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The Truth That Transforms the World

Tim Riesenberger


Tim Riesenberger

Emergency room physician in the Seattle area



  • December 21, 2007
    9:30 AM
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him good morning everyone I just want to let you know that Russell is passing around some water I feel like I never get to it and if it's a waste of the thing is I'm majorly someone benefits from it those of you who have been here probably know about my friend is in the hospital and I just want to give you an update on him he is doing better he actually started moving his hands which were very thankful but the thing that impressed me most is that when I go to the hospital and I'm visiting a patient who is on the ventilator they can't speak can communicate and they use a slightly sedated so what I'll do is I'll ask them is there something you like me to review from the Bible and many times they don't think of anything in no they just cut her open to whatever or they don't want you the same thing for my friends he said James five fourteen Psalm twenty seven solved fifty five I was so encouraged by what he was sharing with me and of course I had was okay Old Testament New Testament old yes so we headed that way but I can tell you Jesus Christ is an outline there is no question in my mind there's no patient I've ever seen there is a stronger hold on the Lord in that situation ever and so I shared with him we read all those passes to them we sang a song to him at the end where she got to share a little bit and witness to the nurses and care of them and he's a very well praise the Lord to spirit is visible there still unsure they pretty much rule out all the really bad stuff so probably not a bloodflow problem no tumor no no meningitis nothing like that so the bad news is is though they don't know what it is still so he's still recovering slowly this afternoon at five p.m. if you remember praying myself and about six others of his very close friends are going to be performing and anointing service for him and following the counsel of the Lord so please remember at five p.m. if you can't you never pay for Al and his family are in the hospital in fact lists the physical before the Lord right now these dire heads of the Emperor loving father in heaven we think and we praise you that though the body in the flesh is weak that the spirit is strong and now we just ask that you would do the same for us right now help us to remember that life is not guaranteed but only eternal life in you is guaranteed and Lord Jesus I pray that as I present this truth that has transformed my life that every person in this room we see Jesus Christ is my prayer in his name now NASA funny question to start out and there's no right answer there is no wrong answer necessarily I'm not really know you are feeling that just say whatever you feel whatever you happen to know does God love you simple question does God love Angels short does God love the people that don't know him okay does God love the people that do know him but rejected does God love people that are lost does God love his angels the I love the wicked angels does not love Satan is required is no notice that I really issue are exactly about some of the lives on the edge is in question why does God love you anyone Islam right the Bible itself tells us that God is love it is his nature to love if I could say he can't help himself while smiling and God loves you like what we so he created us as creative thinking season as gone all good answers no one can be sharing is something that I learned and it's very a guess intriguing how I learned this because having a cell phone how many of you get text message I called the time I can tell you that this truth was as a result of a text message that I received that he knew some contexts more than that I was facing my boss my boss had asked me and he said I need to meet with you when you have time to monitor what is starting I need to meet with you and when your boss says he needs to meet with you is to say no more than six hundred eleven and going okay how is your sister turned out that's great is generally your box calls you for now is something that so I asked all my friends I said we these pray about this meeting with my boss and I had one friend who responded and more than one printer respond that this is a text message praying for you cleaning Luke twelve that he will give you the words to say when you need them whatever happens I'm probably short message simple nice right but it bothered me a lot I thought about it for days because the last part of that message says whatever happens right now whatever is a fairly broad term whatever could be as good as him we love you so much in the best doctor we've ever had were doubling his salary were cutting hours and I think that's whatever right whenever could also be no you got your license out of crackerjack box we have never seen someone as bad as you don't use your and your fire I think it could be that bad could it not but whatever happens I'm proud have fun with that because if I was fired I wouldn't economy would you allow when working since I was fifteen full-time and part-time never lost a job in my life and find the witnesses that the people who are administering the people who are address like wow recent murder you I'll pray for you because I myself will be humiliated ashamed and not at all on myself not even close this interesting as I was thinking about that God led me to a story is a familiar story to you open your Bibles the second Daniel chapter fourteen verse twenty five