the blood is you think she's listening you think that we're listening to God as were driving in the car trying to your muffin trying to put makeup on lower driving in and it will be listed on the Bible wanting right to get our devotional time in that way you think that we really hear what God 's hands we don't we don't because we are focused on many things and after Jesus adhesive Martha Martha your trouble and worried about many things that County things is needful thing focusing on one purpose alone Heidi and Corey wanted that book more than anything else and you know what they got anyone else as I can tell you right now they are better understand the great controversy better than you or I or anyone else because they have one purpose and that the noble and he will reveal himself to them turn with me to salts chapter one ninety nine one nineteen there is no one a Psalm one nineteen verse ninety nine Psalm one nineteen first ninety nine I have more wisdom to know my teachers are many marketers all my teachers why because you are what are what my meditation what does it mean to meditate on something logging an example I see John in the background here when I called him and this on the call the mantra in many religions near Eastern religions it was a mantra is something that you what all is often a mantra it's something you do what with you repeat over and over again how many things you focus in on own right or whatever that mantra is cheeseburger but what everyone says all is one thing when you meditate on something it's not that complicated you're focusing on one thing and when you approach God 's word that is how you will gain more understanding and your teachers is to meditate on God I imagine that you understand more than me because I'm one of your Gregory Martin Doctor Pepin more than a runner because you meditate on God 's work focusing in on one thing and one thing alone is the key will open the Bible to the something more than that enough the next verse I have more understanding than who is the ancients was led like a hundred and five billion years old locker room and more understanding the agency because I see what it's more than just meditating because hiding Corey they wanted the Bible they wanted us with a water the grape harvesting more than anything house but what they do when he got to the DeSales school they want to write they executed what they found in that book they got their mom to help them they got their families and listed so they could understand the word and no pants do we read the Bible to get information or to reread it for the guide of our lives no Ellen White is a very very good passages and steps to Christ and his temper knowledge of God she said it is better to read one passage and meditate upon it until it's significance is clear and its relationship to the plan of salvation is understood and approval of many chapters that make sense when you read the Bible do what I do for you I my father is in a very big influence in my life any system to know and not to do is not really get to know an answer she will go and I'll give seminars on help often times and also you something nothing out there is word that we do without it will ever heard that they do not have the key that unlocks the value when we hear God 's word I'll be reading it for just information will be reading it to know what to do and what you see they understand they understand God 's word because when they read it and embrace and do it the only times you will see a question in these health seminars as funny as I thought the receiver I have a question about mushrooms every last drop mushrooms help on these something were supposed to use or not he is this question asked over and over again and you know it isn't it's not like the other question one of the Russian arrest urine therapy is pretty easy to deal with the mushrooms I love it more complicated answer but you see the issue is not really the mushrooms this person is asking about mushrooms that that's right it's not the issue of the mushrooms are eating me up drinking and smoking than one know about Bush 's we do that don't we look and say is the king of the north end I have to go with whatever I'm assuming I a lot had a physician one time I was in Holland and another and I get a presentation on the power of the spirit of prophecy and what brought me to accept for prophecy I was more interested in health I was in the process of becoming a physician and I came across some information that known what had written about smoking tobacco is an insidious poison because this is the other thing but I went to look up when she wrote that might be deemed something and I was in back I'm a third grade education I can pull an article from Jim Journal the American Medical Association and I read an article in nineteen thirty five after this statement right very far after and it says that for asthma one of the best things is smoking Jana is the most prestigious medical journal in United how dare you Hawaii laughing because it's one that would recommend anyone would recommend to impress in fact the number one cause of pediatric asthma smoking is another not in the kids that promote parents we know that now and I'm sure in a circle and he came up to me he said Doctor Reasoner I need to reference for that article I want to have that reference I want to show people the truth of this this man was living with a woman who is not prisoners to anti-American the woman you're living with first and I can send you the article but that's what we do we go a little about the things we don't understand so we can ignore nothing now we know are the fire in our living room so we can extinguish the match we strain at a gnat and swallow a camel the UCP application friends don't worry about mushrooms that make sense I can tell you that if you obey the light that you do know you will begin additional light about the things you don't know it's a simple is with a game as human beings who want to know about the mushrooms we want the article from nineteen thirty five from Jim were committing adultery fornication lying and stealing lusting over eating we don't understand the true the marks of when you follow and do what you understand God will give you wisdom to do what you like to say right now these girls again understand more than you and I all combine because when they receive light when they do don't the following the last principle under share with you is in Luke chapter six verse thirty eight Luke chapter six verse thirty Luke chapter six