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On the Cross

Tim Riesenberger


Tim Riesenberger

Emergency room physician in the Seattle area



  • December 20, 2007
    3:45 PM
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I will like you guys are here to share with you something that is very precious to me and it's going to be the reason why I believe that most of us as Christians fail in our Christianity in our Christian walk good to see all of you here I believe it many of us when we get to know Jesus were on fire I would first know God the first of our lives to him who want to serve God want to serve others one read the Bible but somehow something that happens after little while the causes that to fade away I'm a share with you how to never have definitely out to share with you today he came about as a very negative result to me and I learned the lesson from someone who wasn't at this before we do that please join me as we pray and ask God to be with us loving father in heaven will rent out to you and thank you praising that it doesn't have to be up and down on their experience can be living and fresh and vibrant every day I pray for each one of my friends here may they know you and maybe abiding you and may their relationship not just be today or tomorrow for the rest of their lives Lord I praise you and I thank you that I can ask now that I would be hidden and that you would be seen in Jesus we see this book this actually is something that is very precious to me because I got it from some Academy kids and the thing that special to me is that I have done weeks of prayer in the states and other countries this is actually from Sweden and this was actually picture was drawn by one of the students Olivia she was very young she was about twelve she was one of the kids they decided to be baptized at the week of prayer but you know it's amazing is it of course I don't speak Swedish I don't speak Hindu I don't speak Tamil I don't speak Indonesian I don't think a lot of these languages but what amazes me is that when the young people are giving their testimonies of why they decided to choose Jesus video it all sounds the same it's all the same because God is the same in Swedish and Indonesian in Norwegian Chinese and Tamil Bengali every language is God wanted to sharing with you today is what I believe we miss as Christians I can tell you that I was a student in college and I had a nondenominational Christian teach me this lesson they confronted me and they said having been born again I even filled with the Holy Ghost and I thought that this was coming going down a ill glossolalia speaking in tongues kind of road that it wasn't he asked me a very certain questions how many people have you wonder Jesus Christ and I couldn't say that I had one and people to Jesus Christ and he said why not and he showed me passage after passage in the Bible of when people were converted when they were filled with the Holy Spirit when they go the one authors to God it was very interesting I didn't know what to say to him figured you know well of the church and I read the Bible and I figured that was it but he kept asking me he kept pushing the issue and he was right my experience was dry my experience with all my experience meeting the time I had known the Lord I can tell you that he doesn't have to say I remember seeing Robbie hears reminded me I challenge seeing his brother to pray every day you are asked to pray Robin Duncan that's right at eye challenge see and his brother Randy to pray every day for one soul and God would allow them to touch and reach for Jesus Christ every day that God has ever been if he does and I can tell you that is the key and most of us miss me enjoy knowing about God we enjoy singing about and reading his word but that will fade away if we keep it where to ourselves not very interesting when my grandparents turned eighty they decided that they were getting older and that they missed their family but you see they lived in Florida and is becoming harder and harder for them so I decided to move in with me at eight immigrant soul I have a pretty big house enough of them move them in and again that they moved in I told him tomorrow I'll be going to Peru on a mission trip there I can want like we just got here and they wanted me cancel that trip signal I can cancel that trip I need to go that's what God is called meeting to and my grandfather could a standings of you know in your doctor you could work and if you can work more since then you can do what you could give more money for each he says you should do that because can you imagine earning several thousand dollars more what that could do even that small amount of money to your member one thousand dollars debt it did a lot didn't it's an interesting thing is that what people need they need more money felt the world needs and I told my grandfather said no it's true I could work more on it more I do a mission trip every month week or two and I can tell you you money would make a big difference I tell people donate money between you people need to see you and touching and if any a big paycheck to sign you up for arrive there at whatever did you all these materials if you despair prophecy library but it wouldn't be the same as coming close to you right now I'm telling you about my life you know it's interesting my grandfather said that and he says that he worked more and give more but I can tell you that near the end of his life he had changed he lives with me for almost two years and he got suddenly no one knew why no pain you know disabilities no problems because past week before he died he read some letters he read some of the ones that are going to be sharing