seconds annual chapter fourteen in verse twenty five now and all Israel there was no one who was praised as much as who Absalom for his good looks from the soul a few of them the soul of his feet to the crown of his head there was no blemish is quite a statement is absolute like GQ personify and he would be classified as what we call a manly man one who is flawless but unfortunately the outside is not always select if you go down to second Samuel chapter fifteen we have Absalom here waiting outside of the courthouse and what is he doing these meeting with the people right there would you say he's doing something to promote confidence in the government as his father is aging his government becomes more and more inefficient people are waiting long times to have just the sir and while they're waiting out some of them this is all that great cause there is only high where judge the land I would be right and when people go to about embassies and prints right is often he takes her hand he kisses them he wins their hearts by stealing them away from his father her six in this manner Absalom acted for all Israel who came to the king for judgment and so Absalom stole the hearts of the men of Israel dropping down to verse ten and twelve then Absalom sent spies throughout all the tribes of Israel think as soon as you hear the sound of the trumpet then you shall say Absalom Raines innkeeper then Absalom sent for it the bell the guy will night David's counselor from his city from Garlow where he offered sacrifices in a conspiracy grew strong for the people when Absalom continually increase in the who's ahead without them atomically had the belt was and he was related somehow to Bathsheba not his uncle he was actually her grandfather don't you tell me if your granddaughter had an affair with the governor and then he had your grand son-in-law assassinated and allied about it publicly for a year and it finally came out that he did it and then nothing happened to Israel and were just starting how would you feel dizzy so what boost when David came angry he was bitter and he was never to forget what happened you know that I can tell you that God forgives and he will remember our sins what unfortunate human beings aren't merciful they may even forget but there's very few who forget very not had a gallbladder for Dave nor forgot I can tell you that is if you look at second Samuel eleven three and twenty three thirty four you'll see that he was that he was grandfathering up and go there but I'm sure he was looking for an opportunity like this against me but just when you thought it couldn't get no worse it does absolute moves into Jerusalem and David is forced to flee lesser seconds annual sixty eleven David makes it clear it says David said to all his servants my son who came out of my own bond is seeking my life so Absalom is committed treason he's taken over the capital Houstonian infections of the people and he's trying to kill his own father but just when you thought it couldn't get worse it does drop-down chapter sixteen seconds annual sixteen verse twenty two so Absalom ask his trusted counselor had the Bell so what should I do is what here's an idea why don't you sleep with all your fathers wives consider great idea and verse twenty two says what they did but perhaps somewhere on the time of the house and absent when in his father 's concubine 's at night privately inside of always you were told in the spirit of prophecy that absolute attitude assumes of treason and murder incest know what you think about a little while but not too long will move on so after this David has run for his life from his own son and as you have the majority of the people in his son that right are mostly people up-to-date that right ULI tells us she said the company that followed after David was but a little handful compared to the vast multitudes of Israel and will bless you a little handful is all that David had and he takes that little handful and he divides his under three general 's preparing to make the last stand his life go to second Samuel chapter eighteen of the first two verses David is preparing his army is massive it is a key he would have some words to say to his troops that he got perhaps though not what you'd expect he says to three generals and were told the spirit of prophecy he repeats this command to each individual general as they go by a says you will be victorious and then the or our God shall apply forth that we set in an essay that doesn't he says the same thing three times now the King commanded JoAnne this first five Joab and the Shiite and a tie same deal gently for my sake with the young man Absalom and and the people heard when the king gave all the captain 's orders concerning outs studying this credit was for this very separates no every person heard of every single person heard this command go ahead and have fast-forward to the battle you try to know what happens is that all of Israel is coming down in descending upon David's little company a fight in the woods of Ephraim and praise the Lord against all odds David's army is victorious that is Absalom was going to flee what happens to see if caught by his prized possession his hair and he weighed out every year right he's got their cholesterol not below a level field keeps going like and someone finds it a soldier and he is very hesitant because he remembers what was being said when you say to everybody Lehman says not to touch the young man Absalom so he tells John 's on-site wind to take them out he's like you yourself were killed me if I'd done as you heard the king so jobsite okay whatever comes our any takes