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In Gethsemane

Tim Riesenberger


Tim Riesenberger

Emergency room physician in the Seattle area



  • December 20, 2007
    2:30 PM
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I'm very excited about this presentation because it is dedicated to a friend of mine is a missa and he was nineteen and he loved you I see and he tried encourage as many people as he could to come his sister is here are thankful for that and so forth first and foremost this presentation is to Jesus and each one of you and everyone who will hear and secondarily as for our memory of Seth because he was skilled in motorcycle accident when he was just nineteen and I remember his friendliness in fact I would never met Sierra family had not been processed the brother we met when I was in school at Stanford and had the opportunity to see the church taken up the meal don't never forget my friends that I still have this time next year at so this session is any dedicated to him and I pray that you would receive a blessing as well before you begin I would like to ask Lord to be with us please about me as we pray loving father in heaven what a joyous to be here with you and I just pray that you would help us to remember the lessons from such life and I pray Lord that you would give us grace and strength as we learn about one of my other friends I pray Lord that you would be seen and heard and felt today and not myself I pray Lord that every one of my friends here would see Jesus when his name we pray share with you what we most powerful words I believe are the now some of you think about maybe some words are powerful to you any God is love pretty powerful right Jesus loves me three powerful words to share with you what I believe is stronger any of those things that have more power to change someone's life and bring them to God and even those words before I began college initiative minimizing Sean he was a caddie students and he was fifteen years old now unfortunately Sean was diagnosed osteosarcoma a long word for cancer now unfortunately at the very quick very aggressive form of cancer but thankfully he dropped out of Academy got treated and was here Sean was not just a fighter he was scholar even though he had missed a year of Academy he ended up going back and he finished everything into a half years all the Academy Commandments and a half years I also had a family is very loving father and mother and sister and I met Sean unfortunately as a result of a nightwork I was in the emergency room and usually what happens is that patients will come to triage the nurse will assess the so I how serious they are he will put them in order and then put them in a room will rapeseed I was full all my rooms were packed I've have any room one of the nurses came up to me and said thinking as you patient out outside waiting I said okay and it scares me because they don't say that usually so I went out to the triage and I saw young man who was a pale breathing hard his emotional and I asked him the question asked every patient which is in trouble why can't read what you think is going on anything well I've had cancer in the past and what has happened is an absolutely accumulate in one side of my lungs and that's what it feels like now it's okay I said go ahead and bring them back to this room we weren't ready I just run straight back and after a while I noticed that he was having more more trouble breathing and I said Sean you think you need me to help you breathe a little bit I'd article him on some oxygen and I seem to be helping a student getting worst is I cannot think of any help so my plan was to put him on the ventilator and after that dream the fluid in the long help to expand now unfortunately was a problem is this when you come into the hospital in order to draw blood to the medications what we need to do when I be out of the nurses were able to find a single lane on his body it was some swelling they couldn't understand why was going on and so they appeal me this weekend NIV soundman said okay I'll try and I can tell you that I looked around and there was no maintenance zero and so at that point were left with a very few options I can go for a subclavian line underneath your club of lawyer collarbone and go with your internal jugular vein Wendell and your family and your growing I decided I didn't need to do this right away I was go for the family now I can tell you have been hundreds of these lines and I couldn't find I searched and searched and searched I couldn't fill the skies pulse my something 's wrong and I can tell you that at one point I thought I had struck his bladder as I drew back the yellow fluid like oh eight zero but it wasn't he had so much we'll recall and Deena or fluid in his soft tissues had just gotten pocket of lymphatic fluid and at this point I actually prayed in the emergency department and ask Jesus to help me to find the vein and what was wrong is young and healthy people even if you feel your own pulse not too far away it's like about this far away from your finger I had a six inch needle and I had to bury it all the way to the hub to find his name but I finally struck it said my catheter in their would put an IV and his family and we given medications to slowly start to relax so we could put the bleeding to interest rates you select so I did that the reading Toobin intimated him put them on a ventilator and unfortunately I had to see other critical patients I had to transfer up to the ICU but something that I do with all of my patients that are critical and whom I've had a time of special bonding I had a chance to actually pray with Sean and his family before he went on pretty God would heal him bless and guide as I like to follow up to see how they're doing so the next day I had to work so before I came on shift I came a little early and went into the ICU seashell we had prayed for God special blessing and healing apartment and his family he was about something he was about nineteen eighty twenty and when I got up I saw his family there and I went over to Shaw and ask your question what happened to Sean the line had worked well the doctor had seen the diagnosis was correct it was a recurrence of the cancer but unfortunately Johnson died this is his memorial that I received his family and the pictures you saw