with you today these are real letters that I received from young people have decided to follow Jesus Christ he read just a small sample he read the kids from Sweden it can be there any read just one of the sex of the ones from India there's two sets now been there twice and the letters come every time is anything sent the letters down he looked up at me with tears in his eyes into chimneys of the most beautiful things I've ever read you should do full-time within one year my grandfather had seen what do mission work not only did for them and when I come back to work after a trip it's funny how member one of my coworker sank into my can always tell when you come back from a mission trip possible how can you tell is it that nothing amazes the circles under my eyes the bloodshot eyes from the thirteen time zones I just cross that is because you're always happier and you'll see why I'm happy to share with this is the first letter the change and conflict this is Amelia I can it is a great happy here at the home afternoon of our Academy in Sweden my leg is only one school only one I really like your short and insufficient interesting sermons this week I have felt closer to God than ever in my life I believe now the goddess help me in many different ways and I finally truly found God in my heart I want to get baptized soon because I can hear that God is calling my name I want to study the Bible more to thank you for listening to my problems and helping me to understand how I will feel inside when God is leading me to make right decisions I hope that you'll come back and visit Sweden and if you be home again many greetings greetings Amelia Becker this is an annual thank you Tim for coming and sharing your experience with us I can never tell you in words how pleased I am and I think that you have touched many people may thank you I really love your meetings it was so interesting I love your song first I know that it was unanimously thank you for being here I love you can you must come back Danielle she was one of the younger that is okay suddenly she was eleven she decided to give her heart to Christ and not this is Stena and her sister don't they look the same dear Jim we've really appreciated having you here this week your constant smile and words of hope and encouragement thank you we love the way you've quoted being our equal and that you shown that you care for us your truly gifted by the Lord of many areas we thank God that you user gets for his service thanks for taking time to come into our home looking forward to seeing you again either here or in heaven May God bless you open your Bibles to keepers chapter ten versus five percent whoever gets there does go ahead and read it intercepted ten percent so Jesus is speaking here right when Jesus comes into the world he sends us the money donated when Jesus came he took on what by became close to us that the people we don't notice here they said they were so thankful that I come in and what been there when if Jesus came in all his celestial glory however we understand what it was like to live the Christian life if he could empathize if he couldn't walk in our shoes only have in common with what hope would we have to assume the Jesus shows us that people need us to touch them to come close now we can get Doctor Kim thank you so much for letting your smiling face and your love for God shine upon us this week thank you so much for coming the school needed it and I needed thank you for showing me that I need a new heart and then there is hope for me I look forward to seeing you again soon your friend I this is the arena and the next life is Anders and the next light is the letter they wrote to me they read it it's in Swedish Swedish it basically says thank you for coming we've appreciated your interesting messages thank you so much for blessing us May God be with you in all that you do and I can tell you that Irina was a former state she had been through a horrific expert areas were just blaming just the last few months I've been corresponding with her and I sent her the amazing facts Bible studies as well the follow-up after I had been and she is finally decided to become about Tyson and this is for no I'm really glad and thankful you came back to Sweden and thanks for everything you've taught us this week right now you don't have to worry about me I am doing fine I really hope you'll come back soon visit us you are very special person you've spoken God 's word right into my heart soon I will with God 's help do my best and follow-up with every single person that wants me to ask you pray for me about this because I'm a bit scared I ask that you pray for me that I can get strength and wisdom from God I'm going to pray for you that you will keep touching people just like you have touched me Tim I hope you'll come back soon and visit us maybe I will see you in Sweden one day maybe I'll see you in Seattle when it is the follow-up have a nice trip take care thank you for everything love Pernod thank you Tim for your wonderful example of how Christians should live to honor God I'm really amazed on how you deliver your life to Jesus I'm also amazed that your knowledge of the Bible and I can really see that God is working through you incredible way the time is short and there is much work to be done your work will touch to tell about Jesus to others is extremely important and I really hope you enjoy your time here I can be home I surely did I also think that you succeed becoming one of us I thank you personally for being here and I hope to see you again if not in this world I haven't God bless you from your dear friend Simon Carlson terminates this first Corinthians chapter nine verses nineteen