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Family & Relationship- Part 4

Jane Lee



  • August 6, 2015
    6:00 AM
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This morning I'm going to be sharing with you some principles and parenting that Fred and I kind of learned on the way we don't always do things right you know me but God by is my skill go showed a better way and you know by all means we're not a perfect ring up perfect parent I have hope for children we make mistakes along the way but God is gracious enough to show us through our journey of parrot. How do do things I'm in the way that he intended us to because he knows how we can bring true happiness in her home in it. I realized to the principles that he is shown us. Just like in the area had been in parenting as well I believe that that downed a sion of a successful home a successful marriage successful parenting is by complete and full surrender of self to God without that these principles are things you reading parenting books are here in parenting seminars Those are all helpful things but it really doesn't come into fruition and totally or completely surrendered so let's remember that concept while we go through these principles that I'll be sharing with you because that's the most that should be a priority in our lifetime to work on to surrender yourself. Know those parenting seminar I guess you could say are meeting is not intended just for appears it could be applied to children a little church if you're not a parent it could be applied to children in your family nephews and nieces and things like that children in the neighborhood right. So we can apply these things to solve. Well what about if you have children outside of the home. Right that are grown up and you feel like I really messed up you know I mean I really didn't do things God's way and now it's too late because they're not in the home. Well we learned from you know Janet pages left which is about the power of prayer you know that you've got to know one full of out of the each of God right and God is all loving and merciful God and can read them to himself. We bring in their sleep. Right let's continue let's begin that the fur we do have a sort of prayer. Word has some a father this morning. I desired to share the principles that you hope showed bread in my principles and parenting where do we know that you have gifted to us these precious children in our lives and we we all long to raise them the right way but sometimes we just don't know how and murdered in your grace and mercy you have shown us how through your words through inspired reading more and we were going to be starting that this morning we ask for your blessing upon the with my words in my thoughts and me. Each person here be convicted of how we can be better parents better leaders for children and their allies. Newspaper in your name. Human. OK So the first I think. Principle in parenting that is I think the most important aside from surrendering ourselves to guided by leading by example right. As I shared before because of pride. Ordinary Fred and I and there is contention in our home raid and we because of that we created an atmosphere in the home that was on of contention and the children can sense that and so when we try to shared Jesus let them unreasoning children you need to love cheese that's and you need to follow Jesus OK you need to surrender your heart to Jesus you know children are very good at detecting have pockets right. They're very perceptive and they can tell if you are following Jesus are not right and so do you think that it's going to help those air need to tell them about Jesus and read stories about Jesus and share but Jesus as well to them if we are showing you have is a so well to them in our lives it's not going to be very effective. It says an avenue to the lottery most be in the lives of their parents that consistently which is in accordance with their faith by leading a consistent life and exercising self-control. Parents name all the characters or their children. Let's keep the third mine that we want to be consistent with the faith that we profess to follow right in order for our children to see that as an example and therefore follow in stuff but that basis Well this principle. Parents seen that we thought was important was to recognize your high calling. I didn't only Israel I write I thought that my calling was outside of the home right. I thought one the very beginning you know I wasn't even planning on staying home with the children I was planning on working outside the home and was hired. Nanny to take care of our children and I didn't realize that I was called to be another not to be the breadwinner of the home right. But aside from that i even after I recognise that I needed to be at home I was that home but my mind was not because my mind was outside of the homeowner guards of I want to share Jesus with my needs are is when I wanted to share Jesus with my community I wanted to do good work in the church and do children's programs and all those things are wonderful but some good things in our life can replace the best things in our lives and I didn't realize my high high coming and this is what it says in the ministry of healing it says there is no more important field a faster than that committed to their founders and Guardians of the homes no work in trusted to human beings involve greater or more far reaching result than does the work of fathers and mothers mothers a minute to talk to you specifically you know some things you know if you're home with the children and you're doing your your daily work and you feel like what do you make watching at home you know I mean I could confuse the child and I cleaned and even though I clean the home all day and of the day it is famous That was in the beginning and you don't really see the product of your work right on it is claimed that can get discouraging and you can feel like you can be tempted to say you know when people ask you what do you do you know you're tempted to say I'm just a housewife you know but let me read this to you. As a role of a mother what does that say to sound an adventure well next