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Seeking His Face: Without the Veil

Kurt Osena


Kurt Osena

Assolciate Pastor of the Collegedale Korean Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • August 24, 2015
    10:19 AM
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We're going to write get right into the Methodist morning cadaver a lot to cover but the message that morning even titled seeking his face without the veil that's our heads toward for Heavenly Father we thank you so much of its beautiful car this morning. Father house rule and it's a bring good smile to my face I know that it brings a smile to your face as well. Father know it warms your heart when your family gets together to worship you study the Bible together to pray together I believe father that not only are you excited about this event here this morning but even the heavenly angels are rejoicing. Father is my sincere prayer as we get into this morning's message as we open up your precious word I pray for the convicting power of your spirit to be in this place. I pray that every word that proceed out of my mouth father be maybe not my own words. But maybe words that are perfectly guided by your hand or bite by you I pray for your Holy Spirit father to move our hearts to to help us. He world we are weak that we may depend upon your strong and mighty arm and father as we talk about making your face by pray that as a result of this morning that says that when we leave from this place that we would have a srong urgent desire to want to get to know you more as a friend that we would drive to just be kept here face every time we wake up in the morning or before we go to bed or just throughout the day. Father I pray that as we leave from this place. Our passion for you would grow. Father I pray that we will be able to get your free with no hindrance that there would be nothing that is before I die. But father pray that you would get us to be able to see your glory because we know that as we're going to be looking on the sermon would we know that your glory changes and so father pray for every single soul in this room that you would speak to our hearts and that you blah I pray in Jesus' name amen. In my early stages of ministry I had a very good friend of mine who's actually going to be getting married next weekend he does his best man and I'm looking forward to being able to go to his wedding. But as I was thinking about my friend and some of the early experiences that we've had a ministry I couldn't help but be took But remember a time when I was at last year university with my friends. We were having bible study day every week and they were just by I will tell you that was held every week here on the are a lot your university campus it was in the library and young people would just fill this room and and we get excited about the truth we study the Bible together. Ever there was one particular night we we left the Bible but he's together and we were so excited about what we had just learned that we were just going back and forth telling each other all you member this verse you member when he talked about that idea or that concept you member that appeal the view do you member the challenge that he gave to us that we were just so excited about the study and we were so excited that as we're walking or at least maybe album or part of the my friend I turned to my friend David and the Days Inn we should do something about this. He's like oh OK I thought we should free is all month board for that brother Let's pray we need to pray for the weaker we need to pray that we we do something with the knowledge that we have just received by none of the let's let's just not pray like we usually do. Let's pray for something you know what I asked in the pray for or that we just we pray for Idol let's pre-print angel yeah he looked at me just like you guys are looking at here I know how you looked at my statement though I'm craving I said No David let's pray for an angel you don't let let's pray that God delivers a message just like he delivered a message at the very people in the bible let's pray. Morning Jill to give us a a particular message and so David I guess responded well and he's like OK brought to the EULA spray and so we try to find a nice place that we can pray and we found these steps it was under the tree there was a nice place and so we we knelt down there and we started to pray and I start off and I just try to pray to God and to God we want to be if we can our prayers we want to specifically ask that you would send us an angel that you deliver the message that you would encourage that we may be more excited about going out there and preaching the truth and I was praying that free with with their tea and after I was done my for my brother started praying and he started praying with earnestness and well start asking God God shows an angel I agree with my brother let's give a message that we need to hear we are young we are excited. Show us what we ought to do but we prayed in the moment he said Amen we look up and there was no angel and I look at my friend and we just kind of look at each other with blank stares. What just happened you know God says if you ask you shall receive right. We prayed with earnestness we prayed just almost at the brink of tears God just just give us a message that we need to share with people there was no angel and so we got up from that experience a little confused a little dumbfounded and we started walking it was a violent walk but you know I got was walking in here with talking about mining with thinker you know not what you're praying for in my mind I'm thinking what would