to twenty two someone go ahead and read whoever finds first Corinthians chapter nine what does it mean to become all things to all it's not that difficult if not that I dyed my hair blonde and put in blue contacts we exactly what people I went to their home I talked with them I shared things are lowlife with it's not anything amazing it's just what God has done in your life and Paul says that he approached people in a way that they could understand you want to get up and get a medical lecture right because our physicians it wouldn't make any sense it wouldn't connect what you can't always approach people in the same way you have to come to where they are to be one with them as Jesus was one with us this is Caroline thank you we are so glad you've been here with us this week we've been very inspired by your ability to reach out to people and you have reached out talks we are very thankful you stay for another two days just to sit and talk with people in private were impressed by your knowledge of the Bible after this week we held back much better how to be Christians we want to thank you for that we hope you enjoy your time here and may God bless you Caroline you have really made me think and turn my mind and heart upside down in a positive way only every time I see you and how happy you are it makes me happy to you have shown me the Bible in a whole new way and I cried in almost every meeting at the best of all is your song I felt like God himself was speaking to me through you now I really understand what true happiness is I'm sorry that my handwriting is so bad that I hope you can read it and I don't see again in the third I will see you in heaven I hope that you stay in contact so write to me here's my address I will miss you and Mrs. Rebecca and excellent Tobias hello beloved of God and most dear brother it is been such a good time having you here with us I'm just sorry that I haven't been able to see you more there are so many things I feel like I could I want to tell you that there is not enough time until we meet again maybe in heaven maybe before May God bless you and me your thoughts of God made the thoughts of God be the thoughts of yours either brother I'm so happy you came to this week I've been praying for revival meeting or something it would make people see the love peace and joy in mercy of the Lord this week lots of I mean their minds have chosen God you are important tool for God keep sharing the words of life thank you for everything that you've done here I can be home thank you so much for praying for Tobias tonight I hope this youth again against Sunday peace and God bless your sister in Christ Rebecca this is kind of a special one for me this is actually one of the kid who was about nine and her family did not come to the meetings until she went home and she repeated verbatim every single meeting over and over again they finally started coming the last few years is zero this is Patty this week has been great but I think what you preach it is too short it was good you came to equity home I hope you'll come again soon PS I wish you are our pastor from turn with me in your Bibles to Romans chapter twelve verses fifteen and sixteen in some arena Romans chapter twelve verses fifteen and sixty so it says when people we which we do that's it perfect we should week and when people rejoice rejoice very simple lesson learning any a practical example when Jesus came to the tomb of Lazarus where Jesus know what he was going to will and if you don't raise the digging out when he saw the other people leaping when you give what you don't you can share up on the race of the right now it's okay is that what Jesus said to the shortest verse in the Bible is a powerful because Jesus know he was in full knowledge he was in array sizes from the net he still went isn't a profound now would you cry if you knew that you were to raise assessment that is a God we should be happy what's this right but Jesus was one of us was he wept with those who rejoice with those who rejoice at having come close to people I can make a difference in their lives now this last one I'm going to share with you is a drawing it scan it and I don't have been there this is drawn by one of the students but also you can see it is actually several little pictures here and each picture shows one of the talks is one here in the middle of says Peru and he's got a child here that has a two front teeth missing them one getting the state was paying attention they were exactly right this titan I like your preaching Pastor keeps very good news thank you for coming that will be home this week has been the best week of my life Leon this is Leon Leon and eight that you tell me what's going on when eight -year-old is paying attention in church this closely Holy Spirit is resting he's just a little guy I can tell you that working for God is never boring it keeps my experience fresh and I can tell you that I have to confess that that nondenominational Christian that confronted me when I was in college was right I can't have a Christian relationship with God without bringing others to have it impossible to keep that relationship alive I want to share with you in Mark chapter four in verse eight Mark chapter four and verse eight does anyone remember what happened to the good seed it fell on good ground and it drew up and it yielded one piece of fruit that right and others fell on good ground and did yield fruit and it sprang forth what some thirty some sixty and some an hundred and one is a good thing represent the state and Wentworth implanted heart go Jesus explains the ones by the wayside the ones that the very thing right once the forest choked with Iglesias listening