to God the mother's power for good is the strongest known on Earth. Mother's influence as an and seizing influence and this it is always on the side of right. Her children's characters what testified to her moral earnestness and work. Her smile her encourage Mitt maybe an inspiring force she may bring sunshine to the heart of her children by a word of love a smile of approval when her influences for a truth for a virtue when he or she is guided by Divine was them what a power for Christ will be her life her influence will reach one hundred. Into Eternity. What a thought is that the mother's looks and words and actions. Bear fruit in eternity and your salvation or room that many of the results of her and what and spun me mothers have rights but we tend to get this high calling of ours right and their heart may be found elsewhere outside of the home right in my case I wanted to help this person and that person may need but it's my church made community when in my very own precious children that God has given to me. Vs man militia the Lord right and I was forgetting this that let us not forget our high calling mothers fathers here Nona so hurt because fathers and says Here all members of the family center from the father he is the lawmakers L.S.D.. And his own manly bearing the sterner virtues energy and tech really honestly patience courage diligence and practical use when this the father is in one sense the priest of the household laying upon the altar. God the morning and evening sacrifice the wife and children should be encouraged to see you and night in this thing and also to in gauge in this song of praise. Morning and evening the father as the priest of the household should confess to God The sons committed by himself and his children during the day and emotion as the old time the high priest had a very important job here was the mediator between God and the people right here was instructed to bring this for God there are certain rights and to burn a morning and evening sacrifice to demonstrate their daily consecration of their lives to him. It serves the father now takes on those priests of their right. What's in them to job you fathers have and bring in the sins of your family before a guy demonstrating to God that you are truly concert the a tip to him by your morning and evening sacrifices which are shown through mining evening worship time for a time with God and demonstrating to him that we truly are consciously creating our family our lives at him. Ready then always be the priest of our home right here struggle with this he wanted me to share this with you guys but he he struggled with this for quite some time. And I believe that a lot of fathers and their homes. Struggled with this because but struggle with except NG their leadership role in the family and being that high priest and we have with our family you know I'm not exactly sure why that is it may be because the effects of media and their allies. Showing the men as being last or the no I says you know being free trade some time as you know like dumbed down you know and maybe this is affecting our society today you know but you know God has shown us very clearly what is expected of fathers in their homes and were just with the purpose to consecrate the heart surgery. Families to God. Now why is when you are in a home where the the case it might not be the easiest situation right but we're called to respect her husband going to be his health needs and we should pray for him and encourage him and going back to leading by example a bad example for him and in your life that he may be able to see a higher calling and his life as well. Right OK the next principle here is that a separate yourself from the world standard. I believe that everything that God has planned for Satan has the counterfeit for that right. So God has His standards for parents today and Satan has brought about his standards. The world's standards right for parents to day you know as mothers right we we hear the term that soccer mom or a super mom or we hear super dad and things like that right but you know what kinds of things says that all encapsulated right sometimes that my and kept fully you know all the wonderful things your children are involved in you know all the IT top activities or put it in and all the lessons are put in the let me tell you this was a struggle for me because you know naturally I mean I have that tag or my mentality right because that's how I was raised and I was expecting the same from a children you know but then I began to realize that and I think that there are good things right like because like lots of music lessons or something if you're if God has gifted your child with a talent right and he is using that talent to bring glory to God and I think it could be a futile thing right but when those lessons come before the lessons in life that will last for eternity then it is actually a good thing that comes with that thing right and I started to have to really realign my mentality because that was distorted in the beginning and I realized if I'm teaching these lessons for eternity to my children and are rather focusing on these lessons that are just for a time then I'm missing the point. Right so I had to reassess my goals from age children you know and remind myself I must first focus on these lessons that will be for an eternal plane right. And part of the lessons that are for just a term for all time and if I can accomplish this in my children's hearts. M.I.A. vote to expose them to other things that they can develop in their lives right. Other talents and things like that but if their talent as not in loving the Lord and serving the Lord and sharing the learned I learned I don't really care about the other stuff you know that are going around in a way it's just for a test. I think this is something that we struggle with that Korean law but let's not forget our the role that God gave us as parents our parents were I mean our children were loaned us right there not our children are God's children made and how God was to raise his children write a lot of times when we raise them the way we want to raise them but let's try to reprogram