not one not to let three spears and thrust them through the heart of Absalom and if that's not enough ten people surrounded they all kill them and thrown into a pet and throw bunch of rocks and that's the end and then they sent messengers to bring word to the capital look at Apple the city so they go and one messenger is running to give work and that messenger arrives and he has good news that we are victorious and Davis is afraid of the Lord he is spared my life old Lord when I'm afraid I will trust in you it is not within he has only one question for the messenger he says will within many casualties to be lose a lot of men know he asked one question he said with my son here's the question second Samuel chapter twenty nine the king said is the young man Absalom safe they doesn't really give him a great answer so he waits for the second messenger so the second messenger from giving the same business as well yes I heard this in the first Mister praise the Lord that we want that what he says you know what's funny is if you go to verse twenty nine and thirty two the question is exactly the same verbatim Dave is not resting he says is young than Absalom safe the messenger said he's now want to turn diverse thirty three and remember a carefully then they came it was deeply moved and went up to the chamber over the gates and wet and as he went he said that's old my son Absalom my son my son Absalom if only what I die your place all absolute my son was not going to ask you a very simple question did David love Absalom because he was a loyal citizen and created the worst rebellion in the history of Israel did David love Absalom because he was a loyal son to him he was ruining his father Dick Bigelow has because he had a moral character you don't get much worse than in and so the question remains if that wasn't why you tell me why then did they look so because we didn't know he was after all Absalom was his son and I can tell you that that moment God spoke to me three words that I will never forget in my life they've only been one other time when God spoke to me and that's my calling to be a physician and it wasn't like there was fire in the sky I didn't hear a voice it wasn't like I opened the closet door to see someone was in there but it was God 's voice because the words came into my head and they were a new font that I had never had before in my life got sent to me to know what love you because your Symbian I don't love you because your physician who saves people 's lives every day I don't love you because you consecrate a portion of every month to me admission service I don't love you because you give away large portion of your income I don't love you because you minister to orphans I don't love you because you're nice to the people you meet I love you here's the three words because I don't you see that is the reason that they love so it is so simple it is so clear there's no question in my mind and my life has not been say I finally realize it doesn't matter who I am doesn't matter what I do there is one thing that will not change and that's the fact that lots and I tell you at that moment I knelt down and cry like a grinding war there were no more tears left because I saw the last for all these years I have read this story like you had I have not seen my father but I saw him at that point and I go back to the original question you want to know why God loves you it's that simple you know we talked about God 's nature and it is true God is love it is very true he loves because it is his nature as you know I have never met somebody who you ask and you do have any enemies and those people I know people like that as a public and you know you run with such and such last year and you know no one else in the April question of a slob and a nearer noisy knowledge and botany this went right to sleep cases like you know that it's not that person you know it's just because that person 's nature is so sweet and so kind to have problems with one because of who they are not within rooming with her just that way but you know it's not that that is part of a you know I can tell you that in my job I have seen this truth so many times but not understood as most of you know I work in the emergency room there is death every day in my job not my patients thankfully that I observe it somewhere in the emergency department and I can tell you if you're Christian Buddhist Shinto Adventists Hindu it doesn't matter I see Mister ALLTEL you an example of the fifteen -year-old boy who was a passenger of the pickup truck that his father was John they were T-bones by the large vehicle the father was thrown clear the blood was in critical condition he came in the paramedics are doing CPR on him he had multiple injuries he had blood coming out of several holes no heartbeat no breathing no blood pressure and doing all that they can and as he is spiraling downwards and I know that all the blood in my bank is not to say this boy after I've inundated him but a large line is just and done everything I possibly can reinflate his lung with a chest tube I hear the father behind me saying if only I had been where in the passenger side if only it was me and sent my boy was an eight -year-old girl and no hair vomiting uncontrollably the triage nurse couldn't do anything she in order for medication we need an IV would put the fluid and we give every medication to afford her medications vomiting vomiting vomiting nothing left green stuff starts to come up and I hear mothers broken sobs Doctor Watson had been needed at the cancer why couldn't I take the chemotherapy for my little using these people are Chris