it all mean what do you mean I don't know what I'm praying for and started in lightning we're passage of scripture and he was minding me a bit here and that's where the angel would go before her chin individuals certain individuals like Dr Oz or Mary or the Prophet Daniel or the proper John and he was reminding me of all those events but he was interesting. Yes it is true that they all receive the beautiful not yet that issue that they were able to be right there with. The angel but you know in every experience that I had just mentioned here. Everytime the angel came before the people do you know what he had to say he said you're not you're not. Which imply that every common enjoy comedy for a person they are only terrified they are spiritual many of them falter though that the war because they are they do not know what is before them they are and God was saying to me that that evening. Curse you when your friend no not what you're praying for and I was thinking about that I was thinking Man how low Have we gotten out as human beings to where we can't even enjoy the presence of angels right away how is it possible that that that that we have been created an image of God When we even jewels we are fearful of them we are scared of them we we just followed our our our faces but if we were to experience an angel How is it that we have gotten so low you know I came to realize a share of what was coming to my mind of those thinking be thought I realized man if we are so afraid just with the name jewel What if God were to show him self to us. What if God were to reveal Himself to you or me in our own room or in the church would be would we be ready would be a people that would be so excited we have Miles interface the the great God that we serve or we drop to our knees we fall to the floor. Terrified of it I believe that probably what would happen and we all fall flat on her face. Cared and terrified you know as our thinking the thought I asked the question how is it that we can get to a point where we would enjoy the presence of God How can we get to the point where if God were to to come we know he's coming and then we believe that it than the average Christian the Jews the coming again the second time. We will save we just hold back to our fate but how is it that we can get to that point will we be so comfortable to either the faith of God would be so comfortable to be in the very presence of Angel I want to unravel this dilemma this conundrum. Let's turn our Bibles to expedition after thirty three extra sharper thirty three we're going to pick up in a story where the children of Israel had just committed a grevious when you see the children of Israel as they were waiting for Moses one day they decided that they wanted to worship a golden calf. You've got recalled story. They worship this golden calf. And obviously God did was not happy with that he was not pleased with that and we know that God doesn't want anyone to worship any other God but Him a man and so she was so angry he was so he was so I'm just confused why the children of Israel what would fall into idolatry like that and even Moses was angry remember motor to come down to get the ten commandments and he was confused and you guys remember what he did with those men. You broke him right just can use why and so we're going to pick up the story next the shop or thirty three looking at verses in seem to twenty twenty three but before I read that passage I just like to remind you that Moses there was when that time happen Moses was the one who who decided that he was going to intercede for the people and if you guys can recall in the story. Moses comes up to God and to God clean air them don't let the people fall into your judgment can't lead to give them a chance to do you guys recall what Moses did Moses said don't take out their names from the Book of Life. Blot out mine. Movement had a heart for the people and he prayed with earnestness God give them a second chance and sure enough God gave them or responded to his. Her question gave them that second chance but I want you to notice what it says an actor structure thirty three looking at verse eighteen to twenty three after Moses as the to request a look at it look what else yeah but verse eighteen shocker thirty three first eighteen the Bible read and he said I bid you sleep show me your was your glory and he said I will make all my goodness hockey for the I will proclaim the name of the war reporting and will be gracious to whom will be gracious and will show mercy on whom I will show mercy and he said you cannot see my stories for their shall no man to me and live and the Lord that behold there at the plate by me you shall stand upon a rock and it shall come to pass while my glory pacify that will put me in a cliff to the rock and will cover the with my hand while I thought by and I will take my hand and you shall be my that part but my things shall not be here in Modesto. After he prayed that God would give the Israelites a second chance here we see moden comes with another bull request he has God God will you show me your was you Cory In other words cannot would you reveal yourself to me Can I just look upon your glory to God thing No No God didn't say no. You my friend God wants to show Himself to us as far as possible. God wants to if possible show what he told motive here you cannot see my face in live. You cannot show you cannot be my faith and live why why is that the case why this is the key to the human eye that that human. Nah that we cannot see the state of Utah. I want to to our turns to ice age a persistent nine in as your turning there as they enter for fifty nine I