my mind and ask ourselves how would God want me to raise these children and hear the king upon his throne has no higher work than have another the mother is queen at her house she has and her parents are mulling over children's characters that they need be said for the higher in mortal life and angel could not ask for a higher mission for in doing this work she is doing service for God Let her own eyes the high care Server tab and it won't fire her like courage let alone. I'd of birth of her work and put on the whole armor of God that she may resist the temptation to conform to the world standard. Her work as for time and for eternity. Lotus by the grace of God separators solve some of the world's standards and seek to live by the standards of God. The next principle I want to share with you is finding her children's hearts. Hours we're told an addon to strong that retired slick closest to the most hundred and sacred of any on earth. Enters Korean American family I think this is kind of a new concept because in the generation that we grew up in and I believe that in most families like can slay that this was not the case. Rape our parents were busy trying to make a living trying to support the family and we kind of live separate lives right children from parents and siblings from one another right. But it says that the family ties the closest most generously could at any answer. So how can we accomplish this. I believe then we should do to do things together right now. Separately right so you know if you can think project we are in our alliance How can we do things together you know you cared. Well you know me as a stay at home mom with my children. We can clean together. Cut to go or played together we've to gather as they get a little older you can work together and make decisions together. Then just spending time together. Right and this was a concept that thread I had to work really hard to do because it wasn't now. True for us we didn't really know how to play with our kids and to do things with our children and so we came up with those thing called the funds are are you know we would have family fun time at the end of the day after all of our duties are done and we would let the kids choose the activities and you know like baking cookies or playing camping or whatever it is you know and let me tell you that this one little jar has with bound our hearts together in no further away that far you know and the children think that we are the best thing is no world and they'd just look forward to this tiny and not only did it bind our hearts together at also poked with their obedience in the home because they are encouraging one another you know. I needa hurry up and get the film you get our areas doesn't mean you can leave and get these decide because we want to have our family time at the end of the day you know and if it was just an amazing thing you know another thing pops diviners gather is being interested in their interests you know there was a tile and Josh would come to me with his picture or whatever this he wanted me to show me and tell me I was so busy but my life with my feelings because again my mind was outside of the home right. It wasn't inside the home and I have K. that's that's good you know and then I would I was there but not really there you know and my children. Notice this you know you know especially let only they come to you and their hearts are so open right. Pushed away and just like there are you know really. Do the older children I can't really say much from experience but I could imagine that it was means well. Another way that we can bind our hearts together is by speaking kindly enough actually does hear a word of approval of bring sunshine to the heart for our many precious scenes of life lie and gladness can for another shed here in there among her precious little and how close we can cheat bind these dear ones to her that her presence will be taking less than your place in the world but for frequently have the patience of the mother is tough with numerous little child that seems carefully worth attention. Mr Davis Hanson restless feet create a great amount of labor and perplexity for the mother she has to hold fast the reins of self-control or and patient words will slip from her tone she almost forget yourself time and again but a silent prayer to her pitying reading room come sooner and she's been able to hold the reins of self-control with quiet dignity. She's beat the convoy but it has cost her an effort to restrain harsh words and subdue in grief feelings what effects press would have to draw her influence which it would have taken time to regain their perception of children is quick and they just turn and patient loving tone from that and patient. Passionate commands which dries up of moisture of love and affection in large parts of children who really like some ways. Leave a long quickly loved by and when you see in patience and in anger. It breaks there her children are very perceptive. They're very also very sensitive. Right before I recognize the principle. My youngest No He's very expressive. So I can tell what he's looking and if he would misbehave I used to yell scold him and say you know if you don't do that that's not good and not in the right spirit you know and no media Leeward Islands like this I'm sick I'm not you know and and you know I just thought oh well he needs to work on that then you know I mean that's a wrong spirit you need to surround i already been prayed with him and say Lord help me search a surrender his heart to you you know that I realized you know again leading by example is not the way I realize this is one day I was talking to Joshua my all those and he was talking to me in a disrespectful way but you again. Golding and for you don't talk to mommy like that you know that's not OK and he's stopped and he said but Mommy look our You're talking you know you're not talking to me nicely you know and then over time help me I need to change you know I cannot touch to make heads like past you know and so no no well when I talked to him even though I may be frustrated and science right. It's OK to hold back the reins of self-control