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The (Almost) Irresistable Witness

Tim Riesenberger


Tim Riesenberger

Emergency room physician in the Seattle area



  • December 21, 2007
    10:45 AM
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loving father in heaven I think you are crazy for everyone on my friends today for the decisions that have been made in a register Lord Jesus I ask that you would please the present one more time with us I plead Lord for your Holy Spirit to work on hearts that are striving that are in the valley of decision that is they hear the resistible witness they would at last come to you I pray Lord that Jesus would be seen and felt and heard that I would be hidden history not going to share with you a very familiar story in the Bible Africa notes it's found in Luke chapter eight verse forty three Luke chapter eight and verse forty three that it is in context of this chapter Jesus is on the way to a ruler 's house because the rulers daughter has just got but on the way he slowed down his difficulty getting there because of the crown but there is one person in the crowd that wants to see Jesus more than everyone else through that once it was a woman in fact we're told and verse forty three and a woman having an issue of blood for how long well years what happens then how much all her living upon physicians neither could be healed of any notes funny is it Luke puts it this way you can be healed of any one of the other writers is not as innocent and not get better but rather grew worse but we would write that would we first of all do no harm neither could she be healed of any she came behind Jesus and touch what the order of his or and how fast she's not leaving immediately issue of blood stopped and then Jesus asks what seems to be a very silly question the people around me says what who touched me and of course here and they that were with him said master the multitudes throng the pressing system this means like Jesus just this one lets you know about something that a lot of people around can you imagine fear dying Jesus this is like a backpack type to another person it was like push right up against you they tested two and just FYI not to be offensive or anything but like everyone here's to Jesus in case you didn't know and Jesus says somebody somebody not somebody's somebody at such privacy that virtue is gone out of me and ask you a question why do you think Jesus asked this question I think that Jesus then and now anything about the same that Jesus was not aware of who touched we are told that he read the hearts of men as an open book God gave him that in fact his father gave him an awareness we are told that he was not only aware of this woman but he was the one that drew her to himself and he mooted over himself and the crowd so that he would be near but she only had a moment in time and you were told that as she realized her golden opportunity had come that the faith of her life was concentrated in that somebody has touched me for perceive the virtues gone out of me Jesus knew so if he knew why do you think he asked the question yes because Jesus wanted her to share what it had Jesus knew that she had been healed and who else knew that she had been healed to write this very moment I want you to imagine the effectiveness she had been waiting for how long well years and hear me hurting hemoglobin less than my three by this time or something like that but they likewise are the goals given bleeding and bleeding and bleeding I want to understand that this is not I guess the physical issue because if you are waiting Batman Christian go to church and have people pray for her every Sabbath how many times have you been to church in twelve years I can tell you how many zero she was unclean you realize she was leaving she would not be able to imagine he reached her church bells will review still in this field is what happens when you miss church twice in your life while welcome visitor in a letter sent thank you an attempt to undermine any seminars everywhere okay if I held a church but I don't think that the United Nations has a come back into the church you will just been busy Laura's glass is coastline villages I don't think any of our life one Sabbath and you like needing to be rebaptized or something is true is true if you imagine being gone for twelve years and he can imagine what people would say while you were gone I mean by the time you came back all the rumors within so circulated a different person but I may be crazy so no health much money did you have no money but it gets worse you know I imagine this woman that she was probably slightly older disease address for his woman not a girl if she was married how often as her husband and incident twelve years he realizes zero in on the bottle says that you can't even be enticed without the other person being unclean when you sit on a chair the chair 's unclean not what you think about that for just a minute no touch for twelve years is willing to die from the big die from not being touched did you know that animals won't grow if they're not touched it another this woman was bleeding for twelve years had no money and probably everyone thinking by this time she was some center hadn't had intimacy with her own husband and hadn't had a finger late on her for twelve years I think she felt about herself is exactly in all I can tell you to not only felt metaphysically but spiritually she was probably at the lowest point of her life socially I mean what's the meal asking the house is also live in a state social I mean she was the beginning of that social life she had nothing and nobody that I can tell you right now that the reason why Jesus said who touched me was for her and for the people around because Jesus gave her physical healing did he not fret but I want to take a look and show you what he really didn't and when the woman saw that she was not hidden she came trembling and falling down before him she declared to him before who all the people for what cause she had touched him and how she was healed immediately but I want to show you what a real healing watch this and he said unto her daughter be of good comfort I have made you whole that we set is an amazing energy is one to make it clear that it wasn't that sure out of turn in that made her well was in his cloak but knows he doesn't even say it was in an interesting because the people who bumped into Jesus with a audio press saying in pushing no 's and daughter be of good comfort while I have made the whole going peace that is where the real healing happened you realize that can you imagine how you would feel to have Jesus himself say Russell your faith has made you well you think to thank Jesus for leaving her faith was leaving she felt about her faith what do you think the people around her thought about her faith and thought she was an absolute seat but not Jesus his dispute with comprehensive the affirmation that Jesus Christ gave to that woman gave her greater healing and all the physical healing that