since you are not alone not I think it will be over Muslim Hindu Buddhist atheist because they understand the truth that transforms the world they love because there's this is their daughter and they would trade everything they have I can tell you that it doesn't matter and I think I've seen parents show up the kids were runaways they haven't seen their kids in twenty years you think it matters while addressing twenty years Doctor denude everyone no one has ever said that they say that's my boy who's been away for all these years do what you can to save do whatever you can to preserve his life I can tell you that is David acted toward his son David human being right David's love is human is less than dogs remember I can tell you that many people think while is it too late for me in my community and pardonable sin I dismantle give up hill think of Absalom and ask yourself if you done in pardonable sin okay we've got lying cheating treason murder incest what what what I run out of things of this point in all ten Commandments and no more right and did you realize even in his absence trying to assassinate his father and David standing on his armies to try to defeat this overwhelming force he still given the command presumably he realized that when God looks at you as you are nearing the end of your probation and he is sending the armies of heaven to go bring judgments and to defeat you the only sense of the Angels he says be easy on ten have mercy on you what you can to bring him back home to have protects us I can tell you that David and his story is very similar to me in critical situations I have been here because when does God give up on you authority when it's so easy that a two -year-old child and actually one hackers off and the grandmother was taking care of him and unfortunately she went to rouse the child in the night and a child who not breathing not respond they rested child and doing CPR and I knew the whole idea the whole same thing over and over again intimate the child line in his chest were getting and liquid adrenaline through the IV shocking them over and over again and were running this gauntlet for ten minutes twenty minutes and write about thirty was the same thing happens I can tell you I am at the head of the bed commanding the nurses in the restaurant therapist and my residents and things like that what do I hear some footsteps behind me and operating and someone comes up behind me in a kind going will slow announces fuel question and it's the parents and say Doctor Reasoner I am sorry to interrupt you but I've noticed that my son has not moved for thirty minutes and he hasn't breathed for the same amount of time and I noticed that your monitors had this big flat line on it for the last half-hour and he'd ask you if there's any one is any hope and if I sound know if I realize the monitor was like that but when we got the EKG action can see some movement of the heart I think we got about ten percent chance of survival here and you get all his brain back with a victim to go but if I tell them know Mrs. Smith I really have some bad news for you because you're right your son has not read for not only half an hour but the paramedics said for another fifteen at this point there's really no hope of any sort of brain function no matter what we do at this and you think a single shotgun a few more times look a few more needles and put another catheter in deep pounding on access and that's what they said at that point they look down in the sun and they said it may well can you just let them go quietly so he doesn't suffer anymore so yes I can NL hold one will take the tubes out and will give the parents of time alone as her son since and I can tell you that is the time God gives up on you when there's no what was your vote isn't that simple when you are gone and there is nothing more than I can do no matter how may times he shocks you and they're how much epinephrine reports into you he knows it's only going to give you pain and attack no chance of turning your around can you imagine I said would you mind if it was shocking a few more times they put a couple more lines in this practice they were enthused about that with why would you make my sons anymore he said he's gone give us a few moments to sanctify that's exactly when God gives a big and I can tell you that David didn't give up his questions were the same to the messenger he didn't stop until what do he knew that Absalom said that was that's important thing when God knows he can't reach anymore when he knows that he has to let some call can you imagine I think I was laughing out of summer that I love you and one of your daughters within a car and gene you have seen that I had done everything at this point and I had given it my best effort my arm around you guys said you know you lost other results of the daughters I say well you know you guys are still young maybe you can have another child and a neighbor Heather you I would be fired the next day from the report the because does it matter that you have more children not one bit does it matter Heather and I think your mom and dad as well Hayes gone which is to have Heather the identical twins but he think that he would say she's saying you what are you crazy having another child having one that looks the same that sounds the same but even thinks the same in some ways doesn't mean a thing because it doesn't replace the one I and we think somehow they got to like make a few more people right we say that the guy we somehow think that of God if you're gone God has suffered a permanent loss because your hands don't you see we will suppose why