I hold it in and I see is please help me to be patient and so he gives me that abilities to. Reach out to him in love and his generals me beat him and soft doing where it doesn't do that so you know what are you know and he's he immediately comes and goes love me a great many things I love you. Kessler is than and I'm just amazed that the chancellor may shine in but it was because I was trying to my share of loving their children long to be loved a long the what the parents' approval right. It says here. Never lose control of your temper you cannot afford to do this for that you are so on the hearts of your children speed that sooner or later would produce their fruits of their major business when you have learned to control yourself it will be easy for you to fight your childhood to you with the self in court of law this is true religion. OK And that's Prince of all of the hips of here sorry last thought for guidance that says you must when mere faction if you would impress religious truth. And that's principle is the principle of the role of love but so many are going to term administering the roles of the home and wisdom in love not with a rod of iron. Child room we respond with a whirling obedience to the role of last command your child children when ever you can make their lives as happy as possible. Keep the soil the heart by the manifestation of love and affection. Does preparing it for speed of true. And then surely and I we leave big we started off. This way when our first son was born we I guess. Recognized this principle and we would be patient with her loving with him in times of disobedience and we would teach him to bring his heart to Jesus and we will pray with him but then sooner or later second child came along and them that their child and then it was likely forgot you know it was like we were trying to manage the home and the quickest way we can do it right it's time to bring your children start to Jesus right. And so because now we have three little ones right we felt like OK the most efficient way to do so be to then roll with the rod of iron you know my kids you know if you disobey you're going to get a spanking you know and some tones. Sadly we would spank them not in the right spirit and over time we realized that the children's hearts are not bound to us from my you know they were all being not out of love they're all being out of fear. Right and we realized that if we continue on this part when they get older they are going to rebel right DO NOT GOING TO BE want to be in the home and they're not going to want to be with us right you're not going to respect that and I can we learn that you must win their affection I feared you and press alleges trees upon their hurt right and so we realized we need to change this right so we had to leave and had to religious principle and the effects of it let me tell you it is so. Has created a big impact and it says here every home should be a place of love a place where the angels of God abide working with stuff the public heart of parents and children. Let me pause and I just stand the struggles of a parent right I mean I'm a parent it's not easy. Right it's not easy to deal with a little heart are naturally you know we know what it's like to live in are of nature right live in the bondage of center children are living in those around there for a living and that bondage of plan as well and that's hard and frustrating at times to correct those those things in their life and we might be tempted to complain sometimes you know like this is so hard you know like the cop being you know and and it is a difficult thing but it says here in China but I don't do your work with contentless never complaining of the hardship care and twelve if by patient kindly Christ like you may present one for perfect in Christ Jesus your life or not then again you have in your hands the making of a character through the hope of God That may work in the master's Spaniard and when many falls to Jesus or encourage your children to reach a higher standard in other habits and tendencies. Be patient with their and perfect God is patient with you in your and perfection. Very you watch a movie or you that you bring forth fruit and to His glory. Right many times have you fallen and God is a loving and patient God and if we are to teach our children the love of God We humans. Manifest of firm the love of God for our lives as repaired plan well just be patient with our children and the merciful and to write and remember that we can deal accordingly with our children right. Let's hear from the child guide only suburban beings what parents around your children with an atmosphere of cheerfulness courtesy and love home or a lover to Isles and where it is expressed in words and then was the place where angels delight to manifest their presence. Parents lots of sunshine of cheerfulness and happy contentment enter your own heart and let it we cherry influence pervades your home the atmosphere that's created welded to the children much air and sunshine or to the vegetable world promoting her mind and body. I love the smell of the Rose Garden the soil the children's hearts and in regards to how we raise them in the atmosphere that we provide for them the child much information over to the virtual world what a beautiful concept right you know when I wrote those speaking in Luck's word and then express the love of God right. Do we let's get our children or talk to our children are going to them and the way that does not post right. Look through word right you remember the earlier quote. That we read right it could be the ruin our salvation of many right. How do you express your looks your words here out from your home. Let us ask ourselves that because I don't know about you but I want to do well right that's such a beautiful thing. OK the next principle I want to share is that case would love to make Jesus a household name. It says an arrant is termed Christ is not a stranger in their homes. His name of the household name or veered and glorified such families can claim the promise them that honor me I will honor it as those in Deuteronomy and the shot lower as a god with all I'd heard