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Rebel Heart

Rade Milosavljevic



  • June 26, 2015
    11:00 AM
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It's going to be a spiritual journey and we have to find the secret. How our heart can can change so that that God can accomplish some course you know life's coal mine when I'm ready. How can I finish my school where to find a job that's not a problem for God are you with me you'll be able to find a great guy. OK is going to come. But God wanted something else first for us. Let me tell you to go to my story what is it what is it. I was soon at the tenders just came from a Serbia you know joke which tennis player. Yeah yeah from my country Servia former Yugoslavia I came we don't want to live and tickets to Chicago and I'm but ally looks like repeat thousand dollars inject in my pocket. Wow I thought he's going to be easy but it was very tough. So and especially when I went to my country. Went in there war broke out and they said there is no tuitions for your I said what. Oh how can I survive. OK praise the Lord for this country in freedom so you can get a student loan. But still I'm already paying and my wife and my kids and heaping Now student loan every month. Hundred bike on their fifty they always. Looking for more so and are working I was working the library for R T three ninety four for the four dollars per hour that was an I.D.S. But that was enough I was a culture shock but I was struck happy to finish my doctoral degree. Praise the Lord and I did then and then my kids or competition you know my son is principal and over that will Malinda working going to his dissertation P.H.D.. His wife was a teacher there a youngest son is there. Started pre-med found the nice girl or the parents physician and now he's a pastor and daughter she's a teacher so one wife three kids and six hundred children but what was a tough people I was on the bottom of the No as I told in the first class over their money on us. Islands. Highlands are between Japan and Filipino on their on their vests I just hear that the past or should was the ocean the past like thirty six thousand and seventy fifth The pair then more and more the avarice is twenty nine and thirty five. Avarice twenty nine but I do see money on us. I remember so I was I always was saying I am a twenty thousand miles under the ocean but these that was probably thirty six point zero seven a fee what it time when I did you. Or your thinking I'm talking to and nor sense time so that that I was sort of wondering how I'm going to survive I have a kid the August one was two and a half years. Call the oldest fourteen and daughter twelve and we are all is call from elementary to doctoral degrees of who is going to pay all of that i was time when we didn't have and meeting a nerdy footage it are you with me. Allo coming home. Nothing to you. I remember one time in white a professor to come and and he came here to live in looks like my wife spend their last stand to make something some kind of people for them and I was sitting and talking about came and his wife wanted to help to help my wife so she opened up the door or refrigerator. She opened up and I just look at that time. Should shut close fast that hundred times then she opened because of not being was in it. While studying and then I said Lord I am so glad I was soft hat P. coming to and that was to diversity that was my desire to act seemed my goal and county started to involve former Yugoslavia that was great that God invited me just at the debt time I know kids are going to be drafted seen army end and is mess over to Howard was half a million. Will had been killed for not doing so I was working the library for around four for four dollars. Shall bring those books are like books you know we did titles and everything but then I have to some friends I got a job in Chicago. Listen to make the distance toward a short because we have something else but from the story we will learn their secret secret how our church our heart can be changed and how can we succeed in our life where is the sick I was working. Just everything you know any modeling and I know how to do it that. Remove these this this this that I will is a piece of cake. Make a tiles now is a piece of cake at the time I did not much you know and one day one week we finish there but the room mostly I was working on it and my boss said that's all money your money and and you can go home. I that day I finish just everything and and the owner of the House supports to to pay me it's a big if your child's probably like two million dollars house and I was saying that I will be done earlier today at around one o'clock and he said I'm not going to pay you and I didn't have any penny in my pocket. Did I have racked wrist I don't know did I have something to eat nor did I have money for gas for car no I was supreme. I was praying in that bathroom. Finishing placing the tiles and and just a shape. Everything it's almost done eleven o'clock eleven thirty I was praying going to crying I said Lord you know that I don't have I don't care and I'm going to eat or not but I don't have even thought they did said not even dull five dollars in my pocket to buy the gas not doing just praying. Hardly at all and cranky in my