is what he desires for every one of us I shared with you before the greatest person who is blessed out of all these seminars is to me because all of you are just hearing it I hear it I speak it I studied in my room I pray about it I talk to you guys individually about it and I remember God 's great love me every time I share the tears that I shed and again it happened like that every time represent that through the front audience I can't stop it anyone a friend of mine sent me one time he sits and we need to see the tears as it tells us how God feels about us through you we need is and you know she's right I kept thinking or manipulated freely as he planned public television here is that we need to see because we know God is real but you know God is concerned about more than just me he's concerned about each and every one of you and I think each one of you the decisions you've made to be baptized to be rebaptized to come talk now do my best to try a whole of each one of you in the whirlwind of activity here is USC because I don't want to miss the irresistible witness were told what it is a single desire of ages you can stand past figure out in the Bible really say there are ranges right dishonest three forty eight bits from the chapter that talks about this is called to faith and I remember one time I was in Sweden I was talking with some friends and we were talking about a sermon that we had her words say that we are blessed by and they asked me what you think and it's always loaded questions and why it was great but the thing was is that the sermon that was told was a story that was not true I was not about the person say and I said I appreciate illustrations but I would rather hear something about and I'll tell you why desire of ages page three forty eight there is greater encouragement for us in the least blessing we ourselves received from God and what kind of blessing the least blessing that's the smallest let's even get back your tracking user to find the extra soccer even the smallest thing where you know God is helping there is greater encouragement for us in the least blessing meet ourselves received from God than in all the accounts we can read the faith and experience of others he realized that there is greater blessing and encouragement there then and have me you can read about me about Moses about Daniel about Nola the ruins are learning to share with you the page before or I'll tell you why this is necessary and what happens as a result our confession of God 's faithfulness is heavens chosen agency for revealing Christ to the world he realized that it's not evangelism all this except that we do it is confession of God 's faithful attendance chosen agency did share Jesus with the world we are to acknowledge his grace as made known through the holy men of old but that which will be most effectual is the testimony of our experts that will did willfully what most effectual is the testimony of who was experienced my yours Africans horse Bob talk about the divorce that which we most effectual is the testimony of our own experience we are witnesses for God as we reveal in ourselves but working on the power that is divine and I was sitting in the break that that is what is seeing something that's real seeing something that is nineteen it is not believe me I'm not acting I'm not someone who cries any talk to my friends alike due to inscribe his real to me we are witnesses for God is revealed in ourselves the working of a power that is divine every individual has a life distinct from all others and experienced differing essentially from the Harris God desires that our praise Allah send to him more by our own individuality these precious acknowledgments to the praise and glory of his grace was supported by Christlike life have been here resistible power that works for the salvation of souls is what you resistible was irresistible me you can stop you can find it irresistible power that works for the salvation of souls and even less surgery Wednesday has God taught you something new the session have you seen Jesus as he was seen so far many of you raise your hands of how blessed you were what is our response to that most turn to Psalms chapter one sixteen verse twelve has anyone received any benefits of the Lord so far yes that's were talking about what shall I render unto the Lord for what all his benefits or goodness toward me this is David's question when I do them right when I get into about the so you've been blessed so what you I will what take the cup of salvation twenty I just met a friend of mine why haven't seen for over ten years she was my translator in the process Russia when I was doing some work over there so funny you know she was young and that is still young messages to give Ms. Mary is so amazing and this was her favorite verse I will take the cup of salvation and call upon the name of the Lord but that's not it I will paint my house unto the Lord when now and for who in the presence of all his people so this is my favorite part of the seminar because as many of you live in blessed today you and I want to do it unless you want to the test he wants you like the woman to tell everyone what is done for you and it will not only work as a irresistible power to draw others to Christ but who will also be blessed through tonight and I can tell you that as you share doesn't matter what you say every individual has a life what differs essentially from all of us as we just read and does God desire are praised to send him in the same way that's what his essay he desires our praise shall ascend him marked by what there was in our own individual to take on life 's variety God likes individuality and he can just look around this again red hair by care on here and here the last great ice archive on Linux for my individuality he wants us to talk to him in the language that we ourselves are comfortable so I can say this is my favorite part of the seminar because I'm going to watch God is an irresistible power to bring people to him right now those of you will raise your hand since then God has blessed you write is all you I like it and share I would hand the microphone to you but for second do that because attached Jurassic on the front and ask you to share first of all if you made a decision to be baptized or rebaptized I like those people to conform for anything is important I know you are there is no escape you have something that God has done for you if so you learn Alessi so the rest the time source anyone have something in my kitchen please come forward that Zachary only let you keep the mic from now on say and have enough other people while I enjoy resort is amen and is is is to get this also is the recording is correct I'm sorry you guys get more things aware by most users have assertion that the Melrose Arizona she is now on just because rather than the unit we have any less issues than anybody else in the entire world a lesson we all have her own struggles in our nation 's but the past few weeks especially I know some of you is no ego got