and with all the i Phone with all my might and these words which I command me this day. Shelby and nine hurt and national teach them diligently until I child in a shop talk of them in the service and then house when I was a lock a sly the way and will now live. That's right we need to share the love of God with our children. Dope though it gently all throughout the day right not just in the morning during worship learned just in the evenings are you learning. Worship right let's talk about Jesus to them all day. Right well how can we do this as my making Jesus a reality in our life right and then making it Jesus or reality of our children's lives. Right Brain their little hearts to Jesus when they have trials on my right and praising Jesus in the good things in their lives right. All throughout the day talking about Jesus. This was making Jesus a household name. OK is next. Principle is go to God for strength and wisdom. Many of my parenting journey I cry myself and discouragement of room and they shall know this is too hard. There's too many things when you're a dad went home and Child Guidance there are some things that we need to do right and I learned I can and do all this hate. But God will help you he'll be your guide her clothes here you know work and equal that of the Christian mother sorry I have a lot of quotes that matter because I know another but this can be included if she takes up her work with a sense of what it is to bring up her children and nurture and militia member Lord how often will she feel her burdens great her fear and she can bear and then how precious the privilege of taking it all to her sensitizing fever in prayer. She may lay her burden at his feet and find his presence of strength that will sustain her and give her chair so no hope courage and was in the most trying hours how sweet to the care unit Warren mother as the consciousness of such a friend heard this cult to use this matters would go to Chrysler's frequently and trust him more fully their burdens would be here and they would find to their souls. A practical way you know I just want to share what I think is we need to work on right but I just would read into system and Child Guidance when I started making a list of things that I was not doing right and it was very wrong. And then I picked one and I said I need to just focus on one time because. To overwhelm me to look at it the whole thing but I just picked one and I would say I'm going to work on those this week you know and as I was member I told you I had written not stand for my talk this can't meeting and then I got a raise to because like I realized I didn't want me to talk about those things. So then I started looking through my notes I mean I was searching through all my notes to see did it get misplaced didn't you know didn't get move down somehow. But anyhow I couldn't find it but as I was going through it I came across both Let's that I had made you know and as I was reading the slowest I said painful for God you're so good because this is the list I had made about two years ago and as I read the slowest I realized doing this now and I'm doing this now and I'm doing this now and the list is sure to know you know what I mean like God can quick the time in your life if you feel like you've lost a lot of time that you've wasted a lot of time you've done things wrong for so long. How is God going to read to me from this is going to take a long time. Right for me to correct these things but there's still merciful and in quick time if we just have to follow. You'll hear voices ears shall hear a word behind me saying this is the way I was in it. Let's not shout out that boys hear that word behind those letters a lot in that path you know and I will be in God will bless the next prez boy here is cultivate the soil of the heart. Again I said I love the garden analogy right and. You know when you go to plan. Lead your soil is hard. First right so you need a softer than those hard boiled first before you plant anything right. And our children tired so again we're all born into a world and we all have hardened her grade so with our children we most often they're hardened hurt right and how can you soften their heard her it's hard for on their herds by the things that we have already talked about right. By speaking of love and affection towards them and and loving them spending time with them right. These are ways that we can soften their hearts and be prepared to plant the seed of truth in there right now we need to add new trails that they need into the soil and what are the new choices that you can add to the soil are sharing the love of Jesus no I write talking about Jesus like you know how cold name right. Praying to bring in their hearts to do this and prayer and that these are opera value chance for the well right then we go to plant a seed of truth right in their hearts. Can we just print the seed of truth and we prepared to plant the seed. Now we're done can we just walk away from our our old now right we think we did a good job now. No we can't because what happens when the plants start to grow good who we write we begin to grow an orderly neither do we need a puck out those leads right. I want all those leads those are the reeds of certain rights and we must be on alert and keep watch for those seas do for it chokes up to feed a true rape and then we water it right with the water of life and with the French I know of the Light of God right and in this kind of environment. Plan for the children can grow and to being a healthy and strong. Plant for. God only then can you enjoy the fruits of your labor right at us here in the earliest years of the child's life the soil so hard should be carefully prepared for the showers with God's grace then the truth I had to be carefully phone and diligently tended and God who hear words every effort made and his name will put life into the seeds sown and there will appear first lady and a clear in the four corners of the year. How wonderful right to be able to experience. Well who shows the sport be deadened by whose the gardener right in our children's lives. The Lord has entrusted to parents a solemn sacred work