thirty very simple passage give and what be given to you and I like it if that is given you measure pressed down shaken together and running over shall men give into your bosom for the same measure that you need with all the children measured to you again the old one of the first things these girls that when I gave the book what were they shared with other people they wanted God 's word more than anything else they were focused on one thing when they receive the life they will be acted on and when they receive the lightly shared with someone else if I can tell you that when I was headed towards medical school my parents gave me nothing when I became an ad that espouses own I wanted my parents and when I was at a medical school I decided to try again and they said to jump in the lake they were getting into so what I did I had one year to do premed I will tell you the whole story is given a full scholarship to Andrews University and I did general chemistry biology organic chemistry and physics in one year now that is regularly don't you think you can before you okay yes you do I didn't I took about the same time because that's all I have had one year to take them all and I can tell you that you have any money either because the scholarship covered sixteen units now taking more than sixty unified action pay for the additional units that I do live right he is a what I did is I tutoring for my classes I was taking and I was a tour chemistry organic chemistry physics and biology I think I get in those classes when I was tutoring for all why the best way to learn something is to teach it to see don't you see I didn't have to go home and study in Boston paid ten bucks an hour to know why was talking about by the other students in the class I can tell you this is the number one reason why we don't understand the Bible why our emotional life is law when you spend time with God and you learn something of a thought how many of you come someone who you know what I learned this morning my posts community said not many of us are I can tell you that I really share something in the sessions that I learned that I actually call people up I called my friends and said hey get your Bible in ten minutes the Michelle you I call the pastor my church I do that if I went to a park I called a friend of mine in Sweden and I fully pay any ever read this is a government for Tony Hernandez never seen that before that is amazing how meaningful you think that is it means the world to me that truth that I have learned and it becomes more and more precious as I know people often wonder why I have to note that you'll notice that only look at the top and because it's happened to me it's something that I share is a regular part of my life even notes because I'm sure I is a unique the same thing with gauze were when you learn something it will burn in your heart if you teach it to someone else make it happen when you open God 's word to focus on him and him alone to not just read the Bible to know to be informed to open and when you read and don't worry about the mushrooms don't worry about that article in JAMA from nineteen thirty five open which you do know if you don't understand about the Ottoman Empire and the relationship it has the thousand thirty five days or whatever the word out to which you can't understand and I will help you understand what you and when you learn something I challenge you that you pray every day that God will give you someone to share everything in your mildew is getting someone to share with everybody I can tell you I have multiple amazing divine appointments just in the airplane it's fantastic when I can share just simple things I can tell you one experience that I remember I was flying three ABMs and I met an airline pilot Stewart Stewart and how much interaction you have with the stewards of the stewardesses all electric applicants likewise would like without having us the exact right of the conversation and in that conversation I'm aware what all I said to him with want in applicants will need everything I said thank you very much sir he lost any sense when you're welcome Sir that was it as I walked back to go to the bathroom with you very badly right now I haven't physically send him to take place in the locked in the bathroom anything where he's in I tell you you're getting a new door that said I'm glad you asked me I'm happy because I become a Christian and I share with them just very briefly my journey I'll share with you a little bit more about what is a session will tell you what has come about God will give you an opportunity if you asked him to share with someone every day but that opportunity is not just that person who you think it's for it's for you to share the learned so that it becomes a part of you rather than something you know that makes sense the reason why yes what had I is a will and in and in will and why all that is tremendous and illustration from physics they can so much Russell appreciate on the share passage as we close from testimonies to ministers page one nineteen to bring these points home when you look at Heidi and Corey the reason why it's so amazing to you is why there they can go to Andrews University they don't have an M divinity or Gregorian theology I can hardly read some of the bigger work it's a flat surprises you with children's price God because he tells us in a passage that God can teach you more in one moment by his spirit and you could learn from the great men of the year you realize that one moment I can teach them if needed you can get five million degrees afternoon on the share with you that the key to understanding the Bible is also the key to be safe enough while incorporating it into this talk about giving your life to Jesus another share with you an illustration that I'll never forget it comes from first Corinthians chapter one verses twenty six to twenty nine first Corinthians chapter one verses twenty six to twenty nine and were told there about works we see your calling brethren that not many what wise men after the flesh not many what mighty not many noble are called but God has chosen what the foolish things of the world to confound the wise and got has chosen the weak things of the word Rover found the things that are my and the base things of the world the things that are despised hath God chosen and the things which are not to bring to nothing the things that are and why is that that no flesh should glory any other current illustration of shrinking the earth down to the size of your hand if