there was a car that they sent me this is what they said to the recent murder we wish to thank you for the special care you get to Shawn and us we know that you are an answer to our prayer and me everyone we came into contact with your hospital was kind and helpful thank you I'm sending you Sean 's memorial service program perhaps you'd like to get better when our dear son thank you again and God bless stories don't always and when you expect to does not always a live happily ever after is and I'm telling you that when you give your life to Jesus they are vanity things you don't understand that you don't explain just what Bible verse that you don't just say well all things work together for good as I can tell you that's not good it may work together for good when you're going through it you can't see through the door was I expecting why came up in the ICU to see my patient that I was I have seen God work miracles on many of my patients but this one passed away I want to tell you what his family said this is the reason murder we are so blessed what you did like it hot I think it might help will understand they said because he was excavated into the breathing tube out this morning and he was fine I said he was normal he called and talked with Sister Aycock 's grandparents he talked to everyone in his family made his peace with God in Boston that window of time to make things right and we know that our some say because after Sean had spoken all his family he rapidly decompensate and he was gone in a short period time you or failure it depends on if you can look at it through having the highest when I look at it I see patients that cannot bring back I see a young man whose sister was broken whose family was grieving to see God sees rising and seasoned you and I will cease those things in our lives as we become Christians will have times when we don't understand why God is letting us go through something but you know that there's someone else who understands how you try to be in your Bibles to Matthew chapter twenty six verse thirty eight Matthew chapter twenty six in verse thirty eight then said he can then now who is he here who is talking that's right Jesus and use them as a sign that said he had to them my soul is what exceeding sorrowful even unto death carrying here and watch with me and he went a little farther and fell what on his knees on his face and prayed saying father let's go to the cross that we sent he said father if it is possible what this cup pass from the mirror ask God to take out a situation in your I know I can handle this this is not what I signed up for this is not what I expected I can say that's happened to me many times and ensure with you another day often times when I have residents and medical students who work with me they want to see things that are calm in things that aren't dangerous we think it was going to the ER where they want to they want to see me shocks unlike lack of open recent murder in analyzing and debating with you ProLiant it was easily established but interestingly enough I violated it came in and within about five minutes of examining her and take a history I knew that she had something life-threatening soul life-threatening that it is forced in other words I can force the treatment on economic things like that were eating if you refuse and people who all the time I can make you take the treatment for this condition against her will pretty serious in fact this disease is the number one cause of death of his people number one eighty HIV baby TV some that before she did it interestingly enough my medical students don't pick up the chart and Novell both I got another one else am I I thought all I develop him no walk in the room they will be grudgingly see this patient why something right they wanted to some life-threatening this is with you I have seen this lady is it wanting I want to talk and I told her that was the beginning of the treatment finishes like one swap on sorry unfortunately by law I can make you take it you can bounce against the law that's against my rights I'm leaving us about it off and leaving him and keeping enough is like you do I send doing my job and you see what was going on was perfectly normal my part if I were at my chart audit any physician would say a recent vertebrate no flash forcing some seem to Christlike doesn't let me tell you that this is an affliction that affects ten percent of net twenty percent of its very own and in the church and see what someone has this disease oftentimes someone close a and you can have your devotions that he given up the bears they won't be as empathetic as you might consider what is this while tight this woman was from Japan and in Japan is not illegal to kill yourself it is in my country I can stop the like of which on a seventy two hour hold this diseases depression she was wanting to end her life she had taken an overdose and she said what I was doing was wrong and if a woman you're not in Japan your dear hospital for seventy two hours metaphorical until we can treat your depression is only times we run into someone who's depressed and going through a hard time and the best thing they get from one of their family members or church members is you need to read the Bible is saying what's the sin in your life that Scott I want to read Matthew twenty six thirty eight and never forget did Jesus ever commit sin did he even once succumb to temptation that is he said my soul is sorrowful exceedingly sorrowful even unto what if you got a note from the patient and a figure not the recent murder I'm so sad to the point of dying weight again I called depression I think I be worried about that patient I think I would want to be around that person and make sure that everything was okay and that's exactly what Jesus one could be want with his disciples his friends that the people need for sat nicely told that their city not to be told that they need to improve their devotional life they need someone to be with them did Jesus want them to fix the problem no all he asked is what Terry you hear and what actually to stay with me all so he asked and I can tell you that Jesus though he was the son of God as he prayed to his father are you father let's go to the cross father I'm willing to drink this cup lets mix it up but now that we sent he did he said taking away a