open the doors and Pam and I am so thankful the past couple weeks is feeling fine on my own on enough energy of heavy stretches where you just have forgotten about God is in the bathroom I may say Grace to second prayer is relating your bed dear God please forgive me for my sins thanks for being who you are I love you good night and wake up and there's nothing else so that's the we decided feeling like not only on putting the bread I existed I didn't even need a and I think of any conviction in my life I knew I was doing things wrong but I feel unconditional ally of the web is doing was getting myself further and further away from God that I know that's all I'm saying that I didn't need God so coming to the seminar particularly since I've never met anyone like that came across so real so genuine that the one were to come across is that the think of them as an I may say that we need God every second of every day in our entire lives I don't even want to wake up in the morning I don't want to take one breath without knowing where I stand with God I don't want to take one step out of my hotel room door one more step without knowing who was taking a step for God is in such work in my life especially now in the seminar and I'm trying to think of ways of how to carry on Passover because all of all of us always most of them like this before and you know it's great inspiring than a week goes by and letting everything happen without guys need to deserve this time we need to keep the fire was a will even though the world is an unknown musician I have had dreams of the mysteries and Uranus are no secondary music that we don't have time we don't have time to focus on the things in the world we don't have time to worry about does this girl liking it I appointed godlike you and I guess when I write now my life is just a time for anything but the specific work of God he given a following of it all I believe everybody in his room is your purpose for rest hot idly he called me to be here exactly where you are seniors in each time past time that God is calling on your heart gently he is we don't have time for anything but listen and where we are in the last hours guys this is it there's no know while they generally tormented I think about you and I hope that doesn't come for American analyzing something about the kids went to school now that you have time to time this is it right now this second we are the church we are the emissaries Cyprus arises out of a being who we are called in the weeds have a specific calling on our lives and it's time to fill that visual thinking about regional and revises kaizen event Willy has stop procrastinating reorganization tomorrow Neil on the reading about tomorrow I'm reading about tonight doing now there is no better time in history were forgot he would stand up in the second right now today where it is that nobody's come after us there's nobody you know what a failure in all Internet and I said okay and then it is going in a new is taking one half now I want to start my walk was start valuing all need to do today is right now or in the microphone I want to step on this microphone I'm not on it using I will walk away from it exchanged person revealed genuine notches on status or are you a you know he is one of the ways we come in the superficial you know I is you are you and the greater guys I got a year and you know it's like we feel obligated to but honestly sought while any real seventies need for Jesus our hand to let down and say well done negative it will serve anyone just starting me on Sabbath is playing a guitar newsroom and did your little better than we I don't think you know he is joy in the unavailable thing is here enjoy vitamins like I won't have a long meal relationship not just once we got wanted to be real I wanted to be something I can hold something tangible I'm a Muslim editor and reader now not tomorrow not late at night as I goings-on him him as a is a will him to go about two months ago I called him and an announcement in my life very overwhelmed I will do you see him letting me out as needed to be grandstanding but in terms of talk to her telling me what I wanted to hear an answer to my problem he told you in there knowing what will I feel like I listened to it and I cried for two hours I cried after the phone talking our phone I never cried before it is the best answer I ever bought it wasn't expecting to get but what I believe is the best thing I've ever heard and so about a month after that my life changed in a very hard way but actually helped me get through the past two months and when I heard it again today I can completely change my life again and I was going through I believe the robot in an England reluctance I got seriously wanted to leave your e-mail I will continue to do what you going to close your file and no matter how little you can consult your father was I is will you know we are not like the feeling of the paragraph is always our father is always going to longer matter what happened in a way that's right I appreciate that you take my own advice on when you say that God 's unconditional love for us I understand he does love is greatly but is unconditional I say is it because he expects a certain driver behavior by the way I like your connection here therefore sin we live in a way that listened and of course he answered and that is very remember what I said because unconditional love for Absalom safe and what happened Absalom he got in like the worst way possible but was even happier he mourns the last enough because he didn't want her son to die right he would rather him turn around saying of course that's what God wants he wants us to be saved and I love this story because it's so clear it shows you without question it doesn't matter what you do or where you are you are you are still God 's and I can tell you that that love great though it is will it save you if you like over since no because like Absalom but if you do die in our loss God is crying and he is in a more infinity and so the answer this question yes he wants us to be saved is you get thirty three eleven system I have any pleasure in the death of the wicked it is the righteous videos that but that the wicked turn from his evil ways exist for any and if that wasn't not descending into our meetings are twice for why will you die a house of his is anyone else want to share importantly the line everyone will you I will will will will is how little one is starting their own ways of Christ and will say anything thinking about the coastal WoW Bible study that had something else in mind of God is presented on April a few one good thing too good not to the flesh is cherished enough to have the flashlight is rising from the Bible ACM was leading one so I have any info on Wednesday the fifth parable in English and invade no one until he sent me sixty him at home I will I don't know what socialism is the only year while Sean and I shall as so as is in the given his background Dragon year and had this rifle is my preference is to be a page is