you take me earth triggered down the size of your hand three inches of voices in diameter and you look at the highest point on the earth which is an Everest in America lowest point on your not like to see most of what went on the earth the site death Valley near summit like that you you run your hand over those two points when the earth is that big you want to feel college is not it smoother than a pool ball you realize that's how it is with God the very mightiest Saint and the very smallest are all the same compared to God because of how large and I can tell you that is the whole reason he does stuff like because I can tell you that if I come up with some amazing truth right or Doctor Pitman it waxes eloquent on the right is a well you could write a book he does have a teaching unwelcome recent burger he was in MDs unschooled time and is in office mission work in that's understandable but when a six -year-old and a ten -year-old does something like this who you him or you know it's not don't you see it's not about me or you or God it doesn't matter if we had to grieve amount of education in fact I just finished saying how often to those people get chosen not me not thankless is not many it is a not in me as if you have a degree that I can still use it is okay I'm not saying that but it's not many is an highly professional you know how many people that are mighty and being nor my friends a personal trainer he's two hundred and eighty five pounds and can bench press seven hundred he is a freak of nature was needed you think he feels he could squash you between his two fingers basically like encircle your head with one of his palms until we doesn't feel is needed because he's my agility is the guy is a pool ball is on say God knows every one of us to be just like these can convert him and when we understand that we had the key that unlocks the Bible as I can tell you one of the best ways I can illustrate it is this an electric line when you were young like to climb our countries loss is like that and what my favorite Bangladesh sidewalk the other side loss for the wall starts low and the economy goes higher reasoning as I love those doctors I was start I would balance and I got to be down here right thank you going higher and higher and finally the wall comes to what the endless layup and when I was small I would come to the end of the walkway and leaving my dad would say jump down or debate I do and who I would jump as I knew what she got older you laugh because it's true as I got older and a jump when the edit on why because my confidence in him had gone down as the confidence in myself it's easy that's why we as older people will never say Matthew Chapter eighteen verse three is the relationship of this to salvage Matthew Chapter eighteen verse three verily verily I say if you accept you be converted and there's something else become one as little children you will never see the kingdom of juicy when I was young when I was small and that is a jump one enter because I knew he would catch me that he could do anything have you ever seen kids looking at adding my daddy can do anything they believe that the last but they believe that but as they get older who is the one who can do anything I don't really trust in their father anymore but I can tell you unless we learn the lesson of Heidi and Corey will never be safe we will never have salvation until we like that child can jump off the wall when goddesses job until we can have total confidence in our father and absolute forgetfulness about ourselves because you see that's the key that understands the Bible is becoming like a little child it's becoming weak in yourself realizing that you cannot do anything and not just saying this above all Lord I am nothing until they really believe their quite something in this throw until you come to the point where you really believe that like Heidi and Corey is easy for them to believe it because their kids they are children of a thought no but remember the pool ball in your remember that if your mount Everest it's just to say SFL to go compared to him you are the same whether you're the Midas Midas Saint we consider are all the same to him and I pray that next time you open your Bible you would remember my friends Heidi and Corey I won't forget as long as I live anyone remember the lessons lesson that will help you to unlock the Bible will make your devotions meaningful to approach God 's word as David how many things that they want just one thing the one of the great Congress they wanted cosmic conflict one anything else they would've done anything for when they received the life they obeyed they were not concerned about mushrooms for the articles and Jim they were seeking God and go they obeyed his life and when they received that book do they keep it to themselves who this year everyone around a six zero and tenure this year when you have your devotions ask God to give you someone to share what you've learned that morning and it will become part you won't need to say now okay what was that doctrine again many many grab my amazing facts guide you will need to do that because it's part of you remember me struggling with my premed classes two hundred four than in learning that that was the best way I could stay up all and finally remember that the way to understand the Bible is the way to salvation and unless you are converted and become as little children you will never know and you'll never miss but I can tell you that if you like Heidi and Corey follow in their footsteps and realize that you are nothing and God is everything you will know you will know because it will be a part of you for the field for loving father in heaven Lord I thank you for the lessons that I have learned from my two little friends what Jesus forgive me for not loving your word loving you thank you help me to learn from those little children to seek you at the loss of all else to obey the life that I do know and thereby understand what I don't and finally to share with others the joy in the life care and above all Lord we ask that you would humble us that you would make us like little children not only that we can understand and obey everything is going when the server is this meeting was used by audio burgers review ministry is integration of Christ would like to listen to or is working would like to learn more about people and see please visit WW CYC with board also if I agree with you all you birds are working and there are a


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