costs right the ones that hear the word of God into it now it's very interesting because it says they bring forth fruit some one some three some six thousand cents is an intriguing that the words used by Thursday sixty one hundred to realize what would happen if every Seventh-day Adventists will bring forth thirty sixty hundred the work would be over in one generation he realized his imagine how many people in our church many that were quite fifties twenty million what's twenty million times a hundred when is it twenty twenty million thousand one twenty nine times ten is two hundred million its two billion you realize thirty sixty on I like to challenge God can use one to entry that he is on July three thirty people Jesus Christ would cause a thrilling your soul this way you know what I do when I feel down at I see what God has done and when he doesn't look real in my life I know he's really onslaught I know he's really Patty 's life in the earliest life in manuals in the hundreds of young people and change and you know when you get letters like that it can be said that you can't use that as God Lisa glass on the finish the story that I started early I was on the plane it was an airline steward named Charlie very little interaction with you want ice here drink or not will you like apple juice okay that wasn't right the only thing I said to him was thank you very much sir and he paused and said you're welcome sir and as I was headed back to the back to the plaintiff to use the bathroom he faxed me a says why are you so an icon because I'm a Christian and I proceed to share and sit down with them and he doesn't say a word until at one point now sharing within that I studied with Baptists Pentecostals Jehovah's Witnesses Mormons and funny or think so so what happens when the church digitally became Seventh-day Adventist and told him why and I shared my testimony with anything my fiancé and I have been looking for a church to join and I thought well I'm to be doing some filming he's like I'd like you to keep in contact when he gave when you are writing on African because I sent him an e-mail with a link the three ABN he had gotten online and read all about the administer existing you write I like the atmosphere very upfront about what they believe from racism to Kosovo and I don't know what cuts in about was it because this was a man who most people would show respect to item because I can tell you he was surprised and shocked when I sit and think use because it seemed to touch according his life Charlie's not someone like a typical airline stewardess the tall model like good-looking female he is a guy the ball short usable to show him respect as a singer and I think that surprised given used to live believing shunned by society or some sections of society and he wrote back and said I like the Adventist church and I'm very interested we would like to look into becoming something he does I'll be looking for your presentation on three ABN keep us posted on the share with you another letter I got has never seen those forwarded e-mails who likes for editing posts this wasn't a forwarded e-mail as frustrated as you know I get about e-mail don't get rid of it because as an e-mail and I got to give you some story about this I saw this patient in two thousand five now she did not have any notice I don't give out my e-mail vestment patients typically there is easy to are what you are doing was that she went online in the hospital I looked up every doctor and found my last name it's hard to find lasting like recent burger is as big Asian face smiling at you in the German name it I'm hide yourself this is like I was a doctor to care and what she did she did a Google search with my last name and she found the last week of prayer that I did with a picture of me and she said that school this e-mail and that school for the e-mail to me please give this to Doctor Reisinger I don't know if you remember me I was twenty but I wanted to write to you to let you know how much you really did help me on April twelfth two thousand five I was brought to your hospital by hand I came in unintentional drug and alcohol overdose at the time I was just trying to end my life I want to thank you for sharing Christ with me and comforting my mother with your kind words I truly believe God is using you and you issue that night to change my life forever I would let you know you get injured entire story loved outside when it I remember that patient I remember coming into a room and seeing a young woman it was totally intoxicated out of it is glazed in her parent 's but behind that I saw a beautiful young woman in the prime of life who dropped out of school was trying to kill herself went from her life away and it didn't have to be that way and the Holy Spirit convicting answer this essential yes there are adding another turn I said given you the antidote for the stuffy take were doing what we can coordinate with you the hospital is you're trying to kill yourself that is not to be this way is such a beautiful young person you got your whole life and you got your mother here on your friends will call 911 they care about you they want to see you live in a throw your life away that you know God can help you do that would you like me to pray with you Jews that were just went and her mom was very open I crave is that all of five minutes with this young woman that's all what that later when I got in contact with her after I got this e-mail I of course found out where she was I visited with her and her family I didn't recognize she had gone back to school sleeping around stopped drinking stop smoking stop the drugs became a Christian was converted and was headed to become a teacher