God leaves the ninety nine now you see if our ask you how many are gives you want to save eighty percent ninety percent clear percent we've got it else ran on seventy five that's not bad to see if no grades when it comes to your children is I understand perfectly why not leave the ninety nine now because that's a son without because I can tell you if Andrew died his hair is done with this issue I'm taken on this top am not found any revises it results in a nose ring and eight year reign and move it with my girlfriend drop out of school you think your parents would stop calling you think that they would just say well we got Haley and Heather and Nina we lost her son but you know was that you guys and they would be on Andrew twenty four sup in prayer they would come up with any excuse for having the socialist church know your sister 's event be there like you to come really playing this and you know uncle such and such is coming mainly think of every reason would they not they probably spend more time on Andrew because he needs them and the other children don't you see it's so simple it's so simple I can tell you that God tells us how he feels in second Peter three verse nine second Peter verse nine the Lord is long-suffering toward us not willing that one any should perish but that the hundred forty four thousand six hundred and but be saved from the fact that what you understand what song there's no question if I asked any of you in this room notify any person in the world probably is apparent with your kids you and say it's a very simple question it's a bonehead question no one would miss I can tell you that I have known parents would've lost a child not only immediately because I have to break the news right decided to send the nurse in their warming and simple can you tell them that he's going it's funny unfortunately I have to talk to them until that they've lost a child but I've also known parents after that and you know those parents are never the same I don't care if a Christian or not I don't care what religion they are I don't care if they're like related Ellen Wieder whenever they are never have there is something that's different and you know why because they lost a part of themselves there is no blow that is greater in their lives they may deal with it well they may still hold on to the Lord there is a piece that's missing out of their heart that will never come back because the child is gone and we think about that that will share something with you in Revelation were told that God will likely are all of our tears we do know that happens after the second resurrection because I'm an Italian something right now it is not a thousand years when you show up at the first resurrection and your brother is not there or wanting your children is not there believe you me your cry and you cry a lot but genomes can acquire the most is committee who's lost the most Gaza walk through the city and is a look at an empty mansion is innocent why will hurt you here I have place for you why should I figured in a kinder gardens and why are they here and you can say why aren't all of them here why are all of you my children with me and will show you why to open the books and you are going to more inurement cry two thousand years I can tell you that David understood that in verse thirty three go back to that second-generation thirty three because the illustration of Damon 's love for his son strong though it is it fall short in verse thirty three David says I have some sign my son Absalom Ethel only had one die instead of the old Damon would've traded places admitted with Absalom like any parent would he would've changed his life for the life of his son I can tell you I see everything I have a child as a massive hemorrhage in your love is reasonable for acts when it is stabbed in the heart of their bleeding into their heart and called for four units of blood I say all I need a units right now and save for units ahead constantly and were putting into large bore IVs which is taking IVs the size of straws and putting them in this child trying to resuscitate them and I get the report you nowhere out about negative annual of the parents as I had parents get on regarding think it's right here on that blood type document that the diving straight into my boy I told the person or your son 's kidneys are failing to take one of my you can take it right now I'm ready any parent would trade places with their son and the David though he wished he could trade places with Absalom he could but you see God did trade places with you and I the story falls short because David wished that he had died seven Absalom was the driver you and for me know how many kidneys to have the existing live with one you can give away your kidney back I'm going to a friends wedding who gave his kidney actually do some of them even knows another Adventist pastor Hartstein and if your heart is failing and someone wants to give you their heart some of you live some of them I contain God gave you his heart that she might live and not die to share with you something even worse because though you are going to mourn as a parent as a brother and sister for the loss of the ones that are yours can you imagine if I came up teaching and we just kind of finishing up and there's really no hope for Heather is okay well Tim I understand you you can all you could appreciate it in this letter to and thinking one of you unplug or understand we needed everything a job logical you would be horrified did you know that's what I has to do it is the only one who can give or take away life and he with his own hand when he realizes