would like to remind you that there was a time in the Bible where man and woman had the privilege of being able to God face to face you guys recall when I was in the guard of the median right we know that Adam and Eve that they had that that the precious privilege to be able to either be God be able to eat them face to face they had that precious privilege of being able to experience its present there in that very garden but we know that that utopia that perfect place around it by perfection. We know that all changed in Genesis Chapter three because in Genesis Chapter three days to tell you that they were going to choose their own power. They're going to shoot their own desires and passions over the desires and passions of God and Jeremiah Trotter twenty nine and verse thirteen or sorry. Idea Chapter fifty nine versus one are one and two are you there him and I did Chapter fifty nine versus one into that is one of my favorites. Patterns in scripture but I want you to notice what it did your ideal property says Behold the Lord's hand is not shorten that it cannot be neither his ear heavy that it cannot hear the Bible to hear that that God has the capability he has the potential to be able to save you right to save us to save his people his candid not shorten his ear is not heavy. First to notice what it says but your iniquities have separated between you and your God and your spin have hid his face from you that he will not hear so the question that we are is why is it the case that man. And with the naked eye cannot see the faith of God The Bible tells your idea to fifty nine verse two beloved God has hired him from his people. Why because of the Nik Richie. It is because in this is the very thing the very issues that is a very that the very the reason why God cannot hear the speech that he cannot spend time with us like he did without any at the garden but you know my friends you know it's beautiful you were reading an extra Shepherd thirty three that when Moses as God God can you show me your glory Can you show me your cult you know were gone says he didn't they know he didn't say you know Moses I can show you my faith you know maybe maybe later on it may be some time when when things get better. Momo that I cannot show you no no that's not what he said you know what beyond that is the motive. I'm going to show you myself I may not be able to show you my state but I'm going to show you what I can in a you know the Bible doesn't Jeremiah chapter twenty nine in verse thirteen it says and you shall seek me and find me when you saw search for Me with all of your heart you see the Bible says that Beloved when we seek God when we eat shit faced not with a half heart but with all of our hearts the Bible says that we will find God and then you see my friend God is not playing hide and go seek with us you know when I get the chance to see my nephew back in California where the will say are games like to play with them is the whole peek a boo game right. You go in for their faith and you put the two hands before you and you review your faith and they get all I did get a static like oh what you call people were to come from God is not playing peek a boo with us. He's not trying to play that game with a god is not into game he is a god that wants to show Himself to us. But he knows that he can show his face but he wants to show you as much as he can. Blob of or going to be looking at here this morning is how being a little of Jesus' glory of God glory will eventually lead us to be old all of this Gloria we're going to be looking at that very very briefly here but I want to go ahead and turn to activist Chapter thirty four. Activity Chapter thirty four looking at vs five to seven expedition after thirty four looking at vs five to seven I know I'm kind of having you go to different paths the scripture but we ought to get used to that as the evidence Christians. We have been called the people of the book and if we are the people of the book should we be looking at the book should be studying the book. Expedition after thirty four looking at verses five to seven you see God beloved works with us where we are at we may not be able to book full of God's glory because if we were to the whole of God's glory because of our iniquity because the person who do you believe he can sue. So God has to cover himself but he shows a little bit of its glory at a time to those who are wanting to to those that want to be hold of his glory. Expedition after thirty four looking at vs five three seven notice what happened actually before you read that passage on in Exodus up to thirty four won't really for the sake of time but God eventually does reveal himself to Moses doesn't show his face but as we had read God basically told Moses Moses hide behind a rock that when I pass by I'm going to cover that the that the area where able to look for just a brief moment but they're going to remove my hand and when I remove my hand you're going to be able to see my back you can see my back. Get ready in expedition after thirty four God revealed Himself keypad by mode it but not just a patent by Moses he also. Proclaims his name he proclaims what friends. He proclaims his name you see there's a connection between the glory of God and the character of God and Moses out as she's waiting to see God and eventually when God touched the true God He showed the back any print lane to name and in that passage a talk it talks about how he passed and by the Lord Lord God merciful and Gratian longsuffering abundant goodness and truth. Keeping mercy for thousands forgiving iniquity transgression and then that will by no means through the guilty