and volunteer orphanages for the rest of her life I couldn't believe it I fact I had to take whatever causes acid what do you think about what your cousin she said it's a different person she's a second cloud was over and it was a glaze over her eyes she's a different person I hardly know but I like what I see she wrote me this e-mail after I visited ten it was wonderful to see you again sorry it's taken me so long to respond to this e-mail I was extremely busy with my family and eight when he and my family came in town thank you for taking the time in coming and visiting and also taking us to lunch I would love to ride my testimony and send it in also thank you for the book and except Christ of course I know that God is really using you in your line of work you really touch my life and I know that you are touching so many more I would love it if you'd keep me in your prayers and I will do the same for you I hope you're having a good week and talk to some of you think when I go to work and having a hard day and sensitive feel after I see the fourth person whose trade in narcotics out any accuracy that this gang banger is never tempted to say you were going to win here I'd say I know exactly exactly what I'm doing and I know it makes a difference I know that changed people 's lives because it's God because it's Jesus Christ and when you share him it doesn't matter if you spend five minutes sharing it doesn't difference you may not know what did I know that I had impacted his girls like not until almost two years later when I got the e-mail and she was a different person for the change was happening nonetheless and I can assure you if you make the commitment to serve God and to serve others you will find the same but you know it's not just young people that will be affected I did put up there on their review the last letter I got from Sweden and here's what it says dear Tim is really been a wonderful week with you here to be home and I'm so thankful to God that so only my students have made a decision to follow Jesus you have not only with the students during this week but the Lord has spoken to me and I've heard other grown-ups things so thanks to the Lord who gave you the thoughts he shared with us you reminded us of the most important thing in our life is our relationship with Jesus it gives us meaning hope and happiness and we can look forward to eternal life with Jesus and with friends God bless you and remember that you are always welcome back to equity home and to my home in Stockholm best regards Yvonne Lofgren principle of it in one hundred and to share with you some letters now from India I just came back this is Andrew and dear Doctor Tim first of all like to say a big thank you I really like your preaching you have really touched my heart and brought me closer to Jesus you have given me hope and courage your brought me back home once again and because of this I feel like I'm closer to God I have strayed from him but I am back I was earlier preaching in the words that you have shared with us if you want to have a dimple in your face to smile I've seen Jesus on your face please come back and visit with us sometime I hope you can always stay with us I will miss you so much they keep coming back to our school May God bless you abundantly he will always be with you you have really touched my heart for your sermons really I can hear God calling me home and saying not belong to him please pray for us that we may be ready when Jesus comes that Jesus will not have a not be sad because where there tears filled my eyes I heard your servant oh what a precious time we had in these last two days I will never forget it my life I love you so much have a safe journey next picture some of these are a little mixed up with the pictures and sharing with the kids the one on the far left is the one to be reading about this Caleb hi Doctor Tim I am really happy that I'm coming closer to God because of your preaching I'm really happy that I know that I am God 's child and understand what this means that what you say I want to be baptized now so please pay for me I love you so so much the guy I forget you Doctor Tim there for my family I have an older brother I hope them to hope for them to come to Christ and now he writes an acronym she stands for truth and perfect I I love you Tim and and says for your message was perfect I like your message effect is felt NAF SAGE and massage so much I didn't give anyone the size of your smile always makes me happy I pray that I will be able to be baptized I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live Philippians two where we are going preach may God be with you Doctor can I miss you so so much docket but I will meet you one day in heaven your friend Caitlin Senior Jesus loves you and me I think hey Doctor Tim I am I really want Jesus Christ in my heart and I want to tell others about him I really thank you so much for your lovely message it was so wonderful and a blessing to me Doctor I really want your prayers so that I can come to Jesus closely and be his best friend thank you for your hope and comfort you have given me this week I really like your sermons and they are really very short and very nice thank you so much for your smile and everything with lots of love from Sean something decidedly baptized this is actually the one on the far left from Julie she got two letters from her one when she was younger than this and here's a picture dear Doctor Tim love love love from Julie with lots of love is the law rose is red sky is blue all my dear Jim I love you so so so so very much it doesn't rhyme that you get with your freestyle dear my lovely doctor checking how are you and each word is