song and suddenly the door where open and the owner or house came and sad. And said can you can you calm Can you please that's an order how said Can you please come you said yes and I have friends I said what for and he said can you do translation for me I was thinking is that bullies so were there I was ready to order a new way you know because as a student I supported not to Warwick and any order job accept may be alike. And I didn't have a green card I'm not a US citizen because the Come come here and I came and they said no people. I came and then I saw the man you shouldn't miss this and man a tall like you are free to nice. Suitcase you know smile said hi I said hi and the owner is standing between us and he. He said Are you his cause and I said some kind of cancer and I you know I was almost aligned. And he said really to do translation for me please I said I will try my best and then I started and he said can you tell. Owner I don't know who is that. Nice kind like an angel. Tell him that the two two weeks ago he's kind of was in front of the bank bank or Rob and we gassed that that was his car when I told that to own air I heard behind my back the vien Those are all printing and the family and kids and everyone there house jumping in running away. And and the same time. Born there was was a shaking. Radin phrase that's impossible that's not true he was calm and said Tell him we have a number on his card plays. We took the pictures we do have we do have just everything he was through to rate that owner of the house looks like jumping up and down that the cruel truth that that I speak and take you so much for that inflation and tell him that we are going to come back and it turned to me nicely kindly saying thank you for translation and I.V. sure. Nice Day and he laughed when he laughed. Warner said How much do it all you will I said you know fifteen hundred dollars Huge. Jump there got the form he's a pocket take a disease get outta here I don't want to see you in my home at tall anymore I got that money. Who was a close a gas station. I've got the gas in my car. Did I take something to eat or not I cannot recall now I was in Chicago down on the south side of the lake. Already told are there and receivers it is to come before sunset but already I I stock into traffic you know how crazy stuff like The ten times worse then then in Dallas and then I was there having my car you know I'm just come in and suddenly suddenly Holy Spirit just talking to me he's saying you've got your money you know handwriting car and and talking to the Holy Spirit I said Yes I got it money are you happy now is how I have got their money I'm I'm I'm I'm ever so happy I'm going home I am and I have money I have a food for my found million everything and certainly I think while that's not to be Jesus that man but to be enjoyable I believe people I believe you that I met Jesus in Chicago. That had their way and that it's not just division but here's experience of that I'm going to keep all my life. Knowing that that God is God is a weed just you were an me he what So I am VERY is your situation so all my yano. Once these islands as I sat between the jet pan and and Filipino just. Here is that the place that wall that the place or Sharon is twenty nine I saw the Tardis six and zero seventy feet deep the present then avarice avarice is what twenty nine. And this is is just thirty six point point to point. Seventeen. That is the deepest ocean in there on any member. Marianna Islands. I saw just someone not a good time is is running to tell you to do use. There's a story that fellow was so deep down. So deep down thirty six thousand and much more in his life. What was the time of early church. That's Apostol of church. Period. Thirty one two hundred years. Jesus Christ. Just a laugh to his father. They stay alone a left alone. Was terrible time with time. Maybe scumming of four eyes or something like that as a persecution. Whole disciples had been killed. Are secure that only one that left was a jar and ever later just saw today should say as a better day try. Throw him in a heart of oil and hot. LEMON stone. But couldn't do anything to him. There just said OK buddy. You're going to go to that island Patmos Island. But after that time before he went to Ireland he was thinking or what is going to happen to the church. What is going to happen with this people that we planned to does this church isn't that sometimes we are thinking like that when my boyfriend dumped me. Nobody else likes me I'm not going to be married I remember pastoring and being many times. Talk if you guys and girls know nobody likes me I don't think so that I'm going to be Mary I'm going to stay single for all time and sometimes maybe I'm saying I'm not going to finish school at all maybe I got to see I'm really bad to see Lord why why me. Anyhow I don't want to just to introduce himself as a you would Has the younger. Here's a sign of thunder. He prefers that we can call him a Dear John Dear John one of the first hall who matter Jesus and one of the youngest he said I was teenager I was later on young adults I got their gospel of John I wrote to the T. letters and now and on the island of Patmos he is going to write that greatest apocalypse some book of Revelation He said I was