visiting and they could see the parted from the children upon the children children. That's third to the porch and ration I'd I thought I was going to read it by had to read it. Because that is the character of God. He wanted to reveal himself to motive net not just show him how he looks but he also wanted to show him the characters God because that is what is most important. Extra shot to thirty four percent twenty nine it's thirty five. Let's read the Bible says and it came to pass the motor came down from the Mount Sinai with two tables a testimony in moden hand when he came down from the Mount that Moses was not the end of its they've shown while you talk within it enough harmful I don't know if you got caught that has no one is excited by a mood it was there he was with God He was commuting with him you would be able to have a glimpse of its back a glimpse of its glory but you know most of our folks as he was talking with God Moses began to show it started to shine or the reflection of the very glory of God and it continued on. First thirty the Bible doesn't first thirty and when Aaron knowledge children of Israel. Automotive behold it give it a stone they were afraid to come nigh and motor called them an errand all the rulers of the congregation return it to him and Moses talked with them and afterward all the children of Israel came nine and he gave them in commandment all the Lord has spoken him announce on AI and to Moses had done speaking with them. He put a want. He put a bill on his butt when Moses went in before the Lord to speak with him he took the very last until we came out and he came out and they can take the children used to that which he was combat which really was a man and the children of Israel God based the Moses and in a most patients own and mode and put the veil upon his face again until he went in to speak with him. Had to do the various times he would go in the presence of God He has to face would be illuminated with the glory of God come down to the people but the people could not handle the glory that was on its face to mold a chance of bail his interesting modes had a unique experience with God but it was not because Moses was the special person that that that that God's favor him above everyone else it was not because motorists are different than any one of us we are do you just assume and just just like anyone of us to love it but you see mode is not God Moses the dire God's presence. Moses didn't given to idolatry. Mode the serve the one and only true God and because of his heart's desire for God because of his heart to want to eat the face of God We hear that God revealed himself and he had of a shining face how many of you want to shop in faith then that is beautiful and I believe we can have a shining face the devil damage Christians when we're walking around campus or are you working if we can have that illumine base that shiny paid the money that of Moses how attractive the Gospel would be to people. Turner Bibles me by confronting chapter three second printing chapter three Paul X.T. were birth to this story and he talked about what that Dale represent what it represented during his time. And I believe it represents the same thing even during our time but what did that veil that concurrency in chapter three and beloved if you get there can you just keeping a hardy a mentor know that you're awake all right. Second Corinthians Chapter Three looking at versus twelve to fifteen you beat me there though my delayed Amen and Amen here it is. Like encrypt the instructed three looking at versus twelve to fifteen the Bible says. Doing then we have such hope we use great plain in the speech. And nodded Moses which put a veil over her face that the children of Israel could not that bad to look at the end of that which was abolished but their minds were blinded their minds were what they were blinded for until this day remain at the same bail and taken away in the reading of the Old Testament which Baylor done away in Christ but even on to the day when modes read the veil is upon their heart. Nevertheless when I shall turn to the Lord the veil shall be taken away and we're going to reverse. Seventeen eighteen don't read that yet. That's where the good stuff is all bible good in math versus seventeen eighteen at the keys but we're talking about here but here in and second trip in chapter three we find here that that Paul is essentially saying that that the veil that covered the people from being able to hear behold the the reflected glory of most of the state that same Bale exists today in his time how does it exist. Beloved people the chosen people of God to the Jewish nation they had to bail why because they had preconceived ideas because when they read through the Old Testament Scriptures even though they had the privilege of the truth when they were reading through what was true. They were looking to find what pleased them they were coming up with their own ideas are wrong theology. Instead of looking to understand the rightness of God they were seeking the rights of man they were seeking to be self-righteous and it is because they were reading the Bible in this way that even though the troops were plain and clear that there was going to be a coming Messiah but Jesus was to be the savior of the world even though they read through those shoes those properties the people had of bill on their eyes they could not understand the truth because of the thought that they were holding onto because they weren't trying to read the truth for what it is and so Paul says that that thing Bill that that prevented the Israelites from being able to see a glimpse of God during the