heating up as someone going in circles in Spain I am the only thing is that it feels away and that he is on is also the show 's eventual way that a change in Cairo or living great concepts which will that I know I is on his phone as there is because they wanted to know is six and is I know I need is green and one I don't know whether I can get it printed manager Mike him here I had a nice surgery one of these where pleasantly ninety five percent success rate and in the five percent yet and I found out just before I came to life in Baltimore that has been and probably having had agreed on so that this euro it had gotten Loma Linda on the specialist they are and maybe get it yet but it still didn't work and I had so many people praying for me evil is real great faith they told me that they were sure things would work out and I was sure that things would work out I quite like this is wait until the last minute to take care of it again in September I knew for sure and that was it and there was no more chance of solving the problem and it was very hard thing to have living the rest of my life dealing with that it really is you want to be a witness for God still inside going to find the joy and enthusiasm that I used to have this in his ones if you don't have anything to say I had planned to come back from Loma Linda and its health insurance everyone how things work out how God answers our prayers may that I was healed and I was donating money to be rejoicing over the rest of my life is like to know how to deal with the answer that I got my I know the Bible still says that all things work together for good those who died and I'm looking for a way to you will be able to recognize for him insight in this turn of events and upgrade begins with you I see that God which leads me to the correct seminar the one that it would be good one I should be and this one is where he led me and everything that has been in has said it really touched me and all seems to apply so much to my life and the SSA this line the three most powerful words now even though God did not send you things that I wanted him to this I still miss telling y'all that I intend to keep on serving instead of a fulfilled and will come out laughing will come out of it maybe there's someone I can help in spite of this our own energy will flow of relevant as the humans about things I finally opened and he located only enchanted experience home and paint it all sounds typical diet sodas underneath it and then I can actually see Francis Cummings Alfonso from me I wanted to go to my parents started and said yes and they said absolutely not I like the eighty five and was very happy about it I was mad he buried in an I is I getting this is a guy is as much as little designers doing my school is nothing not really sample is going on inside and learning when to when I'm a little check our relationship with me and I have taken the Philippines indicating easily and seamlessly integrated GRC relates to see him and I just have the moderato no and walk away and I went to turn connectors case number Kenyan okay Kari really upset and then it was like locating interesting about this for those who are looking to clean and thinking that it's okay so I surrendered it United events and dietary plan during that time obviously so long related phone calls as an stupid people who is going one person can go filling the news just stand there and say of the I sometimes so I think about it they said yes and then click okay if something remember but surrendering soon as I noted on the playing gate here you can learn to manage multiple things going on in her time with this one are you deciding what to do and what not to do there had to listen enrolled you brought me here for a reason and even I'm stressed out about this whole situation I need to focus on you I need to be not just thinking of person but not much going on I need to be focusing what you learned in the database meetings in a report they are focusing on content encoding phase meetings here and cannot have gotten mostly sometimes I I yeah and I sitting in compounding go go go and announce saying that although nothing is going to Anthony I have only recently entered the chance actually as a valued profession of faith in May this year and only advances in my history and history of my family and having Sammy some of the first time in Africa and being an adjective the UK and passive means is that if you desire so on and also going to check those that do things that will do the in the analysis is wholly needed them the lady friend is a cult on that and that is a today that and when you said that one cannot be the day that is not true is no better than other day that everyone is going I is an independent Sabbath truth on this time last year and I think the profession of faith in May is great I be sent by selling handbags and UIC was a blessing on the route adding that well I know that we are interested in sharing and no one else to help me as I stand by my side they just keep on going and I travel a lot to do with me and tell me in his grade I then found I decided to give it a nap anyway I said I'm glad this I also labor striving according to his working with living in me mightily and things of his next film is only that in my life I can't believe I am where I am today this time for the last year I was not a choice I was not going one way was not speaking what I speak is mingled so much for his lengthy well meaning any Viviana Sassaman he was probably a patient came to Israel from the enough he is in school and he can be reached in what he called as he is is is is not as harmless as I can find something that will enable the same feeling that God was going to do something and I figure what Yahoo agencies say is we really are is is is is that honestly will do something that is in Seattle in Holland is in the eye is a feeling that I'm really running away in his column him only as an irony of using field in the file I will continue to live his life for somebody else in the cyber world is becoming as it is home to the universal time is an common in case anything but you are is an okay I is going on is that what is the war in case I is yeah as you he is I know you are right and on two things really are share and I was coming out to graduation back in Portland Oregon aside from and after the graduation admission policy vandalism because they're familiar with it I live in Portland is less than an hour away so upset about a week and a half at home and this wasn't a good time for me I don't have really added in a standing at this I very blended family but it's only outside of my immediate family that I have Adventist family and just too hard for me giving in and now never got into my Bible I felt terrible and they could tell and it was just really depressing anywhere in the course is my fault and so on my way here in on the plane nonsense in Portland Phoenix here's a little while and understand of low-income human mesothelioma violence was reading another book I was on the spiritual but it