owned. There to an agony when Jesus was I was a beer where and. He was under cross here he told me to take care or he is a moderate. So so Judge John John is saying that he is important person but now I am an eighty five years old and and on the island. Pat us but a let us see a little bit about his his character I did not unnaturally process and a lovely character by nature I had a serious problems where the serious problems you may have you may say I do hair but let's let's watch players. I and my brother were called sons of thunder. Member that story to tell at the scene he was evil. Pam Per I don't think so and any of you is just evil temper their desire for revenge I understand you know when you do me when you do me something wrong. OK And you do wrong to your mom or to when you one day I don't feel well I can cry but I will never ever do that he went to you Are you with me. I've you'll never ever do it eventually. Hello I'm a Christian but it's not easy what did you say to me it's painful you know I can cry for what for example of what did you say to me or invention but John John was that kind of pamper was what else. Ellen G. White at the say the say about him the spirit of criticism were all in their beloved this Siple was. Ours they sent I would never have a hear him as a member in my church not at all being on the charity for are you with me that that was that was John I'm a rebuttal and I'm control freak. Are we dealing with read the site will Jesus Christ who know the Gospel of John and later don't say My beloved children while but what did she say in the book of facts on page five five hundred forty but he saw it that part but under all of this Divine Teacher the CERN my passionate since CERN and loving heart. G.'s rebuked myself for seeking this a point that my ambitions and test at my feet but Jesus thirty real to me that for reached my small a wanted their beauty or holiness and their stance with for me. Power of law. I wanted to be in the kingdom of God I want to be a better person I want to be nice and kind but John was that he had been there when he was you when he was younger dogs know how it was a control freak guy as you can see so I may say for myself or or you may see for yourself but. Noted this people in the in the Janet Chapter fifteen or worse for can we read that virus. I think we will have little bit time advance if team for a game. John fifty four and remember that that that Worst who is willing to let it loose you found that. OK who's really put it please can you did it. Brother ready. Thank you fifteen for hockey that's why and I agree there are some twenty six six mistake there but I remain for another persuasion like King James version which is the best version. OK you can lead to any version it's nice to read but always go to new king or King James version you can I like you King it's a new English somehow always go to check for anything go to to King James Version I mean two New King James Version it's Morse close to or in general. A New Testament Greek or two Hebrew all Testament it is the closest looks like as I know my teachers where we're saying looks like when you eat fruits from every three Jude a power or eating their fruits from there or charm that these differences in for Slate and when you read even though English or when you read on Greek and Hebrew but who knows if we can hear you. OK I had a basics but I forgot the lotto I have to do knew that OK So Jesus said by inane and me accept and abide so I remember the US accept. OK And what else. Oh I'm not the best in their hearts accepted Jesus and Biden in him you are going to be what just justify just a little letter a letter it's a read at this quotation on the book of facts. Seven seven seven page yet. Disable doesn't know noted this thought you have to remember and find out these are all phasers savants yet the Sabre savior does and be a proposal somehow two disciples who label or two to bear fruits label to Brianna. Fruits usually we do that the way we want to earn labor to bear fruit he said as he tells them by in me he does the sick. Here it is the sick as as that day when that fellow did wanted to pay me I was in my mind is in that bath I'm praying and crying I said God I don't have that anything please I beg you will I believe God said angels or Jesus came just down to said I'm here I'm here I want to help you buy it in me. X. sat Jesus you have been but ties but that's not enough I have to abide in Him in my thoughts in my actions. Then God is going to answer your prayer. Are you with me God is going to answer your prayers. Do you believe that. Yes but not always. In your time and not maybe that guy maybe could be and always going to be better one. OK so if the first one is done to you or you dump him. Somehow know he was I didn't play Sion and which means that if you're late today. Owner of the house he Scott was in the French front of the bank which means here realize there because the bank was around. OK And they believe that he did with his friends or whatsoever but he's car was there and they have a picture and everything and he was saying no no no not me. Saw whatsoever is the C.E.O. of that but God knows everything and that the at I believe is the some way is the truth in that race. Money there is no not