face of Moses is the same bill that God's people had during his time in Beloved I would say that that bail is still existing today. German existence today there are people who are reading the Bible and reading the Bible not for how it reads not reading the Bible in it's plain understanding but they are reading into the scriptures. They're reading into the Bible with their preconceived ideas instead of coming to Jesus with humble when humility and that of wanting to learn that it speeds there wanted to hear what the Bible has to say to please their carnal appetite. Instead of giving God they're speaking for their own well of it I wonder if there is a veil that is before your eyes I wonder if there is a veil that is covering your heart from receiving the truth the veil can be anything it's not just a preconceived idea that the veil can be a distraction and not not true there can be different things in your life that are preventing you from being able to behold the glory of God and set of looking perhaps that the faith of Jesus perhaps you're spending too much time on. Facebook or Twitter. Whistle media watching too many movies on you too. I'm not saying those things are wrong but beloved perhaps there are certain things in our life that are distracting us from being able to behold the very glory of God and that my friends are dangerous the reason why I say it's dangerous to the much or notice was has been verses sixteen to eighteen and that we're getting into the duty of here so bear with me the Bible says. Nevertheless when I shall turn when it shall turn to the Lord the veil shall be taken away so how can we take away the veil by simply turning to the Lord. Verse seventeen other lord that Spears and where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty beloved there is freedom and Jesus a man you can experience. Read him a liberty in Jesus if you would just turn to him if you would just receive the spirit of the Lord look at verse eighteen wide to dangerous to keep that bill before our eyes or before a heart the bibles of the verse eighteen but we all with open space. Beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord are changed into the same image from glory to glory even as by the spirit of the Lord why is it so dangerous beloved brother not to eat the very glory of God If we just keep that veil ever before us beloved it is dangerously why because Glory angel. And if we are NOT be holding the glory of God What we are not changing when God created man he created man. Special he created humanity special why because the Bible says that God when He created man he created them. Him after the image of God that was that was how man was intended to to you know. When God created man heathy intended for Mansur reflected image truth took to represent him relieved he created man with the purpose of reflecting exploring his character but because of then we have come to an all time low. We are we are mere does your dirty We're still to rags and beloved if we do not behold of the glory of God It may not be a speech but if we just prayed as Moses no motor he prayed just to show me your glory and God to OK I can show you my faith I'm going to show you a little bit in part on a show you're part of my glory that is enough red if we just the whole just a little bit of God's glory. The Bible can hear and second printing shop with reverse eighteen that we can be changed into its image from glory to glory. You may be a simple human being you may love the world you may have a carnal heart but when you ask God to reveal your glory. Little by little as she reveals his glory to you you will be changed into it and you will be able to reflect the character so I don't know if there is a veil that is covering your eyes. Today I don't know if there is a veil the discovering your heart from being able to hold the glory of God but I know one thing God is anxious to spend time with the garden. Anxious to reveal Himself to you even though it's a mall portions are degrees of school already. Even if you're not ready for his face he will show you hit back. God wants you to see him. You know it's beautiful it's the whole story of Moses how God brought him through the wilderness and how he had had worked with him and how he had cultivated this relationship with him in Exodus Chapter thirty three. At talked about how when God would spend. Those Does he would have to face to face with him not that Moses was able to use face we know that but God had paid experience I'm just like when you talk with a friend right. Even though Moses was made maybe not able to use it to kill their He was looking at most states Motors looking into not hearsay but but he knew his painful there but he had this experience with God day to day experience here in the sexual experience of the Israelites didn't have the privilege to have but they could have had it they just saw Jesus paid like most but you know it's beautiful just looking at the whole story of Moses from coming from Egypt all the way to the wilderness. Yet he didn't go into the promised land but we know the end of most life in fact there was no end to his life right because when Moses died God said Moses I cannot be you in that grave I cannot keep you in the grave I miss you my friend and so instead of leaving mode or tear in that grave you know the devil came to the picture by the when he was like hey what are you doing. You can i can't Moses you you cannot take him with you Do you remember that when he had committed he rebelled against you he disobeyed the boy is not going to the promised land. You cannot resurrect him the God knew that Moses had already repented God knew that