like a different color how are you I think you are fine I love you so very much may God bless you and me I pray for you and pray for me please try to come back God works in your heart to be with you when you are in trouble I am trying to be good but Satan is trying to be not good girl Jesus love you and me from Julie NASCAR this year with your story what happened Julie what she is talking about Julie and her friend Simona she decided to be baptized and unfortunately the devil began to harass these children I want to understand that God well I work with us through our will write we have to make a decision right God will never violate the power of choice I want to tell you right now if you want the alternative you want a second opinion you can care less Julie was six when the devil actually appeared outside the description the children brought to me which is actually very similar to other people who were involved in a cult it's as if I walked up to you and you can see Robbie would also do see on the ground sent now imagine me coming up to you but with no me just it's about fourteen feet tall that they describe and there's a long shot of the concept in this shadow full Julie was on the far left and Simona to come to the garbage I didn't idea the garbage is a fourteen foot pit of compost that they had and you go in there and you don't come to see Satan is interested in your will even if finishing your choice he harasses little children and I called I talk to them on the phone I said had he followed through with your decision to be baptized they said no we haven't tested you need to only Jesus can protect you from the enemy and once they had made a decision they never saw Satan again on this appraisal work this is her second letter when she is older at this stage dear Doctor Tim I love you so very much may God bless you thank you for your good message I like it it touched my heart God be with you so much and work in your heart to Doctor Tim from June next now this I didn't have a letter from this little girl but I wanted to share with you that this little girl was with me all the hi her name was along you think of when using long I can think of among being and so I called and I don't nickname was in my little among being every time I had her own apartment eleven D and these are couple pictures is not five and at the end when I passed out commitment cards she turned a cardigan and she signed it little among the examiner member on the forgot this is from ninety of you to share this letter K first of all I would like to thank you so much for your wonderful method in your preaching I liked it so much I will never forget your message and I will also never forget you and the love you have given me Doctor Tim the message that you preach and church really touched my heart and I want to be closer to Jesus God has a special plan for your life is chosen you preach to the world by Doctor tenderness is that you have shown me as really change my heart I want to follow Jesus and I know that he loves me so much and I know that you do to and now I want to be baptized so please pray for me that I can be a good girl black to follow Jesus no matter what happens in my life negotiators of the messages I think she did the no matter what happens in my life I will still Wallace Jesus all my life even to death and I also pray that I can make my whole family Christian and also make them ready for his coming because I wanted them also to be in heaven with me and I don't want them to be lost so please pray that God will help me to do this and work for him and I know that God will surely do it for me I think God has chosen you from your mother 's womb to be one of the preachers and I think God has chosen me to but I think I'm not ready to do his work but someday I will surely be ready so please pray that God will also use me Doctor Kim I know that he has a calling for your life is a calling for me but I cannot like I want to hear his voice clearly and also pray that God will forgive my sins also because I am a sinner that he gave his life for in this world I'm sure that he will certainly forget and use me for his work and I also want to be his and to know that I am his energy is mine I will continue to work for him and I know that you are to bless you and everything and please forgive me my handwriting is so Pat from your beloved one ring to not have a safe journey it is his levity here Doctor Kim I enjoyed your messages they are very good to me God bless you wherever you go I miss you so much I love you so much please pray for me and I will also pray for you I cried and prayed with my whole heart I want to give my life to Jesus please try to come back to our school I miss you your best friend revenue action skip over those there's too many letters to read one more one more one more okay dear Doctor Tim I really been blessed I have never thought that I would see you again but God has put me right in this place to meet you I always like your smile that's the one thing I've learned to smile all the time I believe your message was greatly touched many of us and you have given me great hope to stand for Jesus no matter what happens I want to go to Bangladesh and preach the gospel to my family members pray that I will get to go to my country and I believe that I will meet you once again if not somewhere in this earth and in heaven Doctor your last message about God was great in your song was nice to I like you so much and I pray we will keep winning souls for Christ I will believe you have will you will have lots of stars in your crown that there will be no place left you have shown me a great light and brought me out of the darkness thank you so much for having love