they are to cultivate carefully the soil of the hurt less they may be labourers together with God He expects them to garden ten carefully of the garden of their children's heart they are just so the good seed weeding out every and slightly seed we'd every thief in character. Every fart in this position needs to be cut away for this Fall Out to mean these more of the beauty of the care that every far right but again going back to the principle of leading by example we must first make sure that not one thing remains and are hurt right. We learned yesterday right and when we do that there are two you've either you Vangelis during our children how to live that kind of vipers Well right of free the effect of Greece needs to be cutaway this is the difficult thing. Especially when we look at it as a no work base in a way where I must do this I must cut this the way this is bad this is not good then you start to correct be here grow up comes there be. If you're not the hard right we must teach we must first have the hatred for saying in a way that our children begin to understand the hatred of this and then you desire in their own heart that the sun in my life right then can we love and protect our children from the the the sun in their life because then now their heart blind in that as well right. You know on the the pair parable of the we found in Matthew thirteen where a field is so to live with wheat right and during the night. Nobody comes and plants seeds of tears tears right we've. Well Time passes and then pretty soon they start to spring up in the blade. Brings up and they are then the servant came and was observing the field and he said you know to the owner this is she so good seed in this but where do you carry these we've come from then you know and the owner answered and said and enemy had done right and and the need that the allotted time a means we waste our time being at odds with one another right. Husband beats and why parents feet in charge rent and we're fighting against each other right. But really you are not the enemy. Doubtful the don't fool as you. Teen we and our families to create Streisand her home. To take off our focus and. And who the true and then me as right but why we begin to see these sins and our marriages and there are children in our families when we have this hatred first didn't we begin to realize he was the fall leaving wants a double in our home right and then we can then band together as a family come together as a family to then pray to Jesus for the strength and power to be able to defend ourselves and I me. We need to always would be bottle or it because you realize that it was when they were sleeping that the enemy came into this right. Sometimes we might be sleeping in our lives right in our spiritual lives we must always be on alert because the double was just a wee for an opportunity that come when you are not aware and plant these please we we then in our children. Heart right if we're not always on alert and always conscious of their actions and realize that these seeds are being planted it might not be until for a time that we recognize that these seeds were planted right when they become more evident. Let's not wait and taller than because we know it's difficult more difficult to pull out that have been there for quite some time. The Double A is on the on a mission right. He's primarily comparing minority to devour right and he is going to attack our children right and so we must protect her from that. Well all of us might have left. It's too hard right to post think about it but don't worry because God has promised. Therefore my beloved brother and B.S. that unmovable always abounding in the work right. For as much as you know that your labor is not in vain and I learned don't give three main baseball to him focused on the task before you and the Lord will bless I'm going and what the court is such a powerful club again it's for mothers but fathers put your all it to this as well OK. It sounded in my life today and great responsibilities. Rest upon you mothers by your fervent prayers of faith you can move the arm that moves the world the prayers of Christian mothers are not regarded by the father of all he will not turn away your petition and leave you and yours to the bus settings as Satan the great day a final conflict is for you to work with simplicity and faithfulness and God was stablish where your hand. The life work performed on Earth as of knowledge than have me quite as well and with joy and drive all parents see the crown the heart given to their children the seas so know what tears and prayers may have seen to be sown and pain but their harvest is with joy their children have seen when the well done the great judges and the crown of the mortal glory is placed upon the growl of the victor. Many will raise their crowns in spite of the assembled universe and their mothers she meet me through the grace of God. Her instructions her parents have been blessed to might turn off base. Parents Kerry and glorious users that are seen and it was you know period where blood and that will be because you might lose sight of us. Let's go ahead and our heads. Lord help me. Bother we thank you for breaking news. Souls and my father and mother. And on your side or it is a great responsibility that she pleased and right hands and weak not accomplish the you word give us the will. Thinking and guidance question you heard hope to remain strong that mean a waiver and that we may not get distracted in the world that we love them but we can keep our eyes focused on eternal things that our children then can enjoy the things of eternity with you let me thank you for this given that you're connecting your heart and the way that you're connecting as that's not what we believe they go home for the Double going to try very hard to discourage us and says that's not a person who are you about that to me that she's given to thank you so much. He was last Sunday. This media was brought to you by audio press a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon leave Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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