there's no more hope for you in the floor you do do you know how hard affinity for him could you even fill it dear child where brother or sister is without some kind of monster brass to do that but you know that God has to do that at the end of time when he knows that it's only going to be suffering to convict you anymore he was with his own hand that you fall like and I tell you that these are more like David Moore is a cry like David God but he is very cried so much more as he is divine and we are human I can tell you that this truth is so powerful but it's so true and it's so balanced because many times in Adventism with the conservative side in the liberalism all you know you have to overcome all your living within your life and all this confusing really endless argument 's but this illustration is so clear because David's love for Absalom was what the word report on condition and is not never seen before I hope you see it now because with the ability was he blasts and that never changes which in August advanced gamers love great though it was didn't say an absolute José I was lost and so it is integrated controversy God 's love is the love that surpasses the love of a parent in his room it cannot save you if you do not let go of the cancerous he cannot save you against your will but I tell you if he doesn't save you even more the last God is in a watch you hurtling toward your destruction and his signal no and you can do everything we can to bring you back from jumping off that cliff of the structure and if you do and you are loss he will more as a father mourns for his own he tries to tell us how it feels in Isaiah forty nine is a forty nine verses fourteen to sixteen he tries to tell us how he feels but fall short design said Dolores for safety need and the Lord has forgotten can a woman forget her nursing child and not have compassion on the son of her womb nearly all of it that is a low course not but you know it does happen sometimes doesn't it write there are some parents with their kids and up in the garbage dump or abuse them nonetheless the Newman it does happen rarely but it does happen and God knows Eno 's Julie they may forget yet will I not have you behold I have inscribed on the palms of my new walls are ever before God will not forget his son or his daughter but you know I realized in this illustration there is something more because Absalom was perfect from what I could tell it was how many blemishes he was perfect there was someone else that was perfect and had you remember when that someone like Absalom rebelled against his father he spent the loyalties of his father 's subjects he tried to kill his father and committed adultery with his fathers brought you realize that once this is the great controversy fantasy it's so clear to me now easy Lucifer son of the morning was the son of God God is the father 's who was created perfect from head to toe right beautiful no blemish but he followed in that pathway so I can tell you that God does love Satan is no question in my mind and I know exactly why but you know there's a difference between you and I and Satan there is a difference between your probation and my probation in his and also you what it is Matthew twenty five verse thirty four Matthew twenty five or thirty four oh you blessed of my father inherit the kingdom prepared for who for you from the foundation of the world this is the sheep and goats the left-hand and right-hand right God is basically telling the lost and the same what's can happen inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world now don't look down on her review the second part of that depart from me you cursed it to the everlasting fire prepared for it doesn't say you do realize that it's different isn't it because who was the lake of fire prepared for how many human beings that God plan to be lost zero DC that zero Re: on the second Peter three nine says that God is not willing that what any should perish because there's chilled you willing to Paris crazy but the difference is that there's only one thing that brings you to repentance and its Romans two four the goodness of God leads you to repentance now how much of God 's goodness that Satan and his angels when Satan do before he felt in the covering Angela Wright so godlike here and he is right here what Morris God can show you back to great controversy tells us that argument that only divine wisdom could devise were used to convince Satan of his error you realize that that was there is nothing more than I could use to bring about a guy knew how is different gotten it will wait and doesn't know me Jim hasn't seen me have you ever woken up until the night as they start turning holy dart anyone ever done that and we wake up you're not sure which side of the bed your head is on you're not sure where is the wind always adore your dresser right you're not certain where you are in space and tell that door opens up a core happiness in life and immediately known window as you know the doors of aggressors nor your head is an excellent dog has cracked the door to my unlike it's just that my dad always stymied no you realize that the great controversy is just my father trying to get me home every command every promise everyone is his daddy thing ten come home please I need you back I will be the same without you because though God could create a million other tens he would know they would be me he realized he could even change all your mind to think it was me but who would know you could have a child and dressed in the same as outside of this is her but even if you fool everyone you wouldn't believe yourself you