yet. That's one possibility but I believe but I believe more then that because that that fellow who came Jesus right. He spoke the truth. So which means side believe war that that fellow really had a card in front of the bank. Did he did he commit a crime or not but you know he's caught where their role was what was there at the at her death to life might be a point I got not just money. Please write guy you are you sad you said I I got you've got your husband is a good guy. OK I know that you know much better let's say you will get your boyfriend I knew you would be so happy but not just their boyfriend you have something better than death what is it. The experienced people experience read God is better than Denmark bucket boyfriend I do you would repeat what what I'm saying. Having experience with god. Noin that God Fate is read you that God Luis you did God guides you. He's presidency is the air here people while you're going to more then anything that anything else how does that song says when you have a Jesus more than call then seal where you know remember that. Yeah. Come on. It because having xperience and that color God is is the leading guys developing girlish in shape of the team when the sun thing to mortals maybe of wars may come even though didn't you trace their face to face how do you feel at the time not good at all but are you want to say I'm going to Crete to go to the charge I don't want to read a bible I don't want to know for the Seventh Day Adventists and soft as a some are saying not at all you will say oh lord you had me sit with me I have experience with YOU WILL YOU ARE MY GOD YOU Your loving me let me finish this there is a quotation of what did she say. Yet this sabre doesn't be it the disciples labour to bear fruit. He tells them to buy two up by that into him. By the name I hear him. Here is this sick of people for every one of us. Id in Christ have a relationship with him. Yes yes God is gone and is going to is going to bless you. So now. What can we say John John is already is on the island Pat us just wondering as we are wondering in our lives. Lord what is going to happen to be big or with my parents or with my children or or who I'm going to marry Lord how can I finish my my my my school what is that my allow John had another client's Lord I'm just all demand people want to know my people are aware I am asked to now they feel yes they know that they're there he is there but what is going to happen with your church Lord I'm I'm here and you are well or the highway in Lord you are not responding galore. Isn't that sometimes is that your experience you are praying you are five things you are talking with God There looks like there is a real resupply God is silent. Isn't that true. Yes God was silent for a job of a therapist and what what we all know you are may be a lonely S. care without money and and boyfriend and anything else maybe you have lost your family member or job or whatsoever but at that very time of silence. What's going to print. Police people I've never had taught in my in my in my spirit in my country in this. What so I have a happened that I'm not going to read the Bible. I'm not going to go to church are you with me when I accepted this throw patent sad my parents said Go way we don't see it we don't want to see you in the home. My France there today professors and engineers whatsoever you know the say we don't like you I said let's just talk about the meaning and purpose of life what is the meaning of purpose or for your lie. You're going to die to morrow and you had a chance to have eternal life you know it was very tough when I accepted this throat. OK we all had had our money Yana body on our deepest deepest point thirty six thousand points seventy feet of the what was that your goal and the doors where the silent moments people where the silent silent moments when God is silent. My point is John fifteen for by the Christ. Stay the to him Don't give up you can cry. That's fine that's nice cry cry say God it's painful but think about the Jesus on the cross he was crying not because of himself he was crying because of people who jacked it him came to them all for he's live for just everything and they crucified him that tasty comedic ice and he's gone out for FEEL THE just as you want it that you may have it every day. Cheesecake argue with me there are going to be days that you will not have a cheesecake I remember being attendance University bless the heart of a doctor. He was a missionary in Africa just retired and he was going going really is a van to Walmart to our great songs to Kroger getting outta dated food from them for free. Coming behind our building and saying OK we know five thirty the thirty kit it's coming over there let's call it there and my daughter even though that the issues of teachers you know said that I cannot forgive you I said you have to hook I was the theory of a thing for their food and my finances they were passing by and they saw me but that's nice you know it's much better then then a healing then doing all kind of crazy stuff you know so what so I have or is the issue got sick of it a lot and in that very moment we know whatever lay Sion Revelation one letter read it at that you you can read it at home you remember what happened that that