wasn't as intense of the Bible agonizes how low the whole time and when I was when I was on the plane and we landed in Minneapolis a cousin the claimant him right is reading off I realize there are people coming to USC on this plan and I discussed search as I realize I'm not alone you know and it's not like those people never were there is never realized and us to be part of the charges you I see there's like five thousand people here who are all had been us they all want to serve the Lord they wanted to his will and they're not gone when we reuse it or sometimes even next-door we just don't realize it in Ohio Liza came to the point where he says I'm the only one left counsel in their seven thousand mechanism of ninety thousand I think that's really going to go away remember not to and another thing that's really been a blessing to me and you I see is really helping a lot more honest with myself and really analyze my motives and in fact I preached a sermon about this about or weeks ago but it still wasn't there all the now coming to the place around thinking what kind of importance took place in my devotions what kind of important do I love God 's word you know MI MI being forgiven M M I forget I might have I logged on to forgive me and on in all things like my identity would like where do I put self-worth or other peoples in the portal I think about the wedding and think about people this analyzes what I don't like them because they look this way are they talk this way is not absurd but the Lord is good to know he's on his remedies and beginning here we can't let that stop and think when things is remembering that were not alone but the punishment will follow me as I was playing and I was printed on purpose to the heart I was not on the first and as I was also nice film is life-changing of this the last as I told myself I should get a medicine is soon to Ingrid A the convicts who are we afraid anything he was here when I get home and is looking for programmers what was less than an identical to what was less than a accountable it is such a set down their waiting for start out as I've got I'm going to check in and thought everything was fine this I mean thought I was in the bones like a civic function as a dislocated it is this limited to share an argument I can I'm not going to go in him him I is for telephone numbers on answers in the Ohio and him as share something that I had experienced for the past month on one affiliation with you guys is that they don't real Christians and we all know that life will be smooth for almost sometimes the Ruby tribulations prices and efficiency long life and almost you know that in all of these should praise God reason why is because my praising God it keeps you positive all the time C positive things out of the negative things and also we should praise God because of who he is not for all things his love for but if you put them on your phrasing of who he is given for his wife you know I feel sick compensation comes sometimes in life you want things and the book of Ecclesiastes tells us that everything is a life so all-time youngest free about it either the reason Jesus we appreciate sometimes we know that you should know that when it would pray to God to do something is either yes no maybe so whatever kind they should learn how to price you know whenever you pray about it God is due to she doesn't spend the most you reason why there must be a reason one this one flaw that establishing you guys also is home SC is something I him all of a sudden your home Monday and police gaming and the beautiful father is obsessed self is going on I thought is an innocent person but then people would call it from cherries information for better know when you're going to sorrows and pain pain shot up in two thousand and one salicylates only was that you know the way about whatever style God knows why he's doing this maybe it was something that that that will especially follow so he just took him in jail for about three weeks so you can keep a positive keep it safe over there so whenever temptation to those brain pathway and bring them out see we all assembled sometimes you have to learn that he knows what he's doing and he's got his award whenever something negative happens to us should praise God even if your student with a fast note in the something would agree with me but this is how I see it they investigated the present note you will see as positive payment at least had a chance to take the test and whenever you wake up in the morning he thanks God have I get the chance to the highest thing in SC and you know you're not talking your heart sex being like air bases blushing and anyway I'm glad to I say is highly like maybe a couple points in my life I like your pictures and is really struggling spiritually and I was given always boggles amazing do knowledge work for guiding my own emotional life is like nothing and is so hard to get what I didn't half and all I can relax when viewing God I can see the light and hear use man is freaky actually some and my friends knew the people that come to do a special kind of counseling called concepts of counseling parents like them a lot explain that basically you guys get a lot of things in your life that are holding you back and it's all contrary in the Bible and endemic and weekends anyway I didn't want to do and that and my friend Malek which you need to do this you need to do that like on time of law and if he's alive devotions and never leaving him at the end of this weekend and I knew how to do it and ten o'clock at night and Erin that my friends have the next morning and are working on it I have students and sick and tired of being in this place in my life right now not all Robert is like now today today's the day of salvation and I will not live long no enough relationship with God going out is going to really look and so do everything in a bag and got in my car and drove off like a crazy person and get to the Catholic letter clock tonight and that one is God calling you don't wait don't wait around is he worth waiting for and I went and what you did on the weekend eight hours the next day and night since him everything that I cannot find his amazing house change and then the next CM of the school and live in this apartment that he was the hardest year of my life I went to another low place but God was with me and any of you expect me and he made sure that everything is over Manhattan I had close to land big he and him as anything else not even friends not even a church family will best just got here but I don't go but that was a year of Jen and God is ahead to learn to do walking living like he had given me and I came on a Mac and am so blessed and I learned was that I need to learn and I know you know how to get a little obscene down still doubts that God is still pursuing you she does not give up on the humanity like seeing you there you get to school and everything you need is not quite connected with God 's question and doubt where you want to change content Nazis and I like what is