father and his God understand when you go through things that you don't realize that the end where I will ever come yes you guys has God seen the darkness yes you is used for the presidency if she has someone asked me after the session this morning and they said someone don't understand so when I'm converted my feelings in a change I said not always do you think there is times I enjoy getting up and reading the Bible yes you think it's always no it's not only sometimes I was working residency now is working a hundred and thirty five hours a week I would stay up one night see patients stamp another night come home and have to do it again the next day I would work for forty eight hours straight every fourth night sometimes every third night not eating an idea we work on thirty five hours there's only a hundred and sixty eight hours in a week seven times twenty four hundred sixty eight just FYI so there wasn't much time where I was on the hospital I remember one time someone was actually how much of what last night I said there were no eyes nose and what that means is using we talk about patience for intake and output is well we will revise a note that was me nothing came in and nothing came out all ship that some healthy usually when I came home I wanted to open the Bible and read in some time in prayer I want to spend an intimate moment with my fellow and maybe some special time with a bowl of Cheerios there's not been a be a hundred percent feeling all the time it Jesus feel like doing God 's will hundred percent like we just read he's a father and become him give me don't you go through this again is Pratt wants how they treat lines but what if he's a Saturday and a prayer nevertheless what not my will but you're welcome to his art will always going to be on the side of God who it wasn't what Jesus wanted he shrank from the sacrifice desire may just health and want to go but he did and he did it for you from me other times when you will feel like doing the right thing you several other times when you will understand what God 's doing yes there will be good Luke chapter twenty two verse forty four and tell you another another patient Luke chapter twenty two and verse forty four and being in an agony Jesus prayed more earnestly him this was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground and I remember someone coming up to me at a conference in the executive what does this symbolize the drops of blood what does this illustrate with Jesus I said well it illustrates great drops of blood like what and I remember seeing them just dumbfounded as I told him of the story and never seen a child born you read in the Bible it says when a woman is in labor she hath sorrow for her hour is come and if you have witnessed that our you can understand the word travail of soul there was a woman who was in labor for was attending the birth and he shared the stroke is a resident like myself and enforcing the baby was not progressing forward now sadly if the baby gets stuck there can be forces that compress certain parts and you compress the umbilical cord when anything happens cutting off the circulation and the baby 's heart rate began to draw low and lower the signs of life began to slip away and the nurses told this woman you need to push like you have never pushed before and she just screamed at him and she pushed an okay thing is you just try to recover and she has wipes her face and she sees a handful of life and she screams I just want what's going on it turns the nurses and students because under time extreme stress and how hilarious under the surface of your skin will actually rupture and he will sweat that's what Jesus did he didn't understand he was suffering under the hiding of his father 's presence I can tell you that there is a promise from Jesus they mean so much to me and is a promise you often hear from friends it's at the end of the book of Matthew Wright was a say in Matthew twenty eight verse eighteen nineteen no we pray it follows the commission the great commission go use all the world what baptizing them in the name of the father and the son the Holy Ghost teaching them to observe all things which I commanded you and what is the promise low is below me the attention I'm with you always even into the end of the world you know what the most favorite chapter is the most beloved chapters in the whole Bible yes leisure not chapter festival of Muslim verse wears a Psalm twenty three Psalm twenty three says though I walk through the valley of the what shadow of death I will fear no evil why is sometimes in life it's more important to know that someone's windshield and even what's coming in the decedent God 's promise is only walk the road the Valley of the saga not around no the next TSS will be with us always sometimes all you need that person is struggling in your life it doesn't seem God sometimes all they need is for you to be with just a watch to pray to smile when they can't I can tell you that that is something that you and I will need as Christians to know that God will be with us and you can do that for someone else to turn to Hebrews chapter thirteen Hebrew circa thirteen versus five and six Hebrews seven thirteen five and six the consensus with such things you have the one he has said I will never leave you nor forsake you other people in life that lead us in bursitis other relationships that leave you and for taking has that ever happened to you happening but you know what there's one person who does Jesus and I hope you can be Jesus for someone when they cannot see the father 's face when the client on the cross I caught my God why have you forsaken me and ever felt that one I have never known someone who's feeling that way the Jesus film and she did yes she did interviews with him okay lessee on she wants the survival gave my God my God why what Jesus said it because that's the way it felt if the same thing with the blood it's great drops of blood because it's great cost what is the simple answer I will never leave nor forsake you so that we may boldly say the Lord is my helper and I will not what will not be imaginative it's amazing how your confidence changes when you know you have someone with you it's amazing how your outlook changes when you notice a constant in your life doesn't change what chapter fifteen Mark chapter fifteen in