relation one of can we need nine to thirteen players and their relation Chapter one Verse nine to thirteen. Veiling or you already their relation one a night two thirteen one two thirteen thank you what consolation or using me think you what the why did at that time Jesus say hello John I'm here I'm coming here to write time. Hello are you here John do you hear me. I am the first and last. I'm there I'll fly an Omega hall being I'm in control and your life and my church not huge on. I mean you will be gone but I will take care of my point here people. Wow There see I had it somewhere somebody said why is God sometimes silent when we are praying and this fellow sat God during that period of silence he won it that we can spend more time in prayer and starting their war the God of him if he would has served my prayer I would never have enough time to read a Bible and to pray because I got my boyfriend let's go to the more we let go there there should I go to church next time next time. God knows your God knows your character who was a John. Sometimes I'm saying Free control and my I've said on that score that the weight control freak. But he wrench was so hard and he brought out and God changes him but when we need a viable That said I would just to receive go on that on the spear. Netflix that movie. What's that pleases a good spiritual one. OK is going to come. Yeah. Grace Grace on plod Grace on plucked accelerant of wonderful OK you will learn the lesson for that in this order one I just forgot the title. And where the Bible mention that John was a sleeping that is the secret. On Jesus chest as his spiel and he was a listening all the time I was the G.'s of say what did he do. How did he do he saw all of these miracles he was by doing in his Savior all the time. First of all he voice changed he was a lovely guy and my children if you see Him God is going to forgive you got a lot of skill none of these these cycles. Wrote about the libel Jesus answered John did it do you see from one extreme situation too and now the guy it's a lovely kingdom he was it justified. So no matter who you why what character fate is yours and my God can change you are you with me. God can answer your prayer in his tie and you will be the happiest got a child as at that time when I started there so you are going to be a lot you're not going to marry any one you are wars guided that we ever heard I said why. But because of your fate God bless me read one wipe and we ran a two months ago of the fair friend there she's a school counselor. American lady but she married a monthly guy his psychiatrist nice guy so we wear on their vetting in the synagogue it's a Muslim mosque over there and some. How my wife and me where I was sitting at the table where all of these Muslims lady had been you know so somehow through my vive they heard we are forty three years forty two years Take care there and they said turned to me all of these Muslims Ladies can you tell us a secret. How how how did your so why just read one hundred eighty you know in the Muslim tradition you can you can marry many many of the ladies as you wish you know but you have to support them in Illinois I'm on but I said I told them this secret is just biding in Christ and may God bless you all the people that you can go to general conference call to their early legacy is always go to the general confidence even though alas Assad but Friday evening a Sabbath go there you will meet a nice friends and maybe your future has met Al Qaeda but don't forget the sick. By Dingan Christ accepting it being their justify God will help you if you're biting him to sanctify to change you to be to his likeness and be ready for the Kingdom when He comes to sew on any question and your question. Girls and ice on this side and the question What was your arm. The deepest money Anna or shine in your life. Still to this age what do you think can you tell me a little bit of what was your that the pursed their wars point in your wife or most defeat. Called moment in your life that you think they've put these age can you recall or you didn't have any of this. How was your relationship with patents. Was good. Saw that was you know want to hand where you good in positive for your but mainly for maybe four patents was pay a painful because you are leaving. Yeah I had the same situation when I came here and when I became your parents seven day my my are not Seven Day Adventists that was like these are stay in the family you know. Thank you so much for sharing that. Yes I was a new game a while that was a great that was exactly nice people anything that you think that you can share what you think what was your Marianna my Deanna deepest point they so listen girls you are younger here is not how long before I like my private My wife is a real tell you. Easier now half. Maksim moon two years and you have to know where you are at if he's not saying yes you haven't been on my first presentation how I got my five for twenty one days or twenty one day she said yes OK you want to be shall meet me show me that means they're gone with somebody else. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or you'd like to listen to your servant leave the W.W.W. audio first stop work.


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