God about me and my God what's going on me now feel like I was going the same stuff and time availability changes and I came in here and that it got a letter he doesn't change waking anything any so that is always pursuing us there's nothing that we can do and it's really encouraging and we got to believe who got a because you got it and so is him his lines as Lindsay is astonishing from Southern California and I heard about you I see Susan Brady and when I was one when I was living in Oakland California is a wonderful thing and this year my friend from church I think I wanted to go and I wasn't sure it is I started having money without working out for me to get in and out for that I wasn't sure exactly what to say by one thing and actually I was planning to go to like broken and heard all of these other presentations I never met him before but I read the I read highlight that title and it struck a chord in my heart and he was cursory one oh one and the reason why you see I wasn't raised someday the sun 's rays nonpracticing Catholic church church family and ninety eight and I heard the message I I wasn't sure what I was looking for but so they wouldn't see on the job and she brought me a thing on dinosaurs and creation versus creation and evolution that armies in fact and I read it and at one time sourcing authoring dinosaur books work and everything in and but I was wondering I was wandering orphans in my life that one right now searching for answers searching for happiness of my life is one of the kids and I found myself a fourth grader one day on my dad from dancing and crying sobbing profusely was the first time usually I don't try to hide it in my mind that walking home from there I try to wipe my tears from eyes and my mom she took notice and uncovered up and she pushed consumers using the white crime and all I can do is look up and face manslaughter are not happy with no and that broke her heart because she couldn't understand her little son her little boy was unhappy and done my guy came in and develop now down for your holy name her crime and this will help selected interview nutrition plans and test and after all the tests they misdiagnosed me of having ADD at such a hard time concentrating in class and fishing different things on time in the home and I just felt very abnormal and very slow and not good enough and I felt like I couldn't I was just going in life and it was a very and done the number one Amazon room for number of years and started okay but as I was in my high school years the dose was the same but I got older and bigger and the effects of the written wearing off I didn't know why and I was struggling and down and in college it was very difficult and unfortunately I use their since the world you really destructive path I'm going to donate my time but at that time I I started working with this lady and she witnessed me to bring her Bible and every day and there's another Christian to you talk about different things in the Bible and naming names like Abraham Ishaq Shadrach in the Pentagon and I who are these people I've never heard of in my life and never talk about events and I'm really pricked my heart because I knew things could last much longer I take environmental biology class I heard about overpopulation and the degradation of the earth and really clicked with my heart and so I began asking questions which brought in a book Christmas break versus evolution by Reddit and convicted that the Bible must be true at the Barnes & Noble ice I said I wanted Michael and I said I want accurate show me on the libel case show me where you know and you could see the section endorsed different translations and dreams and okay and I started looking and can understand that word and so is raising is going to use it here's in the King James is okay I think that one I went home and I cruise through it at night and it's okay I I I wasn't much of a reader sites of its to work the next day and also probably have Bible e-mail and and I was talking to my friend Herb the security guard is hurt by statistical consulting I would restart a decent start with the New Testament once that since the New Testament with Matthew Anderson I took it home that night and I I started reading in the middle of the gas I do know what that word meant hi I got related and very on I started reading that verse the first verse that started to that the first time got started talking to my heart wasn't Matthew one twenty one and you shall call his name Jesus for he shall save his people from their sins I didn't exactly know all the definitions of sin but I knew that I was talking to me and I sensed that I was a sinner and that I needed out as I kept on reading I was invited to enter ninety seven series I went I heard a different message is not accepted on with a fearful heart knowing that my family would reject what I'm learning anyone who might reject me and I kept on studying Python wasn't bad but it's the last seminar and I went and on I set up for vital studies I came home with a truly heartfelt during the last message and I was sure wasn't sure if I would feel to do the things in my life that I wanted to do like getting married have a family I share with my family when I read what I heard and study they thought I was ridiculous I was on step in the back and I thought that we were a cold and stopping the Bible unfortunately I allow their voice to their sleigh I laid out my Bible for coming months and done but every time ago my room it seems like that book that black book with zero from the bookshelf every time I bring laundry from my bedroom finally I couldn't I couldn't resist I picked up that well again I hope in the Matthew and I had heard about the Sabbath at the time and so what I did on funds out of Saturday's Eid I would stay in my room and read and read the Gospels and Oregon for orange juice in the fridge I would read if I fall asleep I get up again I would read some more and I kept on doing that for 's on how long finally I found strengthening to take the stand for God is and I went to the Yellow Pages appearance on needs to before you check out before you make any decision to check out the Catholic Church first I promise that I would I didn't want to lie so I checked out the Catholic Church muggers took us to when I was a kid and I spoke with the priests and he said my phone I went to have been sentenced him to say that you know there'd be there anti- catholic don't you I don't know about that and then end the civil work out to be something so I came over and he didn't shake my hand or anything you just hear and he gave me the unfinished manuscript of a book on Catholic doctrine that he was writing music taking rated seven questions call me it's okay so I sit at home and I reluctantly read it and all the stuff that was in it which is so wrong and I finished it nine I said I knew I had to talk to folks as twenty five at the time and I I said no I wanted to talk to mom dad I want to talk to I want to let you know I read father and I I don't believe in it and I