and I love you too and God blessed his emission of this world and go with you wherever you go goodbye Jesus is my savior I shall not be in the ex-coach this was one I didn't get a letter from London to share with you his story his name was Paul is actually meaningless montage and he is this big he is literally that tall and they try to figure out what was wrong I don't know what it was yet some sort of growth hormone issue but he came up to me and he would say are you tall like Christmas anyway they say wow you tall like a Christmas tree but that was my name for the rest the time he would take Christmas God has really spoke to me and he came with me all the way to the train station October one how and when this one dear Doctor Tim I am very happy that you came to our school the test for life so much especially you have touched my life thank you so all much eighteen sows for your nice message please try to come back and if you come back I will be very happy and I know that you're going to smile for me and I know if we don't meet each other I'll meet you in heaven thank you so much for praying for me with lots of love from Simone I have several dozen letters I couldn't read them all I hope you understood why we as Christians don't succeed wheelchair we don't win others to God we let the hope that we have to stay in our hearts instead of letting it shine letting go out to people around us and it's not like I'm sharing something complicated or difficult I'm just shared with you things that happened to me things that touch my heart and my life lessons that God has shared with me and I can tell you that everyone in this room has something they can share right God has taught you got has blessed you in some way you can share with someone one going to share with you is Hebrews chapter two verse fourteen through eighteen as we close in Hebrews chapter two verses fourteen to eighteen and I will go ahead and forasmuch then the children are partakers of flesh and blood he also himself likewise good part of the same that through death he might destroy him that had apartment that is the devil and to deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage for verily he took not on him the nature of what angels they took on him the seed of Abraham therefore in how many things all things it behooves them to meet not made like unto his brethren that he might be a faithful merciful and faithful high Priest in things pertaining to God to make reconciliation for the people in that he himself was what has suffered being tempted he is able to help those that are Dino why this makes a difference when I go to these countries because I'm just like you and I'm not anyone who's out of the ordinary I'm just a human being I Jesus came as an that's why we can come close to understand us he has suffered being tempted right so I can tell you if I was some amazing angelic being what would I give anyone if I look at Jesus and he's where he above me what hope is idea for me Jesus says in the world you will have tribulation but be of good cheer I have overcome the world why would I be of good cheer if Jesus was somewhat different to me why was that your real make sense yes I'm so amazing I've never failed the good cheer I have overcome the world help you but if Gene test takes the same nature and comes close to us and is one of us any overcomes wind that Syria because you know that's why people are sure it up when you give your testimony didn't God give you something in your life what can he do what in their because they can look at UNC one August like me he's had struggles and temptations he's gone through heartache but he still smiles and he still believes in God I can tell you that if you cannot did you send pension he was real you could touch and that's what transforms people 's lives that they can look at you and what God has done for you and know that God can do something for them he only my favorite quotes from ministry of healing estates one forty three the Savior Christ method alone will give true success in reaching the people how many methods this method alone what was his method outside the Savior mingle with men as one who desired they are good can you mingle over the telephone while I mingle that the party for about twenty minutes where were you lousy home how can you tell you have to be there which did you mingle with the people in Romania yes you did why you were there really is the Savior mingled with men as one who desired their good he showed his sympathy to the minister to their needs and won their confidence then he bade them follow me and you will find when you make the same invitation to others to save their souls you will be saving your own also let's love and father in heaven thank you for this source of happiness that comes from serving others it comes from seeing others accept Jesus Christ and give their hearts to him thank you Lord Jesus for the many precious young and older hearts that come to Jesus to what you have done to me and I pray that my friends here would see that the key to becoming and remaining Christian is to share this share what God has done for them and Lord Jesus I pray that what is been done in Robbie 's life and many other lives I have shared with us to pray to God let us touch some saw this day would be fulfilled and as we bring that soul to you we would be comforted and no we are really made our own as well in Jesus this meeting was produced by burgers review ministry nice operation of grace and would like to listen to more 's presentation working would like to learn more about UNC 's visit to the CYC with board also find Republicans you were born in that in a


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