Moses model to love God the news media that mode. LOVE WITH HIM for him was because of that God says you know he basically called the Grey because he misses and you my friend if we just every day when you wake up in the morning. Spent time not in paste was put in its word when you wake up in the morning you pray when you wake up in the morn you commune with him. Below that he's going to show glimpses of its glory and you're going to get the Point Venture me believe it you're going to get to the point below. That there is going to come a time where we're going to be able to place with no veil. We're going to be able to God face with no no hindrance. We're going to be able to talk with him as a friend but you can start talking to God now without being in space. MacOS with this last story there's a story of that little girl who had a tragic experience in her life. This was during the time of World War two And during World War two there were bombs that were going off in London and she was there and unfortunately there was an incident where a bomb went off and it filled her two brothers and her and her mother the little girl poor little girl she had hope in her father her father was still there and the bombs were going off and her father decided you know we got we got to I got to do something about that I got to take care of my little daughter so what he decides to do is to take his daughter and you find the nearest bomb shelter. He goes into the bomb shelter closed the door and he's holding the daughter and he says the daughter daughter don't don't be afraid to the daughter was shaking him in his hand she was afraid and she can't be told Daddy Daddy what's going to happen are we going to die. The BOM to be coming close to add Well I'm so scared hold me hold me the dad sure enough held and embrace the daughter was rocking her was trying to do all that he possibly can to keep her comfort says there is another day where they were in that thing shelter and same thing happen the bombs were going off in the bomb in the kept coming closer and closer and she was there she was crying and and and just just so much fear. Looking in the face of a dad and think Dad I'm still scared I don't know what to do and the dad responder thing he daughter Don't worry don't be afraid just go to sleep go to sleep and the father looks in the father's eyes or the daughter looks in the father's eyes. She said God or I can just sleep like the dad just. Would you just look at me the whole time. Dad will use your face before my face. If you can just do that for me that I'll follow what a beautiful story. They survived. You know friends we're I believe you're coming close to coming of Jesus. The signs are so prominent. It is that those it does old rocks are crying out almost that listen. Got Jesus is coming soon we. We know that that the kinds of The Times around us. Things are rotten not the Christ about to take place. But we are not here beloved because God wants to show his. We are that like that little little girl little scared just afraid of what that what's what's going to happen. But if we just keep her I focused on Jesus. I believe will find all the peace and comfort that we need. And just as the father was able to take care of his daughter. To be able to keep her safe. So Will God keep you safe to the times. And the love it if it's all we do is spend more time with Jesus. There's going to come a time when Jesus comes back that second time. And you will be able to see his range. You'll be able to be with Him for All Eternity. Is that your desire. You want to see history. If you want to see its face full of it my challenge for you is that more time in his word. Then more time in praying. Spend more time in communion with him just like Moses said. And beloved if you just take glimpses of his glory. There will come a time where you will not only just be receiving glimpses of his glory but you will reflect his glory as well. And people will see that glory and will desire Jesus as well. And then. But Farhad For what shall we all stand and. Let's go ahead and pray. A Father in Heaven Your so good to us. Even though when you look upon a he made the sinful human beings people who have addictions people who have a passion for the things of this world you look at us just like you saw Moses that even though you see our wretchedness father used he that there is potential you see that there can be a transformation a conversion experience that can happen among us and so I want to pray in a special way a father from my dear friends that have responded to wanting to keep your eye to wanting to take the challenge to the hold of your glory on a day to day basis I pray that you would help them and I pray that you would rebuke the devil in their lives that you would ship the distractions away father and that you would help them to be able to focus on you to be able to have those moments in the morning where they can BE STILL AND KNOW THAT YOU ARE God And so Father I pray that you please help all of us. I need help just like anyone else. Father we desire to be a hold of your readers are one day to be able to see your face with their very own are the promises there you never take back your promises father we know that was that the day will come but just like that little girl looked at the father's face until she stopped the present we would keep or I might bring this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word true free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about the over or if you'd like to listen to more servant fleet Visit W W W dot audio person dot org.


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