want to become a Seventh-day Adventist and and I was able we still think you sent us in a vacuum we don't want you to bring a gun in his house and it really disappointed us and not funny because I didn't have much case when I was warning about the Bible on the bookshelf and I was fearful about what my family would think that even but what's interesting is that when I made the decision to tell my mom and dad about that even though I got such a bad reaction from them I had a strange piece about what happened I went to my room and that was that I went through a lot of struggles with my family but God was with me and help him so much unfortunately got into the wrong group of Seventh-day Adventists my friends there were some things at church that were going on where there is certain music being played that they didn't know appropriate and they taught me about that too and they became my family time they would start looking for another church and I went with them and unfortunately they went into an area that was obvious also a legalistic and not very merciful are kind professing the truth present truth and done so I was with that area as Adventism massé for a number of years but I say this all to say that when Tim talked about symptoms him only what the surface of the problem underlying problem and symptoms are starting symptoms in my life now I have professed the Sabbath I professed present truth I believe ideology why does the prophet all these things the sanctuary but it hasn't created that symptoms my life in my heart and I couldn't figure out and I was wondering unfortunately it took a bad to the bad experience with a certain minister to show me that that this guy was wrong and unfortunate one heart waits not put my trust in ministers on people knowing your trust in God and then a hard experience learn and it's a very slow process learn him a very trustful I give my heart very quickly the people and I'm learning that lots of the trust people and that's good you just need to make sure that your trust is completely in God and also the trusting herself and I want to be rebaptized I know that I have fell away from the Lord and not vengeance church he can still be lost in his church note that I didn't know that I was okay I really did but I as I was hearing the messages I found elevator there are times when I I want my advice and consultancy on thirty five years old eleven twenty five still what's going on you know because I should be different you know and and I I noticed these insecurities in my heart now and in and out of these self soul in an and gate born wife is happy not thirty five and my microwave dressing alike as I was honestly about from the very first time in Hawaii probably but I surprised out for symptoms by Scott Fraser Zacarias because if I didn't know about these insecurities are half I would actually think that's okay and that is even worse so thank God I do plan to be rebaptized however I just don't want to go and jump myself underneath water pray for me pray for me when I first accept this message it was amazing I want my mom to call me a hypocrite because that's the praise God a lot you know you know what I do and I believe there I believe them for quite some time but just a few weeks ago I wanted to charge time you weeks ago I look at my life back then when my mom and act on his because I surprise God they would say something to me as prescribed I wasn't a hypocrite I was maybe a little misguided on some things but you know that I had a praise God universities gotten all things when I'll get a complement of the praise God I thought I could accept complement that's where the unbalanced line came in learn when you going to the wrong area of no and but I think because I was able to see that no I wasn't a hypocrite there sometimes when people might be a little misguided and you know it was on a journey and got still working with everybody and I learned here that we need to be merciful to each other and accept each other where we are on our journey as God is working with each individual and their differences that we have but we need to accept each other where we are and allow God to work in each other 's lives and espionage is given as Slezak is now soon as I have for a while wondering how it is that you say as well as nothing shares are not the same thing is on a measure that whatever is shared his cicadas are glorying and then went into Sheridan I just suddenly that's what it was the Lord finally gave me something and so I was baptized the first time about two months ago and I was raised Southern Baptist Southern Baptist family and my dad was a minister and he passed away my mother raised us on cure all these things and I'm removing out around eighteen years old and studying whether reading my Bible and feeling it was not have to do now is really my relationship with God I've felt compelled and it's in hindsight I realize you were praying for me it were granted metering of times and it was those prayers were convicting and Noel returned my violent read it even in this very house I was doing but my relationship as time went on and this is very much and I just had to do it it was really because I wanted to its stake in and what I want to encourage all of you that you are left here as young people there is one I would never consider naming baptizer becoming a member the seven thousand search is something that I and some you may not throw it as others are throwing very very intensely as something that you really have to take the Lauren you cannot just listen one of the people are the same and you have to really look at the fruits of those serotonin whether telling where they manifest their lives and you have to buy it comes down to a decision between you and God and God will bless you in and take a stand for what's right in God he worked in my heart he hearings always incredible things the five foot window powers just and listen this is what you have to do and then he pulls back and give you a chance to and that's where and when we learn that you go through his high points and there's always available after answering those points we have to keep pressing forward so I'm very thankful he opportunities that God gives us his patience with us he never gives us going to make sure that we don't not like John likened the seminar because I thought it was called extreme irresistible even when this and so pricing and expecting to get a solid answer of how to be a good witness because the other do 's and don'ts because others your answers in the title all weird and got corrupt world our mission you urinary to preach you can preaching preach and on everybody's a preacher some people are just like us now we sit behind within the back to give our awareness or situations that's as while I call emergency goodness for the Lord and so I came here I think I was sorry for a personal testimony but now I can hear and I thought I know I do this in nominate go home and build until whenever I can personally wanted to spend his trust in God because that's what I do and