verse twenty nine and they pass by and railed on him like dancing on all the destroys the Temple and built in three days save yourself and come down from the cross likewise also the chief priest mocking said among themselves besides he saved others himself he cannot save the Christ the King of Israel to send off the cross that we may see and believe in they were crucified reviled him as well and going down verse thirty four and at the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice saying Eli Eli lama support which is my God my God why hast thou for Satan and what you remember this is another reason why bring it up yes Jesus thou forsaken you want to I want to know this difference because if I were up on the cross nailed their ensure delivery I can use in your instruments are all imprisoned for you now the class on occasion I went there not going anywhere look at Jesus and sometimes we think ending Jesus is an advantage will he just happens to be the son of God at the same time isn't that interesting the only human being that ever escape the world without yielding to my temptations of the son of God the things machine being the son of God made it harder not easier because he ever uses divine power to escape temptation for himself the benefit saw no because if he had wouldn't you like us to focus you got me up on the class were migrating on the Seder on the cross till I die that's that's it but Jesus emergency which made his temptations all the worse can you imagine letting someone beat you up when you can dislike this is not we are told that Jesus could destroy Satan and all his host as easily as one casts a pebble the graph can imagine we are told that she is on the cross with one look good and humbled all his oppressors in the dust it was that easy for him which made it back home to recess ministate on cross for me and for you to be in my place hey Mark Jesus himself could not see through the darkness of the two were told a desire to visit he did not see himself coming for the town has a clock and he was tempted to believe that the separation would be for the realized Jesus walked to see the shadow of death he walked to the second Jesus didn't jump off the cliff filling the traveling was at the bottom he jumped off knowing only darkness did not have that feeling rusher is that something that you and I have to as well there's a friend of mine is a theologian I will say who is his theology cargoes a little bit like this is if you have a triple-decker hot fudge sundae this is ulceration and you're having to resist eating it and has just works you might not going to just go ahead and the computer just in all denying yourself what you really want your just going against your feelings is not really in your car I want you to know that you can resist the triple-decker hot by Sunday even if you feel like eating because the Jesus go to the cross because he felt like home to Jesus Scalia on the cross because he felt like it there can be times when you want to open the Bible and you don't want to get on your knees and pray but you know who understands that Jesus things are always getting to know whatever after you get into that school the girl you love more than anyone else they walk out of your life that hear that he was looked up to let you that you know Jesus understands the any know what we can do what he did we can move forward in spite of the darkness this is something that I have seen transform more lives anything else is the three most powerful words I remember talking to a friend of mine and I was telling you about this concept I was sharing with him about trials and tribulations and how we can move through them in spite of rather than because of and he's going through a hard time she thought he was additionally to this school he applied it just assume he moved down there thing of course and then again they will back him unafraid to tell you that we don't think you're going to capable for this program and got rejection the girl who had he had set his heart on basically had walked out of his life and a career that he had was gone all this happened one week until I told him I think you should share your testimony is like what testimony I can know what God is going to do at the end before I share it don't you think that's an it was a story about little pit at any heard a story it's about a little chicken and at the end of the story of your habits will pick your most anymore so the happily ever after but you know what it's done to us it is a cat people from understanding one because my friend is an guy okay guy no job guy rejected by the school guy loses the girl was going to as a guy but that's just went to share your testimony because why it's a more amazing to see you still hold on to God without seeing the end is not right you understand and you may not know why is gone but the fact that you still believe Jesus is of Grant 's isn't the fact that my friend is here at this conference and not just believing in God is volunteering he's helping out your care is a good you lost your job you lost your woman and got rejected from school I went in only honest with you until you feel so hot right now to I was trying to introduce him to some friends of mine that you recycle it I cannot I really don't elect confident now is a good thing somebody do nothing is as if I should tell him the truth telling the truth because I can tell you that there are more people that are going to be able to understand what you're going through and happily ever after and if they see that you are still a Christian in spite of what's going on that's a better witness than because doesn't make sense to share one last story with you as we close in as well I believe the three most powerful words in the Bible take a look at Daniel chapter three very familiar story Daniel chapter three so you remember the vision right that Nebuchadnezzar had the head of what goal arms of what children and it goes down 's iron Wainwright and what it will represent a line so what do you think Nebuchadnezzar was trying to say by making this image and now he constructed the units from the dreams except with the weather change is that of using other models was a native of goal from the conference that attract visiting whenever an action this image is like ninety feet tall insanity in uncle for more bullet than