would know that your child was gone after that there was no replacing I want to tell you that this truth has changed my life as you can tell I want to show you what happens when you understand this in Isaiah forty three Isaiah forty three versus wanted to share that with you on this share a sample passage about overcoming in the Bible and spirit of prophecy begin all and second Bible commentary one thousand four it says in order for us to go forward without stumbling we must be assured of two things we must be assured that a hand all-powerful will hold us up and heal the second part is and that in infinite pity will be exercised toward us if we should fall you realize that that you need those two things to overcome and for me it makes perfect sense right because of you don't know that God is strong enough to keep you from sinning then it's not happen right under the example had eight years seen an elephant in captivity like in the circus known as an elephant is change right they change all four legs in the trunk is that how they keep it still family legs they taught just one gene on how they do that because when it's a young little elephant that will be open they do change it up and what is in Galvan does it start with the struggles that it realizes that what they can get away so it comes to the conclusion that if I have something tied around my leg what I taken away so this animal would staple of exerting thousands of tons of force with just one big and bring down the whole circus tent which is one like it concluded that they can get away an acid will does to you and I and he takes is a early in our experience and make sure the is clear to us that whenever getting it away completely it will always send and convince us that there is no escape so afterwards you can just pull on the rope every once in a while and remind us that will keep sinning until Jesus but that's not all you need to know is there's two things we must be assured the hand of powerful will hold us up and the infinite pity will be exercised for us should we fall and why will that ability to exercise for me if I fall because my dad if I fall off the bike my guess is it who locates it me okay definitely I have a backlog of acolyte that will assist you of course is infinitely yummy but I see more than I've ever seen before in my life that was as if I didn't know God let me of course I knew God love me I knew he loved me unconditionally but for me there's something about knowing why I can't really grasp something unless I know what the problem I can't understand unless I know I but as I look at the story of Absalom and David and how wicked he was I realized the United give up on Seventh-day Adventist I could throw all this than what you know I'm tired of being pure at all and always nurses here live it up and try again well it's late initial and earn some money irresponsibly I forget all all of this I can walk away but you know I still begotten son that wouldn't change in a something that happens to you Isaiah forty three verse one and she was a close that now thus says the Lord who created you OTM and he will formed you my son fear not I have redeemed you I've call you by your name here the three words you hear you are lie and when that happens in what follows the next verse when you pass to the waters I will be with you and through the rivers they shall not overflow you when you walk through the fire you shall not be burned north of the flame scorch you do realize that when you understand this about God that you can overcome that you are invincible at last because it doesn't have that what happens to me now because I know there's one thing that won't change you all could walk out of this room is a you know this was the worst seminar ever heard anything until you were stopped at everything that you doesn't matter to me now because I know my dad and I saw the change feel I can go right now change my hair and green get a body piercing I believe the church I think in a sex change but you know what you can come and take any cell of my body my hair my cheek down to my tall no matter what I've done even if I was not recognizable to any of you every cell in my body tells you who either log to that will never change you can live as much as you can with your brain but every cell in your reply will tell you his father belongs to you you can't get away from the truth be there are some cards in your chair and I like you taken no matter what decision you make unless the logical amount which are name your e-mail and if you have heard God 's voice today I want to write that down car mitigating some time to do that and asked you to think about what I've shared and that you are God 's and if you have heard God 's voice calling you to be baptized the study today that I want to mark if you know that you have fallen away from God or perhaps you were baptized and biblical way or for me you will learn the truth that you have never known before re- baptism I can say right now I have decided to be rebaptized in this year because of what I just shared with you in the South afraid takes a moment to do that during the brain unless you fill those out in him and ask you to just fold them up and pass into the hands of the island sleep since I'm the only one who's been reading in your business this meeting was produced by our burgers review ministry is generation of Christ I would like to listen to more this presentation or you would like to learn more about people and see please visit WW UIC with Gabor emulsifying agree with you on your birth order and repair home .com


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