have seen with everything the findings that I report to a school on time and identify strategies the next day and night confined out of her backpack was the announcement on continue the next day and God from the failing of these is huge bigness that this trust God and so I went to bed at night and woke up my grandmother has off my chair and for the pleasure a nomogram and snowstorms like Dionysius 's trust in him and everything has worked out toward his now this trusting God and until going witness your story eternity you can there is greater blessing for us in the least thing that we ourselves see from God from the flash drive that we find in our pants to a life that is assigned to be the bidders anyone else welcome to come not going to hold anyone here or hold anyone back even having not going to do this but and I will when I saw and he is twenty two oh nine million as a struggling coyotes anyway I was silent my a lot I am and have been unilaterally disclaimed to the item on one time and I have the money to go thought I was not bringing going out on research when they and an announcement is that it made me who had a tiny JCI you insult after sure silent Hunter said that when you have a tendency yet no slow which is wanting to go okay with JCI now live seven data transmission is a blessing for me and then this summer I had a call from account clear-cut state lighting this person is called Daphne and I want preach evangelistic sales and now it is about it Tyson had turned to know what my surprise area allow how can someone I don't even know my number so I went on the third front of me they didn't need to confess Germantown was right I wish something I cannot do I had seen the first night not many people I know it wasn't it was making the enemy son my son are in no hurry at home not thinking anything that the past economy sleep later and said they should make in having his family ventures eighty nine thousand really really they got was from some man do I think I have forces and handheld twenty five hundred dollars no and no money whatsoever and you might see after so P a.m. one him now coming out they know the form of his life in our conference shares some of the things I do like the wow is so amazing on you I see I don't know who is currently on fell and here now can you think you can fire every point in client and are the main stuff and where is the actually is I've learned is that God is so important in the last as you are willing to go looking I am ready to go actually I wanted to create a link to fulfill a English Ireland who are now in the air I had learned and probably more including a three-year accident painting hard to build on top of each other and I can hear and hunting that related things and that occurred before I we hearing anything draining me know I've been really blessed that I was ready to hear a lot of that is his will him a thank you so much self praise the Lord there anyone else would like to share please unfold the liabilities of no one more timely and I really was hoping you wouldn't say that one more time at night is that one more time this for you I really didn't want to come to you I see my name is Zach Karen and I work at the school playful sometimes I see on the principle of methyl and I didn't want to come to you I see because I was so busy it was just one more thing that you and it was way back in the fall that I have decided to come to you I see my brother lives here in Minneapolis inside the I went to the very first UIC and ice cream brands I love that I had been sent and so I thought well I can I can go this time my brother lives there will be cheaper I will have to try to spend so much money and I'll be really awesome and then we got started into the school year and thing after thing happen with this matchup and listening to view and multiple things on my plate to get done and responsibilities on the SMI came time to think about on the US will I just can't handle us I suggest too much you know you can get so busy doing the Lords work that you lose some will mourn for him really where I was an eye on Elway I earned available may not always as we drove all night but heartily your were all talking about what some are beginning of the reign minerals well I'm arriving about with always one evening as well I don't have why you design well I look to things that you know nineteen and then we can allow you know what what can I take that would help me help someone else rang and so I will disperse any one alumnus sounded pretty pretty good you know how to give your heart to the Lord that's what I want my students to write writers give their hearts to the Lord and so does this sound like a place to come and I came out how does this have to be honest I'm sorry not about being honest but him and him but about way what I'm good at it this really than double line out of the first couple of others heard this stuff before I know this now I don't know if it was Daniel Hauser and but I think any it is okay if and but I is that without worrying about wandering about I think the Lord this is saying you need to go back we need to keep going and it's literally one big blessing particularly the first one today really touched my heart in a very special way I'm thankful thinking and imminent Prince Lord and know that you touch many lives including Ray close friend of mine Sundays she is very grateful for what you've done and I'm praising the Lord for what he's done now for your lecture praise praise his name to anyone else would like to share what God has done for them if not this one I think each one of you for coming and most of all think the Lord for what he has done in our lives and encourage you that you can have these times for me I have been very month and I murmur Zach saying wondering why I'm so happy is it a surprise once I get to hear hundreds of these things every month every year and if this doesn't make it up and I was going to wife I thank God and I like to end with a prayer please join me as we think loving father in heaven thank you thank you thank you for what you have done and what you are doing in all of our lives Lord what a joy and a pleasure it is to teach here each and every testimony each life is a special treasure to you Lord and to each one of us were all different Lord but there is one thing I hear in common and not as you father I just want to praise you and thank you give you the honor and glory for change lies for change hearts for the decisions to be baptized Lord to be rebaptized and father I pray that the decisions made here today would be renewed every day that though our outward this harassing their new remand the renewed day by day and may we like Paul Thien feeling to be raised again Jesus Christ is his meet new was produced by auto workers union is wise operation of Christ would like to listen to more greatly in his presentation working would like to learn more about the Wednesday visit to the CYC web board and also I agree with you on your bird or Andrea


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