Fort Knox in a very you know the routine when the music place yourself down and worship okay the story but as they play the music there are three forms that do not etc. the second because of already says in verse fourteen and because they can vent isn't true of Shadrach paycheck and Abednego we serve my God no worship the golden image that set up and this is kind of silly because the new undated window would you like to meet half years you know we don't serve it hot like we remember with the concepts that will affect a hiking on course union you just try to let them know is given one more chance now if you're ready at the time you hear the sound the court Lou Hartsock but all three dulcimer and all kinds of music you've gone down and worship the image five make going but if you worship not you will be tasked the same hour in the midst of burning fiery furnace and at this point all I said that Nebuchadnezzar raised his hand in the fine and fit and who is that they shall deliver you of my seventy second Abednego answered and said to the king Nebuchadnezzar we're not careful dancing this matter if it is so I've gone we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace and he will deliver us out of that handle King and you know the story right they were delivered correct but that's not the most powerful thing if you that is not the most powerful thing about the story I've titled off the three words it comes at the beginning of verse eighteen but if not but if not if you just let it be known into the okay no we will not serve no worship the golden image size you see those living all words as we serve God becomes through all three barn sacrifice because he's God don't you see that that's a greater witness than even being saved from the flames because they were willing to serve God not because he's Santa Claus because he gives you what you want because he's go because he's loved he's proven himself to us and we trust him that if we die he will raise us again but if not if you're facing that relationship it may work out but if not maybe you're going to get into that law school but if not God 's got you the perfect job but we can do I think we as Christians have to cease playing a with God either we believe that he is God and he's God I can tell you in my life the most difficult decision I've ever me with was the most beautiful woman I've ever met I met a woman who is beautiful both inside and out and make a long story short she was an activist by the way committed but as I was reading things in the Bible is very promising growth with her for over two years I realized that I had to end this relationship and I talk to my godly friends and all of them unanimously supported ending only one problem I didn't want to will my arm will play on my high felt that way losing something is like ripping off the partners I didn't and I can tell you I shared with you about pictures of the ladies were not tears of joy I cried every day for a month straight and every time I try and stop I tried it so there was nothing left I would stop and you know that you have to like were empty LA press release again sorry will appear and after that I would like to stay stop crying I just been caught everyday and beautiful I know that you I know that you have but I can tell you what happened to me was this was almost two years after I broke up eighty three I was having dinner with a friend of mine and she asked me to attend you ever think you love a woman more than shuttered and I stopped because I felt like I never could and I never would but you know what I said I said yes not because I feel it because I know because I know God because I know he's not going to leave me through the valley of the shadow of death without bringing me through to the light I know he's not going to take away something from my life without giving something back and even if I'm single for the rest of this life I will see him someday and understand why so I told my friend yes I will love a woman more than her but I say that my faith it was two and a half years afterwards it's now been four years after broker still haven't had a girlfriend but you know what I believe now I can feel it now but I can tell you for years been feeling because she was she was at the house and anyone else that I can tell you but if not I will still serve God in all I could lose everything I have I can have my medical license revoked and fire me my house and it flooded my car and die all my family could reject but I still have one that doesn't change I serve God is God yes I like it that he answers my prayers I like it in years and I like it that I prosper as I obey his commandments but that's not what that's not why for me the most powerful words that you can read but not when things go well praise the Lord but you know what easy to believe in a God when things are going well even Satan understands that will of course job worships you the other day hands around my came to you prosper everything he does is that ten kids wonderful wife lots of land lots of cattle take everything away and a curse you to your face don't know thankful for the fire this has a worthiness as a faithful but even if they burn in the fire there dying testimony would be but not still serve God and I pray that you would remember that I will never forget the lesson I learned from Sean years ago that things don't always work out the way you expect or think they should but not still there he understands that pretty will serve install practical loving father in heaven I thank you for my brother Sean and the lessons that historically I pray Lord that you would help me to be like him to go through the darkness to make my peace with you and understand that my life is in your head 's you know what is best and though you don't take me around the valley of the shadow of death you are with you I pray that everyone is they are taking steps towards you in making their decision to be a Christian that they would be ready to face the darkness because they know insisting this meeting was produced by our burgers medium is nice generation of Christ would like to listen to more 's presentation or you would like to learn more about UNC visit to the UIC with God or will I agree with you on your bird warming and there are now known as a


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